Star Trek Online ‘Age Of Discovery’ Launches, Features Voices Of Mary Wiseman and Jeffrey Combs

Today Perfect World and Cryptic Studios announced that the first update of Age of Discovery is now available for the PC version of Star Trek Online and releases on consoles at a later date. Starting today, players can log into the free-to-play MMORPG to experience brand new content expanding on the CBS All Access series, Star Trek: Discovery. Players can now create Starfleet Captain from the Discovery timeline and fight the Klingons alongside Cadet Sylvia Tilly, voiced by Mary Wiseman from the show. Also adding his voice to Age of Discovery is veteran Trek actor of many roles Jeffrey Combs, playing the son of his Commander Shran character from Enterprise.

Story kicks off after Star Trek: Discovery pilot

Age of Discovery begins in the year 2256, shortly after the Battle at the Binary Stars launched the United Federation of Planets into a savage war against the Klingons. Fresh out of the Starfleet Academy, players team up with their fellow cadet and close friend, Sylvia Tilly (voiced by Discovery’s very own Mary Wiseman), for their very first mission. A vicious Klingon attack interrupts their maiden voyage, as they are confronted by J’Ula, matriarch of the House of Mo’Kai and sister of T’Kuvma. Lifted from the pages of the IDW comic series Star Trek Discovery – The Light of Kahless, J’Ula is brilliant, cunning and opportunistic, and seeks the secrets of the Federation by any means necessary. Leading the resistance against J’Ula will take Starfleet Captains on an unforgettable journey aboard the U.S.S. Glenn, to iconic locations featured in Star Trek: Discovery, from Starbase 1 in Federation Space to the Dilithium Mines of Corvan II. Captains will also encounter a few familiar faces along the way, including Thy’kir Shran (voiced by Jeffrey Combs), son of Thy’lek Shran from Star Trek: Enterprise.

Launch trailer for Age of Discovery

New features for Age of Discovery

With the release of today’s update, Star Trek fans can become a part of Star Trek: Discovery by creating a new playable Discovery era Starfleet Captain and participating in a brand new starting experience. The update also includes two new Discovery episodes for all characters, a new Task Force Operation to defend Starbase 1 and a revamped Mission Journal to help new players explore principle story arcs in the game. A full list of features introduced with the first Age of Discovery update includes:

  • Playable Discovery Era Federation Faction – Players can create a brand new Discovery era Federation Captain with a new tutorial experience and explore Starfleet in the year 2256, just after the Battle at the Binary Stars.
  • Two New Episodes – Players from all factions can explore two new episodes, where they will be tasked with fending off Klingon boarding the U.S.S. Glenn, and defending Starbase 1 from an assault by Klingon House D’Ghor.
  • New Task Force Operation – Queues in Star Trek Online will now be known as “Task Force Operations.” Age of Discovery’s newest Task Force Operation (TFO) will take players back to 2256 through historical simulation to protect Starbase 1.
  • Random Task Force Operations System – Those who queue for a randomly selected TFO through this new system will be rewarded with a large bonus, along with the standard rewards for completing the challenge.
  • Streamlined Mission Journal – The Mission Journal has been streamlined for all Federation factions, in order to help new players better access the main story content in Star Trek Online. This affects Task Force Operations, which now unlock earlier in progression.
  • Added Reputation Tier – All reputations will be extended to Tier 6 and will include upgrades to existing rewards, plus some new ones.

More screenshots


Age of Discovery to continue to explore Star Trek: Discovery stories and locations

Today’s update is just the beginning for Age of Discovery, which will continue to bring Star Trek Online players even more Star Trek: Discovery content with future updates. In November, Captains can join the very first Featured Task Force Operation, centered around the pivotal Battle at the Binary Stars. Up next, players will be able to explore the mysterious forest planet of Pahvo from the Discovery episode “Into the Forest I Go,” during Star Trek Online’s anniversary event early next year.

Available now

Star Trek Online is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game that allows players to explore the Star Trek universe. You can choose to play as the Captain of a Federation starship, champion the Klingon Empire, a Romulan commander or a Jem’Hadar soldier. Star Trek Online is currently available on PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. Age of Discovery launches today for the PC and will be made available on consoles at a later date.

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wow those screen grabs look great!

Very nice, love them both, should be great additions!

Looks Great to me!

I’ve been so stoked for this! Can’t wait for consoles to get it.

Landry is coming too.

It’s nice having the connection to Enterprise with Shran’s grandson. I wasn’t able to do more than create a character before leaving to work this morning. But I’m looking forward to the new content. The content releases are supposed to be related to what’s happening in the show, so I’m eager to see how Cryptic is going to handle that.

Another bang bang Star Trek Wars game.
This does kind of say it with every iteration of Trek after TOS.
Copy and paste Star Wars stories into Star Trek framework.
Just and a heavy sprinkle of technobabble, sudo science & bog it down inept politics and say it’s different.
Oh well the kids are happy.

Do you remember that episode where someone stole Spock’s brain?
Or the three where they just find another Earth?
Or when Gene, the man who, “loved his show so much,” abandoned a second season finale in order to create a backdoor pilot so he’d be okay?
Or when Kirk and Abraham Lincoln fought the most evil people in history?
Or Halloween planet?

I love Star Trek, from TOS to STD, and it’s always had sudo science and inept politics. It’s not all Star Trek 6 and Conscience of the King.

I guess the purpose of my comment is more about tone than anything else. I’m not going to apologize for being younger than you or liking something different than you, but please don’t belittle fans like me when you’re talking about your personal tastes.

No there’s actually a lot in the game where I’m scanning and warping from system to system and scanning things and beaming down to planets. There’s a whole “season” in the game where you discover a new alien race and mission after mission is helping them become a part of the galactic community. Is there war and fighting? Of course, that’s a part of the fabric of Star Trek but please stop acting like Star Trek is never about blowing up things and going on heart pounding adventures. Oh and by the way, Trek would be doing something right if they had a game with a storyline anything like the previous Star Wars Battlefront game.

I am so looking forward to the Shepard Class when and if they release it. The Cardenas class looks appealing too! Though this begs a question…..If the Nimitz Class has only 2 Tac console slots at non fleet level and 3 at fleet….Will the Shepard and Cardenas class’s only have 1? And 2 respectively? I am still at a loss as to why the Crossfield has 4 tac console slots (wich is a science vessel) while a battleship like the Nimitz has only 2 to 3. Doesn’t add up.

Next time you guys interview Wiseman ask if she knows how well Tilly knows Jim Kirk, she spends like 5 minutes talking about him and Finnegan.