The Shuttle Pod Crew Discuss ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ New York Comic Con News And First ‘Short Treks’

The final convention of the season, New York Comic Con, was last weekend and we learned more about season two of Star Trek: Discovery.

Shuttle Pod 59 – New York Comic Con 2018 And ‘Short Treks’ “Runaway”

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Kayla, Brian, and Matt discuss the Star Trek: Discovery panel and trailer from New York Comic Con. Klingons with hair, that “Red Angel”, Number One, Captain Pike, bearded Spock, and more!

What is the “red angel”?

Also at NYCC we learned a tiny bit more about the upcoming Picard show. Lastly, we review the first Short Treks episode, the Tilly centric “Runaway.”

“There was a hormonal space rabbit. He escaped from the lab and then he got loose in here…”


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I took the “I would die for you, you would die for me” line from Pike as a basic expression of teamwork during dangerous situations, which doesn’t have to be about war and conflict. You could have a story about a team climbing Everest and the same line would work.

Anyway, great podcast as always, folks! Cheers.

Not to the end of the episode yet, but I think everyone’s overlooking one neat way in which the “old-school Klingons shave their heads for war” idea enriches existing canon. Because we have seen one notable bald Klingon, an arch-conservative with odd ridges and unusually ornate/colorful armor who relished war so much he conspired with his enemies to ensure it would continue forever: General Chang. Timeline-wise, I could absolutely see him as a young-ish devotee of T’kuvma during the Discovery period; as he aged, he never gave up those ideals, and stuck to the traditionalist ways until the Praxis incident 40-ish years later — including keeping his head shaved for war.

Nope. If Chang were an adherent of K’Urtzman & T’Kuvma, he would’ve also shaved his moustache, and most importantly, plucked his eyebrows.

Unless , of course, he was from an unseen house that allowed facial hair…..

I think the easier explanation would be that it was a fashion choice, and a cultish fad during the first season of Discovery. What is the Klingon for “bald is beautiful”? :-)

Is there any chance that Kayla can start another science column for the site?

Am really tired of hearing the Voyager criticism in regards to the Spore Drive. There is no reason to keep harping on this, at least until some kind of final determination is made regarding the spore drive. Until then, there are all kinds of plausible reasons for Voyager to not have employed it.

A message to the podcast hosts – please elaborate on why you feel Discovery needs to be more successful. Everything I have read indicates that CBS is happy with it. Have you heard something different? It never crossed my mind that the show might only get two or three seasons.

Thanks for listening :)
We’ve talked about Discovery throughout our podcast over the last year, so we don’t continually restate all the questions and concerns we have with Discovery. I recommend listening to our episodes that covered season 1 of Discovery from last year, they’re titled “Shuttle Pod At the Disco”.
If you want to listen to one specifically about all the changes and turmoil of getting season 1 to air check out the 15th episode, “A Look Back To The Birth And Development Of ‘Star Trek: Discovery.”

Also, CBS being happy with the performance of the end product, doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t issues. Behind the scenes has had, and continues to have, a lot of churn. Showrunners have left the show mid-production, twice now. The writers’ room has seen lots of people come and go. So things aren’t perfect. If they can’t keep a cohesive team with a clear vision for the next season(s), it will be harder and harder to keep Discovery going.

Thanks for the explanation. I initially thought you were alluding to low subscriber numbers for All Access, and how that would be a problem for Discovery. I’ve actually been listening to your podcasts for over a year now. I really enjoy them.

Ohh I see. Yeah the AA numbers are kind of hard to really talk about meaningfully. CBS seems quite happy with ~2.5 million subscribers number they’ve said a few times, and of course Discovery itself is also sold to Bell Media and Netflix, so I’m sure they’re quite happy with Disco in that regard.

Glad you’ve been enjoying the podcast, we’re always trying to improve and find ways to work in a variety of Trek topics.