Check Out 6 New Images From “New Eden” – ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2, Episode 2

Just in time to tease us before “New Eden” premieres tomorrow evening, CBS has released a group of new photos from the episode. They also put up the “This Season on Discovery” promo, originally seen at the end of “Brother.”

New Images

“New Eden” — Ep #202 – Pictured: Anson Mount as Captain Pike of the CBS All Access series STAR TREK: DISCOVERY. Photo Cr: Ben Mark Holzberg/CBS © 2018 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.

“New Eden” — Ep #202 – Pictured: (l-r): Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham; Anson Mount as Captain Pike; Oyin Oladejo as Joann Owosekun of the CBS All Access series STAR TREK: DISCOVERY. Photo Cr: Russ Martin/CBS © 2018 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.

“New Eden” — Ep #202 – Pictured: Anson Mount as Captain Pike of the CBS All Access series STAR TREK: DISCOVERY. Photo Cr: Russ Martin/CBS © 2018 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.

“New Eden” — Ep #202 – Pictured: Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham of the CBS All Access series STAR TREK: DISCOVERY. Photo Cr: Ben Mark Holzberg/CBS © 2018 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.

“New Eden” — Ep #202 – Pictured: (l-r): Oyin Oladejo as Joann Owosekun; Anson Mount as Captain Pike; Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham; Emily Coutts as Keyla Detmer of the CBS All Access series STAR TREK: DISCOVERY. Photo Cr: Ben Mark Holzberg/CBS © 2018 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.

“New Eden” — Ep #202 – Pictured: Doug Jones as Saru of the CBS All Access series STAR TREK: DISCOVERY. Photo Cr: Ben Mark Holzberg/CBS © 2018 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.


CBS has also released the “This season on Star Trek: Discovery” promo that was originally included at the end “Brother.”


Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else. “New Eden” will be released on All Access and Space on Thursday, January 24th, 2019, and on Netflix Friday, January 25, 2019.

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That wasn’t the New Eden trailer from CBS.

Whoops. CBS is off their game, they should have posted an episode preview by now, another editor assumed it was for the episode. I’ve corrected the article. It’s actually the promo they put at the end of “Brother” last week.

Yeah, I was surprised by their lack of promotion for this ep too.

Last season, after the premiere, and after the mid-season finale, the promos were for the rest of the season, rather than for the next episode.

Some folks will be unhappy with my assertion – but these clips just don’t look very good. I thought the insertion of Capt. Pike this season might’ve turned things around more positively for the show.

It’s sad.

Not sad. Last weeks episode was AWESOME. Excited for this week!!!!

I’m very happy for you! Hopefully each episode will get much better!

It’s clear from what you’ve written, you haven’t watched the actual show ( neithet have we, since they’re not out yet ) – yet you can seemingly see into the Future??

I really don’t get this kind of comment. It’s one thing to say you don’t enjoy it, but the declaration of “it’s sad”… it’s a reflection of your own poor attitude, not any kind of critical analysis.

Man they are really marketing Pike on this show. The pics released he’s in them more than the actual stars of the show are. This may be a heavy Pike episode in general though but it is telling.

He is the new captain and a main cast member now, he IS one of the stars of the show.

I like Pike but I still hate he has become the ‘star’ all season for fan service. But the first episode with him was good at least.

You don’t think Mount’s performance, and the character itself has earned the right to be the star? In just one episode i’d say he has.

And this is not unusual on TV, even in an ensemble: when a new major cast member joins to replace a big departing one, they are often given the spotlight out of the gate. In this case, he’s the captain of the titular ship, so it makes perfect sense.

You may not like it, but it’s not unwarranted or unusual.

Lastly, this is a common debate: is the motive more or less important than the execution? Seven Of Nine was added for sex appeal, but does that take away that she became one of the strongest characters on the show? Pike may have been added to appeal to long-time fans, but they’ve cast a great actor and written a wonderful character, so is the motive really a problem?

In my opinion, execution trumps everything.

At the risk of speaking for Tiger2, and he can correct me if I am wrong, I think he hates the fact that Pike has BECOME the star when Burhmahm is SUPOSED to be the star. I think he is bothered by Discovery leaning so hard on TOS characters this season rather than their own for the sole purpose of fan service. That does not mean he is not enjoying seeing Pike on the show. But it feels like a bit of a disservice to the existing cast of Discovery. Almost like how the cast of Enterprise (and many fans) felt These are the Voyages was a disservice to them.

I totally understand that. But that speaks to my second point: regardless of motive, if the results are excellent, why be upset about it?

I doubt too many people would have been bothered by These Are The Voyages had the episode been really great (and if Riker and Troi’s inclusion had made more sense!).

OK. Fair enough. But I also think both things can be equally true. The episode CAN be good and STILL be a disservice to the main cast.


I said it, I like Mount and I ACCEPT Pike being on the show, I still think his presence is purely fan service that pushes aside the main cast but maybe I will proven wrong on that. But yes both can be true.

Not exactly at all Tiger. ML31’s point is fair, but that’s hardly what’s happening here. Mount has JOINED the main cast, unlike Riker and Troi.

Exactly. It is much more like when Worf joined DS9.

Worf wasn’t already captain of a starship when he joined DS9. In fact he didn’t have ANY starship lol. C’mon you know what I’m saying. Its not the same thing. Pike is CAPTAIN of the Enterprise, he’s only on the show for the obvious reason, but its not permanent without breaking canon that is.

Point proven then. Worf was just an ops officer, but he got the spotlight and a 2-parter titled for him when he joined the series.

Pike is the new captain and part of the main cast. It’s not unusual or odd that he would get a big ol’ spotlight for Season 2. It happens beyond Trek, when a new lead is added. Additionally, Pike helps change the tone of the series, so something they’re clearly trying to push to the fore to satisfy the show’s critics.

I get all of that I just wish they didn’t have to give him so much time in exchange for the main characters who we barely got to know so far. Its not the same as Worf who joined a show 4 seasons and 80 episodes later. But yes I get it. We’re not going to agree, nor do we have to. I like Pike a lot, especially in the second episode. It still doesn’t take away the issue I have with it. But since its working out very well so far its a minor one.

How has he joined the cast permanently if we know he’s suppose to be on the Enterprise?? That’s my problem. But hey if they find a way to keep him, fine. I’m loving the guy tbh even if its still pandering. But its GOOD pandering lol.

I absolutely love Anson Mount as Captain Pike, especially after episode 2. I think Gene Roddenberry and Jeffrey Hunter would be proud.

Me, too! MORE PIKE!

Pike’s made all the difference and the character’s played beautifully by Anson Mount. I stuck out series 1, because I felt I had to, but it felt unbalanced and the casting strange. Jason Isaacs was one of the standouts for me, but there was no real dynamic between Lorca and the rest of the crew. I still think Burnham’s the weak link, but everyone else, including Pike has really gelled.

I felt the first two episodes were excellent and I find myself looking forward to the next, rather than almost begrudgingly watching it because I’ve always loved the franchise. Kudos to Alex Kurtzman & team for turning it around.

Maybe they’ll be selling “I Like Pike” buttons on CBS’s website soon.

People in their seventies might then be finally able to complete their set, together with “I like Ike” and “I Grok Spock”.

Don’t forget:”Kirk is a Jerk”

And the haters will say “Take a Hike, Pike.”

How can anyone dislike Pike?

Honestly Pike is the main reason I’m watching the show. Strong leader, likeable with a hint of sarcastic humor. It helps I’m a fan of Anson Mount, too. If he only stays one season, leaving us with only Burnham as the ‘lead,’ it’ll be quite the letdown for me. I’m with Afterburn on this.

Mount is excellent, and I even applauded his casting in Inhumans because if anyone can act with their eyes it’s him. Had no idea the rest of the show would be so bad!

Pike is great – and I don’t think Anson is a one season only actor. He’s usually a series lead, although it’s possible he’s only on for a season (Jason Isaacs was a surprise exit), I would be surprised if they are not going to do a planned separate Pike show after this season. Why else introduce the carefully designed Enterprise, then cast Spock (young actor to ensure possible long tenure) and Number one. This also might hinge on whether or not we see a complete Enterprise bridge (built for the planned separate series).

Could be they were testing the waters and with the so far well received response to Pike and crew, it’s now a certainty. Discovery gets a new captain and the end of season 2 and Pike returns to the repaired Enterprise. Each series goes it’s own way with occasional crossovers.

Then the Pike series, just simply called “Star Trek” after the original or “Star Trek: Flagship”, will eventually lead into or evolve into a Kirk and crew show. After a couple of seasons Kirk will be introduced as a recurring character until they eventually switch leads with Kirk becoming captain. Spock could be a connecting thread/character through all the CBSAA ST series. Pike could then be recurring as Fleet Captain in the initial Captain Kirk season until they redo “The Cage” as the Pike send off. That will give CBSAA (4) live action ST series to have year round with no gaps.

Or scratch all that because Anson just really wanted to do just one season and then off to do other awesome things :)

Agreed, but man, any new captain coming onto DSC for S3 is going to have awfully big shoes to fill– first the great performance by Isaacs, now Pike… That’s a tall order to get it right a third time!

Maybe they bring in Shatner as April.

I know you’re probably kidding, but whoah, that would be super interesting.

Probably the dumbest, least interesting thing they could do.

If a Pike series spins off of this season, I like the idea of using the title of the comic series that covered the same era – Star Trek: The Early Voyages.

I think something simpler: Star Trek: 1701, perhaps.

After one new episode I have found all the new characters with the exception of Saru to be more interesting than any of the ones left over from season 1. I’d like to see a show with Pike, Saru and Reno as the core at this point. Wish it could last beyond one season.

Yes, agreed, and about Saru, too. For some reason I’m finding Detmer interesting, too – hopefully she gets more screen time.

Me too Danpaine. I mean I actually remember her name now lol. Its nice to see these other characters getting more time. They made some great changes, honestly.

I found pretty much EVERYONE a little more interesting, and I think it’s owed to being the second season. Green seems more comfortable in the role, backgrounders like Detmer actually had something to say, Saru feels more fleshed out– this is just what happens when a cast comes back for a second year.

The side characters from the original cast do seem to be getting more screen time thus far. But that hasn’t made them any more interesting to me. Maybe they will over time. But Pike and Reno (who was missed in NEW EDEN) both make me want to pay more attention even after one episode. More than what’s her name did after seeing her joining the landing party. I still don’t even remember their names.

Stoked for this next episode. There hasn’t been anything like it since… heck, Enterprise’s “North Star”, I guess.

Yeah Owesuken is going on a away mission! Yes so excited!


…only to do nothing besides pick a lock. Even her backstory was clumsily given to Burnham as a thing to quickly explain to us. This show just does not stop to let these characters breathe.

“Someone or something is going to end all sentient life in the galaxy”
…I sure hope that’s just a tagline they had some underpaid intern think up…

…which we kind of know doesn’t happen, too. Yay, prequels. Looks like in the trailer, Pike gets hurt on the away mission and Burnham says in her ever-dramatic way, “He’s dying.” But we know he doesn’t. Tension, deflated.

It would just be so much better as a 25th century show…
I know what they were thinking, but from a story-telling perspective, it’s got to be hard as a writer to know that the stakes can never be too high.

Absolutely agree, Mark. They have handcuffs on, and it wasn’t necessary.

I really wish fans would quit it with that nonsense. Regardless of how you feel about it, no matter how wrong you are, it’s irrelevant: the show is here, it’s a prequel, it’s not changing. We’re 3 years in since we found out it was a prequel, when does that comlaint stop?

Besides, the valid criticisms of the show, the real flaws it has, have nothing to do with the era it’s set.

Everyone stop debating, Afterburn has spoken. 🙄


Really creative writers can work with such handcuffs. But last season Discovery’s writers were definitely not up for that challenge.

Well we can disagree on the results, but whatever faults S1 had, working around the restrictions of being a prequel was NOT the problem. Some weak story points, some flat acting, and an unsatisfying/rushed finale, were for me the biggest issues.

I will give you this much… It was not the main problem. If the show was executed better, characters, plot, writing, etc then the prequel related problems would be easier to overlook. But they were still issues. Bigger for some fans than others.

And if all of those things were to most fans satisfaction (they were generally to mine, with a handful of warts), I doubt those fans would care about it being a prequel.

The prequel aspect becomes a scapegoat because fans didn’t like the execution, but it was never the problem. When Picard’s show comes out and is very visually different fans will probably complain it “doesn’t look like TNG 25 years later.”

Many of the problems for sure would vanish for most had this same show just been set post Nemesis. But that is nothing new.

…set in the 25th century or the 23rd, a threat like that is NEVER going to come to fruition. It’s not like when the Borg threatened Earth in BOBW anyone gave ANY thought to the planet getting assimilated.

Let’s be real here.

Exactly. Whenever the show is set, ‘All life has been eliminated from the universe – THE END’ is not going to be the outcome.

In general I sort of shrug at doomsday threats like the Dominion, the Xindi, or the Red Angels.

It’s just tiresome at this point. Why does the threat have to be SO big? Can’t the season be about something smaller? Curing a plague? Solving a historical puzzle? Maybe they have to rescue a comrade? Saving Private Ryan, in space!

Lots of different stories can create tension without threatening global/galactic/universal armageddon.

That said, tell a good story, and i’m happy.

Well said. A Saving Private Ryan kind of thing, an isolated but resonant, important thing. Absolutely.

The entire “Galaxy is in danger” trope is a bit tired, I grant you. So yes, I would like something a bit smaller than that. It would still be major. But it doesn’t have to be THAT major.

Frankly, I don’t mind the Red Angel storyline, I just think the fact that they appear to be threatening to destroy all life is kind of groan-worthy. What if they were just some ancient mythical race who is said to appear every thousand years, and the Federation has dispatched a ship to make first contact.

You can involve a threat by having an adversarial race like the Romulans trying to ALSO make contact, but instead of peaceful relations, they seek to ally themselves with the Angels because the myth tells of them having advanced technology, or something.

Not unlike Tin Man, now that I think of it.

Yeah the end of the galaxy is a bit much lol. I was thinking of TOS and TNG, I can’t think of one episode where you had these big world ending threats. All Good Things sort of had that but it wasn’t some big villain trying to destroy all life or the galaxy it was just humanity in general. And it was really just a test by Q.

But I think thats just more common today. We have stuff like Infinity War so its not a shock. But yes its not really needed either. I would’ve been fine if the whole season was just about a mystery dealing with Spock’s disappearance. I think most people would.

Just finished watching New Eden. NO SPOILERS – Unlike the season premiere, this episode on Space Channel was 60 mins long with commercials. Lots going on in this episode and Pike is indeed a true Starfleet Captain, so opposite to what we saw last season with Lorca. Will wait for tomorrow’s review and am anxious to read what everyone thought of tonight’s show.

loved it!

Me, too, Dean! Lots of new mysteries and clues. Pike had one instant reaction that is certainly heroic.

I’m so in on this new session! I’m sold after tonight’s episode. Proof a classic Star Trek episode can be done in a fresh and compelling way. Also I like this growing Pike/Burnham dynamic. Pike clearly has an affinity for the children of Surak. Nice job Number One!

I agree wholeheartedly with the comment about Pike’s affinity. He and Burnham are developing a comfortable and trusting rapport. Quite a contrast to scheming Lorca.

I liked Lorca, but don’t remotely miss him. Pike is the type of Starfleet Captain I like. Maybe he’s a bit TOO clean for some but that’s OK. Not everyone has to be Kirk or Sisko either.

I like the contrast. The chemistry between Lorca and Burnham spoke to the bitter, distrusting side of her at the start of the series, where her chemistry with Pike is more the open, caring side that she is growing into as she embraces her humanity and learns to trust others more.

It’s almost as if the two relationships are a metaphor for her growth.

Me too Andrew, me too!

This is what so many of us wanted first season. They took a classic Trek trope finding humans on an unexplored planet that has been done I think on literally every show lol but still managed to give us a fresh perspective. The interaction between everyone was just so on point! Loved how they brought religion in and contrasted it to the 23rd century. I loved the entire back story of the colonists and it ties in beautifully to Trek canon. I can’t stop smiling! Just well done. Frakes hit it out the park for me but the writers deserved the main credit. All around great job.


Yeah kudos to Frakes, Kurtzman and the writers for building on the characters from S1 while introducing Pike and other elements that addresses some of the complaints from the first year. Also, so many easter eggs from previous series that adds to the enjoyment of watching. The only big issue I have with S2E2 is that there was TOO MUCH GOING on! I didn’t have time to reflect on something that just happened because I was would miss something else. Besides that, I agree that Frakes hit a homerun. Btw, according to my PVR guide, next week’s episode will run about 5 mins over the 60 minute slot with commercials.

Yes it probably was a bit rushed with the stuff on the planet and the Tilly subplot (which probably could’ve been a complete episode onto itself) but I’m happy I wanted more instead of just waiting for it to end like I have done with some Trek episodes.

But yes generally they hit it out of the box and its good to see they took the complaints seriously. Now it looks like its paying off.

I thought it interesting. I liked the dilemma that was set up. For me, I would think the prime directive does not apply here. But I understand why Pike thought it should. Good Trek like debate there. But in the end, it sorta felt like a filler episode more than anything else.

I was 8 years old when Star Trek premiered in 1966. I loved all then, and I love it all now. Period.

Hey now, I doubt you can be a Trek fan if you actually LIKE Trek! ;)

I have liked Discovery so far. Loved a bit, and angered by a bit of it. But where Brother stepped it up about 3 notches last week, New Eden picked up and went off the scale of how good it was tonight. Mount/Pike is SO good that I don’t see how the show doesn’t just become his from here on out. Michael was better tonight to, mainly because she was a good, competent officer, had good scenes (especially with Pike) – and didn’t have to be a Mary Sue this week. Enjoyed bringing Owo (Ojo?) into it, and continuing to give Detmer and Airyim more lines and screen time.

OMG, another great episode!! Two for two!

(No spoilers)

Where to begin??? First off, EXPLORATION!!!!! I loved the moral debate it set up (but I will save that for the spoiler section). Loved the science vs faith angle. On other boards a lot of people are commenting it’s feeling like DS9 level of religious themes and thats GREAT! Loved all the science stuff in it and without spoiling anything, it definitely connected to the main story line in a way I didn’t see coming, but also in a great way. Tilly stuff was fun but slightly overbearing. But it wasn’t an episode of just fist fights and phaser blasts. We just got mature people talking and debating each other in a room throughout the story. And we even got a Shakespeare quote lol! THIS IS STAR TREK!!!

But man, Pike is a strict dude lol. He is definitely N-O-T Kirk when it comes to the Prime Directive. He is a lot more like Picard as I said last week, very by the book, thoughtful and refine. Complete and utter opposite of Lorca lol. Man I already love this guy two shows in and I been saying he shouldn’t be there all season. Now I want him to join the cast permanently.

Discovery is finally feeling AND acting like Star Trek again! This episode felt like it could be in any show from the 90s. This is all people like me wanted in the first place. I’m happy they listened.

I 100% concur. Loved it!

I want to be very careful here. If someone is starving and you give them a plain cracker, it will be the best cracker they ever had in their life. That is something that I fear could be going on here. It looks positive. But before we go on singing the praises I’d like to get more samples. Especially the shows after Berg and Hobarts left.

BTW.. I cannot compare Pike to Lorca at all because Lorca was not the interestingly troubled man we thought he might be. He was just opposite boy. If Lorca turned out to be real, then I could compare them but it would be in different ways. If Lorca was real then he would have been a fascinating character with grave issues. Very different from Pike, who seems to have moved right past his doubts from “The Cage” and is completely comfortable with himself and his position in life.

I actually don’t disagree with that. I do really love the episode but yes a part of it is just because its feeling like the Star Trek of old that some of us felt we haven’t gotten since Enterprise ended.

I do think the praise is valid BUT yes I think if this episode showed up on Voyager in season 5 somewhere it wouldn’t be getting the praise it is now. It would just be another typical episode. People would certainly say its good but probably not to the level it is now. So I will freely admit that. I think its just the first episode to hit a lot of familiar beats but still feel different in itself. One thing I do like about this episode vs other similar ones is thats its just a part of a bigger story. They were sent there for a reason and it helps to build mystery. If you look at Enterprise for example and the similar episode they did, North Star, it hit practically all the same beats but it was just another planet they stumbled upon. The story is what you saw. With this its just a nugget of something bigger and its exciting people in that way too. Although I doubt it, we may see it again.

But that cracker analogy made me laugh because I thought of Eddie Murphy’s Raw. If you haven’t seen it there is a whole comedy bit dealing with a cracker but its definitely not about Star Trek lol.

The show runners confirmed we WILL be getting a bigger story of why the Red Angel sent them to that planet so that’s great news. It’s not just a one and done, there is a grand plan in place in how it fits.

I was very disappointed by Season 1 of Discovery, as I was with Season 1 of TNG, but I have to say, I am buzzing over Season 2 of Discovery. LOVE PIKE AND HE NEEDS HIS OWN SHOW ABOARD THE ENTERPRISE! It is so great to see this character, after decades of being a mystery, blossom before our eyes. Anson Mount is completely owning the part! I really am starting to get that Star Trekkie feel from the show. It’s a very simple formula: Seek out new life and new civilisations. To boldly go…

WOW!!!!!! That espisode was the most Trek-thing I’ve seen in the last 20 years!!!!!!!!
It felt like a modern take on classic 60s Trek with a bit TNG in the style of a short feature film. Why can’t the movies show such stories instead of copying the Wrath of Khan over and over again?

Absolutely agree with you. Damn, Anson Mount was perfect as Pike. I demand a series of Pike on the Enterprise!

The movies could but I think people have to determine what they want the films to be. You can’t on the one hand want a more quiet classic Trek story and then on another hand want the Borg to show up or want a Romulan War film. If you’re going to be a more quiet type of film, then the studio isn’t going to be as inclined to throw the money at you to do a larger scale film when you want to. They want the shows to be the shows and then the films to be big splashy films. I get that part of it and I actually agree now that Star Trek has its tv series component back, but they just need to better execute that.

I loved this episode. There were so many things that felt quintessentially Star Trek.

[[Possible spoilers]]

+ Brightly lit exterior ship shots (No bluey tinges! No intense shadows!)
+ The very clear A/B storyline format
+ A mission that involves practically *everyone*
+ Weird science
+ The crew learning from one another (Case in point? Tilly and Saru)
+ “Downtime” after the main storyline, wherein the Captain and one of his/her officers can decompress
+ Subtle flourishes of humor (i.e. Tilly’s exit from sickbay)

Personally, I loved how radically different Discovery’s first season was to… well… practically all other Star Trek. However, I also enjoy experiencing familiar things–and seeing classic Trek formulas revamped in a fresh light is awesome!

I do have one criticism. Why mention that Owosekun is from a Luddite settlement if you’re not going to have her mention it even once? She had stuff to do, but we didn’t actually see much of her personality. Missed opportunity, but I suppose there’s a lot of balls in the air.

“Average” episode which is to say nothing spectacular, and to be honest, that was kind of refreshing. Not every story has to try to be the greatest thing you’ve ever seen.

One nitpick, that’s starting to bother me about the Discovery: the bridge is TOO BIG. It makes for some exciting shots, free-flowing camera moves, all very beautiful, but it also means the helmsmen and crew are constantly shouting!

“It makes for some exciting shots, free-flowing camera moves”

I think that might be *exactly* why it’s so large :-)

I’m expecting the Enterprise set to be similarly huge. I don’t have a problem with that, but I can see why some fans are a little weirded out by the scale. By comparison, some 90’s starships now almost look like the crew were ‘elbow to elbow.’

Anyone else notice the ready-room door chime is from Voyager? Love the mix of Sound FX from the various series. The bridge blips from TOS, the communications beeps from TNG, now the door chimes from VOY.

There’s also one of the alert sounds that I feel like I’ve heard in DS9. The red alert sounds like the classic red alert klaxon played through a filter. Love the sound design as well.

The 2053-era radio, in the church basement, had the garbled communication sound effect from The Animated Series.

Maybe Captain Braxton left some ‘souvenirs’ laying around.

A comment on a separate Pike series: there is no doubt that Anson Mount and the writers deserve all the kudos people are expressing here. There’s almost a palpable sense of relief that the traditional values of Trek are being so vividly recreated (which, of course, resonates with the current dark times in the USA when foundational principles of the American [Federation] experiment are being tested). We’re so happy about Pike partially because of the contrast with season 1’s darkness: the Federation was brought to the edge of committing genocide. In other words, the creative minds behind Disco are painting on a broad canvas over multiple envisioned seasons. A Pike series on the Enterprise would cramp the new vistas that are possible with the Disco crew, imho. (btw, loved Afterburn’s comment about the Burnham-Lorca vs. the Burnham-Pike relationship.)

I like how 21st century humans evolved themselves into a holistic collective without any signs of war, just like humans did after WWIII. Nice touch showing that we can be great if we decide to be. I suppose the only difference was the distinct presence of religion, which while hinted at in this episode and in some episodes of TOS and ENT, never really comes back in the 24th century. That’s what happens when you’re saved by an angel in a church, I guess.

Did anyone else notice the fact that this theological society has not advanced technologically in over 200 years? I realize they may have moved slower with fewer people to think stuff up, but they ought to have SOME tech beyond the day they were swept up. Was that a commentary that religion suppresses innovative thinking? Or am I reading too much into it?

Jacob mentions all the tech broke down/batteries ran out. Also the religious elders have now made a mysticism around it and don’t particularly care to use more modern tech. But it doesn’t seem to be overtly suppressing it, more like resigned to it, and over the years it’s become the way of things.

But notice when Jacob can relight the church (thanks to Pike), they aren’t unhappy, in fact he says when things were lit, they were a welcoming beacon of hope or some such thing, to the other houses around it.

I don’t think you can’t expect what amounts to a tiny village (the original group was however many people could take shelter in the church, so a couple hundred at most?) to make much progress when they’ve been plopped down in total isolation from other people. Other people with different means of production, different resources, etc. are needed to grow as a civilization, to create industry and commerce. The current population is still only ~11,000 people.

I took into account that there are some 11K people. I would have still expected SOMETHING. Also we have no idea what the reaction to the new battery lighting the church would be. I got the impression their belief system actively forbid using such things. But perhaps I am looking too deeply into it.

Still, ML31 brings up a good point. Power batteries or not, 200 years is more than enough time for a technologically enlightened people to create new power sources. Hydro-electricity, for example.

Maybe they couldn’t have easily developed computers or transporters, but electricity, power, and mid to late 20th century tech should have been possible within 200 years.

There was no hint that these people shunned technology. They just couldn’t manufacture or improve it in isolation. If a plane load of people got marooned on a desert island for decades and somehow remained isolated, I think our smart phones would become paperweights pretty quickly and the airplane’s remnants would be devoted to survival. That said, the sets last night did look like a nineteenth century American experiment in communal living

So I should watch it for Captain Pike? Okay CBS we’ll play your little game, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…