Check Out 5 New Photos From “An Obol For Charon” – ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2, Episode 4

This morning CBS released five new images for “An Obol For Charon,” the fourth episode of the second season of Star Trek: Discovery, which features the return of Tig Notaro as Jett Reno and the first appearance of Rebecca Romijn as Number One.


A mysterious sphere threatens the U.S.S. Discovery even as May, in her original form, implements a plan that puts Tilly’s life in danger. Saru and Burnham’s bond grows when Saru is forced to acknowledge a deeply unsettling Kelpien truth. Pike receives new intel on Spock from a loyal friend.

New Images

“An Obol For Charon” — Ep #204 – Pictured: Anthony Rapp as Stamets (CBS)

“An Obol For Charon” — Ep #204 – Pictured (l-r): Anthony Rapp as Stamets; Mary Wiseman as Tilly(CBS)

“An Obol For Charon” — Ep #204 – Pictured (l-r): Oyin Oladejo as Joann Owosekun; Doug Jones as Saru; Anson Mount as Captain Pike; Emily Coutts as Keyla Detmer; Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham (CBS)

“An Obol For Charon” — Ep #204 – Pictured: Rebecca Romijn as Number One (CBS)

“An Obol For Charon” — Ep #204 – Pictured: Tig Notaro as Chief Engineer Reno (CBS)

Previously released images

Ep #204 – Pictured (l-r): Anson Mount as Pike; Rebecca Romijn as Number One (CBS)

Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike and Rebecca Romijn as Number One (CBS)


Earlier CBS released the trailer for “An Obol for Charon” exclusively on the official Star Trek site (for USA only). Netflix has also released the trailer on social media. You can watch the trailer below from their Instagram post (viewable globally).

How to watch “An Obol for Charon”

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else. “An Obol for Charon” will be released on All Access and Space on Thursday, February 7th, 2019, and on Netflix Friday, February 8th, 2019.

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Excited for Tig Notaro! She was SO good in the season premiere!

Hopefully this a lot less convulted than Episode 3 (which i enjoyed but made my head hurt haha!).

How to watch “An Obol for Charon”

Point face at screen. Use eyes.

If you want to simultaneously listen to “An Obol for Charon,” consult the manual that came with your human body. Ears (included) may be required.


Ha, your phrasing reminds me of the Futurama opening credits gag where it says:

“Touch Eyeballs To Screen For Cheap Laser Surgery”

I recall when Taco Bell first came out with the soft taco. On the wrapper was, I kid you not, eating instructions. But what I got a charge of the most was the last step was, “Enjoy!”. So if I wasn’t enjoying my soft taco I must be doing something wrong.

I have no idea if those instructions still appear in the wrapper.

“Enjoy!” was my favorite part of the directions on absolutely anything.

I always made a point of not enjoying, just to prove nobody told me what to do.

Curious if Discovery will give us Number One’s real name… or some clever reason why she doesn’t have one.

Majel perhaps?

I’d go for “Una”, her Non-Canon name.

Right you are Spock. They use it a lot in the first DISCOVERY novel that was released.

They already seem to be ignoring that novel so I wouldn’t say that is indicative that they’ll use it here.

Keyla Detmer got her full name as a result of that novel, so it could go either way.

They have done nothing whatsoever to comtradict Desperate Hours.

Didn’t Michael and Spock interact a lot in Desperate Measures? The new season makes it sound like its been a lot longer than a few years since they’ve spoken.

Books are never canon.

I’m usually up on the early voyages novels but don’t recall that. I see “Una” and think “Unas” from Stargate. Definitely not the same!

This was the first Disco novel, “[The] Desperate Hours”

Beautiful. Painfully Beautiful.

Unpronouceable by most…

I am sure known Kurtzman, it would be something that would disappoint me

You wrote “known” when you seemed to mean “knowing.” Maybe there’s a reason Kurtzman has signed a $25,000,000 deal to produce and write Trek… and you struggle to write even a nasty comment on an article on a blog? Hmmm. I’m bored with the nobody’s nothings that infest these comments daily that are as rude and petty as they are unaccomplished.

If David Fincher signed such a deal, then I’d be interested, even though I haven’t been blown away by his work thus far this century. There are many filmmakers whose works is of interest to me whose involvement would intrigue me. Not Mr. K.

It’s probably going to be Una, but I’d love it if they used Leigh Hudec.

“I want to be a pilot”
“Okay, what’s your name?”
“I don’t have one, I’m only one person”
“Okay…hmmm…let me see…”
*dramatic music, slow pan to close up view of face*
“I’ll put you down as…Numberrrr….one”
*knowing smile*

Let’s cross the genre franchise streams (risking us all getting splashed by the disrupted arcs) and call her Moneypenny.

This one looks interesting and they are doing a weird science anomaly episode again so it looks back to Star Trek roots!

Looking forward to meeting Number One and seeing Jett Reno again. I’m really hoping its going to be a good one again and last week was more of a fluke. Fingers crossed!

Last week was more interesting than exciting, more character building. I’d rather see exciting like the 1st two. They can drop the Klingons from the series unless they use them in a classic next gen style. Jett Reno was funny, hope to see more of her. She could catch on quickly.

Not sure if you or others care, but last week’s Orville was character building and kinda boring too.

Definitely agreed! I don’t mind character building stories and some of the best Trek stories have been character based ones. But how it was done last week was just too melodramatic with one too many crazy twists for me (ie L’rell and Voq baby. Maybe more will come out of that, but it went too far and unnecessary to me. And its also why some of these twists gets a little eye rolling on this show IMO).

Annnnnyway, I am looking forward to this one. Not AS excited as I would’ve been a few weeks ago but nothing that jumps out as a warning sign either. And NO Klingons (at least not in the preview) so that alone gives me hope.

Klingon Monk Baby show I tells ya! Best spin-off idea yet!

Interesting how the one Klingons as the A story show brought the season to a grinding halt.

I agree with you. The Klingon stories just aren’t that interesting. I hope they move on from them.

They are just boring. I never loved Klingon stories that much but sadly the Discovery Klingons just have no flair to me at all. I would even take the TOS Klingons again over these. At least they had personality even if they came off like cheap space pirates.

I liked the Klingons in TNG. They were the most interesting part of the show. But unless Discovery shows us a different side of their society all the Klingon stuff has a been-there-done-that feel to it. At least Affliction gave us a Klingon doctor/scientist.

And then there is the fact that it is a reminder of all things terrible about season 1… So… Yeah.

I agree about the eyerolling twists.

There were strong hints that the baby might be the Albino Klingon from DS9 “Bloodoath.” But why bother with it at all? It seemed pretty pointless, except as a all-too-convenient plot device.

And the warpaint being used as a listening device. What?! He speaks like House of Kor planned it that way all along to spy on them. Like, “I know, I will wear ridiculous spy paint and of course Voq/Tyler will rub it all over his fingers and then carry on in private comversation with L’Rell before he washed it off so I can learn all their secrets.” I mean, am I missing something? Because that’s pretty unbelievable.

I’ve seen the albino theory in other places as well but yeah who cares? He was literally in one episode and had no profound effect on anything. If the baby was someone like Gowron or something that would be a really interesting twist.

The war paint is pretty funny. Just more ‘magical’ technology people constantly complained about with the 24th century shows. Its the same people who created an entire human out of a Klingon so I guess spy paint is just low grad for them.

I liked the Klingon plot and action. Tilly’s part too.

Me too and it all links together.

It better all link together or else all that stuff would be wasted time.

That said, stuff in season one all linked together and we saw how badly THAT went….

I wonder if at some point in the series Number One will become the permanent Captain of the Discovery. We’ve been told that Anson Mount appears in every episode, but not necessarily that he’s in command of Discovery throughout. It would make sense that the first officer of Enterprise might be promoted to command a ship like Discovery.

Though I’m not sure there’s anything precluding her becoming Captain of the Enterprise either. I don’t think it’s ever been firmly stated that it went direct from Pike to Kirk.

I don’t think it’s ever been firmly stated that it went direct from Pike to Kirk.

Actually yes it has. From TOS “The Menagerie”

MENDEZ: You ever met Chris Pike?
KIRK: When he was promoted to Fleet Captain.
MENDEZ: About your age. Big, handsome man, vital, active.
KIRK: I took over the Enterprise from him. Spock served with him for several years.

Yep. (Though Mendez got the “about your age” part wrong himself, Kirk clearly being at least a decade younger.)

Well Mr Hall your comment is my pet peeve and I’ve posted this going back to USENET. Mendez spoke correctly. The “about your age” line is to tell the audience that this white haired and scarred man in a wheelchair that beeps is not a 90 year old man but a victim of an accident. Regardless Pike and Kirk are close enough in age that “about” is correct even without Pike being in the condition he was in.

*Sigh* Ironic for me to even be having this conversation, as I’m a huge fan of the writing in “The Menagerie,” not to mention my relative lack of nit-picking chops as compared to so many others here, whose skills in that regard are world-class. Nevertheless, I’ll stand by my relatively mild criticism. At that point in their careers Kirk was only a year or two past being appointed the youngest Captain in Starfleet history, while Pike was a seasoned senior officer. I find it doubtful that a fellow officer would describe them even off-the-cuff as being “around the same age,” that decade’s difference being so crucial in both of their lives. I just don’t think Roddenberry thought that line through.

That said, I also don’t consider it to be that big of a deal.

11 years, 4 months, 5 days(Spock)

That’s still easily vague enough for them to bend given the things that have been ignored/changed so far. “Took over the Enterprise from him” could just be taken to mean he was a previous commanding officer.

It would also make sense that she’s simply acting as captain of the Enterprise during its refit.

Or some other reason entirely for her appearance.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

I don’t really follow. Discovery already has a first officer, its Saru. My guess is they would promote him to the chair before they promote a first officer from another ship.

And don’t they already have a captain waiting on Vulcan? Its pretty funny its like they totally forgot that guy lol.

Join the discussion…I have to wonder about that “…Captain waiting on Vulcan…” line from the finale of Season One and/or what’s being discussed now in early episodes of Season Two: could this be the Prime Universe’s Gabriel Lorca? Imagine the complete conflict that could occur in the entire Discovery crew if that happened: “We thought he died – oh, was that the Mirror Universe Lorca, or is this another universe’s Lorca – or is it OUR Lorca, or is this person a Talosian illusion…….. or is this person [something] which one of the Red Bursts they’re hunting for this Season is presenting to us?” Wow, the emotionally-conflicting possibilities with THAT kind of Season Two finale…..!

I am curious about “the captain on Vulcan”, but wondered how the timing went if they were just supposed to meet Pike for temporary assignment?

I think Prime Lorca was swapped with Mirror Lorca and died in the MU.

I wonder if the red angels are a species that seeded humans across the galaxy and are using Discovery to save those in danger? I think it would be cool to see an advanced species indistinguishable from a god as the ones who seeded Earth’s “Adam and Eve”. Certainly possible if this season is about science and religion?

Tiger2 – I think people want to see what happens to Number One after The Cage. I’d agree though, why would they add her to Discovery? They have Saru as first officer and Commander Burnham who was a first officer…

Well, it can’t be Sargon’s people. Did BermanTrek ever do anything with The Preservers, outside of maybe hinting they were the folks in the holo at the end of THE CHASE?

Its been awhile. What episode did the Preservers come from? Was it TOS?

I still would like it to be the Iconians personally. They seem like another cool advance race. And I know STO has created a lot of mythology around them.

paradise syndrome tos s3, the nat-am indian planet with that awesome obelisk.

Oh gotcha! I haven’t seen that episode in probably decades now. I loved watching it to see Shatner overact to the point of parody lol. It was a pretty goofy episode but I like it.

But it can’t be them because in that episode in it Spock is discovering who they are for the first time. It would seem odd these are the same visions of people he’s been having since he was a kid and literally drove him to the insane asylum to not connect the two a decade later. But maybe he will get a big mind wipe after this season…and that will also explain why he never talks about Burnham since he can’t remember her. ;D

Psst. It’s “advanced,” not “advance,” when using it as an adjective.

“This technology is more advanced that anything I’ve ever seen, Captain.”

“Advance” can be used as a prepositional phrase or adverb, usually short for “in advance”, such as:

Advance tickets (sold in advance of the regular tickets)
Advance notice (notice given in advance of an event or arrival)

And there is the noun version of advance, such as “The troops made their advance on the city.”


I do not recall anyone referred to as The Preservers in TOS. That does not mean an unnamed entity could not be retconned into them…

again, that’s PARADISE SYNDROME.

Was that what the natives called them? Or was that something Spock said when he was inside the oblisk? I’d have to check it again but it doesn’t ring any bells. I have seen the episode a handful of times. It’s not a favorite save for Shat’s melodramatic moments. So I do not recall things from it as well as most others.

There was also a TNG episode, called “The Chase,” I believe, in which Cardassians, Romulans and the Enterprise-D follow clues to get to a planet and meet someone who looked remarkably like a Founder [DS9’s “Founder,” Salome Jens]

Ahhhh proper Star Trek <3

Yes, this is the one I’m thinking of!

They are the iconians. In Brother in Tiffany windows you can see them

The Iconians make a lot of sense. They were from the Beta quadrant, which is where the humans from WWIII were relocated.

TBH I don’t think it would be Prime Lorca. Besides the fact there is no word on Jason Issacs joining the cast again, I think it would feel insensitive of Starfleet to just have that guy show up without any warning after what they been through. Of course its not his fault but I would imagine it would feel incredibly awkward that guy was your captain. Then again, its television, so that’s the kind of stuff they do lol.

Actually now that I remember wasn’t Prime Lorca sent to the Mirror Universe? So it couldn’t be him because he’s now missing or presumed dead.

Why couldn’t it be him? Just because he’s missing or presumed dead does not mean he actually IS.

Personally I’d find the adjustment of Prime Lorca and the Discovery crew to be quite dramatically interesting.

Jason Isaacs did drop a couple of hints that he might be showing up on Discovery at some point in future.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to shatter your bring back Lorca campaign Marja. ;D

And I mean it would seem REALLY convenient the guy who was missing for so long that his impostor managed to show up and takes over his entire life and no one noticed, only to have the real one magically show up later like everything was fine. It just feels like something out of a really bad soap opera IMO. I know this is DIS but even that would just feel a bit too ridiculous IMO. At least set it up right and not just through lazy flashbacks. “Hey its me, the real Lorca! SURPRISE! And how I got out of that Klingon prison in the Mirror Universe was a doozy I tell ya! It all started back when…”

But I’m not saying he can’t come back, I just think coming back that way would strain credibility. Its probably better to have a story where they go back to the MU to find him or something.

Much as I like Isaacs, the decision to reveal him as his own MU counterpart was so inept and misguided that at this point I think it best to just leave the whole thing alone.

“It just feels like something out of a really bad soap opera IMO. ”

Wouldn’t be the first time. Data’s evil twin. Lorca really being an imposter…

Emperor blasted his ship when they were transferring universes

I feel that Disco will be sent to rescue Lorca from the Mirror Universe in a future episode. Maybe next season.

I’m a huge Trek nerd and am subscribing to CBSAA JUST for Trek and there are other streaming services with more and better stuff that I do not pay for. That said if they do THAT I would suddenly seriously consider never watching CBS produced Trek ever again. (Not saying I wouldn’t. Probably would. Just saying I would think about it)

Do what? Bring back Lorca, the best Captain in Star Trek?

How is he the ‘best’ captain in Starfleet if you never seen him as captain? I think you just like to troll here sadly.

He was the most interesting Captain. Until the writers decided to clue us into the fact that he really wasn’t.

Indeed, ML.

Might not have been a “guy” that was the captain. #TheFutureIsFemale

I guess that captain will be reassigned to another ship, and who wants a Vulcan captain?

To be fair they never said the captain was Vulcan, simply that’s where they were picking him up.

Setting aside that it is established that she didn’t command Enterprise, if we are going to be a slave to canon do you really see Pike recommending her, knowing he’ll never get used to a woman on the bridge.

Progression is a good thing, folks, even if it violates canon.

Maybe it would be a way to get her off his bridge permanently. ;)

I kind of wonder if they are going to reference that line at all? Make a joke about it to show Pike wasn’t really being a sexist ass, it was just the sixties. ;)

Its probably best to ignore it though and just chalk it up to a different time.

That wide shot above of the Discovery bridge is the icon and epitome of what I find so unbelievably wrong and even amateur about this series (and as I mentioned elsewhere, I went into this new iteration excited and hopeful, and even pleased with the time placement within ST “future history.”)

What’s wrong with it?

It looks like its been shot in a barn or a warehouse and had the producers grade school-aged children set decorate it. Then there are the costumes (but I’ll save that for another time). Imagine a bridge design that incorporates the recurrent circular bridge but as an earlier starship it also has the somewhat confined and highly layered design of something not entirely unlike the Nostromo from ALIEN. Or at least base it on the design of command centers on a current US navy aircraft carrier or nuclear submarine. It amazes me that outside of the feature films and DS9’s Defiant, only the original series convincingly depicted the layout and sense of “presence” of an actual space vessel/’Fleet Command line ship, inspired by a modern navy by way of NASA and the JPL.

Plus y’know everything else is wrong with it.

It actually reminds me of a cleaner, larger USS Kelvin bridge. (Like it or not) that ship is prime timeline so this bridge actually makes sense. The Discovery uniforms even feel like they were born out of the USS Kelvin uniforms.

They look to me like they were born out of the NX-01 uniforms. But they would be better placed a few decades earlier than they say they are in at best. While the ship itself looks like it belongs at least 12 decades later…

Coolness. Looks like we may get away from the dreariness of season 1 stuff and on with the more interesting stuff. The return of Reno is a positive thing, too.

I’m super excited about this episode. I cannot wait to see Number One!!!!

My only concern is that it sounds like there’s a lot going on at once: Number One, Spock, May and Tilly, Burnham and Saru, and of course, a giant red thingy. Hopefully everything will dovetail together in some manner.

I’m pumped that we’ll get more of this Tilly-May storyline. I haven’t gotten nearly enough of it; fascinating stuff.

Me too.

Will Rebecca put on her Mystique costume in yet another alternate-universe crossover? Survey says…”yes please.”

That will happen in season 3 when she jumps through time to the 24th century and mistakes Picard for a former arch-nemesis!

And he’ll also mistake her for a former arch nemesis. Lwaxana Troi.

Ooooh, double the acrimony!

There is a Star Trek/X-Men crossover comic where Picard meets Professor Xavier, so there is kind of a precedent for that.

I’m looking forward to the inevitable Orville parody, “An Oboe for Karen.”

I want to upvote that comment!

[slow applause]

Sounds like a title for a CBS allaccess afterschool special for teens … still trek except for TNG had some interesting titles … FOR THE WORLD IS HOLLOW AND I HAVE TOUCHED THE SKY might well be the inspiration for THE TRUMAN SHOW’s conclusion for all we know.

Like the Enterprise uniforms so much better than the Discovery marching band outfits, even with that goofy collar.

Nice thought to share a few years after the first look at the uniforms.

Pretty sure there is no expiration date on when someone can comment on something.

Won’t you admit that seeing the contrast between the costumes can bring out the (relevant) criticism? I’m probably always going to be thinking ‘marching band’ from now on. Wish that if they had to go that color palette, that it looked more like the seaQuest uniforms.

Agreed. Marching band uniforms they are!

@Michael Hall – I’ve even grown to like the goofy collar, especially since the Cage-era collars were goofy in their own way. And “marching band outfits” is the most savagely perfect description of the DSC costumes!!!!

They also resemble Football/Soccer outfits from 1977

Too colorful and distraction. That’s the reason they found every opportunity to get out of those uniforms in the JJ movies.

Bring on Number One!

Oh no it looks like Paula Radcliffe, marathon champion, is in danger! Killing Tilly off would be one of about 150 things needed to be done to make this zombie of a show viable.

Gotta love the pretentious episode name too. God I cannot wait for this show to be put out of its misery.

Hopefully it’s a long and excruciating wait. And then in 5 years, all the haters will be all ‘it was pretty good’ because there will be some new Trek to complain about that’s not whacking their fangasm boner just right.

Nah it will get cancelled and then maybe people will understand it wasn’t really Star Trek?

You’re just a breath of fresh air!

*Yawn* Gotta wish that those with nothing better to contribute to the conversation than vitriol would save the bandwidth and just stick to collecting their toys.

I collect DVD and video games (wink).

Every Star Trek episode ever written has a pretentious episode title. Why change things now?

Obviously you’ve never seen Michael Piller produced Treks, which are often just a determiner followed by a noun. Sci Fi Universe magazine used to make fun of his simple titles, explaining that if he had produced CITY ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER, he’s have called it THE RING.

Obviously I was just trying to make a joke.

Only Discovery ones. They are really really bad.


One thing I’ve learned after looking at the collar styles on “Discovery” is that the Starfleet uniforms in this time period were all designed by Denise Huxtable.

Aquaman better not hear you say that.

They’re better than the Gordon Gartrelle original :-)

What time do they release new episodes on Thursdays?

Not only is Jet Reno back but Cmdr Nhan is officially on board as well in a DISCO uniform. Really like her.

Poor Saru, he sees the end of Star Trek coming! CBS do something!

Actually don’t…you’ve done enough.