Watch Clips Of Upcoming Star Trek-Themed Episodes Of ‘Carpool Karaoke’ And ‘Let’s Make A Deal’

CBS is doing some corporate synergy by airing Star Trek-themed versions of two of their popular shows, Carpool Karaoke and Let’s Make a Deal. Check out the brand new clips. Both Trek-themed shows will debut in the next few days.

Discovery cast play Carpool Karaoke

The popular “Carpool Karaoke” segment of the CBS late night show Late Late Show with James Corden has been spun-off into its own series on Apple’s TV app (available on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV). As we first learned in May 2018, an episode featuring the cast of Star Trek: Discovery was filmed for the second season of Carpool Karaoke, the episode debuts tomorrow – Friday, February 1.

NOTE: For Windows and MacOS users you can view Carpool Karaoke via iTunes 12.2 or later, and Android users can access the episode via the Apple Music app.

To watch all episodes of Carpool Karaoke for free on the TV app, visit

Star Trek on Let’s Make a Deal

Next week Star Trek is invading the long-running game show Let’s Make a Deal. In addition to the games and sets being customized with a Star Trek theme, the audience was packed with fans in costume. Host Wayne Brady was also in costume. CBS has released a clip featuring Mary Chieffo (L’Rell) helping out with a Kligon question.

CBS also released some images from the episode.

And Deadline has an interview with Let’s Make A Deal executive producer Mike Richards about the Star Trek episode.

The episode airs on Monday, February 4th. Let’s Make a Deal is broadcast on CBS, check your local listings for air times.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery and Trek celebrity news at TrekMovie.

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OK so I’d lose my ish if the cast of Star Trek: Discovery did a drive by “Vulcan Hello” on me. I’d just go bonkers! LOL

Yeah – you and most of the rest of us! I’d just yell THANK YOU for what you are doing on the show – and within the Franchise! Then, I’d add the phrase in Vulcan (as we saw the Vulcan High Priestess say to Spock in the first movie when he failed his Kolinar test….). I’m actually waiting to hear them say it on Discovery also …. in Vulcan, not just “Live long and prosper, but using Vulcan language like on the T-shirt I’ve seen offered with the phrase spelled out in [Dictionary] form.

Leonard Nimoy told a similar story about driving around San Francisco while he was making Star Trek 4 and making the Vulcan salute at people he drove past.

As shown in that video nobody cared. Ahahaha!

Haha that is great seeing the cast driving up and down University Avenue in a sunny warm downtown Toronto. Can’t wait to hear the gang singing. Btw I would imagine the cast is all very happy that the show films from April to Dec. I love my hometown but it is about -15C or 5F here today. I know it is not as cold as Chicago or Minni but after living in California for about 7 years and then the Gulf Coast, I have gotten a little soft. It’s really only been wintery up here for 2-3 weeks, but spring can’t get here soon enough!!

If only it wasn’t on Apply TV, I have absolutely nothing apple related in my house, and honestly, I don’t want anything apple related in my house.

I knew there’d be at least one person here complaining.

download the apple music app to your phone or PC

Agreed. And I don’t want to download any of their applications either. I guess I’ll have to find it on other sources.

Whoa, Mary Chieffo is statuesque! I never realized how tall she was before, but seeing her stand next to Wayne Brady sent me to Google–she’s six feet tall! I love how many of the contestants obviously knew who she was and were going bat’leth-crazy as she walked in. :)

I can’t wait to see the Carpool Karoke episode. This is such a talented cast and it’s obvious they love being around each other. They deserve all of the success, accolades, and fun!

Where’s James Corden? I hear Reggie Watts is a big Trekkie!

I haven’t had time to watch ANY Disco yet so I can’t read or comment on too many things rn, but this article makes me smile :) and I think it’s a cool way to get the word out about Discovery.

I feel sorry for the people outside the car.