STLV18: Rainn Wilson Says ‘Star Trek: Short Treks’ Mudd Episode Will Be “Funny And Weird”

Following Thursday’s appearance of Jaason Isaacs, Friday saw the second Star Trek: Discovery actor to appear at Star Trek Las Vegas with Rainn Wilson, and it was his first time at STLV too. The actor who stepped into the iconic role of Harry Mudd for two episodes during Discovery’s first season talked about why he wanted the job so badly. He also offered some clues about his upcoming Short Treks episode, gave some behind the scenes details for season one, and even talked a little Galaxy Quest.

Mudd Short Treks episode is going to get weird

At San Diego Comic-Con it was announced that this fall CBS All Access would begin running a series called Star Trek: Short Treks, which would be a series of short character-focused mini-episodes tied into Discovery. One of the Short Treks episodes will focus on the character of Harry Mudd, with Rainn Wilson reprising the role and directing the episode.

At STLV, Wilson said that he wasn’t too sure about the project when he was first approached by Discovery producers, but changed his mind when he saw the “fantastic” script, which he revealed was written by one writers for the hit cult sci-fi animated series Rick and Morty. Here is how Wilson described his Short Treks episode:

It is very funny and weird. You see some alien situations you have never seen before in the Star Trek canon, and I am thrilled.

When asked how it ties into the timeline of his previous two episodes from Discovery, Wilson replied:

I am assuming it is after [“Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad”], but it stands alone. It doesn’t really tie into the Discovery, so I am not sure.

Wilson said that even though he directed a number of episodes of The Office, working on Star Trek was more intricate since it involves special effects. He has been paired up with a story board artist and described the process thus:

I am learning a ton. I feel really privileged to be able to do it. I think the fans are just going to love this.

Rainn Wilson attends his first Star Trek convention at STLV 2018

Star Trek was a dream come true

Getting the job on Star Trek was something Wilson actively persued, as he is a self-described “huge Trekkie,” telling the crowd he asked his agent to reach out to the producers of the show after it was initially announced. There was a meeting set up early on as the show was in development, but the producers told him that he wasn’t a fit for any of the series regulars. Wilson said getting asked later to come and play Harry Mudd was “literally my dream come true.”

Wilson also described how he especially nerded out shooting his second episode because he was able to shoot a phaser, get transported and sit in the Captain’s chair. He was particularly proud to be the only non-Captain to ever record a Captain’s Log in Star Trek, which he said was his idea.

The self-described Trekkie is thrilled to be part of Star Trek

Rebooting Mudd with an edge, but still funny

Wilson talked about the approach to “reboot” the character of Harry Mudd for Discovery. He had high praise for the original actor to play the part, Roger C. Carmel, but also noted that the show needed a different approach:

I talked a lot to the writers about what the Star Trek: Discovery universe was. It is a time of war with the Klingons, and it is much darker, and it needs to reflect our modern times…We talked a little bit about the role that Harry Mudd would play and what he is up to and I knew I had to bring a kind of edge to him, that hadn’t been in the character previously, in order to make him fit in. If you took Roger Carmel and put him into Discovery it wouldn’t work.

He found it exciting to play a character that was “part villain and part comic relief,” also noting “Discovery could use a little laughter. It is just so damn serious all the time.” As a fan, Wilson said he always liked how “humor has always been a part” of Star Trek. Later during the Q&A Wilson confirmed that he was allowed to improvise a lot during the shooting of his two episodes, adding he was glad the show allowed him to use what he sees as one of his strengths.

When a fan suggested that his Mudd was actually from the Mirror Universe, Wilson dismissed the notion, but he did note he “sure would love to meet the Mirror Universe Harry Mudd. He would just be a mean bastard. He would f–k you up.”

Rain Wilson feels humor is still an important part of Discovery

High praise for Sullivan for “Magic” rewrite

Wilson talked at length about life on the set for his two episode. His first day on the job for Discovery was “a little intimidating and overwhelming,” especially as he was thrown right into a scene without rehearsal with Jason Isaacs, adding how he had to be on the top of his game to “go toe-to-toe” Isaacs. The actor also noted that at first it was “tricky” to find the “voice” of his version of Mudd, who had a more flowery way of speaking, especially compared to other characters within Discovery

Regarding his second episode, “Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad,” Wilson revealed he had to think fast on his feet as the script that was shot was “completely different” than the script he was given the week before production started. However, he also had high praise for writer and co-executive producer (and not the credited writer for the episode) Ted Sullivan for making it work, saying:

It was pretty early on in the series and there had been some writer turnover. They were really finding their sea legs as a series. So, a lot of it was scrapped and rewritten at the last minute, or the three or four days before we starting shooting, there was a mammoth rewrite on that Mudd stuff.

I just want to give a shout-out to a very special writer on the current staff named Ted Sullivan. He is really something. He flew in from LA and he really helped me a lot, with the character and with the plotting. The directors were great as well, but he is a great resource in the Star Trek universe. I really enjoyed working with him. I think he really got Harry Mudd’s voice and he is a great asset to that writer’s room.

Rainn Wilson in “Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad”

Galaxy Quest flashbacks

Rainn Wilson noted when he got on stage at Star Trek Las Vegas that it was “like Galaxy Quest come to life,” referring to the 1999 parody/homage to Star Trek, which was also his first job as an actor in a feature film. He was particularly impressed to see some cosplayers as Thermians, like his character from Galaxy Quest. Later on he joked he was “having flashbacks” to the movie and how he was expecting a space ship to crash into the convention, as it did in the film.

Rainn Wilson saw STLV as Galaxy Quest coming to life

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He was one of the best parts of the first season of Discovery. I hope he appears more in the coming seasons as a thorn in the side of the Discovery crew. I also thought Ted Sullivan should have been the new showrunner after the original ones were fired.

I agree and I was very apprehensive about him being on the show. He turned out to be a good choice to have and I’m curious to see his side story. I’m guessing he will show up at some point in season two.

If they had an actual full season instead of a mini season I think they would have time to play with stuff like a Mudd episode. But the season is so condensed as it is doing so would be a waste of time unless they could link him to the overall story arc in some way.

He is a good choice, but I would have preferred Mel Rodriguez as Mudd.

I’m still hoping for much more Mudd – especially a spin off/ mini series of some kind would be awesome. Rainn nailed it!!!!

That episode was so lame & sexist & not funny- The character used a time device to board a federation vessel & tried to kill the crew & destroy the vessel & they just let him go because being with a woman like Stella was punishment enough- awful, just awful- I wonder how much better the original script was?

I love Wilson and he’s great fun but his episodes weren’t as fun as I was hoping. None of Discovery was, which he rightfully points out. It’s too serious!

I hope Mudd shows up this season.

Loved Wilson’s Mudd. Comedy is difficult, especially within a show that is not a comedy. Wilson’s Mudd was menacing and funny simultaneously, not an easy combo to pull off. Looking forward to the Short, and to a Mudd episode in season 2 (though it seems like we might have heard about it already if it was happening, though perhaps not).

” If you took Roger Carmel and put him into Discovery it wouldn’t work.”

That explains a lot. And I agree. The comedic adversary of I. Mudd would never fly on STD. But that is the version of Mudd I think works best. Nothing really wrong with how Wilson did it. I just prefer Carmel’s take to his. And I like what the fan said. It really makes a ton of sense that STD Mudd is really MU Mudd. Regardless of Wilson’s objections.