The Shuttle Pod Gets Caught Like A Fly In A Web While Discussing “An Obol For Charon”

Like we did last season, for the run of Star Trek: Discovery season two The Shuttle Pod will again transform into Shuttle Pod At The Disco with weekly podcasts discussing each new episode.

Shuttle Pod At The Disco – Season 2, Episode 4 – “An Obol For Charon”

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Star Trek: Discovery Season 2, Episode 4

This week Kayla, Matt, and TrekMovie editor Laurie discuss “An Obol For Charon.” As with most Discovery episodes, there’s a lot going on: We get our first few moments with Number One, right before the ship encounters a huge sphere–a classic Trek mysterious entity that’s misunderstood. Saru goes through a change of life and exposes a truth that his society has obscured with mythology, while Stamets and Reno face off in a delightful exchange of barbs, then team up to solve a crisis. Tilly’s “friend” May morphs into a symbiont, and we learn from some painful head drilling that she’s a member of a sentient species that lives in the mycelial network. Ouch.

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I know a lot of people don’t like this show ,but this season is getting real interesting. I’m liking it more and more. Lets remember other star trek series took a few seasons to find it’s beat Next Gen comes to mind.

Agreed. I love TNG, DS9, and VOY, but IMO they took a few seasons to ‘pop.’

this is hard to listen to because they really seem to be so down on the show. there are things I don’t like about it either, but it seems to be really complaining or dismissive in tone, even when complimenting something. it’s my first time listening to one of their podcasts, hope it gets better.

You would think some people would remember that…

I THOUGHT (obviously in error) that the Enterprise’s meltdown was caused by the Red Angel, and that the phenomenon got into the ship’s systems through the holographic comms. NOPE. Holocomms don’t fit canon, so OUT they go! The Enterprise just… broke. Great. Thanks for that.

Pike was only guessing it was the hologram coms system. I agree, it was the red burst. But yeah… there ya go, reason to blame to it and lay the foundation for removing it.

I too didn’t like the clumsy effort to fix that oversight. However, I guess I *can* see some precedent for a tiny/minor system causing a huge failure in a complex ship.

Real life example: The devastating and tragic Space Shuttle Challenger disaster of 1986. A faulty O-Ring led to a whole lot of events that caused the Challenger to crash. That’s an actual example of a “cascading failure.” (Not that I’m trying to equate a real-life horror to a fictional TV show; I just feel that sometimes humans make technical mistakes that can have consequences.)

My problem with that segment is that it’s all a little vague. And rushed.

Agreed. It would have been better to claim Discovery and the flagship were two of the few ships selected as test beds for the holo technology and never became integrated into the entire fleet due to it’s technical flaws and security vulnerabilities.

Obviously it was a canon-fix BUT, I still think it was meant more for laughs than a serious excuse. Pike clearly doesn’t like the holo-comm and so he’s stubbornly using the situation as an excuse to get rid of it. I thought it was amusing.

The mistake was drawing attention to it at all. They should’ve just stopped using it and moved on. The explanation doesn’t really make much sense. Are they telling us that Starfleet never figured out how to make it work safely at any point over the next century?

Not really any more egregious than DS9 bringing up the question of why the 23rd century Klingons look so different — though calling attention to it made it more absurd than ever — just for the sake of a joke.

But what an amazing joke it was! Personally that was my favorite part of the episode.

I LOVED Worf’s delivery of that line.

Sphere’s legacy: 100,000 years worth of snarky Yelp reviews.


Hey Discovery! Like Kayla, I am also on call as a science advisor! I am a physics and astrophysics instructor and am more than willing to help with your cringe-worthy science faux pas! Like, they are really bad. It’s kind of like second-hand embarrassment they’re so bad.

I’d do it for free!

That said, good Shuttle Pod, y’all. One nitpicky thing: it’d be cool if you started the review with a little summary of the episode. I sometimes don’t listen right away, so it’d help. It’s still my favorite podcast, though

Thanks for the feedback on the recap. We haven’t heard much about them from folks. We’ve debated internally about starting with a little recap. The 2 to 3 sentence description CBS provides for each episode won’t really take up too much time, so we’ll start to add them going forward.

That’s awesome, thanks.

Great job on the podcast, it’s one of my favorites. I liked being able to hear another person’s perspective. If Laurie is available, I would recommend having her back again.

Loved listening. Does no one think its weird they talked so much about food during that episode?