Check Out 9 New Photos For “Such Sweet Sorrow” – Episode 213 Of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

CBS has released nine new images from “Such Sweet Sorrow” the thirteenth (and penultimate) episode of Star Trek: Discovery‘s second season, revealing the return of an intriguing character.



When the U.S.S. Discovery’s crucial mission does not go according to plan, Burnham realizes what must ultimately be done. The crew prepares for the battle of a lifetime as Leland’s Control ships get closer.

Po returns

The new photos released today reveal the return of Yadira Guevara-Prip as Po (full name Me Hani Ika Hali Ka Po), who was introduced in the Star Trek: Short Treks episode “Runaway.”

“Such Sweet Sorrow” — Ep#213 — Pictured: Yadira Guevara-Prip as Po (CBS)

Po is from the planet Xahea, which is rich in Star Trek’s valued mineral dilithium.  The end of Short Treks had Po returning to her planet to become queen. The above shot shows Po beaming aboard the USS Discovery. The photo below shows her eating some ice cream.

“Such Sweet Sorrow” — Ep#213 — Pictured: Yadira Guevara-Prip as Po (CBS)

In “Runaway” Po revealed she was an engineer who developed a method for recrystallizing dilithium—a technology that Scotty will develop for Starfleet over a decade later. It is possible that the Discovery visits Xahea in order to help channel the power needed to use the time crystal they picked up in the previous episode on Boreth. In the trailer for “Such Sweet Sorrow,” you can see Xahea identified on screen.

Xahea highlighted in the trailer for “Such Sweet Sorrow.”

More new photos

“Such Sweet Sorrow” — Ep#213 — Pictured: Patrick Kwok-Choon as Rhys (CBS)

“Such Sweet Sorrow” — Ep#213 — Pictured (l-r): Anthony Rapp as Stamets; Doug Jones as Saru; Shazad Latif as Tyler; Ethan Peck as Spock; Ronnie Rowe as Bryce; Oyin Oladejo as Owosekun; Patrick Kwok-Choon as Rhys; Mary Wiseman as Tilly (CBS)

“Such Sweet Sorrow” — Ep#213 — Pictured (l-r): Ronnie Rowe as Bryce; Oyin Oladejo as Owosekun; Patrick Kwok-Choon as Rhys (CBS)

“Such Sweet Sorrow” — Ep#213 — Pictured (l-r): Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham; Ethan Peck as Spock(CBS)

“Such Sweet Sorrow” — Ep#213 — Pictured: Michelle Yeoh as Georgiou (CBS)

“Such Sweet Sorrow” — Ep#213 — Pictured (l-r): Shazad Latif as Tyler; Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham (CBS)

“Such Sweet Sorrow” — Ep#213 — Pictured (l-r): Shazad Latif as Tyler; Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham (CBS)

Trailer and analysis

CBS released the trailer for “Such Sweet Sorrow” on the official Star Trek site. And is now available for all to see on Instagram thanks to Netflix. See our previous article for full analysis.

How to watch “Such Sweet Sorrow”

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

“Such Sweet Sorrow” will be released on All Access on Thursday, April 11th, 2019 at 8:30 pm ET/5:30 pm PT. It will air on Space at 8:00 pm ET/5:00 pm PT on the same night. It will be available on Netflix the next morning, Friday, April 12th, 2019.

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I hope Owosekun doesn’t die.

I’m a bit nervous about what’s to come. I know it’s going to be show changing. I’m of the school that there is going to be some sort of jump — time jump, distance jump, or something like it.

Just not jumping the shark.

The show is going in to the future…

I don’t have a problem with going into the future per se. But there does seem to be a lot of questions to resolve in just two more episodes.

But how does Georgiou go to the future but is still around for her Section 31 show?

@Thorny What if season 3 takes place in two time periods? As in part of the crew end up in the far future but several of the cast remain in the 23rd century and are responsible for setting things up ie hiding the USS discovery etc. I don’t suggest this as a strong theory as Kurtzman suggested that season 2 will answer most of the questions and this route would leave a lot wide open but I put it forward as an idea because it does address the Georgiou question. Of course the answer could be far simpler as season 3 would have plenty of opportunity to set up a Section 31 show in a new time zone. Who knows, if they end up in the same period as the new Picard show then we might get a scene with Sloan popping up and reactivating Agent Georgiou. Rumours suggest that Discovery will be propelled further forward than the 25th century but you get the idea. Given that season 3 is expected to happen before the Yeoh show it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to set up a new series regardless of what direction the season finale takes us.

Let’s wait and see — remember people have a way of over selling or over hyping stuff. Will it actually be “show changing”? I kind of suspect they are overstating things.

agree. they’ve done it before.

It has been clear even from the time that Bryan Fuller was involved, Star Trek Discovery was essentially going to be an anthology of different stories, and it looks like they are going to stay true to that vision. It appears that each season will tell a completely different tale, featuring different season long guests and the Discovery crew. I may prefer previous iterations of Trek but I have to give the producers credit for trying something new and different. We shall see where the Starship Disocovery ends up at the end of the finale and for S3.

I always liked the thought of that idea. And depending on where they go, it may actually get me interested in the show again. Or maybe even just certain future seasons of it. Either way, moving them through time could be compelling. One thing for sure though, (imo), these core characters of Discovery need more and better development, and need to stand on their own as a crew without iconic franchise character cameos to carry them.

I still have a lot of doubt Discovery is going to do some big time jump but if it does it will get a LOT of people who gave up early on the show or didn’t care about more 23rd century stories and wanted to go forward again a second look. Everything will feel completely new and unexpected.

And I agree, while I will definitely miss Pike and Spock, these characters need to be given time to develop in their own way. I hope they give Saru the captain’s chair and call it a day on that.

“I’m of the school that there is going to be some sort of jump — time jump, distance jump, or something like it.”

Here’s the thing. Going to the future, the past or the Delta Quadrant won’t do squat to improve these lackluster characters. And Pike will be gone from the show in any case.

1. Careful inspection clues us to the fact that Michael’s new outfit in the photos is a duplicate of her mother’s. She WILL become a/the Red Angel. (Likely the one who sets the seven signals.) They will probably construct it from their analysis in Perpetual Infinity and Section 31 information.

2. Prevailing theory: completely reset the timeline? I doubt and hope that everything will NOT be completely reset because that does some injustice to the idea that this is the Prime Timeline, which they have been saying all along. It would be akin to telling us that Benedict Cumberbatch is not Khan when he was Khan. That didn’t go well with fans.

3. Plus, this theory would contradict the work they have done with Pike, for example. Kurtzman and Mount have been talking so much about how his knowing his fate shapes the story of Pike. What happens to all of that? Wouldn’t that kind of count for nothing? It seems clear that a Pike series/miniseries is a real possibility. That means building on all of this, which goes away if they reset the timeline.

4. Then there is the Section 31/Phillipa Georgiou series. Erase the timeline and who are these people? Michelle Yeoh is set to appear again in season three. Does that mean it would be Prime Georgiou who never died?

Lots of problems if they go for a complete reset.

@Eric I’ve maintained from the moment the Red Angel was shown as Burnham’s mother that Burnham is the real Red Angel. I’m against a reset for the reasons you outline. However I suppose it’s possible that if they do take this route Spock, Pike et al live out there lives in the changed timeline similar to how Spock finishes his life in an altered universe whilst the Discovery and it’s crew ends up somewhere else.

I’m pretty sure they are going to jump to a future that keeps the sphere data out of Control’s grasp. Plus Michael will search (again) for her mother.

Questions? Mirror Georgiou? Section 31?

In all of this Spock’s silence about an adopted sister is the easiest canon problem. Kirk was Surprised about Sarek and Amanda and Sybok.

A distinct Red Angel timeline? Please no.

Yes a time jump seems highly likely at this point with the sphere data perhaps combining with Airiam’s memories to form Zora. I was commenting on the speculation that the timeline might be reset so that Burnham was never Sarak’s ward. I was suggesting that if they do go down this route then it’s possible that Pike, Georgiou and the Enterprise crew might be transplanted from the “Red Angel” timeline into the prime universe. From a superficial point of view it addresses canon concerns like Spock not having a sister, spore drives etc whilst not invalidating character growth and allowing a degree of continuity for the Section 31 show or a potential Pike spin off. As I say I’m not advocating this, I was perfectly happy imaging that Spock was always rabbiting on about his sister off screen and I think this route still creates other potential plot holes.

So I’m kinda with you on that. There was something about the mother/daughter relationship to didn’t really seem right… in a Looper kinda way.

But I don’t want a reset. Maybe Discovery is an anomaly in time, but someone needs to send that &#$# reset button through an airlock.

It just doesn’t make sense that they could confuse her DNA with her mothers for me. We can differentiate between mother and daughter DNA in the 21st century and were supposed to believe they still struggle with the his in the 23rd? Sure it could be just a dumb plot hole but I still think Burnham will turn out to be the Red Angel.

It wasn’t DNA. It was a bio-neural signature.

“Kurtzman and Mount have been talking so much about how his knowing his fate shapes the story of Pike. What happens to all of that? ”

They could change history where only the Discovery crew (and Pike & Co.) know everything has changed.

Yeah, we’ll see. Does t make much sense to me.

The only way to change the timeline is to go to the past. I’m betting they are going to the future. Going to the past could Chang all kinds of things that one cannot predict.

Well from a story point of view it kind of does make sense as Burnham’s mum has been trying to get back to the point she was attacked by the Klingons. As I say though I’m against this as a plot point as I think it hands too much power to the fans. Are we to expect them to retcon every single nitpick in the future if fans kick up a big enough stink online? I agree with you, there was no need for an explanation for Michael as canon has already shown Spock to be extremely an private person.

Section 31 heals Pike and makes an injured clone to replace him. That’s the one we see in the chair, and the real reason he doesn’t talk.

Real Pike works for Section 31 with his new boss Philippa Georgiou Augustus Iaponius Centarius.

A34, Pike still has about 10 years to captain the Enterprise first

Section 31 will still be around in ten years. More secret and powerful thanks to Philippa Georgiou Augustus Iaponius Centarius.

It’s clear to me that Discovery is indeed leading up to the ship traveling to the future to keep the sphere data away from Control.

The data cannot be erased or destroyed, and they were unable to download it into their first choice, the Red Angel’s suit. That leaves using the time crystal to propel Discovery into the future.

Now that Enterprise is coming into it, that makes it more likely since now Spock and Pike have somewhere else to be when Discovery vanishes.

What is cool is that there are still two episodes left this season, which means that the next one could conclude with Discovery vanishing while the last one can focus on exploring their new surroundings.

That one could conclude with the crew abandoning ship as indicated in the Short Treks episode Calypso.

Alternatively, the ship could be sent into the future without a crew, but that seems more final.

I like the prospect of Discovery ending up lost in time similar to how Voyager was once lost in space.

Imagine the prospect of Discovery ending up lost in time several centuries after Endgame, Nemesis, and the yet-to-be-released Picard series.

In looking for a way to return to their own era, they could learn about the generations that followed, not just Kirk but also Picard, Sisko, and Janeway.

They could even potentially run into Q (not necessarily de Lancie, but certainly a member of the Continuum).

And maybe when they do return to their proper time it won’t be right before they left, but maybe several decades later, like right after Kirk is lost in the Nexus in Generations or something like that.

There are a lot of possibilities worth exploring in a such a scenario, I really hope they choose to do it.

It does seem that the ship and the crew are going the Voyager route, which I personally want to see.

The only problem with this theory is Phillipa.

1. Showrunners said, we would see her in S3.

2. Showrunners said we are getting a S31 series in a year or two with Phillipa as lead.

So we know that Phillipa cannot be lost or stranded in time or space. Knowing that, I don’t see what she can do in S3 if Disco is stranded centuries in the future.

It could be that she rebuilds Section 31 in the future setting.

It could also be flashbacks to the “real” Georgiou.

She had nothing to do with Section 31.

What if the rumored S31 show is just misdirection? What if Mount not coming back is misdirection? Still curious about why they cast a relatively big name as Number One. Maybe she has a major part in the finale.

I doubt it. Pike was on Discovery merely for the length of this mission. He was always going back to Enterprise regardless of what happens to Discovery.

If he stayed and the ship got lost in time, it would merely mean that they’d end up returning to the same time they left, which robs the adventure of meaning.

We certainly have received misdirection from the producers before. They told us Spock would not appear, for example.

That was during season one, no?

I think they just changed their mind rather than it being deliberate misdirection. Originally they said Spock would only appear as a child but its easy to imagine that as they actually broke story for S2 they decided something different would work better. That and perhaps pressure from higher-ups at the studio to leverage better-known characters.

They already signed Michelle Yeoh.

I’ve been wondering about the casting of Number One, as well. She’s much too notable to be barely present; that’s just fishy. It’ll be less fishy when we see Romijn on that new Enterprise show.

There’s misdirection and then there’s misdirection. Faking an announcement of an upcoming TV show, versus masking the identity of a character (e.g. Voq/Tyler, Harrison/Khan) are two very different things.

The Section 31 show or the hypothetical Enterprise show are products they’d probably be looking to sell to prospective business partners like Netflix and Space, so it seems very unlikely to me they’d lie about those.

They might keep it quiet until such series are bought by CBSAA executives as viable, and Netflix as profitably marketable, and the series are put into pre-production.

Is it possible for Discovery to actually go ‘back in time’ rather than forward.
Everyone is talking about going into the future but what if they actually go backward.
Maybe they get trapped in the mid 21st Century for a season lol with WW3 going on. Oh and obviously the Borg factor in potentially as well.

So right before First Contact? What would it accomplish, though?

I don’t know how exciting that would be though? It works great in a movie like First Contact or a one off episode, but a whole season of no Starfleet or Federation stuck in a primitive Earth timeline wouldn’t be that interesting to me. Especially when you think of all the things they can’t do like interact with the Klingons, etc because it would be breaking all kinds of canon. They are barely getting away with that now in the 23rd century, I can’t imagine how they could do it in that period.

Maybe they could go back say 20,000 years and meet some of the ancient Star Trek civilisations like the Iconians? That would certainly be different.

Jaysus no.

No reason they couldn’t go into the period between the end of the TOS movies and the beginning of TNG. Didn’t that last 75 or 125 years?

it all makes sense. the only thing not explained is that these people are known to other people and the producers said it would be clear why spock never mentions Burnham etc.

Spock has a long history of not mentioning his relatives. In TOS he referred to his own father as an ancestor, heh.

Also Kirk and Bones, the closest friends Spock had in TOS had no idea that his father was a famous Federation and Vulcan ambassador – until they all met face to face on the Enterprise. Nor did they know about Sybok until Star Trek V. IMO, the producers should have just ignored those complaints but hey, if you can bring in a bigger audience, the more the merrier and better ratings is better for all of us fans.

Agreed. Never try to outsmart Spock, even though he is just a character.

Spock embodies the best of humanity and best of Vulcan. I think he has been written that way through and through. The character has integrity and he is well-played by Ethan Peck — a standout.

My goodness, if only I could have cribbed from Spock’s answers on any test in high school. It would have been golden. (Perhaps.) ;)

Hat Rick, You’d have had to make sure Spock didn’t notice. Because he wouldn’t have tolerated any variation from the rules [at least at that age]

I thought dilithium was not the power source but simply a matrix that allows matter and antimatter to destroy itself in a containment field and directed in purposeful directions due to the crystalline structure of the matrix. This is poor research on the producers.

you saw the episode?

It’s even poorer conjecture on your part. Or are you a Starfleet propulsion engineer?

Considering it’s all made up bulls**t, it’s fine to cut the producers a little slack in the made up bulls**t department.


Phil, Much of that future science in Star Trek is all due to Handwavium ;^)
I think warped or “folded” space is the only one that really holds any real basis in theory.

I’LL be 100% honest with everyone, as a full on Trek fan for literally decades now, I can’t tell you what dilithium crystals do other than make the ship go lol. I hear the name a lot but I don’t understand how it works at all. And I really only hear it on TOS so I assume by the time they get to the 24th century they don’t rely on them as much? Really don’t know and if I’m being honest, never really cared.

In TOS they called them lithium crystals. Then they changed the holy canon and started calling them dilithium crystals. In one TOS episode the Enterprise was said to be powered from lithium crystals.

In TNG they rewrote the holy canon to explain that Dilithium was used to channel the power from the matter/antimatter reaction into the warp core.

They probably realised that the real life properties of lithium were nothing like they described.

I agree with you.

alastair But the Enterprise no longer suffered from bipolar disorder

Not that it’s a problem, but no one knows what makes the Enterprise go. We see the result – impulse engines generate thrust, so they burn fuel. FTL drives, according to the laws of physics, are impossible. The warp field generators in the nacelles are basically the do-hickies that create the warp in space. The massive amount of power required to accomplish that is created by the matter/anti-matter reaction, which is somehow harnessed to create energy (presumably electricity) that make the do-hickies work. So if dilithum crystals are either the control rods or just the conduit to channel/convert energy (transformers), it really doesn’t matter – for the sake of continuity, it’s just assumed that FTL propulsion works. It could just be magic, for all we know.

Oh, did you see the pic of the black hole? In another blow to Trek science, more evidence from Einstein that Relativity still rules the physics day. Sorry, FTL is still impossible.

FTL is too slow. Folding Space is really the only way to travel. You wouldn’t even need ships.

Anyone remember when you could see stars from the windows of Starfleet ships rather than intense light from suns that seem to be positioned at either side of the ship at all times?

Can’t wait for this series to be over. I think it’s where me and the franchise are going to part ways after 30 odd years of watching.


Don’t let the door hit you….

I hope it’s not just the stars that make or break it for you. If you don’t like the effect, get some hundreds of millions to buy the franchise and do what you want with it.

need a hug?

Bye Andy. But I agree with you about the ‘no stars’ thing. What’s up with that?

No show should be beyond criticism, and certainly not Discovery. That said, if you’re going to let things like sun placement piss you off, you may indeed be better off watching something else.

Bye Andrew. The show has been very difficult for me to accept being a lifelong Trek fan, but what fan would I be if I were to give up on it now?

Of all the flaws this show has, having random planets in the window isn’t a big deal. I wonder when they’re going to conclude the Silly Tilly plotline :thinking_face:

Are *you* being transported 1000 years into the future, Andrew?

…and yet, you stuck it out after ‘Spocks Brain’??

Phil, To be fair, Andrew didn’t have hundreds of “acceptable” Star Trek episodes to watch back then. He was kind of stuck, as were we all [who watched TOS in its original broadcast days]. Frankly it’s a miracle the show survived in third season, bc 75% of the episodes were outright howlers to fair at best. There were a few gems among the dross though.

Bye, Felicia

Having Discovery jump into the future could be problematic depending on when they land. The tech on the show already looks comparable and in some cases more advanced than what we got on TNG, DS9 and Voyager so sending them to the 24th Century would be tricky and would probably call for a redesign of that tech as well. If we do get a time jump I would not be surprised to see them go back into the past or even another parallel universe.

At no point in Calypso do they state Discovery went into the future. They say it was waiting in the nebula for 1000 years. What if the federation Craft was fighting was the First Federation? What if they sent Discovery back, abandoning ship onto Enterprise, then they simply get onto Discovery with its more powerful AI?

Yes Calypso is the complete opposite of this theory the ship is jumping through time. Its weird how people seem to forget this pretty important plot point since the entire point of that story line was that Zora had a thousand years to develop into a stronger AI. Maybe the crew could disappear into the future, but not the ship itself and that would go against they idea they sent it into the future to keep it out of the hands of Control. And obviously we know its not going to get blown up either.

I guess its going to be really interesting to see where all this goes.

Something goes horribly wrong with the plan, sending the crew into the future rather than Discovery. Discovery then must wait until the time the crew “arrive,” so they don’t appear in the vacuum of space. Zora, of course, can’t budge an inch because she doesn’t know just when they are getting there, and doesn’t want to be caught out at the store when it finally happens.

“Runaway” was, for my money, by far the weakest of the Short Treks, so I hope the episode isn’t dragged down by the character of Po, or the actress, who to be perfectly honest didn’t make a very favorable impression on me.

Definitely the worst short trek of the bunch, but look at what the show did to “The Brightest Star”. I loved that Short Trek, and the follow-up episode turned it into abomination.

What? That was an awesome episode.

I really liked Runaway when it first aired, but looking back on it now, yeah, definitely the worst. I think I was just happy Discovery was finally starting to just feel like classic Trek again. And I agree with you about The Brightest Star. It’s probably my favorite out of the four but the episode itself really did feel like a big let down for me. So much of it just doesn’t make sense, mostly the Ba’ul.

If “Runaway” becomes an integral part of this series‘ own canon, it opens up many possibilities. The Short Treks are given short shrift, but given this, no longer.

(And where is that darned Harry?)

Short Treks needs better stories to tell. Most of it is really mediocre.

I am just really not too fond of the Short Trek format in general, perhaps I am one of those old school guys but I preferred if these were instead standalone episodes as part of the regular season. I just don’t think 15-20 minutes is doing Trek any justice.

Parting is such sweet sorrow. Who dies in this episode, any guesses?

I think this is where Spock and Pike go back to Enterprise…

SMG and Latif have referred to Burnham and Tyler as star-crossed lovers in recent interviews.

The Romeo and Juliet reference may have been made.

So, perhaps there will be a long term parting there.

But, I grant you, my first thought on that title was self-inflicted death due to misunderstanding…

Tyler and Georgiou are off to do their Section 31 thing

And to have great defcon levels of S………….

So no comments on Enterprise’s bridge? lol

Love the updated look!

Oops, never mind!

I’ve long suspected that Discovery echoes elements of Bryan Singer’s “Federation” proposal. In that, the action is set in the future, after the fall of the Federation, and centers around a character who rises to the role of captain.

I believe that is what we’ll see here.

My predictions for the final episodes –

Stamets and Culber heal their relationship.
Burnham becomes the Red Angel.
Reno installs a rudimentary version of the AI we saw in the Short Trek and it takes the ship and its data into the future, out of the range of Control.
All hands abandon ship before the Disco travels through time.
Captain Saru is injured, leaving Acting Captain Tilly in charge.
Season 3: The USS Discovery NCC-1031-A. Burnham is “lost in space” (jumping from era to era and universe to universe) by using Stamets’ new spore drive. We see alternate Earths, the future of the Federation, etc.

So we don’t get to see Burnham Red Angel wield her light saber to vanquish Thanos?

Tilly is not even finished with command training. Stamets or Chief engineer will take the command or the XO of USS Enterprise

Palizia Burnham is not the Red Angel. That was her mom from the future using a suit to time travel.

I said Burnham *becomes* the Red Angel.

Rewatching Battle of Binary Star. MB was right about the Klingons and Tukuma klingon nationalistic of purity and culture in the quadrant. Even dialogue couldn’t persuade Tukuma to start the war. That’s where the blame should be

Planet of The Titans?

Why not? They got the ship already.

Time travel is in the episode.

You don’t have to be Nostradamus to have that prediction!

Thorny that’s common sense.

If the episode lives up to the trailer, this will be a better series than anything else out there.

I’m stoked.

I’m hoping for the very best.

I hope it does not disappoint.

I misspelled my own nickname in the above post. My apologies.

The last episode was so good.

Hmmm. What if it is this… Discovery is hidden for 950 years awaiting Burnhams mom. It is abandoned in the present and does not return after delivering the crystal to Burnhams mom. Burnhams mom comes back and is able to help defeat control. The crew all moves to Enterprise. Season 3 the show is renamed Star Trek and takes place on Enterprise.
Parting is sweet sorrow is with the ship. Mount/peck not on Discovery season 3? No they would be on Star Trek season 3. If enterprise changed series title in the third year, so can Discovery.

They already said Mount won’t be returning next season, so it won’t be that.

And they didn’t change the title to Enterprise in third season. All they did was add ‘Star Trek’ back to it.

OTOH, they also said Spock would not appear this season. And there is the strange tweet from Anson Mount about “the best day in his professional career.”

That was a bit different though, they clearly got a mandate by someone to include Spock in the second season. My guess is to get viewership up. I assume Spock really was not meant to appear originally.

In this situation though they KNOW how popular Mount is. So if he’s not returning, that’s probably because the story won’t allow it in some way and because the ship is either in a different time or place (or maybe both). That’s what everyone seems to be thinking anyway.

The point is I don’t think they are trying to trick anybody. Believe me, if Mount was coming back, they would say it, loudly lol. There is ZERO reason to lie and hide that fact since he’s there now and clearly loved by the fanbase. SO loved in fact people can’t seem to accept he’s not coming back next season. But in this case, yeah I take them at their word, until someone says otherwise at least.

Remember it was a ‘report’ saying that Mount wasn’t back. Hardly concrete.

I’m pretty sure there was reference to Mr Mount’s contract on Discovery being for one year.

Which does not preclude a series such as “Pike’s Enterprise” and a contract for that ;^)

Considering how popular Mount’s Pike is, and considering their careful casting of Ethan Peck and Rebecca Romijn, it seems likely to me.

Okay, but why does “Star Trek Discovery” have to refer to a specific ship, and not just an idea?

Yes, they also made up a fictional actor to play Voq. And I didn’t say they changed the series to enterprise. If they added Star Trek in the third season of that show, they could drop Discovery out of the title if this show. Roseanne became the Conners. Changing a shows title and focus is not unheard of.

Martin it could happen…

I always wonder when I see something like “Discovery visits Xahea in order to get the power needed”, implying that the power comes from the dilithium crystals.

I probably got this wrong, but I always assumed Trek starships got their power from anti-matter and that the dilithium crystals existed in both subspace & real space and that by pouring (anti-matter) power into the crystals they could somehow warp through subspace. Anybody know what the official explanation. Seems weird to me that these small crystals could contain that much power.

I think that they’ll destroy the current Discovery so they can get a new ship that’s more in-line with Canon.

NCC-1031-A? Possibly. I think they’ll abandon the ship in the nebula, where Craft finds it in the future. The sphere data also becomes Zora.

Discovery won’t be destroyed. Time travel is more likely than destruction.

They are not going to get rid of all those sets and build new ones.

I really like the far-out concept of Spore Drive

And it’s no more nonsensical than a transporter.

The Enterprise firing photon torpedos…. just beautiful.

Time travel is the most likely outcome. They have the time crystals and the spore drive. They can literally go anywhere in time and space. Any universe or alternate timeline is reachable. Maybe they will leave the prime timeline and go to some other timeline. Even the Kelvin timeline is a possibility. This is how Discovery ended up in Calypso from Short Treks. Stranded and abandoned in the future. Technology is so advanced now its almost magical. Infinite alternate realities, infinite outcomes.

That’s the crazy thing. Discovery now has two of the biggest magical mcguffins seen in Star Trek history lol. One that can teleport them anywhere in the galaxy (or even universe) and one that they can travel anywhere in time with. I mean the writers have set themselves up well where they can take this ship (or more accurately the show) anywhere they want as big as their imaginations will take them. Pretty excited for the possibilities now!

Hardly ever been so bored by the preview pictures. Yeah, THAT short trek being the weakest of the bunch doesn’t help!

Someone asked last week how
time crystals are any more fantastical than dilithium crystals. Seems the writers have the same idea. Hey, looks like you got a knack for M/AM reactions, so you can master time travel too?

Please no reset of the timeline. Though, I maintain the opinion that they aren’t really into the prime timeline showed in tos etc. The red angel made it an alternate reality.

Just watch the opening titles of the show. Time crystals are floating all around the Discovery.

Yes, since episode 1 of season 1 even :)

What if… Mirror Georgiou is the 3rd season Captain. Because of circumstances. And whatever predicament the Discovery gets into, she is able to return in time (pun intended?) for her Section 31 show.

Just a thought.

Anyone have a feeling that Picard will show up tonight?

I was hoping for Prime Lorca. But I think Po is the “intriguing character.”

The Picard show is supposed to be a limited series, so I hope “Discovery” doesn’t go that direction. Please no. I hope for “Discovery” to continue for another couple of years at least.