Analysis Of Third ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season Two Trailer

This morning CBS dropped its third trailer for the second season of Star Trek: Discovery. Just as we did with our analyses of the San Diego Comic-Con “first look” trailer in July and New York Comic Con trailer in October, we once again take a closer look at the latest preview. The latest one has a lot of new footage including some fleshing out of the things seen in the previous two. There are a lot of blink-and-you-will-miss-it moments, which is why we are here to capture and analyze, so let’s get started.

NOTE: The following is based on a combination of previous reporting, interviews and a good dollop of educated speculation. We have taken various elements of the trailer from different points and tried to group them into moments or themes as best we can. Obviously the following contains potential spoilers. 

Crazy like a Spock

One of the biggest elements for the second season is the introduction of Ethan Peck as Spock, which should happen sometime around the middle of the season. The new trailer has more footage of Peck’s Spock than the previous ones. In the First Look trailer from San Diego Comic-Con, Pike can be heard telling Michael Burnham – Spock’s adoptive sister – that he is “on leave,” pursuing his own investigation of the “Red Angel.” This new trailer shows Spock in what appears to be some kind of psychiatric ward. This could possibly indicate Spock is on medical leave, perhaps due to an obsession over the mystery of the Red Angel.

Spock writes in Vulcan on the floor of his room.

Spock gives his Starfleet psychiatrist (played by Alisen Down) a timeout via classic nerve pinch

Spock speaks to Admiral Cornwell about the Red Angel

Cornwell is told “This angel showed me an apocalyptic vision. Someone or something is going to end all sentient life in the galaxy.”

Michael’s search for Spock

Something also hinted in the trailer is that at some point Michael Burnham goes to find Spock. It’s possible he was able to escape the hospital, or perhaps these scenes preceded those in the hospital.

Michael Burnham on an alien planet, exiting a shuttlecraft, wearing a new Vulcan-styled outfit with some elements of TOS-style

Burnham enters a building, phaser drawn

Spock (in voice-over and presumably speaking to Burnham) says, “There is a great responsibility at hand. This could be a defining moment for multiple civilizations, millions of lives…The future may be determined by our actions, yours and mine.”

Burnham, now back on the shuttle says (apparently replying back to Spock), “We are really on the other side of the looking glass now, aren’t we?” which is a reference to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, a book she referenced receiving from her mother Amanda during the first season

The Discovery is shown firing on one of its own shuttles, possibly the one with Burnham, indicating she may have taken it without authorization

Spock and Burnham react to the shuttle being rocked

Spock on the Disco

One of the consistent things that show star Sonequa Martin-Green and the producers have said is that the second season will explore the relationship between Spock and Michael, and it will get emotional. We can see some of that emotion on display in the trailer as the two – on board the Discovery – argue.

Burnham tells Spock “I risked everything to help you.”

Spock replies “You assume every burden is yours alone.”

Also on board the USS Discovery, we see a couple of scenes of Spock bantering with Anson Mount’s Captain Pike, his captain from the USS Enterprise who has taken command of the Discovery.

Spock tells Pike, “Captain, we are riding into danger.”

Pike asks, “Is that a smile I see on your face?” to which Spock replies, “Yes.”

SIDE NOTE: The producers have said the second season will show us a different Spock than we are used to from his time under the command of James T. Kirk, which is still a number of years in the future. The second season takes place a few years after “The Cage,” which did feature a smiling Spock.

Back on the Discovery bridge, we see Spock with Burnham still in her Vulcan outfit.

Pike calls for the ship to go to warp

The Red Angel hits home

The big arc for the second season is the investigation of the seven “red bursts” and the “Red Angel,” and we again see footage (as we did in the SDCC trailer) of Pike coming aboard the Discovery to take command and then briefing the crew on this mission.

Pike, in his Enterprise uniform, does a walk-and-talk briefing as he takes command

Michael Burnham researches the red bursts appearing around the galaxy

This trailer includes some new dialog, with Pike linking the phenomenon, saying “These signals typically follow the arrival of a being we call the ‘red angel'” We also see some new footage of an appearance of the Red Angel in what appears to be Earth. It appears to be historic footage, but it isn’t totally clear.

The incident at “East Fork Presbyterian Church.” While hard to make out, it appears to be located at “Earth: Richmond, Virginia). The top image includes the words “active” and “transmission” while the bottom screen includes the labels “Federation archive” and “Archive Data,” making it unclear when the incident took place.

Chaos erupts in the church, with what look to be modern-day soldiers assisting victims

Red Angel appears in the church

Previous trailers have shown us that the Red Angel has appeared to both Spock and Michael Burnham. While it could just be a trick of timing for the latest trailer, it appears Saru also bears witness to the Red Angel.

Saru bathed in red

We can also see a number of shots of the Discovery exploring what appears to be one (or possibly more) of the red bursts.

The Discovery approaches a red burst with a shuttle ahead of the ship

After Pike issues the order “Now!” the ship bridge crew gets flung forward by an impact

The Discovery is pushed back

Saru returns home to face his fear

Another important reveal woven through the trailer are some hints at the Saru-focused episode and return to Kaminar, promised for the second season. The recent Short Treks episode “The Brightest Star,” gave us our first details on the Ba’ul that “harvest” the Kelpiens. This new trailer appears to show us our first glimpses of these terrifying predators.

An alien hand

Saru captured by the alien

Another shot of the alien, with what appear to be suckers on his hand

Saru looks on at the alien

“The Brightest Star” introduced us to Saru’s sister Siranna (Hannah Spear). The Short Treks episode ended with Saru being warned that due to the Prime Directive, he could never return to his home planet to help his family. However, we can see that rules are meant to be broken, with shots of Saru reunited with his sister.

Saru and Siranna in the USS Discovery transporter room

Not-so-secret agent

The season one “bonus scene” from WonderCon last March revealed that after the finale, the exiled Terran Emperor Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) was recruited into Section 31, the nefarious secret organization first featured in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and later on Star Trek: Enterprise. This new trailer shows us Emperor Georgiou continuing to pose as the not-so-dead Prime Universe’s Captain Georgiou – because the Mirror Universe is a secret only known to a few, which does not include Captain Pike.

A medical shuttle is greeted with phasers drawn

Georgiou emerges from shuttle saying “quite the welcome”

Georgiou shows off her Section 31 badge, with Burnham noting, “You joined Section 31.”

Pike replies. “Fancy, covert ops, threat assessment.”

Mirror Georgiou is pleased responding with “Fun times.”

SIDE NOTE: While previous iterations in DS9 (in the 24th century) and Enterprise (in the 22nd) presented Section 31 as a secret known to very few, here in Discovery’s 23rd century, the organization seems less like a rogue operation and more like a standard covert part of the Federation or Starfleet.

There are also a couple of quick shots in the trailer which seem to show Georgiou fighting with Michael Burnham.

Burnham faces what could be some classic Michelle Yeoh Hong Kong action moves

Georgiou aims a phaser

Again with the Klingons

The war may be over, but the Klingons will still play a role in the second season, bringing the return of Mary Chieffo as L’Rell and Shazad Latif as Voq/Tyler. Season one ended with L’Rell gaining control over the Klingon Empire by threatening to destroy the planet. Previous trailers have shown that this power comes with challenges, and this latest one shows us more of the fight in the halls.

Establishing shot from Qo’noS, the Klingon homeworld, likely Chancellor L’Rell’s residence

Tyler kills a Klingon, whose baldness indicates he considers himself to still be at war

L’Rell, now with the hair indicating a time of peace, fights another bald Klingon

The season one “bonus scene” and previous trailers have shown us Georgiou on Qo’noS and this new trailer shows her cool stealth suit along with a drone weapon in what appears to be L’Rell’s garden, possibly involved in the same fight as seen above.

Georgiou reveals herself

Georgiou’s drone starts dealing some damage

Tyler is back

Another new reveal in this trailer is that we find Shazad Latif back on the USS Discovery and in uniform as Lt. Tyler. While the real Tyler is dead and he is actually the Klingon Voq with Tyler’s memories grafted on using House of Mo’Kai magic, Starfleet apparently still trusts him. Based on the dialog, he may be back working in security.

Tyler briefs Pike and Burnham, saying “It’s Section 31’s position that the Red Angel should be considered dangerous”

Tyler on the bridge (now wearing a tactical vest) tells Captain Pike, “We’re in the middle of a fight for the future”

Pike wryly replies, “Mr. Tyler, we are always in a fight for the future.”

It appears that not only does Tyler have has his old job back, he has his old girlfriend too.

Tyler and Micheal Burnham pick up from where they left off, with Tyler trying to kill her after being triggered as a Klingon sleeper agent in season one… oh wait.

Tilly and Stamets vs. the rock thing

Something we have seen in all the trailers is Ensign Tilly (Mary Wiseman) and Lt. Cmdr. Stamets (Anthony Rapp) doing variance bits of science and appearing to have some fun too. This trailer shows us more of some captured thing that seems to get loose and engulf Tilly.

Tilly is fascinated by a floating element, apparently contained

Tilly uses some cool new scanning glasses to get a closer look

The containment vessel throws Tilly back

Tilly gets slimed by the element from the vessel

Stamets recaptures the thing, tearing it off Tilly

Stamets feigns confidence in his plan saying, “It worked…I mean, of course it worked”

Burnham and Stamets get a closer look at their new discovery

More shots of the USS Discovery

As the season is getting much closer to release, this trailer featured the most visual effects of all the previews so far, including a lot of cool shots of the USS Discovery.

The trailer opened with this beauty shot of the Discovery in what could be a nebula

The Discovery arrives at a blue planet with a ring system

The Discovery in orbit, probably of the same blue planet

The Discovery rendezvous with another ship

Discovery tractors an object

The port side of the saucer dips through an energy field, with Tilly and possibly Engineer Reno looking on

The Discovery goes to warp, and notably not using the spore drive

More from the asteroid field

We know from previous trailers that the search for the USS Hiawatha (where they find Chief Engineer Reno, played by guest star Tig Notaro) in an asteroid field is a big set piece in the first episode, and this third trailer featured even more shots from the sequence.

Pike and his team navigate the field in their EVA suits

A Starfleet worker bee-like ship flies through the field

Someone who has lost control is saved

More emotion, concerned looks, and explosions

But wait, there’s more. Here are a few more shots from the new trailer.

Saru says, “Discovery will not allow a catastrophe on her watch.”

Holding hands in the face of the energy wave

Burnham runs down Discovery corridor

Stamets looks concerned

Detmer says, “Captain, ten sentry ships on an intercept course.”

A force wave disrupts the bridge

Pike drops the mic with, “Who knows what is waiting for us out there? Be bold. Be brave. Be courageous.”


The second season of Star Trek: Discovery premieres Thursday, Jan. 17, 2019 at 8:30 PM, ET/5:30 PM, PT on CBS All Access in the United States. It will air Thursdays in Canada on Space and be available on Bell Media’s CraveTV streaming service. It will also be available on Netflix in 188 countries around the world. 

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.

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There is no such thing as a beauty shot when you are talking about the uss discovery.

You’re right, it just always looks kinda cool.

Why is it that every space shot on this show has a nebula in background, all the lens flares makes space look blue, don’t they know space is black

Because a black background is uninteresting to look at. You only use the darkness when you want to convey a sense of isolation. Now I get it’s weird that it’s always a dust cloud or a nebula or something, but that’s just the nature of doing sci-fi visuals (I speak as someone who makes their living doing sci-fi visuals, just black is flat and boring for most viewers).

Yeah fair enough, they are pretty to look at, but other trek series and films set in space are HD black with lots of stars, star wars space shots are really good and so is the Orville, Discovery just needs more colours from TOS uniforms and planets,use nebula’s when there part of the story. I really like discovery it just needs to lighten up a bit for season 2 hopefully.


Obviously a lot of us who care about what they see, as opposed to folks thinking they are ‘watching’ by viewing via a small device.

But you go right along thinking seaQuest is the state of the art in visuals, okay, cuz if you use a small enough screen or demonstrate a great enough lack of critical acuity, anything will look and sound acceptable.

For goodness sakes it was rhetorical, and you clearly don’t understand my objection to the criticism.

My point being is that critics have gotten so obsessed with tearing apart every little thing about Discovery they’re now knocking space! It’s gotten out of hand. It’s growing increasingly more difficult to come to a Trek site these days to discuss the show, because we find nincompoops picking on F^%$ING SPACE.

BABYLON 5 also famously overdid the nebula backgrounds. It wouldn’t be my first choice, visually (though it appears to me that it’s been toned-down for DSC’s second season), but I don’t recall such consternation over the look at the time. It sure wouldn’t be a deal-breaker for me, were DSC otherwise a great show.

Here too. If Discovery were better I wouldn’t mind it much at all. This is the sort of thing that gets amplified when the overall show is just not up to snuff.

I made something like a four paragraph response/rebuttal to this about 30 hours back, citing AMC’s THE KILLING and 2010 as examples of using black in creative ways, but it still hasn’t shown up yet. Don’t really want to try to rewrite it all if I don’t have to, but short version is, I disagree 100% with your views on black, and wonder how you can be doing this and not recognize the value of Rembrandt lighting (all you have to do is look at TOS bridge scenes when the lights are down and it is GLORIOUS-looking.)

The previous five Star trek series had the blackness of space. Did you start watching Star Trek just with Discovery???

Jesus H Christ they’re nitpicking space now…

Is your whole point in posting to denigrate and derail the discussions? Because you’re starting to look awfully troll from here (that’s not a criticism, just an observation, based on two posts you made one minute apart.)

No, they are the ones derailing the discussion. If you can’t see that… WOW.

WOW it is then.

Because they are all beauty shots….

I still think Discovery is a pretty ugly ship, but I must say the space shots look a little better this season for some reason. But like someone else said, if this was the biggest issue with the show, that’d be super.

I disagree. I think she’s gorgeous!

Digitally graded as usual with CGI poured all over.

Wow, thank you as usual TM! It really does make me realized how much I miss even after replaying it several times.

But man, I am getting excited for this season. It looks like they are packing in some interesting threads: Red Angel, Spock’s psychosis, Section 31, Ba’ul (now VERY excited about this one), Tilly’s strange rock anomaly, Tyler back on Discovery (and with Michael ;)) and of course more Klingons.

This story line just seem to capture everything I thought was missing last season: Exploration, mystery, adventure, science, fun and camaraderie.

And it looks like Section 31 is going to play a bigger role than I thought. First I thought it was going to be around whatever the Klingons are up to (they are always up to something ;)) now it looks like they will be directly involved in the main story. So I’m really curious to see how this all plays out. But yes this season just feels 100 times more interesting to me than last season at least.

I still stand by my theory that somehow section 31 will be involved with Captain Pike’s “accident”. We will see how it plays out.

I feel like he’s already had a run-in with Section 31 before, likely after visiting Talos.

I do remember that discussion. Anything is possible but would his accident even be addressed on the show? I don’t know when he suppose to have the accident but I’m guessing its years from now and after Kirk took over the Enterprise. If I’m right I don’t know if it would even be shown unless there is a time jump or a flash forward.

The accident is nearly 10 years from DSC S2, which takes place in 2257. He gets into the accident as a Fleet Captain some time around 2267 (TOS) which is roughly two years after Kirk takes command of the Enterprise.

YEah that’s what I thought, it wasn’t until well after Kirk took command. So I kind of think it will just be avoided unless the show sticks around that long.

Well, it wouldn’t be the first thing the producers have retconned.

The only way they’ll acknowledge it is perhaps a wink wink where he jokes about needing a wheelchair (please don’t that would be so groan-worthy), or perhaps a character has a vision of the future.

I agree, in fact I posted a rather lengthy response on reddit the other day outlining how section 31 staged Pikes accident and sabotaged the Enterprise’s shields shortly before its assignment to probe outside the galaxy. This is because Section 31 found out that Pike discovered the truth about Discovery’s voyage to the Mirror universe, Lorca and Georgio. He hid info in Enterprise’s computers and 31 needed an excuse to burn out Enterprise’s systems to ensure the info was destroyed, but total loss of the ship itself wasn’t an option. The reason Burnham is never mentioned is because she and most of Discovery’s command crew are killed over the next few years and a mind sifter treatment is used to erase memories of those who survived. Cornwell is brain damaged by this and becomes Lethe from Dagger of the Mind.

The red lights are, apparently from the trailer, destructive, as they are going to end all sentient life in the universe. I am concerned that the simplistic and negative tone will continue in Season 2. It looks to me like the the antagonist, these red lights, are more about danger than wonder and exploration. Discovery is really so unremarkable, in that it is much more about fighting danger than the traditional Star Trek themes of wonder and exploration. Not that Trek didn’t lots of dangers, but Discovery seems to really focus on “dangerous bad guys” or threats than hope, much like the Kelvin films.
Man, would I love to be wrong about this. But I’d put my money on the idea that the red things are just another evil threat that must be stopped with lots of actions and explosions, zzzz…..

I think it’s funny how people go on about the exploration part, when having a villain or obstacle to overcome is as Star Trek as anything. Just have to wait and see how they handle it.

Seriously. One of the most notable episodes of TNG involved the Borg kidnapping and violating Picard and using him to kill tens of thousands of people. And one of the best episodes of DS9, “In the Pale Moonlight,” had Sisko conspiring with Garak to ultimately kill a Romulan to trick them into joining the war. Not to mention that the last four seasons heavily dealt with war.

No one is arguing that but these shows DO actually explore as well. I agree it doesn’t mean they are always the best episodes or even the majority but they still are important in Trek.

Discovery didn’t have one single episode of just going to a planet and meeting people. The closes they got in 15 episodes was to Phavo and we later learned from the show runners that CBS told them they had to have one episode where they beamed down somewhere and that’s what they came up with. Was does it say when even the executives realized there wasn’t enough Trek happening in Trek.

Its also why I don’t think they were the best people for the job. Not that alone but it felt like a generic sci fi show at times and very little about the era or universe it was suppose to be in. I hope that changes next season.

To be absolutely honest, I think it is very unfortunate but we are living in a period where people care less and less about exploring new things and only think more and more about how they can benefit from things themselves. The entertainment is only a mirror of this thought pattern. I can’t remember the last time I was truly in awe of a Trek movie or episode in the last 17 years. I absolutely love TMP but you would understandably find it very hard for more modern generation people to like that film and that was the only movie that I believe truly had the “exploring the unknown” theme that is in the root of Trek.

The problem with TMP for me wasn’t the theme, it’s the fact that it’s really boring. The visuals really only say one thing: V’ger is huge. And that goes on for a long time.

Personally, I blame TMP for the bland ‘wallpaper’ music mandate from Rick Berman. Jerry Goldsmith’s score literally steals the movie from the special effects.

I’ve prabably watched TMP close to 100 times by now (3 times per year at least, since buying the VHS in 1987).

Very true!

Though I was referring to the theme of the film being exploration of the unknown. That’s a great theme, but the movie is so boring.

Contrast it with 2001, another slow movie that is far from boring. Every slow scene educates you about the world these people inhabit, and with practical special effects to boot! It’s not 25 minutes of watching other people watch the same movie you’re watching.

I’ve seen it a little more often than you, but the thing I realized about 25 years ago is that as awesome as Goldsmith’s score is, if you were going to be true to the film’s low-key ‘procedural’ tone, they should have gone for a Sidney Lumet no-score-at-all approach. That same year, THE CHINA SYNDROME managed enormous suspense with no score at all, just a song over the opening credits. I don’t think the filmmaking or the script on TMP could survive going without music as a crutch and to make the storypoints that didn’t register through shooting and VFX, but I’ve often wondered how it would play with just sound effects. I mean, I worked through the ‘it’s too boring to watch w/o going out for a smoke’ by the fifth theatrical viewing, and was actually looking forward to watching the vger flyover and cloud passage by the time the widescreen laserdisc came out, so the loss of interest of going score-less wouldn’t bother me at this point, but since most people still think it is the film’s saving grace (I’d say it shares that with most of Trumbull’s visuals plus the engine room lighting), I don’t think too many folks would be happy at all.

True that. But neither TNG nor DS9 needed an entire *season* to tell those two stories. They both were very tight, self-contained episodes that can be understood and enjoyed without having to watch five other episodes in front of them, and five more episodes after them.

One drastic, tension-packed episode is a rare treat; when you put ten such episodes in a row, it becomes a bore. If The Best of Both Worlds was stretched over ten or twelve weeks, how many people would watch it all the way to the end?

The purpose of the Borg was to see if the Federation could be frightened out of exploration, or become homicidal maniacs in response to the threat. See the difference between that and actually using a villain as the center of the plot?

I think the purpose of the Borg was to FORCE Starfleet into fighting. They created a race that could not be bargained or reasoned with. Even a Picard monologue couldn’t stop them. They were created because as much as Trek is about exploring the audience likes seeing pew pew once in a while.

I think what made those stories so interesting at the time was that they were the exception, not the rule.

All that is true but… I really think this is more a function of the short season than anything else. Even in the shows that had story arcs, they still had time to throw in Trek like exploring here and there. But that was because they were dealing with 20+ episodes.

Exactly. Show me a single episode of Trek that was about exploration and didn’t have some sort of crisis or conflict.

No one said the episodes just have to be happy or jolly, you need conflict no matter what to keep the story interesting. All people are saying is that’s what Star Trek is so show it at least once in awhile.

For all the grief that Voyager and Enterprise got, one of the reasons I like those is because they were actually the shows that felt purely about exploration since there were no Federation duties they had to worry about. They would literally just decide to head off in a direction and check it out. And there were plenty of conflict everywhere they went, especially Voyager lol.

Okay, and all the people who clamor for “more exploration” need to remember that Enterprise, set early in Starfleet’s existence, was almost ALL about exploration, and it was apparently the most reviled of the Treks. [*I* like it, but I’m talking about what seems to be general fan reaction]

I don’t think that’s why people didn’t like it, I think the other main complaint was it needed to feel more like a prequel to TOS as well, which finally did 3 seasons later. ;)

Look, at this point it’s pretty clear that Discovery is not trying to be a clone of classic or even 90s Trek, with episodic, unrelated adventures each week. That may be what most fans want, but to survive, Trek needs to adapt, and ongoing storylines are the trend these days.

As such, there needs to be a dramatic narrative thrust, whether that’s a Klingon war or a “coming galactic apocalypse” of some sort.

I’m okay with that, as long as it’s enjoyable. We’ll see. But it’s not as if season long archs are new to Trek, after all, and they’ve been done very well in the past.

But didn’t DS9 just do both?? It had a ‘dramatic thrust’ that went on for literally years and yet it still had no problem doing a lot of other things like exploration, even in the middle of a war. And remember DS9 wasn’t about exploration either, it was about overseeing the reconstruction of Bajor and yet they still found a way to explore new things.

Yes I do understand DIS just has less episodes to do it but its not like they can’t either. The first season wasn’t always about the Klingon war and actually diverted that entire story line to go to the MU, so they can make opportunities they just have to prioritize it.

Agreed Afterburn. Brands- and yes, Star Trek is a brand- need to adapt to the market around them or they will flounder. That is what happened with Star Trek in the late 90s. Nobody took a risk and both VOY and ENT were pale imitations of TNG. Only DS9 really stood out.

Discovery HAS to reflect what people want to see in today’s entertainment landscape and outside of the usual procedural-by-numbers most television shows have embraced serialised arcs and are more action driven than 15/20 years ago. Discovery had a wobbly first season, admittedly, but it still tried something new. It didn’t work out in some places and in some it did but it’s positioned Trek as appointment television in the eyes of the wider public beyond the fandom. What reassures me is that the criticisms of Season One (bald Klingons, the naff looking CGI, the overly dark tone) seem to be being addressed. Everything we’ve seen so far in the trailers and in Short Treks is a marked improvement on the mostly solid (but unspectacular) first series

Star Trek should always be about telling stories, not serials. If I want serials I will watch a daytime soap opera.

Agree Gary. Yes, we understand the need for a season arc, and for “stakes”, but last season we got the mushroom net that would destroy the entire multiverse because of something or other, and now we have the red macguffin that will end all life, and it becomes like a drawn-out version of every movie plugged at Comic-Con. Dare I say, there is something rather cynical and crassly commercial about the approach of Abrams and his acolyte Kurtzman. (And yes, Discovery PR reps, I understand that this is a for-profit entertainment venture, but some for-profit ventures have more art in them than others. And I will admit that this can be a difficult balance to achieve.)

Have you considered that people might actually LIKE a this show and are not employed by CBS to give the show a positive buzz? Given the tone of your comment you strike me as of one of the fans who refuse to like anything that involves JJ Abrams or Alex Kurtzman.

Amazing. Awesome. Excellent. Can’t wait until January 17!

Richmond, Virginia!?! Great Scott right in my own neighborhood!

…also, finally my hometown can make it into Memory Alpha! #RVALLAP

south side or west end?

There’s something that works about this new Spock guy, and I wasn’t sure till I looked at the caps, but I think it is that there is a Billy Zane gleam in his eye. Just rewatched TOMBSTONE last week, and that gleam was there too. Still amazed Zane didn’t catch on and make it big, or why people seemed to only want him playing psychos when he could have been a fine leading man. Anyway, that was my main (only) big takeaway from this, still not interested in s2 unless there is another free trial or hugely positive work of mouth from a very select and discerning group of viewers.

Zane had huge potential, and I always thought he’d make an excellent captain in a Star Trek movie or show (still do by the way). Unfortunately his hopes of stardom were dashed with the failure of his Phantom film back in 1996. If that movie had been a huge hit, he would have been a bigger name now, but as a result he reverted to more character parts.

Not sure what happened with Billy Zane, but he’s blackballed in Hollywood for some reason…since Titanic he’s been working steadily, but not in anything noteworthy.

I still haven’t seen TITANIC (accidentally caught part of the ending,when Leo turns blue, and found it unintentionally funny in a way that just killed me for ever watching more — kind of like how thinking of LIFE OF BRIAN ‘blessed are the cheesemakers’ can render LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST unwatchable for years at a time), and didn’t even remember he was in it. Bet he looked like a young Bond when decked out in evening wear.

I did sit through all of AVATAR when it showed on cable, and based on that, which I found to be endless and visually unpleasant, I’m pretty sure Cameron has shot his wad with respect to this viewer. I hated most of TRUE LIES too, so I’d say my very favorable impression of his early work ends with T2.

True Lies was a classic, it was the last good movie of both Arnold and Cameron I think. I know it can be considered very un-PC if you look at it from a modern perspective, but it was just a big, loud, mindless action film with some good comedic interludes. Sometimes you just to leave your brain at the door and enjoy entertainment for its entertainment value. After all not everything can be Bergman or Kubrick.

I liked the fantasy about killing paxton, I do remember that much.

I’m deliberately NOT watching the trailer, because when Season 2 gets here, I’d like to be surprised. I want to see all the moments that are in the trailer IN CONTEXT, and that means waiting for the episodes.

I guess trailers aren’t really meant for those who already plan to watch, anyway; they’re meant to garner NEW viewers. So I hope this trailer does!

Seems wise. Trailers in general, and the Discovery trailers especially, love to slice and dice things to manipulate the viewer. We do our best to untangle them, but of course it’s all just educated guesses.

It doesn’t ruin anything. The trailer makes little sense.

I see they still haven’t solved the writing problem. Sigh. So much promise, such poor execution.

A trailer is the absolute last thing that claim could be made over.

True. The trailer for season 1 one looked cool and then look at what we ended up with.

Sorry but I can’t see how you can deduce that from a two minute trailer for a fourteen episode series.

I’m wondering if Tilly’s encounter with the sliming “floating element” is the result of the mystery mycelium that alighted on her shoulder toward the end of S1 and/or the anticipated “return” of Dr. Culber.

That’s what I assume too.

Hopefully the homosexuality is taimed down a little bit this season….but I’m sure it is even more extreme this season just knowing the times in which we live in.

Was it really a big deal? It was less prominent than Paris and Torres’s relationship.

Also, I think they had a heterosexual couple on the show as well, who were more prominent in the series.

In short, there’s infinite diversity in infinite combinations, and you should get with it. We’re living in a time where people feel comfortable expressing who they truly are, and that’s pretty great.

Says you

Care to elaborate on that?

For real, heterosexuality has been all over Trek since 1966. Male/Female couples kissed, had romantic relationships, and even very obviously implied sex. The scene with Tasha and Data was as graphic as it gets for network TV in 1987.

Heck, the finale of DS9 opened with Ezri and Bashir under the covers, waking up after a night of love making.

But two men brushing their teeth? OH NO! RUN FOR THE HILLS!

Pretty great? People are claiming to be things they aren’t, such as men saying they are women and vise versa. That’s not great. That’s denying biology and mentally deranged.

I’m not sure why you hope that unless you’re just bigoted because in reality the homosexuality was not prominent last season. Were there two homosexual characters? Yes. Not sure why that’s a big deal.

As for the times we live in, if you’re referring to tolerance, we should all be happy about that. If you’re not… well… go grab your tiki torches I guess.

Yeah, I totally agree. I can’t think of one show that doesn’t include an alternative-lifestyle individual or couple on it these days. Trek was actually very late to the game on this. It’s just not a big deal (to me). Honestly, if anything, it’s overused – in my reality, of all the people I know, maybe 10% are openly homosexual? If television were to be believed, every other person is gay. That’s simply not the case in real life.

How does homosexuality negatively affect your life?

“Hopefully the interracial stuff is taimed down a little bit this season… but I’m sure it is even more extreme this season just knowing the times in which we live in.” -Some guy in 1968

“Hopefully the abolitionist stuff is tamed down a little bit this year… but I’m sure it is even more extreme this season just knowing the times in which we live in.” -Some guy in 1860

The ‘times we live in’ is a time where people can just be who they are just like I’m sure you are thankful you can be who you are! Just like in Star Trek itself. In other words, get over it.

I hope you realize that science fiction is written to combat worldviews like yours.

I agree with Tate. Tamed down as in eliminated would be preferable.

Comment thread closed. This isn’t going anywhere productive.

Love these breakdowns of trailers, Trekmovie. Many thanks. I could watch it a dozen times and not catch what you do.

I still don’t see Spock in Ethan Peck.
He’s more of a Xon


We’ll see. The beard and longish hair make his face look rounder than I think it will look when Spock shaves and gets his proper Vulcan haircut.


Great call!

Looks alright. But they would probably be better off just calling it Starfleet Intelligence and leave the Section 31 references between agents. “Psst… it’s a seeeeecret.”

DS9 – What’s Section 31? It’s so old
ENT – What’s this secret group in Starfleet Intelligence? It’s pretty new
Into Darkness – Section 31 is top secret, but I’m going to tell you in a huge room full of people. sssssssssshhhhhhhhhhh

To be fair Admiral Marcus was alone with Kirk and Spock when he told them about it. But it is funny how Section 31 is suppose to be a secret and yet S31 never seem to have a problem telling anyone who they are and what they do. I also notice they never even tell anyone not to tell anyone else. I guess that’s just how they roll.

Didn’t he also have a model of his secret star destroyer on the table?

Production error. The staff setting up the set didn’t know it wasn’t supposed to be there.

Ha! Really? If so, that’s pretty funny.

I forgot about that.

For reference, here’s Bob’s comment on TM from back in 2013 about the model being on the desk.

Agree that was a mistake — shoulda been on set that day!

However, one could argue that a pre-existing design was recommissioned and altered to be a weapon of war.

No one hides the CIA or the Navy seals in the US. we all know they exist.

But no one knew about section 31 in 2373 and it had been around for 230 years!

”But no one knew about section 31 in 2373 and it had been around for 230 years!”

Yep. DSC should’ve shown MU Georgiou joining *Starfleet Intelligence* instead. Keep the black badges etc.

It looks like DSC’s showrunners/writers have misunderstood what Section 31 actually is, or they’ve ignored it and are trying to retcon this too. Section 31 is not actually “Starfleet’s black ops division”. It’s not even part of Starfleet. Based on DS9 and ENT, “Section 31” is a euphemism for a deep state network that pre-dates the Federation, later exploited a loophole in Starfleet’s charter as legal cover, and occasionally uses Starfleet as a front for some of its activities.

Instead, DSC seems to be going down the silly “Marvel’s SHIELD” route, complete with the equivalent of Nick Fury (“head of Section 31”) personally recruiting MU Georgiou.

”No one hides the CIA or the Navy seals in the US. we all know they exist.”

Correct, but Section 31 is not the Federation’s equivalent of the CIA. That’s Starfleet Intelligence.

Discovery sure doesn’t like its shuttle craft. They are the redshirts of this show.

Haha like on Voyager. If Paris hadn’t built the Delta flyer they’d have been S.O.L.

I wonder if Disco is really firing at the shuttlecraft or if it’s going through an explosion or collided with something ….

I can’t imagine them firing at it if someone took it without authorization. Who’s paying for all these things? Oh wait, replicators exist, I always forget.

My theory is it’s Mirror Georgiou hijacking a torpedo launcher because evil.

Someone on the team seems to have a thing for the Jesus look, don’t you think? I know that’s a shallow comment, but hair has become a topic on these pages.

Kind of disappointed to see that the comments made about “taiming” and “eliminating” homosexuality in Season 2 were not outright removed from the comments thread, if I’m completely honest. Those kind of opinions have no place in Star Trek fandom given that one of the intrinsic values of the franchise is accepting everybody who they are regardless of their way of life.

Should any type of sexuality be shoved in our faces week in week out? That’s what Discovery has done.

My theory regarding why S31 is a normal part of starfleet here- the fact that they hired a genocidal space empress from the mirror universe is what gets starfleet to shut them down and drives them underground becoming the S31 we know in DS9

Still not convinced by the digital grading and CGI.

This is not any kind of deal breaker at all but I never liked the tractor beams being visual. It always felt better if it were invisible to the naked eye.