‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Update: Doug Jones Talks New Saru, Mary Wiseman Gets Married, And More

Before a new episode premieres tonight, we have a few Discovery cast and crew interviews and goings on to bring you.

Teases for “The Sound of Thunder”

Tonight’s new Discovery episode is the continuation of Saru’s storyline. Saru actor Doug Jones chatted about the episode with the official Star Trek site. There’s quite a bit to it, but here’s a few interesting quotes.

On getting to unlock a new chapter of Saru thanks to the mysterious sphere in “An Obol For Charon”:

That episode alone was something above and beyond for me. To play it and then to watch it back has been a very fulfilling and satisfying experience as an actor. The writers gave me such a chance to play emotion that I haven’t played as any character before, let alone a creature. And to see, having lived in fear, and that being a part of what I had to ingest as an actor to play this character, now that fear is gone. That just turned the page completely for me as an actor in this role.

On Saru’s ethical conflict around the truth of the Kelpien life-cycle:

Now I’m faced with the huge conflict of General Order One, the Prime Directive. I cannot go back into my pre-warp society and say “Hey, everybody, guess what!” It’s not up to me. So, this is a huge conflict because I could save my entire species, and I have the power and information to do so. And it’s… Think of it! Think of the conflict!

Also, if you haven’t seen “The Brightest Star” already Doug suggests you watch it before the new episode. It’s the one Short Treks that people really should watch, it offers up good background information and helps flesh out Saru and his life on Kaminar a bit.

Also, co-writer Bo Yeon Kim shared some insights into the red Kelpien flowers, which are named as a tribute to a friend who passed away.

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This red flower (as seen in Star Trek: Discovery’s “The Brightest Star,” #204 and soon in #206) is the fredalia, native to Saru’s homeplanet Kaminar. It was named after our friend Frederick Kim, who was a physician by training and a writer by calling. A few years ago, Fred passed away tragically due to a sudden brain aneurysm. Gone too soon, with so many stories left untold. He loved all things Star Trek, and wrote “Forgotten Light,” a short story that was published in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds VII (Pocket Books). His legacy lives on in this flower that will forever be part of the Star Trek canon. Keep an eye out for fredalias in this week’s new episode of #StarTrekDiscovery, written by @erikalippoldt and yours truly 🌹

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And Airiam actress Hannah Cheesman also hyped tonight’s episode.

Sonequa Martin-Green featured in cover story of Emmy magazine

Michael Burnham herself, Sonequa Martin-Green is gracing the cover of Emmy magazine this month. The feature includes quotes from the actress herself as well as cast and crew of Star Trek: Discovery.

Speaking about taking on the responsiblity of leading the series, Martin-Green said:

I’ve discovered I have such a great capacity to carry the weight of this show. What I’ve learned is there’s your capacity, and then you’re stretched beyond it, you know? That’s how you grow — you have to break the muscle to build it.

The actress also talked about the arcs for the characters on the show, saying:

Our characters are not complete yet. They’re still figuring out who they are. There’s so much more to learn.

Of course the other big genre show she was on, The Walking Dead, came up in the discussion, Martin-Green says she sees some similarities between TWD and Discovery:

On both series, you have people who come together for different reasons, for Star Trek, people came together on purpose, and in The Walking Dead, people were thrown together, yet you still have these people who are inherently different fighting for a common goal: a better future.

Extra has also released a behind-the-scenes video of the Emmy magazine photoshoot which includes Martin-Green talking about Trek tech.

Cast at Designers Guild Awards

Sonequa Martin-Green, Wilson Cruz, and Mary Chieffo joined costumer designer Gersha Philips at the Designers Guild Awards. Gersha and Discovery were up for the Excellence in Sci-Fi / Fantasy Television costume category, but sadly it lost out to Westworld.

Mary Wiseman gets hitched, the Discovery cast is there to partake in the festivities

Congratulations to Mary Wiseman who got married over the weekend to her fiancee Noah. The couple got engaged in April 2018. Some of her Discovery co-stars were there for the big day and a few shared some images on social media.

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I will take good care of you I will take good care of you Everything you feel is good If you would only let you I will wash your hair at night And dry it off with care I will see your body bare And still I will live here So stay with me Hold my hand There’s no need To be brave And all the quiet nights you bear Seal them up with care No one needs to know they’re there For I will hold them for you ‘Cause all I ever wanted is here All I ever wanted All I want is Always you It’s always you And we’re not out of the tunnel I bet you though there's an end Stay with me Hold my hand There's no need To be brave And while you sleep I'll be scared So by the time you wake I'll be brave. @lesloups @cortanabrides @theonebridalny @reivamakeup @snakula

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Wilson Cruz and Anthony Rapp shared photos from the celebratory weekend on social media

Discovery Episode 6 Debuts Tonight

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

“The Sound of Thunder” will be released on All Access on tonight at 8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT. It will air on Space at 8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT tonight. It will be available on Netflix tomorrow morning, Friday, February 22nd, 2019.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.

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Not gonna lie, if I looked that disinterested in any of my wedding photos I’m pretty sure my fiancée would smack me over the head with something heavy… 🤔

My parents have great wedding photos and video.

Divorce within three years. Time will tell.

Groom is definitely not immersed in the spirit of the ceremony.

Just watched the episode and noticed Marc Okrand’s name in the end credits as “Kelpien language consultant”

Yep. The co-writer of the episode tweeted out some phonetically written Kelpien from Marc last month, kinda interesting.

I didn’t know that before. So Saru species have their own language.

Well, obviously. EVERY species in Star Trek does. Why wouldn’t the Kelpiens??

You are named after a Star Wars character. Lando Calrissian is in episode 9.

I watched the episode. Really nice

Yes I love this cast and crew. Tonight episode was good. So much to digest.

Tonight’s episode is the best in the season. I loved every minute of it.

Best in the season? Best of the series! And this coming from yours truly, hell’s freezing over! ;)

Vulcan Soul tonight’s episode is why Star Trek is special. New life and exploration, that is what makes Star Trek Star Trek. Star Wars is about good and evil. Marvel is about superheroes and other stuff.

Totally agree with you! And it had that particular Star Trek ingredient that has been missing all too often in this series, especially in season one: respecting “the other” instead of vilifying it, accepting truly different points of view, and finding a way for peaceful coexistence rather than assimilation or annihilation.

Vulcan Soul do you like Star Wars?

Mary Chieffo is channeling her inner Marilyn Manson.

Mary Wiseman married the love-child of George Clooney and Ryan Gosling!

Klingons ruined Star Trek Discovery. I don’t want any Klingons on season 3.

Klingons are awesome.

A34 Star Trek Discovery Klingons are so bad. They don’t look Klingon in the traditional sense. The only good Klingon on the show is L’Rell.

I 100% don’t agree with you. The Klingons from the 90’s looked like guys in cheap comic con costumes. It was time for an update.

A34 Star Trek Discovery made the Klingons look too unusual for my taste. The 90s looked normal. I don’t agree with you either.

Updates mean small tweaks here and there. Not entire wholesale changes to the point where it barely looks like it is supposed to look like anymore.

That. But I also feel like Bryan Fuller ruined the show before anyone else had a hand in it. At least the current crew is trying to bail water out of the boat.

I immediately thought Ryan Gosling and Bastian Pastewka.

Why? Ryan Gosling was in Blade Runner 2049. I don’t know who Bastian Pastewka is.

@ Professor Spock
Wiseman’s husband looks a lot like Gosling, but his expression is like Pastewka’s.

Bastian Pastewka is a german comedian. Nobody would know him outside the german speaking world.

I was thinking Noah looks a bit like Jake Gyllenhall.

I hope he and Mary will be very happy together!

Saru is the best Star Trek: Discovery character. Captain Park is right up there with Picard as the best Star Trek captain. Michael Burnham is okay but she’s not an angel.

Whoever had the idea for the Kelpiens to walk with their hands waving behind their backs, I wish they hadn’t.

I always thought that was to add counterbalance? You know, since Saru has those precariously high boots (with no support at the back) and also because he seems to jut his hips forward when he walks.

I thought that was really cool.

Doug Jones created the walk.

A34 really?

Yeah, because of how the boots push his hips forward he decided to work it into the walk. It looks awesomely alien.

I think it just adds to the alien-ness of him. It’s fine.

Why not? It makes him look very alien and graceful at that.

I think Doug had the idea, because of how he has to walk “from the hips” in his hoof-feet, and the arm-sway is a good counterbalance. It is something I’m noticing more this season though.

He rather facetiously called it “walk, walk, fashion baby”

Love or hate Disco, you have to appreciate how honestly friendly and loving the cast is with each other. They really like working together in a way not seen since TNG.

Disco is way better than J.J. Abrams Kelvin timeline movies. At least Star Trek Discovery is in the proper timeline Marcelo

Agree, they have great chemistry and it shows! I personally love Disco :)

I agree. The actors are like family.

Me too, just to be clear. Wasn’t knocking it at all.

Makes a strong case for hiring actors who don’t get along once the cameras stop rolling.

That is true, it does sound like the DIS cast is close knit like the TNG cast are. Its crazy 30 years later, the TNG gang still talk and hang out with each other. I heard there are definitely a lot of close friendships to this day with the cast from DS9 and VOY but not on the level of TNG.

I’ve discovered I have such a great capacity to carry the weight of this website

After watching both the short and this episode I can say in full honesty that there is zero need to watch the short before this episode.

You only get the broad strokes in the episode. The Short Trek is for the details.

The short adds nothing to the tale. And I say this as someone who thinks Saru is the most interesting character in the regular cast.