CBS Launching Weekly ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Facebook Live Events, Starting Tonight From NYC Premiere

CBS is bringing the red carpet to you tonight, leading to a new series of Facebook Live events next week.

Discovery Season 2 red carpet will be streamed on Facebook Live

This morning CBS announced they will be broadcasting Facebook Live event from the Star Trek: Discovery season two premiere in New York City. The live stream will start around 7 PM ET and will be available to watch globally on official Facebook page

Weekly Discovery Facebook Live events start next week

The first season of Star Trek: Discovery featured the after show called After Trek, hosted by Matt Mira, which was made available following each episode of Discovery on CBS All Access (and aired on Space in Canada and was available on Netflix around the world). Last summer CBS announced After Trek was being “reimagined”. We now have some details on what to expect for a companion show for the second season of Discovery.

Wilson Cruz and Anthony Rapp on After Trek

Starting next week CBS will be hosting weekly Facebook Live chats with Star Trek: Discovery stars, producers and creative talent. These Facebook Live events will be streamed on each Friday, the day after each episode of the second season of Star Trek: Discovery is released. The first of these events will be on Friday, January 25th, the day after the second episode of the second season debuts on Thursday the 24th.

CBS has done Star Trek: Discovery Facebook Live events before, including a preview of the second chapter of the first season and some chats with behind-the-scenes people in the spring of 2018. Like those previous events, the videos of the live streams will be made available to watch after the events end. With the exception of Thursday night’s red carpet coverage, the live and archived Facebook Live events will only be available to stream in the USA.

More details on these new Star Trek: Discovery Facebook Live events will follow soon.

Creature designer Neville Page and makeup designer Glenn Hetrick in a CBS Facebook Live event for Star Trek: Discovery from May 29, 2018


Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 premieres Thursday, January 17 in the USA on CBS All Access at 5:30 PM PT/8: 30 PM ET. It will air in Canada on Space at 5:00 PM PT/8:00 PM ET the same day. For all other regions, the premiere will be available on Netflix within 24-hours (January 18).

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.

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Meh, I’ll miss After Trek. Sure, it was pretty cheesy sometimes, but it was fine overall. I deleted Facebook last year and I don’t feel like signing back up again.

Same here. Got off Facebook.

You can do what a lot of people I know did. Just sign up with the very basic info, nothing personal. Turn on all the privacy settings and turn off all the notifications. This way you can enjoy those FB functions you want, without sacrificing privacy or having to put up with mobile notifications and updates.

Hey, that’s a decent idea. Thanks for the suggestion.

I’m really going to miss After Trek, it was like a nice dessert after the show :-(

agreed, but will give season 2 a try but no expecting much.

At least by joining Facebook you don’t have to pay for a pointless streaming service so that’s an advantage.

So not accessible to those outdoes of CBS’ jurisdiction. I wonder will it be repackaged for Netflix

Shockingly CBS implied that it may be open to all regions. At least the red carpet stream is planned to be, as noted in the article.

We’ve asked for clarification about the standard after show. As you can imagine CBS folks are busy running around New York today prepping for the premiere, so we may not know for a day or two.

Wow! That would be a novelty – though a little odd as it would mean the “after show” being available before the rest of us have actually had a chance to see it. (Though I’ll most likely be tucked up in bed when the FB Live is on))

Why wouldn’t it be accessible to some people. It’ll be on their Facebook page. I don’t think anyone is blocked from accessing their Facebook page.

Certain content is currently blocked outside the US. In fact, global companies can have different streams of content on their Facebook page viewable only on certain dedicated regions if they wish.

The promotion for the red carpet thing today says it will be streamed globally, so maybe the post episode stuff will be as well.

I’m a little disappointed but not surprised since there’s been radio silence on this for awhile. Its cool that CBSAA is trying to engage social media more (though ironically FB is becoming nearly as much an anachronism as some think TOS is!). Is the idea that everyone on FB who doesn’t have access to the show will suddenly feel the need to seek it out?

It was cool to have something on CBSAA immediately following the new episodes to give me a chance to reflect on the episode, figure out what I missed, hear what the folks in front of and behind the camera had to say, etc. Switching over to FB? Their problems are bigger than CBSAA these days. But I wish them all the best.

Facebook traffic has declined, sure, but I know very few people who don’t have an account there. It’s just that for conversations people use whatsapp or telegram or whatever and for posting photos/videos etc. instagram or snapchat. But for engaging with companies or public institutions or celebrities it is still very present and actually growing in my experience.

I think, though, fewer people are actually using those accounts. And this might even be higher among those demographics CBSAA is trying to reach (baby boomers, on one end, who are skeptical of social media, and millennials, on the other, who see FB as being about as relevant as Myspace). And that’s not even fully factoring in the continuing PR troubles regarding privacy and so forth that FB will continue to face. But, like I said, I wish them the best. I’m excited about the new season.

Cancelling the show and going to a much cheaper one camera setup on facebook is smart. This show will never get peak Walking Dead fan numbers.

That’s a mistake IMO. They should have it available on the all access app immediately after. The freshness of it was the best part of After Trek

Agreed, Mr. Canon!

Yeah I am not a fan of using FB and I even though it was sometimes hockey, I liked watching it immediately after the show.

I abandoned Facebook years ago. Do you need an account to view this or is it available without one?

Interesting. When handled well, livestreams with Q&A are a pretty nice interactive platform.

I wouldn’t rejoin Facebook even if it was the only way to watch Star Trek itself, so I certainly won’t come back just to watch this poor substitute for “After Trek”.

There was nothing wrong with “After Trek”. It wasn’t broken, it didn’t need fixing, and it certainly didn’t need to be replaced with a Facebook show—a show on the “social platform” that has played a large role in the damaging of our democracy over the past three years.

Bad move, CBS.

Blaming FB for damaging our democracy is like blaming the airlines for 9/11. Sure, in hindsight it’s clear there was more they could do to identify and stop the bad guys. But it’s the actual bad guys who should get most of the blame. But I do agree with you that there was nothing fundamentally wrong with After Trek, and I’d prefer that it still be in CBSAA.

Did I say that they were solely responsible?

(checks post)

Nope, no I didn’t. But they undeniably played their part, and their ongoing privacy issues and refusal to do anything concrete about the fake news spreading on their site makes them partially culpable at the VERY least.

But, I’m not going to argue about this right now. A new season of Star Trek starts in an hour and that’s all I care about tonight!

Hopefully someone mirrors it, deleted my Facebook ages ago

Oh come on! I liked “After Trek”. ESPECIALLY since it was available outside the US. Oh well, not gonna cry about it.

almost 7:10pm and it’s still not live so……

I will not be watching because I have Facebook account. ☹️ Maybe they will post on AA later?

This gets a red carpet event? Huh?