Watch Sonequa Martin-Green Demonstrate How Fans Will Be “Shook” By ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2

We still don’t know what the second season of Star Trek: Discovery is all about, but the star of the show has a guess as to how fans will react when they see it. Watch that below, and catch up on some more fun bits from the cast and crew on social media

Discovery “going for it” in season 2

Sonequa Martin-Green had a busy weekend. The day before appearing at the Emmys to help accept Star Trek’s Governors Award, the Discovery star participated in the Stand Up To Cancer charity telecast. While on the red carpet for that event, ET Canada had a chance to talk to the actress about her personal connection to the charity, as well as a bit about the second season of Discovery.

The actress noted that the second season will have some changes:

I am excited about it. I don’t know how else to say it, I am just so excited about it. We’re working hard on it right now and I will just tell you, it is going to be really emotional. It is going to be really wrenching because we are going to be finally dealing with the aftermath of everything that happened in the war in season one. We are not at war anymore and now there is time to look at the mess that was left behind.

Martin-Green then hinted that season two is going to evoke some reactions in fans and the only way she could express it properly was to demonstrate the look on fans’ faces when they see it (see above photo), with the following exchange:

Martin-Green: And, we are really going for it. I think people are going to be [makes surprised face] like that, “What does that mean?”

ET Canada Reporter: Shook?

SMG: Yeah, there you go, shook.

Watch the full video via ET Canada below (the talk about Star Trek is in the last minute):

More Disco Bits: Frakes cakes 209, Spock gets edited, Mount wants donuts

Here are more Star Trek: Discovery-related bits of interest from social media.

UPDATED: Frakes cake and Star Wars break

A couple of weeks ago, we reported on Jonathan Frakes tweeting from the set of Star Trek: Discovery, presumably to prep for directing his second episode of the season. Today the former Star Trek: The Next Generation actor shared a moment with the Discovery art department presenting him with a special Riker cake. And if you look closely, the tweet reveals they are working on episode 9.

And, over the weekend Frakes tweeted from another Toronto location, this time taking a trip to another franchise from a galaxy far, far away, with a photo taken at the Toronto Blue Jays Star Wars night on September 8th.

New Spock goes into post

Star Trek: Discovery went into production in mid-April, but it wasn’t until last week that editor Scott Gamzon began working on a scene with actor Ethan Peck. The new Spock replied to Gamzon’s tweet about this with a prayer emoji, perhaps giving thanks to the editor, or demonstrating hope that his best work won’t end up on the cutting room floor, as all actors fear.

Disco cast tweet of the day: Captain Pike beams into craft services

Disco cast celebrate Star Trek Day on Saturday

Fan art of the day: DSC as TMP

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

The first season of Star Trek: Discovery will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on November 13th.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news here at TrekMovie.

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“Shook”? *

You mean “SPOCK”?

*( I hate this term “shook” )

Me too. They mean “shaken” of course, but somehow they feel that it sounds more cool to say “shook”. It just sounds stupid and uneducated. Yeah now I’m just waiting for a Millennial to tell me how old I sound… So what? At least I know how to talk.

Legitimate question: Is being “shook” now any different from being “all shook up” from Elvis’ 60 year old song?

What’s Martin-Green supposed to do, correct the reporter on camera?

But, yeah, shook became slang-y again a year or two ago.

Can we please stop attacking Martin-Green for every single thing she says?

It’s a safe bet I’ve logged more trips around Sol than you have, and to me you sound old. Every generation criticizes the stupid slang used by those who come after it. Give it a few years and it’ll just fade away to be replaced by something equally as dumb.

No, Michael… Not “every generation.” Why don’t you just speak for yourself, and leave it at that?

Yes, every generation. It’s quite popular (and simple) to criticize the younger generation for their current slang du jour.

It’s African-American Vernacular English. A dialect. IDIC, people, IDIC.

In the first still shot, she looks like she is cringing. thats what we all did for the first season, so basically the same? LOL. I really do hope its better but they’ve not delivered IMO

I agree. I’ve heard too much self-serving pat-yourself-on-the-back propaganda from the previous showrunners and cast last season when in the end I was disappointed… Especially with the finale and their resolution to the war. This time I’ll wait and see for myself.

me too

Do not presume speak for me and others like me, my trekkie family and I freaking loved the first season. We got together every Sunday to watch it and held freaking viewing parties for our friends, we already have the first one planned for January. Only majorly disappointing episode was the 8th one on Phavo, mostly because it was so short.

Why don’t you just speak for yourself, and leave it at that?

no one speaks for all fans. Warning for trolling.

Thread closed.

I felt the first season was ok. Not great, not bad, better than Enterprise or Voyager, but I wasn’t a fan of the liberties they took. There was absolutely no reason to alter the Klingons, and to be honest, with all the subtitles, I really didn’t want to read Star Trek.

And I am not a fan of the altered Enterprise exterior, which serves no purpose as there was nothing wrong with the original version. The exterior is something that absolutely held up over 52 years.

Definitely agree with your first ‘graph, if not all the specifics. It had its moments, but I’m hoping for much better in season two.

‘Oh and I bet they changed the whole sickbay, too. I know engineers… They love to change things!’

Hahahaha. Great comment!!

Again, let’s remember that every single Star Trek spin off series did not have it’s best season as any of the first two.
Arguably TNG had it’s best season as either the 4th or 5th, although it was at a steady peak between Season 3 – 6. DS9 had it’s best season as probably 4th or 5th and Voyager it’s 4th and 5th, and Enterprise its 4th too. So Discovery is absolutely on track to getting better in the next couple of seasons.

That comparison does not work. While other ST series took a while to get off the ground, they did not destroy canon in the same way ST:D has.

I just want to know when the first Short Treks mini-sode hits.

Enjoyed season 1 now that I’ve seen it all. Can’t wait for Pike and Spock.

Anybody know which episode they are currently shooting? Unless some other editor worked on previous scenes with Ethan Peck it would suggest that Spock is introduced quite late in the season.

Yes. We expected Spock to be used sparingly, late in the season. Remember, in the first look trailer released at Comic-Con it’s established he’s on leave at the start of the season. It’s also implied he’s off chasing the mystery of the 7 red bursts.

They should be on Episode 8 or so now.

EDIT: See update in article, looks like they’re on Episode 9.

Have they said how many episodes there are in season 2? Will it be 15 like season 1?

It will be 13 episodes next season.

Just 13 this time


13 is just not enough and the delay between seasons is far too big. It’s almost like the show ends.

This is where I mention we have an overview page for Discovery (it’s part of the menu bar for the site). It’s got basic details. We update it every so often.

Good. I only remember them going on hiatus when the showrunners were fired but that was about 3 months ago. I don’t remember ever reading anything when they actually resumed production.

As I’m sure you can tell, CBS is tight-lipped about just about everything. The hiatus was only brought up as part of the showrunner scandal, otherwise it would have just been part of the normal production schedule to take a break and never mentioned publicly. It’s fairly common for shows to take a brief hiatus after getting a few episodes shot to evaluate.

We at TM have a rough idea thanks to keeping an eye on the actors’ and directors’ (like Jonathan Frakes) social media accounts, but that’s the only way to know really.

That Fan Art is ROUGH

Yep. Who’s the guy supposed to be? Is that Pike?

Thanks for your feedback guys. I’ve only been drawing digitally for a few months and in that time I think my technique has improved and it is my aim to continue pushing myself towards realism, but it’s a long road. I am by no means a professional illustrator, just a fan that is enjoying ‘getting in touch’ with the process of drawing again and sharing my work as I go. The Star Trek fandom has been built on eager fans creating their own works to explore and celebrate the characters and themes from the ST universe and thanks to the team at TrekMovie for including my work here! 🖖

Keep at it dude, it’s coming together nicely! And it’s great when fans love something this much it inspires them to be creative themselves. And trust me when I say compared to me you could be Michelangelo lol.

And love the concept of turning the Enterprise into a version of Discovery!

LOVED the TOS-ized Discovery!

I rather liked it, to be honest. :-)

Hey Paul, I like that too! TMP is also one of my favorite Trek films. Keep at it and have fun!

Sorry, Paul. I’m a jerk. It’s cool fan art — and far better than anything I could do.

…thought it looked pretty damned good. Nice work.

Martin-Green: season 2 will be about looking back on the mess we made in season 1. Wow. This is the most honest thing I have heard a Discoverer say yet. I will give Martin-Green some credit for keeping it real.

Rather an inelegant bit of trolling, since of course that’s not at all what she said.

What is inelegant is your baseless accusation of “trolling” – which would get you a warning on other discussion locales such as the Star Trek reddit. It’s nearly what she said, as it does not take a psychiatrist to suspect Martin-Green’s choice of words – “season one…mess” was revealing. If you see if differently, that is your prerogative, but your attempt at character assassination is dishonorable.

Emmm … she was most likely referring to Starfleet looking back to their win-at-all-costs behavior, and to Discovery coming back to the Prime Universe so late in the war, after so much was lost.

I really doubt she was making a “meta” reference to the showrunners, producers, actors and directors.

So it’s shaken and , not stirred? Or both?

Of course she’s going to tout how great season two is going to be, it’s her job. The jury is totally out for me on this show. Hopefully they will seriously pick up their game across the board next year.

Agreed! I am excited about next season but still very cautious. I just don’t want it to turn into a back door for TOS character appearances because they think no one cares about AA or the show without them.

But if they DO manage to pick up their game next season and the Picard show is actually good then they can turn it around and maybe get people to care about AA…maybe lol.

“We’re really going for it”.

You mean you’re going for the legally required 75% of “it”, whatever that is. Which is still a grade of C.

Careful, Anthony usually jumps when you post comments like this. Personally I think a little more leniency and more objectivity in the moderations is a better idea. This is a platform for discussion and all the aspects need to be discussed, even the ones that we may not like.

Yes but the 75% idea is just silly and ridiculous. He’s probably tired of silly rumors being spread. CBS OWNS the franchise, I can’t think of one franchise where the corporation that owns it can’t use all of it. It would be like suggesting Marvel has to change 25% of their universe or Lucasfilm has to change 25% of Star Wars.

The studio split issue has created a lot of ridiculous ideas over it and it’s probably tiring to read wrong and mistated information even when it has been stated OVER and OVER again those ideas have been debunked and simply not true.

Yeah, but there could be division in the brand itself and this is a topic that can and should be discussed. While I don’t think there is a doubt who owns the whole franchise there are also certain divisions between the film and TV sides. This is even true for Marvel as well, why do you think the MCU and Feige is not using the TV divisions properties in the MCU movies? While the brand is under the same umbrella, there is a definite separation between the Marvel TV and movie sides.

The episodes at the end of the first season got me “shook” in the worst way.
Thank god they had several good episodes earlier that allow me to stay hopeful.

…don’t know about all that…season one left me pretty darn shaken.

At this point, I’m really curious to see if my gut feeling is right and this is another reality. They had been planting some seeds since a while now and their Spock might be the one giving the biggest clue.
Of course his sister is a big retcon, but the way they keep saying they’ll give an explanation ( why you never heard about her) that is totally canon sounds suspect. Parallel realities are canon indeed, and this series surely is using the concept since the beginning.