STLV18: New Star Trek TV Series Starring Patrick Stewart As Jean-Luc Picard Announced [UPDATED]

Alex Kurtzman introduces Patrick Stewart at STLV 2018

UPDATED article with quotes from panel and more photos

Star Trek: Discovery co-creator and showrunner Alex Kurtzman was a surprise last-minute addition to the Saturday schedule at Star Trek Las Vegas. The man who has been put in charge of the CBS plan to expand the Star Trek universe for television broke some huge news shortly after hitting the stage.

Kurtzman noted that there has been a lot of speculation about the future of Trek, so he decided to use STLV to announce “what the next Star Trek series is going to be.” The producer then had a little fun with it, saying he wanted to bring out a friend to talk about the next Star Trek show, at which point Sir Patrick Stewart joined him on stage and the capacity Vegas crowd went wild.

This introduction confirmed the previous rumors, Sir Patrick Stewart is returning to Star Trek, reprising his iconic role as Jean Luc-Picard. Stewart began his remarks by simply stating “I have returned, thank you.”

Patrick Stewart’s long trip back to Jean-Luc Picard

Stewart then took a stroll through memory lane, starting back in March 1987 when he auditioned for The Next Generation, but not believing it “would ever lead to anything at all.” He then said how being cast and playing Jean-Luc Picard has became “something that would touch every corner my life.” And after being very proud of the work he did for seven seasons and four feature films, with the last in 2002, he had decided he would not return to the role and it was “a voyage I would never take again.”

Stewart said the offer from CBS to reprise the character came earlier this year and while he described it as “interesting and charming” he said he was set to turn it down. According to Stewart he met with the producers and spent twenty minutes “explaining with sadness why I would have to say “no.” But through a process of discussions over six months, and spending time rewatching Star Trek: The Next Generation, he came around to the idea:

Gradually it became clearer and clearer to me, that the power of that show, the success of that show, the benefits that it gave – I have never, ever grown tired of hearing from people who say “You’re show changed my life. Without Star Trek: The Next Generation I might not be here.”

And for these reasons he said, Stewart made the following simple, and yet profound statement:

Jean-Luc Picard is back

Stewart announces that “Jean-Luc is back”


CBS has release a clip of Stewart’s introduction and initial comments.

May be a very different Picard

A few details were provided for the new show. Stewart revealed that things have changed for Jean-Luc Picard:

He may not, and I stress may not, be a captain anymore. He may not be the Jean-Luc that you recognize and know so well. It may be a very different individual. Someone who has been changed by his experiences. Twenty years will have passed, which is more or less exactly the time between the very last movie – Nemesis – and today.

He also promised it will not be like TNG, but in some ways it would be:

It will be, I promise you, I guarantee it, something very, very different. It will come to you with the same passion, and determination and love of the material and love of our followers and our fans, exactly as we had it before.

Patrick Stewart was last seen as Picard in Star Trek: Nemesis in 2002

Still in early development

No release information for the unnamed show was provided, and Stewart revealed as of this moment there weren’t yet any scripts, adding “we are talking and talking about story lines.” There were no hints about other characters for the series and if any other Star Trek: The Next Generation actors will be reprising their roles.

It is also unclear at this time if the Jean Luc-Picard Star Trek show will be an ongoing series, or a one-off mini-series. It is expected that the show will be on CBS All Access, in the USA, like Star Trek: Discovery and the upcoming Star Trek: Short Treks series of min-episodes tied into Discovery. At San Diego Comic-Con, Discovery executive producer and president of Secret Hideout Productions Heather Kadin told TrekMovie that “all live-action Star Trek will be on CBS All Access.”

Creative team includes Chabon and Beyer

According to Deadline, the creative team for the Picard series will include James Duff, who recently joined Discovery as an executive producer, former Discovery executive producer Akiva Goldsman, Discovery writer and Star Trek novelist, Kirsten Beyer, and Pulitzer prize-winning author Michael Chabon, who is also writing one of the Star Trek: Short Treks.

After the announcement, Discovery co-executive producer and writer Ted Sullivan took to Twitter to reveal that the show was the “brain child” of Kirsten Beyer.

Stewart, Chabon, Goldsman, and Kurtzman are all executive producers on the show, along with Discovery executive producer, and president of Secret Hideout Productions, Heather Kadin. Also named as executive producers is Rod Roddenberry and Roddenberry Entertainment COO Trevor Roth.

Alex Kurtzman said in a statement:

“With overwhelming joy, it’s a privilege to welcome Sir Patrick Stewart back to the Star Trek fold. For over 20 years, fans have hoped for the return of Captain Jean-Luc Picard and that day is finally here. We can’t wait to forge new ground, surprise people, and honor generations both new and old.”

Alex Kurtzman at Star Trek Las Vegas 2018

Stewart’s statement on Twitter

Sir Patrick also issued a statement about his return to Trek on social media.

More STLV 2018

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Woo! :D Pretty excited to hear this.

Make it so!

Awesome news! Let’s hope this news finally gets the “should be set after Nemesis” camp to be at peace.

Nah, they’ll find something about that to HATE. It’s their way of life now.

Ha, they totally will! Toxic fandom

Well they are still Star Trek fans lol. That won’t ever go away for some sadly.

It’s still a Kurtsman production & Under Bad Robots partial license- Unless the old one exclusively dealt with The Original series & they negotiated a new license which will allow them to use all the characters & design elements they want from the TNG era Otherwise it will just be Discovery Next Gen.

i dont like to get into back and forth but i dont like fake stuff. There is no “Bad Robot license” This has nothing to do with Bad Robot and even with the movies Bad Robot does not own a license to Star Trek.

This show is being produced by Secret Hideout, Kurtzman’s company, but again, they have no license ownership. It is all 100% owned by CBS.

please dont spread false info and rumors at trekmovie

The end

Lets hope Secret Hideout negotiated a better license with CBS then.

Read his post again.

Trelboi89, give it up man. You are embarrassing yourself.

Just stop it already…

And it’s not Fake- just outdated as I didn’t know they were working with a new production company- without that knowledge I had to assume Kurtzman would still be dealing with Bad Robot.

Kurtzman was never part of Bad Robot, that is JJ Abrams production company. Before Secret Hideout Kurtzman and Orci had KO Paperproducts, but that split was like 5 years ago. And again these Hollywood production companies are essentially subcontractors to the studios, and to each other. They are not ‘licensees’. In this case CBS Studios is the official production company behind all new Star Trek TV shows, thats Discovery, Short Treks, PS Trek show and everything that gets made coming up. For now they are working with Secret Hideout but Secret Hideout has no control over what CBS does with the show, who they sell it to, home video, etc.

You are spreading false info and rumor and will be banned if you continue to do so.

If you chose to believe that the license created for the Kelvinverse films, whoever they were done by or for (I thought it was Bad Robot) didn’t later affect how Discovery was produced that’s your choice & as its your page so I guess you can censor whatever you want to.

I just hope this new production has no limitations in continuing the TNG era.


There’s no license, they’re hired guns. CBS is saying, “OK, this is yours to play with now. The creative direction of this franchise is now yours. Go have fun, just make sure it’s good and that you deliver it on time and on budget.”

The new Twilight Zone series? Same deal for Jordan Peele.

Both men will make money but neither will own a piece of either franchise.

Well, at this point, I think I’ll call it a day for regular visitation to Trekmovie. When opinion & speculation (as well as mere rumor) becomes a ban-able offence, it becomes clear that even politics is toxic here.


~Pensive’s Wetness

Now that guy got banned for repeating a falsehood over and over.

The people who run this website have fostered connections with people involved in both the CBS and Paramount side of the franchise. If someone turns up and foster an incorrect conspiracy theory about licences for months on end that shouldn’t be relevant?


Can we hold you to this commitment?

Trekboi… only 2 licenses exist. The movies belong to Paramount and TV belongs to CBS. They hire different production companies to make the movies or shows but still retain their rights. Bad Robot do not own any rights to Trek. Period. They had a contract with Paramount to do X number of movies. Kurtzman owns not rights to Trek on CBS. He was hired by CBS to run the shows. Does that make it any clearer?

Well said Trekboi. I found Discovery consistently jarring in a way the (unofficial) Axanar short movie was not..

I prefer the visual look of Axanar, but let’s get something straight. Axanar is a twenty minute space battle film. It has no depth or good quality Trek like storytelling, it’s just a short pew pew pew war film. I do wish people would stop banging on about it and the loathsome Alec Peters. Whatever issues I have with Discovery, it’s still superior as a whole package to Axanar.

Sorry, but Axanar was very boring. I found it incredibly dull. I’m thrilled they couldn’t move forward with it.

Really, I liked Axanar. I was surprised how great it looked given its tiny budget. I’m usually not into fan films at all but I would’ve gave that one a chance if they made it a full feature as planned.

That’s it in a nutshell. You are 100% correct, sir.

100% correct? How do you know that?

Gezzes…. no. There is no Bad Robot Partial licence. Thats an totally unproven Conspiracy Theory …. it was also clearly statet from a buisness poin if View.

Pleaaaase stop this nonsense

Google it. Personally, I think theres mileage in what’s referred to as the conspiracy theory… that the right’s were messed up before the Kelvin movies, and only more so afterwards. On some sites it’s discussed as fact. That said I can understand why some folks either find it hard to believe, or simply do not want to give it any credibility. So let’s patiently wait for Chaos on the Bridge 2 in 20 years time and see if I can say I told you so…



i can tell you, it is bulls–t. stop spreading conspiracy on this site or be banned


They already have.

” Yeah i’ll pass. I’m not watching yet another timeline ”

Who said it’s another timeline ?

I love visiting this one forum whenever there is Star trek news. They all claim to be Trekkies but literally – and i do mean literally – HATE everything. It’s actually really amusing.

If he ends up beeing a a Bond villian from the mirrorverse and all other straight men are traitors or whimps, I’ll be pissed for sure.

You know, I can totally see them making Picard a bad guy. Maybe he gets in an argument with Riker or something. Has some sort of falling out with his former friends maybe? Feels the ideals he signed on for from Starfleet have been compromised. Make it VERY morally ambiguous so some viewers might agree and some might not. Stuff like that.

And if done well, I think that could work and be absolutely amazing.

OMG, this will so totally derail my fanfic from canon! I hate this idea!


LOL it is for me! :)

Don’t get me wrong, I STILL want DIS to actually feel it’s existing in the 23rd century but as I also been saying it looks like they are trying to do that more in second season and that’s a good thing.

But yes to have a show to go FORWARD again is a dream come true for some of us who has missed the 24th century for so long. A great day people!

I’ve missed the 24th Century too but I like the idea of having multiple shows in production at the same time that are set in different time periods. I don’t think they should go overboard with crossovers but when it does have happen they have the opportunity to do things that have never been done on live actio Trek before. For example the novels would often have events that would span multiple series in which each of the crews would have a standalone adventure that was linked by an overarching plot. Or imagine having a Trials and Tribblations style episode in which a 24th century crew travel back and interacts with a USS Discovery mission and then showing those same events from the 23rd century perspective. The Discovery episode could be completely standalone with no reference to the time travel shenanigans but you could still have 24th century characters pop up in the background as easter eggs for fans.

EXACTLY! I want that too!

What’s funny is no one was saying they DIDN’T want a TOS era show at all, we simply didn’t want that to be the only thing either. I would’ve been fine with DIS if I had known they were still going to make shows in other eras. I was simply tired that someone got it in their head this era and ONLY this era is what Star Trek fans wanted to see, while ignoring the millions of fans who grew up with the 24th century. Now if you don’t want to do the 24th century, again, fine, but not everyone is in love with just TOS either, so just think outside the box.

I want Star Trek to be big, to be bold. Have a show in the 23rd century, have another in the 25th century as well. You have movies now in a completely different universe, great, now have one take place in another universe if you must. YOu want to find ways to connect them all, have at it! It’s Star Trek, you CAN think big!

But for me, going back to nostalgia is not Trek growing, its just peddling the same characters to old fan boys who wants to relive the 60s. Well we got that, its called the Kelvin movies. How is that working out? Now we have DIS where Pike and Spock is showing up next season. It was just feeling small and only appeasing one part of the fan base. You have 500 hours of TV that had little to with that side of Trek, those fans still exist too!

Now maybe with the Picard show they can do other things. Maybe they can do a cool crossover with DIS. I am all for things like that!

And to make this clear I STILL want DIS to be a great show! I hope it gets better, improves and get more fans on board with it. I don’t want it to disappear, just the opposite. I want more Star Trek that would reach as many people as possible. This isn’t about DIS, it’s about Star Trek. Let’s see it grow and prosper for everyone!

“What’s funny is no one was saying they DIDN’T want a TOS era show at all”

HAHAHAHA! Oh wait, you’re serious…let me laugh even harder! 24th century fanboys have been whining since ENT was announced as a prequel. The volume had dropped until DSC was announced as a prequel. Seriously, PLENTY of people were saying they didn’t want a Star Trek (I will never call it TOS) era show at all.

As for this new Picard show….From Stewart’s own words it sounds like he, unlike too many 24th century fanboys, is not interested in doing the same tired old crap that he did on TNG. And why would he? We’ve been in a golden age of TV over the last few years with great shows like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Westworld, Fargo, etc. I don’t think he’s interested in doing another anomaly of the week show, or one filled with that crappy technobabble that was a defining trait of TNG. He seems to be warning all the fans that this will be something different, filmed in today’s style and today’s sensibilities. Warning people that if they’re expecting that 80’s style Trek, they’re probably going to be dissappointed.

And that’s great news to me because I’ve yet to see a single 24th century fanboy offer up a post VOY idea for a show that didn’t sound like complete and utter shite. It’s either more of the same, but with super phasers, super warp, super torpedoes, with new costumes and we’ve made peace with this or that old enemy, but now have new enemies and blah blah blah like “Star Trek”, but just set two or three hundred years later. Or some equally lame “fall of the Federation” tripe that is just…..ugh. Stewart knows that the best character pieces aren’t being done in movies any more. They’re being done on TV. Hopefully we’ll get a show where Picard is NOT in Starfleet, NOT on a spaceship, NOT on a space station, but just on Earth or some other world living a more grounded life and having some compelling drama and stories there. THAT would be refreshing. We had a shared universe Trek universe on different ships on FREE TV in the 90’s and audiences rejected it because, aside from the fact that the vast majority of it was mediocre to bad, they’d already seen it done before on Star Trek and TNG.

So if they want to do more TV Trek, then it’s time to give us fresh windows into that world, not just the same tired old Starfleet ship / station based stuff we’ve seen a million times before. If this new Picard show is something truly different, then sign me up. If it’s the same tired old shite, then no.

What is this mythical “24th Century fanboy”?

I personally don’t care when Trek is set as long as it’s stories are befitting of the franchise. Intelligent, positive and progressive. I had no issue with Enterprise being a prequel because it still strove for that kind of quality (didn’t always succeed, but that’s another debate). I think the problem is that after Voyager and Nemesis, which were a year or so apart, Trek stopped going forward. One prequel was fine. But then Abrams also made one and mined all the old Trek characters and now Discovery, rather than standing on it’s own two feet, also doing the same and otherwise trying to mine past canon (with debatable success).

Now, you won’t find a bigger fan of the TOS crew than me. The TOS movies remain my favourite era of Trek. In contrast my least liked show is the last 24th Century show, Voyager. But Shatner and Co’s day has past and I don’t need endless recasting or re-imagining of TOS. It’s lazy recycling and not forward moving.

The reason the 24th Century appeals is because it not only allows you to continued the grand fifty year story, rather than being about filling in gaps, but it allows you greater creating licence to change things up and create new things while also respecting what has come before. You could argue that dragging in Stewart is even mining the past to a degree. But at least they can still create new things. Contrast it to Discovery. Look at the fan division they have created by messing around with the Klingons with no explanation. At least with a show set after Nemesis you have the freedom to introduce newer or evolved races of Klingons and can offer an easy canon explanation. Similarly, Discovery cannot use any of the show’s aliens that haven’t yet been met in canon. Plus, mining TOS as Discovery is doing means they aren’t exploring and finding new races, new friends and foes. Discovery has to play into a full thirty seven years of Trek canon. It cannot contradict TOS, TNG, DS9 or Voyager or any of the TOS or TNG movies. A show set after Nemesis is a blank slate. Sure, there is a history to follow. But a creative writer can mix things up and change as they go.

So, yeah, short version, it’s not so much about being a Berman era fan, it’s because it affords more creativity and relies less on mining the past.

You make some compelling points but no, I’m not interested in going past Voy because Berman and Braga made the right decision in making Ent a prequel. Even though Ent sucked. Their reasoning was simple: look at how different the world of 1901 is from the world of 2001. Now imagine the world of Trek one hundred years after TNG. We saw the world a hundred years after Star Trek, and guess what? It was the same world with only the most superficial of changes. We didn’t see people acting significantly different, they didn’t use their tech significantly different. Look at how vastly different our world today is from even the 70’s. So if anyone is thinking that the future of TNG, a world with replicators, transporters, holotech, nanotech and virtually unlimited energy is just going to be another ship with another crew having adventures in space, is just ridiculous.

Berman and Braga understood that when the 24th century tech is your starting point, the humans 100 years after that would be so different that a t.v. audience would not be able to relate to the them. In essence, you’d have people that would be trans-human. That would be using nano tech in such a way that they may not even need ships or space suits. That could self transport or generate phaser beams from their hands. That could interface directly with computers via neural networks. That could see across all visible spectrums, etc, etc. They would be godlike.

Berman and Braga understood this. And that was the reason they set Ent closer to our time. Not because Phantom Menance was prequel as I’ve heard other fans proclaim. Because we would be able to relate to the humans of the 22nd or 23rd century more. I was certainly not a fan of theirs, but this was something that I agreed with them on.

As for the original crew, yes, they will continue to be recast in the same way that Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan, Flash Gordan, etc get updated and recast. They are iconic and timeless in ways that the rest of Trek will NEVER be. And Trek is not a fifty year story. It’s a patch work quilt of mostly mediocre, but enjoyable stories that routinely retcons stuff when it suits them. The change between the original Klingons and the TMP Klingons was far more drastic than the DSC change. I was there in 79, and I never liked the bumpy headed Klingons, so them getting changed in DSC doesn’t bother me at all.

Lensman,if you don’t want to go past Voyager you don’t have to watch. Problem solved man.

I never believed that junk about ‘trans humans’ just because it takes place 100 years later. Its like most people have never read any real sci fi in their life. There are tons of stories out there that place THOUSANDS of years in the future and shocking, they are still just regular humans. Its up to the writer, period. I never understand why people don’t get this?

You will still have DIS and my guess another show will be based in the 23rd century. And more than likely there will at least be another Kelvin. So you’re set!

I’m SUPER stoked we have a show going forward again and in the 24th century. MANY are. I’m not sure why you can’t do both since Trek literally had 21 seasons worth of shows post TOS and were very popular!

Yeah, we do have stuff set thousands of years in the future where people didn’t change, and as far as I know, most of those stories were written in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. I think most modern sci-fi leans towards trans-human or at the very least humans who utilize and incorporate nano-tech, as well as utilize tech far more than Trek. I love old sci-fi like The Lensman series, the Foundation series, the Legion of Space tales, but audiences today would not accept those as anything other than outdated visions of the future. We’ve seen a vast change in how we use technology and interact with technology, not just since the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s, but even since the 2000’s began. We went from CD players, to iPod’s to using our phones to play music. We went from audio only portable phones to being able Skype and Facetime from anywhere. Hundred year old business have folded as E-commerce has dominated. Damn near everything can be done on your phone, from ordering books, to groceries to having burgers delivered to your door. Play games on your phone. Not only read books on your phone, write books on your phone, take pictures with your phone, shoot video with your phone, edit videos with your phone, check the weather on your phone, the net and it’s vast resources of information on your phone and on and on and on. That’s the kind of change we’ve experienced in the real world since about 2000.

And that’s just your phone. Don’t get me started on all the stuff that comes with cars these days. And that’s not including the self driving cars that are around the corner.

Now, how much do you think the world is going to change in 100 years when your starting point is the tech of Trek’s 24th century? Audiences of today have lived this change. People understand that tech is an ever growing fact of life now. Barring any major tech destroying event, it’s only going to keep becoming more and more a part of our daily lives. As such we will integrate more and more with it as it becomes more compact and does more. So a vision of the future that shows a steady upward technological progression, especially with the 24th century as your starting point, but doesn’t show this aspect, is a comically out of date vision of the future.

Well its good you actually read other science fiction!

But do you HONESTLY think real life humans will be all part cyborgs in 500 yeas time? If the answer is no, then I don’t think a fictional TV show has to present it that way. If the answer is yes, then maybe the writers are actually on point for a change lol.

Dude you’re watching a show where you can get transported via quantum energy to anywhere in the galaxy and star ships can time travel. You honestly think that’s going to be possible in 300 years time? Star Trek has NEVER been about our real lives, it’s only extracted from it to feel more grounded but the ideas from it, the sciency-fictiony stuff, has always been based on the fantastic. Its more sci fi fantasy than hard sci fi. It’s not quite Star Wars, but its not Interstellar either. There is a TOS episode where the Enterprise met a Lincoln clone in space for pete’s sakes. They landed on a planet full of hippies in another episode.

Maybe tech wise humans will be more integrated in 300 years, but in terms of space travel my guess is we will be lucky if we have colonized Mars by the 23rd century. I seriously don’t see us having warp power and fighting the Greek god Apollo on a planet somewhere. Do you?

Star Trek ITSELF is a comically out of date vision of the future lol.

It’s science fiction, not real life, enjoy the possibilities. THats all Trek is.

Your argument is faulty as by the logic you were using Discovery itself and Enterprise (and TOS) are already anachronistic and, to use your words, comically out of date visions of the future. So your argument is not that you cannot go forward after the 24th Century. It is in fact that nothing Trek presents us to date is representative of what life will be like in three hundred or so years. But it’s fiction. The Eugenics Wars never happened but we still treat them as a canon event in the Trek timeline. It’s about the suspension of disbelief.

Trek is not about getting future science exactly spot on. It is just speculative fiction. Predicted where we could go. There is a lot of flexibility in that regard – and I refuse to believe that with the application of the imagination a good team of writers cannot come up with something a little more advanced that plays off of technological trends while. You cannot accurately predict what will be the case in thirty years, let alone three hundred. So you take your best guess. It’s entertainment at the end of the day, not a documentary. Besides, Trek has never been about how advance the tech is. It’s about the human experience and our approach to learning and problem solving. The technology and environment is simply a delivery method for those stories. Technology may become anachronistic but a good story doesn’t. By your logic we should throw all the works of Jules Verne and HG Wells into the dustbin.

These ‘tech’ arguments and ‘going too far into the future’ is SO bizarre to me, as if they think TOS and the 23rd century is presenting some accurate account of the future lol.

Its FICTION! It’s ALL made up! This idea that you don’t want to go to far into the future because you want Star Trek ‘grounded’ and ‘closer to our time’ is just weird giberish nonsense! Star Trek isn’t our time. It isn’t our future! It isn’t our technology (ok, some of it kind of is).

I have news for people, there is no planet called Vulcan with emotionless humaniod species with bad haircuts and pointed ears out there. I’m guessing there are no Klingons running around in another solar system causing havoc. While I think there could be artificial cyborgs roaming the galaxy and colonizing planets and other life forms, I’m going to guess they don’t look or act anything like the Borg. The complete opposite of that, as adorable as they are, tribbles most likely don’t exist either (in some ways they could be worse than the Borg lol).

Let me dispel some more sad truths of what we may not be doing when we get to the 23rd century. I’m going to guess that no matter how many videos you watched of Michio Kaku telling you teleportation, time travel, advance cloning, shields, mirror universes, warp drive, phasers, sentient androids, ‘sub space’ communication and wormholes are all things humans will create or discover, the chances of any of that coming into existence between now and the next 1,000 years are about the number of stars in the universe to one. And even if we do manage to accomplish one of those within 3-400 years, we’re certainly not doing them all.

It’s all NO more real and plausible as the Earth being hollow. To sit here and tell people how ‘realistic’ humans in pajamas will travel in large hotel-like starships thousands of light years in literally minutes has the same basis of reality as a holodeck because it’s all on the exact same level of ridiculousness.

Only some Trek fans seem to have compartmentalized which crazy science fiction concept makes more sense to them in 100 vs 1,000 years because they been watching a TV show for way too long and seem to forget its all just sci fi hokum at the end of the day.

Star Trek can take place 100 years or 1,000 years from now, the chances of any of it becoming ‘real’ is the same no matter what century you put your fake starship to fight fake aliens in.

“Trek is not about getting future science exactly spot on”

No shit, Sherlock. You’ve made a response to an argument I’m not even making. I’m not talking about the science being “spot on”. I’m not talking about people making accurate guesses where real world technology is going to end up. I’m talking about the evolutionary process of technology. That process exists in the fictional world of Trek.

I said that when your STARTING POINT is the technology of Trek’s 24th century, then the world you end up with a hundred years after that is radically different.

To illustrate that point, I then showed examples of how tech advanced over the last mere twenty years in the real world and how it has affected our lives in innumerable ways. Apparently that confused you, so let me give you a Trek example:

Voyager ended with holographic flies being developed as spy technology. Doesn’t matter what’s going on in the real world, this is the tech that existed in the fictional world at the end of Voyager. The future of that future, being more advanced, would have spy devices the size of dust motes, if not even smaller. And people would be trying to find any number of uses for any number of different techs that could be miniaturized like that.

Especially the medical field. Nanotech exists in that world. It was new in Picard’s time but future doctors would be developing that tech so that it could be used in a way to cure and repair people, especially in Starfleet when people may be in dangerous situations and unable to beam out. Or not have quick access to a doctor. They’re not going to just go “Welp, there’s that technology…let’s not use it in any new or meaningful way.”

As that tech is refined, someone else comes along and modifies and refines that it into newer applications. Like making it so that humans can survive in harsher environments. Or see across all spectrums. Or interface directly to computers. Or generate hard light constructs. And on and on and on. The 24th century already has advanced tech, the tech a hundred years from that is going to be exponentially advanced WHATEVER FORM IT TAKES.

Berman and Braga got all of this. And that was almost twenty years ago. They saw where Voyager ended up tech wise and understood that to keep building on that you end up with an unrecognizable world.

“Trek has never been about how advance the tech is. It’s about the human experience and our approach to learning and problem solving. The technology and environment is simply a delivery method for those stories.”

Then you shouldn’t care if Trek is set exclusively in established time periods as long as it’s doing just that.

Trek is a science fiction show with speculative tech! It’s ALL crazy highly advanced tech. Just like Trek has always done, some of it will be waaaaaaay more advanced than ever thought possible, others won’t be. The FUN of a science fiction show is to see what cool tech they will be using and in what way. Believe it or not that’s why a lot of us watch lol.

So maybe some of what you suggested will be used, maybe some of it won’t. The fun is to see what they come up with in a post-Nemesis world. That’s WHY a lot of us want to see the franchise to go forward, to see what things writers will come up with.

I WANT crazy magical science tech (that’s exactly transporters are), because I don’t live under the impression anything we see in Star Trek will ever come to fruition no more than meeting a Q or Romulans. Its the possibilities that are fun.

Wow Tiger.” if you don’t want to go past Voyager you don’t have to watch. Problem solved man.”
I remember saying the same thing to you when you whined about discovery being a prequel.

Uh I like DIS man! I simply have issues with its execution, which it looks like they are correcting in second season BECAUSE people like me complained about it, right? And I said MANY times that I’m excited about the second season. I’ll shout it out for you: “I’M EXCITED ABOUT THE SECOND SEASON!!!!” The only thing that’s bothering me is the reliance on Pike, but I can’t deny the character looks to be a great addition so I’ll probably get over that too.

Captain Ransom do you LITERRALLY just ignore any positive thing I said about the show? It’s not like I wanted it to disappear lol. If you can’t hear ANY criticism, then you shouldn’t be here.

Tiger, I was just pointing out the hypocrisy of your statement.

I said from day one I was going to give Discovery a chance and even if I didn’t love it I would continue supporting it because I didn’t want it to be another Enterprise situation. And I accept shows do usually get better in time. There is nothing hypocritical in my statement.

Yeah, I always find the “don’t watch it” argument dreadfully silly. It’s not one limited to Trek either. I hear it rolled out by fans of things like Star Wars and Doctor Who as well.

As Trek fans we all want what is best for the franchise and we want new Trek that we consider good. We simply have different opinions on the direction it should go.

Yeah. I don’t quite get the argument that a day after Nemesis humans all suddenly became super evolved.

“Yeah. I don’t quite get the argument that a day after Nemesis humans all suddenly became super evolved.”

And no one was making that argument. When it came time for B&B to do a post Voy show, many were arguing for a show set decades, if not a hundred years later in order for Trek to have a clean slate again. No one gives a shit about seeing the Trek universe a day after Nemesis because Nemesis (as well as Voy) sucked and people were tired of that whole era by that point.

Uh, I do lol!

And if you actually go to other areas of the internet, so do a lot of people!

And I wasn’t sick of the era. I would’ve been happy if DS9 went five more seasons. Loved the Dominion story line and the effect it had on the alpha quadrant. VOY wasn’t always great but it had nothing to do with being in the 24th century, many people just thought the show itself wasn’t very good just like many think DIS isn’t very good so far. It doesn’t matter what century its in if you’re simply not connecting with the characters or stories.

False. Nobody was tired of the 24th Century. They were tired of Berman style Trek. That’s why interest in Enterprise also waned (which was set 200 years earlier, thus defeating your argument).

There has been 18 years of Trek made by the same people in the same style. It needed a rest and some fresh talent. Well, now it’s 13 years since Berman’s reign ended and new people are working on the franchise.

Lensman. Read Don Quixote and you’ll see that people haven’t changed much since 1605.
I doubt we’ll change enough that we can’t relate, despite the inevitable misses in future prediction.
And who cares if the 25th century tech won’t be realistic? Just like the writers, we can’t accurately imagine it anyway, so let the story carry you.
After all, people still enjoy 2001 a Space Odyssey and the Jetsons.

People seriously need to rewatch Back to the Future 2 lol. None of it came true in 2015. Who cares, its a science fiction movie, when it was made in the 80s, they just wanted to have fun with it.

That’s the same for Trek, to IMAGINE the possibilities. WHo cares how accurate it is or ‘too advanced’ (we’re currently watching a show that use spore drive technology to teleport ships to anywhere in the galaxy and other universes. Too late! Janeway would’ve loved it if Starfleet informed her they had something like that sitting around somewhere). We’ll all be dead anyway. Of course our great, great, great, great grandchildren will be laughing how badly Trek got it wrong and that they actually created holographic doctors by the 22nd century.

Agreed El Chup!

People are just sick of prequels and reboots. We’ve had Enterprise, the Kelvin movies and now Discovery! And they still got freakin Khan on the table as a show. How much stuff do we need to cover that has already been covered?

Now they have the freedom to do whatever they want. Sure there will always be limits but at least they don’t have to worry what tech belongs in what period or that the uniforms are out of canon because you’re making NEW canon. That’s a good thing! ;)

Gentlemen–gentle beings. Brevity is the soul of wit!

I look forward to to Sir Patrick’s return to Trek. My only concerns are (1) are we oversaturating the franchise, and (2) who’s doing Worf’s makeup?

@Praetor Tal — there is no franchise at the moment. 3 films in 10 years does not a franchise make. And a half season of a TV series following that doesn’t really move the needle forward.

Let’s revisit this question in a couple of years.

If they do that Khan show that may be the first Trek show ever that I refuse to watch. Montalban’s Khan was iconic. But there is only far you could go with a character who is little more than an evil authoritarian with abnormal strength. I think Into Darkness showed that no matter how good a new actor is, it’s really Montalban who made the character interesting because without his performance there isn’t much to the character at all. Plus, Khan’s back story is such that there really isn’t much “Trek” in it at all. I would be an Earth based political war story with a genetic engineering subplot. A super soldier show.

Nah, pass.

I really really hope the Khan thing dies in development when someone finally realizes Khan is not a proper setting for a Star Trek show. If they want to do a mini-series, ie, 4-5 episodes of the eugenics wars, ok that will be fun. But to make it a yearly show when Trek should be about people in the future exploring the galaxy is a complete waste.

The problem is, again with prequels, is that we already know this guy’s story. They will flush out the details but we already know how he lived, how he escaped, how he was found, how he escaped again and how he died. It will simply be filling in more story of those events but its a character that has died literally 35 years ago on screen. We don’t need anymore back story to dead supporting characters. Certainly not an entire show around them.

Sorry Tiger. I’m not tired of prequels. I like them. Speak for yourself buddy.

Ok you’re not. I feel the Khan show would feel like a horrible step back to me and I TRULY hope it doesn’t happen.

But yes now that we are getting a show going forward again its not the end of the world if they do give us Khan. I just think there is so much more they can do.

Tiger… I enjoy the prequels. I loved Enterprise. I also loved reading the prequel books back on the 80s and 90s. Lots of people enjoy the prequels like Enterprise and Discovery

I didn’t say everybody lol. And yes I love Enterprise actually. It took awhile but I’m now a big fan of the show. But that’s also why I’m sticking with DIS because I gave up on Enterprise after the first season and of course many did and it got cancelled by the fourth. I didn’t stop watching because it was a prequel, it just wasn’t very good to me. But when I finally watched in its entirety years later, I realized I made a mistake. I promise I wouldn’t judge a show so quickly after that. I love this franchise, I want it to succeed (unless it’s the Khan show…OK, I’ll stop lol).

But if I think it sucks, I’m going to say so, LOUDLY. And I think it worked (not from me personally) but a lot of people who had problems with DIS first season and why we are seeing the changes.

I’m actually disappointed they haven’t included any ENT characters on DIS so far. I would love a T’Pol appearance! Or better yet, Shran. They did name a ship after him in an episode at least.

They mentioned Archer as well on a screen.

Yes, I smiled like a school boy when Admiral Cornwell said his name! I’m always a sucker for stuff like that.

Me too. I love that stuff. But am torn. I love it but also feel there can be too much fan service. So probably better to keep it to a minimum.

There was also a USS Archer in the attack group in Nemesis when Enterprise was heading back to rendezvous with them.


T’Pol is even older than T’Pau. And she was ancient 10 years later when she showed up at Spock’s little ceremony thing in Amok Time. Including her on Discovery would be a stretch but possible. The other NX-01 crew? They would all be over 170 years old. So, no.

Yeah she would be older and around 200 years old which would be about the same as both Sarek and Spock last time we saw them. I think when we saw Sarek in TNG he was already suppose to be around 200. Spock was maybe a little younger but not much when he came through that black hole in the first Kelvin film. So why I can buy her still showing up in DIS.

As far as the others, yeah the humans maybe not. But we don’t know the life span of Phlox species so its possible he could show up (and I really loved him too).

Sarek was 102 in Journey to Babel. McCoy confirmed it. So sure. Although do we know approx. how old T’Pol was on Enterprise? I don’t recall. But yes, she could show up. But she’d be REALLY old. Phlox? I suppose but it’s starting to stretch credibility when ALL these races have really long life spans. I used to be under the impression (I honestly don’t recall where this came from) that Klingons had shorter than human lifespans. That was destroyed when Kor & Co showed up on DS9.

We do, she told Trip in season 4 she was 66 years old. So actually she would be around 170 by the time DIS started, right? So YOUNGER than when we last saw Spock and Sarek. And she’s still a woman, they live longer in any species. ;D

As far as Phlox, actually I went and checked and Denobulans DO have long life spans. From Memory-Alpha:

“Denobulan life spans were extremely long, though a Denobulan elder did not necessarily look particularly old. (ENT: “A Night in Sickbay”) Phlox, in the 22nd century, once stated that his grandmother lived through the last of numerous wars Denobula fought with the Antarans, a conflict which ended while Earth was in the 19th century. This indicates that at least three generations of Denobulans had existed during the three-hundred-year span between the events. (ENT: “The Breach”)”

So he would work perfectly!

Good grab, Tiger. I had forgotten she told Trip. Regarding the Denobulans, Sigh. Do everyone but Ocompans have much longer life spans than humans?

LOL, well I always imagine if you got far enough to build a warp drive society then you probably have found many advances to prolong life. Look at humans, we now live twice as long as we did a few thousand years ago and modern medicine is still quite young. So in a few hundred more years we will probably be living a lot longer. Maybe not 150 years humans seem to make it in the 24th century but longer for sure.

The cool thing is I think Kurtzman is really wanting to take advantage of a Trek shared universe in much more exciting ways than we’ve seen in the past. I’m hopeful.

If you approach discovery from the angle of the events of Star Trek IV, Star Trek First Contact, And even Star Trek voyager: futures end,(but most especially first contact) altered the timeline, then the visual differences make sense. The original prime time line was altered the movement Scotty gave up the formula for transparent Aluminum, and Gillian Taylor alonf with George & Gracie left 1986.
Who cares what technologies or visuals look different as long as the stories are well told, and the current story tellers say it’s the prime universe.

Also I’ll just say aside from the disaster that is into Darkness, the Kelvin universe films are actually good.

Further more JJ, Kurtzman and orci could have just remade Star Trek and said screw saying this is a seperate timeline, like Most remakes do.

I been saying forever if both the Kelvin movies and Discovery just came out and said they were just reboots, there would be zero moaning over the looks of those productions. There would still be tons of whining lol, but little about the looks and canon itself.

See, I’ve go no problem with the Kelvin films looking different because even though it was a bit of a cheat, they did actually bother to provide an explanation. That the Shatner and Nimoy Kirk and Spock are still out there in a prime timeline in Kelvin Trek makes it all a bit easier. Quinto Spock has that line in the first about whoever they were before they are now different people. That to mean means that the Kelvin crew aren’t the same people any more than Mirror Universe Kirk is Shatner Kirk. They are a different version of the TOS crew. Now, I have my faults with the dumbing down and the atrocious mess of Into Darkness, but in terms of canon I think Kelvin stuff just about gets away with it.

In contrast, with Discovery you’re told this isn’t a different version of the universe and characters. It’s the same version. We are meant to believe this is Jeff Huinter’s Pike and Nimoy’s Spock coming up. That these Klingons are somehow the same as the ridged and augment Klingons of canon, and so on. I just find it intellectually insulting to be told it’s canon, when it’s take flagrant liberties.

For the record, neither do I!

And yet these arguments about it still pop up. Even when they KNOW it’s a different Enterprise in a different universe, it’s still ‘too big’. The ship travelling at warp is still ‘too fast’. Spock still acts ‘too emotional’. Spock and Uhura together is ‘too unrealistic’. Chekhov is ‘too old’. Sulu is ‘too gay’ (well you get the last one ;)).

Because end of the day they are still comparing it to the prime universe. And its not to say they can’t argue why they have issues with some of this, but its in a completely different universe, just let it be. It’s different because it is.

They will never let it be lol.

” but in terms of canon I think Kelvin stuff just about gets away with it.

In contrast, with Discovery you’re told this isn’t a different version of the universe and characters. It’s the same version. We are meant to believe this is Jeff Huinter’s Pike and Nimoy’s Spock coming up. That these Klingons are somehow the same as the ridged and augment Klingons of canon, and so on. I just find it intellectually insulting to be told it’s canon, when it’s take flagrant liberties.”

Yes. This. Spot on. You hit the ball right on the screws.

Tiger, JJ said it was a reboot. Paramount said it was a reboot. It’s obvious it was a reboot.
Discovery is not a reboot. It is a new show. It is not rebooting a previous show. The producers and CBS have said they have visually rebooted the look. That much is obvious too.
Don’t exactly what you are looking for.

But the problem with the Kelvin movies they also said anything that was canon before Nero arrived was STILL canon. So yes it was technically a reboot, but not a hard reboot. That’s exactly why so many people were bothered with Khan, because according to their own rules, he should still look, sound and act like Ricardo Montalbon and not a pale white guy with a British accent. If that wasn’t the case, Khan could’ve been anything they wanted, including a woman.

I mean a HARD reboot. They simply start from scratch and build up like Nolan’s Batman movies. Star Trek has never done that before. THey skirted with it with the Kelvin films but just skirted.

I already said DIS wasn’t a reboot. That was the point I was making lol. And the problem.

So why would you be bothered that Discovery is not a reboot? I don’t understand. The producers clearly said that it was a definite visual reboot. That makes sense. Update it for 2018…which I am all for.
I also have no problem with saying that before the Kelvin incident was canon. We never saw that era so why not. It became a reboot after. Which is clear. Cumberbatch as Khan was just bad casting and a bad attempt at doing a Wrath of Khan type of movie. They should have just left him as John Harrison and that would have been fine. I had issues with listing line from line from TWOK. But I have no problem with they way it diverged from canon to reboot on the 08 movie.

Actually the visual reboot admission didn’t come until well after the series has started. It was sold as a proper prime timeline show, which it clearly wasn’t.

The problem was honesty. They kept banging on about canon and then presented something that visually was not remotely canonical, not even trying to be. They could have designed the show to look more TOS like without being slavish, just so it was convincing enough to feel like it fit in. But visually it ended up being an almost entirely top down visual redesign, and when you’ve been told for two years leading up to the show that it will fit in with canon, that feels like a slap in the face. I feels like you’ve not been given what you lead to believe you were paying for (and remember, we DO pay for this as a consumer product!).

It may not bother you, but I have been watching Trek for nearly forty years and I have seen every minute every produced. For me it is a fifty year saga that, for nearly 900 hours, fits together surprisingly well with only a few canon inconsistencies here and there. But then Discovery comes along and the changes are flagrant. It feels lazy and also disrespectful to the crews who worked on the movies and other spin offs to try and have in all be consistent.

No, it doesn’t bother me. I’m 51 and have been watching Trek for as long as I can remember. I started watching Discovery knowing very well that it was a visual reboot. It didn’t need to be said. I like how they are tying everything together. I don’t think I would have enjoyed a show that looked like it was produced visually in the 60s. I absolutely love the update. It doesn’t feel lazy at all… It looks updated. I love those fan films they made.. Phase II and Continues. They were kitschy and brought back memories of watching Trek as a kid. But it was also laughable how cheesy the sets and uniforms look. I don’t think I could take a weekly series like that in 2018 seriously.

Look I certainly agree, I didn’t want to see a low budget 60s looking show either, but what’s weird about this argument is they said that it will look closer to canon. Great, then why not JUST do that from the start? And it clearly doesn’t have to look like a 50 year old dated show, simply one with influenced designs from that period.

I think that’s all most would’ve wanted. So why not just do that from the start?

I’m perfectly fine with the way they did it. I have no issues with it.

Yes, but we’re talking about people who didn’t. Thats where the argument is. And why I don’t get they just didn’t do it from the beginning?

But they probably didn’t think the backlash would be as big as it was.

“But they probably didn’t think the backlash would be as big as it was.”

I’m thinking that too. I think they felt their product would be much better than it was because if it were a very good show, then the set changes would indeed be far less of an issue. Because the show itself (not the canon or visual aspects of it) was sub par (to put it mildly) suddenly those other things become a much bigger problem.

“I don’t think I would have enjoyed a show that looked like it was produced visually in the 60s.”

But see now you’re ignoring what I said above. Nobody is arguing for something that looks like it was made in the sixties. This straw man comment is trotted out every time I try and explain how they could’ve approached the visual changes.

Nobody is asking for something that looks exactly like TOS. We get that it isn’t realistic to have plywood sets and plastic buttons. The actual argument is for something that carries the general design lineage and is only updated where it is necessary for it to withstand modern film-making tech. For instance, the only element of the update of the Enterprise that was necessary was to re-do the surface detail. They didn’t need to do things like randomly change the nacelle pylons. With the Klingons they could have refined and updated the make up but still have it look reminiscent of the now definitive TOS movie/24th Century look. The uniforms could have been updated but still kept the general look of something TOS like. And so on. These aren’t stretches. A creative production design team could easily have updated things but still retained the general look of the time period. That’s what they do in things like the MArvel superhero movies. They take the basic look of the comics and just refine it to make it withstand a screen depiction in the modern era. But what Discovery has done is a flat out change things to the extent of being almost unrecognisable from TOS and so it doesn’t remotely evoke the time period in which it is set, and that’s the point.

Do you understand the difference?

” I don’t think I would have enjoyed a show that looked like it was produced visually in the 60s.”

This line right here is the problem with people who defend the visual overhaul of STD. They are thinking in absolutes. It IS possible to update the look and feel of the 1960’s show that STILL makes it feel like it belongs in that TOS era we all know but has a more modern look that works for today’s TV viewers. THAT is where the laziness comes in. It requites a little work and effort to accomplish it. And guess what? From the looks of the bits we’ve seen from season 2 it seems they may have succeeded with the look of the Enterprise. Why couldn’t they do something like that with Discovery? Because they didn’t want to is the only reason I can come up with.

Not to mention, ElChup, that they also promised certain aspects of character journeys and certain ongoing story arcs that never ever materialized.

I’m saying all the issues people have with Discovery would be less of one if they saw it as a reboot. The problem is the ‘visual canon’ argument just doesn’t work with people for a reason because it just feels TOO different from the source material. If you say its a reboot, then basically it just means its in another universe. I think it would’ve worked better. And the writers wouldn’t have to appease fans by saying its going to look closer to canon. Now we’re being told they are changing the looks of the Klingons next season too. The only reason why they are doing any of this now is because of the complaints or why not just do it from the first episode? A lot of that could’ve been avoided.

As far as the Kelvin, outside of Khan I don’t have any real issues with the changes but clearly a lot of people did. There are literally people on this board who wants to ‘fix’ the timeline which proves they don’t really accept it AS a reboot. It can’t just be its own thing to people for some reason.

But yes at least they gave a REASON for the changes so I’m personally fine with it and I don’t love the movies, but canon wise they are fine. It doesn’t need to be ‘fix’ this is the timeline.

But it’s not a reboot and can never be a reboot until the remake it in 20 years. It’s a new show.
Why not call TMP a reboot? Or TWOK a reboot? They were vastly different than TOS.

I don’t understand your point? You can just reboot any show or film. I’m talking in terms of a franchise. I consider DIS a reboot basically, just not in name. But I also acknowledge it takes place in the prime universe. I never questioned it.

They look different but still retain the Star Trek look and feel.

“The producers clearly said that it was a definite visual reboot. ”

But the thing is, unless you movie it out of the era it is in, a “visual reboot” is just dumb and makes no sense. You move Sherlock Holmes out of Victorian London to modern day New York or London. THAT is a visual reboot. Same character. Different visuals. But if you have modern kitchens appear in 221B… That is a visual reboot too. And it is TOTALLY out of place with the era. Therefore, a visual reboot is a complete reboot in my book.

PS… I’m not talking about a general update to make the show LOOK right for modern audiences. That is reasonable and most expect it. I mean a complete and utter overhaul of EVERYTHING. Like STD did.

I don’t disagree. They easily could have just said, this is a reboot. End of story. And no one (well, a few stragglers maybe) would have moaned or complained. The alternate time line thing still works and was a way to get Nimoy involved. I think they felt they needed some wort of acknowledgement from the original side to make themselves feel a bit “legitimate” and to cater to some fans who might think their take is taking over their precious Trek history.

Well, reusing an existing character I wouldn’t consider going “forward” but it is in the sense that it looks to be set AFTER the events of Nemesis. So, sure.

Clearly they’ll set it between Insurrection and Nemesis just to be annoying.

(that was sarcasm)

I think people who hated Nemesis will hate just about anything that puts to bed the TNG stories.

I hated Nemesis. By far the worst Trek movie. I felt then deserved a better movie to end with. I would have preferred a proper send off for the TNG cast.

I realize you hated it. I think it was just as good as First Contact and seemed a very appropriate send off feature. It wasn’t as good as TUC, however. And I think that is what bugs TNG fans more than anything.

As good as First Contact? Nah, not even close. I do, however, think it is better than Insurrection, which was a TV episode rather than a movie and did not take advantage of the cinema format. However, Nemesis definitely suffers from Baird’s direction, namely his unfamiliarity with the characters. This is particularly obvious in the Data wine tribute scene. His direction and choice of take is poor. That said, overall it’s not nearly as bad as some claim.

Well, that is your take. I would take issue with it. I don’t think it suffered from Baird at all. The flaws are there but were not so glaring that they took away from the overall movie experience. I saw nothing that showed unfamiliarity with the characters. No character said or did anything that felt wrong. The themes were good. Mirror Picard and mirror Data and how they each handled it were handled just fine. The scene with Data interrogating B4 and ultimately shutting him down was surprisingly touching. And that 3rd act was tremendous. It was a satisfying and fitting send off for the 2nd tier show.

YAHOO!! Saw him announce it on FB before anywhere else. This is awesome.

Best news ever! Star Trek’s back!

TNG isn’t star trek. It’s a star trek.

Excellent news. He might not be the captain of the Enterprise any more but I’m sure we’ll see the rest of the crew to varying degrees in this new venture.

Yeah he may not be, but I’m fine with that. I’m fine with anything at this point lol.

Potentially a great time to be a Trek fan!

SO true! I can’t tell you how this feels right now. Actually I can because I think most of us are feeling it lol!

Haha yes, I am definitely feeling it!

Picard is basically my favorite character, and I’m excited about this. I hope he WON’T be captain of the Enterprise. He should be something like the Federation equivalent of Secretary of Defense or Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

If they follow the Countdown comic (I know NONCANON) Picard is the Vulcan Ambassador.

Yeah, I really get off watching old people try to relive their youth. I can’t wait.

@Corinthian7 — not being captain anymore is exactly the series I’d like to see with Stewart playing Picard again. Seeing the rest of the cast is likely inevitable, but frankly I can do without them in any substantial way. Data will have to be largely CGI at this point. Michael Dorn would be welcome, and I’d like to see Crusher again, maybe Geordie. But I really hope they keep Troi to a minimum, along with Riker.

Actually, to amend the above, if Picard is the equivalent of SECDEF, Riker could be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. That would be an interesting dynamic.

@Temarc — if it were anybody else but Frakes playing Riker, I might agree. I just really don’t want to see him taking up a lot of screen time, and playing his trombone. Riker really needs to be out having his own adventures, not paling around with Picard. An episode where he checks in with Picard to better understand a similar decision Picard made which sheds important light on the original, then maybe.

No, Picard is more an Ambassador type rather than a military type.

@Curious Cadet I think that you’re probably right and that most of the TNG cast will only get minor roles. The sentimentalist in me would like to see a show focusing on all the TNG crew but my pragmatic side thinks that the Picard show can bring through the next generation of characters that can lead the franchise into the future.

@Corinthian7 — Agreed. I’m not against sentimentality, even as I really don’t want to ever see some of that cast in Star Trek uniforms ever again! That said, CBS should do a couple of fan-service movies/mini-series that do get the band(s) back together. Something like SPACE COWBOYS or RED are the perfect models for these kinds of things. They won’t really do much to build the franchise IMO, but they will make money if done for the right budget. A couple of 6 episode mini-series will go along way toward keeping the hard-core, long-time fans happy, even as the other shows drive the franchise forward.

My guess as well is the majority of characters on the Picard show will indeed be new characters. Its not going to be a TNG redux because it would just be called TNG again. THey have made it very clear it’s a completely different show, which I’m totally fine with. I certainly expect to see a lot of TNG characters show up but I DO have a feeling it will be like how the old characters in the Star Wars sequel trilogy will be handled, they will be there but it mostly be about the future characters

While I love having Picard back, for me I’m just more interested in getting back to the 24th century and moving the franchise forward again. If they feel like they need Picard to do that with, fine, but I really believe Picard is just a stepping stone to get back to that era again and its a clever way of doing it.

Truly real damn

Like I said on Twitter,


And so forth.

I just hope they don’t go down the route of rewriting him like Netflix has done to STD to disastrous effect.

How has Netflix “rewritten” Discovery?

They rewrote Trek for discovery is what he obviously meant & you know it.


Netflix has no say in the production of DIS. They just show it in countries that aren’t the US or Canada.

I urge you to share with Mr. Pasacle your Netflix control theory. ;-)

nope, closed.

no more conspiracy nonsense guys

Please tell me they’ll be bringing Okuda’s back…

Hopefully they’ll be bringing Okuda’s front and sides too.

That, too!

God no.

On this point I agree, HN4. This particular product does, in fact, believably taste butter like.

That and Okuda was asked to work on Discovery, but he didn’t want to move to Canada.

Amazingly, it turns out that switching to Geico doesn’t always save you money. Perhaps something can ultimately be learned from the Misadventures of Milli Vanilli. Stay tuned for your local news up next.

So you ultimately gave him some Grey Poupon? How generous!

I been thinking of switching to Geico for awhile now. Those commercials are seriously winning me over!

It’s so easy a caveman could do it. Fresh goes better!

The Okuda’s had their day and achieved a lot in that era…time to move on now though.

What is The Okuda? And what is the Okuda’s that shouldn’t be ours to have?

Great news!

All the Kurtzman haters are right now having a secret online meeting to determine how to react to this without publicly losing face. ;-)

Kurtzman’s record is pretty appalling. But that aside, I think you’ll find most of us who criticise Discovery do not hate the man. We just doubt his talents. He’s done nothing yet to show he can produce good quality, thoughtful Trek.

Bringing back Picard is pointless unless the stories are good and service Sir Pat’s exceptional acting talents. If Kurtzman fails in that he’ll be criticised and rightly so.

Agreed El Chup!

Anyone who know me here knows I don’t really attack the people who write and make these stories that much. I believe all of them want to deliver a great experience. However it still doesn’t mean they are the right people for the job. Kurtzman is OK, but he doesn’t seem to think out of the box with anything. I mean I LOVE that Picard is back obviously but I would’ve just been happy with a post-Nemesis show and completely new characters. He doesn’t seem like he can just go there.

But even with DIS flaws I do see potential there and why I’m still rooting for it. And after the news today, my excitement in Trek has just hit 500% in excitement. I’ll continue to watch DIS but my focus will be on what comes next for Picard and the 24th century. I truly hope they can do something interesting with it.

Anyway, I think All Access is going to get a LOT of subs when this shows up lol.

And I still hope that Khan show never sees the light of day but I’m not going to dwell on the negative today lol.


Would you please now retract your statement that Stewart was likely to appear on The Orville, which you were quite insistent about, while also being very dismissive when I tried to explain to you that if Stewart was coming back, it would be to a real Trek role on CBS, not Macfarlane’s fake Trek… which obviously I am proven to be 100% right on here today.

How do you like your crow served.? (-:

Ridiculous comment. Stewart’s long association with MacFarlane, from Family Guy to American Dad and MacFarlane’s movies means that a cameo on Orville was not an unrealistic possibility and had this project not become a reality would still be a realistic idea, especially keeping in mind the other TNG cast and crew who have worked on it. And I say that as someone who doesn’t even watch it.

Thank you!

I would say it’s still a realistic possibility much like Jonathan Frakes is still involved in both productions.


You are right, Frakes will probably get to have it both ways.

However, I can “almost” guarantee you that any CBS contract Stewart signs for this new series will specifically preclude him from appearing on that competing show on Fox.

I will categorically predict here that Stewart will NEVER appear on The Orville. I said as much here before, and now I have more of a basis to suggest that I was right all along.

@El Chup

I specifically addressed this post with a specific person’s name (Tiger2) that referenced a past discussion we had.

So your comment here, while certainly allowed, is out of context regarding this past discussion. Pontificate all you want, but I personally reject your comment as you were not part of the original discussion that this comment follows from.

And it is STILL a possibility.

Exactly! He could still appear. I don’t think he would until later because I’m sure they wouldn’t want him to with the new show starting but it doesn’t mean he can never do it, assuming Orville isn’t cancelled after next season.

Yeah. It might be less likely once he starts work on his new Trek thing. But he could still shoot a cameo any time right now. That show is in production while his future Trek thing is merely in development.


I said he COULD appear on the show man, I didn’t say it was a fact he would lol. Why is logic so hard on the internet sometimes?

And I ALSO said maybe the reason he may not appear if he really was going to be on a new Trek show. If you go back to that thread, someone cited that very reason and who I agreed with! So please, spare me the “I was right” speech.

But there are some people certainly eating crow over this news lol! And they know EXACTLY who they are! And we know EXACTLY who they are! ;D

Sigh! Fake exasperation is all you could come up with? How about, “you know what, you we’re right on that point.”

I said like one week ago that Stewart would be gunning for a new Trek series on CBS and that there was no way he would be reducing this major Trek status by appearing on The Orville, and you kind of ridiculed that and going on and on about “they are all doing this” and “he’s Seth MacFarlane’s buddy”, etc. Am I wrong in characterizing our discussion that way?

OK, how about this then. Can you please provide me a Yes or No answer to this question I have for you:

“Given the news today, it appears that BorgKlingon’s previous position on the likelihooed of Stewart appearing The Orville is more credible than Tiger2’s previous position?” YES or NO — please pick the most reasonable of these two choices given the news today.

Just a YES or NO answer please instead of a treatise that spin-doctors this conveniently away. :-)

So playing a parody of himself and his connection to Trek on Family Guy was fine, but Orville would be “reducing his major Trek status”?

Curious logic.

“So playing a parody of himself and his connection to Trek on Family Guy was fine, but Orville would be “reducing his major Trek status”?”

EXACTLY! The Orville is a competing series that is a wholesale theft of Star Trek. Family Guy is a funny parody show. Big difference.

I don’t watch Orville, but it’s a parody in the vein of Galaxy Quest is it not?

Not anymore…they are essentially going for “full Star Trek” this year, albeit with a bit more humor.

Borg, none of what you said about the Orville is true.

Seriously? How about this, my statement still stands 100%! If you can’t take it, well, it’s not my problem. Take it easy.

Look, you said all that…it’s your own words on this site:

“I’m actually shocked Patrick Stewart hasn’t shown up on it yet…Patrick Stewart has appeared on both Family Guy and American Dad, was the narrator for Ted and starred in a show McFarlane executive produced, so no idea why he wouldn’t do this…He and McFarlane are good friends and done a lot of work together, so I don’t see why he wouldn’t want to do it if he likes the role…So the fact he HAS NOT done it yet is not the same as he won’t ever do it, jesus.”

Sorry, but no amount of spin-doctoring is going to make this come true now. You were heading the wrong direction on this, and you were pretty condescending to my view that you were incorrect…now with today’s news, it would be a real long-shot for what you said above to ever happen…any objective person would agree.

Case closed. I do not need to add anything further. It’s your problem if you have too much pride to admit when you were wrong here. This is my last post on this topic.

I also said this:

“LOL I hope you’re right of course! It may not be that but I hope it is. ;)”

That was in response to DiGINON who pointed out Stewart may not appear on the Orville because he could be negotiating for the new show. I was agreeing with him of that possibility. It’s literally under the first comment I made about it.

Logic, seriously. Its time to move on man.

Who’s to say he hasn’t, can’t or wont do an Orville Cameo?

I thought it was announced on Trekmovie last year that he was filming a cameo?


i bet here was o er 100 meetings about that until some exec said, why not just make a show around Picard? Ccasting “news” does NOT make for a good series premise. DON’T LITTER!


I can “almost” guarantee you that any CBS contract Stewart signs for this new series will specifically preclude him from appearing on that competing show on Fox.

And I wish you well in your “retirement” from here. :-)

Makes sense.

This. This right here.

I don’t hate the man himself, but his association with DIS and the JJverse wasn’t winning everyone over. This, if done right, will change things.

I don’t love Kurtzman either but I gave the man credit for who he brought in to make DIS like Fuller, Meyer, etc. Unfortunately it didn’t seem to work out for a lot of them and DIS seems to have had two seasons of chaos behind the scenes. But I ALWAYS say this, its still early! If you don’t like the show, I understand, but we all know what TNG went through and now its a great show.

I do feel sorry for some of these people who run these projects: Berman, Braga, Abrams, Orci, Kurtzman, etc all these people are hated by a vocal group in the franchise. None of them were perfect but they did try to deliver a good product and Berman is who truly created Trek most people who grew up in the 80s and 90s know. Others, like Abrams in particular was trying for an even younger generation, just tried to do something different, to make Trek more relevant for today’s audience. I have no issues with that even if I don’t agree with the execution.

Hopefully whoever runs this show understands Star Trek and understands it well, which I DON’T think the last show runners of DIS did. Again I gave them credit for trying to make DIS feel different from the others but if you have a Star Trek show and they visit one new planet all season, something is wrong there.

Maybe Kurtzman will do the same thing with this show and bring in a Trek vet people love and respected. He tried that with Fuller, so maybe he’ll do it again?

I think this is his chance to win them over. If he does something that feels properly post TNG then I think he’ll get a lot of fans onside. It needs to retain some of the design lineage. They need to keep the Klingons relatively Worf like. They need to make sure the writers are well versed on TNG’s history. They need to make sure the scripts are thoughtful, intelligent and befitting of the Picard character. They do that then I think they’ll be on to a winner because they’ll avoid much of the canon and gimmick controversy, like re-castings and unnecessary redesigns, and change for the sake of change issues with DSC.

but ultimately the scripts will be key. My other nitpicks aside, the weak scripts are my major issue with Discovery. They MUST improve them, and I don’t want Stewart wasted on a poor set of stories.

Agreed! I think they can certainly change as much as they want, just not to the point it looks totally alien which is what bothers a lot of fans about DIS. Again EVERYONE gets you have to update stuff, but its another thing when you completely ignore the look of the show which many felt DIS was doing with TOS.

But with TNG, they just have more freedom because its already in the future and as I said Enterprise E was a complete redesign and no one blinked for a reason.

“They need to make sure the writers are well versed on TNG’s history.”

And in Star Trek’s history too. But I would be OK if they got writers who are less familiar with Trek but have a great story idea. Then get others to look over it and say stuff like, “You can’t do that because of something that happened in 3 other episodes” and whatnot. Get them to find other ways to make their stories work if the original idea violates something that came before.

I wasn’t so much thinking about canon but rather intelligent storytelling and moral dilemmas. Picard was always wrestling with and opining on ethical dilemmas. I would like to see that continue.

The impression I got from Picard was that he RARELY wrestled with moral dilemmas. For him, the choice was extremely easy to make as he was such a perfect and flawless and unbelievable character, made watchable only by Patrick Stewart’s charisma and fine stage skill. Nearly anyone else playing the part and the show fails.

I don’t agree that was always the case though. I mean lets be honest ALL the Captains basically leaned to a certain side so you basically knew where they were going to fall on most issues. Some surprised me but majority of the time it was pretty clear. Kirk basically made up his mind after two minutes and that was that.

Picard definitely wrestled with some issues. The best example was I, Borg. That was one of the rare occasions where his experience with the Borg had him more biased and he originally planned to use Hugh to exterminate the Borg. But then he finally came around and agreed Hugh was an individual and it would be wrong to use him that way. This is why so many of us loved TNG because it really took the time to examine things like this that DIS simply is not in its wheelhouse to do.

And of course we know that decision would cost him later with Lore so it wasn’t as cut and dry in the long run.

Unless they re-negotiated the Bad Robot license this will be just Discovery Next Gen.

Blind hatred and blind devotion are both counterproductive. With leaders, one should acknowledge when they do well, and acknowledge when they don’t.

Amen, brother.

I very much agree with this and in life you should be able to question everything. Even in religion or family, I love my family, but I can also tell them when I don’t like something they do. Nothing in this world should be followed blindly.

I’m not a Kurtzman hater but also not a fan. The problem I have with all the guys who worked on the JJ movies is that they are all great at setting things up but rarely do their endings payoff. If this is a limited run show with all the scripts in advance, maybe it will be fine. If it’s more than one season, I’ll watch it but with the expectation that the ending might not work.

Regardless of your feelings about him, Kurtzman does deserve mountains of praise for getting PatStew back on board.

Best news I’ve heard in years! Let’s hope they get it right!

Really really excited to hear this!

Live action? Animated? Castmates? Budget? Is he flying the three-nacelled D?


My fear is that they’re going in an animation direction. That was cool when I was 10 and TAS came out. But I’m not going to watch a TNGAS.

I think they would’ve just said that and not get everyone’s hopes so high. This sounds like something WAY bigger. And if that was the case I imagined they would’ve got the entire cast back to do that and that way Data for example could be there.

I would be ‘right down’ for an Animated TNG series; but only in addition to the new live action Picard show.

All the actors are still alive, and very well it seems. They also still sound fairly similar to how they sounded back in their TNG days. In animation you would not have to worry about aging so it would be the only possible way to produce a show set during the timeline of the show. Just a short mini-series (event series) would be something I think the fans would absolutely love.

You never know, they could still do both and have a Picard live action show and a TNG cartoon. But for some reason I really have a feeling the cartoon will be TOS based. COULD be wrong but I almost feel like they want to do an updated TAS and where they can have adventures with Kirk and Spock and it won’t step on the Kelvin film toes since its animated.

PERSONALLY I would actually love it if they did something completely new with it and just give us another show with new characters and a ship but have fun with it. Put it in the 27th century or something. Just have it as one ‘big if’ and if the Federation was destroyed or they go to another galaxy for the first time. It’s animated so they can make the technology, aliens and designs as creative as they want. The ship itself could be A.I. and basically be its own entity. I KNOW they won’t do anything like that but I would love something that is not close to any of the former or current shows or canon and just set the franchise in a completely different direction.

And it doesn’t have to be canon but it would be so far ahead it wouldn’t matter anyway. But it probably will end up being TOS orientated in some way. Hope I’m wrong though.

I’m thinking if there is animation it would almost certainly be TNG based. No real evidence there. Just a gut feeling.

But do you think they would do two TNG based shows? Sure its possible but for some reason I feel most of the shows will stay in the 23rd century. But hopefully you’re right, I would definitely prefer a TNG show over another TOS.

They might. Considering their expanded universe plans.

Personally I have more interest in the TOS era (post TUC, that is) and would like to see shows set there, but not tied to TOS characters. Completely independent. That said, TNG and the other spinoffs kinda helped made that time frame a little bit harder to do. If they want to be totally free of the future they have no choice but to go post Nem. That said, I did like the idea of Enterprise. It was set sufficiently before TOS and did have a fresh time to explore. I was always curious about the birth of the UFP.

I would totally be open to an Enterprise animated show! Do what they did with TAS and give us the rest of the story we didn’t get before cancellation.

I would be as thrilled as the Picard fans are if CBS would announce an Enterprise mini-series, with everyone on board. Give them a chance to do the send off they did not get the chance to, thanks to the abysmal “These are the Voyages…”

3 nacelle D was a product of choices made in a future that never came to pass (partially because Picard and co. opted not to drift apart and because the D crashed on a backwater planet in Generations).

Says he is maybe not a Captain. Wouldn’t expect him to be. Also this follows Nemesis, so there is no “D”… and probably the “E” has been retired, so it would be “F” or “G” if we see an Enterprise. Wouldn’t be surprised that if we do see Frakes that he might be Captain Riker of the Enterprise.

Riker should be an admiral by now. I love TNG, and I love that these characters are coming back. But I don’t want it to be a remake/direct continuation of TNG. 20 years have passed. Let’s see how these characters have changed.

(That said, Geordi or Wesley as captain might work.)

I’d be surprised if Frakes isn’t a director or if a mini he could be lead director?

I’d imagine Riker would be an Admiral – so maybe he could at least cameo?

it it’s a mini-series*

@Temard — we saw Riker as Captain of the Enterprise in basically the same time frame from All Good Things. Unless Q manufactured all that, then this follows course for Riker, late to take command of his own ship, following in Kirk’s footsteps understanding that command of a starship is the best job he can have — he doesn’t want to sit behind a desk; Picard may have even told him that. Maybe a fleet captain.

Please do not bring Wesley anywhere near this project. I wouldn’t be saddened to learn Wesley hooked up with the traveler and disappeared from the Alpha quadrant for good. Geordi is not captain material in my book — as much as they tried to make him more authoritative, I never bought it. But I would like to see him return in some small way, as well as Data and Worf. Maybe Crusher, but that’s about it. I really hope they resist getting the band back together, but to the extent they do, I hope it’s a brief reunion.

I think it’s fairly clear that the “All Good Things” timeline doesn’t come to fruition. They actually *said* as much in the episode, when the characters mull over why Picard broke the temporal prime directive (then-unnamed) by telling them what he experienced, and Data speculating that Picard’s situation was unique, and Riker and Worf agreeing that some things from that timeline would never happen. If that wasn’t enough, the destruction of the Enterprise-D in GENERATIONS should seal the question.

It’s been almost 20 years. Riker should have had two successful cruises in command of Titan — but now, he should be an admiral. Riker, like Picard, has always had a big-picture, strategic mindset in a way that Kirk did not. You can easily see Picard as a senior flag officer (hell, again, we *did* see that in “Future Imperfect,” and it fit like a glove, convincing even Riker). And of course remember that Gene Roddenberry argued that Picard, Riker, and Wesley were almost the same officer at different points in their career; you can easily see Riker following in Picard’s footsteps to become a flag officer.

We don’t know what this series will be about. In case it’s not clear from the above, If I were King of the Universe, I’d probably run with the “Star Trek meets the West Wing” vibe of the DESTINY-era novels, with Picard as a senior administration official, if not the UFP president. Stewart is in his late seventies, and he’s not going to convincingly play an action hero; he wasn’t even that convincing as an action hero in the TNG movies.

I do expect we’ll see a return to Picard-as-master-diplomat, and while I expect he’ll be put through some emotional ringer — this is the era of “The Americans” and “Breaking Bad,” and it will be a show along those lines — I’d be skeptical (and hope) that they won’t start out with him as a broken, PTSD survivor. We would have seen that in the years following BOBW, but we didn’t; Picard retained his leadership skills. A West Wing-style vibe fits the bill.

@Termarc — all good points, but again, if All Good Things were merely one possible outcome based on current trends, then there would have to be a substantial deviation from that propensity. A parallel universe which departed so dramatically from ours that the fundamental actions of the characters changed entirely from the one possible future they showed us. Not saying it couldn’t happen, but it’s definitely not something I want to see. So I won’t really debate it.

I’d much rather see a MR. HOLMES than WEST WING with Picard. Sorry I don’t share your particular vision, or you mine.

They specifically made it clear the timeline in AGT was just a ‘what if’ scenario, another possible future, but no more than that. I don’t expect to see any of those events play out, especially since quite a bit of it already changed. Data being dead is one good example. ;)

Geordi was a Captain in that Voyager episode… (Timeless I think it was) It was also an episode Burton directed. So it was a nice fit.

Yes I was thinking of that too and why it would make sense he’s a Captain now. Of course Timeless they completely changed that timeline but it doesn’t mean he can’t still be a Captain.

“Of course Timeless they completely changed that timeline ”

Oh yeah! I forgot about that. My knowledge of TOS is far better than it is for the spinoff shows. The only reason I knew about Timeless was because I’ve been slowing catching Voyager for the 2nd time lately.

LOL a lot of people are rewatcing Voyager for some reason. A few on the Kate Mulgrew board said they are rewatching it too. I been thinking of doing a TNG rewatch in honor of the big news but maybe I will do a Voyager one as well.

A number of years ago I did my first DS9 rewatch. It cemented with me how good the show was. Rewatching Voyager makes me realize the show is actually better than I remembered. There are some dog episodes but that’s going to happen. Now I’m considering my first TNG rewatch. It’s just that I recall that show had a lot more dog episodes than the other spinoff shows had.

BTW… The one thing I always felt was off was why did Voyager not have a REAL Captain’s chair? There were TWO center seats on that bridge. Side by side. It was the only Starship we saw that did that. That never felt right to me.

I got excited about Discovery being prime universe and got let down so I am treating this with caution, but in principle this is the best Trek news for me in years.

It’ll be prime, but they’re really going to have to make it feel like it could follow on from Berman Trek. So no weird Klingons or any of that stuff please. Oh, and tell proper Trek stories. Kurtzman could do a lot worse than going back and watching TNG’s best episodes.

I think they need to obviously make the show look modern and sleek, up-to-date. The fact the show is set 20 years after the “Berman Trek” era does at least put enough space between that and this new era to justify a sense of advancement and differentiation. I mean its like going from 1999 to 2019; the world is a lot different between then and now isn’t it? At least in a technological sense!

But that’s not hard to do! I mean look at Enterprise D and Enterprise E. They were two completely looking ships because that’s why going forward is easier. People can buy stuff just gets updated and changed. And its been nearly 20 years so they can do basically what they want. If people here can somehow tell themselves DIS out of all things fits in with TOS, then this show will have ZERO issues lol.

This not not mean to be a negative, but just an observation about how some of us think differently on this topic. I never get why it is so hard for some fans like you to just chalk up the differences as due to a 1960’s show versus a show today. It’s a fictional show, so things will look and be a bit different in the made up fictional history, while they still do a decent job to stay consistent with story-canon.

My brain computes this, and I don’t need the crutch of “it has to be post-Nemesis or I will be disoriented in my view of Trek’s fictional history” for me to accept it.

I mean, you are going to be shocked when I say this — but do you realized that the Eugenics Wars never happened in the 1990’s. Yep, NEVER HAPPENED. And I sleep well at night even though this is a huge canon problem for my favorite franchise.

This continues to be a massive straw man. Most of us who are critics of Discovery accept that you need to update things. It can’t be just like TOS. But it can taken inspiration from the design of TOS and the other shows. Discovery just makes flagrant changes as and when it likes. That’s not about needing change. It’s change for the sake of it. For instance, you can update the Klingon make up without making them unrecognisable. You can update the surface detail on the Enterprise but you don’t need to do things like change elements that don’t need changing, like the shape of the nacelle pylons for instance. You can update the uniforms will maintaining a little bit of the Cage/TOS era look. In other words, I accept that some changes need to me made to visually make it work. But it needed to retain at least some of the aesthetic to make you believe it is part of the same 50 year story. When you get to the stage of change not for necessity but because it’s change for change’s sake, and then you’re told it’s meant to be part of that fifty year story it strains credibility. At least with post Nemesis stuff you have greater freedom to change things and explain them away.

Oh, and yes the Eugenics Wars did happen – in the Trek timeline.

Exactly! It’s like we’re twins El Chup lol. I’m agreeing a lot with you today! But that’s exactly the point. EVERYONE expects it to be updated, but not to the point that it ignores everything about the show it’s based on. You’re going to just lose people doing that, especially a lot of Trek fans.

That said, I think most have accepted it now, even if they still don’t love it.

Agreed, it’s like every time I comment on one of your posts today, El Chup is there for reinforcement for you. Nothing wrong with that — just an observation.

I started posting on the article before Tiger showed up.

And no I am not here to reinforce him. That’s your paranoia at play. I simply have similar views to him on things, especially Discovery. But there are ways we differ. For instance he is okay with them recasting Spock Prime whereas I am against it and against the character even showing up. We aren’t in league if that’s what you think.

LOL yeah, two people on the internet happen to agree on some things. Shocking. It’s not a conspiracy, especially since we have disagreed on things as well, some very recently as pointed out.

But for the record, we ARE in agreement with Spock showing up on DIS. I just accepted it would eventually happen, that’s all. But I wish he wouldn’t show up either.

@ El Chip

Relax, it was just an observation, and it was in response to Tiger2’s post who commented himself how you kept posting agreement posts. I am not drawing any conclusions from this.

“For instance, you can update the Klingon make up without making them unrecognizable. ”

Talking about strawmans — what would you call Roddenberry and Westmore then completely redesigning the Klingon for TMP, and having them look “unrecognizable” from TOS.

Sorry, but the Great Bird himself established a precedent in Trek that production teams could change the Klingons significantly. We may not like it, and it is what it is, unless you are going to bring up that laughable, fan-pandering Enterprise ep that tried to put a band-aid on the whole thing.

“you don’t need to do things like change elements that don’t need changing, like the shape of the nacelle pylons for instance”

Sigh! Again, Roddenberry and Probert in TMP changed the nacelles to rectangular. Another precedent from the Star Trek creator himself.

Maybe read up a bit more on all of the changes Roddenberry made in TMP versus TOS…sounds perhaps like you are not all that familiar with early Trek history before the Berman era?

PS: And Star Trek is about hope for a real possible future, so no, the Eugenics Wars never happened now. We need to just use our brains, note the error and dismiss it like it do with other stuff that does not compute — like the Enterprise going Warp 15.2 in That Which Survives, or seeing some plywood on badly finished sets in some Season 3 eps. It’s OK, we can accept these and still sleep OK at night, my friend…it does not all have to be explained in silly ways to give use some “artificial mental crutch” that everything is a consistent universe.

Sorry, but the TMP redesign argument is and always has been utter nonsense. When they redesigned the Klingons then they werten’t really much of a thing. They had been in a small handful of episodes. They had not really been developed. Nonethless the TMP Klingons retained much of teh design lineage. Their ships were the same but with more detail. They still have darkened skin and busy beards and eyebrows. Their armour took hints from their original costumes – and this was all despite them only showing up five or six times in TOS.

Just forward to 2017 and Klingons as a race are very different. Klingons have been main cast members in all three 24th Century shows. The ridged looked stayed through ten movies and 25 full seasons of Star Trek. So when you’re using the TMP argument you’re literally comparing five or six appearances to hundreds of hours of appearances. Between 1979 and 2017 the Klingon race was developed. They were given a complex culture and back story. The ridged look become their definitive look, due in no small measure to Worf.

So I really am tired of listening to the TMP argument. Trek, and the Klingons, were tiny in scope ion 1979 compared to what the franchise had become by 2017.

“the TMP redesign argument is and always has been utter nonsense.”

LOL. That’s your response? To just dismiss TMP as nonsense? REALLY??? :-))

Nope, not only is it not nonsense, but in TMP, Roddenberry, Westmore, Probert and others took the time needed to really take as more scientific view of the Klingons as aliens, to apply more rigor to the Enterprise design in the update, and to establish a new standard for the movie series that then extended into what Roddenberry and his team created for TNG.

Sorry if TMP is inconvenient to your argument here, but no, you do not get to ignore it and dismiss it away because it invalidates your positions on Star Trek.

And I was attending conventions in the mid-to-late 70’s, and at every convention there were tons of fans dressed like Klingons, and all kinds of Klingon merchandise available in the dealers room, plus lots of general fan excitement on Klingons. Your attempted re-write of Star Trek fan history in the 70’s is simply DOA.

You’ve ignored everything I explained and somehow think because you are an old man who used to go to conventions in the mid seventies that somehow defeats my case.


Now you are trying an “ageism sligtd of hand” badly attempted insult to distract away from your rapidly dissolving point. That is just so lame.

Instead of honestly responding to my posts, you simply claim we should all dismiss TMP’s changes as like a “get out of jail free” card to magically support your position here.

Epic Fail, dude…and you know it!

Get back to me when you want to honestly discuss Star Trek history, in which TMP, like it or not, was a watershed event in updating Trek, and overseen by GR himself for Christ’s sake.

“Ageism insult”? ROFL. Have a word with yourself mate. I’m not exactly a spring chicken myself if I’ve been watching for forty odd years am I? Laughable faux outrage.

I never dismissed TMP at all. I explained why it is different from today. You completely ignored that argument in favour of some complete rubbish about having gone to conventions 45 years ago, which makes no logical sense.

Oh, and your “honestly discussing Star Trek History” is little more than “I am right and anything you say that I can’t answer I shall ignore and deem irrelevant”, so spare me the pious superiority act that is designed to imply I’m some sort of troll and you’re a step above just because you don’t like comments that don’t agree with your opinions.

“I never dismissed TMP at all.”

Yep, you said EXACTLY this:

“the TMP redesign argument is and always has been utter nonsense…I really am tired of listening to the TMP argument.”

That is absolutely a dismissal, and you essentially admit yourself that you are being lazy and don’t want to have to address it (because it INCONVENIENTLY disproves your previous point on this topic)

This is my last post to you on this thread. I don’t have the time for someone who will resort to dismissing major elements of Star Trek simply because is it so, so important for them to “check the win column” in an discussion here.

Bye bye!

So just more bluster an not actual attempt to address what I said.

Got it.

““the TMP redesign argument is and always has been utter nonsense.”

LOL. That’s your response? ”

No, that was the first sentence in his response. He went on to articulate exactly WHY he felt it was indeed “nonsense”. Yet your response ignored ALL of that.

Thank you.

You are certainly not alone in this. I think most see it for what it is.

ML31, you were warned by Mr. Pascale multiple times here to stop starting your “bickering” fights with me.


There is nothing wrong to think differently about it. It’s all subjective, I get that. But have you met a Star Trek fan? Do people get how important canon is for a lot of them?

Look EVERYTHING that people have moaned about DIS many like me predicted once we were told the show was set 10 years before TOS, but ‘reimagined’. This was clearly going to be an issue and they were only asking for trouble. It’s like no one remembered how much people hated the Kelvin films for a lot of thes same reasons. People hated Enterprise because the ship’s nacelles looked too advance for the period. Seriously.

But if you and others see it differently, that’s fine. I’m sure the makers of DIS made the shows with fans like you mind. Unfortunately that’s not all the fans.

And most just wanted SOME connections to TOS. Have you heard me personally complain about the new Enterprise? Or the uniforms? No right? Because I think that was the way they should’ve gone day one. That stuff looks reminiscent from the show but feels updated with its own style WHILE acknowledging the designs from the original show. I think if they did more of that from the beginning, there would be less complaints about it. Certainly from me!

Got no problem with that. I’m just saying it should look lie a progression, not totally different. I mean, if Worf shows up for an episode for instance I’d rather he not look like something out of Planet of the Apes. He should look like Worf.

Worf is going to look like a real Discovery Klingon. None of that crappy 90’s makeup.

Can you do me a favour and not respond to my comments? I am really getting tired of the “all Trek is terrible aside from Discovery” trolling that you are constantly ramming down our throats for a reaction. It’s boring.


What was wrong with his comment? You all need to stop picking on this person.

I would not have said what he said so provocatively, but he has a point — they can’t just have Worf look exactly the same now given DSC’s Klingons. I suspect they will find a way.

He responded with a snotty comment and it go deleted so my response is orphaned below. All he does here is ridicule and insult older fans and the Trek they like and/or grew up with on a near daily basis (pretty much everything pre-Abrams), over and over every day while offering no substantive opinions of his own. It’s clear he’s mainly pushing for a reaction. Just because he likes Discovery like you doesn’t mean you have to defend what is quite obviously a pattern of behaviour designed to cause trouble. It’s trolling and thankfully he has had a warning about it. Hopefully he either goes away or listens to the warning and changes his approach.

Yeah, and the moderators unfortunately don’t seem to be doing anything against his incessant trolling.

They have. He’s been given a warning.

Well it looked like you were complaining about his Worf remark, which didn’t seem like a big deal. I can’t comment on comments of his that I can’t see here — if what you were actually referring to was another comment that was deleted?

No, I used the Worf remark simply as way of talking to him about his multiple troll posts. He responded with a smarmy remark, which got deleted.

@BorgKlingon Obviously the new look was designed to disguise Shazad Latif but I’ve speculated before that in universe DSC Klingons are a means of addressing the fact that certain episodes of Trek like Trials and Tribblations that have established that Klingon’s did actually look different during the TOS period. If this is indeed what they’re doing then it’s possible that TNG Klingons will still be based on the DSC look but with hair. In the case of Worf the design will likely be more understated to make him more recognisable to long term fans. We know that at least some of season two will follow Ash Tyler on Qo’noS so they could potentially foreshadow the TNG look by showing some Klingons sporting hair.

Honestly, if they just gave these Klingons freaking hair I think that would go a loooooong way lol.

If we do see Klingons on the Picard show (and we will) I have a feeling they will look like DIS Klingons as well, but hopefully with just some hair.I think if Worf shows up he could look like the DIS Klingons.

People forget that when TOS Klingons showed up on DS9, they didn’t look like the ones from TOS, but the newer look obviously. Maybe in Worf’s case though he is so iconic it will upset people if he practically looks like someone else so maybe they will figure out a way for him to look similar if everyone else doesn’t.

@COrinthian7 — I don’t think that’s obvious at all — redesign the entire look for a poorly managed plot twist that felt like an afterthought? I give them a little more credit than that. I don’t mind your theory that this is a way of addressing the canon issue setup in DS9 T&T. That’s actually a good use of canon. I usually ignore it, but it’s there. I’ve been meaning to look into whether the Augment canon actually has to result in the those Klingons being the progenitors of the TOS Klingons, or if they can just be something else entirely. Then there’s reconciling all the TNG era Klingons who originally appeared in TOS — do they actually look different, or is it just different makeup? At some point the same question has to be considered of Worf as he relates to the DISC Klingon appearance.

@Curious Cadet As I recall the Augments in Enterprise were meant to explain the Klingon look in TOS but it’s clear that the Discovery producers didn’t want to go that route. Which to be fair is kind of understandable as to the casual viewer Augments look nothing like Klingons. Interestingly enough I see that Mary Chieffo has stated today that there will be a different Klingon aesthetic for season 2 now that they are not at war and that she herself will look more feminine. Given that there seems to be some evidence that they are retconning certain elements (like classic uniforms) it’s not inconceivable that we might see some Klingons with hair. They could possibly approach this in a similar way to how Enterprise dealt with mind melds in that they were associated with a cult who were shunned by the majority of Vulcan society. Perhaps the Klingons that sport hair are associated with a fringe group that follow a particular interpretation of Kahless’ writings that’s not so popular in the TOS time period but becomes the prominent doctrine. If they did go this route then we could go back to assuming that the lack of ridges in TOS were just due to budgetary and make up restrictions in the sixties and the canonical reference to different looking Klingons could just be considered a lack of hair. Therefore we could assume that Kor, Kang and Koloth always had ridges and as for Worf, well so long as he had his trademark beard and hair then I still think it would work if they just softened the DSC look a little so that he would still be recognisable.

I would actually buy the Klingon look in STD as it is possible there are different KINDS of Klingons now. But they only way that can be bought is if we saw different kinds of Klingons when all the representatives from the different houses were seen in the first episode. Some houses could have been ridged, some with the TOS look. Some with the STD Crystal Skull look. Only then could I buy it.

I also think a very large reason for the new look was to hide the actor for the lame Ash reveal, too. I cannot give them more credit because they did not earn it. Certainly not with their dumb Lorca thing.

All it would take is to show so of the older “species” of Show other Klingons on the show, such as the regular ridged version, and people would then just accept the blue lizards as being just a branch of the Empire. I really think that’s all it would take.

As for the Kelvin Klingons, they weren’t really that different from TNG Klingons. Aside from the captain, all the guys in the background had hair and beards under their helmets (and there’s a behind the scenes photo somewhere with one of them with the helmet off showing his big bushy goatee). The only real difference is a little bit more detail on the ridges and the jewellery, with the latter obviously being cosmetic from an in-universe point of view. They’re a lot easier to take as being Klingon than the blue lizards, and I say that as someone who despises Into Darkness and I would have preferred Discovery to have the Into Darkness styling than completely mess the look up as they have.

Its funny because the news came today they do plan to make the Klingons look different from season one and sort of suggested we WILL see different Klingons from other houses after all now. My guess is they want to appease the fans obviously but it will be easier to include the old Klingon look in the TNG show so Worf might end up looking like Worf if we see him. :)

I think if Word does show up in the new Picard show (the only character I am actually hoping does) it would be completely appropriate for him to look like he did on TNG. Changing his skull would just be idiotic.


That is interesting, and I’ve been wondering that myself, given how they keep insisting to trust them that there are more canon tie-ins coming up in the series future.

A lot of posters seem to wish HN4 would cease responding to them. I think I have largely succeeded in that by completely ignoring his posts. It would be easier if there were an “ignore” function here. But I’m still doing it.

Probably the most important (visual) continuities in Berman era Trek were uniforms and LCARS screens (and re-using the same ship classes). If they base their new styles on those old designs, that would go a long way towards a plausible progression.

To be honest I am not too bothered about LCARS and uniforms. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I would like for them to look like a progression of the Berman ones and I would like to see them again, but I’m not keeping my hopes up I can live without them being too slavish. I am thinking more generally the shape and look of ships and the Klingons, etc. I also want scripts worthy of TNG.

Oh, and I’m calling it now. This will feature the return of the Borg, with updated designs. What’s the biggest and most traumatic thing in Picard’s life? His Borg abduction. I am willing to put money on this being a mini-series that somehow connects to that since it’s Picard and not the TNG crew as a whole. Just the other month the make up team were saying how they’d love to do the Borg, and Kurtzman seems to want to mine the easier and most popular stuff from the past.

It’s 20 years after the last movie. Why would it look the same. I can’t wait to hear how much you guys hate the new show.

“It’s 20 years after the last movie. Why would it look the same. I can’t wait to hear how much you guys hate the new show.”

It is going to be hilarious when this happens — you are spot on with this comment!

I’m going to love when they put in a Discovery reference. Maybe have Picard reading a book about the great Captain Burnham.

They’re absolutely going to do something to reference Discovery, much as we saw a “USS Archer” in NEM. Bank on that.

I HOPE they do acknowledge DIS. To me it only makes sense. I am giddy as a school boy when they do stuff like that lol. I was freaking out when I saw the USS Archer in NEM and at the time I hated that show lol.

But it makes the franchise feel whole like when Beyond used the Xindi war as part of Krall’s background and why he was so angry. I say this all the time, its ALL canon, regardless if you like a show or film. You don’t have to like it just to acknowledge its existence in the universe. DIS is now part of that universe, for better or for worse.

“I can’t wait to hear how much you guys hate the new show.” Why is this hilarious? The poster hates TNG, trolls Trek fans relentlessly on the subject, and when he finally gets a response to his trolling, now claims he looks forward to criticizing people who don’t like that which he doesn’t either.

I can’t wait for someone who has hated TNG so passionately for so long to now rationalize how it’s different.

If people don’t like TNG, that’s completely fine. But they still have DIS, so what’s the problem??

Yes these people don’t have to watch. Hell some of them been saying they wouldn’t watch if they ever did a remake it. Now guess how many will be watching? All of them lol.

I can see the LCARS screens continuing, just updated of course. But yeah its all just touch screen stuff with a very specific design lay out. It will fit right in with DIS lol.

As far as uniforms, look at the uniforms between TOS and TWOK. They looked NOTHING alike. I can imagine Starfleet would have changed dramatically in that arena too. But they may have some familiar designs. The First Contact uniforms are still my favorite out of all of them. I loved it when DS9 got them too.

It makes no sense to have two ST shows that look different. Both shows will have the same visual look. So we won’t have those lame kiss army Klingons.

Unless they start introducing some of those lame kiss army Klingons in DSC first…

Well today is my bday, and this has to be one of the best birthday presents ever! 😁

Well, Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday !!!!!

Amazing news! Can’t wait!
Hopefully the series would be broadcasted between Discovery’s season 2 and 3..

Now get Janeway in there too… the chemistry between them would be great!

Given that Kirsten Beyer is involved in the show this isn’t entirely out of the question.

Good call!




OMG, everyone is going crazy on Reddit lol!!!

This is something so many of us dreamed for soooo long! A post Nemesis show! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Star Trek is going forward again, FINALLY!

It might not be a 24th century show. If they keep the real-world timeline tied to the fictional one, a show airing in 2019 would be set in 2396 — but there’s no reason they’d have to do that. If they wanted to, the show could be set in the early 25th century, to get more narrative separation from the Berman-era shows.

Well I meant just going forward lol. They already made it clear it’s not going to be some prequel of Picard’s time on the Stargazer or anything (although I would’ve been OK with that but far from my first choice).

Stewart made it clear this will be after Nemesis as he said we will see Picard 20 years later. Again, which is what SO many of us has always been saying, a post Nemesis show didn’t mean it had to be 100 years after that movie, simply take place 15-20 years later like in real time. This is perfect. This is what so many of us wanted. And its far enough where they don’t have to just pick right off from the stories of the old shows that happened but close enough where the can reference anything from DS9, TNG or VOY if they choose like how DIS is referencing stuff from Enterprise and TOS era with Pike on that show while it (kind of) do its own thing.

Btw, I know his last appearance as Prof X purposely made him look old and tired, but Stewart looks really good!! Today’s photos at STLV make him look vital and ready to go on a new series.

Its funny how people acted like his appearance in Logan was how Stewart was like in real life lol. And yet completely forgot Days of Future Past where Prof. X acted and sounded like the same guy we always knew from before.

Picard is obviously going to be older but I have no doubt will still be as viral as he’s ever been!

Frankly, it looks like he has Dick Clark’s barely-ages syndrome!

Good god I hope the production design of this at least has some sort of link in tone and feel.

My hope as well.

No it won’t.

That is an elegant rebuttal. I particularly enjoyed your allegory of the Old Man and the Fish. A very solid argument for tort reform.


Indeed, the time is quite lacking. However, honestly, I do not think that 3 minutes is too long of a time to wait for microwave popcorn. I think many would agree with me that, with regards to the value of Bitcoin, you are indeed quite mistaken.

I was going to say don’t encourage him by responding but, hey, well played, Will.


Me too! I don’t think they going to completely erase it the same way DIS did with TOS because the last TNG movie was just 15 years ago and it already looked a bit different from the show but just updated. THAT’S how you do it! ;)

The look will evolve but I suspect we’ll be seeing much that will appear very familiar.

Oh, and hire Frakes to direct. It must be done.

Hire Frakes to direct AND act lol!

Even better!

Seconded @Tiger2


I second that.

The best thing about getting an actor of Stewart’s status and discernment is he’ll have creative input and veto power over stupid scripts, thus avoiding the depths of, say, Disco season one’s last five episodes. (I can’t see Stewart, at this stage of his career, participating in something that schlocky.) Hollywood Reporter cites Akiva Golsdman as part of the “team” – I wonder if that reportage is up-to-date…

Haha let it go man!! Thanks to the success of Disco, now we’ve also got Short Treks and a new series with Jean-Luc Picard and I am sure there is more to come. LLAP.

I agree but my feeling is they were always going to put more Star Trek on AA regardless what happened with DIS. Kurtzman said BEFORE Discovery even came on they were already thinking about other shows. People have to get this in their heads, ONE hit show or movie isn’t going to dictate if Star Trek continues just like ONE bad show or movie isn’t going to dictate if Star Trek is going to continue.

Star Trek is always going to go on regardless of what happened with the last movie or TV show, the question is only when and in what form. This is what gets missed! People keep saying Enterprise ‘killed’ Star Trek. It didn’t, you know how I know, because they announced the first Kelvin movie a year later and gave it a $150 million budget. A franchise isn’t ‘dead’ if you decide to keep making it a year later lol. Yes bad movies and shows can slow things down, no doubt. Look at what is happening on the movie end after Beyond bombed. But no one doubts another film won’t happen and surprisingly they are sticking with the Kelvin cast! It proves Trek is just too valuable, it will always go on!

Discovery did what it needed to do but I suspect that a post TNG series with Patrick Stewart will drive far more subs to AA than Discovery has. This may been a better jumping off point than Discovery.

Oh definitely! This show is going to easily get far more subs than DIS and why it was smart for CBS to go this direction.

Well, reportedly, Stewart had a lot of creative input into Star Trek Insurrection. And last I checked, that movie isn’t far up most people’s top 10 lists.

Absolutely, there are no guarantees. Even the participation of my man Michael Chabon doesn’t necessarily ensure a great show. It’ll take a million different things coming together, and a fair amount of luck besides, for Trek to catch the TOS-TNG lightning in a bottle yet again.

The reverse is also true. When I saw Prometheus, I left the theater angry. Last year, I fell in love with The Leftovers.

Both of them penned by Damon Lindelof.

It was Nemesis. Stewart and Spiner had a great deal of input on it.

Just looked it up, he was associate producer on Insurrection as well.

I think you are right. And since he drove a lot of the creative on Nemesis, is that a good thing or bad?

Being a somewhat Producer of a Film doesnt mean you have much creative input.

This is terrifically exciting news.

There is still so much we don’t know. In fact we don’t really know anythings apart from that this new series will be set 20 years after Nemesis, putting the canonical timeline in 2399/2400.

But what will the series actually be about? Who else will be cast in the show? Will we be seeing the other TNG characters? If Brent Spiner is coming back, would they have to CGI his face (lol)?

Still, today is an exciting day to be a trekkie!

Spiner said that he had ‘aged out of the role’ a few years after Nemesis wrapped. Even with CGI, I don’t see him coming back.

I think bringing Data back as full CGI would be best — or heavily de-aged by computer, so he looks more synthetic. One thing that hasn’t aged well is Data as we have very large TVs with perfect pictures and HD. He just looks like a painted person, and not an android in any way.

I do have a feeling we definitely see other TNG characters. I mean how can we not lol. Maybe not all in permanent roles but I can certainly see Riker back for sure. And if he’s back Deanna is back! Others like Geordi and Worf may not have full time roles but certainly appearances. I think the entire project hindered on if they could get Stewart back or not. Now that he’s on board we will probably hear news of the others talking to the studio.

It’s kind of like what happened with The Force Awakens. They really wanted Ford back first and foremost and once he was on board then the others all fell in.

This should not be Next Gen the new adventures though. They’re older now that the TOS cast was in Undiscovered Country. Wheel in the rest of the cast for guest shots, but I think we need something new.


No I don’t think it will be. We don’t even know if Picard will be back on the Enterprise. I don’t think its going to be like the TOS movies where they are all on the same ship and three of them are technically Captains lol. Notice they haven’t even told us the name of the show yet. If it was just a TNG redux, then it would probably just been named TNG again.

No I have a feeling it WILL be a different show, just with TNG canon in place. I would love to see Riker aboard the Titan for example and he would’ve been a Captain for 15 years now!

Its going to be VERY interesting what they do with the Klingon make up lol.

As much as I have always wanted to see Riker on the Titan that ship may have already sailed. With Picard presumably no longer a captain his old number one might have jumped at the chance of getting the keys to the Enterprise.

Oh I would be SO into that too lol. In fact, it would be a nice character connection since we know Riker always wanted to Captain the Enterprise and finally got his wish once Picard stepped down. I could easily see them go this direction as well.

I am VERY curious if we will see the Enterprise though and in what form. Even if its the E I doubt it will look like much from the movies. It would probably be updated if they haven’t just gone with the F.

If we see the F I hope it is nicer than that one they did for STO.

Considering Levar Burton and Jonathan Frakes were standing just backstage when Stewart announced he’s back as Picard, I would get on Geordi and Riker being back with him.

Well they were all there for the convention, so I wouldn’t place too much into that. But sure I can imagine all of these guys are at least being talked to and considered. It would be weird Riker wouldn’t be on this show at least. And Frakes knows everyone who works on DIS since he’s directed several episodes so I can imagine they are all discussing it.

My feeling is (and that may be wrong) that they don’t have much more than “the return of Jean-Luc Picard” at this moment. They don’t have a story, yet. If they want to show Picard as a different person they could do that by separating him from all his former friends. On the other hand, having Picard also opens the door to potentially having a lot of 24th century characters returning at least for guest spots. Most of the TNG actors would probably jump at the chance to reprise their characters (unless CBS tries to shortchange them).

@DataMat — it’s inevitable that some of the old cast will come back in gust roles. I personally hope they keep Troi and Riker’s roles to a minimum. Worf could be problematic if Kurtzman hopes to update his look to match the Klingons in the rest of this new visual continuity, but I’d love to see Dorn back in character.

I think Data will be back for at least one small appearance in CGI. I can’t imagine anyone involved would be able to resist it, including Spiner, regardless of what he’s said in the past.

One things for sure, this is really gonna get under Shatner’s skin …

“One things for sure, this is really gonna get under Shatner’s skin”

I don’t think so. Shatner actually gets on Patrick Stewart and I don’t think they sod hold any grudges as such. Shatner I think has been perfectly content with his Trek experience. His character had a great finale in TUC. Generations was a soured experience to some degree for many fans; me personally, I don’t have major problems with it. Death is death, it will happen to us all, and most likely will come out of the left field. This ridiculous notion that KIRK HAD to die an heroic and fabulous death is just, well is unrealistic in real terms.

Can you imagine if he died of a incurable illness (I.e. cancer..), the end, that would have really got a nasty reaction from the fans. And he did get a heroic death, sort of, when he ‘died on the Enterprise B.

At the end of the day it was Shatner who agreed to an on screen death, which ultimately kept him out of future projects, including the Kelvin movies. He’s not really in a position to hold a grudge for that reason alone.

@DataMat — I know Shatner and Stewart get along. That’s really not the point. It’s going to eat at Shatner that Stewart was able to make some kind of deal that got him a highly paid starring role in a new series, when Shatner hsan’t been able to negotiate himself into more than a cameo on the Oscars as Kirk. It’s jealousy that’s going to gnaw at Shatner, and the idea he’s getting left out of something that even his good late friend Nimoy was able to get a piece of before he died.

I could be totally wrong and Shatner couldn’t care less about his character’s ignominious ending in GENERATIONS, but I don’t think he’s ever stopped thinking about the bad deal he made in doing that, which has essentially kept him from making any more money off of Trek, aside from conventions and merchandise. That’s what’s going to eat at him, and likely make him more amenable to finally participating in any way he can. That, or it will make him dig in even harder unless he gets equal treatment to Stewart — in which case it’s over for Shatner as Kirk.

Captain Kirk died over 20 years ago in a different century he lived in and was already retired from Starfleet anyway. Picard is still around as far as canon is concerned and last we saw him still very much a Captain and had essentially the same crew.

Shatner can be jealous but his character situation is completely different from Stewart’s. It was the exact same reason why Nimoy was asked to be in the Kelvin movies and not him because canon wise Spock was still very much alive and working behind the scenes on Romulus. Kik was already dead.

And I have said this before, if you brought Prime Kirk back, who exactly would he be with? Both Spock and Bones are dead, both in real life and in canoon (I suspect McCoy would be dead NOW lol). That’s the problem there is no crew or family for him to go to. Sure some of the actors are still around but these guys are basically retired now.

Picard situation is just different. The character can still be in Starfleet. All his crew mates are still around and probably all still active in Starfleet as well. And the other difference is Picard character can have REAL influence in the direction of what is happening in the 24th century. No matter what they did with Prime Kirk, he would just feel like a man out of time being dead for so long.

I love this news! Captain Picard is my first captain, and Stewart is just amazing

So, Picard will be a retired, disillusioned admiral, sequestered away on some planet far from Federation space, arguing with some young prodigy Commander, who was sent by Starfleet because only he could save the Federation?

Phil, serious question, is there ANYTHING about Trek that gets you excited these days lol.

Well, Phil gets excited about telling us that the movies will take years longer to develop that one would hope for…in between looking out his window to make sure there are no kids on his lawn, perhaps? ;-)

Serious answer, I am looking forward to Trek IV, whenever it does hit the big screen. I’m a little cautious about Stewart returning, he’s been saying for a while now he’s aged out of the part, so its either a helluva part, or they appealed to his vanity. That could be bad…time will tell.
I’ve not canceled All Access, so I’m ready.

OK, that was a fair answer! :)

And yes I haven’t cancelled my All Access either lol. I don’t know why, I literally haven’t watched it since the DIS finale. I keep saying I will rewatch the first season but no motivation to.

But with Picard back, maybe I will watch some TNG episodes there to get me excited! I can watch those over and over again.

I’d kind of like to see newly retired Ambassador Picard sending his son off to Starfleet Academy (a son born 2 years after Nemesis would be 18 now). Then getting involved in some old business. Heck have Keiran DeLancie reprise Q jr (cause he was) and bring it full circle back to the beginning with Picard having to defend humanity again.

Oh and I subscribed to All Access long before Discovery started. I enjoy a lot of shows on CBS and since I cannot recieve broadcast TV at my home (geography of the area) AA is a much preferable method than waiting months and buying full season dvd sets of multiple shows.

The thing that bugged me was, who the hell was Q that Humanity needed to be defended to? The entire concept was just plain dumb. I guess the Q really IS god and the continuum is the afterlife is what GR was saying…

I just fainted…….. absolutely awesome!!

I wonder if Picard will have the early stages of Irumodic Syndrome that was predestined to happen to him, as per TNG All Good Things.

As one who has been diagnosed with the very early stages of our 21st century earth version of “Irumodic Syndrome,” I wonder as well… :~|

That would be thoroughly depressing.

I hope not. Too much like Logan, which I didn’t much care for.

Patrick Stewart is back! :)
Akiva Goldsman is back! :(

Best news ever.

Well color me surprised. Didn’t think there was anything to those rumors.

Real curious to see where this goes.

Yeah I am sure Sirtis must have known about this but she conveniently floated that piece a few weeks ago that poured cool water on the idea that Patrick Stewart would soon be returning to the role of Jean Luc Picard.

@DeanH — as long as she’s not coming back with him! ;-)

I seriously doubt she was in the know.

You do know the TNG cast gets together socially on a regular basis right? Stewart and Frakes have both talked about it on many occassions at conventions. In other words, if anyone outside of those involved in the negotiations knew about this beforehand it would be them.

Oh she definitely knew lol. Maybe found out a little later but that cast knew exactly what was going on. But they have to keep it to themselves until its official. Although in Frakes case, he’s become the Tom Holland of Discovery leaks. ;)

Sure, but I don’t see her deliberately kind of lying with her comment several weeks back if she was in the know then.

She just said she thought it was rumor. She didn’t even lie because it basically was. It’s ALL rumors until it’s official.

Lol. Based on some of your recent posts here, I can ceratainly how you would identify with that sort of grey area comment that allows her to save face on what to me was at the very least, obfuscating the truth, if not technically a lie. Accountability is dead for some these days.

Based on my recent posts? What does that mean?

You’re way overthinking it. She doesn’t need to ‘save face’. Did Simon Pegg or JJ Abrams try to ‘save face’ when they directly lied and said Khan wasn’t in STID? If someone tells them its a secret and has to be until the reveal, then it has to stay a secret. None of this is important, she’s not President Trump lying about things that actually affects people and their lives, its just entertainment.

Any of the DSC whiners hoping for this to be anything like TNG are in for a rude awakening.

There is almost no chance of CBS ever trying to make “another 90s Trek.” This is going to be a lot more like DSC than TNG. Frankly, if it was just more Berman era Trek I doubt Patrick Stewart would ever have agreed to do it.

And I for one am excited about a new, more dramatic take on that era.

Unlike some of the fans, majority of the actors and writers had no problem with ‘Berman Trek’. It was just STAR TREK to them.

But I don’t really disagree with you too much, its going to look different, it HAS to look different, its been over thirty years since TNG. I mean did the TOS movies look like TOS, of course not and it was only a decade between the show and TMP, so no one will be shocked if they change it up a bit.

But I love that Stewart made it clear he signed on because he want it have the feeling of TNG. In other words, exploration, science and hopefulness! Thats what Star Trek is to many people and what TNG did so well. Hopefully DIS will too in time!

Wouldn’t it be ironic if Stewart wielded his authority as a major Trek statesman to ensure “Picard The Series” has quality intelligent scripts and people ended up praising the show, which in turn forced the Disco team to up their game and give us something with brains?

Now THAT would be a result.

Indeed El Chup!

I would love it if TNG rubbed off a bit on DIS. I don’t mean to be like that show, I just mean to feel like a show of exploration again and the characters feeling well developed and like a family. Not just wars and gimmicky dramatic twists. We don’t need to find out Cadet Tilly is secretly from Section 31 and/or a Romulan. That stuff is fine to do but that shouldn’t define the show which is what it did in first season.

Give us REAL characters and exploration again. That’s all most fans want and sadly where DIS failed first season for me. Hopefully season two will do just that!

I think you’ve hit on something that bothers me about Discovery at the moment. “Family”.

Now I know the show is young and they are going for a progression approach. But right now I get no sense of family from the show despite us being a season in. All the past Trek crews had that. I think it’s one of the aspects of Trek that appeals and sets itself apart from other shows. They idea of people coming together, respective each other and pushing humanity forward. I think that’s one of the things that is harming Discovery. In it’s bid to fit into the modern zeitgeist of dark and brooding serialised drama and shock twists it doesn’t give itself time to bring a sense of wonder and positivity. That’s why I focus on the scripts a lot. To me they are still missing no just the intelligence, but those key elements that make Trek what it is. Humanity striving forward and learning. A show using the name Discovery should be doing that even more than, say, DS9.

Yes that’s what bothered me about DIS, no one had a sense of community like you saw in the other shows. But how can you when your Captain is secretly from the MU and just using your ship to take down his Emperor? He’s not there to build team work lol.

There is definitely relationships between certain characters like Tilly and Burnham, but it never felt cohesive the way it did on TOS, TNG, VOY or ENT.

It felt a little closer to how DS9 started, but DS9 at least had more likeable characters so while it took awhile for them to feel like family it was more fun to watch the antagonism. And on that show they weren’t all Starfleet officers so you expected that. And as you said, there was just more humanity in that show.

DIS just felt too dark and brooding. Now it looks like they got the message because the second season trailer just looked and felt..different. And in a good way. I think they know the crew has to lighten up a bit and a bit more togetherness, so I’m very hopeful for next season!

And I just want to feel in awe again! I got that SO much with TNG and the other shows.

Sometimes you all really amaze me. DIS season 1 maybe the most well written and produced first season of all of Star Trek, maybe except TOS. Is DIS perfect? Not in the least. Did they make some choices that in hindsight seem like mistakes? Sure. For example, I really think the Discovery should have jumped back to the prime universe right in the middle of war and barely escaped intact. One major battle scene could have given the war the weight it needed and justified Starfleet’s desperate move to employ Mirror Georgiou. The rest of the season floundered to tie up all the loose ends.

But if you look back at the other series they all floundered, some for many seasons. TNG didn’t find its footing until Season 3. So let’s cut those DIS producers some slack.

It’s an opinion Eric. If you feel differently that’s fine too.

And I can’t write on this thread anymore before my hands turn bloody that I think the producers heard the complaints and that next season does look like a vast improvement based on the trailer at least and why mostly I’m hopeful about it. I literally made that same comment in the post above you after my criticisms.

Unfortunately season 2 isn’t out yet so we’re just commenting on our thoughts of season 1 and where we think it landed. If season 2 is better I’ll be the first here to say that. And if they get a season 3 and it’s even better, I’ll point that out too if I haven’t been banned yet.

“But right now I get no sense of family from the show despite us being a season in.”

I disagree entirely with this; just look at the awards ceremony in the season finale. You get the sense that the crew had finally bonded, particularly Stamets, Tilly, Burnham, and Saru. Season One was about forming that bond.

I will agree by the finale you certainly felt that more. And I did like how Lorca’s turn made them become more unified by fighting against him. So you’re right, they were bonding more in the end and why I feel it will be very different in second season.

Or Paramount decides to announce that they’re rebooting TNG for the big screen…

Well that’s your problem right there. This new Stewart show will be for people still living in the past.

Final warning for trolling

Thank God Berman has nothing to do with Star Trek.

I was almost excited for a few seconds until I realized it’s still a Kurtsman production under Bad Robot which doesn’t have a full Star Trek License so it will be just like discovery- re-imagined Klingons inc Worf, Re-imagined ships that will look nothing like the ones used in Next Gen (you know the ships serve for decades)Re-imagined Uniforms that look like generic Sci-Fi uniforms like discovery that look nothing like a progression of TNG Film Uniforms ect, ect.
They will make Picard a bitter old shadow of his former self, An unhappy admiral who didn’t listen to Kirk & gave up command of a Starship.
Probably in charge of Section 31 on earth so we wont go exploring- The possibilities of how they can & will ruin this opportunity like they did with discovery are legion.
Ugh. I wish we could just have a new fully licensed Prime series that continues on with the TNG era. This will not be it.

Yep. It’s going to be great. I’m sorry you
wont enjoy it!

Stewart would never have agreed to this if it was just “more TNG.” He’s said as much, directly and indirectly.

Sorry, but what are you talking about? CBS has the rights and licences them to Paramount. Why can’t CBS use the TNG TV property?

wrong, closed.

I was hoping to hear Ron D Moore’s and Ira Behr’s name attached. Chabon is very cool though.

I’m hoping Chabon is the secret weapon who brings brains back to Trek. His literary work is very good and he’s a fan of the franchise.

Please please please let The Okodas be involved in production design!!!!! I want my 87-2002 design feel.

I would like them to be consultants. But new blood is needed to update their designs a bit. I mean, you can’t have holoscreens on Discovery and go back to Lcars for something set 150 or so years later.

Well, actually you can. Some tech doesn’t hold up and sometimes for strictly practical reasons. If we’re to accept Discovery as canon it’s far more in line with everything that followed TMP, holoscreens aside (and if you’ll recall, they actually introduced holoscreens of sorts in DS9 for a period of time).

Maybe holographic communication is the 3D of the 23rd/24 centuries. A fad that somebody keeps trying to reinvent every few decades. ;)

Agreed. The Okuda’s had their day, but it’s time to move on.

I DO HOPE this is good bit I refuse to get excited about this to be slapped in the face with Discovery Next Gen.
I want details- setting, cast ect.
If they try to cheap out & do some earthbound admiral at Starfleet academy or section 31 I will vomit.

Don’t forget this will be behind the CBS AA paywall either- it won’t have the reach or ratings TNG had- Probably less accessable than Voy & Ent were on UPN.

People still can’t afford 6 bucks a month to watch? Ratings are dead.

I mean, I see your point, but really at the end of the day there wasn’t much else which could be done. Overall the real crux of the issue is whether or not Kurt Russell was a correct choice. But, I digress, perhaps your overarching thesis statement is correct in its assertion that vaccines have indeed caused a genetic issue in some new borns.

Well put, HN4.



Keep em coming man lol!

You’re still here?

I just realized, they only announced this show for some reason although we know they have four in development. Which tells you they know THIS is the show that Trek fans are excited about! It wasn’t Starfleet Academy or some boring Khan show, it’s Picard they knew that will get the fans in a frenzy and not a shock its the first one announced.

Now I don’t really care WHAT they do with the others. They want a Pike show, bring it on, I’ll certainly give it a chance! Starfleet Academy run by Sulu, fine, have at it. A Khan show, ugh, I still can’t lol, but whatever, if it happens I will stay open-minded.

I’m just glad they aren’t putting ALL their chips in the 23rd century alone anymore. Star Trek is a BIG universe, not everything has to be TOS orientated, or TNG orientated for that matter. But now it proves they are willing to go forward again and they probably realized after so many prequels people want to see Trek pushing forward with new stories again and not just filling in to stuff that has already happened.

All good points and even though I really like Disco, I am really happy they have decided to give us more about the 24th century!!

YES the 24th century again! Those other shows may happen, but THIS one was really the only one most people cared about so it was great we hear about this one first.

It’s been so long but Trek fans are rejoicing over the news. I think for many this is probably the best news since Enterprise went off the air.

We got it! Thank god we got it!! ;D

This is just one of the shows. Many ideas are in the works. They don’t have to tell you about every single one right now.

This announcement has essentially overshadowed everything related to Discovery. There is genuine excitement after this announcement. It’s one thing for fans to run with this announcement and the usual entertainment outlets but this actually got picked up by my local news and that’s significant. This was the shot in the arm CBS All Access needed. People will subscribe to watch.

Agreed! But because it’s going forward again so the possibilities are endless. And its an iconic character everyone already knows and loves.

I think the issue with DIS is even when it was announced, there was already division in the air in terms of its premise and time period. I think it excited a lot of people who wanted to relive the TOS era but to others it felt like a step back because it was still another prequel and there was a sense of Enterprise, part 2 happening. I was certainly in the latter but I’m a Trek fan, I give everything a chance! I still want to love DIS. The second season trailer is EVERYTHING I hoped we got in the first season (minus Pike lol) so its looking up. And I do think more people like it than hate it, but even the people who like it HAS to admit there is real division over it.

But with this news, its MUCH more unified. There is real excitement in the air. And its the first time since Nimoy agreed to be Spock in the Kelvin movie that a former actor is coming back to replay his role. And unlike Nimoy, he’s the star again. You can’t ignore that kind of hype. One of ours is coming home!

This is probably the shot in the arm All Access needs to get a lot more subs and get people excited about Trek again!

If they bring in Micheal Dorn to play Worf…. will he look like OUR Worf, or will he be Ret-conned to look like a STD Klingon? :-/

Dorn has enough of an issue wearing his cowpat forehead. I can’t imagine he’d want the purple lizard look. Nor should he frankly. It’d be an insult. Update the makeup a bit by all means, but he needs to be recognisable as Worf, and let’s face it, people will be expecting visits from other TNG characters as part of the show so they need to have canon consistency in mind. After the division DSC has caused in that regard, now is their chance to give something to the fans who care.

@Antony C — I don’t know how they don’t update his makeup to align with DISC. My guess is this is Kurtzman’s way to legitimize the new Klingon look. Dorn won’t be able to resist coming back, and won’t say no to the makeover. He’ll go out and sell it to the TNG fans in a way Kurtzman and Co. never could. I’m looking forward to it. Worf’s Makeup was really dated looking in hindsight.

Worf’s make up can be updated with more detail. There is no reason whatsoever why he has to wear and over head bald face mask. Making him look like a blue lizard after 11 seasons and four movies of the character would just me a middle finger to his fans. Something they probably should’ve thought of what the complete dumbed anything recognisable about the Klingons with their redesign.

Get rid of the elongated heads, slap on some hair and beards and you could have something in Discovery that look moderately Klingon and could then do something more Worf like if Dorn shows up in this show. But by messing up the Klingons so much they now have presented themselves with yet another conundrum. TO update Worf drastically or not? If the do the former yet another fan backlash will ensue, and you can only upset the long term fans so often before they end up walking away….and make no mistake, dragging out Patrick Stewart is a move designed to appeal to long term fans who are otherwise split on Discovery.

The Klingon look had less to do with Kurtzman and more to do with Fuller. With a century between the two shows there’s really no reason why the two would have to visually match.

The post-TNG Klingons will visually match the STD Klingons because it the same creative team working on both shows, and that is the current “established look” of Klingons, so they will simply reuse the costumes and makeup designs instead of trying to painstaking recreate what Michael Westmore did in the 90s.

I can’t even blame Kurtzman for this one, Berman era Trek did the same thing, which is why Romulans that showed up a “century before Kirk” in Enterprise looked, dressed, and acted EXACTLY like Nemesis-era Klingons in the 24th century, instead of being a believable new variation of 22nd century Romulans that came across as forerunners of the TOS Romulans. They just recycled all the makeup designs and costumes from the TNG movies for the “Enterprise era” Romulans.

Plus with STD sticking out like a sore thumb, they will want to establish the STD “look” in “the old Star Trek you know and love” to “sell” fans on the idea that the STD Klingons are the way Klingons have “always” looked.

I think this will depend on if he really wants to wear that huge, bulky klingon make up from Discovery. I remember he even had problems with his make-up from TNG days so I don’t know. Perhaps he might request a less bulkier version of the Discovery klingon make-up, something specifically designed for him.

Remember that between season 1 and season 2 Worf’s forhead totally changed? And remember that in the final episode, when Picard traveled back in time to season 1, that his head looked like it did in season 2? I agree that Disco Klingons should have hair, but the design on varios shows has ALWAYS changed. Chill out.

@Luke Montgomery — Bringing Picard back will guarantee the old, hard-core fans will stay tuned. If Worf appears at all, even if he looks exactly like the DISC Klingons; it will be met with howls of derision, but they will keep watching. That’s who this series is aimed squarely at, but the producers won’t skip the opportunity to force the change. That’s exactly what Kurtzman and Orci set out to do by writing a story centered around Leonard Nimoy who would give his de facto blessing of the Kelvin universe just by staring in the film. And that’s what I see them doing here. I’m certain they will not be so dense as to to completely rework Worf’s makeup, but he most likely will have a longer head, and bulkier features, but he will probably have hair too — I expect to be introduced to Worf’s spectrum of the Klingon DNA in season 2 of DISC, or find out that Klingons of this era all shaved their heads as the pervasive fashion (which came to an end over the next century) — I mean you know, if all the Vulcans and Romulans all have straight bowlcuts with bangs, then really credibility went out the window decades ago for these fans.

Wow I was hoping for a big announcement at STLV and that is what fans got. Thanks to the success of Disco, CBS gave Kurtzman a five year mission to expand the Trek universe further and we now have Discovery, Short Treks and a new series with Patrick Stewart and Jean Luc Picard. The TNG writers had a lot of good stuff over their seven year run and in motion pictures like First Contact. Fortunately, Stewart also had the acting talent to deliver the stories with feeling and believability (except for maybe those first few shows of Season 1 haha). Let’s hope the new team gives him the same kind of quality material. Great news for Trek Nation!!

And there was much rejoicing.

Just wait until the bitching starts. :P

From the looks of some of the posts above it started within the first minutes after the announcement.


Aye, that there was.

I hope we will see Q, too. He is my favourite TNG character and I always liked his scenes with Picard.

I suspect this will be a slightly darker more contemplative Picard given the current zeitgeist. Not sure Q fits into that.

Um, point of “Tapestry” and “All Good Things”? You don’t get Picard much more contemplative than in those episodes, and in both cases Q inspired him.

Well… In All Good Things Q pretty much held Picards hand and told him everything the entire way, but OK.

@Mel — we can’t ignore canon, but I really hope they ignore Q. There’s only one more story I’d like to see with Q, and that’s a kind of Dickensian deathbed visitation with Picard, which would be a nice bookend for that relationship.

Agree Cadet. It think Q was very much of his time in the 80s and 90s, but he’s a bit silly now. It’s one of those elements of Berman era Trek that wouldn’t survive in a show easily now because it hasn’t aged. At bit like how you could never get away with ridiculous comedy characters like Rom, Nog and Leeta today, despite DS9 being an otherwise great show.

I LOVE Q!!! I wouldn’t mind seeing him back, but I’m ok if he doesn’t. But I can only imagine the ratings THAT episode will bring in lol.

I’m forced to agree with you on this one Curious. Q was never a good idea. I thought it funny what was said on Chaos on the Bridge. GR claimed that humanity has moved past the need for a God in TNG’s time yet in the very first episode they pretty much meet God. The concept of the Q only worked when it was played for laughs.

Unfortunately John De Lancie has aged, but as we know Q can have many different forms so they can actually recast it if they want Q involved.

Oh, with this thought you now have me worried that might bring back that horrid Dixon Hill holodeck stuff….please, NO!!!!!! LOL :-)

I really hope that they stick primarily with Picard. I don’t want an aging Spinner trying to play Data with some technobabble excuse like he now has an “Aging Chip,” or Q trying to explain away why he is old and a tad rotund these days — those two characters are not suppose to age…period!

Data yes, but Q can appear in whatever form he likes so the ageing argument for him doesn’t make sense. All he’d have to do was appear and tell Picard he’d made himself look older since Picard looked older. *shrug*

That would cause me to groan.

Now, if Q got “diminished” to mortal status by his heirarchy and was now aging as a mortal – that could be a cool basis for a story.

They’ve done that story already.

LOL yeah Q doesn’t just have to be played by John De Lancie. Of course he’s a fan favorite but most people are just fascinated by the Q in general. It would be interesting to see them again. I am really surprised they never went with a Q story for one of the TNG films. That seemed like a no-brainer at the time.

All I have to say is: oh my god!!!!

All I have to ask (regarding “something very different) is: please don’t rape my childhood!!!!

Please excuse me now while I change my pants…

I hate the phrase “rape your childhood”. TNG and the TNG movies will always be there. If you don’t like the new show just don’t include it in your headcanon.


…first they play the Spock card, now Picard. Seems like Discovery just couldn’t pull in the numbers and CBS is freaking out trying to figure out what it’s going to take to pull CBS ACcess’ pants out of the fire. Interesting times…it’s just too bad they can’t figute out how to write good material. Hoping that will change and they give Stewart something worthy of his talent.

Yes, Discovery is doing sooo horribly, CBS execs decided to give Kurtzman oodles of dollars and a five year contract to come up with even more terrible Star Trek ideas!! That’s sounds plausible to me!! Haha okay seriously now, hopefully the new Picard series will placate some of the naysayers. It sounds like Disco, Short Treks and Picard are just the start of even more projects – so I truly hope there is something for those who don’t enjoy Discovery. At least Disco got the ball rolling on more projects!!

You’d be surprised. This is television, ya’ know and throwing more money at something until something sticks is pretty much how this business works. Discovery is helping to keep the lights on at CBS All Access but All Access, like Discovery, exists out of necessity, not because it’s driving profits for CBS as a whole.

Nothing in the TV industry works that way Denny. The TV industry is known to yank a series off the air after episodes because it wasn’t doing well.

There are also ecamples like Almost Human, which in its first season had better ratings than long running Fox series Bones, but at the end of the season Bones was renewed and Almost Human cancelled. The reason being that Bones was at a point in its lifecycle that made it much cheaper to produce than Almost Human. The TV industry does not operate on “throw money at a failing concept” basis and never has. The plain fact is whether you like it or not Discovery is a success, and as CBS has multiple shows from Kurtzman on the air right now (Discovery, Instinct, Hawaii 5-0) they clearly have faith in him.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The success of STD depends on what one defines as “success”. It is a success in that it is certainly the most streamed product on CBSAA. But a failure in that they expected it to bring in far more subscribers than it did. Also a success in that the Netflix deal has covered the bulk of the costs. So one could argue that the show could have been a ton worse than it was, bring in even fewer subscribers than it did and STILL be a success for CBS.

Just no…not even close to how the TV industry works, my friend.

“Yes, Discovery is doing sooo horribly, CBS execs decided to give Kurtzman oodles of dollars and a five year contract to come up with even more terrible Star Trek ideas!! That’s sounds plausible to me!! Haha”

Exactly. I can’t believe someone actually posted that completely backwards theory. LOL

Believe it! I suspect CBS AA subscriptions dropped so fast at Discovery’s conclusion the suits ordered the troops to get viewers back, by hook or crook, pronto. Thus Spock…Picard…mini Treks…find something…ANYTHING…that works.
I can hear them now… “we’re sinking here…Fire that shotgun, we’re bound to hit SOMETHING!”

Bwahahahahahahahahahah! Jonboc thats so stupid its hilarious. That kind of shebannigans is the kind of thing that gets people booted off the board of directors. In other words Shari Redstone would already have her merger if that was even a little true.

There is merit to what Jonboc said. Far more subs dropped out than they anticipated (easily predictable) so they suddenly decide they need more original Trek content. It’s really not that difficult a concept.

Welcome Dean, from CBS Marketing and Damage Control! lol

” CBS execs decided to give Kurtzman oodles of dollars and a five year contract to come up with even more terrible Star Trek ideas!!”

No, they gave Kurtman a 5 year deal to oversee the expansion of the Trek Universe. The hope is the ideas are not terrible. They hoped Discovery would not be terrible but it turned out that way.

At least they aren’t recasting Picard. That’s something.

I still want Vin Diesel to pay Picard in the reboot movies.

What a ridiculous statement, HN4- in NO way do bananas and Oreos look at ALL similar to the Hyundai Elantra.

C’mon man, I think DIS is doing fine, but I don’t think its pulling in what they hoped. That’s no skin off DIS back though because not one show alone is going to convince everyone to sign up to a site no one cares about if that show wasn’t there.

I think they always planned to put on more Trek from the beginning, they wanted to see how DIS did on its own first. It got a second season so its obviously doing well enough. I highly doubt its going to run 7 seasons or anything but who knows it just might.

Right now we should just be happy they want to invest more in Trek AND that we are finally getting a 24th century show again. Let’s be honest, if they announced that Khan show first, this board would be miserable right now lol.

Agreed, but judging from the reaction to the announcement on social media, I fear Discovery may become known as the red-headed stepchild of the Trek family.

Maybe, it just depends how good the Picard show is though. People are just super excited right now. I can’t blame them lol.

I want to make this 100% clear. I still want DIS to be a great show that I can love. I’m still looking forward to it next season and I like that they are trying to tie it closer to TOS. None of that has changed.

BUT yes, it feels nice there is at least another show I can get behind if DIS just doesn’t do it for me in the end. I think a lot of fans are happy about that option at least.

But I very much want to see the show go on and hit its full potential. The idea there is enough diversity out there everyone can get behind, not eliminate one for another.

Like DS9 way back then, but look at DS9 now.

DCS is Bringing in new fans and TOS/DS9 types fans, and the Picard show will bring back the Berman TNG/Voyager fans. All fan markets will be this served, including fan expansion.

I agree and all that being said, two years ago someone at CBS should have said, “Ya’ know, what if we bring TNG back as a limited series and use that as a jumping off point for other Star Trek projects? It’s been 20 years. Fans will eat that up.”

No offense intended, but if you really believe this counter-intuitive, silly line of reasoning, please send me the address for your brain so that I may send a get well card. ;-) (just kidding!)

It’s fantastic news, both Patrick Stewart and the notion of a post Nemesis story!
I’ve always wanted Star Trek to move forward! Never a big fan of prequels and such, and moving forward makes me so much more open to change both in design and direction.
Bring it!


Just thought of something. Someone should contact TNG Season 8 and buy the TVGuide plot summary.

Here’s some ideas….what would this be!? TNG season 31?

Greedy Damon steals Picards Deture Cream. Lawaxana Troi disembodied spirit visits from beyond the grave.

Alien entity inhabits Picards Horgon and causes sexy mayhem amongst the assisted living community. Riker hears about it and visits.

Picard visits Beverly for his annual prostate exam. Shenanigans ensue. They are serving Key Lime Pie at the cafeteria. Worf is mad.

A sexy space-pirate comes to steal Picards flute. A mysteries entity inhabits Troi, again.

Data sends Spot 7 to be cat-sat by Picard while he’s on vacation in Risa. Picard and the Cat take naps.

Thank you Anthony for not allowing me to edit my earlier comment about licensing issues after being informed by you of the good news that they are working with a new production company “Secret Hideout Productions”.

I Do Hope this is a good show but I just can’t get my hopes up, they will probably make Picard a bitter old shadow of his former self, An unhappy admiral who didn’t listen to Kirk & gave up command of a Starship.
Probably in charge of Section 31 on earth so we wont go exploring planets to save money- The possibilities of how they can & will ruin this opportunity like they did with Discovery are legion.
I just want this to be a show that fully continues on with the TNG era.
I fear this will this will not be it.

again ‘they’ are not working with a new production company. Secret Hideout has always been the company for Star Trek on TV since 2015 when Disco was announced. Paramount is still working with Bad Robot as they have since they were first announced in IIRC 2007, they are still working on two films with Bad Robot. Paramount is owned by Viacom and is a different company than CBS. And in both cases, there are no ‘licenses’ involved.

the end

You hate DIS, we get it, just be happy there is a new show you MIGHT enjoy! Thinking the worst of everything makes some fans sound like bitter people.

Internet explodes like Praxis!

A Praxis joke. I was gonna say, “Too soon” but, heck, it’s been a hundred years now, so…


Well, the gatekeepers have more to whinge about.
They were running out of outrage lately anyhow.

I literally don’t know what to think. My mind has just become numb at the news.

I felt the same way the first time I saw the first TNG promo on TV.

Good news for the unemployed actors who deserve better after TNG ended. No doubt they will find a way to bring those actors back who want back in. PPV TV is also the right home for this. Cinematic TNG never really worked except for First Contact & some of Generations.