Star Trek Stars And Aliens Gather For Governors Award, ‘Discovery’ Comes Up Short For Emmys

Tonight the first of two nights of ceremonies were held for the Creative Arts Emmy Awards. An edited version of the ceremonies will broadcast on FXX on September 15th, but winners have been already been announced. Unfortunately Star Trek: Discovery lost out in both of its nominated categories, but the franchise was honored with a previously announced award.

Star Trek honored with Governors Award

This year the Television Academy honored the Star Trek franchise with its prestigious Governors Award. On stage to accept were representatives from each of the series: William Shatner and Walter Koenig from Star Trek: The Original Series, LeVar Burton from The Next Generation, Terry Farrell from Deep Space Nine, Jeri Ryan from Voyager, Linda Park from Enterprise and Sonequa Martin-Green from Discovery. Also on stage was Discovery co-creator, and the man heading up the TV franchise, Alex Kurtzman, along with a Kelpien and a (Discovery– style) Klingon.

Terry Farrell, Walter Koenig, Sonequa Martin-Green, William Shatner, Alex Kurtzman, Jeri Ryan and LeVar Burton on stage accepting Governor’s Award at the Creative Arts Emmy ceremony (Photo: Television Academy)

Presentation of the award was preceded by an extended reel of footage from all the Star Trek series. Bill Nye gave out the actual award, saying of the franchise (via Deadline) “It may have started off as an entertainment series but it changed the world — and I feel that it changed the world for the better.”

William Shatner led the delegation to accept the award after being greeted by a standing ovation. The original Kirk told the crowd “I accept this award on behalf of all the artists who worked to make the show a success.” Joining Shatner and the other stars on stage were dozens of members of crew currently working on Star Trek shows for CBS.

Deadline’s live blog quotes more of Shatner’s acceptance speech:

“Thank you so much. 52 years,” Shatner says solemnly. “What a gift. We’re grateful…Star Trek has endured because it represents an idea – one that’s greater than the sum of our parts….we watch and we reach to see the best version of ourselves….Star Trek is a phenomenon….I accept this award with honor.”

Ryan A. Bell of NASA’s JPL, who won an Emmy tonight for Cassini’s Grand Finale, captured some of the moment and shared it on Twitter.

Deadline also has brief backstage comments with some of the Trek luminaries:

“It resonates because we were talking about topical issues and socio-political content,” said Koening [sic], who played the memorable Chekov. He said that it still resonates today.

Burton chimes in, “It’s all about good storytelling.”

“We still worry about living together and having a fruitful and joyful experience,” continues Koening [sic]. We are beset with problems that we had in the ’60s.”

As the newest member of the fleet, Martin-Green points out that she hopes Discovery gives justice to the franchise and furthers it. “It was very important to us anew, but be our own at the same time,” she adds.

Kurtzman adds that Star Trek “has been a beacon of hope for so many people for so long.”

“In dark times, we need that hope,” he said.

Designer Tim Earls captured the moment William Shatner escorted Sonequa Martin-Green out to accept the award.

Disco comes up empty at Emmys, “USS Callister” takes home 3

After a vigorous For Your Consideration campaign from CBS, Star Trek: Discovery garnered two Emmy nominations, both of which were being awarded tonight. Discovery was nominated for Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup which was won by Game of Thrones. and Outstanding Sound Editing, which went to the Netflix series Stranger Things.

Both Glenn Hetrick and Neville Page were gracious in defeat, congratulating Game of Thrones on social media.

Netflix’s Black Mirror Star Trek inspired episode “USS Callister” picked up three Emmys on Saturday night including Outstanding Television Movie. “USS Callister” was nominated for a total of seven nominations with possible additional wins to come.

A complete list of winners can be found at

Trek Carpet

Here are some more photos from the Emmy red carpet.

Terry Farrell and Adam Nimoy (Photo: Television Academy)

William Shatner (Photo: Television Academy)

Jeri Ryan (Photo: Television Academy)

LeVar Burton (Photo: Television Academy)

Linda Park (Photo: Television Academy)

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I’d love to know Jeri Ryan’s diet and excercise regime. That’s a helluva body for a 51 year old.

7 of 9?

More like 10 out of 10 !


That’s a good looking bunch. It’s great to see the Star Trek family come out for this big honor.

Levar Burton looks very suave; hopefully he’ll be back in Trek action soon with whatever the Picard project is.

It’s kinda funny. He pretty much looks like how All Good Things predicted he’d look 25 years later.

Yeah, and seeing Adam Nimoy could almost lead you to believe that his father had come back to life. He sported a very similar look around the time he was promoting STID – except Leonard was always somewhat lankier.

Lets hope that next season of STD will be good enough to garner an emmy or two.

Man Ryan still looks hot lol! Would love to see 7 of 9 show up on the Picard show! That would be fun! Make it so Kirsten Beyer!!

Looks like a great night overall though. It’s crazy they got cast members from all the shows to attend. Star Trek representing in a big way!

Shatner just seems to have stopped aging about 10 years ago. Amazing and curious at the same time.

the Tarentino movie awaits….

I don’t know, he doesn’t look good. I worry about his health as swollen as he appears. Carrying that extra weight probably helps smooth out his skin and keeps him youthful looking though, but it screams high blood pressure, and belies other problems.

He is 87! It would be weird if he would have zero health issues at that age. 3 out of 4 people between the age of 70 and 79 have high blood pressure and he is even older.

You really have to compare him with other men his age. Most die before they get so old and those who reach that age are very often far less fit physically and mentally.

He does look good for his age. Yes, he is not slim, but it is not like he is very fat either. He has relative few wrinkles and the hair (even if it is not his own) helps to make him appear younger.

Shattner: “Me, I. I did, I have achieved, Me in Star Trek, Whithout me Star Trek wouldn’t exist”.
Me: What a f*** jackwad nacistic egoistic piece of….

Huh? I missed the part where Shatner said anything remotely self-centred here.

He’s the face of the franchise and it’s somehow egotistical that he’s asked to accept the award on behalf of everyone?

Did we read the same article?

Shatner didn’t say that, but it is basically true. His Kirk sold the Trek pilot when Jeffrey Hunter’s captain failed to do so with the first try.

Why the slap at Jedfry Hunter? The knock on the first pilot was that it was ‘to cerebral’, not the failure of Hunter to sell the role. If we are going to speculate, perhaps Hunters performance tweaked enough interest to prompt NBC to give the concept another look.

Doesn’t matter, Hunter declined the role, and the rest is history.

I don’t think that was a slap at Jeffrey Hunter. He mentioned Hunter’s captain, not Hunter himself. Shatner’s Kirk was crafted to sell the show. Had Hunter come back as Kirk it still would have sold.

I love Jeffrey Hunter. Supposedly one of the main criticisms of the first pilot from NBC though was that Captain Pike was too morose. That was a story problem (for NBC), not an acting one.

Yup. He was a good actor, died way too young.

Indeed. He may some great films before Trek, especially with John Ford. “Sergeant Rutledge” is a mostly forgotten film about racial prejudice that foreshadows the stories Star Trek would tell with similar themes. Hunter and Woody Strode star and are excellent in it.

I was wondering when we’d get the obligatory stupid “Shatner is an egomaniac” comment. For the better part of three decades his was the first name on the marquis and while other Trek stars have come and gone he continues to remain relevant. Deal with it.

So, yeah, not what he said at all.

I think Discovery gets passed over, in part, because CBS is using it to launch CBS All Access. I think the exact same show would be far more popular in the U.S. if it had been on Netflix. This has happened with every tv version of Trek after TOS, which aired on NBC.

GoT only has one more season so let’s see if that helps. But I could say that even today Star Trek still suffers from the general perception that it’s not a serious television show, that it’s “dorky,” if you will. I think that some folks just don’t watch it because of that. So surely that impacts its reception at the awards. And yet, part of what made USS Callister so effective was its cynical, dark parody, not so much of Star Trek, but of the “nerd culture” around it.

It’s passed over because there are better shows out there. Better in terms of writing and acting. Its writing is also inferior to a lot of past Trek writing. I needs to up its game to stand a chance of getting the rewards. If it does then it may well win.

Didn’t it win a Saturn award at least? Emmy’s are just very competitive and sadly most sci fi shows are rarely nominated, much less win. DS9 should’ve at least been nominated every year and I don’t think it was once beyond the ‘technical’ awards.

I agree. STD is a huge step backward in quality. It’s beyond disappointing.
Kurtzman said :”Kurtzman adds that Star Trek “has been a beacon of hope for so many people for so long. In dark times, we need that hope.”
I would like to see Kurtzman and everyone involved to get off the trendy dystopian narratives in sci fi these days. I would like to Kurtzman actually make a show (and movies) that match his words. In the latest movies and in STD, Trek is more about action and fighting, and much less about an optimistic philosophy of the future. Something terrible has been lost, and it angers me that Kurtzman speaks as if he has upheld something dear that he has indeed decimated.

DIS had tons of problems story and character wise. And you’re right, the dystonia angle went too far with it. And why it didn’t feel like Star Trek to me in some areas. It felt like it was trying to copy better shows like BSG or the Expanse. Not exactly like those shows but in similar tone. And it just didn’t work for a lot of people.

I’m hoping they waaaaaaaaaay dial it back next season. Focus on being Star Trek again. They want Spock to be on the ship full time, fine, as long as the show tries to resemble Trek more and give us what all the other shows gave all the time: hope and optimism.

This is exactly why people are excited more about the Picard show because they are hoping to get that side of Star Trek again.

I’ll go along with that, Tiger. Well put, and agreed.

But it’s not good enough yet to warrant Emmy awards. It has good production values because it’s very expensive, but lots of shows have that. The Expanse looks as good as Discovery, but it’s better written.
TNG got a nod for one of its worst seasons because of a huge wave of support as it was leaving. It’s momentous, but DS9 suffered from what you’re talking about the most. I mean, “The Visitor” only got one nomination, and for Best Makeup of all things. And even then it lost to “Threshold!”

These are the creative awards. Costumes, sound, editing etc.
The people deciding the awards have access to all the shows.

It has nothing to do with it being on CBS AA. I like DSC. Objectively it’s the best first 15 episodes of any Star Trek. In 7 years TNG received on one nomination for anything outside of creative and lost. It was on regular tv.

But DSC lost out to better shows. We are in the golden age of tv mainly due to streaming services. As a fan of DSC I can say the shows they lost to were just better.

What do you mean, TNG received only one nom for anything outside creative? TNG got noms for VFX, but just didn’t win till season 5.

@kmart – Creative Emmys are down the line awards that get their own separate non-televised ceremony, a la the one this article describes.

DIS first season was OK, but it’s honestly at the bottom list for me although better than TNG’s (which was my worst first season) and on par with Enterprise first season.

Caption competition –

Discovery Klingon to Bill Shatner: “Seriously dude, what’s the deal with your hair?”

@ Chris R – that would be funnier the other way round. ;)

I guess Walter Koenig realised he couldn’t wear a baseball cap to the emmys.

It’s not necessarily vanity. A sunburn on your scalp hurts like the dickens, and then it raises your risk of skin cancer.

So many heroes in one place!!! It’s nice to see Linda Park getting involved, and so cool that they had someone from each series. Not at all surprised Disco didn’t win Emmys, but their prosthetic design has to be as good if not better than GOT. Maybe next year Disco!

They may not of won. However being nominated for two Emmy’s in an honour in itself. Better Luck next year DSC.

Yeah I love to see stuff like this too. I’m glad Linda Park is still part of the community. She was also at the LV convention with her other co-stars.

It reminds you how big Star Trek has gotten over the decades and why it’s still so important to a lot of us.

Love Linda Park.


Seeing all these stars from all Star Trek series come together, I wish there was a Star Trek crossover movie with this group of people involving time anomalies.

CNN and the LA Times are reporting that Les Moonves is leaving CBS. He was one of the major obstacles between CBS and Paramount merging, so that drama may be about to start up again.

Not anytime soon. It’ll take years to sort out the lawsuits already filed.

Something weird is going on when Trek clones and homages are getting better press than the current production. It may be the reason for the hard turn towards TOS nostalgia Discovery looks to have taken this upcoming season. Nostalgia isn’t the hook, it’s the main product.

Discovery is set in the TOS era, supposedly, so it makes sense that it goes back to those roots. It was narratively designed to explore that era.

Perhaps, but perhaps also a retcon. Not that I am necessarily opposed to retconning.

brown alert, the academies prefer a cheesy Star Trek parody over the new Star Trek show

That literally makes no sense at all Praetor. What is there to cover when a show is in production? The Spock casting news was everywhere on the internet, the trailer from comic-con was everywhere on the internet with positive reviews. The show isn’t airing so I’m not sure what kind of coverage you’re expecting.

Perhaps I should have written “reception.” It has not been received well as compared to The Orville or the Black Mirror episode. Were you a mayonnaise manufacturer and found my all your customers were buying the imitation Miracle Whip instead, wouldn’t you be concerned? Another food sales comparison is when Coke changed its formula in the ’80s, and ended up losing more market share to Pepsi than if they’d stuck with the original formulation (to which they eventually returned). Discovery is the New Coke for the Star Trek franchise.

“Discovery is the New Coke for the Star Trek franchise.”

Ha! That gave me a chuckle.

Truly a great evening for Star Trek.
For all the “newbie what about my Trek” Shatner had every right in the world to accept the award on behalf of all of Star Trek.
You have something against the man? Too bad.. Get over it.

And seeing STD Klingons standing in the light, they look even worse than on the show.
Fakeness screams from every angle on that design. I can’t hardly wait what crumby new design the make up department throws up.
Makes it easy to understand why the academy overlooked the Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for STD.

It’s no wonder why STD didn’t get a effects nod. Their dark, just above video game candied apple special effects are not all that note worth.
then again Star Trek is not about special effects and STD certainly aheres to that rule…now if they can actually find better stories and subjects to explore we might have something worth watching.
But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

A great evening for Star Trek and they all looked magnificent, too.

Yeah I no problems with Shatner accepting the award. It’s very cool and symbolic for him to be the one that does it. He is the face of the entire franchise, he’s simply far from the only face anymore. But as long as he’s around he will probably always be the one people think of first when they think of Trek as a legacy.

So true.

Fakeness screams from every angle? And old Klingons didn’t, with their rubber foreheads? Hair metal went out of style 30 years ago.

I like the Klingons as shown in Star Trek The Motion Picture.
The look of the spinal bones reaching over their heads was excellent.
This gave the Klingons a great brutality look but retained the high intelligence of the race.
Sadly that turned into some bizarre form of crest of muddled flesh, maybe because of weird bone growths under the skin in STIII. IDK.
Then STTNG seemed to just go with that look until all we ever got was the forehead and nose tweak of the week from all the aliens.
I never liked it afterward.
The ultra over kill of rubbery prosthetic makeup in DCS just looks even worse.

As for Klingons portrayed on TOS, they did fine with limited budget. Simple darker skin tone with mustache & beards. It worked surprisingly well.

Yes, when people say “Discovery looks just like a movie”, I wonder what movies they are watching. OK, it looks more “cinematic” than Enterprise and Voyager, but the CGI is not close to proper feature film quality, and sometimes looks like the previous generation of Playstation graphics. Which isn’t that big of a deal to me, I just don’t understand the “just like a movie!” comments.

I would say the only area Disco is lacking is in outer space shots. Everywhere else the quality is superb, movie-caliber filmmaking.