GIVEAWAY: Star Trek Online ‘Age Of Discovery’ Starter Packs With Walker Class Ship And Tardigrade Pet

Age of Discovery is the latest addition to the free-to-play MMORPG Star Trek Online, bringing content from Star Trek: Discovery into the game for the first time. To celebrate the PC release of Age of Discovery, we are giving 50 lucky players codes for an Age of Discovery Starter Pack, to jump start their careers as a Starfleet Cadet.

Win an Age of Discovery Starter Pack

The Age of Discovery Starter Pack offers unique rewards that will help Captains with their exploration into the Discovery universe. Most notably, this includes a new variant of the Walker Class that can be used as soon as players complete the tutorial. The new type of starship offers Hull and Shield values that continue to scale up with Captains as they continue this career (all the way to level 30!).

Age of Discovery Starter Pack includes:
• Walker-class Prototype Light Exploration Cruiser
• 12 Additional Inventory Slots
• 1x Large (150,000) Experience Bonus Pool
• Discovery-era Phaser Sniper Rifle
• Discovery-era Phaser Stun Bolt Pistol
• Tardigrade Vanity Pet

How To Win: tell us what you will do with your tardigrade

To win one of 50 codes all you need to do is make a comment below telling us what you would do with your tardigrade pet, or just what you would call your tardigrade pet (besides “Ripper”). Make sure to use a working email address so we can get back in touch with you Comments can be submitted up to midnight (Pacific Time) on Thursday, October 25th. TrekMovie staff will review the entries and notify winners starting Friday, October 26th. NOTE, codes are only available for PC version of the game. And you need only make one comment to enter.

Age of Discovery is available now for PC, with console versions coming soon. To download and play Star Trek Online today for free, visit

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Corner the market on mycelia spores? It’ll be like using a pig to root out truffles.

Ah, didn’t see the ‘naming’ requirement. Celia.

Enroll it in the academy and have it join my crew as Science Officer/Chef

I would use it to hunt down J’Ula and any other Klingon that threatens the Federation. I’d also name it Snuffles

I would give him homework to grade, but then again he might be late in finishing it.

You know, tardigrade? Tardygrade?

Eh? EH?!

If i won a pack, i would take selfies with the tardigrade ‘hippolicursia’ all around the galaxy, trying to find the most amusing angle.

IndestructoBear will consume Klingons and snort shrooms!

I will name him George and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him.

Lol I didn’t see your comment but I said nearly the same thing lol.

I would name my tardigrade Mochi and make room for him in my bed next to my Yorkie Jax. They would get on wonderfully!

I’d name her Spot, like Data’s cat. I haven’t seen pets in this game so I have no idea what I’d do with her. I suppose I would treat her well, take her for long walks on away missions, and make sure she doesn’t snack on any cadets.

Teddy(the tardigrade) and I jump out of STO to Neverwinter run amuck, cause trouble, and win ugliest bugbear competition. Then jump back too STO and tell all they look like a some shaved dwarf I know.

Er tell the tellarites they look like shaved dwarves

Oh, I’d take her everywhere! I’d show her the beaches of Risa, the tundra of Andoria, the deserts of Vulcan, and the desserts of my fleet’s tier 5 starbase!

Who to do with a tardigrade? Why roam around on Earth Space Dock and Starfleet Academy of course! Someone’s gotta teach the cadets and ensigns, them might just suddenly be promoted to captain then admiral! 😂

I would take my tardigrade into my fleet database and let it walk all over every tribble laying around the floor. I would play tribble soccer with my tardigrade as well.

I use he for jump on esd :)

I’d take my tardigrade to nimbus and do the dance competition.

I would name my pet, “Mr. Cuddles” and i will take him any where and everywhere focing people to look upon my pretty little tardigrade.

For too long the Mirror Universe has invaded our universe. We’ve made too many compromises already, too many retreats. They invade our space, and we fall back. They conquer entire worlds, and we fall back. Not again! The line must be drawn here! This far, no further! And I (and my tardigrade) will make them PAY for what they’ve done!

I’d name my tardigrade Fluffy nad teach him to chase down and eat Voth, Borg, Vaadwaur and lots of other tasty treats!

I would name him Boo Boo, and he’d help me go look for some interstellar pick-a-nic baskets!

I’d call her Tardy.

Set them free!

I’d call my tartigrade Squishy

I would name it George! And I would take it home and….ok I wont take it home…but I will….ok I wont play with it….but I will let it go wherever I go!

I would name him Tardy (which is clearly not short tardigrade). He and I would go on fantastic voyages and explore strange new worlds across the universe (or universes).
He help defend the galaxy from the Klingons. I would also try to teach him a trick like how to play “Spore Jump” Fetch where I throw a stick and he “jumps” to the stick, picks it up, “jumps” back to me with it, and we repeat it again. I’m pretty sure this won’t work since it’s a video game and that would be impossible but it’s worth a try.

I would love him, I will pet him,I will feed him, I willl walk him, and I will make sure he gets his exercise. and I will name him Dido :)

I would name my Tardigrade “TARDIS-grade”, together we would explore the timelines using the mycelial network until we found a time and place when we could watch the whole of Discovery Season two. We’d curl up in the Captain’s ready room, TARDIS-grade acting like a giant beanbag chair and binge the whole thing, me with popcorn and her with a bucket of spores.

I’ll fly my tardigrade to every planet on a whirlwind tour!

I would name her Snuggles and keep her by the Captain’s chair so that if any of the bridge officers get out of line, they have to take her for a “walk”

I would name my gangus khan and let it sit on my first officers chair

I would treat it with the respect it’s due as an Intelligent life form, not keep it in a cage.

I would call him Pancho, and enter him in highly illegal but profitable tardigrade races… and in his down time take him as a cosplay judge to Trek Conventions

I would call him fluffy

I would call her Tilly and I would explore the whole galaxy…

I would travel the galaxy with it, I would take screenshots of all our happy times togther in the most interesting parts of the universe and I would share them with all my friends and family.

It will always have my undying love, no matter how many people ask (or beg) for me to stop showing them pics, I will not.

Also I will call it Rocky

So…. you’d be Maes Hughes?

Mine would be named spacebearpig and I would work really hard on productive communication with them

Enlist it and explore strange new worlds!

I would name mine Tardis after the doctor who ship since both the tardis and the tardigrade can take you anywhere. I would also snap pics of us together from all the exotic locations we would visit around the galaxy.

I would name my tardigrade “Food” and follow it around with my Alien captain, fork in hand.

He’s ban explorer. I would explore the universe with him, and I would call him Dreamer.

I will take my Tardigrade to places where no Tardigrade has gone before

Id train my tardigrade to kick some butt since in the show they are pretty much impervious to everything

I would call him/her Laurel. Laurel the Tardigrade. The could make an usual feature on my YouTube channel. 😀👍

I’d name it Kbar and have it follow me on paradise.

I’d call mine Thomas because he’ll be the engine we need. :)

I’d name it Smooch. Then bring it into battle screaming “Who wants a smooch?!”

For the tardigrade, I’d probably name him Yogi (Tardigrades translate roughly to water bear). If I was actually in the Star Trek universe, I’d probably get a tracking collar on the big guy and release him back into the wild for study. In the game though? I’d probably use Yogi for bear puns. “Oh no, we barely made it!”, “Yogi has the right to water bear arms!”

It looks like a fat unicorn. So probably a unicorn name would be most fitting. Twilight Sparkle? Daisy Rainbow? Tulip Candy Moon? Reflecting on my choice of names, I have to admit: The line between unicorn names and stripper names is blurry. :D

I would call him Raul is the name of my cat, is a goog cat

I would name him Sir William H. Snigglesworth, and I would love him and squeeze him and… well, the rest may or may not be private. I can however tell you Sir William and I would enjoy long moonlit walks on the beaches of Andoria, followed by a refreshing dip in the methane pools. Afterwords we would enjoy glasses of warm barnstrudge milk, straight from the teat of a young adult barnstrudge! Sir William would be delighted to paw feed me tidbits of jacari fruit seeds, dipped in Romulan sugar beads. What a life we would have!

Yall know that’s a solid answer… you can almost see sir William strolling the beach in the moonlight.. dont lie.

I would call him “Bob” the tardigrade, and we would watch the sunset together.