Review: Dr. Selar Climbs The Steps Of Mount Selaya In Star Trek: The Next Generation: Terra Incognita #3

Review: Star Trek: The Next Generation: Terra Incognita #3
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Written by: Scott Tipton and David Tipton
Art by: Angel Hernandez with colors by Mark Roberts

Terra Incognita #3 continues the Federation-Cardassian peace talks subplot in an issue featuring one of Suzie Plakson’s alter egos, Dr. Selar. When Vulcan Ambassador Hendryk arrives on the Enterprise in critical condition (after being rescued by Counselor Troi), Selar is his only hope.

Cover A by Tony Shasteen

Aside from a few verbal mentions and one appearance in season two’s “The Schizoid Man,” very little is known about the Vulcan doctor (although Selar has been busy in the expanded universe). A backstory is set up, beginning at the Temple of Amonak on Vulcan, where a young Selar witnesses a tragic accident resulting in her father’s death.

Never go into a dark cave without an escort

Flash forward to the present and Ambassador Hendryk’s condition is worsening. Dr. Selar is called in because, naturally, she is an expert in Vulcan physiology. As the driving force of the peace negotiations, it’s critical that he lives because they could fall apart without him. After a brief examination, Selar’s recommendation is to create a network of cortical stimulators, because just one won’t do for a Vulcan. Of course, the only one that can do that is Barclay.

Ask Tasha Yar how a cortical stimulator worked out for her

After a brief appearance in Terra Incognita #2, we get to see a little more of Mirror Barclay, but not much. With rolled up sleeves (are those regulation?) and eating a sandwich while reading a technical manual, Mirror Reg is living his best self. He’s already made a strong impression on the rest of the engineering crew and even secured a second date with Ensign Sonya Gomez. In the meantime, he’s built a stasis chamber for poor Prime Reg, where he’ll stay indefinitely. Mirror Reg has no problem killing other people, but has a problem killing “himself.”

Is “CBS All Access and Chill” a thing?

We’re back in sickbay and the networked cortical stimulator is too much for Ambassador Hendryk to handle. But before he dies, he mind melds with Dr. Selar to preserve his katra. Desperate now that the chief negotiator is dead, Picard and Ambassador Thonn ask her to pull a McCoy and keep his living spirit within her a bit longer and continue the peace talks – as Hendyk.

I don’t mean to inconvenience a total stranger with my living soul, but, you know.

The core of this issue is Selar’s inner struggle between respecting the sacred rituals of her people and her duty to Starfleet. On the one hand, she doesn’t want to pervert Hendryk’s legacy by using his katra for political gain. But if she does, it will help avoid war with the Cardassians. Dilemmas like these are classic Star Trek, especially when they feature great speeches by Captain Picard. He shines in this issue – sharing his time with Sarek and debating logic with a Vulcan.

The great orator at work

Once again the Tipton brothers have managed to capture the essence of a really strong episode of TNG. They sought to “bring Trek fans brand-new TNG tales that feel like episodes they somehow missed on television, along with a few shocking surprises” and definitely succeeded. Veteran artist Angel Hernandez is back with what may be his first attempt at the TNG cast and he doesn’t disappoint. He manages to get Plakson’s likeness down pretty well.

Selar and Selar

While the last issue was action-packed, this one was more grounded. The dual attempt to provide depth to Selar’s character along with progressing the story along was successful. Now that we’re halfway through this series, I’ve been very impressed so far and can’t wait to see what the Tipton brothers have up their sleeves for the final three issues.

5-page preview

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Available today

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Terra Incognita #3 was released today, Wednesday, September 12th. It retails for $3.99. You can order it at TFAW with a discount.

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I’d love to see Selar come back to the Picard series. That would be amazing.

I been doing a lot of TNG rewatches in the last month since they announced the Picard show and watched The Schizoid Man for the first time in probably 20 years lol. It still holds up and Selar was a cool character on it. I wonder why the character never came back although the actress herself appeared numerous times in the franchise.

Funny you say that, Tiger. I have also (and I bet we’re not alone) been watching a heck of a lot more Trek since all this news has come out – thanks to you, TrekMovie – across all incarnations and films. If anything, this resurgence of Trek into the mainstream has reignited my love for my Trek classics. Good times.

Yes its funny how that works! I kid you not, but I rewatched the entire third season of Enterprise before Beyond premiered because I heard Xindi were mentioned in it lol. Every time something new comes out it just sparks your interest in the older stuff, especially if there is a connection somewhere.

And yes with all the Trek news, especially the Picard show, I’m more invested in TNG than I have been for years. I mean I always caught an episode here and there either on TV or streaming but I haven’t been committed to watching it as I am now in a long time. I been on TM nearly every day since the Picard show was announced lol. Before it was 2-3 times a week average. Now I’m always clicking on for news for that, DIS of course and the next film. But the Picard show is what has lit my interest the most. I’m just REALLY excited to hear as much as I can.

Hey, that TNG comic looks good.

Now, let us reason together. Vulcan foreplay?


Even back when the series was still in production, I’ve long thought that more should have been done with Dr. Selar (rather than just having characters in sickbay mentioning her name like she was in the room). The concept of a physician -without- the “human element” would have been (as another Vulcan would put it) … fascinating … to have explored.

I asked Suzie Plaxson once if she had ever been approached during those years to appear again as Selar, and she told me that no such attempt at a 2nd appearance ever came her way.