‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 1 Blu-ray/DVD International Release Dates And SteelBook Announced

As we previously reported, Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 will be released on Blu-ray and DVD later this year. The sets include all fifteen episodes, along with deleted and extended scenes. You can see the full details in our earlier report.

International Release Dates

Today CBS Home Entertainment revealed the international release dates for the Blu-ray and DVD sets:

  • U.K. – November 19
  • Scandinavia – November 19
  • Benelux – November 21
  • Brazil – November 21
  • Spain – November 21
  • Germany – November 22
  • Australia – November 28
  • Italy – December 4
  • France – December 4

UPDATE: Pre-order link for Amazon UK is now live

SteelBook edition [Updated with high-resolution images]

Also announced today is a special “SteelBook’ version of the Blu-ray. SteelBook editions are popular with collectors, they contain the same discs as the standard release but in a metal collectors case. In the US it will be available exclusively through Best Buy, and in select (unannounced) retailers in other territories.

UPDATE: Set is now available for pre-order at BestBuy for $44.99 with free shipping.


Amazon pre-order price drop

The price the sets on Amazon has dropped a bit. The Blu-ray was released at $50.99, but you can now pre-order the Blu-ray set for $43.27. The DVD set (which has the same special features as Blu-ray) was released at $41.99, and you can now  pre-order the DVD set for $39.80. Amazon has a pre-order price guarantee so your final price will be their lowest price by release date.

Watch the trailer

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the trailer for the home video release of Discovery.


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And, with this announcement, my hopes of Best Buy swinging in to save us with an exclusivity window for a 4K set begin to dry up.

@LR — the series is not produced in 4K. So it sort of doesn’t matter.

It’s produced in HDR, so it does matter.

Also, UHD discs use a better compression codec and have much higher capacity, so the image quality can be much better even for standard HD material.

It’s produced in 2K HDR but, ultimately, when people are opting for the highest resolution possible they’re going to want a 4K HDR or 4K Dolby Vision presentation, not 2K HDR. 2K HDR is a bit of cheat, really and with 4K displays paired with HDR and Dolby Vision pretty much being the standard for displays these days, I want a show shot in 4K and a disc set with Dolby Vision. The issue is pretty much that 2K is currently the standard for television these days and less expensive to shoot in than resolutions used for feature films.

The irony, of course, is that the two series ready for 4K presentations are TOS and TNG since both were shot on film.

I have (and have seen) plenty of 2K HDR productions on UHD disc. They can look WORLDS better than their standard Blu-ray counterparts. There’s a lot more to the UHD format than the additional couple of “K”.

@Living Raktajino — well, there’s a lot of “ifs” there.

Yes, if CBS does it correctly, the upscaling and DV/HDR combined with better compression rates may result in a UHD BD that is noticeably improved over the standard BD.

I had forgotten the discussion about the HDR/DV only being marketed on UHD discs. And yes, I’d like to see it in HDR or DV. But I’m really dubious whether a UHD BD would look so much better than a really good stream (as purportedly offered by Amazon) even if it’s encoded with DV or HDR, that I and most others could really tell the difference on the average 4K TV. If you can’t tell I’m a streaming guy, sold my VHS and DVD collections long ago, and have no interest in investing in BD, UHD or otherwise, as streaming is more than satisfactory for my taste.

Again, if I had to guess, CBS is offering the minimum necessary to meet the current market situation, and holding back on the UHD versions until 4K DV/HDR has matured, in order to double dip as per their usual MO for the least cost possible.

All this and more. You nailed it.

“well, there’s a lot of “ifs” there.”

Not really. There are hundreds of UHD discs on the market made from 2K HDR masters and only a few of them are authored poorly enough that the improvement isn’t substantial.

lool.. 20% discount in just a few days, clearly is not selling.

Nice job with “lool”. You were so excited you get your negative post out, that you misspelled it. LOL

PS: Sorry, but that is just the usual Amazon pricing kicking in.

When some one atacks the other person lools, is clear that you already loss the discusion.

GG Disco, all a success the blue ray sells.

Darn, where is that Universal Translator when I need it?


I think his lool means laughing outrageously out loud. 😋🖖

Amazon listing always start at the usual RRP and get reduced as competitors offer reductions. Has little to do with lack of sales.

LOL, how can there even be a lack of sales when the thing has just been released??? Weird argument.

This is how the algorithms work these days…Amazon has their systems watching all the competition. When someone offers a lower price, they automatically adjust. You’ll see this on anything they sell, especially on new items like this.

They will also raise the price if they figure out that they have supply of a limited item. At times they have bought up the entire supply of something just so they can raise the price. There are a lot of articles out there on how this works if you search.

OK but that’s a little different from suggesting they lowered the price because it’s not selling. I have no idea how well Discovery will sell and frankly I’m not thinking it will sell that high just because less and less people care about Blu rays and rather buy it digitally. But we won’t know that until they actually sell the things.

Look at the pricing on the upcoming disc for 2001 and how it dropped precipitously, presumably owing to fears of a boycott based on Nolan’s tampering with the theatrical reissue (restoration maestro Robert Harris has been dropping short little notes of concern that verge on alarming.)

If there was a concern over DSC (and there should have been, going by the lousy season), the price would probably already be lower.

kmart – thanks for the 2001 major price drop tip – I just ordered it!

Although I found DSC okay to watch, the serialised format just doesn’t make me want to rewatch like I did with prior series. I tried before and I just felt bored. For that reason I don’t feel I would want to buy the blu rays.

I don’t see myself getting this set if/until this show improves greatly and it would make the collection cohesive as a whole, years from now. So, down the road, perhaps a discount bin at Walmart or maybe second-hand from EBay. Until then, I’ll get the ultimate discount.

I can’t even remember the last time I bought something on a disc? Maybe 6 years ago? And it was a present for my mother lol.

But I do think this is good for people who just don’t want to sign up for AA and obviously they will own the show. But I’m guessing you’re right, wait a few more months and it will get lower. If you waited this long to see it, you probably can wait a big longer and get an even better deal.But I think it’s reasonably priced now if you really liked the season.

If I did still buy discs, I wouldn’t buy it now though because like you I didn’t like it enough and it wouldn’t be a high rewatch. But I would naturally want to include it in my collection so would just wait until it fell between $20-30.

I saw DSC on CBSAA, Tiger, but I still buy (very cheap, used) discs because we go Rv’ing on the road a lot, so I bring discs due to lack of internet. Also, as a Trek geek, I buy my favorite seasons and all movies (even STID, sadly) so they’re on hand whenever I get the Nerd Itch. Disco does not fall into the ‘must have’ category. And I cancelled CBSAA promptly when the first season ended.

The picture you get from a Blu-Ray disc is vastly superior to the limited HD picture I get from a streaming service…and yes, I have done side by side comparisons.

I have 1500+ Blu-Rays in my ever-going collection. Streaming is a backup, niche thing for me. Usually, like with the Expanse, I ignore the streaming offering and wait for the Blu-Ray discs. For DSC, I made an exception.

I’m one of the idiots who still has AA lol. I honestly don’t know why since I have not watched anything on it outside of an odd CSI episode. I partly kept it because I told myself I would rewatch the first season of Discovery but haven’t motivated myself to do it. That’s why I know buying the Blu Ray would just be a waste of money for me. What’s crazy is I still constantly watch reruns of DS9, TNG, VOY, etc. Rewatched a episode of Enterprise this week. I think that is the problem when a show is so serialized, it’s hard to watch on its own. And I watch those on Netflix which is just a better service overall.

Same here, Tiger. I watch various episodes from all previous incarnations all the time. TNG’s Conundrum and TOS The Squire Of Gothos, last week. I don’t miss CBSAA at all; it’s not even on my radar.

I don’t think most people care about AA. It’s just not a great service unfortunately. I’m shocked it has 2.5 million members now. But I’m guessing a lot of them are like me and too stupid or lazy to cancel lol. If they signed up just for Discovery I mean. And I think why no one is watching Discovery much now. I have NO issues that CBS put it on their own website and I am willing to pay for it, but it still has to be worth paying for and it’s clearly not for millions of fans I think. Or the show itself is not very appealing. More than likely a little of both. But maybe the blu ray will do better since it’s either this or AA to watch it.

I do like AA have their old Star Trek shows as commercial free though. I didn’t discover that until a few months ago. I just assumed if you have the commercial option then everything will have them, even if limited. But I still get buffering issues on it sadly. I never do with Netflix or Amazon and another reason I watch Star Trek on those instead.


And the good news here for you, unlike some others here, is that you aren’t paying for it every single month while coming here and being critical of it. You are consistent in your behavior — you mean what you say and say what you do. I respect that. Thanks

Appreciate that, BorgKlingon.

And FYI… The discs are still not available on Netflix. Even in the “saved” cue.

I’m wondering if they’ll ever have them. Not exactly comparable (since it’s not distributed internationally through Netflix), but is The Good Fight available on DVD through Netflix. That show has been out for a while on DVD.

I just checked. No, The Good Fight is NOT available on Netfilx. However the difference is Netflix does have the international deal for STD. Not so with TGF. It was that reason, plus shows from other streaming services have indeed found their way to Netflix, that I thought there was a chance it would appear on Netflix. So if it is going to happen, it’s going to be on a massive delay. But then, Netflix is delaying their OWN stuff to disc now. S1 of Daredevil didn’t come out until well after S2 was out, for example.

As for movies, Netflix is not into distributing their acquired rights via DVD/BluRay. I do not know about their own series though. For movies, I have been waiting for 5 similar genre movies which rights were purchased and none are available in these formats, only through their own streaming. In my opinion, Netflix is about Control through their service not through disk Distribution.

@Darmok — that is correct. The producing studio retains DVD/BD rights on all their shows, with a holdback for sales of usually 1-2 years. The shows Netflix produces obviously are under their control, but they also have to pay the royalties and conversion costs for physical media release. None of Netflix content is downloadable and that’s a substantially greater amount to release on disc. While Netflix is not shy about dropping cash on things like this, the ability to distribute on disc is not a priority, unless you consider that for their remaining disc customers (which is still a major source of profit for them despite being in decline) they are able to use the discs to market to them to switch to the streaming service, and give them an advantage over RedBox for those who can’t. If Netflix saw an advantage in doing that, they would absolutely spend the money, whereas a third party studio has nothing to gain from an under performing show in the disc market.

You may be out of luck ML31. Although I think I know your answer would you buy the set? The price actually seems pretty reasonable.

I think you know the answer is absolutely not. In fact, the only Trek shows I own on disc are the remastered TOS and S3 & 4 of Enterprise. TNG isn’t worth it for me (unless I could hand pick a bunch of episodes for them to put on disc for me) And I would consider DS9 if it ever got remastered.

ML, Star Trek Fan Collective DVD’s are a good way to get a nice cross-section of Trek shows that span across all previous series without having to invest in buying full seasons. There are five themes, “Captain’s Log,” “Klingon,” “Time Travel,” “Q” and “Borg.” There are about four disks to a package. I just checked EBay and they are very cheap. I have them all and enjoy them.

The problem I have with those is that I’m too picky. They have those collectives but they may have only one or maybe two episodes I’m interested in. The rest are not ones I want. It just doesn’t feel worth it to me. So I will just live with not owning TNG beyond my copy of both parts of Best of Both Worlds on BD. While it was nice to have the two episodes sewn together, I kinda miss that fade to black and “To be continued” card.

I’m surprised Netflix still sends out discs, honestly.

Understandable one might think that. But discs still provide Netflix with a substantial percentage of their income, believe it or not.

One has to laugh at the silly bitching here by some of the same crowd who on every single DSC article, can only go negative. Like, oh no, the discs aren’t shown on Netflix yet? Yea, like (excuse my colorful language), no shit Sherlock, the release is nearly 3 months out. LOL — just eminently entertaining!

This is the only Star Trek series I have ZERO interest in watching again. Seeing it the first time was barely tolerable. Bring on the Picard series!

I still haven’t seen it yet, Harry. I’m a dinosaur, tech-wise, still do discs, don’t want AA, still with Dish, still love my antenna TV in the back room, love my flip phone, etc…don’t even understand this 4k, 2k, HDR jargon, so I will have to get these DVDs because I am a long-time fan. But I agree with you, on moving forward with The Story; have been since the end of DS9. I thought a Post-War Reconstruction & Mop Up story would have been nice; and Picard’s return is GREAT news.

I agree with everything you said, kitbashcanon!

Season one of DSC is something I will not watch again for a very, very long time, if ever. Past Trek and the films, still watch weekly, monthly, happily. Now, the Picard series is a whole different story. Very interested, and looking forward to it.

Will the show also be released on “digital,” e.g. iTunes? I don’t want to spend $40 on DVDs of a show I might end up not liking, but I’d gladly pay $1.99 each for one or two episodes to sample it.

@Matt Wright — I’d be surprised if CBS is releasing on disc, but not to iTunes, at least eventually. They might do a hold back for digital downloads to take advantage of physical media sales during the holidays, but they’ve already paid to convert it to home video, so downloading is just icing on the cake. And no need to announce it, as they don’t want people to wait for it. Plenty of people sitting on the sidelines waiting for the season to finish so they can join CBSAA for as short a time frame as possible to binge it.

If you just want to sample a few episodes wouldn’t it be cheaper to get a trial month of CBS All Access (or Netflix if you’re outside North America) instead of buying individual episodes?

I would have bought the season on ITunes at the outset if it was available, circumventing CBSAA entirely, and then I could have ‘owned’ it, and they still would have gotten paid for it. But they failed to release it there, I guess hoping for more subs. As a result, I paid a total of $20 to see it on CBSAA and cancelled immediately. Not the best $20 I ever spent, fyi.

I suspect that CAA will be the only streaming option available. If you can wait a year to watch via iTunes why even bother with CAA?

I’m still gonna wait till the version with a blooper reel gets released,lol!

Important to say, I think for any Trek fan, what we’re heading towards here eventually is all Star Trek, past, current and future will only be available through CBSAA, not Netflix, not Amazon Prime. This is why I’ve bought Trek discs over the years, so at some point CBS or any other streaming entity won’t be able hold me hostage to pay a monthly fee for a show I’ve watched for years which used to be on a network, for free. I can watch it where I want, when I want, on disc. Sometimes the old ways are the good ways. Perhaps I’m wrong, open to thoughts on this…

I was madder than h#ll when Sarah Connor Chronicles was cancelled by the corporate suits, and then Netflix on my Roku box lost “custody” of them (my list is at 167 and I know full well I saved over a thousand shows to my list, over the years). I went and bought the SCC discs ASAP so I can continue to enjoy my annual SCC Marathon. Dan, I hope they never take the discs away.

I have 1500+ discs, most of which are Blu-Rays, and I have nearly everything in Trek you can get.

I agree completely. The picture and sound also blows streamed HD away.

If it helps, I honestly do not see discs going away anytime soon. Eventually, yes they will. But at the moment, while it is shrinking, there is still a large market for them. I prefer discs as well. That is why I subscribe to Netflix’ disc service. Currently nothing streaming can compare to the overall quality I get from having the physical media being played for me right there on my home set up. That said, the day will certainly come when the streaming quality DOES catch up to disc quality. It’s just no here yet. I’m also a bit old fashioned in that I like having the physical media in my hand. I like having a shelf with discs on it I can show off.

Outside of the annoying bluish color correction on everything that isn’t Klingon, It’s a pretty show…and, undeniably, will look great in 1080p. Too bad the writing wasnt even up to 480. I’ll have to take a hard pass on this.

Well, I pre-ordered the Steelbook.