Michael Dorn Says There Is Still Hope For His ‘Worf Chronicles’ Star Trek TV Show

Six years ago TrekMovie first broke the news that Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine actor Michael Dorn hoped to pitch a new Star Trek series, centered around his character Worf. Since then he has periodically provided updates on the pitch which he wrote, and came to be named Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Worf Chronicles, but the project and #WeWantWorf fan campaign never seemed to get traction. CBS subsequently announced Star Trek: Discovery and that seemed to be that for a Worf TV show, but apparently recent developments have Dorn still optimistic.

Michael Dorn at Star Trek Las Vegas 2017

Dorn wants to talk to CBS about Worf TV show which will explore the Klingons

As we recently reported, CBS has tasked Discovery co-creator and executive producer Alex Kurtzman to start building out an extended Star Trek universe on TV. Kurtzman spoke briefly about it with TrekMovie last weekend at Comic-Con. This new push from CBS for more Star Trek has Michael Dorn thinking about Worf TV again. Speaking to Raleigh News Observer promoting his appearance this weekend at Raleigh Supercon, the actor spoke about renewed hope for his pitch, saying:

“I think this Worf thing would be perfect — I mean, really perfect,” he says. “It’s just a matter of getting the phone number of the right guy or getting the email of the right person that can actually get you in there. It’s a little early in the game right now, but I still think there’s hope for it.”

The actor also offered some more details on his vision for exploring the Klingons

“I’ve always liked the Klingons. I’ve always thought that they were the most interesting aliens outside of the Vulcans and all that,” Dorn says. “There’s a certain Shakespearian bent with the Klingons. They’re very nationalistic — there’s coups, there’s assassinations, there’s takeovers, there’s all these kind of things. Interestingly enough, they talk kind of Shakespearian.”

“The Next Generation” scratched the surface on Klingons and “Deep Space 9” delved deeper, he said, but one could go even farther in exploring this warrior race.”

Much of the development of the Klingons in Star Trek took place on both TNG and DS9, and it was primarily done through Worf’s perspective as he navigated the complex politics and culture of the iconic warrior race. The end of Deep Space Nine saw Worf become the Federation Ambassador to the Klingon Empire, although he found time to rejoin his crew mates on the Enterprise-E periodically on the big screen.

Michael Dorn as Worf in Star Trek: The Next Generation

There have been persistent rumors that CBS is developing a series centered around Sir Patrick Stewart’s Jean-Luc Picard, which would presumably take place in the same era as Dorn’s Worf Chronicles. So, it is not entirely out of the realm of possibility for a potential mini-series or even for Dorn to show up on a Picard mini-series. Michael Dorn has appeared in more Star Trek episodes than any other actor, and at age 65, he has plenty of time to add some more to his resume, if only he can get CBS on the phone.

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Personally I’m a bit sick of Klingons. Happy to see Worf back but let’s maybe focus on his Ambassador role meeting other cultures instead of more Klingon focused. Could be interesting to see how he reacts in situations where his Starfeet training makes him want to do things one way but Klingon culture states the opposite. Also staying diplomatic with cultures that he doesn’t agree with.

Agreed to a point. But people identify with Klingons. They are a part of our pop-culture. They’re recognizable. Based on that they’re an easier bet to capitalize on. No one wants to see a Talaxian or Breen-based series.

Well…maybe the Breen ;)

Oh, I definately agree. They could do something lower budget, smaller cast with only Worf and a pilot in every episode. Worf being a Klingon would definately factor into things, but preferably no episodes that are Klingon plot lines only.

Something episodic like TOS but it’s just Worf. He’a trying to show that Klingons can build good relations with new worlds without conquering but can’t stray too far from Klingon warrior values. He comes up against other Klingons and must make difficult choices.

”Worf’s trying to show that Klingons can build good relations with new worlds without conquering,” you just sucked the Fun out of a Klingon Series.

He would have to do a 180 from his Starfleet days for it to work unfortunately. I would definitely love to see something less Starfleety (e.g. Bajor occupation from Cardassian viewpoint) but they would never make that.

I agree. At least, they would need to be some human “avatar” so to speak. Like you can have a human immersed in Klingon culture, but not a Klingon opera with just a bunch of Klingons.

”Worf’s trying to show that Klingons can build good relations with new worlds without conquering” You just sucked the Fun out of a Klingon series thank God your not writing or directing.

What? Sir, you are so wrong. The good people of the world would like nothing more than a sitcom set around a family of Talaxian salvagers. I can imagine the Borg episode right now.

“Don’t worry, they’ll ignore us until they consider us a threat!”

“So we should throw the Borg a surprise tea party!”

*canned laughter/applause*

-A Borg tries to assimilate a cup of tea-

“What’s that coming out of his arm?”

“Some kind of straw for the tea.”

*canned laughter*

Seems that Les Moonves has bigger things than Klingons to deal with at the moment…

Like how many hot girls he’s going to have in his hot tube tonight?

No…like how his CBS shareholders as likely to be unimpressed with the current press reports about him.

And then the hot tub girls. :P

Always liked him in that character. I’d be happy to check something like this out.

Ironically, that seems to be the type-cast issue for Mr. Dorn. Worf seems to be the career one trick pony for him.

At least give him a CBS Mini Trek. It seems important to him. “Buried memories and mysterious premonitions collide in this lightly comedic episode as Worf attempts to remove an eyespotted bud moth infestation from his Gelendzhik prune orchard.”

Nice guy but probably couldn’t carry a series as lead actor. And didn’t we have seven years on NG to ‘explore the Klingons’? We need a ‘twenty five years after Voyager’ show but it needs to be with new characters.

Agreed. This reminds me of the silly Captain Sulu series idea that Takei tried to promote years ago.

Next to a Captain Pike series the Captain Sulu series was the best Idea for a Star Trek series ever- there was a huge time period post TOS Movies & Pre-TNG & an easy way to guest spot the original cast. Biggest missed opportunity since Phase II died.

I do love the TOS-film era. When Nick Meyer became associated with Discovery and I heard it was a TOS series, I really hoped it would be a TOS-film era show. Ah well.

I’d still say they can make a Sulu show with John Cho in the role, if they really wanted to.

“I’d still say they can make a Sulu show with John Cho in the role, if they really wanted to.”

I GUESS they could… But I think it would be better to wait 20 years for that.

Absolutely right, Trekboi.

Honestly I never had any real desire to see a Sulu show but I would’ve been interested that it covered the period between the TOS movies and TNG. I’m still disappointed that’s not when DIS took place. It feels like it would’ve made more sense there then now…but then they couldn’t shoe in Harry Mudd and Pike I guess.

That time frame from TUC to TNG is rife with exploration, IMHO. Wish that gap could be filled….

Forced to agree. A Captain Sulu series was indeed a missed opportunity.

This would be a great premise for a TNG reunion mini-series (or partial reunion). Can’t really see it being a full series.

It would be cool to see a TNG mini-series formatted kind of like Arrested Development Season 4. You catch up with the old characters in individual character-centric episodes where they’re all geographically separated, and the stories become increasingly intertwined until the group is back together.

Sheesh! We had Worf on two series and a four movies. He was great in his day, but I really think it’s time to move on.

Been there, done that.

Oooooo…..the double colon Klingon Chronicles, only because everything about Klingons are redundant. I’ll pass…

Worf was always the best character on TNG. And when he moved to DS9 it added to an already great group of characters. So yes. There is MASSIVE potential for a Word centered show in the possible STEU that has been rumored. My first preference is to go new, but if you are going to reach into the group of already used characters, he would be my first choice.

Worf has always been one of favourite Star Trek characters so I’d definitely be down with this but realistically I can’t see CBS going with 65 year old Dorn as a series lead. If the Picard series happens then this could be a springboard for other post Nemesis shows and I don’t see why they could bring Worf back as part of a new ensemble.

“I can’t see CBS going with 65 year old Dorn as a series lead.”


Yeah cause there have never been series lead by older actors lol

I can see a show led by 78 year old Patrick Stewart but sadly I think at 65 Michael Dorn has missed the boat in terms of being considered leading man material by the studios. It’s not so much his age as what he’s done post Trek that leads me to believe this. I hope I’m wrong, I love the character but I think the best chance of seeing Worf back would be as part of an ensemble.

No I think the issue is Picard has always been a leading character where as Worf has been a supporting one. Bringing him to DS9 for example was genius and he actually had more to do on that show than he did TNG, but he was still more a supporting character. He was given tons of material and had a lot of episodes where he was the lead but the show in general wasn’t about him in the way it was about Sisko or Kira.

It doesn’t mean he can’t be a leading character, that’s what spin offs are for, to usually give supporting but popular characters their shot to be the star. But in this case that probably should’ve happened a long time ago now. It was the same issue with the Sulu show, maybe at ONE point it might have felt viable but after a certain time studios feel the fanbase has moved on. I think its the same here.

Now if the Stewart show is true then I can see him being on that but once again, as supporting. And I just don’t think people want to see an all based Klingon show personally, Worf or not. It always sound better on paper than the real thing. If anything, DIS kind of proved it gets old pretty quickly.

That’s my point Tiger2. 10-15 years ago Dorn could have headlined a series but he’s missed the boat now. Nevertheless he could still come in and be a prominent character on a show where he’s not the main focus much like he did with DS9.

Ok agreed!

Problem is, on DS9 he still busied himself by arming phasers and photon torpedoes…and not much else.

I disagree Phil! They gave Worf plenty to do than shout one liners. His relationship with DAX was probably one of the best Trek relationships they done and even better since the producers said it was never planned, it was just Dorn’s and Ferrell’s chemistry that gave them the idea. They continued the story line with his issues over Gowron and the Klingon empire which that lasted through the entire series. His son was brought back as an adult a few times and we got to see that arc completed.

And it was fun to see Worf in command of the Defiant. On Enterprise he really was just a security officer but on DS9 he got to make decisions and lead a few away missions. I really loved him on DS9 but I loved everyone on DS9. ;)

Older actors who’s vast library of content is nothing but one liners?
Phasers armed and ready?
Today is a good day to die.
Blah blah blah honor….

If they did, what era makeup?

I had the same question. Discovery has fundamentally changed the Klingon look. I cannot image they would use two completely different Klingon designs for two shows produced at the same time.

…very, very good question!!

Beyond just that, if the expanded universe goes forward from the TNG era will they visually reboot everything, including the Klingons, or stay consistent with the 1990s era visual aesthetic? I can understand rebooting the TOS look, but I would hope they maintain continuity with anything set in the movie era and beyond.

They couldn’t because the Bad Robot License wouldn’t let them use any 100% recognisable trek makeups or designs, like Discovery.

That is 100% nonsense.

TNG looks horrible. It definitely needs a visual reboot.

DSC Klingons are basically TNG Klingons without hair and extra bits on the nose, tack some hair on and you’d have a good klingon that would work for both.

@MysticalDigital I think they’d go down this route as well. My idea is that DSC Klingons are an update on the notion that the species looked different in TOS, something that was made canon by episodes like Trials and Tribblations. When we eventually see TNG Klingons they’ll follow the same prosthetic design we’ve seen in Discovery but with hair. I think with Worf they’ll soften this a little and have his prosthetics be more recognisable with the character we’re familiar with. Kind of like how they made Quark more distinctive than other Ferengi characters on DS9.

If Dorn bitched about TNG make-up, there is no way he’d sit through day-after-day of Discovery’s make-up applications. Those prosthetics look HEAVY.

Well he probably wouldn’t mind because it would probably be way less episodes to film where as TNG and DS9 they were shooting 26 episodes a year.

Tiger2 – He could play a hologram Klingon.

Also you gotta think about his age. At 65 years of age, can he really carry such a heavy makeup?

Doug Jones is pushing 60 and seems to have no issues with it. I mean people are talking around Dorn as if he doesn’t know if he can handle putting on make on make or not. The guy did it for 15 years, he probably knows what he can handle than any of us ever could.

He handled it for 15 years but he wasn’t always happy about the make-up but of course in the end if this moves forward the decision will be his, but those Discovery klingon make-ups look unnecessarily heavy.

Yes but if he’s pushing to do it again, then he clearly knows the make up is going to be a big part of it. Yes its heavy make up, but they are professional actors, they just deal with it.

He will for money.

i liked Worf in season one, he was a bad ass!!..then he slowly but surely became a whining annoyed little bitch…by the time the movies came,he was a flat out pussy!!!..no thanx!!

Your statement is a bit excessive, but I agree with the jist of your position here.

So funny and so true. Thanks for your comment!!

Worf for being a real Barney Badass was far from it 😒

He was constantly being owned or bitch slapped all

over the place. Physically he couldn’t carry the role.

I will say that he did find himself on the losing end of physical combat more often than one might think.

The former security chief of the Enterprise moves to San Francisco and opens a restaurant by the bay in “Fisherman’s Worf.”

I’m asking the hosts that they consider banning you for life.

No Hall Pass for him, eh?

Now that I would watch.

I like both the actor and the character, wouldn’t mind seeing him again in a miniseries.

I love Worf but I’m sick to death of the Klingons. I can’t imagine watching an entire show based around them.

I realized the reason why I haven’t gone back to rewatch most of DIS is because of how Klingon heavy it was. They just don’t thrill me like others for some reason.

I’d watch it.

No thanks

AN ABSOLUTE MUST! There’s so much depth, development & seasoning there to work with & play off of! Worf possesses SO much character with respectable, admirable qualities like service, dignity, honor, loyalty, bravery, & his positional reasoning brought on by those moral values. His ability to adapt, except & understand, even for the most boldest of males makes it special to recognize his consideration & sometimes humorous arrogance. He offers a refined warrior sense of conduct to a viewing audience that might not fully understand those values of a different class of men. Worf, an Alien, has proven himself to be a Mans, Man! A rich character addition to offer the Trek world & America!

Remember the Albino? Before I watched that episode I’d wondered what if there was a mythical ancient race of red eyed, albino Klingons roaming stars.?? Only more warrior class, not frail in development like the albino was. It could create interesting dilemma that would have a lot to offer cultural development..?
Michael Dorn’s is Outstanding!
:) Thank you!

“He offers a refined warrior sense of conduct to a viewing audience that might not fully understand those values of a different class of men. Worf, an Alien, has proven himself to be a Mans, Man!”

I think I saw Worf recently in London…drinking a piña colada at Trader Vic’s; and his hair was perfect. I’d like to meet his tailor.

“I think I saw Worf recently in London…drinking a piña colada at Trader Vic’s; and his hair was perfect. I’d like to meet his tailor.“

Was this comment made by a random word generator?


Oh please. Give it up man.

More like #DornWantPayCheck

Then the obvious question to ask would be whether he would go with the “modern” Discovery designs of the klingons or the ridged and hairy TNG-DS9 designs.

I rather see more of star fleet and different ships and crew than more Worf and Klingons.

There’s room for both.

Im no a trek fanatic, but i do love all of the next generaton, & DS9 episodes, voyager, Enterprise.
I might step on toes, but i think it was a big mistake to cut Star Trek Enterprise short after 4 seasons. I loved that line up of characters, it was just getting good & i guess they killed it because of low ratings, i dont know!
But i like the 90s klingons, cant stand what theve done to the klingons on discovery. But yeah ide like to see a new Star trek series. Maybe a setting further in the future. You know “relativity” “temporal accords”! Thats a long way off, but i liked the rick berman, brannon braga, michael piller era of star trek.

They killed Enterprise because it was a poorly produced show. It was rushed into production after Voyager (which was already going through the motions as A TV show – tired and very stoic), and just didn’t work.

No, the reason the show got cancelled was due to poor ratings. The reason most shows get canned. And that is not a dig on Enterprise. I thought it a good show. Just not enough out there who thought likewise.

This is a pointless discussion.

A Worf show is 95% not going to happen. Dorn had 11 seasons playing Worf in Star Trek and had a part to play in 5 Star Trek movies. He is now 65. I love TNG and could hope to see the ensemble back somehow, but a show LEAD by Dorn is hyperbole in the extreme.

I think he’s having a bit of joke with fans, lol.

No he’s dead serious lol. I saw a interview with him talking about it on Youtube. He has been actively campaigning for it. Its no different than what George Takei did when he wanted Sulu to have his own show. It’s nothing wrong for these guys to try and make it happen. That’s what being American means, but the chances are still slim to none.

Worf is a loved character but I doubt one that can bring in new fans along with the old and thats the real issue. Everyone that knew and loved Worf will give it a chance but whose to say how many those are now? But as far as new fans I seriously doubt it and thats the rub.

Please, no! I don’t want to see any stupid Klingons anymore. They have been crap for decades and it feels like they are getting worse and worse.

Think Michael Dorn should give it a break, getting a bit silly that all these trek actors (who have done a great service to the franchise btw) want to get on trek bandwagon/gravy train now the movies/TV show is gaining prominence. Dorn and Sirtis especially. Patrick Stewart and to a lesser extent Brent Spiner aside the rest of these guys didn’t get any role post Trek that was noteworthy…there was a reason why…not good enough.

I would watch this many times only IF they go with a more subtle make-up for Klingons. My favorite Klingon look is from TUC, especially Chang. Less is more.

But I’d love a Klingon show, but also a Vulcan show that takes place during Suraks time and when Romulans left Vulcan.

That Vulcan show sounds like something that could work for a short stretch in the vain of Caprica or that Krypton show.

I believe the reason Plummer’s make up was less was due to Plummer’s insistence.

I think a Vulcan show could be interesting… But it would have to be a short season. I think a full 20+ episode season of stoic Vulcans would get old real fast.

Just imagine: A Worf in Discovery’s klingon style.

I can’t.

Me either. But I still hate the DIS make up.

Tiger2 – Get over it. The new Klingons are awesome.

You know I always see you mentioning that the make up is cool and stuff, but you never give reasons. Something is not automatically awesome because it is new or shiny, why do you think they are awesome? What makes them awesome for you? Is it the hairless look? Is it the orcish or more monstrous appearance? Do you like them because they are more scary? If you tell reasons than just spouting out trollish one-liners I’d respect your opinions more, but then you probably hate everything that is old.

I hate everything that’s old. I’m also a strong supporter of the Carousel system depicted in Logan’s Run.

They turned Klingons into Ghetto has been’s. I’m just waiting for

the Fat Albert and Tupac versions to show with the Fort House

and giant home rolled blunts to show up…wouldn’t surprise me.

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

I can. He would look a real Klingon.

Star Trek is a Starfleet ship exploring Space. Doing a SOLO series based on alien races or areas of Starfleet would be a disaster of SOLO proportions.

He’s a good actor , and I’ll always wish Michael well in his endeavours !

Please don’t Disneyfy Trek the way they did Wars. We don’t need a spinoff of every character.

Worf was the most boring character on DS9 and TNG. Let’s not have any more stories shoe horned in to give Worf something interesting to do. Let’s tell an interesting story with a character who’s every word isn’t honor. I’m sure Dorn is a great guy, but Worf isn’t.