Check Out 6 New Photos From “Point of Light” – ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2, Episode 3

CBS has just released 6 new images for “Point of Light,” the third episode of the second season of Star Trek: Discovery, which features the return of a number of familiar faces along with the re-appearance of characters last seen in the season one “bonus scene” released at WonderCon last spring. This episode will also feature Klingons with their new look for season two, which was explained at the NYCC panel last fall.


A surprise visitor to the U.S.S. Discovery brings shocking news about Spock and dredges up past regrets for Burnham. Following the asteroid incident, Tilly struggles to keep a grip on her reality. L’Rell’s authority on Qo’noS is threatened.

New Images

“Point of Light” — Ep #203 – Pictured (l-r): Mary Chieffo as L’Rell; Shazad Latif as Ash Tyler (CBS)

“Point of Light” — Ep #203 – Pictured (l-r): Sonequa Martin-Green as Commander Michael Burnham; Mia Kirshner as Amanda Grayson (CBS)

“Point of Light” — Ep #203 – Pictured: Shazad Latif as Ash Tyler (CBS)

“Point of Light” — Ep #203 – Pictured: Michelle Yeoh as Philippa Georgiou (CBS)

“Point of Light” — Ep #203 – Pictured: Mary Chieffo as L’Rell (CBS)

“Point of Light” — Ep #203 – Pictured (l-r): Michelle Yeoh as Philippa Georgiou; Alan Van Sprang as Leland (CBS)


Earlier CBS released the trailer for “Point of Light” exclusively on the official Star Trek site (for USA only). Netflix has also released the trailer on social media. You can watch the trailer below from their Instagram post (viewable globally).

How to watch “Point of Light”

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else. “Point of Light” will be released on All Access and Space on Thursday, January 31, 2019, and on Netflix Friday, February 1, 2019.

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So man buns will still be a thing in the future. Interesting.

I like Tyler, but he definitely needs to hit the Disco barber!

No. No he doesn’t.

One would hope not.

Section 31 ship’s controls look very LCARS. Coolness.

Good eye.

I think we are going to learn 31 has a lot of tech more advanced than Starfleet.

I also think the Spore Drive will disappear and be classified by 31 to explain away why we never heard about it before.

Makes sense, they had more advanced tech in DS9 so it’s only to be assumed they did in the 23rd century too. I was only thinking the other day that you could retcon spore technology to explain how Sloan used to appear undetected on DS9.

Got to say my heart sank a little bit at the idea of revisiting these depressing characters again, but the show has been on a hot streak the last couple episodes so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt!

Just think, they are gonna make a whole series based around those depressing characters too.

Yeah I was ready to move on from Tyler, the Klingons and Mirror universe stuff. The last two episodes were really great but I’m not as excited for this one.

Two steps forward, one step back. It is a waste of time to deal with L’Rell, Tyler and Georgiou again. Please tell us the story of the Discovery and her crew.

Absolutely agree.

Another agreement. The more S1 is in the rear view mirror the better it is for the show so far. Obviously the stories are going to crash into each other but I would bet their main story arc would have still worked without L’Rell, or Ash or Georgeau.

oh boy

I think there were a sizeable number of fans (not me) who really liked last season’s arc. So they are trying to give them at least some service.

I think choice is good but the problem last season was that 90% was arc material, one was the time travel episode and the other an away mission like New Eden (partly). That’s not exactly diversity.

My first thought as well, eric2. I hope this doesn’t kill the good momentum they’ve started.

Same. After the war was haphazardly tied up at the end of season one I’d hoped we were just going to pretend those plot lines had never happened and it would just be written off as another bad ST first season.

By all means use these characters in the Georgiou show for those who liked it, but please leave Discovery out of it now that we finally have something vaguey treky going on.

Womp womp.

100% agree.

Apparently your instinct is correct.

More ship pics, please.

I see little improvement in the Klingons, the hair does nothing much to mask the fact they still look like Orcs.

That makeup is just stunningly awful. In retrospect, it seems fairly clear that it was designed as it was purely so as to try protecting the Voq/Tyler plot twist, which fooled nobody and was therefore pointless.

I like both Tyler and L’Rell as characters, though, more or less. So makeup or not, maybe they’ll be written better this season.

Honestly I wish they would ditch the new Klingon make up completely. But I guess this is a fair trade and giving fans at least some semblance of the classic Klingons with the hair and clothing, but then feel like they are keeping to some of what Fuller wanted. And other fans here did like it.

But they don’t look good at all to me and one of the biggest problems I had last season is that I couldn’t relate to them on any real level. They just felt like another species entirely with the crazy make up, weird clothing and speech.

I think they should double down and make them even more different. Mostly because I am so enjoying people acting like babies when they don’t get what they want.

No offense but this is why I don’t always like talking to you. I don’t mind your opinions, but you come off petulant too often and I’m clearly not the only one who notices it.

For one thing, go back to my post you just commented on and read the part where I said I understand why they kept some of the look because I acknowledged OTHER FANS LIKED IT and have no problems with that. So I’m not being a ‘baby’ I’m simply giving my opinion on make up for a TV show stating why *I* had problems with it. Not everyone has to agree with it though. In fact I always said I’m fine with keeping the new Klingons, it would just be nice to have the others as well so everyone is happy.

Honestly UNTIL they announced the changes, I assumed they were going to double down and keep them that way. And you know what. I would’ve kept watching because I told myself I would accept them in time. Again not something ‘babies’ would do. But the fact they changed this soon and crated a silly retcon story line to explain why tells you they knew most fans simply had an issue with it. It’s not personal.

But stop coming off so defensive because they didn’t like the show as much as you did. Even now, more people like me are coming around to the show and has stated as such but you still have a problem with others who don’t like it. Yeah that’s life, they may not ever come around. But stop treating it like we are all out for blood. We’re just stating our honest opinions while respecting others may see it differently and have no issues with that. Try it sometimes.

Shrug. You don’t have to talk to me you know.

That wasn’t the point and you know it. I actually like your posts when its NOT insulting others. And I’m not the only one who has pointed it out. You come off like an offended teenager who are bothered not everyone thinks their taste is as cool as theirs and gets snarky about it.

This has nothing to do with your actual opinion, its how you talk down to others at times. I don’t think you do it all the time but you do it enough. That post above proves my point. Calling people babies and hoping they keep something around to upset people is a good example. Just say you disagree and move on. You don’t need to constantly make passive aggressive insults at people who doesn’t like the show as much as you do.

Shrug. According to youtube DSC is cancelled anyway!

What??? Cancelled?

Shrug all you want man, since you haven’t refuted a single a thing you know I’m right. All I’m saying is stop sounding like a jerk to others you disagree with. Is it REALLY that hard? I guess so for some reason.

Well I went to Youtube to find what you were talking. Yeah, ridiculous nonsense. Mount and Peck tweet out one pic that’s clearly a joke of looking for work and people lost their mind lol. Even if for some reason the show was cancelled I’m guessing no one would even determine that until well after the season ended.

You’re so right Tiger. Man, you really put me in my place and showed me! What an accomplishment.

You are obnoxious.

I’ve started to just skip his posts as soon as I see his name.
Always confrontational. Never insightful.

The only reason why I made an issue out of it because he constantly make snarky remarks to my posts when none was ever needed. And I get sick of him misinterpreting what I say. He didn’t misinterpret my post so much as he seem to be offended others just have a different opinion than him about it. I get it, he probably hated they changed the look of the Klingons. Then just SAY that instead of trying to just annoy people. I don’t get people who can’t just have a difference of opinion on things like a TV show.

Offended? Talk about misinterpreting!

Afterburn is a troll. Just don’t feed him.

My beef is how the make up hides and impinges upon the actors. Can you imagine what wearing this would have done to the performances of Christopher Lloyd and Christopher Plummer in their respective ST films? Plummer’s villain was particularly enjoyable and these prosthetics would have hampered him in every way.

Agreed. They didn’t just look bad, they hampered the performances of the actors. They look like they could barely speak or turn their heads. It was just too much caked around their heads. If they were the first Klingons we seen then no one would probably notice. But it clearly weighed them down other actors never had to worry about. And I liked Michael Dorn’s observation where he said its so much make up the actor is totally lost in it. You might as well just be wearing a mask. The new changes you can actually see the actress original features too.

And I still lean towards the theory, even though I think it has been denied by producers, that the main reason for the change was to hide the actor so people wouldn’t pick up on their “gotcha!” twist that lots saw coming anyway.

I still maintain that they used the same actor because they WANTED people to guess. It became so painfully obvious due to real world clues. I don’t think they REALLY wanted it to be a shock twist because, like Westworld, where Abrams had them reshoot scenes in the pilot to lay more clues, the producers I think wanted fans to develop these theories to give people online something to talk about.

They were hoping to create a Westworld/Game of Thrones style mystery that fan sites would debate, and to a certain extent it worked. Tons of articles were written about it.

Thing is, if the created story maintains Voq was essentially inserted into a human shell created from a stranger’s DNA, then there should be no problem with using a different actor altogether for the scenes with Voq’s original appearance. There would be no need to “hide” anyone in make up. That actor and Shazad Latif could cobbled out the continuities they wanted to keep between both of their performances — it IS a craft, after all.

That’s my sole issue with it, the way their fingers move. But… that’s not enough to bother me. Tons of characters in Trek’s history are impinged by their fake teeth and whatnot.

I find the biggest problem is that the new make-up takes it from difficult to impossible to suspend disbelief. Somehow the previous Klingon make-up looked much more ‘real’ than the new one. These look entirely like what they are – people in rubber/silicone/latex masks.

Opposite for me, the Klingons finally look alien to me, and it’s easier for me to feel immersed.

I agree with this as well. They certainly look more alien in terms of physical detail, but how its applied it looks like they are wearing masks sometimes too.

Which is less forgiveable today, I understand, but let’s not pretend as if aliens throughout Trek history haven;t had such bad makeup that you can clearly tell it’s a guy in a mask or appliance.

In HD it’s even worse. Though I don’t watch TOS, there are episodes of TNG where you can see the rubber appliances on aliens in the closeup shots, it’s terribly distracting.

Honestly I wish they would ditch the Klingons altogether, save for the occasional confrontation. If the showrunners want to explore their culture so much, give the Empire its own show.

Be careful what you wish for…

…not necessarily wishing for it. Actually would probably give such a show a pass. But ideally having their own show would limit them to sporadic appearances on other ones.

You know, I would actually like to see a Klingon based show. Less so if they stick with the current make up, however.

Ugh Tyler, he’s awful.
Ugh Mirror Georgiou.

I might skip this one

Ash was one of the best things about last Season (okay, maybe not, he’s behind Stamets, Tilly Saru… maybe ahead of Michael)… still, he was a great character.

Goergiou and Tyler were the weakest of the weak characters from last season. I’ll watch this episode, but certainly not looking forward to it. Love Star Trek too much to skip.

I’m with you, Alan. They were awfully weak characters. But to be fair, everyone in but Saru ultimately ended up being weak characters upon completion of the season. That is why my attention perks up every time Pike, and now Reno, are on the screen. Even with as little as we know about them I am far more interested in them than anyone from S1.

I won’t skip it, but I’ll admit to not being terribly excited about this one. Basically watching it so as not to miss anything regarding the ‘red angels.’

She looked better bald.

You can please some people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time but you can’t please Trekkies ever!

haha! so true!


Come now, everyone knows no one hates Star Trek more than Star Trek fans.

I was pleased when I first saw the rebooted look.

Really not looking forward to Yeoh’s return. She is a terrible “villain” actress, really hammy, and her character makes exactly no sense. Why would an Emperor be satisfied with being a Federation lackey? Fine, it might satisfy her bloodlust occasionally, but why would she take orders? Why not just disappear and go out trying to set up a new Empire?

I’m pretty sure we are going to see MU Georgiou with an ulterior motive of some kind and probably wants to mold Section 31 to her way of seeing things. I made a joke about it in the other thread where Georgiou looks at everything in the extreme and absolutes but S31 is probably a bit more methodical and how they manage to stay in the shadows. I can see plenty of conflict there and imagine its not going to just be her following orders and doing as told. And Yeoh did hint at that in an interview somewhere a few months back.

Also kind of interesting, we never seen any kind of chain of command or subordinates in that agency. In the past we always seen the figurehead of the organization and little else: Sloan, Harris and Marcus. This will be the first time we see S31 as a real agency.

Are there any F1 (racing) fans here? Because I think she should base Georgiou on her real life husband, current Federation de l’automobile (FIA) president Jean Todt, who’s been called ‘The Little Napoleon’. He’s quite pragmatic, autoriarian and a bit dictatorial in his magement style, but he got results when he was with both Peugeot (in rallying and at Le Mans) and with Ferrari during the Micheal Schumacher years.

Todt also has a reputation as somebody who does not tolerate dissent in any way, shape or form.

I would think that all she would do would be to use 31 as a means to return herself to her universe. Just as Lorca was doing everything he could to get himself back. And to be honest, the Federation should be cooperating with every means necessary to do just that. She doesn’t belong here. Sadly, we already know she isn’t heading back.

I think the character pretty much knows she’s burned her bridges in that universe. You know when they introduced the mirror universe story last season they suggested that they would be approaching the concept more subtly and exploring the idea that it is nurture moreso than nature that determines the behaviours of the inhabitants of that realm. I don’t think they succeeded in this, the villainous MU counterparts were just as one dimensional as previous visits to that universe but I do believe we’ll see this idea fleshed out more if Section 31 does get a series order. Out of curiosity I recently read the IDW sequel comic set in the Mirror Universe. Kirsten Beyer was one of the writers for that series and it was interesting in that they were clearly looking to retcon mirror Giorgiou and make her appear as a lesser evil.

I really don’t think her perceived burned bridges would keep her from wanting to return home. It seems characteristic of the MU to want to return to that creek to spawn. She would be compelled to go back and try and regain her position through every unsavory way possible. That is her MU nature.

Yeah but they literally tried to kill her! The difference between her and MU Lorca is that Lorca had a loyal following because they actually looked up to him and he cared about them. I know a lot of people were disappointed in the twist but he didn’t come off like a total villain like the way MU Georgiou did who killed her own men just to prove a point. She wasn’t the Emperor because she was loved but because she was feared. And my guess anyone who was loyal to her has been killed long ago.

She may try and go back one day but I’m guessing she’s in no rush, at least until she has a real game plan on how to get her power back.

I still think she’d rather be home working on a plan to get her power back. She did it once. I bet she feels she can do it again. I hope she doesn’t think she has the ability to change this side into her own little MU…

She’s hott 🔥

It’s going to be interesting to FINALLY see what Section 31 role will be on this show. We been talking about them since they were announced last year and now they are going to get their own show and yet there has been almost a S31 like black out on what their purpose is being on this season? So I’m actually excited to see where its going. I know people will be paying much closer attention to them now that they confirmed they will be on both this season and next and then assuming the spin off. So no matter how you feel about Section 31 kids, we’re stuck with them. ;)

As far as the Klingons, I can honestly still take them or leave them but L’rell looks MUCH better. The hair really works lol. I am actually interested to see how much more did they change with them besides just their look and clothing. Will they be speaking mostly Klingon to each other last season or did they change that too and just stuck mostly to English like the other shows? I have a feeling its the latter since like Discovery itself now, they are trying to make the show more of an image like the others feeling closer to the Berman era than season one did.

Maybe section31 doesnt’t play a big role in the major arc and is just a preparation for the section31 spin off, like the cardassians in TNG were for DS9.

Looking at the stills I think the hair helps. But it’s still hard to buy them as Klingons. But that is probably the only conceit we are going to get. Unless they decide to do another “Affliction”-“Divergence” like episode arc. (That last line is a joke in case it doesn’t come across that way)

I was more bothered by what they called Klingon ships rather than the Klingons themselves in S1. Looking forward to seeing that D7/K’tinga from the earlier trailer materialize as soon as possible!

As was I. Those ships were goddawful ugly, imo.

YES! Ugly ships, and I think that was such a great design choice. Show the ugliness of the Empire! It was nice to finally see Trek embrace a diverse look of alien ships. Not the same old same old.

Why stop there? Why not completely redo the Vulcans? Change the entire structure of the Constitution Class? Change everything and then tell everyone it’s the same.

Yeah, i’m cool with that.

Here too. Wasn’t that D7 just a wireframe model? I am hoping we could see one in all it’s glory.

Looking forward to seeing Tyler, although he looks like he needs a trim. Looks like there will be a lot going on this episode.

Just a minor nitpick, but Season 2 kicks off directly from end of Season 1, right? Guess Klingon hair grows REALLY fast.

(Fast enough to satisfy disgruntled Trek fans anyway…)

Looks great. Can’t wait.

And oblong Giger skulls shrink really fast too, when an armistice is reached.

To be fair, look how fast Alexander grew on TNG.

Season 2 picks up right after Season 1, but we don’t know how much time has passed between this episode and the last.

It takes some what between 2 and 3 years to grow hair that long. Been There.

Klingons maybe wear hair extentions in this show.

I’m sure the can grow hair the same way they can heal cuts.

So presumably the full-season arc is going to do something in the way of actually resurrecting Culber, right? Maybe not, but I know we’ve mostly all been kind of assuming that to be the case, what with Wilson Cruz being a full castmember.

I wonder if whatever plot device enables this won’t also resurrect the real Georgiou in some way. Maybe have her “real” personality cohabitate bodies with Emperor Georgiou. I just don’t think I can imagine a Georgiou-centric series without SOMEthing like that happening. We’ll see, I guess.

It’s Star Trek, so you never know. This series had Spock’s consciousness in Bones body so it wouldn’t be a stretch to see something like that. But I don’t really think they are going that direction either. If anything, they would probably just bring the original Georgiou back in whatever way they are bringing Cubler back. He had no attachment to the Mycelial network and thats the only way I can see him coming back outside of time travel. But yeah that then opens up a HUGE door, if you can bring him back through this crazy dimension then what stops bringing anyone back that way?

Stamets talked to dead Culber in the mushroom zone and Tilly was enchanted by mushroom magic and able to talk to her dead friend. Seems likely we’re headed for more shroom magic.

Interesting thought, Tiger2. Maybe that will eventually be the reason the Federation stops using the Spore Drive and classifies any info about it. That might explain why we never hear about it in “future” episodes.

Such as original Lorca, perhaps? None of this would surprise me.

It wouldn’t surprise me as Trek has done it before. But that is a well I don’t think they ought dip into too often. It would start to cheapen everything and the audience would stop buying into any death of any character.

I liked the first two episodes. This one, though, looks like something from a wonky CW or SyFy show for teens.

Yes, though youngsters should find Barista Tyler to be relatable.

Ha! That photo does lead one to believe a Starbucks could be right around the corner.

You can’t truly appreciate our menu until you’ve read it in the original Klingon.

Covert organisations were just that, covert. S31 doesn’t seem all that covert, badges, ships and dark leather clothes.


Maybe they were forced to become covert later on.

It is starting to remind me a bit of Ceberus from Mass Effect. What was a small splinter group suddenly had half the galaxy on it’s payroll and giant ass space stations with their logo on them… got silly.

That said, Section 31 always had their own bases and ships. Heck, Bashir had to be taken somewhere in DS9 when they were introduced, and I doubt it was a normal ship.

They had their own ship in Into Darkness. Just face it Star Trek loves Section 31.

I still do not understand what Tyler is?!

Is he a Klingon who underwent surgery or was the Klingon mind transplanted into a Human body?

It hasn’t been fully explained.

It has been fully explained actually. He is a Klingon who underwent surgery and basically full DNA restructuring to be human. They based him off of a fallen Starfleet officer, Ash Tyler. They put Ash’s mind print over Voq’s with a key phrase to trigger Voq when the time was right (which didn’t go according to plan).

“full DNA restructuring to be human”

You know, EVERY TIME I have to hear this ridiculous argument why putting the show in the 23rd century from the 24th is better because the ‘technology is more primitive’ because it somehow makes a more realistic show or something but then you run bump into statements like this and I laugh.

This says it all right here. You now have Klingons who somehow have become advance enough they can somehow restructure one species into another flawlessly. Its not just cosmetic surgery we seen a hundred times or just using someone’s DNA to make a clone, they have found away to literally replace the DNA into entire different species. Forget magic blood, that’s old news, now we can transfer DNA to another species entirely. We’re not talking about injecting DNA What species in ANY century has the technology to do something like this????

Its so mindboggingly stupid and unrealistic it defines any logic but it was the only way to keep a twist that was already MINDBOGGINGLY stupid as a secret. So now you have a Klingon who is by all accounts human on an atomic level? Its not just injecting him with someone else’s DNA and making a hybrid, its a complete transformation getting rid of one for the other. If Klingons have THAT ability why haven’t they used this anymore?? How come its not even discussed? This is a scientific breakthrough, Klingons have created transmutation. Something like that could redefine how we look at biology just like gravity did for physics…and no one is talking about it.

To be fair this comes from The Trouble With Tribbles and is one of the points of the episode– how Kirk uses the tribble to expose the Klingon appearing as human in plain sight. Also if you think about it, nothing makes sense — If Kirk can appear like a Romulan in Balance of Terror, then he would also need some genetic restructuring of their alarms would go off. These are things that were not thought of in the 60s.

In TOS humans and Klingons practically look the same and Arne Darvin very likely wasn’t changed on a DNA level. When McCoy scanned him he knew at once that he was a Klingon. The only thing he did was shave his beard and wear different clothes and he was able to pass as a human.

Just another reason a lot of TOS can be safely jettisoned in terms of aesthetic choices and decisions. We can’t make plyywood computers with yarn wires match up with sci-fi today. Same goes for aliens. Nobody in their damn mind wants humans with a mustache and blackface.

Some people would. Republicans love black face.

Trek in a Cafe,

Those are just examples of advance cosmetic surgery I was talking about. We seen that all the time in Star Trek from those examples to having Kira look like a Cardassian or Troi a Romulan. That’s the way its USUALLY done and acceptable technology is far enough to alter your outside appearance to a realistic level. But that’s still superficial at best. It would take a doctor under a minute to determine if they were actually that species or not.

Discovery however took it to a whole new level and not only gave Voq a complete human anatomy on the inside, they also rewrote his entire genetic code into human which is on another level of insanity. No one ever had that kind of technology before. At most you can use other DNA to enhance a species like Khan and other augments or make clones, but you couldn’t physically mutate one species into another until now. But it was just for a cheap plot twist so of course everyone has moved on.

Trek2, I agree with you that “no one ever had that kind of tech before” in the Trek universe.

Moreover, despite the Tribbles reveal, in DSC, Voq’s transformation rubs us the wrong way because it was presented as something dark and medieval, not something science fictional and aspirational. If this was Dr Who, L’Rell would have taken Voq to the homeworld of her people and used their mystic powers to transform him. Or L’Rell could have been as advanced scientifically as Dr Stamets – and the storylines could have played off each other. But the whole backstory/flashback was sadistic and sensationalist and made into an “ah-ha!” moment within DSC’s operatic format. It was literally shoehorning a body into the story they somehow needed to tell – a love triangle that also seems to have no emotional resonance with any of the viewers. I also think it was a very sad use of PTSD, throwing the term around in an almost cavalier way.

All that said, we have no idea what will be possible in the future, and the complete transformation of our bodies is certainly what scientists are looking for – in our real world.

Surgical alterations in Trek, like the universal translator, is something we’re just not supposed to think too hard about. It’s the kind of thing– like Time Travel– where the logic changes for the episode for dramatic purposes.

Well, and I do agree with your thoughts on the matter, to play the devil’s advocate Trek has done things with their tech that are awfully amazing and then forget they ever did it. My favorite is the fact that the transporter can save your molecular structure and put you back together using that same template. It stands to reason that if you use the transporter when you are 17, you can return 10 years later and revert to your 17 year old self. And STILL retain your memory and experience. In essence, the transporter can keep you forever young.

And thus creates the problem of post TNG technology. Little things like that created to solve a problem in one episode (I think that concept was introduced in “Rascals” right?) suddenly become universe-altering. Like the magic tribble blood in STID.

I feel like it was used that way in TOS, I think…

Ah. Wouldn’t know, I can count TOS eps I’ve seen on one hand. But my point stands.

Yeah, well I can count the TNG episodes I have seen more than once on one hand as well. So throwing out episode titles mean very little to me. But my point is I believe they did it on TOS first.

A simple scan would have exposed that Klingon. No Tribble needed.

Remember on TOS Klingons only had to wear a suit to look human? 🤣🤣🤣

I thought they combined the human and klingon together.
Wasn’t Voq’ soul killed in the end because his and Tyler’s couldn’t coexist anymore? It is weird, I guess they created a new person who is neither original Tyler nor Voq.

There’s a Klingon with a tuft of hair- that demarcates Klingons who are almost ready to go to war, or just have a bad attitude.

Or a very serious Klingon dermatological condition.


Looking forward to this, for no other reason than that I really like this show.

Hear hear. Between this and The Orville, i’m really wishing we would reconsider Thursday as our group game night!

See, I could probably enjoy the Orville if it was just something I put on while playing M:TG or something.

I don’t know about the Klingon mohawk thing. I hope they tone down the makeup a bit since it still looks rubbery and hides the acting of the actors. This is one of the reasons why they dint use alot of masks and facial prosthetics on startrek, its harder to relate when they don’t look human. Think of Chubaca, I know he is an intelagant character but ill I see is Han Solos pet.

This episode very much looks like the kind I commended New Eden for NOT being like – a convoluted mess of storylines and character arcs that is awkwardly cut into episode shape but has no message or purpose on its own. I hope it’s not so, but many late serialized war episodes of DS9 were like that and totally not my flavor. To my mind the best episodes central idea can be summed up in one sentence. Here they need three just to describe how three storylines get pushed along (even leaving out the 4th Section 31 one we can see in the pictures). I still hope more episodes this season are of the New Eden type, pushing the greater narrative while also having a self-contained story, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that is not the case.

The fewer episodes like New Eden the better.

From the feedback to New Eden it doesn’t seem alot of people feel like that. It was universally better liked than the flashy season opener and this next episode promises all the soap opera without much of the flash.

And yet still it’s getting cancelled!

Get a drink buddy, we know it’s tough :D

Sorry I don’t drink. Sober 23 years!

Which S1 episode has “no message or purpose on its own?”

I was comparing it to the late DS9 Dominion war arc episodes which had a little Founders story line, a little Kai Winn/Dukat story line, a little Cardassia storyline and a little DS9 storyline. But nothing else. Just plot, nothing to take home. Juggling 4 storylines in presumably 43 minutes is daunting.

Right. When I recently watched DS9, Season 7, again, I skipped most chapters with Kai Winn, Dukat and the Pah-wraiths because it went round in circles for many hours. It was an lack of ideas and so was the first season of Discovery. Very long episodes to tell very short stories.

By the way: this isn’t only the problem of Discovery but of many current TV-Shows, for example “Westworld.”

So there were no episodes in S1 that lacked a message or purpose on its own. Agreed. I see a lot of this hyperbole about DSC S1, then when you ask people about the storylines, themes, and messages, they clearly haven’t given it any thought.

Don’t take my lack of time for replying to all these threads as agreement. Season 1 of Discovery had nothing important or serious to say, unless you consider equating war-mongering Klingon cannibals with Trump voters and one dimensional Mirror mass murderers with immigration critics as “serious”. Everything – message, character integrity and plot logic – was sacrificed for the next gimmick, the next twist, which of course is all what a completely arc-driven series can offer. This is Star Trek, not some kind of “Who dunit” crime novel.

Nothing you wanted to hear, is what you mean. Gotcha.

Agreed, VS. Hopefully there will be some bright spots during the episode, but it doesn’t look nearly as compelling as last week.

Ugh. I really miss Star Trek.

Yeah, and I miss my 30s. So what?

Have a drink buddy, and tell us how you really feel :P

I think you meant to respond to Overmind. He’s having a bad day and missing his Star Trek. But in life you’ll be much happier if you don’t dwell on the things you miss. When you do that, you miss out on the present!

That’s sound advice, but I don’t see the contradiction. We are arguing for better Star Trek and seeing its possible makes it all the more damning. It doesn’t mean there aren’t any other priorities in life.

Nobody is arguing anything. OP is wining like a 5 year old who misses his binky.

I think you are interpreting way too much into six words.

I welcome myself to your club then.

So nobody’s going to mention Ash’s Romulan insignia?

And his Legolas-In-Black-Costume.

The Search For Spock.

…we keep on seeming to lose that guy…

Is this show capable of grading itself in anything other than cold blue or warm orange? Are any other colours possible, ever?

Like I pointed out in another thread, this is the “Orange & Teal” style the Michael Bays of Hollywood are really fond of. Google it and you will realize how prevalent it is among action movies.

Does that Klingon in the third picture have a mohawk? These Klingons look even more ridiculous to me.

Well they are supposed to be aliens!

I don’t mind changes if they are an improvement. To my eyes, these new Klingon designs are not an improvement. Like so much on the show, they seem over-designed to the point where they become distracting.

And complaining for daily for 3 years, that’s the answer!

Damn right it is!

Yeah, it’s one thing to make new tweaks but a near entire redesign is going too far for an alien that has been as entrenched in Trek lore as Klingons are. It’s not like we are talking about beings who appeared in one episode in 1967.

They look great. The Klingons from the 90s sucked big time.

That’s one thing i’ll never say. I still prefer the 90s Klingons, but i’m willing to acknowledge that may be nostalgia talking, and I do like the direction conceptually for DSC Klingons. I like that they’ve chosen to make them more alien.

To me the 90s Klingons just look like humans wearing cheap makeup. They all look the same with no variety.

Ridiculous: all Klingons in the Bermanverse.

So you expect every Klingon to have the same haircut? Don’t take the laziness of 90s trek to be gospel.

Man those “Klingons” look ugly…wow…so bad.

No Spoilers – Overall I thought the story was well written but like the S2 premiere episode, IMO there is too much going on and too many stories happening at once. Nice little plot twists throughout and good to see what was happening with Ash, L’Rell and others. The naysayers will I’m sure have a field day with this one. Serialization, bad Klingons, Tilley isn’t officer material, etc., etc. All that said, I would give this one 3.5 out of 5.0. Next episode preview – looks like everything is happening on the ship next week and we finally get to meet another new character from the past.