‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Cast Including Ethan Peck Headed To NYCC + More Season One Behind-The-Scenes Reveals

Today it was revealed that there will be a Star Trek: Discovery panel at New York Comic-Con. We have details on that along with a look at the never-seen bridge of the USS Europa, plus more Discovery morsels to chew on.

Star Trek returning to NYCC with Ethan Peck and maybe Patrick Stewart too

CBS has announced they will be holding a Star Trek: Discovery panel at New York Comic-Con. The promo on social media indicates that attendees include Sonequa Martin-Green, Anson Mount, Anthony Rapp, Wilson Cruz, Shazad Latif, Mary Chieffo, and Doug Jones. Deadline is also reporting that Ethan Peck, recently announced as the new Spock on Discovery will also be there. The panel will be at the Theater at Madison Square Garden on October 6 at 4 PM ET.

This will likely be the last convention event for Discovery before the early 2019 premiere of season two, so it is possible NYCC will be used to make some new reveals, possibly even another trailer or clip. CBS brought new video with them to WonderCon in March and San Diego Comic-Con in July.

It could also be an opportunity for CBS to make some news about their other Star Trek shows in development, which Deadline also teases:

Like last year at NYCC, expect a surprise guest or two, such as maybe Sir Patrick Stewart, to join the Discovery crew and producers. The group plans to talk not only about the upcoming second season but the legacy and expansion of the Gene Roddenberry created franchise on CBS All Access – which would be perfect for Next Generation alum as his new All Access Trekverse series gets in gear.

Last year at NYCC, CBS surprised fans by having Michelle Yeoh join the panel and announce her return to the show (see full TrekMovie report).

Michelle Yeoh makes a surprise appearance on stage at NYCC 2017 (CBS)

More Disco Bits

Here are more Star Trek: Discovery-related bits of interest

Discovery’s editor raves about new Spock

A look at the USS Europa bridge

Season one writer Kemp Powers was inspired by the release of the Eaglemoss USS Europa (Nimitz-class) model to reveal more about the ship only seen from the outside in the two-part pilot. On Twitter, Kemp revealed: “When I worked on Star Trek: Discovery, Admiral Anderson’s ship was my favorite, largely because of the bridge and captain’s chair (which sadly, never made it into the show).” He shared some concept art for the ship’s bridge.

(Photo: Twitter/Kemp Powers)

(Photo: Twitter/Kemp Powers)

The Klingon heart revealed

Discovery creature designer Neville page continues to reveal more of the behind-the-scenes work on the show, with his latest offerings related to Klingon anatomy.

View this post on Instagram

In the spirit of recent responses to bullying and having a heart….here is a heart. Specifically, a Klingon heart. Seen in season one during a surgical procedure, this heart is based on the canon that Klingons have redundant/double organs. Rather than just mirror a heart, I thought it biologically appropriate to supercharge the Klingon heart. This “second” heart (on the right) acts as an overdrive pump when more oxygenation of blood is required and thus facilitating greater success in battle. I included an NOS (nitrous oxide system) booster on that second heart (seen at the lower center of the image) in the form of an additional adrenaline gland. Excite a Klingon and…well…good luck with that😉 @startrek @startrekcbs @zbrushatpixologic @foundrymodo @gentlegiantltd #klingon #scifi #surgery #heart #nos #nitrousoxide #anatomy #medical

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The way to a mans heart is through his stomach. The way to a Klingons? Through their chest. In the surgery scene, we needed a “chest spreader” to crack open the torso in order to access the heart. In keeping with the notion that the Klingons are evolved aestheticians and have an eye for design, I went with the basic functional needs of a spreading device and embellished it with flourishes of their aesthetic propensities as well as iconography of past great Klingon surgeons. I utilized a lot of the established Torchbearer form language but stayed true to the needs of utility regarding pivots, access, even labeling (as seen in the first image). It is very much inspired by ancient and antique medical tools in that they were very ornamental. The materials were intentionally to echo that as well with the precious metals and carved bone (from an exotic alien beast, no doubt). @startrek @startrekcbs @keyshot3d @zbrushatpixologic @foundrymodo @gentlegiantltd @3dsystems @artcenteredu #klingon #surgery #medical #openheart #design #industrialdesign #medicaldesign

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Toronto family photo

Anson Mount stopped to snap a pic of the Discovery cast backstage at last weekend’s Fan Expo Canada panel (see TrekMovie report).

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@officialfxc #fanexpocanada

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Discovery making the lists

Discovery bridge officer actors Emily Coutts (Lt. Detmer) and Ronnie Rowe Jr. (Lt. Bryce) are on The Hollywood Reporter’s new list of Canada’s Rising Stars for 2018.

Star Trek: Discovery is ranked 4th for TV Guide’s list of the best reboots and revivals of 2018.

Emily Coutts is one Canada’s rising stars (Photo: Getty)


Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

The first season of Star Trek: Discovery will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on November 13th.

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Wow – when Klingons boast that they ate the heart of the enemies whom they’d slain in glorious battle, I didn’t predict it’d be such a large meal? :-)

Well, remember it’s hollow — but that is why they prepare it Cordon Bleu style. ;-)

Like what Riker said to Worf when he saw the Gorch (klingon pimple) during Star Trek Insurrection, Klingons don’t do anything small… 😁🖖

Please bring Stewart to NYCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posdsible – he’s a man of the theater; while he’s in town he could catch up with Broadway?

those Klingons must be from House Clive, in the B’arker Sector

So the Europa Bridge = Star Destroyer Bridge?


Star Destroyer bridges are two decks tall, don’t have floor to ceiling windows, and have many more mechanical controls.

You can see that this Europa bridge has sunken “holes” below the main deck (for crew stations?) – so essentially two decks tall (or 1 and a half) with a central corridor. Take away the railing and Darth Vader would feel comfortable on it!

Sorry, but those look nothing like the double deck bridge of the Star Destroyer — you can barely see them and can’t even tell if their are crew in them.

This bridge has a mezzanine and a level below that which looks like it would run beneath the bridge-on-the-bridge, so two decks tall. Very Imperial.

But you are still LJ, right?

Yes! That was my first idea too. It’s so darl, it fits more to Star Wars.

Your eyes might be a little off. The sunken design of a star destroyer bridge have rows of sunken seating with consoles and screens in front of them. This simply shows that that you take a couple steps down to an entire section where an officer would stand or sit at a raised seating and have a full console to work at. It’s a lot different than what’s seen on a star destroyer bridge. This actually reminded me of a Klingon bridge with the supports coming down from the ceiling or of the Kelvin bridge. I like it though.

Exactly! It looks little like a Star Destoyer Bridge, but does have some attributes that do remind me of the Kelvin bridge a bit.

You guys DO know that TV Guide is owned by CBS, right? So the fact that TV Guide rates Star Trek Discovery 4th in reboots isn’t exactly an independent finding. :-)

Not sure if “you guys” is for us at TM, but yes of course know. It’s just a fun filler sort of link. That’s what the “bits” sections are, just fun/interesting tidbits.


And National Amusements owns CBS — how is that working out? :-)

On the CBS owned topic. When there’s big news, you can watch this pattern play out: CBS shares something big with Entertainment Weekly, which is not owned by CBS, but EW is the top dog in the entertainment biz. Then a few days later little bits and pieces that are exclusives show up on CBS owned websites: Entertainment Tonight, TVGuide.com, and often CNET too.

Without a doubt some of the crapiest writing I have seen. It is Trek in name only. Gone is the optimistic outlook. Gone is the look and feel. Although it predates tos, it’s tech out grunge and supercede even the farthest projected Trek tech we have seen… And it is dark. Gone are the Klingons. Instead seem to be burn victim renditions of something from Enemy Mine in the 80’s. Why can’t Hollywood pull the trigger on originality rather than bastardized remakes. Go boldly and destroy your own universe rather than co-opt and destroy a fan favorite.

“Without a doubt some of the crapiest writing I have seen.”

Regarding your writing in this post, I like your self-criticism. Not capitalizing “tos,” Nonsensical phrases, like “…it’s tech out grunge and supercede even the farthest…” Weird analogies relating to “burn victims?”

Thanks for admitting this in your first sentence. As a Clint Eastwood character once said, “a man’s got to know his limitations.”

This is ridiculous. Does it make you feel good eviscerating a person’s grammar like it proves you’re smarter or have a more valid opinion? Good god the mudslinging on this site is so unnecessary. The dude shared his opinion. Why you gotta pounce on his spelling? Is that supposed to delegitimize his argument? Cuz I agree with David — Disco is a puzzling and somewhat difficult show to love. So like…back off?

Just injecting a little humorous irony. Relax.

You have a caustic sense of humor!

“Discovery” hasn’t destroyed “Star Trek,” for heaven’s sake! If you don’t like it, you have several Trek shows to choose from on Netflix that will meet your standards until a new one comes along that does.

“Star Trek” cannot be destroyed. It exists in our minds and hearts, and some of us can accept many iterations while others can’t [or won’t]. Rest assured, some new version will come along that appeals to you. Don’t give up!

Understand; I do not say they destroyed Trek. I said, this is not Trek, except in name only.

They tried to do a fresh take on Star Trek, without resorting to 25-30 year old TNG reheated leftovers. They missed the mark, but they are the first star trek show since DS9 that tried to do something different. Now since season 1 failed season 2 will be a TOS nostalgia trip.

You may have something there.

You really gotta hand it to them, they’re talented craftspeople and have created some truly impressive stuff for this show! The details are astonishing. Now I’m scrambling to find a ticket.

The Klingon designs have just boggled my mind, in a pleasant way. A great deal of thought is invested here! It brings a new dimension to what I thought were a race of practical warriors who had some complex spiritual beliefs, a dynastic society, and a stripped-down, warrior aesthetic on their ships.

I love that the Klingons are now represented as so technically advanced, with such a great appreciation for aesthetics. They are merciless savages by Federation standards but more scientifically advanced, AND very alien.

Wow so the Europa is Matte Black not very federation,or very starfleet. Reminds me of the Color of the Vengeance.