‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2 Launches January 17 – See Images Of Spock And More

In addition to releasing the new trailer for the second season of Star Trek: Discovery, CBS followed up the New York Comic Con panel with the release of some more details and photos from season two.

Star Trek: Discovery moves to Thursdays on January 17

Today at New York Comic-Con, Star Trek: Discovery executive producer Alex Kurtzman revealed that the second season of the series will launch Thursday, Jan. 17, 2019, exclusively on CBS All Access in the United States. During the panel with cast and executive producers at Madison Square Garden, the official season two New York Comic-Con trailer debuted, and fans were given a first look at Spock, played by Ethan Peck; Number One, played by Rebecca Romijn; and Section 31’s newest recruit, Philippa Georgiou, played by Michelle Yeoh.

Following premiere night, all new episodes of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY’s 13-episode second season will be available on-demand weekly on Thursdays, exclusively for CBS All Access subscribers in the U.S.

Season 2 photos

Ep #201 – Pictured: Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham

Ep #201 – Pictured: Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham

Ep #203 – Pictured: Michelle Yeoh as Captain Philippa Georgiou

Ep #204 – Pictured: Rebecca Romijn as Number One

Ep #207 – Pictured: Ethan Peck as Spock

Ep #205 – Pictured (l-r): Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham; Michelle Yeoh as Captain Philippa Georgiou; Anson Mount as Captain Pike

USS Discovery in the treacherous asteroid field

Stamets, Tilly, and other Discovery crew members look on at a device holding a fragment of asteroid

More from NYCC coming

Later today and over the weekend will have a recap as well as posting any new videos or images released. We will also be conducting interviews with the panelists after they come off stage.

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It looks like they spent a LOT of money on this season. I can’t wait!

I am genuinely excited. Love the “real” D7.

Agreed, the Klingons look more normal with hair too, but still holding out for a normal looking Kingon species.

Michelle Yeoh is bringin’ sexy evil back!

But, but she’s not really Captain Philippa Georgiou is she? Does she hold that rank in “this” universe?

Well, the official Starfleet version is that Georgiou was rescued from the Klingons, she never died. Only a few people know that she’s from the mirror universe.

That bugs me too. From the audience’s point of view she is Mirror Philippa Georgiou.

That’s exactly what makes it extra juicy though, isn’t it? Burnham, Tilly, and Saru (and that cute transporter technician) are the only ones that know outside of Admiralty afawk. And just the Disco crew and Admiralty een know about the Mirror Universe. How are they going to handle this knowledge with outsiders like Pike? Will they try to curb her? Manage Pike? it’s fascinating :)

Or from another point of view, that’s what makes it extra dumb. I just wish that whole MU thing and evil Georgeau could be dropped forever.

gotta be mirror universe spock. lol

Whichever Spock he is, he’s way too PINK. TOS Spock had yellowish skin, because he had green blood.

They stopped doing that after Season 3 because people probably thought it was racist.

Another season of much sound and fury signifying nothing… sigh.

And we finally get rid of Akiva Goldsman and what do they do? Put him on the Picard series. Double sigh.

You haven’t even seen the season yet, so you have NO idea if the story signifies nothing. In any case, you must have slept through that trailer, as there’s a LOT going on in it that could end up being damn amazing.

I thought I would see a clean-shaven Ethan Peck as a clean-shaven Lieutenant Spock, but that is close enough. There are two possibilities on Rebecca Romijn as Enterprise’s Number One: either she dyed her hair black or she wore a black hair wig. Overall, I love that trailer! So stoked about “Discovery’s” new season.

She said during the panel that she wore a wig.

Spock with a beard he looks like Sybok.

@skyjedi — maybe Spock went through a period where he was influenced by Sybok? Either way, I’d definitely love to learn more about Sybok to give him some greater importance in canon.

Consider the possibilities of all 3 in the same home, Spock, Sybock, and Michael.

Imagine the family means when they were all at that awkward age.

Do Vulcans go through “that awkward age”?

Diginon, Pon Farr makes jakdala (Klingon puberty) look like a mild fever.

Well, Sybok was from an earlier marriage, so it’s entirely possible they didn’t hang out much. Sybok could already have been a young adult Vulcan off somewhere being a hermit by the time Sarek married Amanda Greyson.

@Hauke Fisher

While Sybok may be older he was around during Spock’s childhood. Remember Spock’s words from STV “I am not the outcast boy you left behind”. So while Sybok may not show up on Discovery (at least this season), he most likely knew Michael too.

I’d watch that show!

…Or he grew a beard so that he would not be recognized while away?

He was found stranded so I would assume that he didn’t have time for a shave

The shaggy hair reminds me of Spock from the beginning of The Motion Picture, when he’s on Vulcan preparing for Kohlinar.

My birthday! Of course, I’ll not actually see it until at least the following day 🙄 I wonder if it’s pure coincidence, or if they deliberately chose the date that is written 17/01 in most of the world…

The Runaway short came out on my daughter’s birthday. :)

Ethan “Speck” looks like a common half-brother of Nimoy and Quinto. :-D
I immediately recognised Number One as Number One.

This may be an unpopular opinion, but as soon as I heard Ethan Peck’s voice it sounded a lot more like Spock than Zach Quinto ever did. I’m hoping they bring the character back to its roots instead of Quinto’s “I have no emotions but I’m always out of control with my emotions” take on Spock.

I have a feeling disco Spock won’t fit with your expectations. But then again, if someone watches tos and ends up thinking that Spock has no emotion, or that the point is showing he is just vulcan – a vulcan ideal that is wrong anyway because vulcans have even more feelings than the humans – I say they never watched the series or foundamentally misuranderstood Spock’s character.

This “I have no emotions but I’m always out of control with my emotions” actually is a perfect description of tos Spock more than reboot Spock! If any Spock was contradictory and hypocritical, that’s Nimoy’s version. Quinto’s version is way more honest with himself, he never denies his human side or that he has feelings. He doesn’t show distain for his human side (that he got from his mother whom he always loved in all versions). When was him ever preaching about not having feelings?
The big difference between now and the 60s is the fact they are allowed, now, to make his conflict actually more realistic and a bit more relatable to how a person with mixed heritage would act and feel.

Agreed Frank!

I didn’t have a huge problem with Quinto’s Spock but this Spock seems a lot closer to Nimoy’s, especially that voice! I still don’t think we need a Spock on this show but he could become a huge fan favorite if he does resemble Nimoy’s Spock. I’m pretty excited to see more of him now.

Voice aside, I really don’t see this visible resemblance to Nimoy in physical appearance. On another site they posted the pictures of 3 Spock side by side and yeah, he honestly looks more like Quinto to me, especially the eyes. The shape, the soulful expressiveness that is almost a distraction. Nimoy’s eyes and facial features were thinner, less ‘in your face’ hot and sexy like the newer Spocks are. When he was in character, he also looked older than he actually was.

Anyway, finding a new Nimoy is impossible but these guys are as good as you can get still. They may not be his clone, but they still have that special something that makes you understand why they were cast.

He probably does look more like Quinto but I guess it just tells you how hard it is to find a good actor with Nimoy’s unique features.

I don’t know, but there is still something off about Quinto’s version for me. I like him but he’s not quite there. Maybe it is just the voice but I don’t think of him as Spock the way I do Nimoy. But he’s fine overall. And I think more people can accept him since he’s playing an alternate version of Prime Spock so he doesn’t have to feel completely authentic probably the way people will expect Peck.

I just hope Peck feels a bit closer to the original Spock even if he plays him differently. And yes hopefully a lot less crying. That will already be a big plus. ;D

Either he will be loved or a complete disaster lol. We’ll see!

I was a fan of Zachary since heroes and I always thought he’d make a great Spock if they were to reboot, and then it happened for real and he didn’t disappoint me. He has charisma and his voice is like velvet, I could care less it isn’t as deep as Nimoy’s. The way he talks with that inflection and calmness is spot on.
Besides, outside of the USA and english speaking countries, Spock had always been dubbed anyway so people remember the voice of the guys who played him in their native language. The acting skills of the actor are what truly remains the most important aspect, IMO.

It surely isn’t an easy role to play, and after the first movie I don’t think the writers gave him a lot to work with tbh (and he was sidelined in beyond). Zach has both the advantage and disadvantage of playing a version of him that has to be different on purpose, but he also got Nimoy’s help and he basically is the new Spock he passed the torch to. Other Spocks like Peck inevitably won’t have this. But also, his Spock isn’t a main character, hopefully, in discovery and more like ‘Michael’s brother’. This might mean people should set their expectations to realistic low because he will be different but as he is no main guy, there might not be enough time and character development to explain why.

I love Peck’s voice as Spock, and at the panel he had a decidedly Vulcan air about him, a poise in his posture, and he just seems so spot on. He does look a lot more like Quinto than Nimoy, but he sounds more the part and I’m sure he’ll be a way better Spock than Quinto’s, assuming the writers know how to write the character

Yeah, he sounds a bit like Nimoy and looks a bit like Quinto, which is pretty neat since we now have two Spock to use as reference and, anyway, Quinto had a subtle resemblance to Nimoy. Kurtzman did imply they tried to find an actor using Quinto as inspiration too. It makes especially sense because a newer generation of trek fans has the latest Spock in mind so it’s a way to have new version that isn’t too different, in appearance at least, to what the general audience of the last decade pictures when they think about Spock.

I guess comparisons are inevitable but what a cliché it is that every time there is a new version of a character people automatically jump on the argument that he either sucks, or he must be better than the other version, even though they hadn’t watched him play the role yet, just because they find the actor hot.

That’s really shallow how some are ditching the new guy already because they compare him to the other spocks, or they don’t want another Spock point period, but it’s also silly to attack Quinto now – who has made a great job as Spock and is generally recognized as pretty good by critics and the reboot fans – just because the new guy is the ‘new’ shiny thing. This guy is virtually unknown, I never heard of him before and I have no idea how his acting skills are because I didn’t see him in other roles. You haven’t even watched his Spock yet. So ditching Quinto just because he has a beautiful voice that isn’t as deep as Nimoy’s is lame. Quinto does have that ‘vulcan air’ to him and he has proved his acting skills for years, and not just in trek. Now the new guy has to prove his own acting skills, but whether he fails or succeedes has nothing to do with Quinto. Besides, they are going to play different Spocks anyway so what they are asked to do with the character may be foundamentally different. I stand by the opinion, though, that from what the creative team said I doubt that disco Spock will be more like tos spock than Quinto’s version. You guys are in for a big disappointment in that regard because they already said that he’s very different.

In either case, this whole thing about Nimoy’s voice is stupid to me. I never heard anyone complain that Pine or Urban voices aren’t exactly like Shatner and DeForest. A character is more than the voice of an actor. I *do* remember Nimoy’s voice but when I watch Quinto and listen to him he’s spot on, I completely forget that the voices aren’t identical. I don’t expect them to be. That’s nitpicking when, IMO, it’s other aspects that should be far more important when judging if an actor does a good rendition of the role he’s asked to play.
In general, I actually prefer to find unique elements that diversify each Spock too so that I can think about them as separate things. And I don’t like impersonations.

Georgiou pulling off that holographic Klingon face to reveal herself was bad ass! I’m guessing that’s advance Section 31 tech at play here.

Sweet, it’s Beatles White Album Spock. Can’t wait to hear “happiness is a warm phaser”.

OMG, it’s Mirror Spock!
Well, more seriously, while growing a beard has so far been more the thing of the Mirror Vulcans, this isn’t automatically a continuity error of course.

Also, have the Discovery space suit helmets always been like this? The part protruding from the back looks a bit like a duck tail. Or cat ears.

Ah oh, haters gonna be pissed that they gave Spock a beard ‘cause they never mentioned it before in past series. Also it still looks like the series was shot post 1966! How dare they.

On a serious note—those images are looking 👌!

Well Spock taking a leave of absence going on what seems to him to be a spiritual journey, it makes sense he’d grow out his hair and beard. We don’t even know what he’s been through by the time we meet him on DSC, he could have been stranded somewhere for months for all that we know. I’m sure he gets cleaned up with the classic style sooner or later :)

The space suits, the effects, Georgiou’s costume, Ethan Peck, all got me salivating

Fingers crossed it’ll be good!