Check Out 6 New Photos From “Light and Shadows” – ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 2, Episode 7

The fourteen-episode second season of Star Trek: Discovery is about to hit the halfway mark. This morning CBS released 6 new images from “Light and Shadows,” the seventh episode of the second season of Star Trek: Discovery, which features Michael Burnham’s return to her home on Vulcan. The episode will feature the return of a number of familiar guest stars and the debut of a highly anticipated new one.



Burnham goes to Vulcan in search of Spock, where she unearths surprising family secrets. In researching what is left of the Red Angel’s signal over Kaminar, Pike and Tyler end up in battle with time itself. Georgiou has a few tricks up her sleeve for Leland and Section 31.

 New photos

“Light and Shadows” — Episode #207 — Pictured (l-r): Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham; Michelle Yeoh as Georgiou (CBS)

“Light and Shadows” — Episode #207 — Pictured: James Frain as Sarek (CBS)

“Light and Shadows” — Episode #207 — Pictured (l-r): Shazad Latif as Tyler; Anson Mount as Pike (CBS)

“Light and Shadows” — Episode #207 — Pictured (l-r): Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham; Mia Kirshner as Amanda (CBS)

“Light and Shadows” — Episode #207 — Pictured (l-r): Mary Wiseman as Tilly; Anthony Rapp as Stamets (CBS)

“Light and Shadows” — Episode #207 — Pictured (l-r): Mary Wiseman as Tilly; Doug Jones as Saru; Anson Mount as Pike (CBS)

Previously released image

“Light and Shadows” will feature the first appearance of the adult Spock in Star Trek: Discovery, played by Ethan Peck, based on a previously released publicity image.

Ep #207 – Pictured: Ethan Peck as Spock (CBS)


Earlier CBS released the trailer for “Light and Shadows” exclusively on the official Star Trek site. Netflix has also released the trailer on social media. You can watch the trailer below from their Instagram post (viewable globally).

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Buckle up. All new Star Trek: Discovery 1 March.

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How to watch “Light and Shadows”

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

“Light and Shadows” will be released on All Access on Thursday, February 28th, 2019 at 8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT. It will air on Space at 8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT on the same night. It will be available on Netflix the next morning, Friday, March 1st, 2019.

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Looks good.

Tilly looking good.

I meant rather Burnham in that TOS-shaped outfit. but okay.

Burnham’s outfit looks Vulcan to me.

The boots and skirt have a very 60s TOS vibe.

I’m enjoying this season but find the Spock / Michael / Red Angel arch the least compelling aspect of it. There are so many threads to wade through that it ultimately seems unnecessary to drive the season (Culber’s return, Pike taking command, Section 31).

Maybe it’s really the idea of a serialized series vs. a season long story arc. It can be serialized without a story arc to piece it all together.

The Spock story has disappeared for long stretches of the narrative. They don’t have the pacing of their story arcs down particularly well.

I don’t see why you say that. It’s a 14 hour episode about Spock but there’s no way it can be 14 hours of Spock. You have to have these other stories mixed in that don’t include him.

When Saru told Culber (paraphrase) sometimes you have to go through terrible things to become the person you were meant to be. Made me think of two other people that spent some challenging time in the mycellial network. Staments and Tilly. Remember how Staments was before he started jumping? He was an azz but then became a much more friendly guy. Tilly was a spaz to say the least but last episode she was very stoic. Culber, we know is differewnt, just not sure how much. It’ll be interesting to see if this is intentional

There’s that moment early in the first season where Stamets “splits” in the mirror. People took it as referencing the mirror universe, but it might be a clue to the mycelial network having some long term irreparable effects, perhaps pushing Discovery outside of prime.

it will be interesting this week to see if Tilly remains much calmer

There’s a moment in the previous episode where Pike asks the Ba’ul if they care about the Red Angel. Then Saru goes a bit nuts. And the question is never answered. I think that’s on purpose. How is Saru/Ba’ul/Ariem/Spock connected to the Red Angel? Will it make sense in the end?

Probably but likely not in the most satisfying way. Just a hunch.

I don’t like the skirts. I had hoped all the female characters only wore pants. Bummer.

VZX what’s wrong with skirts? Skirts look good on a woman so you can see their legs.

In a workplace? As a uniform?

Skirts ARE a uniform in Star Trek, at least TOS. They are only keeping to canon.

Or on men like in season one of TNG. Also, BTW, it’s 2019 and talking about women’s looks is primitive, chauvinistic and outdated. Women don’t show up to explore the galaxy and conduct badass science so men can “see their legs.”

Curious why you would want that

To be clear that is a shirt that splays out at the bottom. Burnham then has pants on with boots. You can clearly see them. And, that’s not a uniform. It’s her Vulcan casual wear. So let’s all move on shall we?

Burnham going to Vulcan, yes! We finally get to see Spock. What’s wrong with him? Did the Red Angel make Spock sick or insane.

This episode will have time travel for sure. “Pike and Tyler end up in battle with time itself”. Time travel! Red Angel is a time traveler like a Q Iconian

Perhaps the Red Angel is the ship’s computer AI from Calypso. It travelled back in time, to help key shipmates.

Or Q…

that’s a good theory

It very well could mean they talk about it again…

And for the record, Spock doesn’t learn that time travel is even theoretically possible until he encounters it in The Naked Time. I’ve sure Archer reported his dealings with Daniels but that news didn’t make its way to Spock over 100 years later.

That is an interesting point about when time travel became widely known. Time travel was key to the Xindi arc in Enterprise. T’pol directly experienced time travel. Surely it would be scientifically documented thoroughly by the TOS era, unless it was classified for some reason.

Well, the Vulcans insisted that time travel was impossible, despite all evidence to the contrary. They may have persuaded Starfleet to believe that Archer was crazy whenever he discussed time travel.

“Spock, it’s me.”

Seems like it’s going to be a cliffhanger ending.

I can totally see them not showing him until the final shot of the episode. Like in Unification Part 1.

Spock is studying Talmud. That’s certain. And he is wondering if they are in the Matrix.

“go down the rabbit hole. To enter into a situation or begin a process or journey that is particularly strange, problematic, difficult, complex, or chaotic, especially one that becomes increasingly so as it develops or unfolds.”

Is this Discovery? ;) No, seriously, I wonder how this repeated “Alice” allegory will play out. Maybe Michael herself is caught in a “Donnie Darko” style tangent universe XD

I imagine it’s the exploration drive that’s in Burnham. Probably never play out in any particular way

Burnham’s got more than a bit of the test pilot crazy under the cool Vulcan exterior.

She’s curious, but she’s enjoying the adrenaline of exploration and risk as well.

I dont understand why people are so upset about Spock having a sister, he never mentioned his brother either.

I’ll double down on that. Now I’m upset that the sister won’t mention Sybok…

Same here. We would have a better understanding of Sarek’s attachment to Michael. In his mind both sons were disappointments and, for him, failures on a personal level.

And mentioning Sybok would solidify the existence of Michael. Plus Sybok’s beliefs seem to fit in with the overall theme of the season.

Mixed feelings on this one too.

On one hand, on principle I don’t like a major character introduced in a movie to be effectively written out of canon…especially when there are fans that really like the idea of Sybok whatever the flaws of the movie.

On the other, given that I could only get through one showing of ST:5, and that was because it was part of a student Star Trek movie marathon, I’m inclined myself to pretend it never existed.

Many, including myself, would like to pretend that season 1 of Discovery never existed. But, unfortunately, it does.

Couldn’t resist just saying that one more time ML31?

My regret about DSC season 1 is that it will be 5 years before my spouse and I will be ready to unlock the parental controls and let the kids watch it with us.

The adult content episodes are hard to omit in a serialized format..

With episodic TNG, we were able to just deline to let them see specific episodes when they were younger with no major continuity lost.

Well, you mentioned your inclination to pretend TFF doesn’t exist. So… BTW… TFF has a small connection to STD in that in it Spock reveals a never before mentioned half brother. Setting precedent that helps the Burhman story fly.

Guess that’s why they are making a kids show on Nickelodeon.

Maybe Sybok was sent off to a special Vulcan school and was an embarrassment to the family

Poor Sybok. No wonder he abandoned logic.

They’re both nonsense add-ons to me, but they don’t prevent me from enjoying Discovery or Star Trek 5. They’re simply additional elements in my suspension of disbelief.

I’m curious, if we were to find out that Uhuru or Scotty had a sibling would you find this equally challenging? When in season 7 of TNG they randomly decided that Geordi La Forge had a mother did it it totally take you out of the episode? I mean surely if he had a mum he would have been rabbiting on about her in practically every episode, I for one always assumed he was an orphan!

Geordi had a mother for one episode.

@A34 That’s my point, there was a 153 episodes of TNG aired before we saw Geordi had a mum who was a captain in Starfleet but nobody finds this unbelievable. By contrast Spock appeared in a total of 82 episodes and 8 movies but people find it absurd that Spock’s sister was not acknowledged prior to Discovery. Likewise, the series bible for TOS indicated McCoy had an ex wife and there was an used script that would have introduced us to his daughter Joanna. Many fans still accept this as potential canon for the character and if it was confirmed in a future episode of Discovery would have no problem accepting it even though she wasn’t once mentioned in 80 TV and 6 prime movie appearances by the character. Why do we have no trouble accepting that conversations and events happen off screen for pretty much every character in Trek other than Spock?

Different circumstances. Let’s say if you had a good friend for 50 years and only then did you find out that person had an adoptive sibling, while possible wouldn’t you find that a bit odd?

If my friend was a Vulcan that never talked about his family then no, I would not find this odd.

@ML31 I get that but to be fair Spock is only half human so his very alienness could be expected to be a bit odd. It’s not a big issue for me though, aside from the fact that Spock has form for concealing his family life from his friends there’s actually no reason to assume that Kirk and the rest of the bridge crew didn’t know about Burnham.

It’s not an issue for me either. It’s been done before and Spock has already been established as being rather tight lipped about such things even to his closest friends. I don’t question the possibility. I question it as a creative choice.

Thats true, you’ve always been pretty consistent with you’re view on this and I would never argue against your right not to be a fan of a particular creative choice.

I pretty much feel the same way myself. Watching TOS it’s very difficult for me to buy into these unmentioned siblings, yet in the context of DSC’s universe I don’t mind it at all, and even find reasons to appreciate it when it’s well-handled.

Like totally. Because people are always citing William Shatner’s Star Trek V as the way to do Trek properly. Point taken.

Did Star Trek V fail because Spock had a half-brother?

While I didn’t care for the idea of Sybok being Spock’s half-brother, Lawrence Luckinbill was actually one of the better things about that film.

Or his wife — or his dad being the Vulcan ambassador.

…or spock’s father was a Romulan double agent?

I really don’t care all that much one way or another but taken as a whole all these retcons have really screwed up Spock’s family:

First you have Spock, who spent most of his life trying to figure out whether to follow Vulcan or human teachings before finally finding that middle ground.

Then you got Sybok, a full-blooded Vulcan who decided to embrace emotions and basically become human.

Now we have Michael, a full-blooded human who was raised to suppress her emotions and basically be a Vulcan for much of her young life.

And we have Sarek, who became estranged from all of them at one point or another.

If nothing else, it all calls Sarek’s parenting skills into serious question.

So… The bearded Spock… Mirror Universe or not? If so, then the revelation will not be very surprising; if not, it will be pretty disappointing (as we all know what a beard on Spock means…) I think I’d still prefer the first option

No, just an unshaven Spock. The season will end with Spock in his blue tunic giving Michael the Vulcan salute and saying, “Live long and prosper.” The Enterprise goes to warp, Michael goes to the bridge and a cliffhanger is setup for season 3.

Spock has worn a beard before.

Only in the mirror universe.

No, not anymore than long-haired Spock in ST:TMP was The Way to Eden space hippy Spock. I don’t think that facial hair immediately signifies mirror Vulcans.

I’m actually surprised that so much is being made of this.

How many humans wear their hair the same way for their entire adult lives? How many human males experiment with facial hair at some point over their lives?

Given that the writers of Discovery are trying to reconcile the Spock with the goofy smile who was smelling the flowers in The Cage with the TOS Spock, rather than pretending it never happened, why wouldn’t we expect some other very visible external differences?

“Pictured (l-r): Mary Wiseman as Tilly; Doug Jones as Saru; Anson Mount as Pike”

… and Ronnie Rowe as Chopped Liver?

Well, it seems that somewhere in the Comms chain for Discovery, there is a a real blind spot.

Those not cast in LA don’t seem to be in their consciousness, so why should their existence be noticed in captions.

The sad thing is they are all very experienced and solid actors, not extras. Ronnie Rowe has held his own in lead roles and been acclaimed in independent productions, for example.

It’s this depth in the supporting cast that makes the whole bridge setting more credible.

The issue goes beyond inconsistent treatment of the regulars though.

Most recently, I was stunned that Hannah Spear didn’t even get listed as a guest star in the credits for ‘Sound of Thunder”. Just listed with the Canadian cast on the page that follows.

Says something when most of the reviewers refer to her as a ‘guest star’ and give her exceedingly positive comments, but CBS doesn’t give her the same credit.

I wonder if it’s at all to do with SAG regulations, cause I know those are strict as hell.

I wondered about that. American productions in the Canada seem to get into a weird cross between SAG and ACTRA (the Canadian guild) regulations.

However, in the short trek she got guest star status when the actor who played Saru’s father was also Canadian.

But I recall that Harry Judge who played the Tellerite captain in the Mudd short trek did not get guest star billing.

In any case, Hannah Spear has a great set of well-deserved positive reviews for Sound of Thunder.

Feels like it ought to be called, “Spock. Finally.”

“Let’s Just Finally Get This Out of the Way”

Mudd. It’s got to be Mudd.

anyone know if we will get a Mudd episode? I thought it was said that all the shorts would play into this season

Sadly it doesn’t sound like it. I think they would’ve announced Mudd was coming back if he was unless he is being kept secret for some big plot twist.

Or maybe HE’S the Red Angel! ;D

Mudd is Red Angel because he can control time. And he likes Bunny suits.

Mudd should get his own show.

One of his Mudd robots maybe.

Wow, this is going to be a momentous occasion, finally the first Prime Spock in fifty years since Nimoy will show up on a new Trek show and the first in nearly ten years since Quinto took on the JJ verse version (and may be done for good now).

I’m a little shocked there isn’t bigger hype about this episode considering they have been promoting his arrival for what feels like forever now. I have a feeling this guy will be part of Discovery through the rest of its run, especially if they do get a bigger audience after he shows up.

I would definitely not want Spock to continue on to other seasons. I feel they are already leaning too hard on our love of TOS to boost discovery.

I hear you but let’s be honest, they are going to do WHATEVER they can to keep viewers signing up to AA, hence why Spock is even there in the first place even after they proclaimed we would never even see the guy. Now I have a feeling both he and Pike will be sticking around next season, although maybe more as a guest star role and not leading the show like now. Could be wrong though.

And they put Discovery in this time period so they can lean on TOS in the first place. If that wasn’t the case, they could’ve put it in the post-Voyager era where it really belongs anyway.

yep its ratings and money

I’m shocked that people making a TV would be interested in ratings and money.

The TOS era is just more interesting. They should have never set TNG in the 24 century.

This is why I’m happy fans don’t run Star Trek Trek lol. It would’ve died in the 80s easily. And they are going back to that era this year!! Hopefully it will bring All Access real buzz now that Picard and TNG era are back. And technically the new show will really reflect the 25th century all said and done. Couldn’t come soon enough!

The one and only one reason GR set TNG 80 years down the road from TOS was so he could set it apart from TOS. He did not want TOS to be a cruch for TNG (like it is being used for STD). Agree or not, that is why it was done. At the time, I wanted it to be in the TOS time frame. But after it was on for a while I realized it was one of the few decent decisions GR ever made.

they took the easy route so they could upgrade the tech.

“And they put Discovery in this time period so they can lean on TOS in the first place. If that wasn’t the case, they could’ve put it in the post-Voyager era where it really belongs anyway.” Exactly, Tiger.

Tiger2 Spock won’t be here in season 3. Depends what the produces have come of with.

How do you know that? Did someone say he wasn’t coming back for season 3?

I think Spock is just part of the season 3 story arc. Now, if there’s ever a Pike series… (please, please, please).

Yeah but even if there is a Pike show, that’s YEARS away from now. That’s why I’m guessing they will keep them on next season just like they already confirmed MU Georgiou/Section 31 will be part of the cast in season 3 even though they have a show coming. I have a feeling they want to keep these characters around because assuming they make a show we may not see them again for another 2-3 years with Discovery, Section 31 and the Picard show all running not to mention the animated shows. I assume one of those will have to get cancelled first. Four live shows all running together seems a bit crazy but MCU has done it. And I guess they could show up on the Section 31 show too.

So we’ll see. I just really doubt if Pike and Spock brings in a lot of viewership in season 2 they will just be dropped. Not the way this team operates anyway.

Pike has received so much positive buzz that I have a hard time thinking they will let Mount go. I think they will find a way to keep him around at the very least.

Unless season 3 is going to go a very different direction like end up in another time period or even universe I don’t see how they are not at least considering it.

Pike is a HUGE factor of the positive response the show has received this season, that obviously can’t be denied. He fits exactly how most people think of when they look at a starfleet captain and it keeps their toe in TOS mythology, even by just a little.

I know they are really kicking themselves right now because of one throw away line said on TOS over 50 years ago is what keeping him from being captain full time. This is why prequels can be frustrating and a great example of what happens when you don’t have a complete open canvas. That said, its also why retcons happen so much in them to bypass stuff like this. ;)

So yes my guess is they will find some way to keep him on or at the very least to bring him back a few episodes next season. And I think this ‘new captain every season’ bit is going to feel old fast if they develop these characters so much every season just to take them away by the end of it. Its going to feel very frustrating because you know by the end of the season they will be gone so you better not get attached to them.

So if they do get rid of him, just make the next guy (or girl) the permanent captain of Discovery and be done with it. Losing both Lorca and now maybe Pike just upsets fans.

Rotating captains has got to not sit well with the existing crew. They would be thinking, “come on… NONE of us can get promoted?”

Maybe. Season 3 might be focused on Lt. Kirk of the Farragut. I think if I recall the timing Kirk was watching the rest of the landing party die at the “hands” of the vampire cloud while the rest of the Star Fleet (save the Enterprise, it seems) was engaging the Klingons in a major interstellar war.

On the subject of the next Disco captain:
1. I doubt it would be either Saru or Burnham. Saru hasn’t had much experience as first officer. Maybe less than a year (especially remembering Disco skipped over nine months in returning from the mirror universe). Seems too unseasoned, so to speak. Georgiou spoke of Burnham as ready for her own command in “The Vulcan Hello,” but would Starfleet really be quick to make her Discovery captain after her mutiny at the battle at the binary stars and threatened mutiny at Qonos? More importantly, Disco is uniquely structured with the star not being captain. To make the star the captain would lose that uniqueness in Trek.
2. Pike permanently: established canon would only allow his serving as Disco captain for maybe three years at most. Seems unlikely to me. Maybe recurring guest.
3. Some other known character: Number One (why not?), Garth of Izar (do we need another genocidal captain?), Garrovick (dies in 2257), Matt Decker (why not?), anybody else?
4. Some new character? We’ve never had a non-human captain for any length of time, which could be interesting, whether a known or new alien species is an open question. Since Disco was headed to Vulcan at the start of season 2, could it be a Vulcan? Maybe even a relative of T’Pol? Maybe, but maybe we’d have had enough of Vulcans after this season and with Burnham continuing to represent Vulcan culture to a degree what’s to be gained? I guess I’d favor an alien of some known but not much explored species. Familiar yet mysterious. Andorian?

Just some thoughts.

Always happy to visit Vulcan, which even the otherwise dreadful Trek 2009 managed to get mostly right*. It’s a fascinating place.

*Aside from that freaking blue sky, anyway.

Michael Hall Vulcan is Star Trek’s Tatooine

No, Tatooine is Star Wars’ Vulcan.

Hear! Hear!

Oh no, they’re getting attacked by Matrix-squids!

Oh, man. That’s what that was. You’re right.

Wow, I love the design of Sarek and Amanda’s home! It has a sort of MCM-Scandinavian thing going.

Kevin Lee Vulcans have a interesting sense in fashion and art.

The sculpture is a bit on the busy side but the architecture, glassware and painting are nice.

So they have IKEA’s on Vulcan??

Sure thing they have IKEA on Ekos, I heard the founder of IKEA was a supporter of John Gill.

I feels very Japanese which works since I’ve always viewed Vulcans in that way.

Ditto for the Asian influence on Vulcan culture. I know Asian design sense influenced European and American modern design as well.

It’s a real house called the Integral House and is considered to be of high architectural significance.

It seems like an truly inspired choice for the home where Spock and Burnham were raised.

It was built to the specifications a mathematician who made a great deal of money by writing a very successful calculus textbook.

He was also an amateur musician, and hosted chamber music performances in his home.

The house was sold by his estate a few years ago. I don’t think that it’s been used for film or TV much as it was bought to be a private family home.

You can find a complete set of views if you search for the Integral House.

I’m happy we are going to Vulcan in the next episode. Vulcan is one of my favorite Star Trek planets. We finally get to see Spock! He looks like mirror universe Spock from TOS. My favorite Star Trek planet is Earth. I also like Andoria.

So did Amanda bring track lighting to Vulcan? And wood panelling?

Haha. Thinking the same thing myself.

Definitely getting a 1960s Mad Men vibe from it. I almost expect them to have a Tiki bar.

Why do they use Instagram videos, no full screen?
This channel has promos, no restriction:

I did really enjoy S1 of Discovery – my only concern is that it was a bit on the dark side (lel) – but S2 is so much better. Great directing, pacing, stories and FUN. Star Trek shows usually hit their stride in S3 so I really can’t wait. I think this show will go on to be a classic.. And all the gatekeepers whining about it now will end up saying they always liked it. 100%

Gatekeeping seems to be a long term vulnerability for the franchise.

I watched TOS as a kid (including some of it in first run when I was arguably to young to have been exposed to some of the content).

I was exasperated by all the voices in the 80s and 90s that didn’t accept TNG, and recall how the creators of Voyager and Enterprise felt obliged to say that they were working to recreate some of the ‘out there into the unknown’ feeling of TOS that the naysayers found lacking in TNG (yes, really…)

I have always wondered how much Voyager and Enterprise were compromised to satisfied gatekeepers who were never going to be happy with anything but TOS.

So, again I think Kurtzman and CBS are on the right track in trying to figure out what are the core elements of the brand and holding true to those, while creating a menu of offerings that will appeal to different audiences.

You know how the writers could subvert expectations? – By having Spock there for a FULL episode right away, this week.

Idle speculation – wonder if there is any relationship between Ash Tyler and Jose Tyler of Pike’s Enterprise?