Patrick Stewart To Play Bosley In ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Movie, Zachary Quinto To Star In AMC Vampire Series

Some of the biggest Star Trek stars are landing new big jobs in Hollywood, including Patrick Stewart, Zachary Quinto, and John Cho.

Stewart to play a Bosley in Charlie’s Angels movie

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sir Patrick Stewart is in final negotiations to join the latest movie reboot of Charlie’s Angels, the campy private detective series from the ’70s and ’80s. Stewart would play Bosley, who in the original series and previous reboots had acted as the face of the detective agency on behalf of the heard-but-never-seen Charlie. According to THR, the film is being directed by actress Elizabeth Banks, who is also playing a Bosley, which means the film has multiple Bosley characters.  The new film has the Townsend Agency as “a security and intelligence service that has teams around the world” with the focus on “one of those teams and the next generation of Angels.”

John Bosley was portrayed by David Doyle in all five seasons of the original series. Bill Murray took on the role for the 2000 Charlie’s Angels film in 2000, and Bernie Mac played John’s brother Jimmy Bosley in the sequel Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. John Bosley was portrayed by Ramón Rodríguez in the short-lived 2011 television reboot.

David Doyle and Bill Murray have both played John Bosley

The Charlie’s Angels film is planned for a September 2019 release, so production is likely to be starting fairly soon. Of course, Patrick Stewart is also set to return to his Star Trek: The Next Generation role of Jean-Luc Picard for a new Star Trek series on CBS All Access, but with the writers’ room just a few weeks old, production is still months away. Stewart will next be seen playing Merlin in The Kid Who Would Be King, which comes out next March.

Sir Patrick Stewart at Star Trek Las Vegas 2018

Quinto to star in NOS4A2

AMC has announced that the Kelvin-universe Spock, Zachary Quinto, will take on the lead role in their new supernatural drama NOS4A2, which is based on the bestselling novel of the same name. As reported by TVLine, Quinto will star as Manx, “the seductive adversary who feeds off the souls of children, then deposits what remains of them into Christmasland — an icy, twisted Christmas village of Manx’s imagination where every day is Christmas Day and unhappiness is against the law.”

This, of course, isn’t Quinto’s first time in the genre on the small screen. Before landing the job as the new Spock for Star Trek, Quinto played the villainous Sylar in four seasons of the NBC show Heroes. Quinto also portrayed two different characters in the first two seasons of FX’s American Horror Story.

NOS4A2 began production recently on a 10-episode season, which is set to premiere in 2019. Assuming a regular pace for the AMC production, that would still leave Quinto available for Star Trek 4 if the project goes ahead with production starting in early 2019.

Zachary Quinto as Dr. Oliver Thredson in the second season of American Horror Story

John Cho filming movie in Taiwan for Netflix

Another Star Trek actor in demand these days is John Cho, who is being called the number one Asian actor in Hollywood. His latest film Searching is in theaters now and has garnered excellent buzz with a 92% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Cho recently wrapped on the horror movie Grudge and is already back at work.

Late last month, THR reported that Cho was tapped to star in the multi-generational film Tigertail, written and directed by Alan Yang (Master of None). Production on the Netflix film has already started in New York and Taiwan. As with Quinto, it is likely production would wrap on this project in time for Star Trek 4, if that goes into production in early 2019.

John Cho in Searching

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Stewart as Bosley is a bad idea.


And other than the 2000s movies I know zip about Charlie’s Angels.

Which means you’ll love him as Bosley. Sit back and enjoy!

“Charlie’s Angels” was actually the second US dramatic television series with a female lead, after Angie Dickinson’s “Police Woman”. It started semi-seriously especially for its time, in showing that women police officers were still given menial jobs (despite Dickinson’s breakthrough). So the mysterious Charlie “takes them away from all that” and hires them as private investigators. But the show quickly became all about the T&A, what critics called “the jiggle factor” (see also “Three’s Company”). It was a smash hit for ABC, mostly because Farrah Fawcett was America’s “it” girl for a year or two, and seemed to be absolutely everywhere. Fawcett left the series after a year and the show went into decline, with Cheryl Ladd replacing Fawcett as a new “angel” along with originals Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith. Jackson also eventually left. Only Smith remained with the show to its end.

And Ladd was playing Fawcett’s sister on the show. I always loved Lee Majors and Farrah as a couple back in the day,lol.

I had the biggest crush on Kate Jackson as a kid…

Loved her on “The Rookies”. Don’t really remember “Dark Shadows” though.

You sure. What about “Annie Oakley” and “Honey West”? Maybe hour long drama?

Stewart as Charlie makes much more sense. Although it should be Charles. Oh yeah, he already had a movie where he was named Charles with a bunch of heroes at his beck and call.

If they are getting Stewart as Bosley, then they should get Morgan Freeman as Charlie. It will not be the same without John Forsythe’s unmistakable voice.

Get Shatner as Charlie


Charlie’s Angels yet again. Way to be original, Hollywood. Ugh.

Double ugh.

Complaining in the comments. Triple ugh.

Excuse me for not being absolutely thrilled about a 5th(?) incarnation of Charlie’s Angels, Luke. People are allowed to complain about things they don’t like. You know, that whole pesky Freedom Of Speech thing.

The freedom of speech does not apply unless the federal government is specifically interfering with your right to be persnickety.

Citizens and private businesses? They can totally tell ya to cut-it-out. :)

Sure, you are allowed to complain about things you don’t like. But so is Luke. So he can complain about you complaining. Freedom of Speech, you know.

You know whats funny Danpaine? There were many people in 2015, 2008, saying “Star Trek again? Way to be original Hollywood, ugh.”

Yep. Just as original as bringing Pike and Spock back. I swear, every story has been told now.

If anything I think he’d make a better Charlie than a Bosley.

@Roberto Suarez — I would agree with that. Charlie could easily be re-imagined as a British billionaire, whereas Bosley was a integral weekly character.

I’m a huge Joe Hill fan — Quinto should be great for this role.

I’m a fan too. He may never equal the commercial success of his famous father, but, truth to tell, he’s a better writer. (And I’ll bet his father would agree.)

I’ll probably always be a bigger fan of King, but they both just sort of go into the same mental category for me, to be honest; I’m reading everything either one of them writes.

When Hill is at his best, he’s truly formidable. NOS4A2 is actually one of my least-favorite things he’s written, and I’d still give it, like, an A-.

Its like that family was just made for writing. :))

Absolutely hideous picture of Stewart. The fact that cast members are taking other projects now is another indicator that actual production for Trek 4 remains ‘to be decided’.

To be fair the article did say both Cho’s and Quinto’s projects could wrap before Trek 4 even begins.

Actors gotta work, yo.

NOS4A2 will wrap production by the end of January 2019 so unless they announced that Star Trek is supposed to start shooting before the end of the year I’m pretty sure he’ll be available to shoot the next movie.

Poor Zach, he keeps being cast as serial killers. Must be the eyebrows. He should thank his lucky stars that Vulcan eyebrows are different. :-)

Funny you say that, Corylea. I thought I read that the part Quinto played in American Horror Story bothered him so much he said he wouldn’t do any more horror – and here this news comes today. Weird.

Maybe it’s a really good role. Never say “never,” because someone might offer you something really cool. :-)

If AMC is producing it, it’ll likely be at the very least, pretty good. They have a history of excellent programming.

Who the hell is asking for this remake?

Sir Pat, save it for your own show.

*raises hand*
I’ve liked every version of the Angels so far. Getting Patrick Stewart involved is icing on the cake for me.

Never watched Charlie’s Angels in any form and Sir Patrick will not attract me to a new one.

I was channel surfing and the Charlie’s Angels TV series came on screen in High Def and 16X9. It sickened me that this fluff series’ producers, along with others such as TJ Hooker had the foresight to film them in this format, while all of the Star Treks, while filmed in 35MM HD, didn’t have the foresight to film them as movies. All it would have taken is remove the reducer from the lens, clean up the extra areas of cables, etc. It’s a big reason the first run of Star Trek TNG Hi Def was such a financial disaster.
One would think a series with such foresight would have realized where media might be headed.