Official ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2 Poster Reveals Release Date And Teases Mystery

CBS is building some buzz for season two of Star Trek: Discovery ahead of the panel at New York Comic-Con on Saturday. This morning, they released a teaser poster and confirmed season two will be released in January.

New poster leans into season two mystery

In an exclusive, EW revealed the news and poster. Check it out:

The teaser image features the slogan, “Discover the next adventure” and the news “coming January 2019.” While a January premiere was mentioned at the San Diego Comic-Con panel by executive producer Alex Kurtzman, officially CBS has only been saying “early 2019.” This means that January will see the release of the fourth and final episode of Star Trek: Short Treks and the start of season two.

Prominent on the teaser poster are seven red flashes, which appear to be referencing the “seven red bursts” seen in the teaser trailer released at San Diego Comic-Con. This mystery seems to be at the heart of the second season, and was revealed as the reason Captain Christopher Pike of the USS Enterprise (Anson Mount) takes over command of the USS Discovery.

The seven bursts that drive the mystery of season two, from SDCC first look trailer

In the trailer, Pike tells the crew, “Federation sensors picked up seven red bursts, spread out across more than 30,000 light years. These mysterious signals are beyond anything we understand. Is it a greeting? A declaration of malice? Let’s find out.”

Pike briefs the crew on the mystery

The teaser also revealed that these bursts are somehow tied to Spock (Ethan Peck), who has taken leave from the USS Enterprise to pursue his own investigation.

Centered on the poster is what appears to be a winged figure. This being was also teased in the first look trailer. The producers for Discovery have been saying that the theme for the second season will deal with the intersection of science and faith, which may tie into the angelic look of this being.

This figure could be at the center of the season two mystery

Romijn to moderate NYCC panel

One final bit of news from the EW report is that actress Rebecca Romijn, who will play Number One of the USS Enterprise in season two, will be moderating the New York Comic Con panel this Saturday.  The panel attendees include Sonequa Martin-Green, Anson Mount, Anthony Rapp, Wilson Cruz, Shazad Latif, Mary Chieffo, Doug Jones, and Ethan Peck.

The NYCC Discovery panel is being held at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden on October 6 at 4 PM ET. TrekMovie will be there to bring you all the news.

Over the weekend CBS sent out a brief promo for the panel on social media.

First look trailer from SDCC

To get yourself back up to speed, you can rewatch the season two first look trailer released in July at San Diego Comic-Con.

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

The first season of Star Trek: Discovery will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on November 13th.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news here at TrekMovie.

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The wings look very Romulan-esque.

That was my first impression as well. The producers have said in the past that Romulans are pretty much off the table since the first face to face encounter happened in Balance of Terror but I wonder if they will be behind the scenes somehow.

@TonyD — considering how tight-lipped the Vulcans are, I could totally see something involving Sarek and the Romulans, which he never revealed to anyone, including his son Spock. I thought Enterprise handled this very well in the Aenar episode. We got to see a lot of Romulan interaction without any direct Starfleet confrontation. That said, if they do go down that path, I really hope they don’t put the stupid forehead ridges back on them — or if there are physical differences to tell them apart, it’s not immediately apparent. The forehead ridges seemed to me like a spoon feeding solution to inform new audiences the Producers didn’t think were smart enough to understand the difference between them and Vulcans. The Romulans are decedents of the Vulcans who should be indistinguishable from them if Balance of Terror is any guide. There’s no real reason they should look different, unless there’s something about Romulus that causes excessive calcium deposits in the forehead. All things considered, I’d rather that not be the explanation.

I guess if Spock does have to be involved in the plot (which I’m not crazy about), having it be about the Romulans does make sense. Maybe this incident sews the seeds of his interest in the Reunification.

I agree. Sarek and Spock could be the ones interacting with the Romulans and that wouldn’t break cannon. And it would be really interesting, because even if they were isolationists, the developments with L’Rell unifying the Klingon Empire & Federation/Klingon War would be concerning if not worth monitoring.

The other idea I follow is that those behind the red energy bursts could be the Iconians–and that could involve the Romulans as well, since Iconia is inside the Romulan Neutral Zone. Can’t wait to seee :) #llap

I really like the Iconian theory. That’s something that really excites me because it’s a species we haven’t actually seen but presented so mysterious on TNG. So I would love if Discovery gave them some real development and they just seem really cool!

I honestly do not recall the Iconians. I really don’t. Were they part of some throwaway line from a forgettable TNG episode?

The Iconians have been spoken of in previous Trek incarnations. They’re apparently a big villain race in the Star Trek Online video game, too (though I don’t play it). We’ve never seen them on screen, though. Unless someone has more info, they’re widely regarded as part of the Trek ‘expanded universe.’

Ahh. That explains why I do not recall them. Decades ago I used to read the novels but I haven’t read one of the EU books for years and years.

@ML31 – They are presumed long extinct, but were incredibly advanced. You probably get the gist from the other posts they are never seen, but it’s still worth a look at TNG S2EP11 “Contagion” and DS9 S4EP23 “To the Death”. They are presumed to have created or have adopted the technology of the “Gateways”. Star Trek Online has a great story line and the image with the red wings vaguely resembles the characters they created to represent them. Seeing something like that story play out would be exciting and new while still working with a referenced alien. Still looking forward to whatever they do for Season 2. :)

Thanks, DrakenIX, I will certainly check those episodes out.

@Danpaine – I think you’ll enjoy them. Both episodes have just the right amount of action and I thought a very good story. #llap :)

@DrakenlX — The Iconian episode is one of my favorites from TNG. But I rather got the impression they were long gone even in the TOS era?

@Curious Cadet – Yes, they are long gone. I think Picard explains in “Contagion” that their homeworld was unknown and they are presumed extinct for millennia (spoiler: he and the Romulans discover it in the Neutral Zone). In DS9’s “To the Death” I think it’s Worf who explains the civilization collapsed due to an orbital bombardment either from their own technology or a combination of their enemies 200,000 years ago. (Spoilers:) In Star Trek Online, they describe a handful of Iconian survivors used the Gateways to escape to another galaxy. A form of Galactic Gateway technology could easily be the red energy bursts. They are believed to be telepathic which could be what Michael Burnham appears to be experiencing when she sees the red and black winged entity or image. A piece I thought was well done in Star Trek Online but unable to travel through time which is how they are ultimately defeated. Any form of that would be new and exciting imo. :)

I never played the game either but I have seen what they looked like in the game and I guess why some people are convinced its them because they do have somewhat of an outline of what Burnham saw in the trailer.

I still doubt thats who will show up but it would be intriguing if it were them.

The Iconians would be a nice one. There’s a whole TNG episode called Contagion about the remnants of their Empire and the DS9 episode “To the Death”.

Kid you not Ensign Crusher but I rewatched both “Contagion” and “To the Death” a few days ago. :)

Contagion was actually a pretty solid episode! I forgot all about that one. It does make you wonder did they ever plan to farther that story line?

To the Death doesn’t really add to the mythos much but it’s one of the top DS9 episodes in general.

@DrakenlX — no, Spock has never seen a Romulan before either during Balance of Terror, but has only heard they share common ancestors. Sarek could tho. Or frankly, anybody could as long as they use the Vulcan “forget” trick.

Spock in Balance of Terror: And if the Romulans are offshoots of my Vulcan blood and I think this likely, then weakness is something we dare not show.

Thanks, I didn’t recall if Spock had seen the Romulans or not. I saw Balance of Terror again several months ago and for some reason thought he didn’t reference that he had or had not. In any event, there are many ways they can end up interacting, although I’d prefer not to completely break cannon. I thought ENT did a good job (was it “Minefield”) in showing them to the audience without Starfleet actually meeting with them.

Sarek has a Romulan clone.

Thank you Curious! I have always been peeved by Romulans with forehead ridges. Maybe they all have a form of neurofibromatosis.

And I sure hope they won’t have those stupid foam-rubber tunics they had in TNG and onward …. Gersha Philips will do better than that, I’m sure.

Yeah the Romulan ridges on TNG never made any sense to me either? I never understood why Roddenberry would change that from TOS knowing Romulans and Vulcans were basically the exact same race. I could understand if he gave that to Vulcans as well but he left them alone. It was always a bit weird but not the biggest deal.

Another vote for thinking the Romulan prosthetic forehead was an odd change… But it wasn’t THAT big a deal, I thought.

Aaron Harberts was the one who said “Romulan is a dirty word in the writers’ room right now because of where we are in the timeline. The sparks fly when the writers bring up the Romulans”. Seems to me he was one of the main people blocking the Romulans from appearing in the show.

But Harberts is gone. So who knows? Maybe it is the Romulans :-(

Just remember TonyD these were also the same guys who said we wouldn’t ever see an adult male Spock on this show either and now we have one in the second season.

I think when it comes to canon, Discovery and Enterprise do the same thing where they present something we know that is suppose to come later but then find a work around how it technically didn’t break canon by showing it. My guess is if these are Romulans then they will do that, which btw Enterprise showed Romulans on its show as well. Why I really don’t like prequels but hey, if they find a clever way to do it (like I thought they did on Enterprise) I will be fine with it.

The main thing with the Romulans is that no one is supposed to know what they look like. So all Enterprise needed to do was get around showing one. Seeing their ship was OK. Same for Discovery.

Yeah that is exactly what I was thinking. Maybe way off base but would not be surprised to see the Romulan Star Empire behind the scenes and up to no good.

we shouldnt see them at all right now. There is a timeline they are supposed to be going off of if its prime.

Sure they could see them. They will just “classify” the encounter so no one knows about it 9 years later. ;)

That’s what I thought as well.

With everyone stating that this season is about family, seeing how the Romulans are an offshoot of the Vulcans could tie into the season. If they are introduced, either the encounter is classified or they are truly behind the scenes and the Federation and Romulans never actually meet.

I agree, looks almost Cardassian though too. But as far as I know, the timeline wouldn’t match up at all.

Yeah…um its Romulans!

Vulcans..Spock… Red Pulses… Red Matter… that winged Pulse in the center of the post.. you would easily say the Romulans are involved.

But it could also be to throw us off. Could still be the Iconians.

Or (Dark) Phoenix. ;)

Red pulses… RED LENTILS? Or perhaps an attack of the killer tomatoes…

It’s not the Iconians. They are still a mystery in the 24th Century.

I was thinking it somehow tied in past and future, like this is some other payoff/resonance from the Phoenix flight nearly two centuries earlier.

Either that or the Vorlons are going to show themselves (spoiler for end of B5 s2 there, if it matters.)

LOL! When I saw it I thought of the Vorlon’s too!

I always had mixed feelings about B5, but that was absolutely one of its best moments.

Definately the Queen of Blades… ;-)

Romulans….yawn. Here they go screwing it up more.

How about we reserve judgement on facts rather than have a negative response to an inane fan theory that has no basis other than “looks like wings”

great bird of the galaxy

The big question is… Will there be another mid season break? I am hoping not.

They’re pretty standard now, ML. I would expect so. A way for CBSAA to collect more $$, figuring most people will just keep paying until the second half of the season starts again (I am not one of those people).

That’s the thing… They are pretty standard for typical network shows. Have been for decades. Not so much for streaming shows. I guess the official story is that S1 fell behind schedule. But I still think a HUGE part of the split was to try and milk another month out of subscribers.

I’m sure it’s a little of both. AA desperately not only need subscribers but keep the ones they have from dropping. But it’s just a lot of competition out and why hardly anyone is watching Discovery on AA now.

They obviously think having more Star Trek will do the trick of keeping people around longer. It probably will if they spread the shows out enough and my guess why they are trying to get the Picard show out ASAP because they know the subscriptions will drop like a stone again once DIS second season is done.

The hiatus with S1 was because they were behind on the post-production of episodes.
If they had started to air S2 now (the fall) they would have had to make another hiatus to catch up just like before. Since they’re waiting until January to release the season, I don’t expect a hiatus.

My guess is they will. Probably a month like last season. They want to keep people on the hook as long as possible, hence the Short Treks.

Can’t wait for more Orville.

S.t.d t.w.d. Solo. Predator. And other things made by non fans can fall by the wayside.

If discovery is going to recover anything it will have to tie in with the Kelvin timeline. It is to late for the original.

There are to many accountants working in film and television these days. Art or business. All the greats have one thing in common, they where a passion project. Money came later.

Trek was a money grab for Roddenberry. Read more about it. It doesn’t mean he didn’t have passion, or a creative spark, but he was definitely in it to make money. He sacrificed a lot of “Gene’s VisionTM” to make his money.

Orville is awful, and is indeed a passion project for McFarlane. His passion for someone else’s work. A wannabe fan film. It’s genuinely terrible on every level.

Discovery isn’t perfect, but it’s a wonderful show.

If you can’t see that, or want to only trash it and praise Orville, sod off.

I sure “can’t see that,” but also enjoy ORVILLE, far more than I expected to. What shall I do about that, I wonder …

Enjoy the second season? lol

Go ahead and watch it, and discuss your love of it on Orville articles. If you dislike Discovery so much, stop being a troll.

How’s DSC going to get better until the folks running things realize how wrong they are from feedback and change course drastically? (only 98% facetious.)

Perhaps you will see it get better in S2, kmart. They are still writing episodes. I’m sure they look at social media to gauge popular opinion, but they can’t let that determine the entire direction of the series. Odd as it seems, fanservice usually ends up being despised by fans.

The majority of people seem to respond well to Discovery. Its just the haters are extremely loud and the more bigoted ones attract more attention.

I’m not so sure it’s the “majority” of fans who are unhappy with S1 of Discovery. At best it might be 50-50. I’d say it is more closer 2/3 who have seen it are in the mediocre to bad category. The other 1/3 would be in the above average to good category. This is based on nothing scientific, of course. Just a guess from a number of different sources.

IMHO, producers of any mass media like shows or movies ought to avoid social media altogether. Never let what a handful of fans say guide their creative flow. That said, even if they do it the way they want it doesn’t mean they will produce gold.

Kmat is not trolling, he’s giving his opinion. And he gives a lot of in-depth viewpoints and information here. We need more posters like this here, not less.

And last time I checked, TM was here for everyone to express ALL their opinions, just not the ones you personally agree with. Not sure why some people here have a hard time with this simple concept? If you don’t like he has legitimate issues with the show, fine, then just ignore his posts and scroll through them, but he has the right to say how he feels. And he’s been a contributing member here for a long time now, calling him a troll because you don’t want to hear his opinion is ridiculous. Luckily TM has banned one of the real trolls here recently and the boards have been better for it.

FYI… There were 3 posters on my personal “ignore” list (still wish there was an ignore feature) and none of them are here anymore. And I agree. The board is better off.

Really? I only know of the one I was referring to who handle starts with an H and ends with a 4. That guy should’ve been gone loooong ago so it’s good he’s (finally) gone now and yes the boards have been better for it. Anyway now that you mention it I have noticed 1 or 2 others have either posted a lot less or stopped posting altogether including one of the other people I use to ignore along with you.

I won’t speculate or say any names but yes if they are gone too, good riddance. I don’t want anyone banned but if its who I think it is, it would explain why the arguing and pettiness has dropped by 80% here lately. I usually try to just scroll through the people I ignore but it gets tiresome trying to avoid reading so much and it’s nice I no longer have to do that anymore. No one is perfect here, certainly not me, but MOST of us don’t come here to pick fights or bait people all the time and why I love this site so much! I come to debate, not argue, there IS a difference. If you don’t like my opinion, fine, then just MOVE ON!

Anyway, I know Anthony and Matt I’m done now, but thanks for trying to keep the boards more civil. Seriously! As for the others, out of sight, out of mind from this point on!

Stdtwd?? And that means? Gonna guess you were disappointed with those movies? lol

“If discovery is going to recover anything it will have to tie in with the Kelvin timeline.”

Um, what?

No, if it is going to “recover” it needs to tell good, thoughtful stories. JJ Trek is irrelevant to this show.

Wouldn’t be surprised whatsoever if the showrunners broke canon and brought the Romulans in. That’s their style.

They wouldn’t need to break canon for that.

And why is it their style? Examples?

That may well have been part of their plan. If it was, then hopefully it got axed out when Kurtazman replaced them.

“It looks like a bird! Must be Romulan!”

“It’s red and it glows! Must be red matter!”

“The episode is called ‘Lethe’ and the lady Admiral has the same hairstyle as that lady in that episode who was called Lethe! Must be the same person!”

“The Discovery has a big triangular hull, must be built by Klingons!”

When people tell me how imaginative Star Trek fans are, I giggle and snort a lot.

Eh, I just consider it sort of geeky fun to try and connect dots like that. I like to theorize like this too but in reality don’t actually think (or even want) these sort of predictions to actually be true.

Yeah its nothing wrong to speculate, thats what makes it fun, especially when its a new show entirely. I understand what DMT is saying that people usually speculate more mundane things but I don’t think DIS actually presented with anything all that innovative in the first place.

But the thing is people DID guess a lot of correct things before the show started like Discovery could be a Section 31 ship (which obviously was in the cards at some point now that we know the black badges some wore on that ship were indeed Section 31), Lorca came from the Mirror Universe (but many thought he could be Section 31 as well given my first example), Tyler was a Klingon, the Emperor would be Georgiou (but I also heard other theories like Hoshi). So yes maybe fans come up with some baseless ideas but they were not all baseless either.

And for the record I didn’t predict anything right but I rarely play that game in the first place. But ones I tried to I was wrong on it lol. For example, I was adamant it was no way that Tyler would be Voq because the idea was so dumb to me. I still stand by that assessment even after being proven wrong though. ;)

I just watch STD on a purely entertainment level,like all Trek I watch. But I do get that Trekkers like to speculate and predict,even if it does go too far at times,lol!

You can find that in every franchise.
Worst examples:
Star Wars: Snoke is Mace Windu
Snoke is Boba Fett

I generally do not like to speculate. But I do like hearing new bits from the production. And I really have no issue hearing others speculate. I was adamant Lorca wasn’t MU because, stop me if you’ve heard this before, the idea was just way too dumb.

Yeah I generally don’t speculate, mostly because it’s usually wrong lol. But I love listening to others although yes sometimes it does suck when people are always right because then it ruins the surprise a bit. But I don’t mind it that much and if I was that bothered I wouldn’t be reading it.

And yes it is sometimes just hard to believe in some of these theories because the idea just feel too silly on its head, the other reason why I was convinced no way was BC playing Khan in STID. ;)

Theories and speculation can be a lot of fun, if we don’t argue with each other about them. Debate is fine, of course, but some people got to taking it really personally about Khan in STiD, and other subjects.

True Marja, I think speculation is a lot of fun and why a lot of us come here but some people take it waaaaaaaay too personally lol. And just lead to a lot of silly and petty arguments. You see it over and over again.

We like to read between the lines. The problem in doing so is that we can often miss what could be taken at face value. There’s a poster on TrekBBS who’s convinced Spock Prime in the Kelvin movies isn’t actually Spock from TOS for some reason; I told him he was overthinking it if he thought that.

Speculations make a lot of fun. Some are true, some aren’t.

“Tyler is Voq.”

“Lorca is from the Mirror Universe.”

That wasn’t so much speculation as spotting the obvious.

Lorca was a logical conclusion… But I was thinking that theory was so ludicrous there was no way they would do THAT. But then….


Here is my theory then: Pike is section 31 and the events of season 2 will directly or indirectly lead to his “accident” that will make him wheelchair bound, perhaps as a way of Section 31 wanting to silence him.

Romulans from the wings. Red matter having to do with the destruction of Romulus. Spock’s involvement is easy to see. Possible second time incursion by a rogue rom faction to stop the destruction of Romulus. At the end of this season will be the quick follow up with Picard where he resumes the now dead Spock’s mantle of trying to bring peace. Bet anything we see a Picard cameo at the end of season 2 then his show rolls out to clean this mess up. Two shows spoiled. Enjoy.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I rest my case.

Wow, Nok just went for the bait, hook, line & sinker! Didn’t sound like sarcasm.

If anyone can prevent the destruction of Romulus and Remus… it’s Jean Luc Picard with the help of DIS Spock.

Mysterious Virginia Creature!

Are we talkin’ MOTHMAN here?

As a still frame it really does remind me of something NSFW lol

Cant wait for this!

My concern with all of this (small concern ATM) is that not one single sign of the Klingons with S2. Lorell was such a major character in the grand scheme of things, and Mary Chieffo is arguably one of the biggest ambassadors for the Discovery series. I wonder if they (the Klingons) will have only a small part of this series, and what that might be.

They will be in there, they have already talked about Voq/Tyler being back and Mary Chieffo has been up there shooting as well.

Not one single sign of the Klingons? There have been several articles detailing the extensive involvement of Klingons in season 2. It’s been made clear that Voq and L’Rell and their Klingon overthrow/reformation/whatever is part of season 2.

That’s my concern, and I probably should have clarified the articles and noted that there hasn’t been a sign visually. The same thing happened when Season 1 was being made. There were all these discussions around the amount of focus the show would have on the Klingons, and dig deep into the culture, but when the show finally aired and concluded, it they didn’t seem to dig as deep as they implied.

It is pretty funny how the first season they seem so gung ho discussing the Klingons and went in-depth of how different they would be presented and will go farther in their culture and customs. But then in reality they really didn’t do all that much with them. The first two episodes is where we really saw them explore them a bit more but after that it was the same ole same ole. They look and acted a bit different (and not always in a good way) but they didn’t do anything we haven’t seen talked about on the other shows over and over again.

Now this season it’s like they are hiding them. Besides being told we’ll see L’rell and Tyler again they haven’t really talked about them at all. Maybe there is some big reveal they plan to do with them and why there is so little news about them so far compared to first season.

That is my hope.

Yeah, I have a feeling they are hiding them because of there might be drastic design changes and they want to surprise people or they want to avoid the backlash that happened in the first season when the klingon set pictures had leaked and people got up in arms over the designs of the klingons. They just want to play it safe this year I think.

I pray to Kahless you are right alphantrion! :)

Maybe it is because they have done a total redesign change and want to wait to surprise fans. I really hope that’s the case obviously. Most fans will be happy if they go in that direction and make them look closer to the traditional TNG/TOS film Klingons. But I’ve said this before you don’t even have to change them that much if you simply add hair, I think most will consider that a victory in itself.

And comic con is coming in literally a few days now so maybe we may get some news or even a look at them this week! Exciting times ahead.

Seven bursts across 30,000 light years… could it be the Borg? Pure speculation of course, but given Discovery’s habit of checking off iconic things from Star Trek, I wouldn’t be surprised if they went there.

Plus, check that drawing from the Picard Show writers room again. They had seven big dots in Borg space. A connection between the two series?

I think fans default impulse is to connect it to a pre-existing thing. Is it Romulans? The Borg? The Iconians? When it’s just as likely to be something entirely new.

I would like something new, but did you see the first season? The Discovery writers very much like pre-existing things too.

I think others just don’t feel the people behind the show would be creative enough to come up with something new and will once again rely on nostalgia instead.

Hopefully they are all wrong but after seeing DIS first season and knowing so far who we will see on second season you can’t exactly blame people for assuming this.

It’s so obviously tied into the Mothman Prophecy. If y’all can’t see it then you’re blind as a tiberian, uh, moth!

we’re flying too close to the flame here … or to the sun if icarus

Hopefully it’s something new we haven’t seen before.

Yay, super happy Generic Space Show has yet another season of poor acting, silly uniforms, and ridiculous plots.

no no no, this is Discovery, not the Orville.

Can we stop the third grade Orville vs Discovery attacks? Its sad when I’m guessing grown adults can’t just stop swiping at each shows. They both have their plus and weaknesses but no one has to like both while acknowledging they have their fans.

This goes for all the Orville fanboys out there too who think it should replace Discovery as ‘real’ Star Trek. Hate to tell you but DIS is the actual Trek show even if you loath it.

Some people have a problem realizing there is plenty of room for both shows to exist, Tiger, and that there is no contest between the two. Agreed.

Another agreement. There is plenty of room for both shows and it’s not a contest. Like one hate the other, hate them both or like them both. It’s all subjective.

Yet another agreement. I happen to like both shows. I do have gripes on Discovery, but this is my own personal opinion and I understand that others may not share it. By the way Tiger2, you mention grown adults… We have no idea, in fact some people here can be 8 years old you know (not me).

@ Silvereyes: While it’s not impossible that kids might post here my impression is that most people here are much older. Most seem to have been fans since at least the TNG era or even since TOS. Trek doesn’t strike me as the hot topic 8-year-olds might want to talk about on the internet.

Not only that, but threads of this nature seem to be going out of style. There have been a couple other boards on a couple other subjects I took part in that shut down their message boards in favor of other social media that I just don’t like taking part in.

There is definitely room for both shows, but fans who clearly do not like anything about DSC need to stop chiming in with nothing but hate. It’s tiresome. Constructive criticism is one thing, but the regurgitation of the same old complaints is worthy of banning, frankly.

When someone repeats the same old complaints for 2 solid years it’s crossed the line into trolling. If you hate something so much, stop watching, and stop commenting.

Afterburn, does that work for people who make the same praises of STD for the last two years over and over again too? Should someone stop commenting once they gushed all over everything STD related?

You made my day! ;D

And for The Prophet’s sake, it better not be Romulans. They’ve destroyed canon enough already.


Where and when?

And by the way. They can easily put the Romulans in without destroying canon. Just like “Enterprise” did.

I’d like to see the Romulans.

Xindi Avians.

Points for the Enterprise reference :) But Xindi Avians were wiped out a hundred years before the events of Enterprise.

Maybe they flew to another planet without telling anyone, especially their Xindi brothers who were trying to like kill each other

Sh*t! It’s Jean Grey! Hard about, warp factor 8!!!

Give that Pike, Spock & Number One have all been cast, maybe we could have a spin off set aboard the Enterprise!

Could it have killed them to make the lines on the Starfleet delta more…ya know straight?? Why does the one streak of light curve off to the left so sharply, it looks so off lol it’s like simple little changes like that would go such a loooonggg way to fixing all the inconsistencies in this show. To me that little gripe makes the entire poster look done in a hurry. This poster is obviously a microcosm of the larger issues with Discovery. Still think the summer trailer is awesome, tho.

Maybe is The Great Bird of the Galaxy.

A phoenix rising?

I don’t like this whole “intersection of science and faith” bit. It sounds a little too TFF to me. I hope it doesn’t get all preachy.

Yeah.. that’s what made DS9 nearly unwatchable to me. Nearly.

For me, that was part of what made DS9 good.

Same! That’s what made DS9 interesting for me and to actually present religion in a serious way in the Star Trek universe. And I say this as an atheist.

And I’m not saying they need to do anything similar on DIS but I wouldn’t be against it either.

So Romulan!

In all those “Romulan Predictions”, please don’t forget those “Metamorph” quotes.
Klingons morph to TOS style? Or are the changelings there?

I don’t think we have a connection to Red Matter here, since it was always said Discovery takes place in the Prime Timeline and the makers have fun to show how it connects to TOS in the end. We will see a big “No Go” for the spore drive being abandoned and classified. And so it could even be with Romulans. I would appreciate them coming into the show.

I am still somewhat curious about that picture with the red bursts.
What am I looking at? Is that a picture of the galaxy? It looks like it. If so, the distance between EACH INDIVIDUAL BURST seems to be 30 kly. That would suggest Borg tranwarp hubs or Iconians.

The dialog suggest ALL bursts a spread out in an area approx 30 kly in diameter. If that is correct, what am I looking at?

Also, if that picture is supposed to be the galaxy, some burst would be outside the galaxy and the distance between the points would be even more than 30 kly. Given that the galaxy has an diameter of approx 100 kly

Sure because Romulans are the only thing you can come up with if its about Wings…. sigh.

“The producers for Discovery have been saying that the theme for the second season will deal with the intersection of science and faith, which may tie into the angelic look of this being.”

That’s probably it.

So I guess the big mystery for our intrepid heroes will be finding out whether these beings are aliens (Babylon 5 and 70s BSG), aliens from the far future (DS9 and possibly reboot BSG), humans from the far future (Interstellar), or really angels (possibly reboot BSG and…er…70s BSG again).

I think that covers it ;)

“What does God need with a starship?”

magicks of magus two reloaded

Ok here is a little different theory, how about these are a different faction of the pah wraiths from DS9 or perhaps they are connected with the prophets. Maybe Avery Brooks will make a top secret cameo :))

The phoenix makes me think its Romulan’s.

Bloody Weeping Angels!

What if Spock is deeply but secretively in love with Michael.