Nichelle Nichols Honored With Comic-Con Lifetime Achievement Award

One of the Star Trek highlights of San Diego Comic-Con came during the panel for the upcoming documentary From The Bridge (see TrekMovie preview). The panel featured original Uhura actress Nichelle Nichols, who was surprised when it was announced she would be receiving Comic-Con’s InkPot Award.

Nichelle Nichols on the From The Bridge panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 with Tom DeSanto, Kerry O’Quinn, Spencer F. Lee, and Rod Roddenberry

Nichols picks up Inkpot Award at her last SDCC

Comic-Con International’s Inkpot Awards were established in 1974 and are given to individuals for their contributions to the worlds of comics, science fiction/fantasy, film, television, animation, and fandom services. A couple of dozen are awarded each year, with Nichelle Nichols being one of the recipients for 2018.

Nichols was honored this year in part because she has announced this will be her last appearance at San Diego Comic-Con. The Inkpot award for Nichols was in the film and television category. It was presented to Nichols by Comic-Con programming assistant director Tommy Goldbach, who noted the award was honoring Nichols for more than just her work as an actress, saying:

Not only did Nichelle Nichols inspire generations of young women with her groundbreaking portrayal of Lt. Uhura in Star Trek, but her work as an activist for space travel helped women and minorities pursue careers as astronauts and revolutionize US spaceflight.

Nichelle Nichols at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 with her InkPot Award

Before this year, the only actor from the original Star Trek to receive an Inkpot award was Walter Koenig. More information on the Inkpot Awards can be found at

Nichols talks about why she likes to go to Comic-Con

Before her appearance at SDCC, Nichols did a local TV interview with San Diego’s CBS Channel 8. She talked about Martin Luther King, From the Bridge and why she liked to interact with the fans at Comic-Con. She also briefly discussed an upcoming project she is working on called Noah’s Room, but didn’t provide any details.

 From The Bridge

Nichols was at SDCC for From the Bridge, an upcoming documentary about the evolution of fandom. She isn’t the only Star Trek connection as the film is hosted by Star Trek’s George Takei and it also features Star Trek: Discovery actor Doug Jones, and son of Gene Roddenberry, Rod Roddenberry.

Nichelle Nichols at Comic-Con 2018 From The Bridge panel

From the Bridge is set for a theatrical run in late summer 2018 and will be released on VOD, DVD, and Blu-ray in November.

For more info, visit the official site at

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Good for her!

She was a beautiful woman then, and she is beautiful lady now.

Bravo! Glad she continues to be recognized and enjoying life!

Congrats to Nichols!! One of my all-time favorite scenes from TOS is when her character Uhura gets to use her command bridge training by taking over as Navigator from Stiles during the final battle scene of Balance of Terror. Seeing the bridge shot of Kirk, Uhura and Sulu in the Captain, Navigator and Helm positions during the climax of one of the best episodes was really cool and I can see why she would be seen as a role model for both girls and African American kids growing up in the 1960s and 70s!! I know some feel diversity is overplayed in Disco but somewhat surprisingly, it still makes a difference to see it on screen, both on the Discovery and back on TOS!!

She’s my favorite TOS actor <3

I had the pleasure of meeting her briefly at a convention many years ago and she delighted the audience with singing and stories. She is truly (along with Majel Barret) the first lady of Star Trek. Her involvement and work for NASA got women and minorities in the program but she has also inspired COUNTLESS others — SHE PAVED THE WAY. Watch a TV show today and see people of different races kissing/dating and no one thinks twice — but that’s because Nichelle paved the way with the first interracial kiss on TV in the 60s. In the racial horror of the late 60s she was a WOMAN of COLOR in a position of authority and responsibility when that was unheard of. Like many others, she has showed us a better way.

Read her autobiography; it’s a wonderful read and really captures the spirit of this lovely woman who has MADE A DIFFERENCE.

God bless you Nichelle!

Well deserved. I’ve seen her at more cons than I can count over the years. Always a shining light and pure class.

Such a great person and one of the All Time great ambassadors from “Star Trek” to the fans. I wish she had gotten more scenes like she had in “Charlie X” where she got a true spotlight and showed not only power but her sexuality as well. Too many times she was just pretty window dressing somewhere in the background.