Brent Spiner of ‘Star Trek: TNG’ Cast As Vice President In ‘Supergirl’

Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Brent Spiner is headed to another genre show, this time the CW’s Supergirl. Today Warner Bros. TV announced that Spiner has been tapped for a recurring role in the show’s fourth season.

[NOTE: As of August 21, THR reports that Spiner has had to drop out of the production “in order to attend to a family issue that conflicted with the production dates.” Bruce Boxleitner will be taking over the role.]

Supergirl elects Spiner

The man who played Data in seven TV show seasons and four Star Trek: The Next Generation feature films will be playing Vice President Baker on Supergirl, described thus: “Adept and politically minded, VP Baker makes for an unlikely leader, but steps up in a big way when his country needs him most.”

Brent Spiner will play the Vice President  on Supergirl

The character of President Olivia Marsdin, played by 1970s Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter in a recurring role, has already been established on Supergirl. The description of Spiner’s VP suggests he could possibly have to “step up” to the big job himself.

Lynda Carter as President Olivia Marsdin in Supergirl

Spiner isn’t the only Star Trek vet to appear on Supergirl; last season, Voyager‘s Tuvok, Tim Russ, popped up in the episode “Dark Side of the Moon” as a council member from the Kryptonian city of Argo.

Tim Russ on Supergirl

Tim Russ as Jul-Us in season 3 of Supergirl

Supergirl returns for its fourth season on October 14 in its new timeslot of Sunday at 8/7c on The CW. You can watch the SDCC trailer below.

The android just keeps going and going

69-year-old Spiner also has a recurring role on the Cinemax horror series Outcast, playing a bad guy possessed by a demon. In recent years Spiner has also had a recurring role on the Showtime drama Ray Donovan as well as guest spots on The Blacklist and Blunt Talk, a series starring his former TNG co-star Sir Patrick Stewart. In 2016 Spiner reprised his role as Dr. Brackish Okun in Independence Day: Resurgence.

Brent Spiner as Sidney in Outcast

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The Supergirl comic-con trailer is really well done and is about 10x cooler than the show actually is.

Supergirl, for those who haven’t watched it, is like all the DC shows on TV where the heroes all have unimaginable strength and speed… but before every commercial break, they stand and watch the bad guy run away around the corner.

Ohhh…. and Superman is portrayed as a deadbeat who never shows up to help when every single episode, the enemy is an actual Kryptonian villain who is hellbent on destroying the entire planet.

I agree that is one superior trailer!

What the heck are you talking about?? You have obviously never read the comic books. And you probably have only watched one episode…if you even did.
And they don’t portray Superman as a deadbeat.
Don’t troll.

I am convinced none of these CW shows actually exist. They are but illusions conjured by the Reality Stone.

He just can’t shave.

Superman is played by a super hot guy in this show. ❤️

The show was doomed from the start if you think about why Superman never shows up. I think you have to suspend disbelief a bit with that.

I actually quite liked Superman on the show. The more positive portrayal was a nice antidote to the mopey Zack Snyder effort. Having said that I gave up on the show after the start of season two when it became just another cheap and cliché superhero show. I just don’t think shows with very long seasons suit superheroes because it’s very much villain of the week. You can’t tell the big comic stories on a TV budget so it all gets terribly repetitive, especially if, like me, you’re not majorly into superheroes to begin with.

Haha… lol. When Having 4 Seasons and propably more in the future means: doomed from the start… lol… I do understand all the Internet Outcry now.
Its doomed like multimilliondollar succes Last jedi is doomed… Its doomed like, world wide succes Discovery is doomed…. oh its propably a trainwreck like these and that…. jajajaja… I got it.

I suspect El Chup was saying “if you’re complaining about Superman never showing up, you’re never going to like this show.”

Exactly Thorny

Thorny is correct.

It’s well…LIKE THE COMIC BOOKS… I don’t know why people don’t understand this. In a comic book when the world is in peril in an Iron Man story, it would be easy if Thor swooped in and helped out but it would be less of a challenge and character story if that happened. That’s why there are solo books and team up books and event books. It’s just the way that it is. A lot like a certain series that always happens to have one important ship as “the only ship in range” of whatever emergency of the week it was.

Even in the Supergirl comic books Superman rarely swoops in to save Supergirl. So I don’t know why on a Supergirl TV people feel the need for Superman to swoop in and save Supergirl.

I disagree. The DCTV projects is where the DC universe totally shines. I wish the feature films were done with the care of the TV side. Supergirl is certainly weaker than Arrow and The Flash, that’s for sure. But it’s not BAD.

The current vice president is a ***********.


Not even close.

Set the clipper on two and give Brent a Pence.

Hard to believe Spiner is about to turn 70. My how the years have flown by.

He played such a sleazy horndog in Blunt Talk. Look forward to seeing him on The CW this fall!

Spiner was in Blunt Talk as well??? Wow, didn’t know that.

Remember Brent on some “Night Court” episodes before he was Data? Funny guy! Plus he has been on many shows before and after Trek. Amazing actor!!! Not only am I a huge Trek fan, I am a huge Batman fan. With that being said I have never seen one DC show on the CW.

Apparently Batgirl is suppose to be getting her own show on CW and there is going to be a huge crossover with her on the shows next season so might interest you if you like her.

Not Batgirl, Batwoman – different character. Just like Supergirl and Superwoman are different characters.

I do recall Spiner’s recurring bit on Night Court. He was pretty funny in that role.

I haven’t watched third season of Supergirl yet (plan to binge it on Netflix when I get the time) but I do like the show. Yes its cheesy at times for sure but its also fun with a lot of cool DC actors playing roles in it. I’m pretty excited Spiner is going to be on the show. I already love Lynda Carter is President. So I guess this will motivate me to watch season 3 before it premieres.

Hope you enjoy Season Three. Things took a bit of a Buffy turn towards the end of Supergirl’s last season, which sort of threw some online fans into a state of confusion, claiming the convolution of events that occurred became too rushed. But this flurry of movement was intentional. The end of Season Three does set up some dangling subplots for next season…which already appear to be bearing some tasty new developments with Spiner coming on board, too. Show is currently filming on a secluded private property that is emulating Camp David (with Lynda Carter already reportedly on location).

Love the #Supergirl series, as it keeps outsmarting its critics.