IDW Announces ‘Star Trek: Discovery – Captain Saru’ Comic

Over the weekend at Destination Star Trek in Birmingham, UK, IDW Publishing announced another Star Trek: Discovery comic, this time focusing on the character of Saru, the first Kelpien in Starfleet. IDW have now released a cover image as well.

Saru gets a comic

The new IDW title Star Trek: Discovery — Captain Saru will be a prestige-format one-shot comic, coming in February 2019. The comic is written by veteran Trek comics writer Mike Johnson and Star Trek: Discovery writer Kirsten Beyer, who have paired up on IDW’s previous Discovery tie-ins. Art is being done by Angel Hernandez with a cover by Paul Shipper.

More information on the Captain Saru comic, including price and synopsis, will be revealed with IDW’s February 2019 solicits, which will be announced in November.

Cover art by Paul Shipper

More Saru

Saru has become a break-out character for Discovery and he will be getting even more attention in the coming months. In December Doug Jones’ Saru will be the focus of an episode of Star Trek: Short Treks titled “The Brightest Star,” which will visit the Kelpien’s home planet and introduce members of Saru’s family. There will also be an episode of Star Trek: Discovery’s second season which will also visit Saru’s home planet and explore the character and the Kelpiens even more.

Michael Burnham and Saru share a moment, from the NYCC season two trailer

If you are looking for more insight into Saru, you can also check out James Swallow’s novel Star Trek: Discovery – Fear Itself which was released in June. 

More new Trek comics for 2019

The Star Trek: Discovery — Captain Saru comic is the third new title for 2019 announced by IDW this month. At NYCC they announced a one-off featuring a young Picard on the USS Stargazer titled Star Trek: IDW 20/20 as well as a new TOS/TNG/DS9/Voyager crossover mini-series titled Star Trek: The Q Conflict.

Keep up with all the Star Trek comics news, previews and reviews in TrekMovie’s Comics Category.

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Where’s Burnham’s uniform insignia?

This probably takes place during season 1. Before she was reinstated in Starfleet.

Yup. Note Tilly is still a cadet too. I’m guessing they must’ve had a little adventure on their return trip from Qo’noS.

Burnham is here to kick a** with her laser gun and wear her insignia…and she’s all out of insignia. (Trek 2018)

That’s a bit odd, since Saru isn’t a captain.

He was acting captain from when they returned from the MU until the beginning of Season 2. This is just a one-shot that is probably set sometime before the end of the war

I think it’s more than appropriate to promote Saru and make him Discovery’s official Captain. He is such a unique character, and plays his role as commander/acting captain well. It would be a first for the franchise. First alien captain in a leading role. Burnham plays his perfect opposite, and would be an amazing first-officer.
In the season 1 finale they were en route to Vulcan to pick up their new captain, but we have yet to see, or hear of this new captain and they are almost finished filming the second season. Unless we have seen, and heard this new captain…
I had wondered in the past; whatever happened to Pikes Number One, and why didn’t she succeed Pike as Captain of the Enterprise? I know women weren’t given leading roles in those days, (To the worlds detriment) but it occurs to me now, a good way to fix this would be to make her the new Captain. I could enjoy either scenario- even if the latter one knocks Saru down a peg to science officer. I doubt Burnham would take the hit.

Or Discovery’s captain chair will be kinda like Harry Potter’s ‘Defence Against the Dark Arts’ teacher’s position…. cursed. And they will have a different (acting) Captain each year :p

While I think Saru deserves the chair, I think he’s just not ready. He has to sort out his own stuff (and fears) first. As a captain you need to take risks and not run away if the going gets tough. He’s not there yet….

Doug Jones was so popular at DST, so many queues to see the guy

Looking forward to The Q Conflict.

That poster looks incredible, especially the Disco herself which is quite an ugly design (in my opinion of course).

CAPTAIN Saru? Given that as far as we know Pike will soon shove him off the chair again in Season 2, that makes me wonder in which time frame this story will take place..?
Will this adventure be squeezed in SOMEWHERE between Lorca’s death and the Discovery encountering the NCC-1707?
Will this be in the future?? (TOS era Saru!?)
Or (which I guess is the most probable scenario) did he once have the opportunity to play Captain a bit back on the Shenzou?

The season finale jumped pretty quickly from Kronos to the medal ceremony. It would be a little unrealistic to start handing out medals like the next day. There could have been days or weeks in between then.

Not to mention that there also could have been some time between the medal ceremony and Discovery departing for Vulcan.

I thought the Saru Short Treks episode was airing in December, not November… ?

Yeah Calypso is next up in November.