Watch: New Trailer For First ‘Star Trek: Short Treks’ Episode “Runaway”

This morning CBS released a trailer for the first Short Treks episode titled “Runaway,” featuring Mary Wiseman as Ensign Tilly. It premieres next Thursday (Oct. 4) on CBS All Access at 6:30pm PT / 9:30pm ET.

On board the U.S.S. Discovery, Ensign Tilly (Mary Wiseman) encounters an unexpected visitor in need of help. However, this unlikely pair may have more in common than meets the eye.

“Runaway” is the first of four standalone short stories which will begin rolling out monthly, starting next week, Thursday, Oct. 4, in anticipation of the early 2019 return of Star Trek: Discovery. According to CBS, each short will run approximately 10-15 minutes and “will be an opportunity for fans to dive deeper into key themes and characters that fit into Star Trek: Discovery and the expanding “Star Trek” universe.”

NOTE: Availability of Short Treks outside of the USA and Canada has not been announced.



TrekMovie will review the Short Treks as they become available each month. Be sure to check back after October 4 for our review. Click the links to see all of the Star Trek: Short Treks and Star Trek: Discovery news and articles here at TrekMovie.

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I’m actually really looking forward to these.

Some sort of female Alien/Predator hybrid, seems…cool.

“This fall… only one thing is deadlier than the meatloaf… Predator: Cafeteria”


Tilly: “Like, oh my gosh, wow, if it bleeds, we can totally f***ing kill it!”

Thank you! Apparently the shorts are only going to be available in the US though :(

It’ll ALWAYS be available outside the US,SOOO many ways to watch this! lol! But I do agree,that whole US only thing is just lame and annoying,just like me always complaining about is,lol!

I’m seeing reported that there are no plans to show this on Netflix internationally. One has to ask, are CBS really intent on sending it’s viewership to try out illegal downloading, as currently it seems that’s the only way to see these mini episodes?

I have read somewhere (might have been this or another Trek fan website) that these mini episodes are not part of the Netflix deal for Discovery. That means that CBS can sell the rights to these shorts separately. My guess is CBS offered them to Netflix but maybe Netflix didn’t want to pay the price CBS was asking for. If that’s correct CBS can now either try to sell international rights to someone else or go down in price and ask Netflix again. It’s only 40-60 minutes of content overall so I’m not sure how enticing this would be to any other potential distributor.

Diginon. If true, I would class that as something of a misstep on CBS’s behalf.

First place I’ll be looking for it is YouTube.

@ Danpaine: If anybody puts it on Youtube you can expect CBS to take it down. It’s one thing to tolerate copies of a trailer but they will not accept their All Access “Exclusive” to stay on Youtube for free.

Will always be a way to watch in this day and age! Don’t panic just yet mate!

I love the job Mary Wiseman did as Tilly in Season 1, so I’m really looking forward to “Runaway.”

Look’s ok, but not enough for me to pay for CBS AA. I’m holding out for the Picard show.

Cool. Will check it out when I subscribe for S2. Quick question… Am wondering what the time from of the stories are. Before Burnham arrives on Discovery? Doesn’t seem to be much time for extra curricular activities during S1 right up to the finale. Sure, the Mudd story and perhaps Calypso could take place whenever. But the Tilly short?

Look carefully at her uniform. She is now wearing her commissioned ensign badge, so this takes place after the final episode of S1.

(ETA: And yes, I agree with you, there doesn’t seem to be much time between when the Enterprise arrives in the final moments of the most recent episode and when this scene would need to have occurred… I guess we will know on October 4!)

do we know how much time between the promotion ceremony and the arrival of the Enterprise? Could be then

Yeah. The ship looks deserted, maybe it happened before everybody came back onboard to go to Vulcan get the new Captain. But this should presumably be in Earth orbit, so, where did this alien come from? We’ll soon find out. :-)

I’ve tried to put much of what happened in S1 out of my head. So a gap in time between the Qo’nos events and the Enterprise interception… Perhaps then? Not a huge deal. Just wondering.

Every Star Trek series has been known to screw up the uniform ranks, so I wouldn’t use that as definite evidence.

They vary. The Saru one is supposed to tell us how and why he joined Starfleet, so that one will be set several years before S1.

I loved the Slimer cameo. :-)

Still mostly looking forward to “Calypso” due to its pedigree, but who knows? Maybe this one, or the one with Mudd, will end up being my favorite (assuming I like any of them). Life can roll that way, sometimes.

I’m looking forward to Calypso the most also. In my case though its more due to meta entertainment as the actor starring in Calypso played a massive Trekkie/Trekker whose nemesis was played by Will Wheaton on the TV show Leverage.

If it bleeds… ve cahn kill it!

Netflix have said that they have no plans to stream this, so it’s a wonder where this will be shown outside of the US. My thought was that Apple might announce their long awaited streaming service at their October event and whether CBS may choose that as a new distribution.

Where did Netflix say this?

Guess I have to get these……by different means,like everything else I watch,if I can actually be bothered with these at all. That whole US locked thing just puts a whole negative vibe on it for me. That’s just ME of course,lol!

Hmm, what a pity. This strikes me as rather strange as well, considering Netflix even streamed “After Trek”. Well, nothing left to do but wait, I guess.

Maybe in an AfterTrek?

Comes out on my daughter’s birthday, she is so looking forward to it.

I wish I liked this Maybe I should give it another shot.

Is there a specific episode where it gets good? I’ve only watched the first 4 episodes.

Only in the last 10 seconds of the last episode.

You could try starting at the second half of the season.

Given the serialized nature of the series, it is really tough to suggest single episodes without destroying the viewing experience. But since you’ve practically given up, perhaps you should try out episode 7. If it gives you enough to try again, you go back and watch 5 and 6. (6 particularly is interesting for those who care about Sarek and Spock, and the reason for their estrangement prior to TOS.)

Another to say that “Lethe” was good. Many liked “Magic To Make The Sanest Man Go Mad” but I personally did not like it as much as others did. It did have a moment but apart from that…

After those I think you were correct in abandoning the series. It only went over cliff after that.

For me, I realized I didn’t like the Klingon episodes much at all and the show is a bit better when the Klingons weren’t there, or at least not a big presence.

I agree with others episodes 6 and 7 are decent to solid episodes (and mostly Klingon free) so I would try those two at least. And I really liked the mirror universe episodes the most, especially the first one directed by Johnathan Frakes. It’s probably the best episode of the season but of course you’re going to get different views on that. But I would check those out since they basically have an arc on their own and a LOT happens in them. Those are episodes 10-13.

Unfortunately the last two of the season were so bad it’s hard to recommend them but they tie up the Klingon war nonsense and season as a whole. Sadly DIS was on the lower end of first Trek seasons overall for me. Not too horrible but very little of it very good or repeatable. Being serialized though it does pull you in to watch the entire season…the first time.

But it’s not all bad either. There are some solid episodes like every Trek show has in it’s first season just no big stand outs IMO. YMMV on all of this but I would try out the episodes I and others recommended at least. You may really like those.

Sadly no, it’s quite the puzzling train wreck. Don’t waste your time. Hopefully, season 2 will come together and meld into something worthy of investing our time in.

Jonboc it’s crazy but I actually remembered that you were once very excited for this show before it started. You seem liked you like the idea of the time period and the premise. Certainly more than me. I guess the show really disappointed you because you did seem genuinely excited about it from what I can remember. Were you soured on it from the first episode or just as it went on?

Hey Tiger, yeah I was really excited to see Trek back on TV…but it all went downhill from the first episode…I could see all the money spent on the production, but the acting and story was so weak. Worst Ttek debut, ever, IMO. Then the Klingons let more air out of my balloon. Their appearance…the actors slurring and struggling to speak through bad prosthetics (why didn’t they just overdub that mess?) …the serialized nature was a big turn off, especially since the arc of the war was so un-engaging…the mirror universe felt rushed and the wrap up in the end was sloppy. I found the Loony-Tunes spindle-top pop in -pop out mushroom drive ridiculous. I was never happy with the overall aesthetics trying to reinvent the wheel, but it would’ve been more palatable had I any interest in the characters…which I don’t…I liked Lorca, but he’s gone. But the bottom line is, compared to other serialized dramatic programming out there…or episodic programming…the show simply isn’t very good. And with all the delays and time they had to put this show together…the fact that it turned out to be an abysmal train wreck is a real head-scratcher, if not downright unconscionable. Having said that, with the upheaval behind the scenes, I’ll tune in for season 2….though the inclusion of Spock, Pike and the “Enterprise” scares me to death!! lol

Wow… I am on board with almost everything that you said!

Spot on representation there, in my opinion. However the inclusion of Spock and the Enterprise doesn’t scare me to death, it just makes me more ambivalent overall.

Thank you for the detailed response Jonboc, I appreciate it!

Your issues aren’t too far off from mine although I seem to like it waaaaay more than you did lol. But I was only curious what you thought because unlike me you seem genuinely excited about the show before it premiered. I was excited we were getting a new Trek show but I wasn’t excited with the premise that had been laid out, but still supportive of it.

But your post proves it’s not just people here and other places who wanted to hate it from the very start or was hoping it would fail. There were plenty of people like you who just felt let down on its execution. That’s not atypical of course, plenty of fans get overly excited for something just to feel let down later. That seems to be half of Star Wars history lol. But Discovery really do seem to be one of the most divisive Star Trek shows. They all were in some ways but there seems to be a real hatred from some people who don’t like it I didn’t feel with shows like ENT or VOY who just didn’t like it. Not this intensity anyway, but just my opinion.

Hopefully season 2 will make you the fan you wanted it to be although I don’t blame you on your issue over Spock and Pike. I’m curious on what they will do with them at least.

They need to stop using that slithering sound. It’s used for the hooded creature in the pilot and for Saru. It always means scary but ultimately relatable. Not suspenseful!

It is always a good idea (and clever writing) to touch liquids you don’t know. I wonder whether she will taste it.

She is in the mess hall so it’s not completely unexpected to find liquids on the floor. As for tasting it: You may not be aware but taste testing is actually part of scientific (field) methods. For example, geologists sometimes lick rocks to distinguish between minerals that look very similar. Also, soil scientists sometimes chew on soil samples to determine grain size distribution.

Something I noticed yesterday: the Runaway looks somewhat like the woman wearing the red Enterprise uniform in the preview video. It’s the sixth picture in the Trekmovie post, captioned ‘Designs for USS Enterprise uniforms, with various options’:

Stage 9 just got a C&D order. Im beyond upset. Oh yeah the trailer looks like drivel.

I was on CBS’ side throughout Axanar but they’ve lost me now. They can do one.

Except it’s likely CBS has a deal for VR stuff with Ubisoft, and likely that contract requires them to close down any VR projects using Star Trek. Too many are too easy to jump on the evil corporation band wagon. I mean, I get it, they make some stupid ass decisions and such, but we don’t have the full story.

True, though I think CBS could still create a lot of goodwill by bringing Stage 9 into the fold with Ubisoft and work together on the Enterprise-D project, or some other project that would get fans excited. It’s not like studios can’t work together on things.


I have all shades of doubt that it’ll ever happen, but I keep wondering if there’s some connection between the new fanfilm guidelines and these mini-episodes?

But in regime changes, I suppose anything can happen?

“Availability of Short Treks outside of the USA has not been announced.”

Well, CBS All Access’ official twitter account made it clear:

Due to streaming rights, Star Trek: Short Treks are only available on CBS All Access in the U.S.


That clears up where it’s available but their why is clear as mud. Whose “streaming rights” prevent it from airing outside the US??!!

I think there are 2 options here: (1) CBS actually wants these to be exclusively available on CBS All Access and nowhere else, or (2) CBS just hasn’t sold international streaming rights to anybody, yet. In a global marketplace it doesn’t really make sense not to release these internationally. Unless All Access has plans to expand globally anytime soon this means selling the rights off to a third party (like Netflix). Otherwise, they are leaving money on the table.

IMHO leaving such a huge gap between seasons, especially when there’s already a huge love/hate split is a mistake. Logically they should be getting these shorts to as wide an audience as possible… unless it’s just more of the divisive same of course…

The fact that STD is the cornerstone of a streaming service says that CBS has no interest in a wide audience. (If audience was what they were after they had better, more available outlets than CBSAA) They are interested in getting their streaming site off the ground more than anything else.

Trekcore is now reporting that Space is going to premiere “Runaway” on October 4 in Canada. However, I can’t find it on the Space website. Maybe someone in Canada can confirm whether this is true.

Strange, the show is made not too far from where I live but it’s not available to view on this site…

Because this is an American site, not Canadian. So you’re just geographically blocked. I assume you live in Canada if you are not far from the production itself.

But that’s what I meant. You are showing American based media and I’m guessing you can directly view it yourself because this site is actually based in America. He lives in Canada (presumably), so it shouldn’t be a shock he/she can’t see it. And you guys do put on all versions as you said, sadly just not one available now.