Review And Giveaway: New Line Of Star Trek Leggings And More From Wild Bangarang

Official product shots of TNG leggings from Wild Bangarang.

Last month, a new line of Star Trek activewear for women hit the market. From purveyors of officially licensed geek and gamer apparel, UK-based Wild Bangarang debuted their first Star Trek-themed clothing, featuring leggings, workout crop tops, and more. The new Trek products are reasonably priced and come in sizes from XXS to 3XL. There’s more to the line than we can highlight in this article, so be sure to check out all the Star Trek products here.

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Review: TNG Leggings and Crop Top

One of the highly featured items in the new line is these The Next Generation leggings and crop top pairs, which come in command red, medical/science blue, and engineering/ops gold. These outfits will really let you show off your inner Trekkie at your next workout. I personally prefer to show off my geeky side in more subtle ways, and I love that the design of the leggings (which you can purchase separately from the crop tops) lets you do just that. They have sleek modern designs—you’ll notice each color scheme comes with slightly different geometry between the color and black on the leggings. I opted for command red, which has a nice solid red stripe down the sides, and top and bottom red accents in the back.

Official product shots of TNG leggings from Wild Bangarang.

Both the leggings ($39.62 each) and crop tops ($26.42 each) are made from a blend of 80% polyester and 20% elastane (i.e. Spandex). I ordered a medium in both (my go-to size; I’m 5’9″), and the fit is perfect. If you’re a bit taller than that, there is plenty of stretch left in the length of the leggings. The elastane component means these leggings will fit a wide range of sizes and still be comfortable.

The material feels quite soft and strong. The construction is top quality and entirely made in the UK, where the company is based. The colors are bright and lines clean, even when stretched quite far. I’d place these on the higher end of quality for leggings at this price point.

TNG command red leggings ($39.62) and crop top ($26.42) outfit, both in size M. Model is 5’9″.

Review: Borg Leggings

I also tried on a pair of Wild Bangarang’s Borg-themed leggings. The material, quality, and sizing are consistent with the TNG leggings and the quality of the printing is high as well. The main downside of these leggings, though, is that they just don’t scream “Borg” to me. Not that I can conjure the perfect image of a Borg’s legs from memory, but these feel more like “generic sci-fi robot” rather than Borg. The design mimics well worn, oxidized metallic machinery components. The worn metal has a gritty look with a dark, brassy color. The lines create an organic look that’s more Borg Queen than Borg Drone (which is fine by us), but it would be nice to see a more black-gray-green color scheme that brings back images of Borg technology and ships. Creating Borg leggings, admittedly, is a challenge, as the Borg aren’t exactly known for having distinctive legs.

Borg leggings ($39.62) in size M. Model is 5’9″.

GIVEAWAY: Win a set of TNG leggings and crop top!

TrekMovie has teamed up with Wild Bangarang to give away a matching set of The Next Generation leggings and crop top in the color and size (XXS–3XL) of your choosing! Tell us which color—Command Red, Science/Medical Blue, or Engineering/Ops Gold—in the comments below for your chance to win. TrekMovie will notify the winner by email within one week, so be sure to use a real email address when you comment. (This will not be made public, and we do NOT share email addresses.)

UPDATE, March 11: Comments closed. Winners will be picked and notified in the next few days.

To check out more Star Trek products, and to order your own, check out the full line at Wild Bangarang. Be sure to use the code TREKMOVIE15 at checkout to get 15% off site wide! The company ships worldwide, with free shipping on large orders.

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My wife would like “Command Red” best since she’s my “number 1”. Make it so!


I will buy these for my girlfriend. She is a big fan of Star Trek.

Show off. 😉

I would choose the Command Red! Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

red M !

I would wear the Command Red. Hubby always says I’m his number 1. ❤

Science/Medical Blue!! in a medium

“Science/Medical Blue” for the wife, please! Good luck to all, and thanks for hosting the giveaway!

I honestly would probably get both command red and science blue.

Engineering/Ops Gold

I’ve always imagined myself in the sciences so it’d be Science/Medical blue for me!

Medical Blue all the way! 🖖🏼❤️

I’d love Engineering Gold, even though I run this ship and my crew (kids)😏

I would love Medical/Science Blue in a Large :D

Red! Command or nothing!

H-hi Kayla. :3

Also, I hate yellow, but I’m an engineer… TOS leggings please!

Did you just stutter in a text post?

I would love a pair of Command Red leggings to match my husbands Command Red shirt

Kayla, you should have modeled the blue pair. It would have gone well with your Starfleet blue crop of hair.

Science/medical blue!

Omg these are awesome! I’d go for the Engineering/Ops Gold, but they’re all great!

Science blue would be my go to. These are so cool!

Science Blue!

great idea. love to be seen in star trek apparel. blue/science. size 3XL. thanks much

Science/Medical Blue. I would love to be able to show these off and let people know where to find them.

Command Red

I would like the Engineering/Ops Gold because i’m trying to get a data cosplay but because of money and not having the costume in my size i have to think of other options and this would make a very unique cosplay

Got to be the Command Red for me!

Borg set

Science blue please! Size small :)

“Command Red” would be very commanding! Although, truly, I would love those Borg leggings! Thanks for the reviews and for organizing the giveaway.

I’d love to have science blue – for myself :) if a guy’s allowed to participate 🙃

Science/Medical Blue all the way, baby. Size lg.

Science/Medical Blue…Since Science rules them all!

Medical/ Science blue please.

I love the command red ones! These are awesome!

Science blue!

Kayla has a nice set of photons on her. Let’s just say I’ve now been through death and life with her.


I like it I like it I like it

Command red for sure! Perfect for a getaway on Risa!

King Kong peering out of the ‘private area’ of the Borg leggings!

It’s hard not to admire someone who not only reviews the product but actually serves as the model for them.

Think I’ll be ordering for my wife!

Command Red in M!! I’m playing captain in a ST: Adventures RPG campaign and would love to wear these as an updated uniform :)

Fascinating. Science blue is the logical option for me.

Command Red. Make it so!

Oh, tough call! But I guess I’ll have to go with Engineering yellow in XL.

I would appreciate Engineering/Ops Gold in size 2XL.

Command Red!

I love the TNG Red XL, my red shirt is 35 years old ragged and patched up inside and out. At swagbucks years ago I recieve the 25 year celebration patch from the Eugene Wesley Roddenberry Jr Colection which replace the communication badge that had worn off the shirt. I like to have something new to exercise in….

A cool Science/Medicine blue for my daughter, I reckon. Thanks for the great giveaway. :)

Medical Blue, Small, please!!!
Make it so!!!