Check Out 18 New Images And Trailer Analysis For “The Red Angel” – Episode 210 Of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

CBS has released a whole bunch of new images from “The Red Angel,” the tenth episode of Star Trek: Discovery‘s second season.



Burnham is stunned when she learns her ties to Section 31 run deeper than she ever fathomed. Armed with the identity of the Red Angel, the U.S.S. Discovery goes to work on its most critical mission to date.

New photos

“The Red Angel” — Ep#210 — Pictured (l-r): Anson Mount as Captain Pike; Jayne Brook as Admiral Cornwell; Ethan Peck as Spock; (CBS)

“The Red Angel” — Ep#210 — Pictured: Shazad Latif as Tyler (CBS)

“The Red Angel” — Ep#210 — Pictured: Mary Wiseman as Tilly (CBS)

“The Red Angel” — Ep#210 — Pictured: Mary Wiseman as Tilly (CBS)

“The Red Angel” — Ep#210 — Pictured (l-r): Michelle Yeoh as Georgiou; Anson Mount as Captain Pike; Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham; Ethan Peck as Spock; (CBS)

“The Red Angel” — Ep#210 — Pictured: Michelle Yeoh as Georgiou (CBS)

“The Red Angel” — Ep#210 — Pictured (l-r): Michelle Yeoh as Georgiou; Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham; (CBS)

“The Red Angel” — Ep#210 — Pictured: Anthony Rapp as Stamets (CBS)

“The Red Angel” — Ep#210 — Pictured: Ethan Peck as Spock (CBS)

“The Red Angel” — Ep#210 — Pictured (l-r): Ethan Peck as Spock; Jayne Brook as Admiral Cornwell; Anson Mount as Captain Pike (CBS)

“The Red Angel” — Ep#210 — Pictured: Michelle Yeoh as Georgiou (CBS)

“The Red Angel” — Ep#210 — Pictured (l-r): Shazad Latif as Tyler; Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham (CBS)

“The Red Angel” — Ep#210 — Pictured: Ethan Peck as Spock (CBS)

“The Red Angel” — Ep#210 — Pictured (l-r): Wilson Cruz as Culber; Anthony Rapp as Stamets (CBS)

“The Red Angel” — Ep#210 — Pictured (l-r): Michelle Yeoh as Georgiou; Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham; (CBS)

“The Red Angel” — Ep#210 — Pictured: Ethan Peck as Spock (CBS)

“The Red Angel” — Ep#210 — Pictured (l-r): Anthony Rapp as Stamets; Wilson Cruz as Culber (CBS)

“The Red Angel” — Ep#210 — Pictured (l-r): Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham; Ethan Peck as Spock; (CBS)

Trailer and analysis

CBS released the trailer for “The Red Angel” on the official Star Trek site.


Taking a closer look at the trailer offers some clues.

The USS Discovery and a Section 31 ship in orbit around an unknown planet.

The Discovery crew gathers for a memorial, likely for Airiam.

Likely Airiam’s coffin being fired from an aft torpedo tube.

Some kind of equipment being worked on in what looks like an abandoned building; the equipment is reminiscent of the lateral vector transporter tech used in the older ships like the USS Shenzhou.

Tilly works on the equipment—which includes a chair.

Michael and Spock at the work site, with Spock in an EV suit.

A red burst appears above the planet

Stamets, Culber, Georgiou, and Spock in a bunker—all in EV suits—and looking out towards the equipment, shielding their eyes

Michael and Ash Tyler kiss.

Spock straps Michael into the chair at the center of the apparatus.

Michael says she is “ready.”

How to watch “The Red Angel”

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

“The Red Angel” will be released on All Access on Thursday, March 21st, 2019 at 8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT. It will air on Space at 8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT on the same night. It will be available on Netflix the next morning, Friday, March 22nd, 2019.

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…and she becomes the Red Angel. The end ;-)

…what I figured from the start.

Who becomes the Red Angel? Michael Burnham

I still think that the Red Angel is multiple characters. I can’t watch the teaser because it’s region locked so maybe I’m not getting the context by looking at the images but the shot of Michael being strapped on would seem to be suggesting that she is going to be transported through time. However, there are several characters pictured in EVA suits so I still think that individual crew members will be sent back to different events meaning it won’t be the same Red Angel at each red burst. I imagine this episode will end with the reveal and next week we’ll see what they do.

That’s a good one. I hadn’t considered that each red angel might be a different person.

Yea, 7 anomalies, so perhaps 7 people or groups.

First Burnham will appear on a beach that looks like her childhood images of Pensacola. A wavy spot in the distance draws closer before she recognizes it as her father.

“Hi, Sparks,” he says as they embrace.

“What’s interesting is that her tricorder recorded 18 hours of static.” “Hmm. That IS interesting.”

I love that movie!

Is that called: ‘Contact meets First Contact’?


Seriously, it’s a cinematic gem. Anyone who hasn’t seen it should definitely check it out.

Beautiful, beautiful movie. And yes, that was also one of my first associations when I saw her sitting in that contraption.

they show her getting strapped to a chair in an ominous scene

Re: multiple people. I still think projection is involved somehow, which also raises the possibility that whoever is “revealed” this week to be the RA could be misdirection.

With the Talosian’s in play that’s got to be a credible theory.

Screw the region locked crap,you can watch it on youtube. Looks good too.

Yeah I’ve watched it now, looking forward to it.

Funny enough, CBS content doesn’t seem to be region locked for me anymore since the last couple of days. Anyone else noticed that?

I’ve noticed that on the official website they’ve changed the teasers to make them available globally.

That’s obviously what the trailer wants you to believe… and trailers (almost) always lie!
If I were to take a guess, I’d say that this episode is probably going to become known as “The Red Herring” later on.

Magic Eight Ball says, “All signs point to yes.”

“Red Herring”. I like it.

I predict we will finally know who the Red Angel really is in this episode. I’m still hurt that Airiam is gone but she’s in Star Trek heaven now.

Doesn’t the preview synopsis say as much?

No sh!t Sherlock!

I think the more intruiging mystery at this point is who is Professor Spock :)

I still say they should shove her into the mycilial network and bring her back to life. Like I said, given that Culber showed up with bigger guns maybe she will come back without the need for her “bionics”.

lol. I wish they would put me in the network

Haha the mycellial network would certainly be cheaper and more effective than the gym membership I barely use!

Stamets should just open the “Mycelium Spa” — visit once, come out as a better you


That won’t work. What happened with Culber was quite well explained. Stamets was still connected to the network (the white eyes), as Culber was dying the energy that made up his consciousness transferred through Stamets, who was in physical contact with Culber’s body, and into the network. Hugh’s body never went in, only his mind, and soul. None of that is possible here. The energy that makes up Airam’s consciousness is gone, Stamets was not connected to the network or touching her as she died, so it did not go into the network. Also if somehow it had been possible to do it, they would have been violating their oaths to May by introducing another monster into her world that destroys anything it touches.

Sure it will work. Culber was awfully dead when Stammets, found him, BTW. Connect Stammets to the network. Beam Aireim next to him. Her “consciousness” gets transferred to the upside down world and viola! New Ariem! It seems quite the simple and repeatable thing. In fact, they can literally do that for ANYONE! That is the danger about bringing people back. Unless you come up with some sort of one off, like a magic planet combined with a “katra” that only exists for a few days, it can be repeated over and over again. When it comes to a friend or loved one, such “oaths” go out the window. A common Trek theme has been the needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many.

Brain activity does not cease for several minutes after death. Stamets got to Culber within moments of Tyler killing him. Stamets is no longer connected to the network the way he was then, and it would take another 144 jumps in rapid succession to get him reconnected in that way. By the time they could complete those jumps her brain activity would be gone. It would not work.

The 144 jumps had nothing to do with it. Supposedly it was all regrown through some magical myclial tech. All one needed was for Stammets to be connected to the network and, I guess, holding the dead body. Which can be recreated at any time. Culber had been dead for some time, as well. Although, now that I think about Stammets wasn’t even connected to the network at the time. So it makes even less sense. Either way, it is not something that can’t be reproduced like a planet being created from a nebula. There is no reason why it cannot be repeated. At least, they way they described to the audience. Further, I still am thinking there is no way in hell this is the “real” Culber anyway. It’s got to be some sort of mycilial agent and it’s a major flaw in the show that NOT ONE person suggested that possibility. The most obvious one.

Does anyone else find it odd that Spock isn’t wearing a Starfleet Uniform by now? I get that he is “on leave” but he’s effectively back at work. I’m sure it is so that we can have a “moment” in the season finale when he shaves and dons the blue uniform for his return with Pike to the Enterprise, but I still find it odd from a story perspective.

From a story perspective, the image of Spock in uniform, clean shaven and with a haircut next to Pike in gold is more cinematic. Doesn’t make sense, but that’s how you make an ending.

He may not be officially reinstated and cleared, but Admiral Cornwell would have the authority to call upon his expertise and experience.

@TG47 That’s what I was thinking as well. For all we know they’re all considered fugitives now so why issue a new uniform.

Cornwell is still a fugitive. Remember Section 31 Control still makes decisions

He just doesn’t want to be seen in one of Michael’s uniforms.

So Michael’s ties to 31 run deeper than she realized. Could the theory her parents were in 31 be true? Or are we going to find out Sarek, or Amanda, Sybok, or maybe even Spock is secretly in 31…

Spock in Section 31 would explain “The Enterprise Incident”.

Spock was unaware of Kirk’s orders until later.

Or was he…;)

Or Unification

Pike “Then Menagerie

I actually can believe the idea Burnham’s parents were indeed involved with Section 31 and maybe why they were killed. I do think its interesting we still don’t know a single thing about them, haven’t seen one image of them, etc and yet their deaths is the entire reason Burnham had the life she had. So I am guessing a shoe will drop somewhere and a big reveal about them. And maybe we will learn they were involved in Project Daedalus since Ariam said part of what Control wanted was about her.

As for Spock being Section 31 I just don’t know how that would reconcile what we seen. Amanda isn’t directly involved with Starfleet outside of being married to Sarek I don’t think so either. Sarek could be I guess and why he was so adamant they send Spock to them (although I doubt he expected them to lobotomize him lol).

Spock was fully aware of what was going on in Enterprise Incident, he spun marginally truthful BS to the Romulan commander. He said Starfleet did not order the mission, thats true, S31 ordered it. He said Kirk had been acting strained, he was, in order for Spock to sell his story to the Romulans. I suggest rewatching.

If Spock is a member of S31, and they indeed killed Burnham’s parents, it could explain why the two siblings became, and will remain estranged.

Even if that’s true, it doesn’t mean he’s a member of Section 31 at this point, right? I mean if he was, is he going rogue or something? Unless he knew Control corrupted it but nothing suggests that he knows anything about it. And how would Cromwell not know Spock was a Section 31 agent since she obviously has clearance. That’s why I’m saying it wouldn’t make sense.

Sure he could one in the future I guess although I don’t know how fans would feel about someone like Spock being part of that organization. It may put a dim light on him knowing how people feel about it, so they may not go that route.

Kirk was the only one who knew until he deemed it necessary to involve Spock. It was only Kirk so that if something went wrong only Kirk would have taken the fall. This was said so in the show. McCoy was not involved until he beamed over to the Romulan ship.

The more interesting observation is that since they seem to wrap up the Red Angel mystery in episode 10 already, that leaves another four episodes to deliver new twists… think how much crazy happened in the last four episodes of season 1!

Perpetual Infinity as a title for the next episode suggests there is at least yet more time loop/paradox weirdness to unfold.

Also, noting that given Project Daedalus was only mentioned at the end of last episode, one could conclude that this episode is 90% about Project Daedalus, and how Burnham is connected to it.

I’m all the more convinced that Burnham’s parents were in S31, and that, as with Spock, she knows more about what’s going on than she realizes or can recall. Too bad the voyeuristic Talosians didn’t ask to pull up her memories of her parent’s deaths and the preceding events…

What was it about that cosmic event that she wanted to witness?

In ant case, my expectation is that we’ll see Burnham confront or experience a big reveal regarding the Red Angel in the closing minutes….and it will take the next episode to understand the full story of the Red Angel.

“Perpetual Infinity as a title for the next episode suggests there is at least yet more time loop/paradox weirdness to unfold.”

I wonder if that will be a Parallels style episode where we get to see all kinds of outcomes of the “Time War”.

God, you don’t think they’ll loop the show so it is ending same as s1, on way to pick up new cap, only to NOT have Enterprise show up this time? That would be the reset button to end all reset buttons.

Vulcan Soul I’m disappointed that Anson Mount won’t return as Pike in Season 3. He was the highlight of the season for me. Temporal Cold War from Enterprise could play a role in the Red Angel mystery.

I am also disappointed. I wouldn’t mind a proper resolution for the TCW. For once they could fix things that really need it (Spock didn’t, though it gave us a wonderful Ethan Peck)

TCW would be awesome… I don’t think that’s going to happen, but I liked the TCW-storyline, even most people afaik hated it.

Burnham could be future guy!

Good idea, and they could provide timely social commentary on gender reassignment therapy along the way!

Lest someone thinks my account got hijacked, my tongue was firmly in cheek of course! I wouldn’t put it past these people though to come up with a stunt like that (*cough* Lorca/Tyler “PTSD” *cough*), rather than feature some issues that actually concern a majority of viewers world-wide.

I was joking as well VS just wanted to play on the ‘Burnham is tied to everything debate’ . On a serious note though, I would be open to them linking this story to the TCW.

Corinthian, we will know how many universes “everything” encompasses by tomorrow at the latest! ;)

As for TCW, bring it on! It probably fits this twisty series more than Enterprise back then!

If they bring the TCW into this I would honestly be pleasantly surprised. So I’m doubting that will play a part. I think the common century is just a coincidence. But then, I didn’t believe the Lorca was MU Lorca due to the fact that the idea was just too stupid to be in a Trek show. So you never know…

I won’t lie but I really like that idea lol. It would blow a lot of minds, good and bad. ;)

Please… The less said about season 1 the better.

Amen. This should be season 1A

So far, they have not defined the problem. There hasn’t been a single scene where they actually sit down to categorically explain what the bad things are that the Red Angel has done, or caused by accident. So then we can get behind our heroes trying to “solve the problem.” I love this season and I respect not everything being bloody violent. But so far, The Red Angel and the energy bursts mostly just appear. So we still have no idea what questions you would ask if you did find the Red Angel.

They talk about how powerful it is, but one has even speculated and made us feel fear, wonder, or even spiritual questions about the Red Angel or it’s effects. It really would have been helpful if they took that guy from New Earth in ep. 2 and brought him along as some kind of mirror to for the audience and the crew.

“I love this season and I respect not everything being bloody violent. ”

I think this should be appreciated, there’s no single big baddie so far and while villains in Discovery have been written horribly (Georgiou, Leland?), it’s not all about them or good vs. evil. Given that this comes from the guy who participated in three Trek movies all about the big baddie trope (and weak ones at that), this was not at all a given outcome.

So the synopsis says they know who/what the red angel is? When was this info dropped?

And… I’ve now been programmed to expect the worst when I know Evil-Georgeau shows up in the episode. Which might be a good thing as lower expectations mean it doesn’t take much to be impressed with the episode.

I think they mean they know what it is, ie a human from the future but I agree it does sound more specific than that. If so then I guess its suggesting we will learn its identity in this episode. You don’t give it that title for nothing lol. If so I’m very excited obviously and it could be the episode that explains everything.

Sorry to burst your bubble but highly doubtful episode 10 of a 14 episode season will explain everything.

I hope you watched the latest episode ML! ;D

It definitely answered the biggest question.

That it did. And I have to say that when they spoke in front of Michael about the trap I was thinking, no way this works if she knows, duh. But when it did I figured, no way that’s her then.

The name of the project (“Daedalus”) and appearance of, as the analysis states, “equipment […] reminiscent of the lateral vector transporter tech used in the older ships like the USS Shenzhou.” does lead substantial credence to the conclusion that this is indeed related to Emory Erickson’s research into and creation of transporter technology.

I’d love it if the location they’re in were in fact the planet/laboratory where he created such technology in the first place (unlikely. At the very least something built after Enterprise’s Daedalus episode where he conducted further research).

It would be fantastic if we saw something in Erikson’s image, like a statue, a portrait, or even a hologram.

These (potential and existing) callbacks to Enterprise are fantastic.

Again, another clue in the season’s title sequence.

Erikson’s name was, I believe, added to the transporter diagram, as was the Talosian keeper’s medallion to the diagram of a hand making the live long and prosper sign…

At this point, it’s fair to assume any and all deviations from last season’s titles are central to this season’s main arc.

Actually Erikson’s name was there in S1, just more obscured. We goofed on that.


Yeah, it’s clear that the opening titles will change with each season and the images will connect to the unfolding plot. And as we saw with the Red Angel, they can change further once new information is revealed.

I really liked that.

They seem to change with each episode…

I’m going to have to pay more attention.

What if Erickson is Michael’s real life father? Some sort of Transporter accident might have involved in his and his families disappearance or perhaps could have send him to another parallel world where either him or Michael’s mother took on the mantle of the Red Angel. Or the transporter incident might have thrown Michael into the future.

That’s a bit far-fetched, and it doesn’t really seem relevant to the narrative. He could be her ancestor, sure, through his daughter, but that’s not really the connection to Daedalus. They’re there because that is where Airiam sent them.

This is more about Michael’s connection to Section 31, which is more than likely through her parents.

Can’t wait to see Georgiou again. She really cares about Michael.

Hitler cared much about his Eva too. We call that the banality of evil :)

And his dogs. Adolf loved his puppies.

Kevin, you know I specifically edited out THAT comparison because I KNEW some Stalinist residents would eventually come around the corner and accuse me of comparing Burnham to dogs! I hate self-censorship, but I think the point works just as well with a human analogy.

Wait… Stalinist resident? What does that mean?

He means the mods.

Space Hitler knows best.

That’s kind of funny, prof. Wasn’t Jane Wyatt on FATHER KNOWS BEST, or am I mixing up my tv moms?

Theory: Since the Red Angel cares about Michael, then are they actually trying to hurt/kill her (for effect) in order to lure the Red Angel to save her? That way Michael wouldn’t actually be the RA.

Interesting theory it never occurred to me that they might be setting a trap for the Red Angel. Even if that’s true it still doesn’t rule out the possibility that Michael is the Red Angel given that we are dealing with time travel here!

Well done on this theory Mark, you were the only person I saw suggesting that it was a trap. I still think that Michael is the Red Angel though. He mother will be a red herring, there’s a logical reason why Burnham would need to rescue her – she’s the person who builds the time suit. Predestination Paradoxes can be confusing!!

We will learn the Michael Burnham doesn’t exist in previous Star Trek lore …. and Spock never mentions her… because she eventually will become head of Section 31. Fitting because she never ever ever obeys orders from any of her Captains anyway.

That almost makes too much sense. Burnham has two best buddies in S31 – Voqler and the Space Fuhrer Georgiou. If them both go with “getting rid of Leland Parents-Killer“ Burnham may have even more to thank them. Maybe she believes she has to roll with S31 because she believes her superior morals will completely balance the shady rest of em out.
That sounds more cynical than intended. … oh, and she will delete herself from Spocks Brain via Cool Tech and then ban all the new tech from the federation for hundred years cause they are not ready for hologramms and minidrones and stargate goauld helmets and combadges. All Problems solved XD

How would that just make her be unknown to everyone though? And I keep stressing Burnham is already a celebrity in this time period. She’s the first Starfleet mutineer in history, the woman known to have both started and ended the Klingon war. She is also the only human to graduate from the Vulcan science academy and her dad is the Vulcan ambassador to Earth. She’s famous (or infamous ;)), joining Section 31 isn’t going to suddenly make people forget her.

Its why I don’t buy Spock has to somehow mention he has a sister to even know who she is. I imagine if you worked in Starfleet you would automatically know who she is just by reputation alone. At least in the 23rd century.

Hey Tiger2 this seems to be old ground…

I’m bemused that anyone considers there is something needed to line up with canon.

Spock never mentioning a well-known sister is a complete non-suprise, and consistent with canon.

Spock has a very established track record of never mentioning family to his colleagues unless absolutely unavoidable (e.g. his parents are in the process of boarding the Enterprise).

Clearly, Starfleet didn’t require personnel records to list next-of-kin…he didn’t even notify family when he committed himself to a psychiatric unit.

I just never brought the idea in general. Its pretty ludicrous to me and shoehorning this kind of canon in 50 years of story telling is absurd, especially when they make her so famous on her own and her name never comes up in conversation.

That said, its still just a TV show and if they want to add some fan service, I get that and its not a huge deal to me. And as you just pointed out people can rationalize it all kinds of ways. It still doesn’t make the situation as a whole less ludicrous to me but it is what it is. So trying to bend over backwards to ‘explain it’ doesn’t matter to me at all. I rather they not even try frankly.

But I’m guessing on the Picard show, Picard is going to suddenly recall those times he mind melded with both Sarek and Spock and remembered all the memories he saw of the great Ambassador Burnham, say a line like how private the Spock family was over not mentioning her and everyone will just move on. ;)

Excellent posts, Tiger. Lol. I believe you’re sounding like I would if I were still watching the show. “Super-Burnham, the reason Star Trek ever existed in the first place.” You described it perfectly.

Thanks. Yes I have accepted it but I still don’t really like it if I’m being honest.

You mentioned before you stopped watching, may I ask why? Do you feel its worse this season? Or you just never liked the characters or premise enough?

Tiger – my thought is to binge it all together when the season is over in the hopes the story flows better for me, rather than waiting week to week. I find Anson Mount and Doug Jones to be excellent, but SMG’s continued constant over-emoting and whispering, Tilly’s mania and the whole presence of Section 31 was literally making me watch the clock until each episode was over. I have to say that while I like it much better than season 1 so far (mainly due to Anson Mount), this story does not seem cohesive to me. I’m hoping it is more-so when I watch them back-to-back. To be honest they lost me after “New Eden.” I am enjoying Anthony’s reviews – spoilers don’t bother me – but honestly don’t feel like I’m missing much. I’ll wait until Picard comes out this fall to sign back up for CBSAA and will binge DSC then. I mean Hey, I’m 53 this year…maybe this show just isn’t for me, which is fine. Walking Dead is excellent this year and GOT is starting up soon, so there’s plenty else to watch. Either way, thank you for asking! I’m here, just mostly reading and commenting on non-DSC topics.

I understand now. I was a bit confused because I did remember you commenting on earlier episodes so was surprised when you said you weren’t watching it.

And to be honest, if I had the will power I probably would’ve waited too. But unlike you I don’t want to hear the spoilers and its NO WAY I can just ignore everything and then watch it all back later. I’m waaaaaay too invested lol.

I am definitely enjoying this season though. The story line has gotten pretty crazy lol. They went all in with the trippy stuff and it is a bit confusing. But of course I will wait until its over to decided if it was all worth it. So far I am having fun though, certainly much more than Discovery’s drab and joyless first season which I have no interest in rewatching.

And I agree about TWD, I’m enjoying that a lot this season too.

As I’ve said… Technically the Burnham-Spock connection does not violate canon. (The show has done that elsewhere). That said, even though it can be adequately explained away that does not mean I thought it was the right choice creatively. IMHO, it was a terrible choice and one that only made things harder for the show to work. I never thought it a good idea to remind viewers of what has turned out to be a more interesting crew from a much better show. They needed to prove they could be an interesting crew on a good show before making such a link.

Yes, I couldn’t agree more, ML.

She often obeys orders actually. Why do people keep so focused on episode 1 of season 1 as if she’s not changed an iota since then?


Personal Bias that has nothing to do with the show or character.

Who Cares, that is a grand assumption and very likely the wrong one for the bulk of the character’s detractors.

And Rowan, she has not blatantly defied orders this season so much as convince Pike to CHANGE his orders. Quite the different thing.

ML, it isn’t an assumption, it is an observation of empirical evidence. Such as rants that include no correct information about the character or show.

On the matter of a senior officer persuading their captain to change his orders. Not only has that happened often in all previous Trek series it also happens in real life. It is part of how the chain of command works. Hell in Voyager on multiple occassions the entire crew defied Janeway to cause her to change her orders. These sort of complaints that act as if the same sorts of acts did not happen in the previous shows is also part of the empirical evidence that the majority of the complaints about Burnham are based in personal bias and not in anything substantial.

Who Cares, if it is the result of observation of empirical evidence then I definitely got the wrong inference from your comment.

Sure, getting a senior to change their mind happens. And there was no issue the first time she did it. Or even the 2nd. Then it happened again, and again, and again. To the point of the audience thinking, Pike appears to be a better captain when Burnham isn’t around. That ought to say something about the frequency of it.

And for the record, the empirical evidence for the source of the complaints against Burnham are that for most who are unimpressed with her the reason is because she is just boring. Anything more is inserting one’s personal bias into a situation where it doesn’t exist.

Uh, the EV suits give boobs to all the men.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

An interesting take on gender-fluid costuming…

The word you are looking for is unisex clothing and it makes exactly zero sense here.

Clothing best adapted to each sex (and with 3d printing, actually adapted to each individual) makes the most sense, especially in the case of rigid EV suits. You know, how we had it the past couple of thousands of years…

So the awesome Anson Mount can’t stand another year on the set of a bunch of hysterical fake newsers. Imagine my surprise. I don’t know any quality actors who could tolerate that kindergarten idiocy except maybe some huge 80 year old pouting Nancy-boys like Robert DeNiro

“on the set of a bunch of hysterical fake newsers” — Huh? What kind of nonsense are you trying to talk about? And your insult about DeNiro…?

If you’re going to post political sniping, at least try to make some iota of sense.

Don’t do drugs.

What is this incoherent rant even about?

George’s johnson

About as far from George Clayton Johnson as you could get.

Amazing, couldn’t remember why that name rang a bell. :)

Were you drunk when you posted this?

Either you’ve been on the sauce or you’ve got great potential as a troll. I suspect the latter!

Hey comrade! Work a little harder on the English.

Obvious troll is obvious. Mount was never going to be in more than one season, just like Jason Issacs. No idea where your feeble mind dredged up all of the politically motivated hate speech and hung it on Discovery though.

Hey Anthony, can something be done about this offensive dung?

Looks like George decided to take a few minutes away from Breitbart to post this after something set him off.

…… what?

Warning for trolling. closed.

Has there even been so many promo photos for an episode? There’s usually eight or ten, but today we got 18?

Is it possible we’re in for a double episode? Or is that just wishful thinking?

I was similarly surprised at the amount of shots. Maybe this will be an extra long episode? I’d certainly like that, with all the anticipation of who the red Angel is, I’d wanna see a pretty epic introduction.

That is Sarah Mitch stood next to Pike, Cornwell and Spock isn’t it? Nice of them to give Airiam 1.0 a front row seat at the funeral.

I thought the same.

Also noted that there are a lot of extras in that photo so it made sense to put a recurring minor character up front.

Yeah it seemed like a nice little Easter egg for the fans.

I think she’s possibly one of the pallbearers. Pretty bizarre for Sara Mitich :-)

You’re at the funeral of a character that you played for an entire season.

I wonder if Hannah Cheeseman is hidden away in that bunch of extra’s.


They recast her as a recurring named character on Discovery after Chessman took over Airam, she has been seen all season. She, like her crewmates, is attending Airam’s memorial.

I know they recast where @Who Cares I was just highlighting the choice to put her front and centre at the funeral. That seem like a nice wink to audience to me.

I like how the attachments on the hardshell portions of the EVA suit echo the shapes from the old TOS space suits, including the four diagonal button lights on the right upper chest. Nice change from the huge EVA suit Burnham wore in the series premier last season with a nod to tradition from the design team :)

Spock: “I saw all sentient life in this galaxy end!”
Pike: “Maybe someone else would stand by and let that happen, but we’re Starfleet. Not us.”
Burnham: “Even if there is a small chance of succeeding, we owe it to Ariam to at least try!”
Pike: “And we will. Whatever it takes!”
Spock: “Whatever it takes!”
Burnham: “Whatever it takes!”
Staments: “Whatever it takes!”

You forgot the magic pinky ritual while they shout “Whatever it takes” :D

“…so say we all… So Say We All….”


I like the space suits but they look tacky at best. Not so futuristic anymore.

It’s the transition to TOS and remarriage to canon! Primary colors, here we come!

In one of the pictures, why does Spock have cauliflower ears?

Michael and Tyler are cute!

Why isn’t this episode released yet? It’s 3/21.

5:30 PM/PST
8:30 PM/EST

You’re welcome.

Every episode I have seen released on the CBS channel on Amazon prime comes at 8E,5P (I am in central and get it at 7:00pm)

“The Red Angel” is revealed to be Captain Braxton, who in turn is revealed to be Future Guy, who in turn is revealed to be Berlinghoff Rasmussen.

It should be future Captain Kirk, played by Chris Pine or William Shatner, who is trying to fix something messed up in the timeline.