‘The Big Bang Theory’ Finally Bags William Shatner

The Big Bang Theory is no stranger to Star Trek alumni appearing, with numerous big-name guest stars over the years. However, with the popular CBS sitcom in its 12th and final season, the big get for them has always been Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner. The original Captain Kirk has been courted by the show since at least 2016 … and they finally got him.

This morning the official Twitter account for the show announced an upcoming episode packed with guest stars, including Shatner, saying “Get ready for the ultimate Dungeons and Dragons battle coming soon to The Big Bang Theory.” In addition to William Shatner, Joe Manganiello, Kevin Smith, Kareem Abdul-Jabar, and Wil Wheaton will guest star as well.

Shatner has already responded to the news on Twitter, making deep Dungeons and Dragons reference.

The Big Bang Theory and Star Trek

The nerdy sitcom has been replete with Star Trek references of its 12 seasons, including a number of guest appearances from Trek veterans, with Shatner just the latest in a long list to appear on The Big Bang Theory. His Star Trek: The Original Series co-star Leonard Nimoy lent his voice to a Mego version of Spock in the fifth season episode “The Transporter Malfunction.” Other Trek stars who have made cameos include George Takei, LeVar Burton and Brent Spiner. And as regular viewers of the show know, Wil Wheaton has played a version of himself as a guest star at least once a season since the third season.

The clip below from the fifth season episode shows Spiner and Wheaton together in the episode “The Russian Rocket Reaction.”

Co-creator dreams of returning to Trek

The Big Bang Theory co-creator and showrunner Bill Prady is a big Star Trek fan, and he even has contributed to the franchise, writing the story for the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Bliss.” Now that The Big Bang Theory is wrapping up, Prady is thinking about his future and in a tweet he sent out earlier this month, he seems to be dreaming again of the final frontier, saying “After Big Bang Theory ends, I would like to work on a Star Trek show a little.” With so much activity going on at CBS for new Star Trek shows, maybe Prady should give Alex Kurtzman a call. And maybe he already has.


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I’ve said this before but Shatner will appear in anything that pays him enough. Not a criticism as he’s a smart businessman but makes things like this not really surprising.

Fun news although I had forgotten the show was still on the air. The first few seasons were outstanding but lost me over time. I will definitely reintroduce my self to it all when William Shatner shows up!!

Awesome. Please keep him in that bag.

Actually I’ve never seen the show before, which is weird given my nerd status. This will change all that.

Get ready to not laugh!

Yeah if it’s too corny, I’m out. I’m not a follower of the current-day sitcom anyway.

I tried to like TBBT 11 years ago. I really did. It was the sort of thing that seems like I would love. But I found it cliche ridden and unfunny. Never watched more than 6 episodes.

Cool. Shatner, Joe Manganiello, and Kevin Smith. I will definitely watch.

Great, is Shatner also going be hosting Saturday Night Live again soon ? Can you believe he only hosted SNL once, back in 1986, it’s long overdue for him to host again !!!

There’s no way to top the ‘get a life’ skit, he must know that by now. Treasury the memory, don’t try to go to that well unless they get Robert Smigel back to write the material.


I love you Bill, but D&D is not a game of win or lose.
Unless that’s the joke!
Anyways, I’ll be watching.


You messed up the headline.

‘Boffo Big Bang Belatedly Bags Bald Bill’

You’re welcome.

It actually appears as if his hair plugs have finally taken root. Much better than the skinned gerbils he used to wear. Also note his commercial for an oxygen generator no longer includes the line about his having had a friend ‘who suffered with “COPD”. Wonder if the Nimoy family said it was in bad taste? Anyway, if you go to see Shatner live, bring an O2 generator since he sucks all the oxygen out of the room.

We could use a long overdue spinoff this fall called “The Wil Wheaton Show”……

.. thank spock, finally some trek news that doesn’t involve nocovery