Watch: Trailer for ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2, Episode 2 “New Eden,” Directed By Jonathan Frakes

The trailer for “New Eden” has been posted by Netflix (and is viewable to all). This is the first of two episodes directed by Jonathan Frakes this season.

In the USA, the episode will be available on CBS All Access, Thursday, January 24 at 8:30PM ET/5:30PM PT. In Canada the episode will air on Space also on Thursday at 8:00PM ET/5:00PM PT. It will be available on Netflix Friday (January 25) morning.


Official Photo

Earlier this month CBS released a group of new photos and one of them was from “New Eden,” showing Pike, Burham, and Owosekun in plain clothes as part of a landing party.

Ep #202 – Pictured (l-r): Oyin Oladejo as Joann Owosekun; Anson Mount as Captain Pike; Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham of the CBS All Access series STAR TREK: DISCOVERY. Photo Cr: Ben Mark Holzberg/CBS © 2018 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.

Set photos from May

Eagle-eyed Toronto area locals noticed Discovery (codename “Green Harvest”) filming on location at Ball’s Falls in May 2018. You can see a few pictures of the New Eden town sign and a graveyard outside of the church seen in the trailer.


Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else. New episodes debut on CBS All Access and Space on Thursdays and on Netflix Fridays.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.

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Very TOS look to it

First thing I thought of myself. With the “parallel Earth” imagery it’s like 1968 all over again. Groovy!

Yup going to be awesome

Looks nothing like TOS. I don’t see any cardboard.

I never though it looked like cardboard. Cheap painted wood yes.

Even modern sets look like cheap wood or styrofoam. It’s quite common. Discovery sets are not immune.

It’s not about the material itself, it’s how flimsy it all was. It seemed to bend and bow with the wind, let alone when someone touched it. I understand that was just how sets were done then, but things are designed based on the materials available, so when you try to make something today that looks like it was designed for a 1960s TV show, it almost always inherently looks cheap.

@Bob — there’s one shot they used over and over of the viewscreen that looks like a piece of lopsided cardboard at the top where it meets the dome of the bridge. It’s really hard to believe they let that slide, episode after episode. I just want to slap a piece of tape over the gap and paint it just to make it look more professional.

Nah, too flashy. All style, no substance.

Away mission. Weird unknown human community on some random planet. Crew must save them. CLASSIC TREK, y’all.

Indeed, Sir!

But wait there’s more… Sorry just felt like that should go there.

Yeah. When I watched the trailer I thought this feels the most like “traditional” Star Trek of any trailer they’ve done so far. Also from the preview the episode doesn’t seem to be related to the overall season arc.

It’s related. It’ll feel like it’s own contained story but there’s a bit (that was seen from the season 2 trailer) in this episode that ties in to the Red Angel plot.

It’s for sure related, every episode somehow ties in the larger story arcs of the season. If you look at their town sign from the Twitter post included in the article, it’s got religious overtones. I’m guessing they worship/fear the Red Angel.

Matt, I remember spotting or hearing something in one of the Season 2 trailers that indicated that, too. Maybe it’s the red cloak that person is wearing but it seemed like there was a teeny bit more?

Not exactly sure what you’re thinking of, but as I mentioned to Tiger a few comment threads down, in the final season 2 trailer from December we can see Pike and company watching archival footage of the Red Angel appearing in what looks like a modern day (21st century) American church, the info screen says it’s the East Fork Presbyterian Church in Richmond, Virginia. Which seems related.

I agree that there will probably be some connection. But the trailer gives the episode a very stand-alone look.


And that’s a good thing? Kirk being ridden around like a horse must be classic trick too then.

Cant wait

So now we know what Tilly was extracting in previous trailers.

Now THAT is Star Trek- YES!


A Discovery episode where they actually go to a new planet with an away team mission? What it happening with this show??? ;)

Well good to see. And yes it feels very TOS finding a human like colony from nowhere and something is certainly up. Funny, religion (and the lack of it in the 23rd century) was being discussed in another thread and now we are getting an episode that seems to focus specifically on religion lol. This is going to be VERY interesting I think.

How about an episode of nationalist and anti globalism

Bring it on! It would definitely feel pretty relevant today.

crap enterprise season 4 Demons was ahead of its time

The best Trek is when it not only reflects today’s society but it foreshadows where we are headed next. Demons/Terra Prime is truly one of those stories that feels like it could’ve been shot this year although it aired 13 years ago.

Demons/Terra Prime was very prescient. DS9’s Homefront/Paradise Lost, also has shades of the Patriot Act a decade early.

That’s right, and globalization is on the way out. Not just for political reasons, but exploiting vast armies of poor third-world pseudo-slaves and hurting the environment with massive global supply chains doesn’t even make sense from a Capitalist perspective anymore when companies can just utilize 24/7 robots and AI at home and largely phase out human workforces. Reshoring and automation are the next big macro trends and if Star Trek wants to stay ahead of the curve instead of parroting the zeitgeist (Discovery suggests the latter) it should deal with these disruptive upcoming societal changes.

Peter Weller was basically playing a combination of Donald Trump and Nigel Farage.

Only with more charm and intelligence.

Disagree on your analysis. Globalization helped third world countries become first world countries while effecting the first world populous and labor force

I would agree… Provided they handle it in a fair way. The way the better episodes of that nature did.

Yeah,I already love the episode without even have seen the trainer :D

Seems like they may be going to a slightly more episodic format with the underlying story arc advancing with each episode. In the past this was how season long story arcs tended to work. They would be that way in the beginning and towards the end of the season the story arc would take center stage.

Going the season 3 enterprise route

Or the DS9 Dominion War arc, though the arc wasn’t season by season but over several, and there were stand-alone episodes.

Man, I watched the DS9 two-parter about the Bell Riots a few weeks back and it was chilling in light of the present day!

I thought the Bell riots episodes were among the shows weakest. They never made sense then and they don’t today.

If Americans keep voting for republicans, we’ll get something far worse than the Bell Riots. How many americans are going hungry and dying right now because of that traitor in the WH?

Never made sense? Just like the real world now, eh?

For me that’s among DS9’s best, even with the very weak beaming through time runner w/ Obrien and Kira.

In one of those way too pricey to ever buy ST chronology books, if you look up Gabriel Bell, there is a picture of Sisko representing him.

I fail to follow the comparison between the ridiculous Bell Riots of one of the weaker DS9 episodes and the world of today. I see zero similarities.

Of course they use the picture of Sisko. That is how the episode went. Doesn’t change that the entire episode felt like a waste of everyone’s talents at every level.

Elitist much?

Not at all. Misunderstand basic comments much?

Sorry, I sometimes associate elitism with a total lack of empathy, which you must have on a replicant level to miss the connections on PAST TENSE.

Probably the best, most socially conscious episodes in Trek. Exceptional television. The irony of course, is that a decade or so later, a district in CA proposed a “homeless district” just like in the episodes.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer did it that way as well. And that goes back to the mid 90’s.

Remember, season 3 of Enterprise gave us Similitude. Among the top episodes in ALL of Trek. Not just Enterprise.

That was an great and fascinating episode with a lot to say about human rights. But a top episode of Trek? I think you may be in a small minority in that opinion.

Just goes to show that people see what they want to see. It was merely a tragedy for the short lived clone that under other circumstances ought not have been created in the first place. Not only was Sim’s life heartbreaking but Captain Archer had to live with the fact that he ordered his creation for the sole purpose of essentially harvesting him. It echoed In the Pale Moonlight in a way. THAT was great television. Not some alarmist illogical dystopian future drivel.

No disagreement there, but I just think it wasn’t “top Trek.” Top Enterprise, yes. Very similar issues as Tuvix, from a different angle because in this case the clone was created deliberately.

Well, I have a hard time coming up with better episodes from the spin-off era. I’ve been rewatching Voyager. Nearly done with season 6 now so my memory banks on that show are pretty fresh. No episode they did I found to be as heartfelt as Similitiude. There were a few TNG eps that were up to the task. A handful of DS9’s. And that is about it. I do, however, plan to rewatch TNG for the first time since it aired when I finish the Voyager rewatch. Possible there’s a forgotten gem or two in there.

As you know I been watching a lot of trek last few months and I happened to rewatch Similitude about two weeks ago and yes for me it is definitely up there. Maybe not the top 10 but land somewhere in the top 20 or 30. When you got over 700 episodes thats still quite high.

The last two seasons of Enterprise are really good rewatching as many as I have lately. I’m thinking of rewatching North Star now since it looks a bit similar to the new DIS episode.

I really didn’t like simitides. Augments was one of my favs on Enterprise

All these episodes tie into this seasons story arc. This one is no different.

Anson Mount had hinted at as much. Standalone episodes are possible within a serialized format.

Reminds me of “The 37s” on Voyager and “North Star” on Enterprise. Aliens like kidnapping humans and putting them on other worlds. Of course, this could also be a Lost Colony a ‘la “Up the Long Ladder” or “Terra Nova”.

Crazy, I was thinking about North Star too (still a really great episode) and that they could be kidnapped humans from the 20th century and created a similar home for them.

I kind of hope its something completely different though and that they go Jonestown with it and a cult leader who took decedents from Earth in the past to a new planet where they settled down and stuff is just…weird.

I think the “Jonestown” kind of angle might be correct.

In the final season 2 trailer from December we can see Pike and company watching archival footage of the Red Angel appearing in what looks like a modern day (21st century) American church, the info screen says it’s the East Fork Presbyterian Church in Richmond, Virginia.

Thats right, I remember when you guys did a break down of that trailer and pointed out the scene of the Red Angel spotted in the church. So maybe there is going to be a direct tie in to the main story line as well. Cool!

Yes and killed previous generation to about a new minds

UGH! Let’s hope it does not resemble “Up the Long Ladder” in any way, shape or form! One of the top three worst episodes of TNG. Feh!

That one only came to mind for the “lost colony” aspect. “The Masterpiece Society” is another one.

I liked “Up The Long Ladder”. Certainly not a top-tier TNG episode, but far from one of the worst. Most of Season 1 and Season 7 was worse.

Wish I could comment but I have no idea what those episodes were about just from the titles. I only saw the bulk of the TNG episodes once. When they aired.

I would say it’s halfway decent, but forgettable TNG episode, as most early episodes were.

Please, not “The 37s.”

Looks like a classic Star Trek troupe — bring it!

Ballz Fallz? Harry, what are you up to?

Phil, I get the impression you’re responding to my post, which DISAPPEARED! Where is it????

FYI: The only comment of yours I saw stuck in limbo was one you made over on the “CBS All Access Has Record-Breaking Weekend Fueled By ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2 Premiere” article. I didn’t see anything related to this article.

Seems to me Phill was simply making a joke about the name of the location where they filmed the episode it’s called Ball’s Falls, which then reminded him of you.

Thanks, Matt. I appreciate you explaining my error. I also appreciate your shameless plug encouraging everyone here to check out my post on the other thread (blush).

lol, happy to help :-)

I’m thrilled that Owosekun gets some actual stuff to do. I want to see more of all the characters on this show, and a little variety is always welcome :-) I love how this season looks to be mixing things up.

“Green Harvest” must be a nod to “Blue Harvest,” right?

Now that Burnham is going to be on the bridge, the rest of the crew need some serious character development. So, good.

I’m actually a Burnham fan, but yes, I fully agree that the rest of the crew needs some additional development. If Keyla Detmer went on a future away mission, I would literally explode with joy. Well, not literally… but you get the picture.

I’m a big K. Detmer fan too, I hope she bonds with Saru. They have similar cultural backgrounds, at least as long as they stay with the novels. Hope they develop her further anyway.

Her mirror-counterpart must have been pretty badass to become first officer of the Shenzhou, so “our” Detmer certainly has the potential to be as well.

Standalone episode great

Landru..?? Festival!!!

Vegetable! Vegetable!

[couldn’t help a Blooper reference]


Would you Adam and Eve it – some actual Trekking. :D Wondering if the inhabitants of this planet are worshippers of the Red Angel. Is it me or does the logo on the town sign appear to have an angel in it (if you take away the circle and the triangle? Also there are 7 little squares that could equal the 7 red signals.

I hope they at least put some kind of new twist on this tired trope.

Is Discovery finally doing (gasp!) an episode of Star Trek?! ;)

Don’t worry, I’m sure they won’t make a habit of it.

Thank God! No space hippies!!

We will see.

Rumor has it the title of the third episode is “Herbert.”

The last one was “Brother”
“Yea, Brother …”
I reach.

Haha, nice. I see a theme forming for this season…

Eden? That planet is a myth.

That’s real now.

No! I happen to like space hippies :p

Gonna crack my knuckles and jump for joy, just got a clean bill of health from Dr. McCoy!!

Ha ha ha. You know Irena?

So do I. Love that episode…for all it’s good and bad.

In some ways it’s pretty relevant today. Dr. Sevrin was the Timothy Leary type character who’d led his followers down a dangerous path, and he refused to be treated for illness. “There’s a little bug that’s popped up…in our antiseptic, sterile environment” He was an anti-vaccer 50 years ago. That’s pretty relevant.

People bag on it all the time. Some groovy music (using the Hendrix chord in their music – Spock’s jam session using the 7#9 chord to be the sound of the future, which really it was- Kind of clever, those Earth men). Chekov got a bit of back story. And big jawed, groovy, grinning Charles Napier. I mean, as I always say- what’s not to like?

I don’t know anything about music at all except what I like, but if you say the chord being used was the sound of the future, I believe it. I used to audio lots of sequences in the 70s during the rerun phase, and the only part of that show I taped was Spock’s jam, which sounded very catchy then, and still does. I don’t remember a lot of catchy music stuff in s3 TREK (ENTERPRISE INCIDENT, THE EMPATH and ELAAN OF TROYIUS are the only ones that come readily to mind), so that bit was exceptionally in the groove for me.

Ouuuh – Earth-colony on an Earth-like planet? Wow, that’s REALLY “old school”. And then it seems to be about some sort of cult – that has TOS written all over it!

Looks almost like Omicron Ceti III
Will Spock be climbing in a tree?
We shall see, we shall see!

But wait! No happy spores this time around
For on Discovery the spores abound
And something tells me that unlike Kirk, the old guy
Pike won’t destroy age-old societies in the blink of an eye

Looked right into my mind there, haven’t you? “This Side of Paradise”, “The Return of the Archons” (not a human colony in that case, but it had the “cult-like society”-thing going on – even with guys in robes and everything) and let’s not forget the instances where things had REALLY gone awry (“Patterns of Force”… ugh) – these may not have been the BEST episodes, but the setup is still classic Star Trek! And I guess if they handle things with a little more care than in TOS, this might turn out to be great.

Oh no, I sorta mixed up my episodes there. Kirk doesn’t actually destroy an “age-old” society in “This Side of Paradise” (that was “Return of the Archons”), but he is rather bent on making everyone miserable in that episode… or at least a little more miserable

Ooh! Ooh! Jonathan Frakes!

Cool costumes,though I see men will still be wearing cargo pants in the 23rd century. Well, they are practical for communicators and such.

I do love seeing Saru in command! [Not that I don’t want Prime Lorca back, mind you.]

i’m guessing Prime Lorca will be the teaser leading into season 3, much like the enterprise was the teaser leading into season 2.

God no. It was irritating enough getting the last season recap before BROTHERS. Let’s not remind us of that season any more.


Can I just say how fun it is to read new Trek news several times a week? I’m sure it’s fun for y’all, as well — though demanding of your time.

I particularly enjoy Anthony’s in-depth episode reviews!

Isn’t it great! I remember the thread where me and you talked about with so many projects on board now we are going to get constant news and this was before all the stuff we gotten in the last two weeks.

And its also why having a show on is better then a film. We would wait literally years for a new movie, a few months of intense build up, its out and then we wait again lol. With a show, there is just a lot more news, especially during the season.

It’s even greater for me as a member of a foreign audience to get content not just a year later and be able to immediately read comments and articles. Highly regarded.

The world has changed a lot since Enterprise left the air in 2005 too. The internet has exploded since then and news is instant nowadays. Even as recent as 2005 the internet was still harder to connect too, but now with smartphones and everything else it’s always a click away.

True, but with so many things going on, I find I come to this site too many times throughout the day haha – normally visiting a couple of times day to see what the latest news is.

On an all-new Disco, the crew beam down to a Canadian farm… because we spent too much money on the premiere.

I got a chuckle out of that, nice.

So basically like 90s Trek. They spend big on a premiere, sweeps week, or finale episode, and follow it up with a bottle show or something filmed on a backlot.

Are you bringing firearms into Canada? No.
Are you bringing commercial goods into Canada? No.
Will you be visiting any farms while in Canada? N.. Huh? Why would they ask that?
Hey Jay, what did you put down for the farms? I said ‘no’ but we’re going!

-Old Jay Mohr bit parahrased

This was filmed 29 minutes from my house.

Wait, how did you get to another planet? And how are you commenting on this site?

That was one long Skype to set this up. Ahahaha!

Is this a ‘stop the whingers’ episode with a nod to exploration and boldly going somewhere where no Discovery episode has gone before?

I’m looking forward to the whingers finally getting what they’be been complaining about so the complaining can evolve into something else. I’m going to go with complaints about hand phasers and how they’re nothing like the phasers used in TOS season 2, episode 6.

Gee, Lee, that sure is a lot of whinging from you. An entire post of *you* whinging, but not a single non-whinge in your comment. Maybe you should just enjoy the show instead of preemptively attacking those who don’t.

Irony alludes you.

Stop the whingers? No they did this episode just to make everyone on that other Star Trek website happy. Ahahaha!

Now I want a Pike centric Star Trek show set on the Enterprise! Where do I start a petition? And I would like it much more the Michele Yeo Section 31 show.

And if Anson Mount is so good as in Brother, I bet we will get one, CBS can’t get enough Trek shows in production these days!

Maybe even let him command the Discovery for the run of the show.

Totally agree!! Primary cast is already locked down (Pike, Number 1 and Spock), Enterprise is beautifully realised, a few more sets and they’re good to go. Even if it’s a mini-series or a couple Netflix-like original movies… bring it!!

I’m down for everything at the moment :) And it looks like CBS is just looking for opportunities to mine trek fandom. And I don’t mind being mined if, in turn, I get some quality Trek!

I’m with you. I’m torn on whether I want to see him lead a 1701 show, or continue on Discovery. I like his chemistry with Burnham, he’s the kind of actor who seems to elevate those around him. He makes her better, and makes a stolid crew a bit more fun. I’m glad he’ll at least be around for the full season and isn’t a one-and-done captain like Georgiou.

I’m with you on that, maybe let him first get comfortable on Discovery for a season and see the reaction of fandom and then go on to an NCC1701 show. on another note, I feal Brother should have been the Discovery pilot.

If this was where Discovery started, I really think it would have been much better received. But then, I still think people would be pining for a Pike led show later.

Based on that one episode, that has become a show I would really like to see. Wasn’t that keen on the idea heading in. But seeing Pike in action has totally changed my tune. Far more interest than the Sec. 31 show. But I guess there is an audience for that one too. So let’s do it all.

Looks like the episode where Tilly has her tardigrade baby ripped from her.

Probably because of the lawsuit. She doesn’t own it. Ahahaha!

I just went to StarTrek. com looking for a Trek-themed mouse pad. I figured that would be the best place to buy one. While I was browsing the site, I saw a bunch of t-shirts and hoodies with “Disco” printed on them. It seemed weirdly anachronistic. Disco made a resurgence in the 1990s, but by this point it’s gone well out of style twice already. After some more browsing, I realized that “Disco” on the shirts was meant to stand for Discovery. Man… I realize that I’m not the show’s target audience, but do fans of the show really want to walk around with “Disco” shirts? I have to say it seems like bad marketing. But, the really disappointing part is that they don’t have any mouse pads there! Not a single one. I couldn’t believe it. Of all the Trek merch that a fan would be interested in, wouldn’t a mouse pad be high on the list, after, say, t-shirts and coffee mugs? With all of the Trek merch and junk about — myriad plastic do-hickies that have no practical purpose — I never imagined that I’d have this hard of a time finding a suitable Trek mouse pad, of all things.

The “Disco” shirts are really popular. I have one and I’ve seen people wearing them at various conventions.

It looks like it’s the bestselling item on the startrek com site

I like Disco….

Is this a real post, or are you trying to be funny? I cannot believe you’ve been posting here this long but didn’t realize Disco was short for Discovery. They even wear shirts with “Disco” in the show itself.

Also, there are DOZENS of Star Trek mouse pads on Amazon (and I’m sure elsewhere), so again your post just seems like a joke.

Honestly, your post seems like you’re pretending to be the grumpiest, most out-of-touch old man ever. “Grr, no mouse pads! Grrr, disco is dead!” lol!

Have a hard time imagining walking around wearing a ‘Prise’ shirt during the 70s (or any other time, to be honest.) Or a shirt with the word ‘disco’ on it, for that matter. Gotta figure this shows not only a lack of imagination in marketing, but a desperation on the part of buyers to get any/every item.

T-shirts that are funny or meaningful, I get. When I recently saw a t-shirt based on THE PRISONER that also has a ‘get out and vote’ message, that blew me away, I love it, and will probably buy one. In the early 90s, I had what might have been one of the more scarce TWIN PEAKS t-shirts (have never seen it on ebay), with James and Big Ed at The Gas Farm, and kept wearing that till it had so many stains and became so faded that the picture wasn’t even clear anymore — it wasn’t selling anything, was more like a reminder of good things. But this DISCO thing? That may not be as openly offensive as wearing a tee of a rapper with the words ‘i beat women’ on it, but it’s nearly as off-the-table for me.

@ PaulB…. he’s not pretending.

I believe Cygnus X-1 has mentioned that he has not watched Discovery.

….and possibly expressed a preference for being dipped in acid and fed to hungry North Korean dogs before ever subjecting himself to watching anything produced by anyone currently or formerly associated with Bad Robot?

Then again, I could be wrong.

Phil, if I were in charge of Trek at Paramount, I’d hold McCarthy-like hearings to expose and purge any and all Bad Robot sympathizers from the franchise. The trains would run on time with me in charge. And the shows would be good. ;-)

And if I did watch DSC and wanted to promote and/or associate myself with the show, I wouldn’t walk around with a shirt that has disco printed on it. I’d get a shirt with Discovery printed on it. And maybe the registry number of the ship. That’s just my taste. I’m not a fan of disco. Or of DSC, obviously.


I’m not trying to be funny. I really thought it was a shirt about disco. Because calling a Trek show disco is ridiculous. With four more letters, you can spell out the whole name and avoid ambiguity with a sub-genre of music that people have mixed feelings about. Seeing disco on those shirts just looks ridiculous. That’s my honest reaction.

I ended up buying a mouse pad from Amazon, but I was hoping that someone here would recommend another place that had a better selection. None of the ones at Amazon blew me away, but I bought the best of what they have to offer. I also thought I was doing CBS a favor. Do people really not buy mouse pads any more? If that’s true, it’s news to me. Using the table is lame.

I have to tell you that the mobile version of Google Maps is awful. The PC version works much better. You really do need the mouse for ease of use of the features.


I actually had a conversation about that with a friend last week.

There’s a bunch of Star Trek mouse pads on Amazon, Cygnus.

You comment on the one-time popularity of “disco” but in the same breath talk of needing an outdated mousepad.


How are mousepads outdated? Do you mean that they’re outdated because one is able to get by without them, by just using the bare table? I prefer using a mouse pad. Using the table seems uncivilized. Crumbs and dust and whatnot get all over the optical surface of the mouse. And it can scratch the table. Plus it’s a good spot for something aesthetically pleasing, which is why I was looking for a Trek-themed one.

Not getting the outdated thing, either. Do you have some superadvanced mousepad that is dirt-resistant or a glass desk?

I like having the wrist pad that the my mousepad features, maybe having wrists is outdated too by now.


Wrist support is another benefit. Also using a mousepad is quieter than using a bare wooden, plastic or formica-type table or desk. And it feels nicer on my hand and fingers.

Oh, so I guess i’m not the only snarky one!

Mousepads are for the 90s. I don’t know anyone who uses them anymore.

Still not getting from you why they are outdated, unless you have your mind and eye movement bluetoothed to your machine.

These are the pressing pertinent questions? You and I have a very different idea of what constitutes a “reasonable question.”

If you guys want to keep up a meaningless debate, you can do it without me. My point stands.

Don’t see a point at all, so debate with you is increasingly meaningless, and on other subjects as well as this one. You weigh in on nearly everything, but seem to wilt on challenge in a lot of instances.


I still don’t understand why, given the choice, one would chose not to use a nice mouse pad. Sure, in a pinch, you can rub the mouse on any flat surface, but why wouldn’t you want a nice surface for permanent use? It’s like living out of a suitcase permanently instead of unpacking your clothes and putting them in drawers. Sure, you can live that way, but why would you want to?

My Disco t-shirt is one of my favorites!

I want a Disco shirt!

Like it. Stunning Visuals this Season.

I’m seeing parallels with The Walking Dead season 2, on Hershel’s farm. The next seven episodes of Discovery will be set in a farmhouse and mostly portray the crew bickering in futile angst with each other. The big reveal will be a locked barn full of Borg drones.

And the last one is Connelly

In a really good way, that bridge stuff looked very First Contact (the movie). The way the camera moved, the intensity, the lighting.

I thought the away team looked very much like the FC away team scenes as well


At least we will get this overused Star Trek storyline out of the way.

This same story has pretty much appeared in every Star Trek “oh look, humans on another planet that we weren’t expecting”

Not overused but time-proven.

And this is why I hope there’s at least a new or interesting spin on it. I think ENT took it in a unique direction.

Have to say that just watched Brother a second time and it’s grown on me. It enjoyed it more second time round for some reason. Now I’m looking forward to what’s next.

After the heavy handed directing of an otherwise decent season opener, this should be refreshing. Frakes always brings a nice touch to his work.

I just grinned SO HARD! This is Star Trek!

It’s nice that they’re trying to make this show more like Star Trek my problem is that this is what it should have been like from the get go. Perhaps too little too late especially when first impressions count.