William Shatner Not Interested In His Own New Star Trek Show, But He Has A New Christmas Album

Following the surprise announcement earlier this month that Patrick Stewart will lead a new Star Trek TV series, his fellow captain and Star Trek: Generations co-star William Shatner immediately congratulated Stewart on landing the new series. But could a show lead by Shatner also be a possibility?

Bill doesn’t want his own Trek series, but still willing to suit up as Kirk

CBS has announced they are pursuing a strategy of developing more Star Trek shows for All Access, so it is reasonable to ask if a show with Shatner as Kirk is a possibility. When asked if they are considering a show headed by Shatner, CBS Studios president David Stapf told Deadline earlier this month that wasn’t something in the works but also added: “I would say, never say never.”

However, it appears that Shatner isn’t interested in doing a new series. He told the Toronto Star:

Right now I’m happy doing what I’m doing. I’ve been offered many series over the years. But I haven’t done them because of the commitment of time. And at this stage of my life that’s more valuable than anything else.

UPDATE: And Shatner was even more emphatic on this point when speaking to the Toronto Sun, saying:

I’m wishing Patrick all the best. I hope he does really well going back to Star Trek, but that isn’t for me.

While a Shatner-led Kirk show may be off the table, the actor remains willing, albeit with conditions, to return to the role as a guest star. The original Captain Kirk laid out to The Star what it would take:

It will have to pass through enormous hurdles including permission from Paramount and then they’ll have to get back to me and see where things are at.

William Shatner as James T. Kirk with Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: Generations

Shatner Claus

As Shatner noted, he remains busy, including growing a rather active music career. 2018 is bringing not just one, but two new William Shatner albums. To follow his new country music album Why Not Me, released earlier this month, Bill has a Christmas album coming in October, which was just made available for pre-order. Titled Shatner Claus, it features fourteen tracks with Shatner doing Christmas classics as duets with artists from a variety of music genres, including Henry Rollins, Brad Paisley, Iggy Pop and Judy Collins. There is also an original tune.

Here is the full track listing:

1. Jingle Bells Feat. Henry Rollins
2. Blue Christmas Feat. Brad Paisley
3. Little Drummer Boy Feat. Joe Louis Walker
4. Winter Wonderland Feat. Todd Rundgren & Artimus Pyle
5. Twas the Night Before Christmas Feat. Mel Collins
6. Run Rudolph Run Feat. Elliot Easton
7. O Come, O Come Emmanuel Feat. Rick Wakeman
8. Silver Bells Feat. Ian Anderson
9. One for You, One for Me
10. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Feat. Billy Gibbons
11. Silent Night Feat. Iggy Pop
12. White Christmas Feat. Judy Collins
13. Feliz Navidad Feat. Dani Bender
14. Jingle Bells Feat. Henry Rollins (Punk Rock Version)

The Cleopatra Records release is due on October 26th and has just been available for pre-order on Amazon, with the CD priced at $14.98 and the vinyl release priced at $24.98.

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Not interested in his own Star Trek TV Show. OR more like can’t get one lol We still love you Bill despite the ego.

Paul, he is 87-years-old. Easy to imagine he wants to spend the rest of his time doing his own thing.

Not interested is correct. CBS would spend $$$ on whatever it takes to get subs. Hence the return of Spock, Picard, Enterprise and 5 shows in development. The dude is almost 90 and worth many many millions. He doesn’t need the cash. He wants to spend his time doing his own thing. More power to him.

Combine all of the above – big ego (to a fault), Shatman is almost 90 so a new series is not doable nor desirable for him, and finally CBS probably doesn’t want to do a series featuring him. Everyone wins.

Yeah, but the guest appearance being on the table would be amazing if CBS has the brains. They don’t.

But what would a ‘guest appearance’ entail? Would it just be some kind of dream thing or literally trying to bring Kirk back alive? The problem is he just can’t show up in a cameo like Bones did in Encounter at Farpoint. You have to literally retell what happened to him and then come up with a story to bring him back. No one seem particularly interested in doing that. Because it’s been a quarter of a century and the fanbase has moved on LONG ago. They literally now have a new Kirk (until Pine come around and sign up for the next movie that is ;)).

Yes people HERE would like to have him back, but that doesn’t speak for the overwhelming fanbase, including all the new fans who became fans since the guy has last played Kirk. It probably would get a lot of buzz but it doesn’t sound like anyone thinks its going to draw in any big viewership. Or maybe his asking price doesn’t seem to be worth doing. Who knows, but it’s clear even Shatner knows it isn’t in the cards for a lot reasons, biggest they already have another Kirk. And my guess is we will see even another young Kirk by Discovery’s third season.

” but it doesn’t sound like anyone thinks its going to draw in any big viewership. ”

Actually, I’m thinking that if Shatner DID come back to play Kirk in ANY capacity it would be the biggest news for Trek since Star Trek ’09. Way bigger than the reception Stewart got. But I honestly sense he’s being completely honest when he speaks about not wanting to do anything lengthy anymore. Including Kirk. A character I’m pretty sure he appreciates more than anyone.

I’m really speaking to how Paramount feels about it.

We know Orci Kelvin 3 movie had Shatner in the script. Orci wanted him back, Shatner sound like he was happy to come back but Paramount thought other wise and nixed the entire thing.

Now maybe they just didn’t like the basic story but its pretty clear they didn’t want Shatner in the film because he was nowhere in Beyond outside of the cast photo.

So you have to ask Paramount. They apparently either didn’t feel the same way or simply didn’t want to pay Shatner whatever he wants, which speaks to them thinking he’s worth it.

That said, I have a feeling Orci’s movie probably would’ve done waaaaaay better than Beyond did, which bombed, having Shatner and Nimoy in it, especially representing the 50th anniversary. I’m sure Orci laughs about it at least.

That is the first I’ve heard of the Orci script having Shatner in it. In fact, I’ve heard literally NOTHING about it apart from the suits complaint that it was too “Star Treky”. Which could be interpreted a number of ways. Can that be confirmed somehow?


Wow, that’s crazy. That was the main talk around here for 2014 lol. But maybe you weren’t on this site then. To be clear the idea was for both and him Nimoy to appear.


It was actually on this website that I first heard about it (but its usually on this website I hear about most big Star Trek news ;)). But it was the talk everywhere and Orci all but confirmed it in various places before the script was completely scrapped.

OK. I went back to the article and I do recall reading it. But it was so vague and unclear it was impossible to determine what the role would have been. My guess is it would likely be no larger than the one Nimoy had in Star Trek ’09. I was under the impression based on what was written above that the role was a substantial one.

Still would like for that script to get leaked one day…

There were different rumors but the main one I remembered was that both Shatner and Nimoy were going to appear as the future Kelvin versions of Pine and Quinto characters.

It was never made clear were they going to have a more influential role like Nimoy did in the 09 film or would just be more of a cameo thing where they showed up in one scene and that was it. But since that film was rumored to have a time travel element maybe Orci was thinking bigger. And I read another article (while looking for this one) that Orci said Shatner would have a real role. Remember Shatner turned down other chances of coming back like the 09 film because the role wasn’t big enough.

So if he said yes to this so quickly he probably was promised that he would have a substantial role or at least important to the story.

Does anybody actually believe him?

I do. A series is a major time sink. He doesn’t need the money.

Time is more precious.

Yes. He is 87 and super rich. In his shoes I wouldn’t want to work at all anymore and just enjoy one luxurious vacation after another in tropical paradises. He seemingly loves working though, but understandably in smaller doses. A series takes a lot of time to make.

Shatner once said, maybe has said a few times, if he stops, he may never start again.

Working is exactly the thing which keeps the mind active and the body healthy. Holidays are nice, but not forever.

Being out of work is actually pretty depressing and definitely makes me more unhealthy and unhappier in general, so I can understand why Shatner would continue to keep busy and active.

@DataMat — spot on. Shatner wants to be in the lime light. He doesn’t know anything else. He wants to perform until the end. I believe this news about Stewart getting his own show definitely gets under his skin …

To be honest, the vibe I get from Shatner is that what happened with Stewart doesn’t phase him in the slightest. And the vibe I’m getting from Stewart is that he pretty much only did it once the money was good enough.

Not for a moment. The man’s long and glorious history of feeding his ego would demand he do it.

No and secondly – I don’t want him back as Kirk. He only reminds people he was Kirk when it suits HIM. Doing Wrath Of Khan tours and Star trek set tours and Cons when he feels like a bit of adulation. He’s so clearly bitter than DSC is getting all the attention that he has to remind people that he was Captain Kirk. He blocks people left right and centre on twitter – so much so that it’s become almost a joke now.

David Oakes,

Re: suits HIM

Well, apparently it no longer suits Pine and I don’t recall Stewart jumping at the first few offers to return to Picard until it too suited him either?

Frankly, I’m not sure what your point is? That actors should not be professionals that negotiate for the best deals?

What’s wrong with blocking people on twitter? Life is too short to spend it arguing with *redacted*

Yes, the Christmas album is very real.

@JASV — really? You think that’s how a man like Shatner wants to go out? Making the cliche celebrity Christmas album?

I do. Looking at his age and what he is doing these days what he said is VERY reasonable. Unlike what Stewart said about his doing Picard again. I mean, come on. He first says “no” but then later says “yes”? It doesn’t take an insider to figure out what went on there.

I absolutely believe him.

I do.

Here’s what I’m honestly interested in: A Hallmark William Shatner Christmas ornament next year. Not a Kirk ornament. A William Shatner ornament.

What I’d like to see is Chris Pine’s version of “Rocket Man”.
Jimmy Fallon, I hope you’re reading this.

Chris Pine doing a duet of rocket man with whoever the Disco producers cast as Lieutenant Kirk in season 3

How about a trio then? This would be the perfect way to reveal the Disco Kirk actor. Shatner starts the performance, then, to the audience’s surprise, Pine appears as the first copy, and then the new guy is the copy with the bow tie undone.

It’ll be like some cheesey 1970s Christmas special! I like it!

The new Star Trek showrunners (i.e. JJ and gang) are not interested in Captain Kirk’s character, or William Shatner as an actor, or both. This is obvious in the central role that Spock has played in all three Kelvin timeline movies. And again, on Discovery. They could have easily decided to recast a young Kirk during the Discovery timeline, but instead, they continue to focus on Spock. So much is the new regime enamored with Spock, that they are prepared to re-invent his past and create a sister out of thin air. So, I’m afraid even if Shat was interested, there would be nothing available. The showrunners rely on the pathetic excuse of Kirk being dead in the prime timeline as an obstacle to bringing him back. Yet, they did not hesitate to get creative with an alternate timeline in order to justify doing a reboot of the original series rather than taking Star Trek further into the future. I would be pleasantly shocked if they offered Shat even a guest role on Discovery or the new Picard show.

I don’t know why it’s so hard for people to accept that Spock or Sarek just never mentioned Burnham in TOS / Movies. They just “invented” a half-brother for Spock in The Final Frontier so…There is a precedent oh wait silly me TOS can get away with it and anything new can’t. worst series ever etc etc not my star trek yawn.

It was reasonably explained in Final Frontier. It was not in Discovery.

Not complicated.

Do you know who Albert Göring was? That is a sibling that was never mentioned in my history class. I find this much more unbelivable. Somebody please explain me this!

@Bryant Burnette — perfectly logical explanation for me. And it fits perfectly with Canon, and Spock’s reluctance to impart even the most superficial detail of his personal life, even to his purportedly closest friends. Sybock in contrast, was a very shallow explanation, which did little to expand our understanding of Spock, much less his family.

Have to agree with you on that. Considering Kirk and McCoy, the closest friends on the Enterprise didn’t even know that one of the most famous Vulcan Ambassadors was his father (Journey to Babel) – it is no surprise to learn that they had no idea that he also had a half brother and half sister too. On top of that there are so many plot and story line holes in TOS (even though the show was great) you could shoot a cannon ball through them!!

“JJ and gang” are not involved with Discovery. Why is this so hard to understand? JJ’s Bad Robot has a deal with Paramount Pictures to develop Star Trek movies. Discovery, on the other hand, comes from CBS. Neither Bad Robot nor Paramount are involved. Yes, Alex Kurtzman used to be a writer/producer on the first 2 JJ movies but he and Bob Orci split before Star Trek Beyond and he was not involved in Beyond (even before Orci got fired). Alex Kurtzman’s production company “Secret Hideout” is doing Discovery for CBS.
Maybe, writers prefer Spock over Kirk because Spock is a more interesting character.
I agree with you that I’d be surprised to see Shatner on Discovery, for the simple reason that Kirk would be a young man during its time. So unless he’s playing a different character or they go for some contrived accelerated aging plot (or flash-forward) he’s out. Whenever the new Picard show will actually come out, Shatner’s Kirk will have been dead for at least 25 years. You would need to find a good way to bring him back AND a good reason (within the story) for doing so.

Many of us been saying this for a long time, it’s hard to get Shatner’s Kirk back because A. they already have a Kirk with Pine and who can attract younger new fans and B. He’s been dead for over 20 years now. There is just no real reason to do it outside of fan service. And what do you do with him once you actually figure out how to bring him back? He won’t have any of his friends or crew members around. He’s stuck in the 24th century. The irony is it would probably be best just to put him back in the Nexus and he can live out his life in whatever form he wants.

And it’s clear there is no interest to put him in the next Kelvin film or Discovery. Mostly because there is just no reason to do it. MAYBE it’s possible to include him on the Picard show but I suspect that show will be to focus on Picard and other TNG characters while passing the torch to new characters completely. Adding Kirk would just complicate things and take away from that show.

Not sure I understand. Why is brining an older Kirk back so complicated? They could have done it in the Kelvin timeline films. No? Did they? No. I think that speaks volumes for what the showrunners think of Shat.

Because they killed him off 20 years ago? If you want it done RIGHT then you have to create a proper story line of bringing him back and more importantly WHY would you bring him back?

This is the thing that doesn’t seem to get any attention. WHY would anyone bring him back in the story? People die all the time, even in Star Trek. So if you are going to resurrect a character whose been dead for decades, what exactly is the purpose to doing it in the story itself? Hit me with it. And it has to be more than ‘old fans want to see Shatner again’ lol. That’s not a reason obviously. Within a story why would we see him again?

I mean, no offense, but your post kind of says it all. What do people in the Kelvin Timeline need with an 80 year old Kirk???? It has nothing to do about they think about ‘Shat’, they are trying to build new stories with new characters and situations for new audiences. They brought in Nimoy to do that because A. The character WASN’T dead and B. They found a way naturally pass the story to the other characters.

Shatner had his time. It’s over. It’s been over for decades.

Well, the easiest way to bring him back would be for a “Deadly Years” situation where Pine ages to Shatners Kirk in a matter of minutes because of some kind of virus, or an omnipotent entity wants to bring him back to mess with the mind of the crew (perhaps even as a villain), his mirror doppelganger can still be alive and be aged to Shatners age, see the possibilities are endless once you have the actor and the creativity to write a good story, and I thought of these ideas in 5 minutes, a relatively good writer should come up with much better ideas in a longer time frame and these ideas don’t even include time travel possibilities.

What the Enterprise story with Kirk would have been, from what I gleaned was it would have been MU Kirk. Who didn’t die fighting Soren. Advance aging could bring Shatner back in the KU for a bit. Could be fun but then you have the delicate balance between screen time for two stars. Perhaps it might be cool to figure out how the two could have a “Days of Future Past” kind of moment between old and young Kirk. In fact, now that I think about it, that could be a better 4th movie story than bringing back George Kirk.

Yeah I liked that idea for Enterprise. It’s too bad they didn’t do it. I still loved the Mirror episodes though but it would’ve been cool to see that version of Kirk around.

As far as the Day’s idea it kind of sounds like Orci’s script had something to do with that idea and we know Kirk and Spock would’ve met their older versions. It was never made clear would they do it physically or through some kind psychic connection via a mindmeld but it sounded like he was going that direction.

To be honest I think most people want to see Shatner’s Kirk again, but ok, it get Shatner in the movie at least.

And they did exactly that same idea in a fan film lol. It was a story involving Walter Koenig where a young Chekhov transformed into an old Chekhov.

But you still haven’t answered the questioned WHY would they do it? What could the story be? I guess in your situation it wouldn’t be hard to come up with one though since it’s not bringing back a dead Kirk so it can probably work fine though.

So, its perfectly ok to bring back a dead Spock, but not a dead Kirk? I don’t know T. I’m really struggling with this logic. And, it doesn’t matter WHY one would want to bring Kirk back. He is Captain Kirk. If you recall, he is the original star of the show..one does not need that good of a reason..just a good story. Perhaps one better than Genesis though. The novel (The Return), where he is resurrected by the Borg would have made an awesome movie. But wait, that was written by Shatner. So, no, JJ et al would not go for that.


A. They brought Spock back in the very next movie two years later with the same cast in the same franchise. They didn’t wait to bring him back 24 years later in a different franchise and everyone the guy knew is already dead.

B. He is Captain Kirk but he’s no longer the ONLY Captain Kirk so there is even a less of a reason to bring him back now. He’s been replaced by someone literally 50 years younger.

C. Having a good reason and a good story is one in the same in this instance. And clearly no one has A. Thought of a good one or B. Care enough to think of one. It could be either or both, the fact is the franchise has moved on. We have a new Kirk. And my guess with Discovery we’re going to have yet another one in a season or two.

Shatner had his time as Kirk. It’s over and been that way since the mid-90s now.

And I suppose you are fine with an 80 year old prime Spock coming back again in Into Darkness? Talk about forcing it…

@Tiger2 Ted Antonopoulos is right. There is no reason why they can’t bring Kirk back from the dead, they did it with Spock and it literally happens all the time in science fiction. And honestly it doesn’t even require that much of an explanation, it could literally be explained by a single letter on how he’s alive, Q. Or just use time travel and retcon Generations. A good writer can do anything and come up with a good story and explanation, the only reason it hasn’t happened yet is cause the writers we’re getting are lazy and make excuses.

I didn’t say its impossible TM11, I’m saying it’s not necessary. That’s the problem that certain fans can’t seem to accept. Can they have Q snap his fingers and have Kirk show up alive as you said, yeah, sure obviously.

Now what is the REASON for Q bringing back someone who has been fertilizer food for several decades now? Again it’s not how that’s the issue, its the WHY that actually matters. That separates it from being a relevant story for the character and franchise vs being pure fan service to please TOS fans and little else. And yet no one has even attempted to come up with and you guys had 24 years lol.

Here is an example of what I mean:

TWOK was an example of a relevant story using Khan.

STID was an example of using Khan solely for fan service.

Do you get it now? That’s the fear of doing it JUST to do it.

It has nothing to do with the ‘writer’ but with the studio. They clearly don’t want Shatner back. IF they did, he would’ve been back by now. Orci wrote a script that brought him back (but not dead Prime Kirk but older Kelvin Kirk) and they killed it. Right? They clearly don’t want him back for whatever reason. Maybe one day Orci will tell us why they rejected the story but Don’t kill the messenger.

Okay I think I understand more of what you’re saying now Tiger2. You’re basically saying that they can’t just do it just to do it and there has to be a reason for it which serves the story. I totally get it but it’s mindboggling to me that it hasn’t been done yet, there are so many possibilities and stories that they can use to justify bringing him back but you may be right in that the studio/network may not want him back for some reason which is a shame.

Well I’m glad you understand my TM11!

And that’s all I’m saying, yes, if you’re going to do it, have a REAL REASON TO DO IT!

I try to stay out of these articles because I always come off like I’m a Shatner hater that wants Prime Kirk to stay dead forever. I would be one of the first people in the theater opening weekend if someone did that and found a reason to do it. But what’s funny about this argument is that I DON’T want them to do it because how badly that went the last time. It was called Generations.

If anything THAT movie should tell you why it’s not a good idea to do something just because you can. Kirk was there STRICTLY for fan service. Was it cool he was there? Yes. Was it great seeing him with Picard? Of course. Did it make the film better? NO!

And yet what’s funny is the SAME people who probably hates that film thinks somehow they are going to get a different result? Why exactly? Kirk works when he’s around Spock and Bones on the Enterprise AS Captain. That’s the character. And I know people don’t want to hear this but you are NEVER going to get that character again with Shatner’s Kirk.

But I guess someone else can bring Kirk from the dead to help punch another guy out.

Yes, if the studio wanted Shatner back, the guy would’ve been back loooooong ago.

I mean go BACK to the Nimoy situation with TWOK. They killed the guy off and what do they do? They throw more money at him and tell him he can direct the next movie if he comes back. Why? Because without Spock in those movies, there was a risk many fans wouldn’t come back. In other words his presence was still vital to the life blood of the franchise at the time.

Now take Shatner’s situation. First off Paramount DIDN’T want anyone from TOS to be in the TNG movie. It was Berman, Moore and Braga who pushed for it. As far as Paramount was concerned they were done after TUC. They finally gave in but only wanted them to appear as little as possible. That’s why Shatner is in the prologue and not seen again until the final act. They only brought him back to kill him off basically.

No one was trying to get him back in the next movie or asking him to direct (but not even Shatner wanted that again lol). Because unlike Nimoy’s situation the franchise had moved on. They were going to fight the freakin Borg next, they didn’t need Kirk anymore.

And 24 YEARS later that is still true. Don’t kill the messenger but just stating the obvious. They don’t want Shatner back because they feel they don’t NEED Shatner back, especially now with a new TOS cast!

“First off Paramount DIDN’T want anyone from TOS to be in the TNG movie.”

That is another thing I haven’t heard before. It was my understanding that everyone was on board with it. In fact, roles for ALL the TOS cast were written but only 3 agreed to it. The mistake was to bookend the stuff with Kirk. Audiences for the most part felt cheated as they felt they were going to get Kirk and Picard nearly all movie long like Butch and Sundance. Me personally, the only parts of Generations that really worked were the parts that Shatner was in.

Here is the other rumor about those first two TNG movies. They had two stories. Knew they would shoot them both. Just didn’t know what order. Knew they would get Kirk and Co in the first one and the other would be TNG on their own. Had they opted for what ended up being the First Contact story, they would have had the Borg go back to Kirk’s time instead of 2060whenever it it was. And Kirk would have died saving the Federation from the Borg. Had I been in the room back then that is the one I would have pulled for them doing first.

Yes you’re partly right!

The way Berman and Braga described it was they wanted to do a passing of the baton film and had both crews in the film equally. But Paramount was completely against it. They wanted strictly a TNG movie. Now this is COMPLETE speculation on my part but my guess is they were simply worried how much money that was going to cost them if they had two big casts in the film which would be valid, but just my theory.

But it does make sense that was the issue because Ronald Moore said in another interview they compromised and that the TOS cast could be in the film, but ONLY in the first 15 mins of the movie, hence the prologue. They were basically offered glorified cameo roles. They were all invited back but being actors most wanted bigger roles so most declined. Shatner was the only who got more screen time for obvious reasons but like I said it was still limited on purpose. My guess is because they wouldn’t have to pay them more under a certain amount of screen time, but again, that is SOLELY my speculation. No one ever commented on money or salaries.

But that’s why they appeared the way they did. One side wanted them throughout the film, the other side not at all and this was the compromise it seems.

The “glorified cameo” is the reason Nimoy gave for backing out. I believe Kelly’s health was starting to fail by then so he backed out. The others I’m guessing had no desire to get involved with something so small that, as you speculated, contained a smaller payday. I’ll accept what you said about the studio not being interested in a full crossover most likely because of money. (It makes sense that the studio would prefer to have the crossover concept) I do think the film would have been a LOT better had it allowed for interactions between the two bridge crews for the entire movie. Especially since one of the major criticisms was the lack of together time for Kirk & Picard. Generations was a HUGE missed opportunity.

Yup. We have now come full circle on this great debate. I believe we are in violent agreement. No question in my mind that the current regime does not want Shat back.

See, I don’t think it is a matter of NOT wanting Shatner back. I really think it is more about Shatner not wanting to commit for any great length of time and it is also about the money. Over the years anytime there was a very real chance at getting him back to play Kirk one or both of those reasons conspired against it. Pretty sure we all know that Shatner had been contacted about the two part Enterprise episode and it really just came down to Bill’s asking price. I believe it has been confirmed a cameo was written for him in Trek ’09 and Shat didn’t want such a small role.

What I’m saying is Paramount didn’t have any real urge for Shatner to play Kirk again. I’m not saying they were completely against it, but it was no longer a priority of him being in the franchise anymore.

But I do think the Orci debacle proved they don’t really want Shatner back. When Enterprise wanted him, that was almost a decade ago vs today.

And of course you have to look at the situations. When they considered him for Enterprise, it was to boost a failing show that was diving in the ratings. That’s why Spiner was brought back too. They were just looking for something to get fans excited again so they may have been willing to at least consider it, but it still didn’t happen.

But with the Kelvin films, everyone thought the next film after STID was going to be a big hit considering how well that one did. They didn’t think they needed Shatner and Nimoy because that franchise was already established and people had accepted the new characters. So in Paramount’s eyes, why pay more money for those actors when the film was guaranteed to be a hit already? Yes in hindsight they were VERY wrong lol but they thought they had a hit already, hence announcing Part 4 with Hemsworth before Beyond released.

“But I do think the Orci debacle proved they don’t really want Shatner back.”

I don’t think that based on what I heard about his ST3 script. There just isn’t enough info out there to assume that. Is it possible? Sure. But I don’t think that was the case. I think they would have LOVED to get Shat involved somehow. But they weren’t going to do it come hell or high water, either.

Regarding the KU films, there is a logic to feeling like they did not need to keep running to Nimoy or Shatner. By their 3rd film they really should be walking on their own. But that attitude makes more sense that it comes from the movie’s producers and it feels like the studio would be the one pushing to get Shat in if possible if there ever was a push to get Shat in. None of us really knows what went down behind those doors, but as fans, we speculate.

Pegg said they rejected Orci’s script for being too Trek-y. That can be a number of reasons but looking at how Beyond turned out and what we know about Orci’s script it’s at least clear they weren’t too concerned on connecting it to old Star Trek.

But honestly, if they wanted Shatner back then they would simply WRITE a script that would do that. Why not take that idea that Orci had in his script and use it in Beyond? Or why not have the next film involve Shatner somehow? Instead of using that money on Hemsworth who doesn’t remotely need Star Trek, then torpedo that story and build one around old Kirk.

I’m sorry I think just the opposite. Paramount doesn’t seem remotely concerned about having Shatner back. The guy isn’t Tom Cruise, how much could he possibly be asking for lol. They got Nimoy back. They got Stewart back. And those guys wasn’t away from the franchise nearly as long as Shatner has been. Seem like if they really wanted him back, then they would just pay him whatever or come up with something to actually use him.

And Shatner said he moved on from Kirk but then says if Paramount came up with something he would consider it. But Paramount clearly isn’t which is the point.

No, I thought having Spock in STID did nothing. But then again at least that guy was still alive so I don’t blame them for using him. They could’ve just came up with something better.

Adding Kirk to the Picard show, even as a mere cameo, would be like having the USS Enterprise appear on Discovery. I think most understand the analogy.


Re: they already have a Kirk with Pine

No, they don’t. Haven’t you heard? Pine walked.

JJ, Alex, they are all made from he same cloth. Style over substance.

@Ted Antonopoulos I agree completely.

Paramount would have nothing to do with apparently he does not understand he would be working for CBS. All CBS has to do is cast their own Lt. Kirk for discovery they don’t need Shatner.

I give credit to Shat and his producer(s) for getting an impessive and ecclectic group of talent on this album. I may have to give it a listen.

Isn’t Bill Jewish?

Plenty of Jews celebrate Christmas. I do.

So’s Bob Dylan, and he did a Christmas album. Pretty great one, too.

Also, Neil Diamond called and wanted to tell us about the truckloads of money he made as a Jewish singer with four Christmas album releases.

If Patrick Stewart is coming back as Picard they need to offer to bring William Shatner back as Kirk in something. And the people who keep saying they don’t know how to bring him back after he died in Generations aren’t being too smart. This is science fiction people die and come back to life all the time. A good and creative enough writer can come up with an explanation, and frankly I wouldn’t mind just having him show up with no explanation at all. The way the franchise has treated the stars of the original is appalling, they should’ve never tried to bring them into the TNG era cause it just messed everything up; Bones got old, Scotty was stuck in a transporter for nearly a century, and Kirk got caught in the Nexus only to reappear and get killed by a bridge. We have no idea what happened to the others other than Spock who despite them bringing him back for the Kelvin films ended up dying in that alternate timeline without his friends by his side. It seems to me like their fates ended up horribly, and as optimistic as Star Trek is I cannot accept that’s how it all ended for them. If they would’ve just not touched on the subject in the TNG era they could’ve brought all the surviving cast back. But hey since they brought Patrick Stewart back and no one thought that would be possible you never know what can happen.

Kirk’s story ended in the Undiscovered Country. The Enterprise was decommissioned and the crew retired. I like to pretend Generations never happened.

@skyjedi Agreed. The story for the whole TOS cast ended in Undiscovered Country. The only problem with retconning Generations is then there’s no explanation for the Enterprise-D being destroyed and the E being built but that could probably be explained easily.

What I can’t believe it the fact that in a franchise that uses the time travel trope as often as Star Trek, I can’t believe no writer found a way to bring Shatner back in some form. I guess they just didn’t want to, or Shatner was very expensive.

“… or Shatner was very expensive.”

That is what Berman and Braga told us.

Probably both. ;)

@alphantrion Exactly, it could very easily be done. A good writer can come up with a way to bring Shatner back, we’ve just been getting a bunch of lazy and shitty writers that make BS excuses as to why they can’t do it.

TM11, it has ZIP to do with ‘lazy writers’. OK? It has EVERYTHING to do with studios like Paramount and CBS who will dictate if they even want to bring Shatner back or not. You’re missing the forest for the trees. It’s not just about if someone can write a story to bring him back, it’s that no one wants to approve of a story that will bring him back.

And as explained once again, Bob Orci tried to bring him back just a few years ago in the third Kelvin film. He got fired off his own movie for it. I’m not saying that’s the only reason but clearly they didn’t want Shatner back either. So stop saying its due to the writers. It comes from the top, period.

I agree with you that the decisions ultimately do come from the studio and/or network. But anytime a writer is interviewed they tend to make up excuses which is what I was mainly referring to. They should just be honest and say that the reason is the studio/network won’t approve but I bet they probably aren’t allowed to say that.

See, I disagree it is a studio thing. I think it mostly lies with Shatner. I think the studio would LOVE to bring Shatner back. But they also are not going to break the bank for him. Plus Shatner himself has agreed that Kirk is dead and it would take some goofy sci-fi stuff to bring him back. If resurrection is mostly off the table then that limits his appearances to MU Kirk, old Chris Pine Kirk or alternate reality Kirk. It was a billion times easier to include Spock in Trek ’09 mainly because you would need an entire resurrection story for Kirk and they just didn’t have time for that. To sum up, I really really think that if Kirk were to come back for a mini-series it would tip the needle far more than Picard coming back ever would. And I’m pretty sure CBS knows this.

“I think the studio would LOVE to bring Shatner back. But they also are not going to break the bank for him.”

Yes but that’s the issue. They don’t seem to think he’s worth it anymore or they would’ve paid him whatever he was asking for. When they were doing the TOS films I don’t think Shatner’s demands were any less than they are today, my guess the complete opposite. The difference is back then they had NO choice because he was essentially the franchise at the time. This is the same guy they let write and direct TFF to keep him happy, not because they thought Shatner was the next Spielberg. That’s a studio who knows they needed Kirk and Spock in their movies so they gave them all kinds of perks to keep them coming back. But Shatner and Nimoy was the Superman and Batman of the franchise back then.

Today, not so much. Believe me, if they really wanted the guy back, he would’ve been back long ago.

Here is an example: They could’ve commissioned a movie script that is all about revising Kirk as everyone here seems to want after Nemesis tanked. If they felt they needed something to ‘energize’ the fanbase again and that Shatner was the guy to do it, focusing on bringing him back could’ve been that direction.

What did they do instead? Came up with a younger crew to replace his cast completely. Paramount just don’t see him as a priority anymore.

I disagree. I see little evidence that there is no studio interest in Shat returning. I think they know the buzz it would bring to the franchise. The roadblock there has always lied with Shatner himself. You need to remember, the cold box office (although the movie was good) of Nemesis was followed by sinking ratings on Enterprise. The overall feeling was the franchise needed a break. No one was interested in another Picard led feature, let alone one where Kirk was resurrected. Trek on TV was dead at the time, too. It’s not like immediately after Nemesis they just went with a fully new show and crew. The franchise was seen as not profitable anymore at that point. Period. Then the idea of the reboot came along. They added the alternate time line thing to appease fans and link it to the main line with Nimoy. Whose Spock character was known to be alive and kicking in Picard’s time. To include Shatner would mean a lengthy resurrection story they simply did not have time for. Nimoy would be enough to make the link. The writers even wrote a cameo for Kirk just to get him in. But Shatner had zero interest in that. So again, it came down to Shatner not wanting to do it. You could be right, as again this is all speculation. But I really think there is more evidence this lies with Shatner than it does with the studio.


Re: … not going to break the bank for him.

Or Pine, or Hemsworth. I think it is unfair to characterize Paramount’s financing woes as somehow caused solely by one particular actor?

Re: … goofy sci-fi stuff …

You say that as if the Genesis wave kickstarting Spock back to life as a toddler aging up to the actor Nimoy’s adult age in stages was somehow not?

You want goofy? How did a toddler in that lack of mind state become an expert forager of edible food on a planet that was constantly changing everywhere he stepped?


@ Anthony Thompson – which bit? – Shatner’s comments about appearing as Kirk again? Or his bringing out a Christmas album? Or his Santa outfit? Or Shatner himself? Or was it the whole article you didn’t like? Or were you referring to TM11’s post even? – please clarify.

@ TM11 & skyjedi – Personally, I just look on the ‘prime timeline’ as being the original show and conclude it with the ‘Undiscovered Country’ movie…and just ignore ALL those ‘additional’ appearances by the original cast as occurring in a seperate, ‘alternate universe’.

So my ‘alternate Trek universe’ consists of ‘Enterprise, TNG, DS9, Voyager, the ‘Generations’ movie and it’s sequels..and any ‘TOS’-character appearances are just ‘alternate doppleganger’ ones…including the ‘elderly Spock’ in the ‘Kelvin timeline’ which spins-off from this particular Trek universe!

And Discovery is yet another ‘alternate’ Trek-like universe to those ones, and again, any similarity to the ‘prime timeline’ characters and their names are purely coincidental. ;)

@Cervantes I like your idea of pretending they’re just alternate timelines, I have a similar idea. I kinda look at it as like since the whole nexus thing transcends time and space and you can travel to any time, in that particular moment the prime timeline split into two different branches and then later on after the events of Generations it rejoined back into a singular timeline. Basically in the one branch is what we saw happen in Generations and the other appearances by the TOS cast, and in the other branch all that never happened and the TOS cast lived happily ever after after The Undiscovered Country. At the point the timelines came back into one everyone would have memories of both branches of events occurring. I figured after Kirk died in Generations Q or Daniels brought him back to life and sent him and Scotty back to the past where they belong to fix the timeline where they live out their lives in that other branch, however again both branches definitely happened and they all have memories of it since the timeline rejoined. Honestly that’s probably the best Star Trek way to handle it. Something like that happened in Star Trek Online where they took Scotty and Chekov out of their time to help with a mission and then sent them back to their time. That game comes up with some great storylines.

@ TM11 – the main reason I came up with my ‘3 alternate Trek universes’ way of looking at the franchise, was to first-and-foremost have a way to undo the ‘rusty bridge’ death of ‘prime’ Kirk in ‘Generations’ – I mean, we already had to see his character seemingly ‘killed off’ near the start of that movie, before having to go through it all again at the end. Talk about a downer for ‘TOS’ fans, and unlike with ‘Spock’s demise in ST:TWOK, there was no hint of a possible reprieve for him at the end.

However, the other big reason for separating the franchise into ‘separate universe’ storylines for myself, was to help smooth over the very different ‘production design’ sensibilities that all non-TOS shows and movies introduced – and although the Klingons seen in ST:TMP and it’s sequels up until the UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY were different-looking to the earlier TOS show…I’m content to simply ‘handwave’ those particular differences away with the ‘various houses’ notion of the Klingon race for the sake of my imaginary ‘prime’ universe.

But whatever way of looking at things improves the franchise for you, is fine by me if it works for you.

Yes, your comment is.

The guy is 87. He doesn’t want or need a TV series. It also helps that most people don’t want a new Kirk series with him. He’s dead, Jim.

What a liar. if CBS offered him the opportunity to star in a six episode Captain Kirk miniseries that man would climb over a pit of broken glass and rusty bayonets to accept.

He’s all about the glory and there’s nothing he’d love more than to be the star of his own show all about him.

His rage over seeing Stewart get all the applause (virtual and literal) is immeasurable and his phony humility isn’t fooling me.

Nah, he’s all about the money. He can’t seem too keen or they might think they can get him cheap.

Oh, no doubt he’ll insist on being the highest paid person in the franchise but this idea that he’s not interested in having his own show is simply hogwash.

@Afterburn — he’s a narcisist, so even if he took less money, there would be an NDA, and Shatner would imply that he’d stolen the golden goose.

You have ESP? You know what someone is thinking? You sound like a petty troll, not fooling me.

So much of my life’s various fandoms from different times collide: Star Trek, Black Flag (Henry Rollins) and Jethro Tull (Ian Anderson). All on one album! Seriously, Ian Anderson and Henry Rollins on the same record is nuts enough, but William Shatner headlining makes me realize I’m probably just hallucinating.

The iconic Mr. Shatner is on cruise control at this point in his life, as it should be, handpicking what he chooses to work on and enjoying himself. At almost 90, he should be doing exactly what he is doing, and he’s right – time is more valuable than anything else.

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier showed us that Shatner can’t carry a tune. How does the man make albums? Does he talk the songs? Has he had singing lessons since TFF? How’s he pulling this off?

A question I have asked myself many a times… It would be interesting to know what the sales numbers are for those albums…

They must make a profit, or no record company would touch it.

He mostly speaks things. His 2004 album Has Been produced by Ben Folds is a genuinely great album with some very moving and funny songs.

Shatner’s cover of Common People is epic. Better than the original, and I like the original a lot.

Thanks for answering the question!

Shatner may prefer short stints because he may be impossible to insure. Shatner may not even be close to anything resembling what an aged Kirk would be like. Shatner might not be best person to decide what his story and performance are like. Such a director and team, whomever they are, may be too expensive or have no power to bring the budget. We all have no idea.

That said, done right, we would all watch it. Even if it was one of the minitreks. I mean: maybe Shatner should do that —- and give the money to charity.

Should play george kirk in star trek 4

Anybody watch Shatner in his show ‘Better Late Than Never’? Now THAT is a fun reality show lol. It’s he and other older celebrities like George Foreman, Henry Winkler and Terry Bradshaw who goes around the world participating in crazy stunts. It lasted two seasons. First season took place in Asia and the second in Europe. I haven’t seen all of season 2 yet but it’s a really fun show watching these guys nutty things and look completely out of their element lol.

Here’s some info on it:


Sadly it was cancelled this year. I doubt we’ll ever see Shatner play Kirk again or get his own show but I would’ve love it if they did another season of this show.

Love that show, Tiger. I hate Reality TV in general, but watched Better Late Than Never because I couldn’t resist. Hysterical.

Watched the first series, brilliant!

Disappointed it has been cancelled

Yeah such a fun show Danpaine! It was fun watching them stomp around Asia doing things clearly out of their depth. I still have to finish season 2, I haven’t seen the last three episodes yet. But so much fun.

Based on recommendations here I looked on Netflix for it. Sadly, it did not come up. Must have been on a provider that doesn’t share.

Adam, you will find there is much variety among Jews of North America celebrating Christmas. Some will celebrate, some will celebrate a little bit, and some not at all. Many of the cherished Christmas songs were written by Jews such as White Christmas by Irving Berlin. One of my favorites is Winter Wonderland, which was cowritten by the Jewish Felix Bernard. Bryant, yes Bob Dylan’s Christmas in the Heart is a very special collection, though some people do not enjoy his voice which is quite weathered. Christmas Blues is lovely, and I appreciate lesser known material such as Christmas Island.

To people who are making negative comments about William Shatner, maybe he should be appreciated, given his age and accomplishments in life. Some will find fault in what William Shatner has done or not done, but by the standards of Hollywood, I do not think he is a bad person.

Bill never mind the three negative people on here and their sockpuppets. Keep doing what you’re doing: living life to the fullest. LLAP

Damn. Now I want a Shatner series that is entirely a musical.

Would be nice if he would do a guest appearance. Wasn’t clamoring for a picard show but will definitely be watching

Here too. Have little interest in a Picard show but will likely check it out. Would rather see something new, myself. But unlike STD I’d like it to, you know, not suck.