NYCC: Watch The New ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season Two Trailer

During the New York Comic Con Star Trek: Discovery panel fans were treated to a new final trailer for the second season. CBS has now released it online. In it we get a look at Ethan Peck as Spock and Rebecca Romijn as Number One.


Space (Canada)

Netflix (Rest of World)


More from NYCC coming

Later today and over the weekend will have a recap as well as posting any new videos or images released. We will also be conducting interviews with the panelists after they come off stage.

Star Trek: Discovery is available in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

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I am so excited. Literally tears of joy 🤣 I can’t wait until Discovery come back. I enjoy it first season and can’t wait to it to return. I love Michael and was Amanda in trailer as well. Big yes to Saru and Michael relationship being featured.

Mind blown!


What a shock, t’s not available in my country.

That isn’t a new thing. The the CBS version of the trailer is always released first. When they’re made available we add the Space (Candian) and Netflix versions. Commenting for the umpteenth time about it won’t change that. Note that the article has now been updated with the other regions.

If you click on the above nextflix link… it’s wotks in the UK, Germany and UK

Looks good.

KLINGONS HAVE HAIR AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Trailer looks amazing. A lot to take in. Original D-7 ship is back, Section 31 Georgiou, Number One and yes bearded Spock! I have to say I am getting more excited but yes Klingons having hair again and looking like KLINGONS is oddly what I’m most excited for!

I personally didn’t mind Discovery Klingons but it is nice to see hair😀

Honestly I tried but I just couldn’t get into them at all. I don’t think it was having no hair the only reason though so I’ll be curious to see how I feel once we see them as traditional looking Klingons again but still talk like they have marbles in their mouth.

And I do wonder if they will ALL have hair now. Given the explanation of shaving it off for the war thing (sounds lame but whatever) I’m guessing yes.

You know when the biggest appeal of a brand new franchise trailer is the hairstyle choices of aliens, you are dealing with people who have misplaced priorities.

Don’t get me wrong, if the season still sucks giving Klingons hair is not going to change that. ;)

But this is a great decision. I think many fans are happy and most importantly that they ARE listening to their fan base. Most people just want the show to feel a bit closer than the others while still being able to do their own thing. The Klingons just wasn’t working for a lot of people.

And I said the trailer overall looks amazing (I even like bearded Spock) but the Klingons having hair is a huge plus for many.

The minute the coches start listening to the yelling from the stands to determine what plays to call, the team is dead.

But in this case all they are doing is changing back a known and proven standard that has been around for literally decades. I don’t see what the problem is in that. And for the record I have no issues they tried to go a different direction with the Klingons. Frankly it just didn’t work so they are correcting it.

If they wanted to double down on it they could’ve but they are desperately trying to win over fans who have already dismissed the show so they are trying their best to throw in more canon, hence the D-7 and TOS uniforms also showing up not to mention all the character fan service like Spock and Pike.

ALL of this is just a response of fans saying the show just felt too different for many of them and its nice they are listening to feedback where they think they can improve.

Don’t get me wrong, I admire Brian Fuller’s past works but I think what’s happening now is producers trying to correct his questionable decisions.

Well, I think there is a reason why Bryan Fuller cannot really hold onto jobs in Hollywood anymore. He tends to get really wacky with his ideas. Though Hannibal was an excellent show.

And this is how we ended up with Donald Trump as president.

Agreed. And caving into the entitkement of fans has never made Trek better.

Reference to the Kavanaugh vote?

So you would rather fans be fighting and divided than united?

After all the abuse those of us with measured criticism got from the Discovery can do no wrong crowd you’d think people like you would be happy they’re trying to bring inside fans back into the fold. But no…

Yeah I don’t get it? Would they rather have fans complain for seasons on end about it and get less people to watch the show over it? They are trying to win over more people because let’s be honest DIS is not exactly winning over every body right now and CBS is probably concerned even less people will sign up for season two now that the curiosity is over, especially considering how low the viewership for season one probably already was.

Now people are excited and seem generally happy the show is looking a bit more like Star Trek of old again. And reality is I don’t see ANYONE who liked the DIS Klingons dropping DIS next season over it so it’s going to be more of a plus than a minus. This is only a good thing.

I was reading you comment and I would like to know how do you know the business model for CBS for it streaming services and that did not make desire target viewers numbers for Discovery? If you don’t know for sure them you are making general statement. I know that I don’t know the numbers, only that it was renew for season two.

Yeah it’s just speculation, nothing more. ;)

But how I feel based on all the things they are doing like bringing in Spock at the last minute and adding Picard. To me it seems more reactive than proactive and I think they know a lot of fans were disappointed with Discovery. Could I be wrong, yes, of course. I just don’t think I am.

I think it is a VERY reasonable conclusion to draw based on the evidence provided. CBS is NOT crowing about how many subscribers they have. (They did when it premiered, howevever but not a peep since) Then you get the Klingon change. The Appearance of Enterprise. Pike. Spock. The upcoming Picard show. It all points to low subscribers as a very real and most likely possibility. Yes, we do not know. But it is logical.

Be nice. Tiger2 is probably the nicest guy posting at Trekmovie.

I’m pretty nice.

Thanks for that! :)

But I’m not offended, I get what they mean and we probably do focus on minutiae too much, especially Star Trek fans lol.

But I do think hair is just an important feature for Klingons in general. Besides the fact they literally always had it, in TNG we were told canon wise that it’s culturally important because of Kahless and why it was so odd to take it away in the first place.

It doesn’t mean they ALL have to have hair as we saw people like Genera Chang without it but it’s strange to see none of them with it either.

And of course we know the Picard show is coming and more than likely they changed it back to stay more in line with TNG’s canon. Maybe if that show wasn’t coming they would’ve kept the same look.

Chang had hair.

And yes, if Worf shows up he needs to look like Worf. I suspect this also contributed to their hair decision.

LOL I forgot he was rocking that baby pony tail. Stand corrected.

Yeah the Picard show is probably leading this decision as much as the fan backlash was over it. They definitely don’t want to screw that up. Correct the 23rd century issues as much as possible before heading back to the 24th!

I want to see Worf in his beautiful goatee and lush hair if he does show up! It wouldn’t be Worf without it. :)

Indeed. “They had hair before so they must always have hair!”

It isn’t about the hairstyle. It’s about the culture built up over hundreds of hours of Trek and the hair and beards are have been part of their cultural look. Hell the beards were even a throwback to TOS.

I was most excited to see a real Klingon ship!

You know what? Me too. I’m forced to admit, adding hair to the existing make up goes a very long way but none of the Klingon ships in S1 even remotely looked like anything that even looked like it could evolve into a D-7.

They just earned me giving the show a second chance with those Klingons. It shows they listen to feedback, which I think has to be respected. If the writing is improved as well they’ll have me back on board.

It shows that they are going to do everything they’ve said all along, which is connect it all to canon, which is what they’ve been saying all along… its people like you who didn’t give it a chance to get there before screaming “this is it Star Trek”… and now that they’re proving you wrong, you want to pretend like it’s because you cried and whined that they are doing what they’ve been planning all along… read some articles or interviews that have been posted over the last two going on three years… I’m not trying to be an ass, but I’ve been defending Discovery forever and have gotten nothing but shit for it, and I’ve been posting articles and links about them saying that everything will connect to canon in the end, but no one listened… until they see it happening…

They have but that is taking their comments out of context. First they said it would make sense by the end of S1. They part way through they said no, check that. It will make sense in S2. So forgive us if we have doubts they will actually follow though on it given they have procrastinated before.

For me, the mere fact that it is Star Trek gets me back for another look. But make no mistake. They skimp on the writing and plotting like they did on S1 then all the positive visual changes will become moot.

Yeah. Was going to mention the Klingons look a little more like Klingons. And it was cool to see the D-7. Bearded Spock was weird. Makes me think MU Spock, however. Which is NOT a good thing at all. Romijn looked pretty convincing as #1 as well.

Klingons looking like Klingons? Klingon ships looking like Klingon ships? – That’s a good start if anything! We’ll see about the rest when we get there.

I still maintain that we are going to find out that the Discovery universe is a parallel but different universe from the TOS-verse, and the appearance of the D7 and the hairy Klingons only reinforces that personal theory. We shall see!

It. Is. Prime.


This will end up being Prime. All other iterations will be considered alternate universes/timelines. It’s the only way to accept that things look so radically different and lack any visual continuity. I’m surprised how putting a wig on the Klingorcs has suddenly changed the minds of so many people and made them forget the lies and insults from the team behind the first series. Oh well the fickle public are easily swayed by Bread and Circus.

With the exception of the Kelvin Universe films ALL the shows are based in the prime universe already. Yes it looks different but it can still be considered the same universe.

And give them credit they ARE trying to make it fit more in TOS. I been hard on this show for sure but I ALWAYS given it credit when it looks like they are putting in an effort and so far they are. But its never going to look like TOS because its not 1966 anymore. They could make it a bit closer though and it looks like they are trying to do that now.

Any alternate universe would consider themselves prime from their POV.If it is set in the TOS 1960’s Prime, then maybe they should have gone with an aesthetic that would have been more visually in keeping with The Cage instead of the jarring mess that was presented to us as “TOS Prime”. It’s their Prime, so therefore a new timeline. I’m fine with that. The TOS aesthetic is dated. Just don’t insult people’s intelligence. Would you accept it if they swapped out Spock for a woman mid-season without a reason and told you to accept it?

Swapping a characters gender and changing how the set looks are two completely different things… don’t get me wrong, you can do that 60s sci-fi aesthetic these days, but it looks like 60s sci-fi aesthetic no matter what (see: Star Trek: continues)… in order to keep it futuristic looking compared to times now, you can’t have that same 60s aesthetic, it wouldn’t work… it just looks like cheesy sci-fi, imho…

We probably agree more than we disagree on this. I have said multiple times just telling people it’s all suppose to gel with TOS when it looks nothing like it is not going to convince everybody. I mean Khan in STID should’ve taught them that lesson. Yes it’s fiction and all made up but you can’t just pretend it’s a novel either. Visual story telling has a huge impact on how we perceive things and so when you make NO effort to combine one universe with another then it’s not exactly shocking people will reject it. So on that agree. This is just common sense.

But end of the day the universe is whatever the writers deem it as. As far as CBS is concerned it takes place in the same universe with the others and all that matters because it is fiction. Officially that’s what it is. But people are free to ignore that fact and I know many here has. Hopefully as time goes on and they try to move it a little closer to the TOS aesthetic (but very updated) you and others will change your minds. Again they seem to be doing that now, I don’t understand why they just didn’t do it in the beginning?

People just don’t like being told that black is green or vice-versa. An intelligent adult can only allow for so much suspension of disbelief before they realise that they’re being forced to believe a complete lie. It’s insulting. The fact that some of us choose to Boycott poor behaviour and aggressive Social Justice narratives, gives me hope that the world hasn’t become totally compliant to dogmatic extremists pedaling their viewpoint.

@Tiger2: I believe they didn’t do it from the beginning because Bryan Fuller had a certain vision for reimagining the visuals of Star Trek and the show adopted that vision and couldn’t change course before he was let go. Now, I believe they are trying to adopt a closer visual look to TOS because of the fan backlash over how big of a departure things looked in Season 1. And, as you pointed out, they should get credit for trying to adapt to these fan concerns.

Agreed Captain Danno!

It’s obvious Fuller wanted to reboot the franchise with Discovery and give it a completely new look. But it was just too distracting because it’s suppose to be the prime universe and before TOS.

I and others have said this many times, I don’t think people would’ve been THAT upset about it if A. He simply called it what it really was, a reboot of the prime universe (he called it a “reimagining” which is a less direct way of saying reboot I guess) or B. simply put it in an era where it can be its own thing like TNG was. But I can already feel people shouting at me for bringing that up so I will let it go lol.

But again, if he wanted it to be a prequel to TOS, FINE, but it still has to feel like it’s part of TOS on some level! Otherwise it looks and feels exactly like it does now, a show in a completely different universe entirely. This is basic common sense.

But he’s gone now, the other show runners who replaced him are also gone and I’m just happy they responded to the fan backlash and making the changes. This is all great news, especially for people like me who seriously want to love the show but been on the fence with it because of these issues.

I don’t know about others or Trek fans in general but my guess is that had they just said this was a “reimagining” of Trek set just before the TOS era, not a lot of fans would have any problem with it. I know I wouldn’t have. The problem came when they were insisting it was in line with Prime when there was absolutely NO visual connection to it whatsoever. That set people against the show from the very first episode. It was jarring. He we all known it was a reboot, it would not have been as jarring. We could have focused on the crappy story rather than the aesthetic changes.

It really sounds like Fuller was the biggest problem with the show. Herberts and Co didn’t really help after the fact either, but they were given a boat with a hundred holes and couldn’t fill one.

Yes I think end of the day most of this came down to Fuller, which is a bit disappointing because I think for a lot of us we were excited about the show because he was the one creating it.

But now seeing where he went with it, I have to admit it’s probably a good idea he’s no longer on it. I feel maybe the stories could’ve been stronger in themselves but this completely rehaul of the show just didn’t work for a lot of people because it’s just too jarring as you said.

But I really do think in Fuller’s mind this was suppose to be a complete revamp of Star Trek. And its probably why he set it just before TOS because he wanted to redo the look of the entire franchise going forward pretty much like Abrams did for the KT.

My guess is if Fuller got his full wish and it was an anthology show like he wanted, everything would’ve looked completely different in the other eras too. I can’t prove this obviously but you only have to look at Discovery to know he wanted a totally different design from the other shows. Again, FINE, but just make it clear it’s something of its own creation and not tied to the rest of it and most people probably would’ve been fine with it in time if they told that’s what it was.

It almost feels like Fuller wanted the reboot but CBS told him “no.” So he did what he wanted anyway but called it “prime”. Which sort of sabotaged the thing right off the bat.

For the record, I really liked the anthology idea. Different Trek story each season. But understand why CBS would be afraid of that.

The original prime timeline hasn’t been in place since at least First Contact, maybe even as far back as The Voyage Home.

The truth be told 24th century tech was left behind in 22nd century with the Destruction of the Borg Sphere and subsequent crash in the Antarctic altered the prime time line probably more than any other event.
The discovery of that tech definitely would lead to the visual and tech differences between what we see now and what we saw 50 years ago.

Fair enough. I’m hoping that may be a valid reason. Hopefully they’ll address the inconsistencies (I know they’re trying to Backpedal on a failed reboot) in season 2. Would have still preferred a Captain April series with an enterprise more similar to the one on Discovery, but with a more stripped back interior similar to the Kelvin.

Well, Discovery has made Captain April officially part of canon, so they could still make that show. I so wish Robert Patrick could star in the role.

Good choice. A very commanding presence. Beard or no beard? I can see him with a full on Captain Birdseye beard. Uniform: Turtlenecks in division colours of Gold, Silver, Bronze. Grey, wrap-around jacket similar to Kirk’s green wrap-around jumper, with the insignia in the same place. It was what I was hoping to see Pikes crew in as an evolution of The Cage uniform. But seeing as that’s another timeline, it doesn’t matter now.

@Mr Limpopo — until canon informs differently, it’s the same timeline as THE CAGE.

It’s failed reboot to you okay. I personally like and take no offense to Discovery. I glad for new trek show and personally I like the timeline they are in. There’s is for lack of better a Bible for Trek and whatever timeline it in there are pertinent things that makes it Star Trek. Holding on to personal cannon of how a new show of Trek should look, dampens your enjoyment and ties down any series of Trek.

It failed as a reboot. They are Backpedaling. It’s an obvious and truthful observation.

Star Trek: Backpedal

Oh no it’s Mirror Spock!


I really like the trailer, its overall feeling and more…

Best part: Klingons with hair!

But why does Spock look like Jesus?

Like Jesus, Spock rose from the dead to save us all.

Or was that a little too sacrilegious?

He was shaggy during his Kolinahr days, too. Personal hygiene takes a backseat when you’re on a Vulcan Quest, I guess!

@Thorny — yup. I don’t recall we’ve ever seen Spock with a full beard though? Particularly in the Prime Universe?

I hope a beard is not poor personal hygiene otherwise I’m screwed!

Dammit, Jim! Now I’ll have to pay CBS AA. This new trailer just sold me. Argh!

Hello, gorgeous! Uh, yeah, you too, Rebecca Romijn, but I was talking to the Klingon Battlecruiser. ;-)

This series as shown looks like its trying to go in too many directions at one time. It simply

lacks a overall focus or purpose. It’s like going to Three Flags Amusement Park…it appears

wildly different and vaguely exciting (if only temporary) but when it’s boiled down there’s no

substance to it all. Character development is happening but without a story behind it all

then why bother? What or who’s next – tweeky? You said it Buck….bitty….bitty….bitty 🙄

No offense but you don’t even KNOW what the story is next season so how can there is no story??

C’mon, I’m critical of things too but this is just silly. Let’s wait and see what the story is first. And all I can tell you is this is 100 times more exciting for me than last season because the Klingon war just didn’t interest me at all. And after seeing it, even less so. But they may go in a better direction next season.

That’s actually very encouraging to me as well. I had absolutely no interest in the Klingon War either. I ended up liking S1 in spite of that huge bias. With this trailer, I am MUCH more interested in the core premise. So, I should be that much more pleased with the result.

I guess we shall see.

Three Flags? Did they lose the three other flags?

Oh. Never mind. I see what you mean now, haha.

I am most happy when this shown does new things, but DAAAAAAMN it made me happy to see a D-7!. Star Trek VI had an amazing D-7 so I can’t wait to see the Discovery version.

There’s a Red Letter Media bit about the new Picard show where they joke that the whole thing should be on the D just so fans can yell “I recognize that!!!!”

Why does EVERYTHING have to be the same as we’ve seen before?

Ok then. Let’s also get rid of the Starfleet delta and make Vulcans purple as well.

Some things have to remain recognisable. The Klingons are one of them. They are too fundamental to Trek’s legacy. Besides, giving them hair doesn’t mean they can’t still feature the bald ones. This is just a way of bringing in those of us who were invested in the rich history of the Klingon race and didn’t want it all cast aside in favour of nothing but blue lizards.

I’ve said all along they didn’t even need to go this far. They just needed few background Klingons with hair and beards, or even just a lime acknowledging different Klingon species. But I’d be a liar if I pretended not to be overjoyed at seeing something that properly looks Klingon.

It reminds me of when Doctor Who tried to redesign the Daleks. They went too far to the extent that the iconic silhouette of the Daleks was compromised. Like this they devided fans and the show listened and retained the classic Dalek shape. Sometimes change for change’s sake is the problem. It was with the Daleks and it was here with the Klingons.

It’s not about everything being the same as before, its about upgrading things but keeping some of the original design elements. You can upgrade something without necessarily changing the whole design of it.

It doesn’t ALL have to be the same as before. The Discovery ship still looks and acts like something out of the 25th century, most people seem resigned to that now.

But if you change EVERYTHING then what’s the point of saying it’s ‘canon’ then? I’ve said this countless times, you say it’s a reboot or in another universe all the complaints goes away tomorrow (well most ;)). But once you say it’s suppose to fit previous canon of a 50 year old show it’s going to be difficult for people to accept.

British white Khan in STID proved that point in spades and they literally were in another universe. Some things you REALLY shouldn’t mess with if you don’t have to.

It doesn’t. If they set it post Nem they could do almost literally whatever they want. But if you put it in a specific time frame, then yes. Things really kinda should sorta seem like they, you know, belong in that time frame even a little bit.

Trek 6 has a K’Tinga rather than a D7 and the one above looks more like the former, which is fine me as the K’Tinga is basically the D7 with more surface detail.

Yes, I am a nerd.

I can’t wait! Season 2 looks exciting.

Could the red angels be the Iconians?

I’m hoping it’s something new. It doesn’t always have to be a call back.

No. The Iconians are still regarded as extinct in the 24th Century.

That’s true, El Chup, but the blurry figure Michael is looking at, looks very similar to an Iconian from Star Trek Online. Since season 1, I also wondered if the Iconian gateways work using the same spore network Discovery uses.

That would be AMAZING if they did connect the Iconian technology with the spore drive. To be honest I don’t think anyone is going that deep but who knows?

And I think the Iconians are possible, especially now with a closer look at it but it could still be something new altogether.

Looking good!

The trailer looks awesome. What bothers me though (and already did after the first trailer) is that the “seven red signals” seem to be a MacGuffin that skips any scientific scrutiny. Why would they call them signals? If they are completely mysterious it would be better to call them phenomena. If they’re spread across 30000 light years, the only way they can all be detected by the Federation is using some sort of subspace scans (in any case, faster than light). So how would they know they’re all red? That’s a property observed within the visible spectrum of light. I hope they have a reasonable explanation for this in the actual episodes.

Huh? There is nothing about “seven red signals,” just “seven signals.” They are coded red on the displays, but nobody says the signals *are* red. They say Spock and Michael have seen a vision of a “red angel,” but nobody talks about “red signals.” Thus, most of your comment is meaningless.

As for why they would call them signals, I assume that’s because they’re signals. Not hard to figure that out.

Episode 1: ‘Wow, a red thingie. Wonder if there are more?’
Episode 34,223: ‘Wow, a second red thingie that we’re just now seeing because it’s thousands of lights years farther away than the first one. Wonder if there are more?’
Episode 999,137 (now on SyFy) ‘Wow, a third red thingie — and, we’re cancelled.’

This made me laugh CmdrR!

So the theme of season 2 is, “HEAVENLY ANGELS- are they real?” Alrighty then.

Hairy Klingons, shirtless Kelpians, mighty morphing power strangers. Well then…

Was at the panel, incredible time!!! I love that cast so much, they’re so wonderful together. The new trailer looks so boss. I’m salivating, I think this will be a knockout season. Also it really warmed my heart as a Trek fan to see nearly the entire Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden filled with people who love Discovery

Looks fantastic. Not feelin’ that Spock, but once I stop comparing him to Nimoy (and, I guess, Quinto), I’m sure he’ll be fine.

Proper bloody Klingons!!!!!!!!!!!

Kudos to Kurtzman and co for actually listening and trying to bring back in the fans who were unhappy with what they did to them. This and the quality of Runaway’s story gives me hope going forward. It feels like they have taken the feedback from last season and are working to right the wrongs.

Not that convinced by Spock yet and really not that interested in former space dictator Georgiou and the Section 31 nonsense. Much rather have Prime Georgiou. But can live with these things if the rest is good.

“and really not that interested in former space dictator Georgiou and the Section 31 nonsense. ”

Here too. Could do without her and Section 31. I just can only hope they end up being C or even D stories.

I know it is just a trailer so they stuffed as much fan service as possible into it. I hope the whole season is a bit more balanced. It looks like if TOS was swallowed up by Kelvin on steroids.

Well, the hairy versions of the new Klingons make hell of a difference and in a good way. Also Spock’s Beard sounds like the name of a Trek Episode :)) Looking good so far.

Looks good, and that’s coming from a season one hater.

OHHHHHHH it’s about to get real. The D7 Battlecruisers!!! They got the original design back. The ridges…Klingons have hair!! WOW, what a trailer! :D

So much yes!

The whole red angel vision seems a bit too fantasy …but it’s the one aspect that makes me curious.

Cinematically, it’s a good trailer. They’re obviouly still lavishing a ton of money on this show, and fans looking for a lighter tone and more camraderie amongst the crew should be pleased. Still not sure about the inclusion of Spock, or MU Georgieau, or the ‘red angels’ and the theme of science vs. faith. As always, it’ll come down to the quality of the writing and storytelling, so we’ll see.

I am intrigued!! :)

Anson Mount admits he was a huge fan of the original series when he was growing up. He may not want to play the part of Pike as “larger than life” as it may be considered too Shatner-esque. But, because of that, he’s playing it so low-key, he comes across as boring and uninspired. Almost wooden, with no charisma at all.

Mindblowing! Georgiou a changeling? A klingon D7! Klingons with hair!

Changeling nothing, it’s already been established S31 has some tech that can change appearances when Leland comes into her bar looking like a Trill.

Ugh. It just gets worse.

CBS’ garbage returns…

If it’s as great as season 1 of CBS’ garbage, this Star Trek fan can’t wait! And while it’s hard to tell from a trailer, I’m hopeful it might even be better!

Did you really think the concept of Lorca being a one dimensional bad guy from the MU was a good idea?

No more than the bang on the head allegory that was Drumhead, or Let That Be Your Last Battlefield.

Shows can and do have bad episodes from time to time. But those are just single episodes. A single bad episode does not have a lasting effect on the show overall. Lorca being from the MU ruined an established MAJOR character forever.

It does look promising. But then S1 looked promising as well. So forgive me if I reserve judgement.

REALLY wish Space Hitler wasn’t involved any more. That just feels like it may be the biggest mistake of the season. Time will tell.