Bye Bye,Robot Launches Seven New ‘Star Trek’ Art Prints

This week, our friends at Bye Bye,Robot launched seven new Star Trek art prints, by returning artists Mark Brayer and J.J. Lendl.

The first five images in this release are by J.J. Lendl, and showcase a more retro art style. With one print for each of the original five Star Trek series, these five 18”x24” prints are entitled, “TOS,” “TNG,” “DS9,” “VOY” and “ENT.” The  art features colors most commonly identified with that particular series, giving each piece its own distinct look.

The portraits of the main crew are prominently positioned within the design, as well as many memorable fan‐favorite returning characters for each of the series. The five posters are available individually for $25, or they may be purchased at a discount as a group for $110.

The final two images are by artist Mark Brayer, whose distinctive style is immediately noticeable with his strong use of color, graphic shapes, and illustrative linework. His first design is entitled “HMS Bounty”, and depicts the Klingon Bird‐of‐Prey that is flown by the original series crew in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. His second design is entitled “Live Long and Prosper”, and is the artist’s tribute to Leonard Nimoy and his iconic character, Mr. Spock. These two 16”x24” prints fit right into Mark Brayer’s continuing book‐cover style collection, and are available for $25 each.

Surf on over to and have a look at these and the many other unique pieces they offer.


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Wow. Those are terrible!

Very creative and colorful. Well Done!!!

There are better out there I’m sure, they don’t really capture the imagination let’s put it that way…

Personally I find these print to be too overcrowded (especially the TNG & DS9 ones). The TOS one is probably the best one (it’s nice they include Rand since some consider more of a recurring character as suppose to a regular). The TNG/DS9 ones should loose there recurring characters as it’s too much and it doesn’t seem right to not have all of the recurring characters (Keep Guinan and Q for TNG and no Nog or Rom but they include Leela for DS9???). VOY should loose the Kazon and Naomi Wildman but keep Seska and the Borg Queen. ENT has all of the main characters clumpt in one space and it looked untidy; get rid of Silick and Daniels and maybe it will be more evenly spaced. Also it’s surpring there’s no TAS (they could have included Arex and M’Ress in the TOS artwork instead), DIS or Kelvin Films artworks.

Mediocre at best. Spock looks like he had his nose broken a few times in that last one.

The bridge of Spock’s nose is way too wide, I’m sorry to say.