William Shatner Back On Tour With 11 Upcoming ‘Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan’ Screenings

Photo: TM Williams Photography

William Shatner’s tour of screenings of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is back. Each event features the original Captain Kirk on stage, live, sharing stories about making the film and participating in a moderated Q&A, following the screening of the film. TrekMovie reviewed one of the stops from last year and recommends it for any fan of Trek.

Shatner has already done a couple of events this year with a number of new dates announced this week. As of now, there are eleven upcoming stops announced, with cities in the mid-west and west coast up through May. The 2019 Winter/Spring tour cities are (click venue name to buy tickets):

February 7 – Saginaw, MI – Dow Event Center

February 8 – Indianapolis, IN – Murat Theatre

March 6 – Columbus, OH – Palace Theatre

March 7 – Toledo, OH – Stranahan Theater

March 8 – Rosemont, IL – Rosemont Theatre

April 3 – Evansville, IN – Victory Theater (PRE-SALE)

April 4 – Green Bay, WIWeidner Center for the Performing Arts (PRE-SALE)

April 5 – Grand Rapids, MI – De Vos Performance Hall (PRE-SALE)

May 16 – San Rafael, CAMarin Center (PRE-SALE February 19)

May 18 – Riverside, CA – Fox Performing Arts Center (PRE-SALE February 19)

May 19 – Eugene, OR – Hult Center (PRE-SALE February 19)

NOTE: William Shatner Fan Club members can use promo code SPACE for pre-sale discount.

Shatner on set with The Big Bang Theory

In other Bill news, there is an update to last week’s story about Shatner being cast to appear on The Big Bang Theory. Yesterday The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco (who was Shatner’s partner in a series of Priceline commercials as well) shared an image of the two together on set.

For more info on William Shatner’s upcoming appearances visit williamshatner.com.

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Coming to Riverside! Maybe I’ll go…

I live in downtown Riverside Ill definitely be there.

Wow. Lots of cities. I don’t know..the question has to be asked.. toupee? or not toupee? :) :)

On a more serious note..between Clint Eastwood and Shatner, they’ve got to be the busiest, well known Octogenerians in Hollywood.

People keep talking hair plugs on Shatner, but that is definitely a weave (system) slapped on the top of his head. A buddy of mine runs Hair Club For Men and explained the whole thing to me.

yes, his are made by ed katz, see ed katz himself as he makes all his rugs look the same, burt reynolds outed shatner a couple of years ago in an interview as the man who sent him to katz

Seriously, both Shatner and Eastwood are inspirations.

Probably a weave. And yeah, Shatner an Eastwood keep busy.

My wife got me tickets for “Shatner’s World” a couple of years ago and it was a lot of fun. Hopefully he’ll add a few dates on the East Coast.

Glad to see him out and active. It seemed like he’d been unusually quiet lately and I was worried.

Ha, check him out on Twitter, then – he’s all over it.

Dang. San Rafael is too far to go for a Thursday night. Looks like I’m SOL on this again.

I’ll always be a Shatner fan but I have to ask: why does he always have that angry look on his face in these promo photos/posters?

(After Shatner has seen what Kurtzman has done with Star Trek)


I wish this tour would include Toronto, Ontario