Michelle Yeoh: Section 31 Star Trek Show Will Be “More Fun” With A “Nicer” Georgiou

Since development was first announced in January, the untitled Star Trek Section 31 series has been as mysterious as the shadowy organization at the heart of the show. Now, star Michelle Yeoh is revealing some details on what fans can expect.

Section 31 show is in the works

Speaking with Newsweek today, Philipa Georgiou actress, and star of the in-development Section 31 spin-off, Michelle Yeoh gave an update on the development of the show, confirming that the third season of Discovery will come first:

Section 31 is in the works as we speak. We will shoot Season 3 of Discovery first, and then move on to Section 31.

Yeoh has previously been confirmed to be a part of the third season of Discovery, which will begin production in July. In his recent TrekMovie interview, executive producer Alex Kurtzman revealed that the Section 31 showrunners Bo Yeon Kim and Erika Lippoldt were currently working on both shows, with their first goal to break the story for the Section 31 series pilot.

Michelle Yeoh as Philippa Georgiou in “Saints of Imperfection”

More fun, with a nicer Georgiou

A stated goal for the expanding Star Trek television landscape is for each new series to have its own tone and style. Yeoh discussed with Newsweek how the Section 31 show will differentiate itself.

Section 31 will be more fun—less intense and more fun-driven. Visiting more planets. Going around rescuing people in our own way.

This idea of a more fun show fits with Bo Yeon Kim’s statement earlier this year that the show will not be dark, and will stay true to what Star Trek represents.

In the new interview Michelle Yeoh also talked about her former Terran Emperor’s growth during the second season of Discovery:

So she’s come around to understanding that if I don’t kill first and ask questions later, we can sit around and think about it a bit more. There’s this nicer, gentler side, but you never know when she’s going to switch around again.

Michelle Yeoh as Georgiou with Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham in “The Red Angel”

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NCSI style show with spies and political motivation

Sounds fine to me… more like Xena, less like John Wick! I’m on board!

Perhaps a bit of “Emma Peel” thrown in for good measure…

And if you imagine Yeoh saying “Section 31 will be more fun—less intense and more fun-driven. Visiting more planets. Going around rescuing people in our own way” in her Mirror-Georgiou voice, you know it’s going to be a bloody, epic, tragedy-laden Game-of-Thrones-in-Space.

Heh. Good point. :-)

Hopefully these statements will put an end to the ridiculous “Space Hitler” dismissal of Georgiou. Yoeh is a tremendous actress and she brings real nuance and range to the character. I’m looking forward to the S31 series far more than Picard, frankly.

The question should be is it acceptable to allow an evil person who has committed untold atrocities to be redeemed and accepted back into society?
Would Hitler, Stalin, Mao or Ghengis Khan be allowed to be reintegrated into society right now?

“Would Hitler, Stalin, Mao or Ghengis Khan be allowed to be reintegrated into society right now?”

In USA?- For sure!

They’d be top cabinet choices!

make america great again (lower case intentional), get trains to run on time!

@ Kmart – they are fine people. Fine people. Fine. People.

The Thing is, she did nothing at all to be redeemed!
She makes jokes about obliterating planets and all that stuff and the others just gives it a stupid face and irgnore it for the rest of the time!

Much less head a super secret spy agency that literally answers to no one.

I’ve said it before… she’s technically never done any of those things in this reality. Strictly in her universe.

Does it matter? That’s like saying that if some raped and murder small children in Germany and them moved to Canada, no one in Canada should blink an eye about that person’s past actions.

No one doubts Yeoh’s acting, I adore her. But the writers have not yet earned a fun Georgiou. The character has not had a reckoning with her own actions. At the very least this Georgiou needs to face what they have done and repent for it somewhat before they can become fun. I have no doubt Yeoh can pull it off – can the writers?

This is not true. I doubt Yeoh’s acting. She’s pretty terrible in the first season, and in much of the second. Lately, though, it feels like she’s found the groove.

You know, I didn’t want to say it, but yep, Yeoh’s been twirling her proverbial mustache too much as the Emperor through most of the show. It’s weird because she’s a skilled actress who does well in serious and comedic roles.

I agree with you, Bryant, that Yeoh is “pretty terrible”. In fact, that’s being kind. She is GAWDAWFUL as an actor, and that includes my having just seen her in “Crazy Rich Asians”. She is so wooden, with zero charisma in how she delivers the dialogue. I swear, if you grabbed ANY woman off the street, threw her in a Starfleet uniform, and asked her to speak the lines, any average untrained person would have more depth than Yeoh!

Well I read they’re going wrap on discovery season 3 then make s31 so I’m thinking we’ll see her get some kind of redemption to be more like original Georgiou and of course, she’ll need to get back 930 years unless they’re taking s31 in a completely new direction.

This reminds me of how the DS9 writers had to double-down on the evilness of late-series Dukat because they were disgusted with how fans were starting to root for a literal space Hitler because he was so charming. Except here the producers want us to root for the literal space Hitler because she is so charming.

Star Trek should be in the business of clearly denouncing genocide and fascism, not rehabilitating charming fascists.

Star Trek should be in the business of clearly denouncing genocide and fascism, not rehabilitating charming fascists.

+1 to Eric2.

Come on lighten up with the PC crap, These are not real people just actors playing a part. If we go by your logic we would have every show on TV and movies like MR. Rogers. TV and movies are a mirror of what’s going on in the real world and Star Trek has always done that.

Could we just call Georgiou “Space Andrew Jackson” for a change, please. We all know what a wonderful charming evil Nation the Germans are, but Americans have their share of “cool” Presidents too.


Of course the difference is that Georgeau is from the MU. Where being evil is their equivalent of being good. It seems impossible for someone to rise to the level she did with those kind of character defects (defects from THEIR POV). Dukat on the other hand, was from the Prime Universe and has more room to maneuver.

I don’t like her character but she seems like a nice person.

That’s good because when you hate a character in a tv show the actor is doing their job.

No one is objecting to Yeoh as an actress. Quite the contrary. It’s that the character is fundamentally flawed. The only way I see this working within the Star Trek context is to make her like Xena, i.e., openly admitting her past sins and working for redemption. Even then, I don’t see it as a show we particularly need.

Since Georgeau is a resident of the MU I just don’t see that working. Producers could do it, but the only way it works is to remove the MU element from the characters. Just forget her origins and never speak about it again.

The Space Hitler label is indeed off the mark. To my knowledge, Hitler never ate anyone. So she’s even worse!

On the contrary…Hitler was indeed a vegetarian^^

The number of deaths Hitler was responsible for is also far, far smaller than the one from Georgiou. The number of people killed during her regime surely goes into the billions. She destroyed whole planets. So you could add the death numbers together of all the evil dictators, monarchs, etc. who lived in the last 500 years and you will still not even get close to number of deaths which rest on Georgiou’s shoulders.

Guys it’s not real , do you get that. Your getting upset over something that’s not real, it’s a TV show.

The Space Hitler dismissal is not about Yeoh. Its about this terrible caharcter and who stupid the idea of making her s31 is.

Doesnt matter who good an actor yeoh is.

Sounds fantastic! LUV Michelle Yeoh <3

i’m just not looking forward to this

Me too.

Dunno…I’ll definitely watch (I loved Section 31 on DS9), but no one was really asking for this show. The Captain Pike Enterprise show on the other hand? That seems like a no-brainer. Would be a great return to classic-like Trek (exploration, etc.), if it ever happens.

Probably a case of getting to do a show with Yeoh front and center, not something you just ignore if there’s money to do it!

Yeah, she’s a pretty big star. I can see why they’d want to nab her for her own show. But Section 31 is more about shades of grey. I can’t imagine an “upbeat/fun” show for Section 31.

Trekman maybe this is a good thing…

Yeoh is a global star. Why wouldn’t CBS want to get into business with Yeoh?

This is the kind of thing where I will literally wait two seasons, check out reviews, then decide if I want to watch it. A Trek show I may check out a couple of years from now. Despite the acclaim for the actress, the Sec. 31 theme doesn’t grab me at all, her character is inherently evil, and after how DSC has left me very unimpressed, I have little faith in these showrunners. Hopefully Picard will be a gem, I’ll be signing back up for CBSAA and tuning in when that comes out. Sorry CBS, you lost me for now. Too many fish in the sea.

Emperor Georgiou comes from an evil universe, but it’s possible that she, herself, isn’t inherently evil. Most people learn to do whatever the people around them are doing. It’s possible that she can be redeemed by the better values of Starfleet and the Federation. And wouldn’t that be a very Trekkian thing to do?

She cooked and ate another sentient being.

I don’t think she cooked the food. I got the impression she had people do that for her.

This was normal in her world. I’m a vegetarian because I think it’s reprehensible to cook and eat cows and pigs, but most people do it without thinking about it, because it’s normal in our world. I’m sure someday in the future, eating other mammals will be considered bizarre and barbaric.

Thomas Jefferson — the man who wrote the impassioned language about freedom in the American Declaration of Independence — kept slaves. Nowadays, we think slavery is OBVIOUSLY evil and wonder how a man so impassioned about his own freedom could deny it to others, but in his day, slavery was normal, just business as usual.

I think redeeming Georgiou by continually exposing her to the values of Starfleet and the Federation could be a satisfying and heart-warming story, kind of like the redemption of Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol.” I doubt that’s what the Section 31 show will actually be about, but I think it would be very cool.

You keep forgetting… Georgeau is from opposite land. Bad for us is considered good there. For her to embrace the ideals of the Federation would be akin to a really scrupulous and moral person in our world deciding to embrace crime, murder and cannibalism. It’s just quite the leap and not really a believable one.

People are shaped by their cultures and by the things that are rewarded or punished in their society. Georgiou has left the Mirror universe and can’t go back. In the NON-Mirror universe, everything she thinks she knows is wrong. Instead of getting good results from her usual behavior, she’ll get bad results. Instead of getting admiration for being unscrupulous, she’ll get scorn.

Psychologists know that people are very strongly influenced by the reinforcement contingencies in their environment, and the reinforcement contingencies in Georgiou’s environment are the opposite of what they were before. This will have to affect her behavior, and watching herself behave differently will eventually have to affect her self-concept. She will change.

Except, being from the MU, she can’t. It’s in her nature. Anything else is ridiculous. Besides, the MU is not a sustainable concept anyway. It was just a vehicle to show a different side of known characters. It is a mistake to use an element from that ridiculous place as a regular thing in a regular show.

And there is also no reason she can’t go back.

“In her nature?” Even though she has the exact same genes as regular Georgiou? I’m sorry, but that’s total nonsense.

It’s clearly not worth discussing this with you. I’m out of here.

Who says she’s the same? She isn’t. What is it about opposite or even “mirror” that you don’t understand?

The discussion isn’t worth it to you because you are being owned here. So I understand.

She doesn’t need redemption.

Which means you can’t judge the present on what was done in the past.Things change.Just think someday Trump supporters might actually realize how horrible he is

Who hasn’t?

From her standpoint, that would not be a redemption. It would be a fall from grace.

It would be a much bigger and less credible switch than Quark suddenly missing serving root beer, that’s for sure. Bigger than Quark living on foodstamps, actually.

I feel the same way. This is one of those shows I will never watch in the first season. I will wait for reviews and later seasons to watch it.

Yeah, right. You’ll watch it and complain.

For Sure

Just like how you weren’t going to watch the end of discovery until the Picard show comes out?

She was never exaclty mean. Evil, but not really mean.

Wait what? She eats Kelpian-Sushi for Dinner? So WHAT would you call mean? XD XD XD

I will give this a chance. I want a Pike show but I trust her words. Michelle Yeoh knows what she’s talking about. I’m very skeptical but I believe her now.

Like a dandelion, aren’t you? Just a-blowin’ whichever way the wind pushes you.

“Our heads are round so our thoughts can change direction.”

Francis Picabia

If this new Section 31 show was the only new Trek on CBSAA, I would cancel my subscription. I would, however, pay for a new Pike/Enterprise show. Just saying.

I cancelled two months ago.

Would you re-subscribe for a Pike/Enterprise show?

I believe I would, VZX. Yes.

I’m cancelling tomorrow.

Has it been stated that Yeoh is portraying Mirror Georgiou in the S31 series? If Burnham pushes the galactic reset button, preventing the Klingon War and never losing her parents, Prime Georgiou would not have been eaten by Klingons.

Prime Georgiou is dead. Burnham won’t do that. She can’t reset history. The past is the past. She is mirror Georgiou.

And since she wouldn’t have been eaten, she’d still be the Captain of the Shenzhou, and not part of section 31 most likely.

I don’t see a reset happening.

Now THAT’s a great thought and pretty much the only way a Georgeau led Section 31 show would even have a chance of working.

Looking forward to the mustache twirling.

Stop saying that! Seriously why do people like you say that!

You mean you are looking forward to the first bearded woman in a major Trek role? I guess that group that is still underrepresented in entertainment.

This is the one that I care about the least. I don’t think there’s any place for a Section 31 show. The organization only ever worked dramatically because it operated in the shadows. They’ve put too much light on it in the modern Star Trek era and now its initial concept isn’t relevant. Moreover, the description is so disappointing. I’m picturing an old school, LAAAAAME, episodic. So I’m hoping she just doesn’t know how to pitch it. For me this only works if it’s truly the DARK version of Star Trek and they really go for it. Buuuut, it doesn’t sound like that’s the way it’s going. And while I REALLY like Yeoh and enjoy the Evil Empress character, it’s been too one dimensional for me to be all that interested in it as the headliner. But, that’s kind of an artificial problem that can be saved with great writing. I guess I just mean, the way the character has been so far keeps my appetite for this suppressed. To be honest, this one is probably DOA for me regardless and is going to be the Voyager of its time (not very good.) But you know me: I love Star Trek and am going to totally nerd out for it anyway, root for it, and hope to fall in love with it like I did Discovery this year…which was full of a bunch of bad Section 31 plots. So, hmmmm?

Michelle has been an absolute blast in Season 2 and her snark has made me laugh out loud more than once. The scene in last week’s where she’s completely blasé about blowing up a nova really tickled me.

But she’s also proved that she can handle action and quieter moments so this Section 31 show could be really promising!

I wish I felt as you did. So much of her performance feels really forced to me for some reason.

She felt forced to me even when she was playing prime Georgeau. And she has really hammed it up for the doppelganger. Georgeau just doesn’t feel like a good fit for her. Either Prime or Mirror.

Agreed about both versions of character, that she didn’t convince, despite being very good in SUNSHINE and a couple other things. I can say, sabotaged by writing, but honestly, there might be more to it than that. Don’t think that in most instances, this show was well served by the original casting or writing choices (still haven’t seen s2, and now don’t know when I will, because the device that was supposed to be able to access CBS AA now no longer does, 2nd time that has happened in last few months.)

Forced to agree that even some of the casting for the show in the beginning has been questionable. Sure, it hasn’t been helped by the sub par writing but better choices for the parts could have gone a long way. Expecially Georgeau and Burnham.

I’m sure the writers are aware of the fundamental problems with Emperor Georgiou that need to be sorted out before she can be put at the helm of a Star Trek show.
We have a whole season of Discovery for her to really get to develop into that state (and ofc the arc can continue on the show itself.

Error Number 1: Nicer…part of what makes her interesting and facinating is that she is NOT nice…while not beeing “evil” in a black-and-white sense.

Do you all remeber that super fun German post-War Comedy with Goebels, Himmler and Hitler as the 3 sympathetic guys from the little barbershop who are secretly british agents saving lives of good germans….

neither do I… and I am from germany!

Yeah?!? You must also have missed:
-Mein Führer – Die wirklich wahrste Wahrheit über Adolf Hitler
-Er ist wieder da
-Adolf, die Nazi-Sau
-“Obersalzberg” in Switch
To name just a few.
If you want to imply that there is no comedy about Nazi leaders in Germamy, I have to doubt that you are really from there.

All of your examples are making fun of Hitler. None of them protray him as a sympathetic hero of a story people are suppose to root for. Georgiou will be seemingly written like Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway and Burnham as a central character people are suppose to like and want to see succeeding. She might make jokes herself, but won’t be denigrated by them all the time like Hitler is in Nazi parodies.

I guess the audience is just supposed to accept her as still a nice person even though she reminds us with things like, “In the Terran Empire I just had the soldiers shoot all the children to get the locals to cooperate.” But it’s OK because she doesn’t murder anymore. At least, not on such a grand scale.

Just Imagine Hitler is telling Churchill that he is actually hitler from germany and churchill gives him a blink and smirks while saying: “What Germany?”

Thats basicly what happend in discovery!

I am actually in “Mein Führer – Die wirklich wahrste Wahrheit über Adolf Hitler” as an extra and even have a foto of me and Helge Schneider… in costume! … but like Mel already said: Your examples are making fun of hitler and still portay him as evil.

Making Georgiou fun and nice as a character is like making Hitler an actual nice guy with good intentions and a bad past and thats… ugly!

Although, has anyone seen Hitler as presented on Preacher? Maybe Georgeau is a bit like that? (lol)

I love Michelle Yeoh, but I literally have zero interest in watching this. The only thing that might persuade me to check it out is if the show gets rave reviews after release.

Just cancel this ridiculous Section 31 show and put together a Pike show.

Part of the fun of Section 31 was its mysterious nature. They destroyed that in a Discovery.

Totally agree!

The whole premise of this new series is crap like hell. Section 31 acts against all kinds of Federation principles. It is a nasty dark organization. It counteracts the message about a positive future. They can’t even properly redeem them as we know from DS9 that they will stay evil.

Letting evil Georgiou run around free makes the Federation look stupid and morally corrupt. I guess because of this they made her nicer in season 2. Likely also because they want the audience to root for her in the new series and this is easier to achieve if the audience forgets her mass murdering and Kelpian eating ways.

Unfortunately her redemption felt fake like hell. Turning a genocidal asshole into a nice helpful person with some added snark in just a few episodes without a good explanation is really bad storytelling. The only “explanation” given for this turnaround was that Georgiou likes Burnham. But mirror Burnham hooked up with Lorca and tried a coup and because of this Georgiou issuded a death penalty on her. So it isn’t even that prime universe Burnham reminds her purely of a much beloved child. She also reminds her of a big personal betrayal.

And it looks like Tyler will be the second lead character of this new show. The problem with this is that he is a hole of charisma. His background is a convoluted mess. The love story with Burnham is one of the worst written and acted romances I have ever seen on TV. And the guy looks totally unkempt now with this overabundance of hair. The character really doesn’t work in any way.

Thank goodness… I was just thinking about that after watching Discovery’s latest episode. I was questioning whether I’d want to watch this version of Yeoh’s character in a series… she’s mean, a bit petty, terribly written in the second season — i.e. all that we don’t want in our Trek heroes. Weird how she’s just been a (nearly) throw-away character this season. Weird. Especially after charting a path for a new series. And while I’m at it, I *never* understood why the original Georgiou was killed off (my Michael, no less) so early in the first season. What in the living hell were the writers thinking? Kill off an appealing strong character. And people ask what’s wrong w/ the CBS managed Star Trek franchise.

What I would have loved to see was a series featuring Prime Georgiou first commanding the Shenzou. Unless my memory fails me, it’s not fully established that Saru served under from day one. And we know that Michael definitely didn’t either. Plus, that set is already built — of course by extension, as is 31’s.

I get that they want different shows with different tones. Something I applaud. But it seems to me that if there is a Section 31 show that is the one that just screams out to be dark and muddy. And looks like they are going the silly route I suspected. The evil empress from opposite land will grow a heart. (Facepalm)

ML31 Did you not find it compelling in Season 1 when Burnham (undercover in the MU) said that the longer she was there the more she risked being pulled into their values and acceptance of things like atrocities and slavery.

So if the good feel the pressure to go bad in the MU where Prime Universe psychopathy is NORMAL…and Georgiou is somewhat exceptional in having genuine maternal attachment to and empathy for Michael Burnham.

What pressure does the successful Emperor Georgiou experience in the Prime Universe to evolve psychologically?

Frankly, Erica Lippoldt as a neuroscientist is very well placed to scientifically explore that question…

And we so a credible redemption story, that respects what we know about brain development.

The fact that they have been showing Georgiou’s better behaviour starting with the one person she’s attached to makes sense.

Perhaps from there she can develop empathy for a broader group of people.

But that suggestion of wiping out a planet shows that she still doesn’t get Prime Universe values…

But she isn’t a Psychopath in the Prime Universe because she doesn’t know what to hide…

And she’s not a PU sociopath either, because she can and is slowly able to change to conform to expectations.

Regarding that Burnham insight you have, about her picking up the feel of the mirror uni ….
Pretty much everything Burnham said felt to me like it was coming from writer(s) who didn’t know how to put it across successfully (as in, with subtext and something more than just plot-driving toward a preordained end) and was relying on the actor to plus things up (like Isaacs/Lorca most of the time, and often Saru), which rarely happened with the lead, because I think she still doesn’t quite get it Trek-wise, at least in this weird DSC universe.

Back on s31 … i think there is a decent show to be made on this subject, dealing with ambiguities and ethical hypocrisy, but not featuring Mirror Georgiou, because there is too much unforgettable and unpardonable history there. Evoking Hitler and Stalin and Amin isn’t even enough (the phrase ‘there’s not enough pain in her body to pay for what she has done’ comes to mind, with respect to John Ford’s THE FINAL REFLECTION, though the disappointed fan in me would also think of applying it to Abrams as well for the 09), and would still be there at the forefront of my mind watching the character. You’d need to say she had a ceti alpha worm in her head the whole time and was being controlled by an outside force, and even that kind of retcon wouldn’t wash with her now having crossed to a different ‘verse. If they had bothered to imbue her with a real point of view, like Thanos in AVENGERS (and yeah, it feels weird to use AVENGERS as a sign for what is good in storytelling), only THEN would a redemption or understanding be possible. But there’s no structure or underpinning.

“i think there is a decent show to be made on this subject, dealing with ambiguities and ethical hypocrisy, but not featuring Mirror Georgiou, because there is too much unforgettable and unpardonable history there. ”

I am forced to agree there. Even though I freely admit that Section 31 is one of my least favorite Trek creations. It is possible to do something interesting with it. Just NOT with Georgeau. I do not see any way it could. At all. Someone more creative than myself might come up with some way for sure. But I don’t think those who are running that show have it in them to do so.

“Did you not find it compelling in Season 1 when Burnham (undercover in the MU) said that the longer she was there the more she risked being pulled into their values and acceptance of things like atrocities and slavery.”


“Frankly, Erica Lippoldt as a neuroscientist is very well placed to scientifically explore that question…”

If she studied the brains of people from the MU then her perspective might have merit. As it stands now, what we know of the MU does not allow for such changes in nature.

I don’t buy lot of major genetic differences….but their expression (epigenetics) may be shaped by which universe she’s in.

The light, visual processing one could be significant… but doesn’t imply anything about empathy or lack thereof. But even it may be a matter of a simple switch in a single gene that is triggered by the light exposure level in infancy.

So, if nurture/environment is the big difference between Prime and Mirror Georgiou, the question is how plastic is her brain and how much will it evolve and adapt, even as an adult, when she is completely immersed in the Prime Universe over a sustained period of time.

The light sensitivity was a new thing made up for Discovery. And something Georgeau doesn’t seem to share for some bizzaro reason. They aren’t even following their own MU rules that they themselves made up!

But the big difference is Evil Georgeau is from ANOTHER UNIVERSE. One where certain fundemental principles that we take for granted here do not seem to apply. It is not brain function or nature/nurture. None of that applies here to the made up universe that was solely designed to showcase the dark nature of ourselves.

She’s going to kill with a smile on her face. LOVE it.

The only way fun and nicer works for me is if we see Georgiou slowing confront the many, many horrific things she has done. A.k.a, remorse, guilt, ptsd. Or we also can get a bit of an origin backstory. How did the child Phillipa, born into a demented world, be trained by her mother to “survive.” Remember, Burnham told Tilly that the Terrans are just like them, but keep a facade up to mask their constant fear.

Thats what we need to see inside of Mirror Georgiou.

Snark and comedy and fun and adventure? Sure! But underneath the story of a deeply conflicted person.

Still not on board with this. Will see.

So how is Georgiou supposed to get back to the Section 31 timeline?

Exactly – Therefore, I still think this Section 31 series is cover up for a Pike Enterprise series lol!
Ms. Yeoh will still have her part in Discovery S3 as she’s stuck on that ship now!

The penny has dropped that evil Star Trek simply isn’t Star Trek.

Love Anson Mount as Pike, but never wanted a prequel. This is why. We have to say goodbye to icons so they can rejoin their respective timelines.

Can’t stand this character or the bad acting that goes with it. The decision to create an entire series based around her and Sec 32 is mind boggling.