Anson Mount Open To Pike Show, But Returning To Star Trek Would Require “Creative Conversations”

Earlier this week we reported how Anson Mount expressed his gratitude for the support he has been getting from fans, and how he was humbled by a popular petition asking for a Captain Pike spin-off on CBS All Access. Those comments on social media were made while Mount was attending Great Philadelphia Comic Con last weekend. It turns out during the panel, Mount spoke more directly about the idea of a Pike series.

There is more of Pike’s story to tell, but it would take some discussion to make it happen

Thanks to a video report of Mount’s GPCC panel from Fandom Spotlite (which you can see in full below) we can hear more from the actor about his time playing Pike on Star Trek: Discovery. The actor confirmed that he just had a one-year contract and has no plans to rejoin the cast for the upcoming third season.

However, when asked if he felt there was more of Pike’s story to tell after the second season finale, Mount affirmed he thought there was, saying:

Sure…There is plenty to flesh out, I think with a lot of these characters. In terms of the timeline, I think there is plenty of time as well. I know what you are getting at [laughs]

When asked pointedly if he would consider returning to the role, Mount said:

It would involve a lot of creative conversations.

When another fan brought up the idea of doing a series set on the Enterprise with Pike, Spock and Number One, Mount again kept the door wide open:

I’d love to see that too. But doing it [laughs]. It’s not an easy show to shoot. This season we shot for eight months, for fourteen episodes. That is a snail’s pace. That is long. But, I don’t know anything that you don’t.

While there is no indication that CBS is seriously considering creating a new ongoing or limited series set on Pike’s Enterprise, they did create new sets for the ship including an elaborate bridge set, which so far have only been used for the two-part finale. And if CBS were interested, Mount’s comments indicate that time away from home to shoot a series would be a factor in his decision-making.

Anson Mount and Rebecca Romijn on the bridge of the USS Enterprise in”Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2″

Mount talks Pike’s faith and how he changed key flashforward scene

A central theme of the second season of Discovery was science versus faith. The character of Pike has shown a lot of understanding about faith, but Pike’s specific beliefs have not been detailed. When asked by a fan about his take on Pike’s beliefs, the actor discussed how they may align with his own:

There are things I know about a character and there are things that I suspect. So, I am as much an authority as you or anyone else. But, I suspect – Pike’s from Mojave, he is a horse guy, I think he had good parents – yeah, I think he grew up going to church. But, I do not know what denomination. I am Episcopalian and I have a feeling his relationship with religion and faith is a deeply personal one. I think he is the farthest thing from an evangelical there is. I think he is like me in the sense that the more I learn about science and the sheer vastness of the universe and quantum physics, the more faithful I become. The more faith that I have that this didn’t just happen, and we are seeing a very thin sliver of what actually is.

Another interesting moment during the panel is when Anson Mount talked about the pivotal scene in the episode “Through the Valley of Shadows” when Pike sees a vision of his future. The actor revealed how through his input, something extra was added:

The way that flashforward was scripted originally was just from young Pike’s point of view and I immediately felt this is not right, because there should be a point of view from future Pike as well. We should see what he is getting out of this. And so I asked [director] Doug Aarniokoski to go watch the final scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey. And so that that camera language is quite heavily borrowed from that.

Anson Mount rehearsing the vision scene with director Doug Aarniokoski (Photo: Twitter/Erika Lippoldt)

Pike’s replacement on the Discovery is unknown

The first part of the season two finale of Discovery showed Pike relinquishing command of the USS Discovery and making Commander Saru the acting captain again. This leaves open the question as to who will be the official captain of the Discovery in the third season. When asked if he knew who would be taking the big chair, Mount said he thinks it remains an open question:

I have absolutely no idea. And if it is any consolation, I don’t think the writers know yet either.

Anson Mount as Pike departing the USS Discovery

Watch the full panel

The full video of Mount’s panel from Philadelphia Comic Con was posted by Fandom Spotlite.  The actor talks about his Star Trek fandom, favorite episodes, themes of the show, visiting The Original Series Set Tour, how he prepared to play Pike and more.

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.

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I’m happy to hear that he is open to doing a Pike show. I agree with him that it needs a lot of thought and creative conservations to make it happen. CBS is not planning to make a Pike series but they can change their mind anytime. I don’t know who will replace Pike as captain but I love the surprises thus far. Pike is my favorite Star Trek captain now. He is better than Kirk and Picard and Sisko and Janeway and Archer combined.

I definitely wouldn’t go that far with Pike but I agree that he’s great. Anson Mount has brought such humanity to the role and I want more of him going forward, even if it’s just a couple of “TV movies” (or whatever you’d call those in the streaming age, lol).

Mount is great and I think another spin off would be perfect…

I grew up on TOS (it was my first Star Trek) and I’m am now well into my 50’s, so William Shatner will probably always be my favorite Star Trek captain. That said, Anson Mount has pretty effortlessly worked his way up to #2 after only a few months. I really like his interpretation; he brings a strong but also humble and grounded presence to the character and I prefer that to how other captains and would-be captains have approached their respective roles.

As to a future show with Pike, No. 1 and Spock, I like Anson Mount’s approach to it: don’t just jump into it willy-nilly. If you’re going to do it, take the time to think about it, plan it and do it right, or don’t do it at all.

In the meantime, Anson Mount is still my pick to play Hal Jordan if WB ever gets it’s act together with a Green Lantern movie; he even already has the grey temples :)

Oh, my gosh, TonyD, you’re right!

Mount would make a GREAT GL!

Here too. Kirk is always #1 for me but Pike is currently #3 on my likable Captain list. Right after Sisko.

Wow. I actually agree with you on something, ML.

Is that Lucifer donning skis over there? lol

I think it might be lol

My first pick for Hal Jordan is Nathan Fillion, but Anson Mount would be my second choice for sure. Good call.

I interpreted “creative conversations” as “compensation talks” 🤑

I also interpreted it as being related to the filming location. It sounded like he didn’t love the amount of time it took to film just 14 episodes, which kept him away from home for so long. And if it’s a show where he’s the lead, he’d need to be on set and away from home for an even longer time

Wants to be named as one of the producers for the extra money.

You are correct Professor Spock with what you have said. I disagree with you about him being better than the other Captains. Kirk is more of a Cowboy while Pike is more in line like Picard, Sisko, Janeway, and Archer. I am open to a Star Trek Series featuring the Enterprise before Kirk. It would have to be the right creative force to do the series.

Yeah, not sure I’d rate him higher than Sisko in terms of character (he only had one season to shine!) but Anson Mount really is a terrific actor. It’d be a shame if this was the last we saw of him.

It is disappointing that the producers have not yet recognized how special Mount is in his portrayal of Pike. I am not ready to name him my favorite Captain yet, but he is already in my top three.

Whether or not we see Mount as Pike again, he has earned his Captain pips in my view.

Hear, Hear, Dave!

Or they see it and are holding the cards close to their chest for the perfect time to reveal it?

I doubt it’s a case of not seeing it. But these shows take time and a lot of discussions need to take place beforehand. CBS is already committed to several Trek shows and even if Pike is popular how do they make it stand apart from Discovery?

By sending Discovery far off into the future.

I’d be up for a Pike/Archer “Generations done right”. I doubt they could get the cast for a full season but maybe as a two hour movie and then shoot for a movie a year with Pike.

I think that’s how you set it apart: by bucking the serialization and doing a Nick Meyer style Trek movie with Pike as an annual event.

You just focus on one good story. No 14 part intrigue. No splashy directorial flourishes like you get in big budget cinema sci-fi.

Just cook up a 2 hour event and tell a heck of a story. Shoot for people like Frakes to direct. Steady, an eye for narrative. Stories in the vein of Star Trek II through IV and VI.

More like just II and VI. Let’s stay away from IV as much as we possibly can, please.

Speaking of Archer, my Trek fantasy was always to get that crew together one last time to give them the finale the show deserved. And yes, I know that train left the station ages ago.

Not really. You can have a new crew and have Tpol and McFarland in your bridge crew

I don’t really want a Pike show. Maybe a miniseries, but not an ongoing show. We already have TOS, TAS, and the first three movies set on the original Enterprise, and we already have The Cage and Discovery season 2 starring Captain Pike. I’d rather the new shows explore new ground.

You are getting that already. More Disco + New animated series + Lower decks + Picard. There is nothing wrong with also having a Pike show. And you can always choose not to watch it while the rest of use indulge

You do have a excellent point. Pike is a well developed character already. I want new shows to explore new ground too. Tell new stories and adventures. To boldly go where no man has gone before.

No one


but there are 9 years of Enterprise adventures untapped

Agreed and those 9 years are worth exploring.

I would love for a Pike-Enterprise series to happen, but I don’t think the Kurtzman regime is interested. He has his own ideas and series that he wants to establish, I doubt he would change his mind.

It’s crazy. He should know he would wet everybody’s mouth with Pike, Spock and the Enterprise. I’ll be negatively surprised if Kurtzman and co. set such a trap for themselves without a plan on how to get out of it.

I suspect they had absolutely NO idea that Pike would be the hit he has become when casting and planning out the season. Kurtzman & CO would be blind to not be aware that the best part of season 2 was Pike.

One has to be really naive to use Pike, Spock, Number One, and the Enterprise, and think fans would just let go after that…

There is some truth to that but it could have been screwed up and not worked and a number of things not gone right.

I want see the transition to Kirk command

Sadly, that is the truth. O_o ☹️

Wow a lot of interesting news today on the Picard show, Section 31 and now Mount’s reaction to a Pike show. But I think this makes it clear though, he’s definitely open to it, but there is nothing official on the table, which doesn’t surprise me. For people who think its just going to happen and he’s going to start filming the show by the end of the year he makes it pretty clear: these shows take a LONG time to do and they are a long process. It sounds like its something he would have to weigh since it will basically take up most of the year to make and my guess is it would be several years before they could do it with Discovery, Picard and Section 31 all happening within the next year. I assume Section 31 will probably start shooting next year (assuming its green lit) for a 2021 premiere. And if both Picard and Discovery get more seasons, it may be hard to juggle FOUR live shows at once.

I honestly think it would be easier to have Pike be in a few episodes of Section 31 (especially if Discovery ‘not available’ ;)) and it may make people a little more open to that show since everyone seems….skeptical. Or just do TV movies with them. We don’t have to wait 2-3 years for another show and they can go bigger with TV movies and big 2 hour adventures every year! And Mount doesn’t have to spend 8-9 months to shoot it which he seems a bit skeptical over doing unless they make it 10 episodes like the Picard show.

Tiger2 it was a very busy day for Star Trek fans like us. Picard, Section 31, and a Pike show. Plenty of news for your heart’s delight. I think CBS will do a Pike miniseries instead, not a real show. I’m not to thrilled about Section 31 but I trust Michelle Yeoh anyway. I believe her word. Picard is amazing.

Yeah thats the thing, they have a lot of options. I don’t doubt we will see them again but I’m VERY skeptical it will be a full on show like the others. I think a five part mini-series for example would be great. Look at everything they are doing with Disney+ and the Marvel shows. Those are one time shows that will go 6-8 episodes. They can do something like that as well. I suspect they are at least mulling over possibilities for a separate project in the future.

That 2001 reference was inspired and exactly right. I didn’t think of it when watching it but now, of course. It’s like a nightmare version of it.

CBS would be foolish not to do a Pike show set on Enterprise. Obviously, fans can’t stop talking about it. It would be hugely popular. Again, terrible if they didn’t do it.

I’d be happy even with a taut, 6 hour Mini-series.

I still think it will probably happen Luke but I guess we’ll have a better idea when we see where all of the pieces are placed at the end of the season. For example, if Spock returns to the Enterprise and Culber stays on board then we can probably assume that they are developing something and with the overwhelming fan reception it would stand an excellent chance of getting green lit. Isaid if Spock returns and that might sound like a no brainer, however if you think about it then there is a way they can keep Peck on the show. If they go full blown Yesterday’s Enterprise and completely reset the timeline so that those left behind have no memory of the events from this season then they could essentially retain Peck as an alternate/Red Angel universe Spock. In this scenario I think it’s unlikely that we will get an Enterprise show as it would be confusing having 2 versions of the same character appearing in two shows at the same time. The trailers seem to suggest that Spock will be left behind in the shuttle though and they’ve gone to a lot of effort to establish things for TOS as well so hopefully this means they’re not doing a full reset. I also think it’s likely that Emperor Gieorgiou will probably be left behind as well. I know they’ve said Yeoh will be in season 3 but if they really are filming Section 31 straight after that I would imagine she only has a small role to play. Given Saru’s transformation and newfound recklessness I think he might step down as Captain and let Burnham take the reins. This would be a big transition for Michael so maybe we’ll see an episode with flashbacks to an event that happened when she served on the Shenzhou and this could be how we see Yeoh in season 3.

Wow…Me thinks you should have thought about this more before you posted…LOL
For one we already knew that Spock would end up back on the Enterprise as these events take place before the TOS pilot and I don’t think fans would really go for another timeline reset.

Anywho…The season finale set up a new Pike/Spock/Number one Enterprise series perfectly.

Wow…. Me thinks you should have read my post properly and brushed up on your Trek history before you responded. For example I clearly stated in the first sentence that I think something will happen with a Pike/Enterprise show but said we’d know better when we’ve seen the finale. I’m mightily relieved that they didn’t go the route of another timeline reset but at the time of writing this was a possibility that was being discussed amongst fans. Fortunately they didn’t go down this route but had they done it then the scenario I painted would have been possible and they could have kept Spock as a Tasha Yar style temporal duplicate. The first line of my post made it clear that I was expecting Spock to return to the Enterprise but I was presenting criteria that might be required had they planned to keep him. If this had happened it would have in my opinion eliminated any real hope for a Pike show but it didn’t so there’s still hope.

Ive not really been a fan of discovery, but Pike is changing my mined on the show. It’s a shame that the character I like the most will be gone after the season.

I AM a fan of DSC, but even I recognise that Pike helped a lot of sceptical fans jump onboard.

Now with Pike no longer being present for season 3, will DSC itself take a hit?

I can’t foresee how they will top Pike – but I will be interested to watch this space.

Well, if they do add Reno and Nhan to series regulars, it would help. It has been more than just Pike and Spock – the addition of Owo and Detmer this season has been good too (were they even in the first season? ha ha)

The real issue will be that without Pike, this season would have been even more of “The Days of Michael Burnham’s Life” — It was the Search for Burnham’s Brother, then the evolution of her “brother” Saru, now the Search for Burnham’s Mother. While they may have to cleanup some stuff for a couple episodes in Season 3 – it’d be nice if they got a mission here or there.

I believe the show will transition to the crew now since MB story is complete

Although I would love to see this show, I could certainly understand some of the challenges. The canon lock-in would be an even greater challenge to overcome since we all know the outcome. And we can only have so many ship-shows at one time before they start cannibalizing each other. And ultimately I get the impression that Anson found the time commitment demanding and I’m sure he would like the freedom to do other things. I hope it happens, but the fact it’s not even being discusses tells me it’s not on the table. Although I find it really impressive that they built the Enterprise sets for just two episodes, although I’m sure they’ll recycle them next season for something else.

“The canon lock-in would be an even greater challenge to overcome since we all know the outcome.”

Why do so many people think this is an issue? When has the point of a Trek series even been tension over whether the captain is going to live? That’s a very recent thing, and not a good development in Trek.

So the answer is simple: go back to doing Trek the way it used to be done, but with a modern flair in production. They’d need actual writers for that, of course…

“I have absolutely no idea. And if it is any consolation, I don’t think the writers know yet either.”

This may be the understatement of the century.

One – I think that a series of Pike’s Enterprise does not necessarily mean that Anson Mount would need as much involvement as he did this season. 1) If you get to “mission” episodes, it can be Number One and/or Spock leading some episodes. 2) If you have a Pike show, Picard, and Discovery – there is no reason these need to be 13-14 episode seasons. If you add in S31, if you get 8-10 episodes our of each, that is 32-40 weeks a year of new Trek. After Picard’s 10 show first season – they should be going to 8 episodes per show. That’s essentially just a group of ongoing mini-series.

The canon-lock-in also isn’t an issue as you say. I love TOS above all others, but I don’t want to see that bridge in a modern production with that technology. That breaks the canon of our current society and where we are technologically.
As for Pike – there is alot of exploration to be done of a man who knows somewhat of how he will end up – does he become more of a risk taker, or more reserved? We know Spock and Pike won’t die. We still know nothing of Number One, and whether she will kick it. (I kinda hope she somehow ends up as Captain of Discovery, because she’s a lot more likely to conflict with Burnham than Lorca, Saru, or Pike did. She could be the first person to reject a Burnham idea since Georgiou did in the pilot – that would be groundbreaking).

Well said! I watched “The Visitor” last night while browsing some old deep space nine. Amazing writing and performances. My wife cried. It wouldn’t be horrible to see Discovery embrace a few more one off episodes exploring individual characters that make us ponder the nature of the universe. At the very least include that sort of philosophical inquiry in additional series since Discovery has an identity already, for better or worse.

The vocal fans have been brutally unforgiving when it comes to lining things up with canon. It’s hard to tell a story if you’re confined to it, and nothing is more confining to a storyteller than a series set on the iconic Enterprise a few years before Kirk. I’m not saying it can’t be done of course, but this is a scenario that ultimately has to lead into an already well told story. I don’t blame the producers for wanting to focus on new fans and open skies. I’m just eager to move onto sequel Star Trek for once, it’s been decades.

Found out on that video that The Inner Light is Mount’s favorite Star Trek episode ever! I knew it was a reason I liked this guys so much! :)

“A central theme for the second season of Discovery was science versus faith.”

Was it though? We were TOLD it would be. I don’t see it. It’s more like “science versus poor writing” :(

So when will we get the new Capt Pike spin-off?

This guy warms my heart. Pike is our sweetheart.

‘Creative Conversations’

When I first read this phrase in other reports, I was thinking that Mount is seeking some kind of executive producer role similar to Patrick Stewart’s…

But after reading the fuller quotes here on Trekmovie, I’m interpreting this to be principally about the logistics of production in Toronto with such a long period of rehearsal and filming days per episode.

Mount is clear that his marriage is very important to him, and one season 14 episodes took up 9 months of a year.

Shatner’s made it clear that TOS’s 6 day a week production schedule was very damaging to his first marriage, and generally TV production are hard on marriages… and that at this point in his life he wouldn’t do series TV again for that reason.

So, the creativity required may be about more pre-production ahead of filming, hiatuses to return home, accommodation and travel for his wife to stay in Toronto etc.

I’ll happily take any Trek series, be it Section 31 or Pike or Picard. It builds the Trek Universe in different ways and different places.

If Netflix/CBS Access has taught us anything it is not to be constrained by the boundaries of broadcast television. If it was down to me I would do the following.
1, Challenge science fiction writers to pitch 90 minute TV movies. The guidelines for these movies would be that the premise should be science fiction, that superweapons and bad guys looking for revenge were off the table and that sequels and prequels to existing stories should be avoided save for where there is an emotional payoff.
2, From the pitches I would develop the 5 best into TV movies (or mini series), ensuring a diverse selection. The stories would be self contained.
3, I would release the 5 movies annually, possibly during holiday seasons to maximize people with new devices and create a buzz around each as a Star Trek Event.
4, The series would be called Star Trek
5, I would negotiate with Mount/Peck/Romjin over filming to maximize their commitment
6, I would push for low budget, using existing costume/set assets where possible and pushing the writers for creativity.

Star Trek is at its best on television, this should be an experimental Sci Fi show both in format and content.

I’d like to see a annual 2 hour movie…

I love that he said it would require creative discussions. It lets me know that he’s an actor’s actor. He doesn’t just want to take a role, he really wants to inhabit it and be a part of plotting the course for the character. Love that.

Just a thought: How does the Enterprise not show up (often) in a Section 31 story line from time to time? Also, the newly constructed Enterprise bridge is probably a preamble to the Constitution Class Ship that they end up using for Sect 31 or at least something similar enough to have a bridge that is close. I am telling you, that we haven’t seen the last of Pike and Co, and it will most likely be in Sect 31 shows.

” How does the Enterprise not show up (often) in a Section 31 story line from time to time?”

Possible the Section 31 show will be set in the 25th century if Discovery moves to the future, Georgeau would move with it.

Not necessarily. Yeoh is confirmed for season 3 but we don’t know to what extent. For all we know she might only be in flashbacks.

Drop the Section 31 show and do the Pike/Enterprise show instead.

They could merge some of the stories planned for the Sec 31 show into the Pike show if they are so gun-ho about it.

I still do not get why spend all that money on a fantastic bridge set (along with the corridors, uniforms, turbolift, and briefing room) and NOT do a Pike show. When a character really resonates with the audience and becomes popular, it is common practice to create a spin-off around them. I really do not get why CBS is NOT doing a Pike show. Really makes no sense.

He lost me as soon as he brought up christianity. I have not been watching STD because it is terrible so I don’t know anything about this actor. A Captain Pike story seems very unoriginal to me.

People just want to relive TOS. ST DSC is awesome BTW.

Pike is too boring to head a show.

Your personal opinion, not shared by many.

Pike is a boy scout. People like characters that have dark sides. Maybe if Pike became a drug user or killed a green prostitute.

I don’t. The whole point of Roddenberry’s optimistic view of the future negates your point of view.

Fascinating. I think “boy scouts” resonate with a rather large portion of the audience. My favorite Avenger is Captain America. I love Superman. My heroes are the ones that always do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do, not for selfish reasons. To each their own, but I don’t like the anti-hero.

While I do not look up or aspire to the anti-heroes, I am forced to admit they often provide the more interesting narrative.

If that is what you like then Star Trek isn’t for you. The central core message of Star Trek is an optimistic future of peace and stability.

Peace and stability, tell that to DS9.

The Federation is the symbol of peace and stability for an optimistic future. Of course there are external threats to it. Besides, Gene Roddenberry would not of approved of DS9.

Listen kiddo. Chris Pike was many things, but he was never a boy scout.

Actually, he probably was.

Plus he loves Jesus.

I really hope they do Pike/Spock/Number One Series set on the Enterprise.

I have been a Star Trek Fan for 40+ years and I haven’t been this excited over a potential new series before.


In my opinion, Anson Mount’s acting has made Pike into a very compelling and likeable character, and I feel Discovery really needed that after the first season. He makes me want to watch the show. His acting is great and he looks like Pike, and he just owns the role.

That said, I wish Pike’s character was written to be more decisive. As other people have pointed out, he too often seems to function as someone who Burnham can come over to, and in her infinite wisdom, tell Pike what is the right course of action. He then is cautious but ultimately sees the correctness of her plan and he assents. That’s not a decisive captain. I would like to be friends with a guy like Pike, he’s a lovely character. But I’m not sure the writers have allowed him to demonstrate a strong ability to make independent, firm, and out of the box command decisions that are required in a Starship captain. Come to think of it is too much the opposite of Kirk in this regard. There has to be a middle ground. It’s not Mount’s fault, he’s amazing. The writers would need to fix this.

Pike was indeed the best part of the show this season. But that is a legitimate criticism. Yes, I’t Burnham’s show but it did seem like Pike lost a lot of command when Michael was in the room. A good Captain listens to his crew and is willing to go along but she changed his mind far too often to be believable. And for the character of Michael Burnham’s growth, she needed to be wrong once in a while and deal with that. There is no growth if you are right all the time.

It’s a credit to Anson Mount’s talent and charisma that his version of Captain Pike has gone over so well with the fans despite the fact that he is very often relegated to being Burnham’s sounding board.

I do wish the writers had enough confidence in all of Discovery’s characters to transition to a more ensemble show where everyone contributes meaningfully instead of having everything basically revolve around one character. As it is, sometimes I think they should just rename the show to Star Trek: Burnham.

Because of time and funding constraints I don’t think a new series is practical but a “Short Trek” featuring Pike and the crew of the Enterprise would be something I’d like to see. Something ten to fifteen minutes long, taking place mostly if not entirely on the single and already built set of the NCC-1701 bridge, would be a relatively cheap and relatively quick to shoot production.

A Pike series would have to be shot in LA to accommodate his family.

There are lots of things to explore during the Pike era of the Enterprise.

Gene Roddenberry must be smiling from up there to see the original Star Trek captain taking his rightful place as the favorite captain.

This needs Jeffery Coombs as observer characters through the series ending as Pike’s Talosian Keeper so you understand why.

It seems to me that, of all the pitches and all the individual show theses, the one thing fans clamor for and producers never seem to contemplate is a series in EXACTLY the same timeline as TOS. The Anson Mount furor is not only well-placed, it was hardly a seed purposely planted by Discovery showrunners. Think of all the starships in the Federation in that timeline. Think of the precious few captains we all met during the course of it. There is just so much more to tell beyond the 5 year mission cut shoot by 2 years. And, in my opinion, Pike hit all the right buttons because specifications for the character came straight from the writers and producers of TOS. Moreover, it’s obvious that Mount was also cast in that form. He has been letter-perfect casting for and of the TOS style and the Enterprise sequences for DiscS2 caught a heady echo of its excitement. Moreover, ongoing, Pike could be cured somewhere after the TOS Menagerie episode (as could Vina) and adventures on a sister ship to the Enterprise could continue. More than any other concept, this is one that I’d cheer for.

I think a Pike show would be great and I think it would be pure genius if the intent was to set this season up as a test run with the intent of doing a few years with Pike and then transitioning to a new Kirk ( new Spock)after Pike’s accident. Rebooting the Original on TV properly as it should have been done in theatres.
If that was the original intent then Alex Kurtzman has been getting a bad wrap for playing the “long game”.

I agree with you, Jeff. Yet, it being science fiction, Pike COULD be saved beyond his TOS fate. I just think Anson Mount offers us an avenue of integration between TOS and current broad, cable, and webcast standards these 50-plus years later. I mean, seriously – TOS, at least the best of it, has aged exceptionally well and, if current programming ego will allow, a close following of style and content may – and i think will – have serious legs.