Watch Television Academy’s Moving Tribute To Star Trek + More Photos From Emmys

On Saturday we reported on the Governors Award honoring the Star Trek franchise, which was presented to a delegation of cast and crew from all the Trek series at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards. An edited version of the ceremony will be aired on FXX on September 15th, but the full video of the Star Trek tribute is now online, along with more photos of Trek celebrities from the evening.

Watch the Emmys honor Star Trek

Today the Television Academy released the full 12-minute video of their Governors Award presentation, which included a very nice tribute video to the entire Star Trek TV franchise. You can also see the introduction by Bill Nye and William Shatner’s acceptance speech on behalf of the franchise.

The video is not embeddable but can be seen at or clicking the image below.

More photos from Saturday

Our Saturday article included red carpet photos of the Star Trek stars from the Creative Arts Emmys, here now are more photos from the press room and the Governors Ball.

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Truly is.

Nice tribute. Somewhat glad it was given at the Creative Arts ceremony, since they definitely would not have been given 12+ minutes in the primetime telecast.

Teared up. What an honor.

Can anyone identify individuals in the groups on the left or the right of the stage? In the video I could see David Gerrold is in the left group.

Hard to see them, but I noticed TNG-era stunt coordinator Dennis Madalone and makeup guru Michael Westmore, in addition to David Gerrold.

Bill Shatner, Walter Koening, Levar Burton and some extras. Live Long a Prosper William Shatner.

Beautiful tribute.

Wondrous gathering. So moving.

I also see that they rolled out the most attractive female stars from the show to stand on stage…

Linda Park looks phenomenal.

LOL looking at that picture of Farrell, Martin-Green and Ryan together I suddenly want a big Trek cross over story! I know it won’t but I would watch the hell out of it!

Who knows what the future will bring though! :)

If Linda Park were a singer, I could look at her “voice” for hours!

Forced to agree about Park.

That was really nice. Loved the video. But I had to wonder, was Sonequa supposed to have a couple of lines of acceptance or did the Shat take them all?

Was kinda hoping everyone of the main stars who came up to the stage would’ve had a line or 2 to say. But they all smiled while The Shat shat on all of them…. he’s gotten bitter in old age… I was thinking the exact same thing you were… truly a disappointment…

If that was the case, kudos to Sonequa for being classy and not rolling her eyes at him or anything else potentially awkward.

Or maybe because he was the original Captain the plan was to let him be speaker on behalf of the franchise? People need to pull their heads out of their asses.

Luke is right and I thought it was fitting and hilarious that the Discovery flavor was forced to stand there and see how it’s REALLY done from the original recipe!

LOL, we can guess.

This warmed my heart. This is why so many of us are still avid fans, that franchise has inspired so many of us. I’m happy so many people in front of and behind the camera came to be recognized for their brilliant work and dedication. I loved they managed to get cast members from every show there to represent. I would’ve loved if they got all the Captains to be there but that’s probably asking too much. It was still great to see so many who did show up though.

We may not always agree on the direction the franchise should be going or how we feel about any one particular show but the importance of its message is what matters and why after fifty years and six shows later (and counting) that message is still important today.

In many ways, more than ever these days.

Everyone was so lovely. Sonequa Martin-Green really shone in her beautiful dress, and I’m so glad Terry Farrell was there to represent DS9! Linda Park for ENT, and Jeri Ryan for DS9, all lovely still, though I hate to keep referencing only beauty. Each played a scientist! [Yes, Hoshi Sato was a linguist, but that’s a science too.]

Anyone else notice the music they used for much of the segment was Giacchino’s score for the KT movies? I’m smiling with joy for *all* the Treks!

Wow you’re right Marja, they all played scientists…just really hot scientists lol.

But every show minus TOS and TNG a woman character played a main science role which was cool. Janeway was the only Captain that was also a scientist. That’s why I love that character!

Yep, contrary to what the SJW’s would have you believe Star Trek was doing feminism and equality well before STD lol.

Well *I* consider myself a SJW and my argument was that Discovery isn’t doing anything differently than all the other Star Treks before it. Many people were arguing DIS was being ‘PC’ by having minority and women characters which was a head scratcher to me because Star Trek has ALWAYS been PC lol. Even before that word existed.

That was the point, Star Trek has always tried it’s best to put underrepresented characters in these roles. Sure TOS doesn’t look all that progressive compared to today but at THAT time just seeing black and Asian characters in starring roles were just a big deal in themselves.

I did notice they used Giancchino’s film score. Felt it a bit unusual since this was for TV.

You know what would be really cool? Because it’s totally obvious that Bill Nye is a Trek fan. He should definitely be cast as a guest Vulcan!

Omgg pleasee that’s a way better idea than a Jeff Bezos cameo!

His eyes are probably better than mine, but I think Bill needs a larger font in the Teleprompter.

Shatner’s all, “What are these?” :-)

Sonequa is a gem <3 she really shines in every picture

Could that be Doug Jones in character/costume as Commander Saru? Either way, cool!

That video was pretty well done. Still think it was worthy of the Prime Time telecast, however. Wonder where that statue is REALLY going? Shatner’s shelf?

Is Nichelle Nichols unwell? Would’ve been nice to see Shatner, Koenig, and Nichols together.