Watch: New Video Shows Us What To Expect In ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2

Hot on the heels of the new trailer before the return of Discovery in January, today CBS has released another tease of season two in the form of a behind-the-scenes video called “What To Expect In Season 2.” In this brief video, we’re introduced to the season by executive producer Alex Kurtzman, along with Sonequa Martin-Green and Anson Mount.



New scenes

We get a glimpse of some new footage not seen in the previous trailers.

This behind-the-scenes shot of filming on a new bridge type set is very likely the “Section 31 bridge/lab” set we saw blueprints for in the announcement of filming video from April.

This is likely the Section 31 ship’s bridge

We see a shot of Burnham and Saru in simple clothing, probably on Saru’s home planet of Kaminar.

Burnham fixes Saru’s hood

Also of interest is this new overhead shot of a transporter technician beaming up Captain Pike and his party. The officer appears to be augmented with tech, not unlike that of Helmsman Detmer.

The transporter operator has unusual tech on his head


Star Trek: Discovery is available in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

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Before anyone suggests that the transporter console is not canon because it doesn’t have three push levers on it like in TOS, all I can say is take a look at a REAL (non-fiction) present day spacecraft console like the one found on a SpaceX Crew Dragon that will be used to carry astronauts to the ISS beginning next year. There are no plastic buttons, few mechanical switches, lights or levers to speak of but there are plenty of displays similar to the one depicted for the transporter. I know people would like to see what we saw in TOS but if technology in 2018 is far beyond that depicted in TOS, then it makes little or no sense to try to say that is what will be used in the 23rd century. Okay waiting for the Canadian version of the video to become available. Have a good Friday evening everyone!!

@DeanH — Thank you. Star Trek is supposed to project the future of its audience, not remain locked into a dated representation of how its audience projected the future 50 years ago.

That said, I don’t love that transporter design.

I like how they did it on tng, nothing had buttons and they made up Teresa flops for storage so it would never be outdated. Imagine if they used mega and gigabites.

“Teresa flops?” Something tells me that’s not what you meant to type. :) If you meant “teraflops,” that’s a real term, not something Star Trek made up.

Yeah, who cares about continuity right?

LOL would that even BE an issue at this point? Most of the ship functions and tech is interfaced through touchscreen, why would this be suddenly different? They even have holographic controls on this ship. I mean if this was last seaason I can understand being surprised, but now?

There are several push levers/sliders on this console, just not for the three main “energize” slides. It looks like 6 small sliders for each half of the console, 12 total. Nice touch to have both touchscreens and physical controls.

Tech doesn’t always go forward in a straight line. The Reeves-Stevenses came up with a great rationale for bulky TOS tech in their novel MEMORY PRIME (rendering the gear resistant to surges over weapons hits and such), but even so, I’m totally cool with there being physical switches even w/o their clever justification. The flatscreen stuff on DSC just looks pseudo contemporary to me, so there’s some design laziness IMO.

What’s worse is that the still of the s31 bridge reminded me of 80s era rock videos, there’s a backlit with smoke look that just leaves me annoyed.

Back up switches would be good. What do you do if the screens fail?

Now that’s just common sense! Careful now.

Back up switches for what? The idea that something that complicated can be controlled by a few switches is ridiculous at this point. Does your phone have backup switches?

Incase the screen is compromised. Other species with different tactile and visual needs. Texture.

So how many back ups switches did they have in the TNG era?

Probably underneath the touchscreens. Or in all those drawers.

Back when NASA was working on the Constellation project they had the tech to use touch screens on the spacecraft and opted against it for a number or reasons. One of which was accidental touches. And there were a number of others. I was at the Johnson Space Center back when they were working on it and they actually fielded questions on the tours about the program.

I made a short film in 1975 (BEFORE going to film school), and aside from shooting it on B&W film stock, I had a touch-screen control panel for which I created black poster-board strips behind it masking the “buttons”, and a simple hanging 100-watt light bulb, so that with my camera on a tripod, a hand would enter the shot, tap a marked touch-panel button, leave the frame, then stop the camera, pull back the poster-board strip behind it, and start the camera again.

The effect in the finished film was that somebody touched a flat-panel button (which was only a marked area on a translucent plastic sheet in the wall of the set) and as soon as his hand left the frame, the marked-off square printed with words like “airlock door” would light up. Then I’d use a miniature spaceship door-frame and pull back a mask to show the door opening. Reverse the process to close the door, and so on.

As for what if something went wrong, etc., so what!? Science fiction is by its very nature fantasy, because it isn’t real/doesn’t exist/can’t exist, today. ;)

Or they could have just stayed away from making another prequel and having to retcon this kind of stuff?

Happy weekend to you too!

Oh, go away, troll. If you’re not a fan, why even come here?


Not This^

Anyone who says it’s not canon has no understanding of what the term “canon” means–and really needs to get some therapy.

Star Trek: Doublethink

Actually tactile switches are much better than touchscreens for such application. Especially if you’re wearing gloves you need a positive feedback that a certain action is implemented. Imagine try to press a touch screen button when everything is shaking. Sorry, but crewed Dragon is still a prototype and not an end product. All modern aircraft have regular switches. Even Airbus that pioneered the use of computers in airplanes (FBW for example and glass cockpit instruments) still use a lot of tactile switches

Figures, yours is probably the most informed-sounding post in the thread, yet nobody responded to it.

Could it be that these days tactile switches/buttons are more expensive to install in sets than visual displays?

Because I noticed a definite difference when I switched cellphones from a tactile [push-button] one to a flat-screen visual display. The flat screen is rather annoying, and worrying for a potential emergency situation.

They had visual displays in NextGen and its era starships as well; I don’t remember people commenting about that, but then, there weren’t many Trek discussion boards ….

You can 3d print tactile switches (in fact I think NEMESIS was among the first films to use some version of that tech for the baddie’s ship), so I don’t think that’s an expense. I think maybe it is more a matter of being a trend and a knee-jerk ‘this is the future’ kind of thinking.

I’ll respond, Kmart.

Nobody gives a frying duck.

It’s more likely that nobody knows what to say when faced with a fact-based opinion that doesn’t bubble over with froth. But that’s a very impressive attempt to try to beat down intelligent discussion in favor of one-line sniping. I’m guessing you must be big on these weirdly successful operations like twitter with your attack posts, given that kind of verbiage.

I don’t use twitter. I just find this level of criticism ridiculous, and a deterrent to the actual intelligent discussion you seem to want to pursue.

If they’d set this show post Voyager people would’ve had nothing to complain about re the design changes, spore drive etc.

If you believe that, you’re just plain ignorant to how the present toxic fandom works.

What do you mean by ‘toxic fandom’?

I’m not going to explain it in depth, so I’d genuinely suggest googling it.

But in short it is the small segment of fandom that intrudes on actual debate and celebration of the material by toxically derailing discussion and enjoyment with overwhelming one-sided criticism, closed-mindend hatred, and a mocking of those who enjoy the things they don’t.

It’s why I don’t get involved with discussions of The Orville. Not my cup of tea, so I’m not going to bring down the fans who are enjoying it by barging into discussions and endlessly trashing it with regurgitated, repetitive criticism and vitriol.

But no show is above criticism so how can that be this ‘toxic fandom’?

Let me repeat:

“overwhelming one-sided criticism, closed-minded hatred, and a mocking of those who enjoy the things they don’t.”

As I posted elsewhere, criticism is ok and healthy, but we can discuss it without spewing venom. Here it seems many fans just keep regurgitating the same criticisms day after day. That’s not conducive to a healthy critical discussion.

No, Afterburn. Luke is correct. Sure, there will always be SOME out there who will whine at everything but overall there would not be room to complain about such things had they set it post VOY. But if the first season were just as bad, it would still get nit picked to death.

(Now I’m wondering if I’m going to get the standard juvenile response as punishment for having the gall to disagree)

I’m sorry, but he is incorrect. There would be plenty of room for concern, and this is just another in the endless complaints about the era they chose to set a series in.

But that time to complain is over: the series is here, we’re going into a second season, the show is what it is. Move on from that complaint.

The main reason the show is getting nit picked to death is because it’s not very good to begin with. If it were better, sure there would still be nit picking. But it would not be nearly as prevalent. Case in point, Wrath of Khan.

Yes, many of us have been saying this from the beginning and if it were a better show there would be less nit picks about it. Hopefully if season 2 is an improvement (and it looks like its TRYING to be an improvement at least) then maybe a lot of these will go away. For now though, its not really a shock, especially the first Trek show in over a decade.

I get your point, Luke, and agree with it. The many jumps in technology displayed in season one wouldn’t have had to have been an issue at all, since we’d have actually moved into the future of the timeline, instead of…this. Many don’t find this a problem at all, many do. One thing for sure, though – you’re not ignorant for saying it.

I am continually astonished that so many fans are irked by the retconning of tech and whining that they should have gone forward FOR THAT REASON.

I get the narrative complaints, but using the tech to justify it is silly.

It looks like the season 2 hype machine is now in full gear! We got an (unexpected) trailer yesterday and now this video, two days straight. I have a feeling they are going to be dropping tons of behind the scenes stuff, clips and interviews for the next month.

And I think Pike is going to be that inspirational leader the same way Kirk and Picard were and remind people why they are in Starfleet to begin with. One more step closer to classic Trek. I’m getting really excited!!!

Hot diggity! Me too!

I really like this Anson Mount chap and his enthusiasm for his role. I hope the hacks have written his character well.

Don’t be so rude. If you cannot help yourself, go and make those sort of comments on YouTube where they are welcome.

They gave us a token straight white male to try and stop the ratings hemorrhaging. Too little, too late. Stick a fork in Disco, it’s done.

I guess the Token Black Female didn’t work? Or the Token Gays? Or The Token Aliens? Or The Token Straight White Male (The only character that faced retribution for his crimes)

Tokens….So many Tokens.

It didn’t actually. None of it did regardless of what far left ideologies they were trying to push.

I think maybe this website is not for you. Drudge Report is more up your alley.

Ignore the Clergymen, slider.

I will.

Roflmfao you dont renew or spin off a failing show moron.

Please go away.

What?! As if the majority of humanity (non-straight white men) subscribe to this absurd claim you are making that artificially propping up this privileged minority’s representation (straight white men) makes them more interested in watching a show?! That’s just what women want to see… more men in roles of authority and importance and less women… just like the good ‘ole days! Same with LGBT people, they don’t want to see themselves on screen for once, but rather, even more straight people. And same with people of color, what they want is to continue to see is white supremacy disproportionately inflate this global minority of white people and their distorted representation ratio. Please. What a primitive comment not worthy of Trek’s message of inclusion and diversity that has apparently gone unnoticed by your silly racist premise and sexist viewpoint. Boring. Backwards. Trite.

White people flourish and prosper in this future. They’re not slaves to guilt. They don’t die out. That’s a nice positive and inclusive vision.

In other words, Mr. Limpopo, like Blorg, is a racist. Why do people like this even LIKE science fiction? It goes against their distorted, hateful values.

Disco hates straight white men – there was only ONE in season 1 and he was…wait for it… EVIL. That’s not ‘diversity’ that’s discrimination. Calling it out does not make you racist, just not clueless.

I’d say more: Disco hates black people who like soccer, play mambo and were raised by their grandmothers. How many black soccer/mambo players with pictures of their grandmas did you see in season 1, season 2, the Short Treks, OR EVEN THE TRAILERS? This is a very strong prejudice against this minority in particular. White heterosexual non-evil males are much better represented, if you ask me. They have the ever trustworthy lieutenant Milton Richter at the bridge (

And wouldn’t it be fun if some fans say a communications officer who only open/closes subspace channels is not enough for proper representation? Ah, the irony is killing me. :-D

I’m no fan of Discovery but it’s moronic to start whining just because every other character isn’t a straight white male. Lordy, isn’t basically controlling most of the planet for the last 500 years enough for you? I’m sure you can now cope with a few other things on screen other than a mirror of yourself and not have a nervous breakdown over it.


I am, thankfully, completely incapable of giving any weoght at all to the notion of judging people in any way by the color of their skin. Skin color is the most meaningless factor of a person. It does not influence behavior, Intelligence, morals, personal responsibility, or any ANY, important factor of a person and never has. I have never and will never care if the hero in the film or show I’m watching matches my skin color or gender for that matter.

Now I’ll grant that I am from a mixed family that has been mixed for its entire recorded history, I can list 8 different known ethnicities in my ancestry, as well as 2 past presidents, and given that we had Vikings in there we may have quite a bit more. None of that makes my point any less valid.

One race, Human.

I’m not sure how you found racism in what I said? It’s a positive statement. Maybe you should have a long hard look in the mirror.

If anything, they brought in previous ‘characters’ to bring in older Star Trek viewers who have felt alienated by this garbled gatecrasher of a show. I’ll season 2 a chance, like most rational people, but that’s the last one.

It’s done? LOL. It’s immensely popular and will run for years. That has to be the dumbest comment anyone here has posted in a while.

Immensely popular? You just make up your facts, right? Netflix was going to pay for season two and after the disaster that was season one they said ‘no way’. CBS All-Access is in turmoil about how to fix Disco – both the principal writers were fired recently. ‘Picard’ is a last ditch effort to make a Trek show that people will want to watch. Disco is the biggest disaster in Trek history.

Stop listen8ng to the bs Midnight’s Edge makes up.

What are your sources for this Blorg? There is nothing about this anywhere online. Unless you have the facts to prove it, you are just making crap up.

Says WHO? Alt right Youtube bloggers who have had a grudge against Discovery from day 1? You need to seriously check your ‘alternative facts’ bro. And go find something you actually enjoy and comment there.

Alt-right YouTube bloggers? Oh you mean half the Star Trek fans?!

If I was as aggressive as you in my replies I’d be accused of being a troll. I guess you have to be an established member of the echo chamber?


I’m not a member of anything. I am a person who has not lost connection to reality though. Which means that Alex Jones level bs coming from Midnight’s Edge that no network in history has ever or would ever do can be immediately dismissed as the bs it is.

I wasn’t talking to you. The format of the comment section is slightly crappy and leads to confusion.

Immensely popular???

Ha, ha!

Just to remind everyone, white males make up about 12-13 percent of the earth’s population so assuming those numbers are constant over the next two centuries, then there should be 1-2 out of every ten persons on board a starship primarily crewed by humans. Of course in the olden days, the U.S. market was all that mattered for domestic television so we all got used to the cast pandering to an American audience (TOS was one of the first to be more global), but now Discovery is a worldwide show and is even paid for by those distributing the show outside of the U.S. so it is no surprise it has a more global feel to it.

Really? I thought white people as a whole made up less than 10% of the earth’s population. If 12-13% are white men that means, including white women as another 13%, the world population of white people is 25%. Seems a little high. Are you including other Caucasoids? Or is this exclusively white people of higher Northern hemisphere?

What a jerk.

Don’t feed the troll….

He has an opinion, which is subjective. To call someone a troll is subjective. Do your feelings override his? Is your opinion the right opinion?

That sounds very familiar.
Oh, that’s right, that is what the haters said last year before Discovery even premiered.
Do you have anything NEW?

1) Attacking diversity, however obliquely, is antithetical to the values of Star Treks. It’s also racist.

2) They don’t renew failing shows.

3) You don’t have ANY evidence to suggest that the show is failing because a) its not and b) there isn’t any because neither CBSAA or Netflix release viewing figures.

4) If you knew ANYTHING about how a show is rated a success in 2018 you would know that brands and companies are increasingly focused social media conversations about their products and or and how people. Discovery was one of the last year’s most talked about shows. And no, the buzz was positive despite YouTube might tell you.


1) Criticising corrupt far left ideologies isn’t racist. Thinking those are good qualities however is.

2) Season 2 was already paid for so let’s see.

3) The show isn’t doing well. It’s doing quite poorly.

4) The only people who have been heaping praise on the series is left wing critics which tells us all we need to know.

1. Star Trek is a lefty show, always have been, what are you looking at?

2. I actually agree with this but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t renewed for being successful enough too.

3. What proof do you have to back this up?

4. What proof do you have to back this up?

I hate getting involved in such discussions but I feel I need to add… Over the years I have never seen Star Trek as a “Lefty” or “Righty” show. At it’s best it was actually quite fair. That is why, I think, fans tend to run the political gamut. Quite the feat, if you ask me.

Maybe but I have no idea how anyone could look at TOS at the time and see it as anything but a liberal minded show in the 60s at least, even adding a Russian on the show in the middle of the cold war. It would be akin to adding a Muslim in a post 911 setting. I just don’t see right wingers doing things like that but I could be wrong.

But yes I agree I think ANYONE can like it despite political ideology if you’re simply open minded enough to accept other beliefs. I’m an atheist, but watch shows with religious sub plots all the time and had no problem watching DS9 even though it was a pro-religious show.

It wasn’t really a pro-religious show but nevermind.

1) Star Trek was never far left. It was balanced between left and right!
2) We will see.
3) Reports all over the Internet. The shorts have done terribly.
4) Read the reviews and the comments they make.

More like instead of trying to fix the show’s problems CBS is just trying to bring more nostalgia back in the hope more people watch.

Slider, Why would CBS need to update a wildly successful show like STD just to appease a portion of the fanbase? Bold, brave, popular shows really don’t need to backpedal.

I think this show has been sent to The Matriarchy (certainly no agenda here /s) for reassignment.

Here’s a question: why are they trying so hard to heap on continuity if nobody is criticising this???

Well hopefully this will be on yt real soon,so frickin’ lame this is still US only. But I’ve complained enough about that before,lol!

how about if we stop worrying about token this token that and things like that and talk about how terrible the acting is by the lead character she’s terrible. I’d rather watch Babylon 5 reruns then have to watch her

I’m re-watching B5 on Amazon Prime. Best space SF tv show ever made, IMHO.

I actually watched it for a couple of seasons but it was too boring. Maybe it gets better with age?

B5 had the same problem most Trek series had in that it didn’t get really good until Season 3.

Season 2’s just as good.

Season 1 is the really hard sell. So naturally, most hardcore fans will INSIST that people need to start there (Nooo…. they don’t. They can skip around. And they just might have a better chance of sticking with it).

I’d throw season 5 away completely and end with DECONSTRUCTION OF FALLING STARS.

S1 is fine despite the uneven tone because it has O’Hare, who (minority view, I know) really put across the put-upon nature of that job, especially a fighter jock being thrust into it.

I could never see ranking S5 below S1.

It’s like s5 stops dead to do this telepath thing to the exclusion of nearly everything else, and they cast somebody to carry that arc who was anti-charisma. Maybe it is due to the big s4 rush to wrap things up since they didn’t think they would get an s5 (more reason to hate the way Warner treated the series … I think the actors had to sign away syndication money to get S5, which sounds like it shouldn’t even have been legal.) The FALL OF CENTAURI PRIME stories worked, but I find the series finale curiously unmoving … don’t know if perhaps JMS just has no business directing, or if it is something else, I’ve only been able to watch that one twice without giving up on it. I”m still of the opinion that Sinclair becoming Valen is absolutely the way the series was supposed to end, so Sheridan expiring and going to Valhalla or whatever is a real squib by comparison.

In S1 we got the strike episode, which really put the ‘this is NOT trekverse) across, plus some great sf stuff like the 2 parter about great machine, and of course BABYLON SQUARED, and the last ep absolutely rocks (Sinclair’s dispirited “nothing’s the same anymore” gets nearly as much play in my household as the most memorable SEINFELD and TOS lines.) So even though I’ll never go anywhere near TKO again (can say the same for X-FILES’ DPO — maybe alphabet soup just isn’t my thing?), I’ve rewatched the rest of s1 more times than any other season of B5. Part of that is because even though the build is better in s2-4, there you still have Boxleitner, who is like this American Roger Moore in his blandness and like a cosplayer in his desire to come off like Captain Kirk. Not to say he always fails — the AIDS metaphor ep in s2 shows he has some chops as an actor — but there are enough misses to irk me regularly.

I know that the show would likely have never gotten to completion with O’Hare (it’s hard enough to believe it wobbled to ep 110 under any conditions), but many of the stories and the overall arc would have hung together so much better with Sinclair. Seeing a rift between him and Garibaldi in s4 would have been nearly as good as a genuine Kirk/Spock/McCoy rift, and I liked Sinclair/Delenn a ton more than Sheridan/Delenn.

I was going to suggest to my wife that we rewatch THE HOUR, CARNIVALE and DEADWOOD in early 2019, but now I’m thinking maybe that a better use of those hours would be B5 again. I’ll groan aloud over how in later seasons, JMS has a tendency to steal too many lines from recent movies (BB’s “hell’s coming with me” from TOMBSTONE is a real groaner! and reminds me how much I didn’t even like BB when he was doing westerns earlier in his career), but Delenn, G’Kar and Londo are characters buoyed by excellent performers, and I can enjoy Garibaldi in spite of Doyle’s nutso politics (possibly because it is as close as I’ll get to ever seeing Bruce Willis in a Starfleet uniform.)

“there you still have Boxleitner”

Something that could work really well as stunt-casting would be for DSC, “Picard” or any further new Trek shows to have Boxleitner as a (semi-regular?) guest star, but for his character to be a really nasty piece of work.

There is a successful history of this sort of thing — actors cast completely against type and subverting their previous image. Think Dean Stockwell and Richard Hatch in BSG, Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad, Hugh Laurie in House etc. Someone like Tom Selleck could be great in this kind of Trek role too.

But Boxleitner has such a boy-scout image in his previous famous roles that it would be the most fun (and unpredictable) to cast him as an outright villain in Trek. It would be very entertaining if Boxleitner managed to pull it off.

“actors cast completely against type and subverting their previous image.”

Kelsey Grammer in “Boss” too, of course.

Ronny Cox is the classic reversal example — from DELIVERANCE and APPLE’S WAY and TAPS to Verhoeven’s villain-of-the-month club. And I think he was a baddie on STARGATE too.

Sometimes when you reverse, you can’t go back. Leslie Nielsen went from solid character actor with leading man looks to the way everybody remembers him with AIRPLANE!, but a few years later he got cast as a brutal john in a Streissand movie, NUTS, and it is just ridiculous seeing him slap a hooker around, there’s no suspension of disbelief left.

Why is everyone forgetting/ignoring Walter Koenig’s Psy Corps enforcer Bester?

That’s a great example, MH. Don’t know why I didn’t remember. I think Bester (and later, the character played by Efram Zimbalist) were both intended for Patrick McGoohan, but Koenig delivered some good stuff, especially in eps that showed some complexity.

I remember he was a baddie on STARLOST, but it has been over 40 years since I saw that, and the memories are not good ones.

Do I even want to know about Doyle’s nutso politics? I know he’s Republican. Look’s like he’s had a radio show — that’s never a good sign. Oh, and he’s DEAD! Natural causes, with alcoholism being a contributing factor (shudder). Show me the way to go home…

Think the first time I noted a resemblance between him and Bruce Willis was when The Fifth Element was in theaters. That movie was essentially Mr Garibaldi’s Wild Ride.

There are really only six “essential” eps of S1, and by “essential” I mean not really. I missed five of the six after giving up on the series, and was still able to get back into it with S2. I wouldn’t catch S1 again until S5 started up. Then there are probably another six “Oh hey, I remember that” episodes (for example I did happen to catch “Quality of Mercy” before S2 even though I had missed everything else after “Survivors”).

My point is S1 and S5 are roughly equivalent in how much story you would miss. The six essential eps of S1 are no more essential (and no less) than the Centauri Doomsday arc of S5, which encompasses that many episodes in full and at least a couple more in part.

Plus for every S5 ep wasted on those annoying telepaths (I agree Byron was poorly cast and had no chemistry with Lyta at all — I shudder to imagine Ivanova was originally supposed to fall for him and possibly betray her loyalties) there’s a “War Prayer”, “Infection”, “Believers”, “TKO”, “GRAIL”, “By Any Means Necessary,” or any other well-meaning S1 episode that’s better off skipped the second time around.

So no, I can’t go along with the fan-mandated narrative that S1 is redeemable while S5 is not. Both should be viewed at least once, and not necessarily in order.

I’d love to see a full story treatment of JMS’s, as it existed up until “Babylon Squared”. My feeling is he would deny such a thing existed (JMS was never fond of flat-footed fans claiming they could spot where he had made changes in his storyline). I’ve always imagined the moving of B4 (as the series finale) being a mostly non-eventful affair, similar to “Sleeping in Light” and in sharp contrast to the seeming chaos backstage as Garibaldi and Sinclair were trying to get everyone off the station. I also wonder if some of the deliberate misdirects (such as B5’s prophesied destruction, and Garibaldi’s Last Stand in “Babylon Squared”) would’ve had better context. However it is clear Michael O’Hare wasn’t working out, and it’s only in retrospect that I think his characterization is effective.

Well, C. Loki, Go right ahead and watch B5 then. Enjoy!

Can we talk about how terrible your grammar is instead?

Trigger warning. You upset the resident S-J-Ws and alphabet soup crowd.

Aww, CREATURE, you just might want to slap a band-aid on, because you seem to be leaking something sinister and sticky.

Besides, in spite of the poverty budget, B5 leaves TNG, ENT, VGR and DSC in the dust (howZAT for alphabet soup?)

B5 was boring,at best.

It had better setup and payoff than DS9.

On first viewing, DS9’s finale did nothing for me — the Dukat/Sisko wrapup just played like WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE’s Kirk/Mitchell redux, but staged much worse. The second time, years later, the waterworks just cut loose on me during the b&w montage, and now I can never rewatch it without getting misty. Don’t know what made the difference, that is probably the only DS9 ep I have ever changed my opinion on upon rewatching (like many, love some, hate a few and find just as many unwatchable, which for me is an awesomely good percentage.)

For some it probably did,just not for me.

You wouldn’t know it from just the first two seasons.

DS9 could not do the type of honest foreshadowing that B5 often did. It just wouldn’t have been possible. Even BSG chose to wing it on much of their foreshadowing, and the payoff was often anticlimactic (the mysterious opera house turns out to be the interior of Galactica).

In B5 nothing was throwaway. You could revisit almost every episode of S1 after completing S4 (I don’t remember whether TKO might be the one exception) and see the series’ central arc already in play.

Think I quit a few episodes into season 4. I did watch the last episode at some point. But for me it was just really meh,and I really don’t wanna revisit that show at all. Just like those socalled little people walking around New Zealand with a ring or whatever,once is more than enough,lol!

And yet there is even worse acting in B5. Guess people get used to it,lol!

Bad acting in B5? Now I know you’re trolling!

Actually not. But maybe I just thought some of the characters were badly portrayed. Just like there are a few on Trek that are absolutely yawninducing. That said,I did like Patricia Tallman,Bill Mumy,Bruce Boxleitner,Mira Furlan,and Andreas Katsulas. Hope I got their names right,lol! But I always just preferred DSN over B5 I guess.

My favorite line: “Damn she’s a beauty” – Detmer presumably looking at the Enterprise.

This trailer is more compelling than the actual trailer. It’s more even tempered so there’s more to like. I have strong suspicions that all of the so called canon considerations will pretty much fall away if they have written some excellent episodes. What I am hoping is that the Red Angel or whatever it is, is a kind of McGuffin and it will give the writers 14 opportunities to tell tight stories that don’t take up to much time in the time line of these character’s lives. I admit when this show started I was hoping for Mad Men, which it could have been if it was going to be ambiguous, but I’ll settle for Stranger Things in terms of pacing, continuity, and genuine emotion.

I have no issues with updated technology or keeping current with the look or feel. My issue is I want to just explore… explore new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations… to boldly go….

Star Trek has lost all of that in favor of season-long arcs that have a ship facing universal disaster all the time. Not the Star Trek I want.

I tend to agree. Seeking out Spock and the mysterious objects is fine, but they had to go and throw in the threat of wiping out all sentient life. It’s a bit much.

A threat to the ship and the characters we care about is usually enough.

Multiple times in tos the threat was to all life in the galaxy, or at least a very large portion of it, such as the solar system sized single cell organism on a direct course for the most populated part of the galaxy.

I didn’t say TOS never did it. I was agreeing that sort of overblown threat is overused. Because didn’t Discovery have a threat to the galaxy or universe just last season? Something to do with the mushroom network?

It is definitely good to have a few stand-alone episodes! I think that’s one reason why the Mudd episode in S1 is so popular.

I hope they have written more exploring and stand-alone eps for S2, but basically it’s too late now to talk about writing; they are filming the last episode, or have just finished it. The writing is all done.

Agreed. It is okay to have a threat, but every time you see ST anymore the universe is at stake. What about some great sci-fi with a heart like Metamorphosis, City on the Edge of Forever, The Inner Light, The Visitor, etc. I could go on and on but the small intimate stories are gone – and they were the best!

As I said below, agreed – I think that is a good point. Unfortunately, it seems like today’s producers think there must be a massive season long story arc to keep the audience interested. I’m older so that is not a concern for me but I wonder if that is a must for the younger audience demographic? I am still trying to figure out how young people under 30 can watch tv shows and sports on something marginally bigger than the old Sony Watchman.

City oteof had big stakes: Kirk and Spock had to get McCoy out of the 1930s or the Federation and Earth before it would have ceased to exist.

But you’re right as rain about Metamorphosis, The Visitor and The Inner Light. I hope Disco will get an occasional intimate story in, and some stand-alone episodes. But we must also consider, they only have 13-15 eps per season, so they can’t do as many of those as they could in a series with 26 or even 22 eps/season. Sucks, but that’s quality-production TV today.

While I agree the City on the Edge of Forever had big stakes, the big stakes were actually in the background. The story is about a love story and sacrifice. It is actually small and intimate with no battles, fights, and destruction.

I hope they include the episode titles onscreen this season. That was a baffling problem with the first season.

Why is it a problem? Majority of shows don’t have them.

Most of the shows don’t do that anymore.

If they do, I hope they’re a bit shorter than titles like “Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad”

I suspect that’s WHY we can have longer titles now.

Wasn’t a concern in the past ;D
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No episode titles? Oh boy, come on Discovery!

I missed it, but a “baffling problem”?

It is okay to have a threat, but every time you see ST anymore the universe is at stake. What about some great sci-fi with a heart like Metamorphosis, City on the Edge of Forever, The Inner Light, The Visitor, etc. I could go on and on but the small intimate stories are gone – and they were the best!

I think that is a good point. Unfortunately, it seems like today’s producers think there must be a massive season long story arc to keep the audience interested. I’m older so that is not a concern for me but I wonder if that is a must for the younger audience demographic?

You’re talking about episodes, not story arcs. If you took some of the missions of TNG and broke them up into arcs, it would feel like the galaxy hinged on what they did. It’s a trope I wish Trek moved away from more but it’s also just extremely common. I think Kirk even joked on-screen about saving the galaxy a few times.

It does seem to be a bit lazy creatively. The hero needs to save Earth or the whole galaxy. That’s the Hollywood action formula, and enough of us watch it so they stick to the same formula.

I love Disco but, I wish the storytelling in the short treks was also in the main series.

This is why I said that I wished that they could have made the short trek episodes part of the regular season standalone episodes and just increases the episode number of the regular season.


The Short Treks are really just auditions for jobs in the Trek franchise. Make no mistake, I’m enjoying the heck out of them, but its clear that CBS is using these to test new talent for their grasp of Trek. The writers and directors, and I suspect actors as well (I expect to see Princess Po again, hope like hell to see Craft again and dear lord pair him with Will Wheaton they were so good as adversaries in Leverage), are littered with people joining the franchise in an often major role such as Picard EP Michael Chabon, the Lower Decks creator, new staff writers on Discovery, and so on.

wtf is up with all the crap in here? it’s like a cross-feed problem to youtube comments. No wonder I hardly post with all the shit people sling around in here.

The people that always say ‘I will never watch it again etc.’ they watch it, of course they do. They even come here to constantly post about how much they hate a show they don’t watch, but actually do.

Time to close the comments on all articles. Let people make up their own minds about what they want to think.

I will not have people trying to force me to hate this show. I love it on its own merits and I don’t force people to like it because I do.

Nobody is trying to force you to hate the show. Stop hyperventilating and distorting reality. Plenty of us dislike the show, or things about it. We have a right to express those thoughts just as YOU have a right to gush about loving the show.

But NOBODY is trying to “force” you to do anything, so give it a rest, cupcake.

yeah, ‘gush’ right.

Wow, your reply was just as dumb as your initial comment. You don’t have anything of value to say at all, do you? Just “GRRRR I’m so angry GRRRR!”

lol @ Paul Blart over here.

Someone needs a nap….

So basically this site should be like those ‘other’ Star Trek forums where you’re not allowed to criticise a show. Gottacha!

Shut it down! Diversity of thought will not be tolerated! Their making me question things! Muh Safe Space!

You could always try viewing an article without reading the comment section. I think what you’re​ trying to say is that you want all dissenting opinion banned, isn’t it?

I would never advocate shutting comments but it cannot reasonably be denied that the hate for this show among a certain segment of the audience has reached toxic levels. Fans come into these forums with no purpose other than to sling vitriol at the show and those who enjoy it. It’s not good for active discussion and it’s not good for their own mental health.

I have plenty of criticism for Discovery, but I can discuss it without spewing venom.

Yikes, imagine trying to move that camera in the dark.

Noticed the instrument from amok time with the bells on it in Spock’s quarters along with the Vulcan Harp and possibly a three dimensional chess board

Looks interesting.