Star Trek Celebrities Gush Over Patrick Stewart’s TV Return As Jean-Luc Picard

Yesterday’s surprise announcement that Patrick Stewart is returning to Star Trek for a new series, reprising his Star Trek: The Next Generation role as Jean-Luc Picard, has been huge news around the world. It was even the top trending hashtag on Twitter for a while. And it isn’t just fans who are excited, as many Trek celebs joined in on social media to share their enthusiasm, with some also sharing some behind the scenes images from STLV with Patrick Stewart.

Group hug

Today Star Trek: Discovery’s Anson Mount shared a group photo of much of the cast and crew of Star Trek: Discovery with Sir Patrick, and Ron Moore is there as well, with the message “The Trek Family Photo”

TNG co-stars share the excitement

Stewarts Star Trek: The Next Generation co-stars were also excited about the event, including Jonathan Frakes who shared this behind the scenes moment from yesterday’s announcement.

Perhaps the biggest bit of enthusiasm came from Wil Wheaton, with one hot take nerding out tweet and another getting more serious about the impact of this.

Also joining in was Gates McFadden earlier today.

Captain to captain

Shatner also responded to a fan who asked if he was jealous of Stewart.

Disco stars embrace Stewart

Discovery star Sonequa Martin-Green shared a photo of herself with Stewart, along with a nice message about standing on his shoulders.

While retweeting a great behind the scenes moment shot by Secret Hideout VP Aaron Baiers, Wilson Cruz explained why he was losing it.

The new Captain Pike was also taken back to his childhood.

And  finally, James Frain kept it simple

More STLV 2018

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From the way this is being played out, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a preview of Capt. JLP on Discovery somehow in some sort of time travel episode, or perhaps a historical account of some sort.

I for one cannot wait to see Sir Patrick return as JLP (I know he’s not going to be Captain JLP but the inner geek inside is creaming right now!) Good or bad, as a huge fan of SirPat, I am truly excited for this!

I have a feeling too they are going to find a way to cross over the two shows. That hasn’t really been done in a way since TNG and DS9 (I don’t count ENT crappy finale with Riker and Troi since it was all a holodeck program).

I would love to see Picard in the 23rd century….or Burnham in the 24th century! It’s Star Trek, they can really go crazy!

I’d rather they kept Picard away from Discovery for now. They’re mining too much. The show still needs to find it’s feet first and the writing still needs to improve.

Yeah but you know that’s not going to happen. DIS just started its second season and we already got Spock and Pike showing up and its entire story line is sadly built around those guys. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kirk shows up in its third. Picard may just be too tempting not to include if they think its going to get more people to watch DIS too.

But it may not happen right away. And we have no idea when Picard show even starts. DIS could be in its fourth season by then, assuming it gets there.

That they’ve already mined TOS is exactly why they should steer clear of Picard!

I just want a little time away from gimmick style fan service. If they can’t get the basics right with respect to canon the last thing I want is “wheel ’em out” fan appeasing cameos.

Maybe they should, but I don’t see them doing that. It’s just too good of an opportunity.

But as I said, its obviously not happening next season. It may not happen until the fourth season because the show may not even get on the air until 2020 (although I hope not ;)). IF it happens I mean.

But the same people working on DIS is working on this show. And they have to find ways to get people excited about DIS. This is the easier way to do it.

I agreee. I SO doon’t want to see anything Discovery related on the new Picard show.

Well technically, there is a little bit of Michael Burnham in Picard…

When Picard mind-melded with Sarek in TNG “Sarek”, he received a flood of memories from the Vulcan’s past. Since Sarek had used his katra to revive Michael as a child, and they clearly were bonded eternally through time/space, then there’s no reason that Jean-Luc Picard couldn’t start having “visions” of Michael Burnham, since whatever remains of her “soul” could have been transferred through the meld. Although Spock most likely would have “inherited” it from Picard in TNG “Unification, Part II”, there could still be an echo of her inside Picard’s mind.

So, they could easily do a crossover that way, which wouldn’t involve any kind of time travel or holodeck programs.

Oh good grief. I guess but please… No.

LOL I have to admit, it’s not bad! ;D

It’d sure be nice to see Gates McFadden come back to flesh out the Picard-Crusher relationship (especially after they nixed the flirty chat they had at the end of Nemesis)

I was thinking the same thing!!! Hell most of the TNG cast could make an appearance!!

I think its basically a done-deal behind closed doors. Most of the TNG cast will return to some degree although clearly the focus of the show will be Picard, at least to begin with.

It’ll be interesting what happened with B4, what ultimately happened with Deanna and Riker on the Titan, are they still on that ship by this point? What is Worf doing? What new characters will be introduced? Will Data come back, has he already come back by this point? Or is he actually ‘gulp’ dead?

And will we actually come across characters from DS9 or VOY (which seems most unlikely, but is possible)?

LOVE the picture of Stewart and Martin-Green together!!!!!!! Best of both worlds! :)

You can certainly feel the love of Stewart’s return all through the fanbase.

It’s still nuts this is happening! The Star Trek family just keeps expanding and now we will have shows in the 23rd and 24th century concurrently running. I never pictured that happening until now.

*Correction : 25th Century!

So it would actually be in the 25th century now? Woooooah, I wonder if they will still have sandwiches then?

WWPD is my life code, & this rights part of my world. Patrick Stewart is a world treasure. 🖖

Bring back Shatner!

The chance I think has sadly passed. But if there was a way….maybe they could do something like they did on Doctor Who’s Day of the Doctor. Maybe get some of the captains on the Picard show. Give us the 50th Anniversary celebration episode we never got.

This is the perfect solution, El Chup! If not full episodes in one of the series, certainly some internet shorts or some kind of Christmas special to tide us over while we wait for more official STAR TREK — whether Discovery or the new Picard-centred show.

I’m also excited to see Ron Moore in that group photo! I would love it if he were somehow involved in the return of Picard!

That would be great wouldn’t it? It’s definitely him. He was a guest at the convention. Probably too busy on his Outlander show though.

Ron Moore coming back to spearhead Stewart’s show would be a dream! Get some real Trek writers in there.

That’s it I want a multi-generational crossover between Pike, Kirk, Picard, Crushers, Riker, and Discovery crew!!

And they all fight the Borg! ;)

Or the Ferengis! I’m seriously just spit balling here.

Or the Pakleds!

Somebody get Mighty Mike a writing job on this show!!!!

That photo of Wilson Cruz freaking out is one of the best things I’ve seen recently!

LOL that picture IS priceless. It’s nice to see Cruz freaking out in front of Stewart and Frakes. He’s among legends, I would be too!

I only hope that Discovery will improve sufficiently that in twenty-five years or so, some other actor can have the same reaction around Cruz. That’d be cool.


Totally agree. The first year of TNG was fraught with some examples of sketchy acting, some bad stories as well as behind the scenes strife. I personally think Disco had a much better first season than TNG’s opening year but that doesn’t guarantee it will equal what TNG went on to become. Time will tell but it would be great to see the Discovery cast getting huge ovations at STLV 2020!!

So cute! That pic deserves to be a Trek meme

God bless Wil Wheaton (although his account name really irks me), but I hope both he and the trolls bothering him realize that he’s not actually the character he played. Still, being so identified with a character who people (bizarelly) hate must be really annoying.

I personally have caught myself occasionally ready to post something, not against Wil, but subtly putting down others who just happen to disagree with an opinion I might have. Sometimes you have to think before you post because in today’s world, words typed on a keyboard can often have a very negative and hurtful affect on people. Personally I only care about the positive stuff I read but not everyone can do that, so it is very good advice to think before you post!! Also, try not to care too much about negative stuff you might read in social media or on forums.
In the old days we used to say, you’re not going to please everybody all of the time! That still goes for today, but in today’s digital world, the negative naysayers often make the most hurtful noise! So it is important to remember, even though 85 percent might agree and admire what you have done or said, sometimes you only see the hurtful things that come from a small minority.

“although his account name really irks me”

Why? You think fascists should be respected?

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful is all that comes to mind,,soooooo many of us trekkies out here,,loving moments like these.

I guess I’m in the extreme minority on this one. Not the first time, however.

I’m not AGAINST the idea of Picard coming back and doing a show. It’s just that I don’t seem to worship the guy. I always found the Picard character cold and dull and impossibly perfect until First Contact allowed him to succumb to revenge. So my reaction is… Meh. I’ll watch but I’d rather see a Worf show as I found him infinitely more interesting than Picard.

Interesting how people see things in different ways. What was cold and dull to you was calm, collected and thoughtful to me. I always like that Picard carefully thought about things and would make inspirational speeches about ethics and morality. For me he was like a personification of these elements of TOS and the movies that were concerned with delivering a message or morality play, or encouraging you think. If the Enterprise and it’s crew were a human body, he was the brains and rationality.

The problem is, and I think pretty much every writer will tell you this, is that perfect characters are boring. Picard was too perfect. He was ALWAYS right. He was the perfect negotiator. His charisma inspired everyone around him. No one had a problem being loyal to him. He knew exactly what each member of his crew needed to motivate them at the perfect moment. He was the greatest peacemaker in the Federation and was also Starfleet’s greatest military tactician. There was literally NOTHING the man couldn’t accomplish. The main reason First Contact was good was because it FINALLY showed Picard succumbing to a human frailty. I get that a lot of people like that. Including a close friend who told me he DIDN’T like First Contact for the exact same reason I liked it. That it showed his hero to have a flaw. BTW, I’m not telling you to share my opinion. Just in case a certain poster or two is reading this and misinterpreting it as usual. Just saying why I find him dull. And credit to Patrick Steward. He has the acting gravitas to make a perfectly dull character watchable. I don’t think there are many out there who are able to do that.