Watch: New ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2 Trailer With More Spock and More Saru

With the release of season two now only five weeks away – on January 17th, CBS has released a third – and likely final – trailer for the second season of Star Trek: Discovery. CBS has also released a new poster and made the extension of the season to 14 episodes official.

New Trailer

This new trailer features a lot of new footage, including the new Spock, as well as Saru and his sister Siranna who we met last week in Short Treks “The Brightest Star.”


Space (Canada)

Netflix (Rest of world)

New Synopsis

The official release from CBS also includes a new synopsis for the overall arc of the second season:

After answering a distress signal from the U.S.S. Enterprise, season two of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY finds the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery joining forces with Captain Christopher Pike on a new mission to investigate seven mysterious red signals and the appearance of an unknown being called the Red Angel. While the crew must work together to unravel their meaning and origin, Michael Burnham is forced to face her past with the return of her estranged brother, Spock.

New Poster

And there is this cool new poster key art for season two.

The new key art for season 2 seems to have taken some inspiration from the classic early NBC promotional art for The Original Series by James Bama, seen below.

Season two officially now 14 episodes

Lastly, CBS made official what Pike actor Anson Mount revealed last weekend at an event. The second season has been extended to 14 episodes from the previously announced 13.

The second season of Star Trek: Discovery premieres Thursday, Jan. 17, 2019 at 8:30 PM, ET/5:30 PM, PT on CBS All Access in the United States. It will air Thursdays in Canada on Space and be available on Bell Media’s CraveTV streaming service. It will also be available on Netflix in 188 countries around the world. 

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.

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The original assumption that Discovery ends up being a “Section 31” ship is starting to look more and more a possibility

Especially given that the poster sees the 1031 firing on the 1701. The 31 in the number was always a giveaway…

That’s lens flare, not phaser fire.

I respectfully beg to differ. Of course: Unless JJ and his mad cinematography fetish have been brought to bear on this show…

It’s lens flare. View the poster in a new tab and then zoom in. One is gleaming off the front of the Disco, the other is gleaming out from the Enterprise’s sensor dome in both directions.

And yes DSC has lens flares, they like them, not as much as JJ, but it’s always been a part of their look.
comment image

OK, but at first glance it looked like phaser fire. I do not think that a coincidence.

Yeah that’s definitely a lens flare from the light underneath the Enterprise saucier.


maybe a small acknowledgement to JJ from Alex, LOL

Yes, that way she and her time-jumping capabilities can be classified, and that’s why no one knows about spore drive in TOS. That’s my story anyway, LOL.

Except that nowadays everyone in the galaxy seems to know exactly what Section 31 is and nothing is particularly secret or covert. (Shrug emoji).

Who actually knows about 31 though? It’s not really stated until the bonus scene that Discovery had a 31 presence on board and even then it was only because one shot of a black delta insignia.

In the trailer. Pike mentions it and then so does Burnham. I’m also thinking about the 31 reference in Into Darkness. The thing is just that if you see it a lot, which we do now, then it loses its intrigue, which was only based on the fact that it took 30 years for them to introduce it to the ST audience. It’s no big deal. I just feel eh, about it. It’s fanboy bull**** to me.

Actually, in the first episode you see a lot of personnel wearing the black badge… that pretty much looks like the Discovery is somehow part of Section 31.

I think I wrote somewhere here that my theory was that Captain Pike’s “accident” was a result of his meddling with section 31 affairs.

Looks like some good sci-fi there, with cool special effects… it’s still not Star Trek though.

And yet it IS still Star Trek. lol

Like TNG wasn’t Star Trek in 1987?

Give it a couple of seasons and a decade and we’ll hear this comment about the 11th Star Trek show

If you want want old tng style show I would suggest the orville, it the same style and writing and actualy feels more like startrek.

I beg to differ. Tried watching it, it does not feel like Star Trek at all. It’s a pale copy of TNG and VOY at their worst, as much as a bad fan film looks and feels like Star Trek. But to each their own.

Oh don’t tell me that I actually agree with something the nattering nabob of negativism Afterburn itself actually wrote!

That’s a nasty thing to say.

Afterburn burned me first so you know what they say about payback. Anyway none of this ad hominem stuff adds to the discussion so:

I think that the trailer is superb, I am even warming to Mr. Peck, I love Mr. Mount’s warm portrayal, and I still can’t see what about Ms. Martin-Green suits her to be the star of this show. I cannot be sure if it was bad writing in S1 or an “undeveloped” acting talent but her portrayal to date strikes me as bland and insipid.

I was not even offended. That said, i’m in reality the positive one around here, enjoying Discovery, the Kelvin films, and most of the things everyone seems to hate (which is pretty much everything, it’s a wonder anyone here even bothers posting, they seem to like nothing about Star Trek these days).

There are folk who dislike anything new in Trek and feel an urgent need to tell us all about it.

Afterbun, many of these same people hated Voyager and Enterprise too and complained about them for year. Many still do today, right? It’s not a conspiracy, it’s Star Trek fans lol.

I say this over and over and over again, people should stop taking criticism so personally. Every Trek show has went through it and frankly DIS or the Kelvin movies isn’t getting anymore hatred than Enterprise did. You can argue Enterprise got more than all of them, at least in the internet age.

I was far too busy raising a child to pay attention to online chatter during ENT. I don’t take criticism personally, but the pervasivness of insipid, brainless hate makes discussion, constructive critiquing and healthy spirited debate with fellow fans impossible.

I hear you but stop acting like this is a new thing. It isn’t. IF you were around when ENT aired, you would’ve gotten the same issues for a lot of it too. It didn’t start to change until third season and people started calming down, but there was generally hate throughout its entire run.

DIS is 15 episodes in, are you really surprised people don’t love and adore the show this early on? I’m not saying people can’t go too far with the hatred but sadly this is how fandom has been for decades now. You are more than welcome to disagree with them obviously.

I think the internet was nowhere near as toxic as it is now back when Enterprise was on the air. You should see some of the horrific comments I’ve seen about Discovery. People being openly racist, openly homophobic, attacking other fans for daring to have a different opinion, threatening lives. I myself have been sent death threats for sticking up for the show and calling out the hypocrisy of bigoted Trek fans. And people get away with it because YouTube refuse to moderate comments. Granted, it’s only a very small but very vocal subset of fans but it’s abhorrent that it’s allowed to go on.

I agree there!

I actually said this on another page the other day but when Enterprise was around, we didn’t have social media like we do today. So yes obviously it feels more intense and people are more direct but that’s because there is just a lot more access to the internet in general. There was no Youtube when Enterprise was on the air for example. It launched the same year the show was cancelled. Even this site didn’t exist until a few years later. And you can literally say that about everything that comes up on the internet. Look at the U.S. President for pete’s sakes and how he behaves online. Thats sadly representative of behavior across the board today.

The internet was never a place for thin skin people but today its sadly has gotten worse not better. Cyber bullying has gone up so much in the last five years it’s now officially deemed a public health issue.

So yes you’re not wrong, but that has nothing to do with just how people feel over a TV show, it’s a much wider problem in general and jerks will be jerks. My only point is ALL the things people said about DIS they has been said the same thing over and over again about every show. Its not some special case. You only feel it more today because we are all plugged in a lot more than we were 15 years ago and sadly people have become bigger bullies unfortunately because message boards are everywhere now. But the actual complaints were all there in droves.

The world might be better without comment sections and social media.

Ad Astra Per Aspera,

I don’t know about that. Pretty sure you can find just as hateful things in old Usenet newsgroup postings.

And as for toxic Trek fans, who can top the “If Spock dies, you die.” death threat letters both Nimoy and Meyer got in the early 1980s?

I’ve seen people bully other people for having a different opinion as in they hate Discovery. See, works both ways (wink).

Yes Afterburn! I do ask myself that whenever I visit this site. The relentless negativity from the same three fans with multiple accounts is incredibly tedious. As is the “it’s not Star Trek” gatekeeping mentality.

Sonequa is great actress. If don’t like the writing for her fine. She is the lead and is doing a good job playing Michael. Also behind the scenes the cast speaks highly of her. I don’t understand your problem with the actress?

I honestly don’t understand this view of SMG. I think she’s just great. Tastes differ, I guess. Could have been how her character was written that people disliked.

I think at times I’d agree she can come off as a little stiff, but i’m hoping this is just her settling into the role. Some of the performances on the first seasons of TNG and DS9 are just like watching cardboard trying to act.

Oddly, Voyager is probably the most consistent in terms of performances from beginning to end, though NONE of them are ever very charismatic. Ironically, the late-added 7-of-9, so added for sex appeal, turned out to be the most engaging character in the series.

I would love to see Seven again on the Picard show. But I would love to see anyone lol.

The most annoying character actually.

Well, I think you might get a lot of votes for Wesley over her. And I can rattle off a number of more annoying characters than 7. Two are on STD!

I really try with that show. I usually watch a lot of science fiction but I just couldn’t get into the show. Maybe season 2 will be better. However, I not eager to see it. Maybe I record it and watch later.

The show is streaming online. No need to record it.

I record it to avoid the commercials.

It gets better. It’s a good show. It suffers a little because its trying hard for TNGness (gets a little clunky/sappy at times) but it’s actually a better show overall than TNG. (drops mike)

Agreed, Bob. And happy to have the option. Best of both worlds.

Orville is obviously a TNG homage with jokes sprinkled in.

Ehh, troll, the Adventures of a Federation crew joining forces with the Starship Enterprise to solve the mysteries of the galaxy doesn’t sound like a synopsis for The Golden Girls.

Oh, FFS, can we just quit with this already?

That’s exactly my take on it too, Spectre. And not for nothing, I don’t get a “Spock-vibe” from Peck. Which is fine. It is what it is. I’m curious, but not overwhelmingly so.

Cool sci-fi? Cool visual effects?

Looks amazing! Can’t wait for season 2!

Trailer already available outside the US:

Danke schön!

Season 2 looks better and better for each trailer they release. NEAT!! lol

CBS have had this taken down.

OMG that NBC artwork! I remember being a geeking lil kid in the 80s and seeing my teacher with a book featuring that cover art! I took one look and said, that’s not real star trek! The engineering section and nacelle aren’t ROCKETS!

Artist: “I understand what you’re saying, but on the other hand, vrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooooommmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!”

Haha reminds me of the old SCTV comedy skit when Dr Tongue yells out “Fire the rockets Bruno!” Yeah may not be accurate depiction of the Enterprise (rocket exhaust coming out of the shuttle bay) but it was still a pretty cool looking poster.

Love this, at some point I expect we will run into all TOS characters at some point in there lives during the run of Discovery.

One thing to note is that the Enterprise is larger than the Discovery on the poster. It’s literally stealing the show!

Edit: More seriously, after watching the trailer: It’s hard to tell because we only see snippets, bit it SEEMS that they tweaked the aesthetics of the space scenes so that they are stylistically more in align with the other Trek series? After all, in Season 1 they got much flak for their “neon space” design style…

Agreed, thank goodness

They’re never happy…smh


Yeah, I agree with the space shots. They seem less orangey this time around.

I noticed that too.

I also think that if CBS is really smart, they will end Discovery this season and continue next year with just “Star Trek” with Pike commanding Number One, Burnham, Spock, Saru, Tilly, Stamets on the 1701. I wonder if we haven’t seen some sort of preview of this with Calypso taking place on the abandoned 1031. A modernized Pike series alongside the Picard series might drive the All Access subscriptions in a way that Discovery has been unable to do.

I am digging the way you’re thinking there, Martin.

Agreed, Bird. The space shots do look a little better this season. Right on.

In the grand tradition of Wrath of Khan, here we have a poster appearing to show Discovery and Enterprise firing on each other….

I don’t think they are firing on each other. I believe that is just a lighting effect.

Yep, those are just added lens flares. One is gleaming off the front of the Disco, the other is gleaming out from the Enterprise’s sensor dome in both directions.

It does look they’re firing on each other at first glance, kind of a strange artistic choice.

If you view the poster in a new tab so you can zoom in it becomes more obvious.

Matt, Maybe it’s a little production joke on the people who keep saying “the Enterprise is going to ‘take over’ Discovery!”

I really like the new poster design. The previous red on black outline of the Starfleet emblem with the Red Angel was a bit esoteric.

lol, that would be funny.

Lens flare, that’s all…

Looks insanely great. Can’t wait until the new season starts

Anyone else spot the saucer separation?

If you’re referring to this shot, that’s the starboard side of the saucer penetrating an energy field (the ship is basically sideways in that shot). You can tell the orientation by the location of the 1031 markings (front left side of the shot). I don’t think it’s separated from the rest of the ship, the rest of the ship is outside the distortion on the far right side of the frame (and extending past what we can see).
comment image

Is this shot from the POV of the Spore Drive?

No, watch earlier, before that.

We see the stardrive section of Discovery (?) from behind, and I can’t see the saucer section… In fact, it looks pretty clear it’s not there – but you’ve got to look closely.

I can’t grab a screenshot, bit I bet someone else could.

21 seconds in, to be precise. Pretty sure there’s no saucer attached…

Oh at 0:21? I think you’re right.comment image

I think it is there. An earlier frame reveals a small structure to the right that can only be the saucer.

Yep, you’re right, it’s part of the fade in from the last scene but its there. The ship is just seen from a very unusual angle at 0:21, plus the fact that the Discovery is very flat overall.

I really don’t think the Discovery can separate. In theory it needs the saucer integrated to handle all that spore drive energy (hence why it spins).

It probably can separate in an emergency, in which case, handling the spore drive energy would be a lower concern.

Probably, though isn’t the spore drive not quite functional at the moment?

I don’t think the actual rings spin, it’s more like there are inner and outer, top and bottom ring “plates” that counter-rotate (IIRC seeing this in S1 spore drive jumps) in opposite directions, but the rings themselves are firmly attached to the neck, with those four connector corridors between them. There’s a gap in the neck for the rotating plate to go through, but in theory nothing to stop the entire saucer assembly from separating.

Yes what I said was shorthand. It’s really those plates as you said.

Are you sure it’s not this ship:

I don’t think so. It appears to have the nacelles above, not below.

I don’t know, looks like there’s the upper line of a disk to the left of the hump [the “axle” of the “pizza cutter”]

Yep, it’s there. Salvador Nogueira pointed me in the right direction a few comments up in the chain.

This Spock doesn’t feel like the original Spock.
He seems more human.
Original Spock was more Vulcan initially, who discovered more human characteristics over time (emotion, humor, etc).

not true, watch The Cage

Or any of the first several episodes of the series, where Spock occasionally smiles and has a wicked sense of humor. See “Charlie X,” “Shore Leave,” “The Enemy Within” and “Mudd’s Women” specifically.

Bad idea. It’s been said over and over again that the Spock character was still very much in flux in the Cage and in the early produced episodes. It took a bit of time before Spock became Spock. I don’t really get why STD’s production crew are so quick to change the entire look and feel of an era in time but slavishly adhere to character elements from a time when no one involved in the TOS production really knew what the Spock character was going to become.

Ah but that’s the gag Zaid, because if people want to cite canon, then you can’t forget about the Spock of The Cage and Where No Man Has Gone Before.

You can because, as has been said before, the character was in flux. He was becoming what he would end up being. Even the actor, Nimoy himself, claimed he was just doing what the director told him to do and he did not have that great of a grasp on the character yet. Further, why not focus on the ‘R’ on Kirk’s tombstone? Same concept.

Yes, during this time period– a decade before TOS– he had not yet fully embraced his logical side.

Spock was pretty emotional early in the show….

Spock as a kid in the 09 movie clearly showed he didn’t have full control of his emotions and could still act out or get angry. Yes I know its a different universe but its still suppose to be the same upbringing of both Spocks.

TrekMovie Team, I’m totally looking forward to the analysis of the trailer! A lot of information zips by really quickly and I love your in-depth analyses :^)

Thirty-three days and a wake-up! Yahoo!

Okay whoops 39 days and a wake-up

Kind of funny how the Enterprise is the more prominent ship in that poster.

And sorry but I don’t see how the new Discovery poster draws any inspiration from the old TOS one; it looks like it draws more inspiration from the movie posters if anything.

This should’ve been the poster for ST4 around now.. but apparently we’re not allowed to have another not only did we not get Orci’s timetravely Trek 3 with Shatner which would’ve been great for the anniversary but had to watch Beyond Insurrection instead, we now don’t get a 4th movie.. good eh. merry christmas everyone

Beyond was the best of the 3, most Trek fans agree.

Beyond was the best of the 3, most Insurrection fans agree.

I agree with that. The first was pretty close though

Beyond was easily the best (as in, least bad) of the three, this TMP/TWOK/TFF fan decrees.

Jaysus, TFF is just awful.

I think I like 09′ the best of the three, but Beyond was a nice little story. Simple, but fun.

Totally, Beyond was a yawn. It was just so samey at that point and they didn’t try anything new or exciting. That’s why we’re not allowed another movie.

And here I am called the nattering nabob of negativity! Boy oh boy…

Exactly. they screwed up and now we are the ones who have to suffer. UNACCEPTABLE

I have to agree with this to a degree. I think its the best of the three but sadly the least entertaining as well. I also think why it did so poorly because unlike the first two movies that got people to go again and again I don’t think this one had the same repeat views. I think people LIKED it but it wasn’t enough to get them to go back to watch it. My opinion anyway. Even for me, I would say its my favorite but I’ve watched it the least out of three.

You’re nuts. It’s not the most exciting (that goes to STID) but it’s definitely the best written, the best acted, the most interesting, and the most enjoyable overall. It comes pretty close in feel to classic Trek, too.

I’m ‘nuts’? Then please, explain why this movie had the biggest second and third week drops out of the three films? ’09 and STID had around 42-46% drops their second and third weeks AND under heavier competition at that. This one had 58-60% drops. Thats why it did so poorly, because every week much less people were showing up for it like the other two. And YET if word of mouth was as strong, then MORE people should’ve showed up later on, even if it still didn’t make as much money as the others. Everyone supposedly hated STID and yet it remained strong throughout most of its run.

And you said it’s not the most exciting, which is what I was saying lol. So you agree with me? So what’s the issue?

I didn’t say it wasn’t a good movie, I LITERALLY said it was the best one out of the three, correct (seriously read closer, its not the first time you misunderstood my point), but something about it didn’t get people to show up for it even AFTER the good reviews. My theory is that it just didn’t excite them enough (as you seem to agree) to go back to see it like the first two which blockbusters rely on, ie, repeat viewings. What am I missing?

I agree with Beyond being the best written of the three (which isn’t a terribly high bar there, sadly), and that it feels the most like classic Trek, but totally disagree that STID was exciting and that Tiger is ‘nuts.’ That’s your failing here, Afterburn. You name-call. There’s no need for it. And it undermines your often-good points.

Look I’m not going to pile on. I think Afterburn has realized he made a mistake and I’ll leave it at that. But I will say this and I think he’s so upset about how others are talking about the show his posts almost feels like they are lashing out at others at times. Maybe he’s not doing that but once you start name calling that’s what it comes off as. He says he doesn’t take what people say personally but then you read some of his replies and it seems to be just that.

I like Afterburn, we actually agree as much as we disagree but if people are just being honest about their feelings and not attacking people who do like it then you just have to accept that. Some feels the show utterly sucks without any redeeming value or quality. You may not like that opinion but that’s life. There are 7 billion people on the planet, you will always find enough to think anything in life sucks. You can certainly disagree and tell them why you think they are wrong, but don’t attack them just for having an opinion. We’re just discussing a TV show end of the day, none of it actually matters.

Listen I’m not tryna get in an argument or anything but the name calling is only effective when you take it personally. We all get so worked up on this site for nooo reason. Like, okay, I’m nuts. So what? You don’t even have to acknowledge it. It’s not worth fighting for. We’re big enough to take a few insults. Now drink your drink.

A. I didn’t take it personally, but of course I’m going to defend myself and back up my points and why I’m not ‘nuts’. So would anyone, right? And it wasn’t just that, its like he didn’t even understand what I was saying which was the REAL issue IMO.

B. The issue is HE’s the one that seems to be taking things personally if you are the one doing the name calling in the first place while others are simply stating their opinion about something, especially over something trivial like TV shows and movies. We’re not talking about religion, politics or abortion here. Take it a down a notch.

C. I don’t think anything he (or frankly most people say here) is actually offensive in what they say. The only time I am personally offended is when it gets personal about someone’s race, gender, orientation etc but just because I’m not offended doesn’t mean others aren’t and why we should try to still be civil even if we disagree.

D. If you want to ensure you don’t get banned, best way to do that is not to look like you are attacking people or always getting into silly fights with them. So its as much as friendly warning if this becomes a regular issue which I don’t think it is…yet.

Is there a place where the Orci script can be read? I’d really like to know the story that was rejected.

How do I get my hands on an actual copy of this poster? I have to have it!

Click on it and then rt. click Print :-)

Good one!

It will probably be available at (or rather at some point. I mean, they sell shirts and mugs and stuff, maybe they’ll sell the poster as well…

Not getting a single Star Trek Vibe from this… :-(

Agreed. Not buying it. At all.

What, exactly, is a Star Trek vibe? Something similar to how you feel after having a mystery meat burrito at Taco Bell, perhaps?

Haha you won’t please everyone (and that is okay – they have the right to their opinions). Just be happy there were enough fans of Discovery and others who gave it a chance to get CBS to commit not just for more Discovery but also Short Treks, the Picard series, Lower Decks and more. And that’s good for them and us!!

It’s already the lockscreen on my phone lol

I’m really trying to keep a positive spin on things, but at the same time I totally agree with you, Newspin. I was hoping it wasn’t just me, and have to admit I’m glad it’s not.

It’s dead Jim.

Looks very fresh! I mean that in literally and colloquially. 2019 already seems like it’s going to be good year. Make it so!

“Fancy, covert ops” – So, everyone now knows about Section 31? Can we get some actual people who know the history of Star Trek working on this show? I mean, they could even cheat and just read Memory Alpha! Anything! 🤦🏻‍♂️

Considering the brass knew about Section 31 in DS9 (enough to not ‘deny’ Sisko’s inquiry) and Sloan just lets Bashir in without any real safeguards, I imagine Section 31 has always been known about by the higher ranks in the Federation, but completely off the record and just never talked about officially. And considering Pike is one of the most decorated captains, it stands to reason he might know of them too, but only as ‘they exist, unofficially’.

This is hardly a problem lore wise, though it is a…. weird tone thing, but we’ll see, I’m excited to see how they work with it.

To be fair, this is the closest I’ve seen them to getting historic canon wrong. That being said, it’s not exactly like its being broadcast ship-wide. Pike could have a reason to know of the existence of Section 31. How about we let the whole episode play before we judge it, eh?

In the first mention of S31 *timeline*-wise, in ENT, tge S31agent tells Archer to recheck Section 31 of the Starfleet charter or what not. So there is certainly a public document that refers to it. I suspect it’s either rarely discussed, like the NSA or Sen. Reid’s real-life X-files office at the Pentagon that the New York Times reported on a year ago.

I mean its there but its like two lines and its sooooo vague. It basically says Starfleet can do things they normally wouldn’t be able to do in a time of heightened crisis. Someone took that line to mean they can now form an entire covert operation group and do as they please any time THEY deem it’s necessary and little else.

And things like the NSA at least has oversight. There are tons of rules and laws how they are suppose to operate. They have Congressional hearings, warrants issued through the courts and is audited yearly not to mention all the media that looks at what they do. Section 31 lives in complete secret who basically said ‘yeah, eff all of that, we do what we want, you ask no questions and just say thank you when we finish whatever it was that we did.”

Which is yet another reason why I just do not like the entire concept of a “section 31” in Starfleet.

Like that is ever going to stop a hater from judging the show haha!

Pretty much a plot device to let them do whatever they like on the show without regard to TOS and what came later. ‘Oh, it was Section 31, so no one ever knew about it.’ Part of the prequel-package, sadly.

looks like tyler ends up back with star fleet, “where he belongs.”

It also looks like Tilly dies. Bummer.

I seriously doubt they’d give Tilly her own Short Trek episode just to then kill her off in the forthcoming 2nd session.

Phil, It looks to me like a very dangerous near-death experience Tilly’s having, and a rather creepy one at that.

Tilly is a beloved character, I can’t imagine them killing her off.

Speaking of which I hope we see Prime Lorca … Mirror Lorca was not exactly beloved, but he was a good captain, until … y’know.

But one difference between DISCO and earlier Trek series is that beloved characters can get killed, such as Conor, Landry, Culber (sorta), and Lorca.

Which means prime Lorca would be the exact opposite. So no. I have no desire to see a square jawed vanilla Captain Lorca on the show.

Yeah at 57 seconds of the Canadian trailer he is wearing a Discovery Starfleet uniform. Yeah good to see him back in the Federation.

I thought the first season was a dreadful mess…from story structure to acting and FX. Completely forgettable. Having said that, this trailer gives me hope. I liked Hell on Wheels so I know Anson Mount can act…Spock looks like an elf, but it appears the guy can act. They appear to be taking center-stage from Martin-Green…whose acting talents leave much to be desired. I’m more than ok with that. Now, if the writers will cobble together something engaging for the crew to do, it could be a fun ride. Fingers crossed.

well crap. you found your way from under that rock :-/

Really. There nothing wrong with Sonequa acting. Maybe you have some internal basis because the actors on this show are good.

Cannot understand it myself, NiclovesT. I think she’s very good. But, y’know, woman, POC. Some folks do not like a WOC as the center of a show. Not saying everyone who dislikes her acting is inclined that way, but I see her and Michelle Yeoh being singled out for “bad acting” much more than the men.

I’ve seen plenty of great POC and WOC act. I personally just am not the biggest fan of either of their performances, at least on first viewing. Maybe I just haven’t gotten used to them yet. But I wouldn’t say it’s anything to do with their backgrounds.

Yeoh was very solid in SUNSHINE, and the lead was fine throughout TWD. They just both seem awful to me in this. Yeoh sounds almost like the way Arnold did in his later films, like she let her diction slide. And I don’t know what-all is the deal with the lead, she is just acting in a different universe than what I’m seeing (no mirror puns intended.)

I mean I think this trailer says it all: that scene where SMG is like talking about through the looking glass, it’s just so wooden and feels like she’s reading a script, cramming too many words in too short a time…it’s not good to me. It doesn’t move me.

Well, for my money (and issues with the writing on DSC), SMG is one of the most charismatic performers ever featured on a Trek series, and has more in the way of genuine acting chops than the entire cast of The Orville put together.

Michael Hall,

Whoah! As much as I agree with you on how much of a force SMG is as a performer, I think in your zeal to cast dirty bathwater like aspersions on THE ORVILLE that you’ve tossed the marvelous baby that is Penny Johnson’s fine much longer career in the industry right out the window with it.

My guess… In Sonequa’s case it’s probably more the material than her. But I haven’t seen her in anything else. Yeoh I have seen in other things and I think she is just miscast. Georgeau, especially MU Georgeau, is not the right role for her.

Snap! Maria, you went there! I also totally agree with you. I think on some level the colour of Sonequa’s skin plays a part in some of her most vocal critics. Which is totally the antithesis of being a Star Trek fan at the end of the day, surely?

I think I agree with just about every word you said. I think there were some memorable moments, but largely everything else you say is on point.

I’ve really enjoyed Sonequa’s performance on DSC so far. I guess it’s a matter of choice and perspective. The show would definitely suck if you didn’t find her a good enough actor/actress since she carries the bulk of the show lol

YEah I don’t have an issue with her either.

There are talented actors, who you believe because their delivery is measured…natural pauses and reflection are built into the performance…like Patrick Stewart…and there are actors who simply recite dialog…annunciate every syllable…are very unnatural and come off as wooden and stilted…like Gates McFadden. An actor of Gates McFadden’s caliber should never carry the lead in a TV series. Green, is a Gates McFadden.


It is difficult to disagree with much of what was said there, Jonboc.

Geez, when will media companies ever stop slapping a geo block on their trailers on YouTube? It defeats the whole purpose of what a trailer is supposed to do. :rolleyes:

That does seem highly illogical, LOL.

The only rationale I can think of for this is they don’t want to confuse people about where they can see the show in various countries. But this seems a pretty weak argument to me.

Loving this. We are dealing with Spock from The Cage, where he is emotional and hasn’t pursued Kolinahr at this point.

I think through Discovery, we will probably see how the Enterprise will become the flagship of Starfleet under Captain Pike.

I think emo Spock should drag Ash Tyler with him to Kolinahr so he stops crying so much. Unless of course that trait from last season has been weaned out by his time with the Klingons.

TOS Spock hans’t undergone Kolinahr yet either. He didn’t do that until years after the ‘five year mission’. No, the producers are taking a side element from a character that was not fully fleshed out yet from a production no one but network executives were meant to see, an element that even the actor who portrayed the character said was not a thing and was told to do that by the director, and decided it was a monumentally important thing that HAD to be explained away.

It’s a quick shot at the one minute mark. I was off a season, but it looks like Tilly is going to get it this year….bummer, I liked her.

You’re reaching there. Tilly is covered in some goo they’re experimenting with. A well liked character isn’t going to die. A split second shot of being engulfed in goo doesn’t mean much. It’s likely that a few seconds later Stamets rescues her with the force field gun thingy that’s been shown in the NYCC trailer and in this one.

True. She could come back as a Romulan, as long as we are speculating. It’s not looking like she’s having a good time in that clip.

You could show a clip of somebody being vaporized and they’ll probably make it out ok.

Anyone recall the TUC trailer? Remember seeing Kirk get vaporized?

Reminds me of the trailer for Star Trek 6 where they openly show Kirk being vaporized. But of course in the film we realize it was actually the shape shifter. Trailers do this all the time.

I have to admit. I am so looking forward to this season.

I have to admit I am so looking forward to this season

Looks great! Can’t wait!

So Netflix who paid for season 1 of Discovery that went way over budget for no real return, forces CBS to foot most of the bill for the second season. And what does CBS do but bring MORE TOS characters to draw in the totally alienated fans of Roddenberry/Berman/Braga Star Trek. Lol good luck with that. Most will watch the Orville instead.

Sounds like a load of BS, considering that all sources indicate that DISCO was quite profitable. Heck, it doesn’t take more than a pinch of simple logic to deduce that DISCO couldn’t have been such a financial misadventure – why in the world would CBS otherwise pump money into not one but TWO new Trek shows?

And some just can’t give up their fake news…

You know Netflix still has to pay for the international distribution rights, don’t you? It’s not like the $100 million they paid last year was for an unlimited number of episodes.

Okay, the “many” who watching Orville will surely continue to watch, hopefully they get another season, hopefully. Myself and the “few” fans of Discovery will also continue to watch it and new short treks and other Trek shows that are in the works, based on the “few” fans of Discovery. I especially keep the Trek lights on for you, just in case you will find any of the other shows more appealing. Much blessing to you and the “many “ who watches the Orville.
Love Nic

Yeah. I really don’t get how some people can’t get over the fact that watching The Orville and still watching everything that’s new concerning Star Trek is not mutually exclusive. I’d guess for a lot of people there’s no “instead” there. And I don’t even have a problem admitting that I have so far enjoyed DISCO less than I hoped I would, while I got some unexpected enjoyment out of the Orville.
Context is the key here though: I enjoy what MacFarlane, a creator whose output has so far elicited a lot more negative than positive reactions on my side, attempts to do – even though I feel it doesn’t quite work out in a number of places; while on the other hand I had placed too high hopes in DISCO, but the number of things I find actually aggravating about the show is relatively small (and nothing that couldn’t be mitigated by a few well-placed retcons – yup, I’ve said it: I hope for a couple of retcons).
So in short: I’m looking forward to The Orville S2 as well as DISCO S2 and that means that both shows can definitely count me among their viewership. What a generous guy I am…

Haha I imagine most viewers are like you but there are a vociferous few who cannot watch two separate programs without conflict.

Hey, I watch both shows too. Although if I were told I could only see one or the other, based on both show’s first season’s I would pick The Orville. However, that is a decision I do not have to make. So I will be giving STD’s 2nd season a shot because I’m a fan of Trek and hoping it will get better.

You really should stop watching Midnight Sludge videos….

…or you know, watch both if they want to? Good lord.


Surprised no one has commented on the beauty shots of the ship. If there’s any complaint I had of the first season, it was missing a lot of the classic Trek ship shots.

They have shots that are more sustained and not as foggy/dingy, but I wouldn’t call them beauty shots, because nothing looks beautiful. It actually reminds me of ENTERPRISE’s VFX, which I found lousy from the perspective of lighting and visual interest. But it’s better than last season, I’ll grant you that, but below the current standard for spaceship looks, and a far cry from 40 year old glories like TMP.

Which shots showed beauty?

Some are saying “it not Trek no” but I’m getting some UPN Enterprise schlock vibes from trailer. Which isn’t the worst thing. Poster looks to be Star Wars style of the Disney era.

“UPN Enterprise” that should be the official name of the show lol sums it up perfectly

I just love that poster. Does anyone know where I can get a copy?

Don’t fret, my fellow non-North Americans:

Edit: Oh, the “streamable”-treatment wasn’t even necessary. It’s already on Youtube:

These illegitimate uploads don’t last very long.

A tip to all you secret agents out there, it’s best not to be caught in the field with a black, sinister-looking badge that suggests you’re a black ops secret agent. Sure, it looks cool, but you’re better off leaving it at home in the display case next to your Eaglemoss ships.

Hello, Section 31, just passing through. Don’t mind me, our organisation doesn’t even exist, you know…

See you at S31-Con in New San Diego next year! Remember, black badges get you in free!

Yay! I’m gonna wear my “I’m with Section 31… NOT”-hat

you two have ruined everything. Now everyone knows they exist.

Dammit, I was told this was a secure channel!

Laughing so hard you guys! Thanks!

This is, so far, the only piece of continuity that is bothering me. S31 was, in their DS9 appearances, a clandestine, secret organization. Hearing it spoken about as if it’s just any other division seems like a major retcon.

That said, even in DS9 it’s clear that SOME starfleet personnel were aware of them, as Sisko’s inquiries were seemingly responded to by Admirals and brass that had knowledge of their existence. Additionally, Sloan’s revealing himself to Bashir– assuming they were truly secret– in hindsight seems awfully sloppy, because he must have known Bashir would–as he did– tell his commanding officer.

So I suppose that it’s plausible that at one time– and even during DS9– more Starfleet commanders had knowledge of them, but were instructed not to record or include their activities in logs.

I guess it’s the fact Star Trek keeps going back to this well so often that bothers me. I mean besides the silly badges.

Makes sense for S31 to be active during wartime, but in an exploration/mystery/Spock story it seems like a plot thread that doesn’t need to be there. Hopefully, they can justify her being on board. Something a little more substantial than being the Joker menacing the heroes.

Out of all the shows and movies before DSC, Section 31 showed up in 4 episodes of DS9, I think 2 episodes of ENT, and a minor mention in STID.

They appeared but went unnamed, in the first season of this show, and will finally be making a real on-screen showing in Season 2. I don’t think, at least in my estimation, that’s really “going back to the well” too often. Nobody seems bothered by the use of Klingons (retcons of their appearance aside), despite the fact that they appeared heavily in DS9, TNG, ST1, ST3, ST6, ST:G, ENT, and STID.

Just me though. I mean, if it’s a concept you’re not fond of, I can see the issue.

That few episodes of DS9? I thought I recalled them being a huge, ongoing unending nuisance.

Section 31 didn’t even show up until the sixth season of the show. Yes they only had a few appearances but their influence was felt in other episodes, like that time they gave Odo a virus to wipe out the Founders.

I looked it up and they actually appeared in just 3: “Inquisition”, “”Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges”, and “Extreme Measures.” Surprisingly, they popped up in FOUR episodes of Enterprise, though only once as a central story point.

Any ongoing storyline was in your head, like most complaints fans have about stuff like this.

Oh, but I did have a problem with the use of Klingons and the Mirror Universe in the first season, too. It was a lot of been there, done that. But that’s besides the point.

I’m fine with the concept of Section 31 turning up — in a time of war. Here, at least from the looks of the story so far, it doesn’t look like it needs to be there. They’ve got enough story material with Spock and the mystery alien, in my opinion.

You may have, but most complaints about the Klingons involved the changes made to them, and complaints about the MU were about the length of that storyline (of which I would agree, as it seemed to drag a bit).

“Nobody seems bothered by the use of Klingons (retcons of their appearance aside), despite the fact that they appeared heavily in DS9, TNG, ST1, ST3, ST6, ST:G, ENT, and STID.”

This guy certainly did. ;)

The second I learned first season of DIS would be about the Klingon war I rolled my eyes and partly why I had so much trouble with the first season in the first place. They already did on DS9…and BETTER!

And before they turned out to be complete bores on Discovery which made me even less interested.

It’s probably like the deal where CIA operatives say they work for The Company and can’t even tell their families what they REALLY do. But some in the government [outside the CIA] know who they are and can’t say it Out Loud.

“This is, so far, the only piece of continuity that is bothering me. S31 was, in their DS9 appearances, a clandestine, secret organization. Hearing it spoken about as if it’s just any other division seems like a major retcon.”

You know what, but this is a good point. Maybe they are doing exactly that and retconing Section 31 (when has DIS ever retconned anything lol). BUT if so, then maybe that’s why we see them with the black badges, that people or at least the higher ups ARE suppose to know who they are and work with them in a more cordial basis than we saw them on DS9 or ENT.

And maybe they are doing this for the rumored Section 31 show and that way we can see a more civil relationship with Starfleet instead of it always feeling hostile and cut throat. Just a guess but it may be why they are opening it up.

Yeah I see your point but at the same time, because there is about 100 years difference between DS9 and Discovery, I don’t think it is too much of a stretch for an organization to have gone underground again in 10 decades.

I mean based on the little we seen it feels like it could be going that direction at least. I really would like to see them more hidden again like DS9 and ENT but same time if they want to turn them into a regular thing then that might be unrealistic, especially as they come off too villany which is exactly why so many have a problem with them in the first place since they are part of Starfleet. But if they are trying to soften them and make them feel more like a team and not antagonistic all the time then people who don’t like them will come around. In theory anyway.

That is part of my problem. They have come across as the villain too much. I think it would be better if they were presented at least as some sort of “necessary evil” or something. Anything to suggest they are doing something for the greater good, albeit clandestinely. But they have yet to be portrayed that way.

To play the deil’s advocate here… It is entirely possible that the black badges are worn when a member needs to be ID’d on a Starship or Federation facility or whatever. But are ditched when performing actual clandestine operations or they are somewhere or doing something they don’t want S31 connected to publicly.

LOL, I love that!
She was carrying it, not wearing it though, so there’s hope.

Hope that she doesn’t get captured with that badge on her…

If they’re smart, the badge is supposed to attract attention, so when the other side takes it away to study, it blows up at a convenient time and takes out their researchers. I doubt they’ll actually go there (disagree with pretty much all creative choices they’ve made so far, from art direction to casting to writing to music and VFX), but if they do, remember you heard it hear first.

Okay, that was damn good!

That was great! I cannot wait for second season. One thing I noticed is that Ash Tyler said “Section 31 sees the red angels as a threat”. I wonder if this means that Tyler has some Section 31 involvement. At the end of season one we knew he stayed on Kronos and Georgiou was recruited on Kronos to Section 31. I wonder if Ash was recruited as well?

Waiting for the Picard show.

“Somone, or something, is going to end all sentient life in the galaxy.”

Could it be V’Ger?

That would be amazingly cool! :-)

IIRC V’Ger wasn’t out to destroy sentient life, but headed straight for Earth to find its creator and “collected” information along the way. Nomad would be a better fit.

Fascinatingly uninterested. Looks like a parody of Trek (at best). Have fun people.

As Curly Bill once said, “Well…….bye!”

Like Ghostbusters 2016 then.

So how comes we never heard of the Red Angel (waiting to see who the STD hacks stole this story from by the way)? Surely in three seasons of TOS, seven films and two TNG episodes, Spock would have mentioned this threat to all sentient life in the galaxy.

Why oh why didn’t the frauds just make the same stories set 10 years after Nemesis (replacing the Klingorcs for the Tzenkethi and Spock/Sarek for sayyyy Riker and his dad). They could play around as much as they want without Star Trek fans getting on their backs?! :-(

Maybe the entire adventure will be kept Classified. You never know.


Newsflash! Canon is what appears on the screen. It is not what you try to surmise from what hasn’t appeared on the screen.

Well unless there was some vital reason Spock to mention the Red Angel, I don’t see why he would? And we don’t know how it’s going to play out yet, it could just be something that ends up being classified as well (let’s all be honest, by the time this show is done, their entire time on that ship may be considered classified ;)).

As for putting it post-Nemesis, you’re speaking to the choir. But it is what it is at this point. The only advice is to wait for the Picard show and it might be more to your liking.

Captain Pike has Kirk hair.

Burnham’s skirt and knee high boots are very 60s Trek costume inspired. Loved that.

Either civilian clothes or Vulcan civilian clothes, methinks. Great costuming on this show. Kudos to Gersha Phillips!

Nah, I don’t like this one. It’s so tacky. First of all just about every “joke” falls flat for me. I wish this show had better like actual humor. Humor is essential and doesn’t have to be Marvel-y if done in moderation. But none of those jokes actually seemed funny to me. And the “end all sentient life in the galaxy” thing sounds just so over the top. Like come on, we know that won’t happen. And why and how would such a thing like that even happen? That’s as comic book as the Thanos snap in Infinity War. Now I’m worried they think they’re more clever than they really are and this season is gonna come across like they’re trying too hard. Please let me be wrong..

Comedy is really hard to do, I hope these guys manage to pull it off, but to be honest the jokes in this trailer made my eyes roll. However I think we should wait and see them in the context of the episodes. Maybe they will make more sense then.

Agreed, comedy is very hard to do. Like the comedy in Trek featured in the article here on Trekmovie a few days ago…funny stuff. What we saw in the trailer here, not so much, at all. It does feel forced. I too, hope we’re proved wrong.

The problem of writing today in TV is no writer understands ‘balance’. Writing either goes to deadly serious characters or unfunny comic relief. Compare that to TNG or any other Trek show.

I thought the trailer was exciting and action packed. But it looked like a JJ movie. I thought this was Prime Timeline. How do they explain it fitting canon other than it is 2018.

…cause previous series didn’t have action? It fits because they say it fits, they can come up with a reason or not this year or decades down the line, it’s happened before.

At Least Kelvin had the Nero excuse as to why everything looked different. I mean i know it cannot look like a show produced in the 1960’s.

It fits into historic canon just fine.

Flies in the face of what TNG depicted as the 23rd century…flies in the face of what DS9 depicted, historically, as the 23rd century,,,flies in the face of the established 23rd century recognized, historically, in Enterprise….flies in the face of what WAS the 23rd century, in transmissions from Tslos 4, accepted by Spock as being accurate, in TOS.
Other than that, yeah…it fits into historic canon, just fine.

Indeed. Well put.

Love the Enterprise in the poster!

That’s how you update the Enterprise, JJ Abrams.

Hate Section 31. Later Star Trek incarnations miss the point of it. I don’t care to see familiar characters recast. I can get over it, but it’s not necessary to be in this time period. Those are just my preferences. They’re not rules. All that being said. Anson Mount nails Pike. And I really appreciate that new Spock has the right look but more than ANYTHING, I appreciate that he’s voice is masculine and resonant like Nimoy’s was. Between Quinto, and even any of the nerds in Star Trek fan films, no one has EVER captured Nimoy’s masculine resonance. Nimoy was too squeaky and the cadence was all off. If we have to recast and stay in this timeline then I really appreciate that the casting choices. That complaint is about to be moot though — when the Picard series comes out! Then I’m perfectly happy to have a show in any ol timeline.

I haven’t read all the comments, but the actor playing Spock really stinks. I mean REALLY bad! Zero charisma! Pretty sad for being Gregory Peck’s grandson! So many new actors could do it better!

Hey man, I tried to audition. No one wanted to know. *shrug

So, could the black goo enveloping Tilly suggest a connection to Armus from “Skin of Evil”? Perhaps the Red Angel is an envoy from the civilization that stranded Armus in his planet?


This didn’t do much for me, overall. I dislike everything about Section 31, and I doubt this series has what it takes to change my mind.

is it me or is this show just plain aweful..and tries so hard to be a JJ ABRAMS JUNIOR’s almost a bad robot parody!

“Video not available in your country”.

They are not even trying to sell this catastrophe any more; France is more important than America so why can I not watch this trailer video in my country? Nobody in France watch Discovery anyway, so too bad…

France is more important than America, uh what? Even if thats true, what does that remotely has to do with this TV show? It’s an American TV show, not a French one and its being sold to mostly Americans first and foremost, so it that regard its much more important to America since the show will most likely live or die by how many Americans watch it. None of this has to do with superiority lol.

And the article said when Netflix release their version, which I imagine will be withing a few days, you’ll be able to see it, so calm down. It’s simply region blocked, which btw, is done by every country at times which I’m guessing including yours. It’s not personal.

And lastly if no one watches Discovery in France, then what difference does it make? ;)

Hmm… I think they got their inspiration from the Star Wars posters… :-)