Watch: Sonequa Martin-Green Brings ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Clip And Talks Hipster Spock On Colbert

With the season two premiere just a couple of days away, the promotion for Star Trek: Discovery continues to heat up. Sonequa Martin-Green is doing her part, check out what she has to say and show in a couple of new videos.

Martin-Green says Spock’s beard works with the story

Last night Sonequa Martin-Green was a guest on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. She brought along with her a clip from the season two premiere of Discovery (“Brother”) and the pair talked about her home town dedicating a day just for her and a bit about the new Spock, played by Ethan Peck. Regarding Spock’s beard, Martin-Green pointed out that Discovery takes place a decade before The Original Series, and so “there is time for him to shave.” She also added, “I think it looks amazing and you will see it works perfectly in the story.”

Michael Burnham serving the needs of the many in season two

Syfy has also released a video interview with Martin-Green and executive producer Alex Kurtzman. In it, Discovery’s lead talks about her character’s arc in the first season and into the second, saying:

What informs Burnham the most is going from first officer to prisoner. Because that was the beginning. That was the sort of revolutionary moment for Burnham, falling from grace, and it was such a steep fall. And such a hard impact at the bottom, seeing what the cost of arrogance was and learning how to submit to authority and learning how to serve the needs of the many in a real way and not think that just because you have a logic upbringing you are always right. I think all of those things are still at play with Burnham and these are lessons that needed to be learned and they will continue and now at this point where I have been reinstated, now it is time to forgive myself and it is time to let my logic and emotion work seemlessly so I can indeed serve the needs of the many and not the needs of the few.

You can watch the full video below.

Star Trek: Discovery is available in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

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We also hear in the clip, “… already lost one officer today.” In another clip somewhere I saw a fourth blue environmental suit, for the first time. We know that Nhan at least makes it to the place where Reno is. I am guessing Science Officer Lt. Connolly is our “red shirt” of episode 201!

Sonequa is killing it. Loving it. Can’t wait for Thursday! Go girl!

A really lovely person. I just hope they give her high quality material to work with.

She certainly is killing it, along with the writing, special effects, the story problems, the acting…

I love Sonequa 💕 I really enjoy the interview by SyFy.

Unfortunately, the SyFy video seems to be geo-blocked. The Colbert interview is available.

Excellent actress and good flag carrier for the franchise (at least until Picard returns). I have a feeling this show will be looked more fondly over time, right now seems to polarize opinion

Honestly. Is she doing drugs? Or is she genuinely *that* excited and embarrassed?

That was my first thought when I saw it as well, honestly. Quite over the top, even given the circumstances.

Glad it’s not just me! :-) Don’t get me wrong. I really like her, and she has every right to be nervous, excited, and even to be embarrassed by that whole Soneque Martin-Green-day thing. But it still felt way off somehow…

She is genuinely like that. I attended DST in October and she gave so much to the fans. She’s so warm, treats and talks to you like she knows you like a friend. I observed her with other fans and she was the same to everyone. I went up and asked her how she could possibly carry that level of energy all day – she just laughed and said she’ll collapse when she gets back to the hotel room later.

To be honest, the entire DSC was like that, only difference was that Sonequa was the most popular. Jason Isaacs was having a ball and casually chats to you just like a bro, an absolute master that guy is.

The TNG and voyager crew that were present were nice but a bit more aloof, suppose they’ve been doing the circuit for 20-30yrs!

*entire DSC crew

Two SJWs talking about a show they know nothing about…I know there’s a joke in there somewhere…

What got me was when she said her and her husband were at a Starbucks during Christmas 2018….”I think”… Um that was just a few weeks ago. I thought I had short term memory. This shit is so scripted on these shows I’m sure folks forget their lines all the time.

The irony of this interview…