Watch ‘The Ready Room’ – New Official ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Facebook Live Show Starting 2 PM (PST)

As we reported last week, CBS has replaced the After Trek aftershow for Star Trek: Discovery with a new Facebook Live show, which will run each Friday. The first episode of The Ready Room runs today and you can watch it below.

Watch the premiere episode of The Ready Room with guests Alex Kurtzman and Heather Kadin

At 2:00 PM (Pacific) CBS will stream the first episode of The Ready Room, hosted by Naomi Kyle. The first episode of this weekly official Star Trek: Discovery companion show will feature a conversation with showrunner Alex Kurtzman and executive producer Heather Kadin.

The show will stream weekly at the official CBS All Access Facebook Page and the global Star Trek Facebook Page on Friday afternoons, with the start times varying week-to-week. The video will also be available for replay later for those who do not watch it live.

According to CBS the embedded player above should work for all audiences.

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

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How the hell is me and my family supposed to watch this together like we did After Trek?

You press the “Play” button

Was way too short, and I miss the production quality of After Trek. Host was alright but this was soooo not as good as After Trek.

I used to think After Trek was a bit hokey, but now I’m actually missing it. You’re right–After Trek had some quality production to it. The show had a nice set, a live audience, fancy graphics, and a lot of video packages that never even ended up on BluRay or DVD releases. They had some very specific BTS footage that can never be found elsewhere.

A lot of After Trek was filler-ish and fluffy… but at least it was entertaining.

I’d rather they spend the money on the actual show, personally.
Interviews only become meaty after the show has finished and the writers/actors/producers etc can fairly evaluate the work as it actually is rather than toeing the studio line of ‘This is the best thing ever’.

If I had to guess, they probably found that only a small % of viewers were watching the aftershow, thus it wasn’t worth renting the space and spending on a fancy program. This they can film on the existing set, or as another posters says, in a corner with some chairs.

It might not be as sexy, but when it’s only being watched by a select group of viewers, it’s also not worth spending the money to BE sexy.

@DataMat and Afterburn: I’m not sure how expensive this show was to produce, but I guess they probably did have limited viewers. I remember posting on forums about things that were revealed on AT, and quite a few DSC fans were like “Wait… where/when was this info released?” I suppose not everyone has an interest in aftershows, what with us being in a media-saturated era.


Isn’t that whole after party show pointless? It’s basically a panel show so the stars and director can pat themselves on the back.

The new host is sooo lame compared to the old one. He brought the funny and kept the energy level high. He also seemed more prepared with q-cards and insightful questions. Meh is my feelings about what I saw today.

With the amount of money they’re pumping into Discovery’s budget, I don’t understand why they feel the need to produce an after show on a shoestring budget. That said, as long as they trot out the actors behind the major characters I’ll happily watch.

Because there’s no point in spending ANY money on an “after show” that amounts to little more than some interviews and banter. It’s wasteful. This is fine.

“After Trek” needed some work, but this is just godawful. Has anyone at CBS ever watched “Talking Dead?” Try following AMC’s lead on an their after show and do it better!! And… also needs to air live on All Access immediatly after each new episode. The ball has really been dropped here…..big time.

After Trek was actually made by the same production company that makes Talking Dead for AMC, Embassy Row.

I’m sorry to say, but this was bad. I much prefer AfterTrek!

PLEASE bring back After Trek. The host had the right balance of humor, Trek knowledge, and questioning skill. This host sounds like she’s in high school.

Sadly have to agree with everyone here. It just comes off like a super cheap chat show. They throw a bunch of chairs in the corner of a room and ask a few questions. This is as low rent as possible.

AT wasn’t perfect but it at least tried to be interesting. Give us some real trivia, audience participation, behind the scene moments, a host that at least tries to be entertaining, etc. I remember hearing the show was going to be ‘retooled’ I threw out ideas like having Matt actually go out on the set a few times for direct interviews, have segments from production departments like costuming or VFX to go deeper in the episode, bring in former Trek actors from other shows to participate, etc. Instead it was the complete opposite.

I’ll watch it a few weeks and see if the format changes up at all but I imagine its just going to be mostly boring softball questions most of us know the answers to and little else. We should’ve known when they couldn’t even bother to put the show on AA but on FB it was going to be a bare low key production.

I just can’t see how AT was even a drop in the Trek bucket, budget-wise. And even if cost was the issue, I’m sure there were plenty of ways to cut corners on AT while still retaining much of what worked. I don’t think this was about money. I think it’s mostly about maximizing social media promotion.

I prefer this straight-to-the-point interviewing, over the filler items and lame jokes on After-Trek.

This is more focussed.

I haven’t watched the whole video posted above but from the small bits I see, I agree with you. It’s more focused and and less cheesy for my taste.

Well, at least they squashed the rumor floating around that Michael’s and Spock’s falling out was because of a failed romance. Ha!

I don’t even know where that theory came from, it was like the taboo fetish wish realization of some fans.

Probably from the haters and the likes of ‘Midnight’s Edge’.

Maybe it came form the shot where Michael gently touches the Amok Time bells with a I remember Pon Farr gleam in her eyes.

I saw it on Screenrant.

Thanks for mentioning this. I gave up watching this Ready Room clip at around three minutes, so I went back to the segment and plowed away until I found the Michael/Spock discussion.

I am BEYOND relieved that there’s no romantic angle! That was my worst fear about S2.

That theory did cross my mind… then I shoved it way back down deep inside.

I enjoyed After Trek. Wish they would have kept it going and I don’t have facebook. Oh well.

You don’t need a Facebook account to watch it.

Yeah, this is was a bust. As others have said, it’s entirely missing the FUN, geeky, celebratory feel of After Trek. Even more to the point though, this “Ready Room” series doesn’t even need to exist. Without some physical production value, without the behind-the-scenes peeks, trivia, etc., it’s just an on-camera interview. We could read (or worse yet, listen to) the information in this episode and lose nothing at all. There’s no point to this.

Can you even watch this without a Facebook accout?

Yes, the embed of the first show in this article is publicly accessible.

You can also visit directly and the video will play without being logged in.

Neat. Maybe I’ll check it out.

After Trek was doomed! It was on at 11pm or midnight in Canada and sometimes delayed till 2am. So the show at 8pm then I had no idea when the aftershow was. I enjoyed it though for the most part and listen to Matt’s podcast now as a result.

Only in Canada was it on TV though. In the US it was streaming, so you could watch it any time. Not sure if it was on Netflix.

Yes, it was on Netflix but as far as I remember it wasn’t released together with new episodes but days later. Sometimes new episodes wouldn’t show up in the list of available episodes but if you rewatched the previous episode autoplay would give you the new one.

I never had any trouble with it on Netflix. It was always available immediately after watching Discovery.

I loved After Trek. WTH!

It was probably a nightmare getting all those guests on After Trek. I’m not surprised they ended it.

That was just awful. After Trek was a billion, nay a zillion times better than this. I’ll consume almost anything Trek, but I could only take about ten minutes of this. What a total waste of Kurtzman and Kadin’s time.

Good show. Nevertheless I want After Trek back. That was one hour happy time hanging around after the show. Its been like a nice cold beer after sex. Ready room is more like a shower afterwards…

I can’t find it on AllAccess. Am I missing it? Are they really just putting this show on FB and not on their own channel?

Correct. It is on Facebook at the two pages linked in the article. They are not posting it to All Access.
The video for last week is embedded in our article, you can view it without having a Facebook account.

I definitely appreciate this, and will of course tune in each week, but I miss After Trek. The biggest issue for me with a Facebook live video is that I can’t watch it on my TV. (They’d be better off streaming it on youTube.) It was a lot of fun last year going straight to After Trek once the Discovery episode was done. It meant that just because the episode is done, the fun isn’t over.

But all in all, I’m grateful to get something.

All they did was replace a discussion panel show with another one? Huh?