The Shuttle Pod Finds Spock In “Light and Shadows”

Like last season, for the run of Star Trek: Discovery season two The Shuttle Pod has again transformed into Shuttle Pod At The Disco, with weekly podcasts about each new episode.

Shuttle Pod At The Disco – Season 2, Episode 7 – “Light and Shadows”

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Star Trek: Discovery Season 2, Episode 7

Jared, Kayla, and Matt board the shuttle pod this week and head to Vulcan in “Light and Shadows.” Before diving into the episode, the team just had to briefly talk about the movement on the Picard show; more details are starting to come out since production begins in mid-April. Refocusing on this week’s episode, the search for Spock comes to an end after half a season of teases. Burnham airs the Sarek family’s dirty laundry, and the character of Amanda continues to show new depth. Sarek’s behavior is questionable. Back on the Discovery, a classic Star Trek time distortion opens up and Pike and Tyler go in for a closer look and start to hash out their differences. Finally, there’s more scheming afoot with Section 31, including a well-choreographed fight between Georgiou and Burnham. On to Talos IV!

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Indiana Jones uses “bad penny” in The Last Crusade, near the end when they’re captured by the Nazis.

Its a pretty common phrase. I was surprised that they didn’t know it.

Me too. But I do skew towards a slightly older demo.

Wouldn’t consider it obscure or antiquated at all. Pretty common

This was a enlightening episode. Spock and Burnham holding hands in that photo is very cute. Talos IV is what’s important now.

Count me in as a member of the Sybok-name-drop contingent. More so in that I’d like to see a Sybok appearance. But that would be more than one could hope for.

BTW… Anyone else notice that the phasers on Discovery are like Star Wars blasters or the phasers in the KU? Not sure how I feel about that still…

The Section 31 killed her parent thing… I’m in agreement. There is no real reason for it. And besides, my thinking was, if I’m Leland, I’m thinking, “so what? To tell her.”

As a geographer, I must admit that I’m not hung up on how Trek deals with coordinates and/or courses. I put that up there with star dates. Which I thought was just a way to measure shipboard time but we have no idea what exactly it measures. FYI, some may already know this but planet Earth has multiple coordinate systems.

Star dates are confusing already. At least Star Trek uses a normal calendar.

I didn’t care for the Section 31/parents reveal either. Hearing the podcasters comment on it only confirmed my otherwise unintuitive feeling that it was all too much.

Find your Katra, y’all.

I think it’s very important that the shuttle’s computer didn’t mention a death sentence for going to Talos IV. I don’t think it’s in place yet, this story may be why it is put in place.

Does anyone else think that Sybok would have been a better choice to be the missing brother of Burnham this season? I know the age difference would be an issue and they may have need to mess with canon a bit. But, it would pepper in a bit of Spock without beating us over the head with him all season. Plus, if anyone in the Sarek household is seeing “red angels” it should be Sybok. Just my two cents or maybe just two bad pennies…

That would have worked for me, and would have gone a long way towards joining the film and tv universes.

Yes. I think Sybok actually works better for this particular story. Although since it turns out the “red angel” is really future person in future tech, maybe Sybok would not be a good choice. It would mean he got fooled twice into thinking something divine was going on when it turned out to something else. Ont he other hand, it might speak to how much Sybok really wants to believe?

Burnham says she hasn’t spoken to her mother or father in some time. That is a matter of days.
A week is a long time when searching for a missing person – especially when that missing person is a fugitive who could have returned home. And it very well could have been a week to ten days since Amanda visited the Disco.