Star Trek Picard Show Adds Three New Cast Members

The next Star Trek show for CBS All Access continues to take shape as it heads into production, with the addition of three new cast members.

3 more for Picard

Today CBS All Access announced the casting of three new actors for their upcoming—and still untitled—Star Trek series starring Sir. Patrick Stewart in his iconic Star Trek: The Next Generation role as Jean-Luc Picard. Joining the cast as series regulars are Alison Pill (The Newsroom), Harry Treadaway (Penny Dreadful) and Isa Briones (American Crime Story: Versace). They join previously announced cast members Santiago Cabrera, Michelle Hurd, and Evan Evagora.

No details were provided regarding the characters the three new actors would be playing. The only official description for the series is that it will “explore the next chapter of Jean-Luc Picard.” The series is set to premiere by the end of the year.

Alison Pill just completed season one of the upcoming FX series Devs from Alex Garland, and can be seen in the Oscar-nominated film Vice. The 33-year-old Canadian-born actress has extensive film credits including Hail Caesar!, Snowpiercer, and Scott Pilgrim. In addition to The Newsroom, her television credits include a regular role on Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story: Cult.  Most recently, Pill starred on Broadway in the Tony-nominated production of Three Tall Women. Her stage work has also garnered her Tony, Lucille Lortel, Outer Critics Circle and The Drama League award nominations. She won the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Ensemble in the U.S. premiere of The Distance from Here.

UPDATE: Pill responded to the news on Instagram indicating she is already at work on the new show:

So flipping excited to join @sirpatstew and so many other awesome actors in this newest Star Trek adventure. Long live Picard. Scroll for why he’s the best, and why I love my new workplace bathrooms.

Allison Pill

English actor Harry Treadaway recently finished filming season four of the Netflix series The Crown. Before that, he starred opposite Brendan Gleeson in David E. Kelley’s series Mr. Mercedes for two seasons. On the big screen, the 34-year-old has appeared in Edgerton’s film Gringo and the Disney feature The Lone Ranger. Previous notable credits include three seasons on the Showtime series Penny Dreadful playing Dr. Victor Frankenstein. Treadway has been nominated for a Best Actor Satellite Award for his work on Mr. Mercedes and as Most Promising Newcomer for his work in the film Brothers of the Head in 2005.

Harry Treadway

Newcomer actor and singer Isa Briones just wrapped the First National Touring Company of Hamilton. The 20-year-old Brit’s most recent credits include FX’s American Crime Story: Versace and Next to Normal (East West Players), for which she won an L.A. Ovation Award.

UPDATE: Briones took to Instagram to speak about the news, where she also mentioned receiving fight training for her new role:

If you were wondering why did Isa suddenly move back to LA? dye her hair black? and is all bruised up from fight training?
All your questions have been answered.
So excited to finally announce this news that’s been giving me butterflies for weeks.

Isa Briones

Awaiting word on production

There has also been no official word on the start of production for the show, which will take place at Santa Clarita Studios, north of Los Angeles. Production for the Picard show had been set to start in mid-April and possibly as early as this week. In TrekMovie’s recent interview with Jonathan Frakes, he stated that he had read the scripts for the first two episodes and was planning on starting prep for directing the third and fourth episodes soon.

Thanks to Sir Patrick Stewart we know that rehearsals for the show were underway as the actor tweeted out a picture of his rehearsal script last Thursday, joking that he couldn’t share spoilers with the rescue dog he was taking care of.

And on Monday of this week executive producer Michael Chabon shared a photo of himself at Alex Kurtzman’s Secret Hideout offices in Santa Monica with an image of Jean Luc-Picard on a mural behind him. His message” “Angel on my shoulder.”

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Angel on my shoulder.

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Nice that cast is announced. But like before I’d like to know a bit about who they are playing. Something that they seemed determined to keep secret for now.

Kinda makes you wonder if there is a DISC connection.


There’d better not be, for if there is I shall complain about it most bitterly.

Doubt there’s a Discovery connection other than learning from their mistakes. They messed up bigtime by announcing Shazad Latif would be playing a Klingon, then deciding to make him a human who we’re not supposed to know is a Klingon! Better to just leave character names and species out of the casting announcements.

“But like before I’d like to know a bit about who they are playing.”

Some of the character / actor relations are obvious…

Lawrence (shady pilot) – Santiago Cabrera

Alana (former secret agent in her 50s) – Michelle Hurd

K’Bar (young Romulan martial arts expert) – Evan Evagora

I guess those three are locked in.

That leaves us with the three new ones, which are a lot trickier to lock down.

Isa Briones: my guess: Indira! Indira is an Indian name and Isa looks closer to Indian than the other young lady. Only issue here: if Briones is Indira, Allison Pill would be Connie, and Connie is supposed to be African American. The only woman of color cast is Michelle Hurd, but she is locked onto Alana age-wise! Maybe they have changed Connie’s profile when they cast Michelle Hurd as Alana. Then Isa could still be Connie!

Harry Treadway: difficult, my guess is Starton! Could also be Dr Smith as there is some minor resemblence to the Mark 2 EMH from VOY.

I guess we’ll just have to wait a few more days…

Isn’t all that, including the character names, fan speculation? I’d like to see something official regarding character names and a brief description. But that might be giving away too much I guess.

Details may change, but those leaked cast sheets are normally a rather reliable source. Worked for most of TNG, VOY, ENT and DSC (can’t remember any DS9 cast sheet personally)…

Yeah, I know, Leslie Crusher and Tasha Hernandez never happened and Archer was never called Jackson, but those are last minute details. The overall character line-up is correct and no “fan speculation”. It has been picked up by numerous outlets. So yeah, looks pretty reliable to me.

Well, nothing official has been announced so I’m waiting for that.

Fine, but the cast sheets worked out fine 95% the last four times, so I’m not beginning to doubt that information this time round :-)

My wild theory that I love to spam everywhere is that the pilot/thief that Cabrera is apparently playing will be Picard’s son conceived on Risa with Vash. I do love a bit of daft unsubstantiated speculation lol.

Vash didn’t look like she’d just had a baby a year later in “Q Pid”.

Well, I think that’s because they are just actors playing make-believe. A wild guess on my part… :-P

So, very old Picard is surrounded by young hotties. Maybe I should run down to Temecula and see if he’s tending the vineyards…

I wondered that as well. Are there going to be an characters older than 40 except for Picard? It’s kind of weird.

One would hope he’ll have some contemporary(ies) to bounce off of…

Again, Michelle Hurd. I’m thinking that she’s going to be his “Number One”, or the CMO…

One would but Kurtzman is probably looking to pull another Discovery style stunt and target only woke, millennial, me toos and other assorted buzzword nonsense.

Do you think a better strategy would be to target old farts like us? And what would happen when we all die? Star Trek dies too? No, let them focus on millennials and stuff, if the goal is to expand the franchise, not making it smaller and smaller until the last one of us passes, whispering “but this is not how the bridge was supposed to look…”

Well Star Wars has cast a much older cast for ‘The Mandalorian’. The youngest on that is 36, and several are in their 60s and 70s.

You’re not wrong.

Advertisers greatly prefer younger viewers. Not locked in to brand preferences like older people. Plus when they have a kid they are buying all kinds of stuff.

Right, because Star Trek is all about maintaining the status quo of old straight white dudes who grab women by the …katra? (When you’re a Starfleet Captain, they let you do it.)

Dude, Star Trek IS “woke millennial me-too” TO ITS CORE.

The whole message of not just tolerance but celebrating difference (IDIC), the message of equality / anti-colonialism / anti-exploitation of one group by another, the message of always standing up for what is right, and standing up to abusers?

I can point to dozens of episodes that take real-world issues and translate them, lightly, into the sci-fi realm.

Have you even been *watching* Star Trek? (I ask, rhetorically, for about the dozenth time here)

Yeah, that’s the problem with some “fans”… Now that some of Trek’s values have actually become part of reality, some disgruntled “fans” join the far right in their absurd crusade to reset history.

Star Trek was one of the driving forces behind racial, sexual and gender equality, from the very first b/w kiss on TV, to the first black Captain, the first woman in the captain’s chair, the Trill girl/girl kissing scene etc…

But now, that we are actually able to show a multiracial, female-driven crew with some openly gay characters, some “fans” mourn the good old days… Gross.

That’s why they want a Pike show. If Pike was anything but a White Guy they wouldn’t be screaming for a boring Pike show.

I’ve seen this accusation elsewhere and I have to say I’m not persuaded by it. It’s a gross conflation to say that people who want a Pike show are only behind it because they’re racist. Heck, there may well be some who just want a whiter Star Trek–and I don’t think that’s right–but there’s lots of other people who might be drawn to a Pike show for very different reasons. Slapping them all with the label of racists just feeds the right’s stereotyped understanding of social justice warriors.

I’ve got my own criticisms of Discovery, but the actors and who they identify as are certainly not one. My biggest beef is with the writing. I’d love a Pike show *if* the writers were different. I’m not fond of the constant tragedy, drama, anxiety, grumpiness, and betrayal that is Discovery–it’s drawing way too much from Game of Thrones and the modern preference for darkness for darkness’s sake. I saw the Pike+Spock dynamic as being a bit funner and a welcome reprieve from all the gloom of Discovery–a bit more like the optimistic era of earlier Trek. Heck, DS9 is my favorite Trek, and while it too was often riven with tragedies and struggle, the characters weren’t nearly as forlorn as Disco’s.

Except TOS didn’t really take political sides. When they did take a modern day topic it was one where there really was no legitimate counter argument. The other thing they did was when there was a difficult choice to be made both sides were presented fairly. That seems to be something that modern day writers are having a little more difficult a time doing than their older counterparts.

Star Trek was one of those forces for sure but writers in past shows were more subtle and clever about their message. To say discovery is par for the course ignores the idea that past Treks potentially opened minds while discovery closed them. You need the opposition tuning in to open their minds!!! Hitting them over the head with the message isn’t the way. Showing a crew past divides was Trek. revisiting this divides when the enlightened future is past them in cannon is nothing more than pandering to the youth which sit around virtue signaling to one another in social media.

I’m constantly amazed by how many alleged Trekkies don’t understand these things without having to be told. But, there you have it.

I’m not here to get in a political discussion, and I’m not a straight white male. But there are a lot of conservatives who love Star Trek, and don’t embrace certain progressive agendas. There’s a lot more to the show than that. I also don’t think it’s fair of you to accuse fans on the right of being racist or sexist, or a bunch of white males, just because they disagree with you on some social issues. If you’re truly a tolerant person, then you should be tolerant of diverging viewpoints. Star Trek is about that too.

We shouldn’t tolerate racists.

Very well said, SDK.

I am fully tolerant of you, your view, until that view is pushing intolerance of others. Tolerating the Intolerant simply gives Intolerance power it should not have if we are to progress as a society. It is better to inform people out of their intolerant viewpoints, than to simply let intolerance run rampant, because intolerance will not tolerate the tolerant when push comes to shove.

@SDK – sorry, but I don’t check my ethics and critical thinking skills at the tolerance door. Telling me that misogyny, racism and corruption are nothing more then diverging points of view to be tolerated when the average person can clearly see the harm they cause doesn’t put the onus on me to look the other way. If you’re going to argue those as conservative virtues, then you need to be prepared to defend harming others. Good luck with that viewpoint.

Tolerant of disagreements over economic policy or foreign affairs or what not, sure.

Tolerant over questioning the right of some groups, such as gay people, to *exist*? Never.

Then once again, Soren, they will lose my sub. I truly hope that is not the case. If they push agendas ahead of a compelling, cohesive story, I’m out.

Michelle Hurd is 52. Just sayin’

And… She’s the only one in the cast over 40 other than Patrick Stewart.

Temecula’s just about twenty minutes from where I live. Want me to check for you?

@ Michael Hall…you’re about fifteen minutes closer, I look forward to your report!

At least they’re hiring actors with some level of success and accomplishments, and not more models…

I think a lot of people are still looking at this show in the wrong way. I don’t think there’s anything “standard” about this as in it sounds like Picard is needing to do something and has to recruit these young people who may be younger and willing to take the risk. I think if you see a familiar older face, it might be someone from Starfleet advising him not to go through with whatever this plan is. Besides, if anyone human/Starfleet would follow Picard more easily it would be someone looking at him through the lens of hero worship rather than an older person looking at him through the lens of regulations. Even Spock’s Romulan followers in Reunification are pretty much a younger more idealistic bunch.

So, essentially, you know, the Maquis. They were all outcasts, misfits and the disgruntled.

Then their clothes fall off and he can see everything….

Yes, I saw Stewart on Extras as well.

Maybe they’re his nursing staff?

I’m going to make a wild guess and say one of these woman is playing his daughter.

I hope your right. Did Picard have any children? I think he had a son that died in TNG.

He did not have a son, turned out to be fake. He did not die either. Jason Vigo: Bloodlines.

Nope, and it’s not likely he squeezed one out with Dr. Crusher, either.

Actually, Dr. Crusher would have been the one doing the squeezing…

In the Relaunch novels, he had a son with Crusher…

Who would be 8 or 18 depending on whether they’re counting from the end of TNG or the end of Nemesis…

picard series takes place 20 years after the events of nemesis

There’s been conflicting messaging on this Michelle. Not everyone is saying the same thing interviews.

We’ve heard ’20 years after he last put his uniform on as Picard’ and 2399…which line up with 20 years after Nemesis…

But Patrick Stewart has given 2389 and 20 years after TNG…

And in his most recent interview, Jonathan Frakes said “18 years”


Personally, I hope it’s 2397 or 2399 and if Rene Picard the son of Jean-Luc exists, he’s on his way to Starfleet Academy, his mum has her own ship, and Jean-Luc is ready to take on something new.

Actually I disagree TG47,

I think its pretty clear the show takes place 20 years after Nemesis for no other reason to match closer to Stewart’s real age. And it would just make sense it would be that long after Nemesis since it will be about 17 years in real time since we seen the character.

And Chabon made it clear as day what year it took place in. Stewart and Frakes just sound like they were talking in general and off the cuff.

Yes Tiger2, I’ve also been holding on to the view that Charon is the accurate one to cite…

But Kurtzman keeps stressing that the events in Star Trek (2009), particularly the destruction of Romulus, will be a motivation.

In the Prime Universe, those events would be in 2387 I believe.

Yes he does but I’ve taken that as to suggest it is a catalyst for a dramatic change in galactic geopolitics. It’s almost certain I would say that the show will be taking place 20 years after Nemesis as that allows a reasonable amount of time for the destruction of Romulus to have caused the the type of political and social upheaval within the Federation that Stewart likely wants to explore. Plus as Tiger points out it allows the show to align itself in real time to the actors real ages.

My theory is that the rogue pilot who is an expert thief will turn out to be his son to Vash. I could also see a scenario where maybe he got married to Crusher and they had a child who joined Starfleet and will be pitted on the opposite side of whatever renegade operation Picard is in charge of.

Why was Vash roaming the galaxy without her newborn son in “Q Pid”?
If they go that route, it should be his son with Nella Darren’s.

The galaxy’s a dangerous place Thorny ;) It’s a pretty flimsy theory based on very superficial assumptions with zero corroborating evidence. The report on Cabrera’s casting suggested that he is a pilot who is also skilled thief. This lead me to conclude that Picard needs somebody to steal and pilot a ship for him that will be crewed by various members of this cast. It got me thinking who does Picard know who mixes with thieves which led me to Vash, then I was thinking maybe he’s her son. Now Cabrera is around 40 but given Hollywood’s tendency to cast older guys he could conceivably be cast as a guy in his early 30’s and that puts it in the right sort of time frame for Captain’s holiday. It seems logical that they will want some personal connection between Picard and the new cast so him having children is certainly plausible and Cabrera has a similar accent. Obviously if he wasn’t brought up by Jean Luc then there’s no reason for them to share an accent but you couldn’t put it past a Hollywood production to use a superficial similarity like this to present a familial relationship. As I say it’s a very sketchy theory, almost certainly wrong but it can be fun to speculate!

I don’t get why so many people are stuck on Vash.

Did people forget she spent a lot of time during DS9 hanging out with Q?

Lol who is stuck on Vash??

Corinthians7 it may just be me, but every thread on the Picard show goes through a ‘What about Vash?’ loop.

Honestly, Captain’s Holiday wasn’t quite as cringy as the dune buggies in Nemesis, but it was bad.

I’m counting on the strong writers in that room coming up with something that satisfies Stewart’s desire to be more of an action character without letting him make Picard ridiculous.

The cast may for the most part be young, but he’s a leader with a mission to achieve.

I don’t think this will be about long lost off-spring, but it may be about bringing closure to unfinished business – either his own or Spock’s.

That dog is so cute. Its nice to see the show take shape. These cast members sound interesting. CBS needs to gives us a Pike series already. Picard is not enough lol.

“That dog is so cute. Its nice to see the show take shape. These cast members sound interesting. CBS needs to gives us a Pike series already. Picard is not enough lol.”

Star Trek: Pike-ard

Cute… Yah he’s looking at you like he would look at a steak. There’s too much muscle there to qualify as being cute!

It’s a she, and despite their reputation, they are really very sweet dogs. It’s when humans abuse them that they can turn nasty, but that is true of any breed.

Yes, that’s true. I have indeed heard that they are very good dogs. It’s unfortunate that irresponsible owners can make them become aggressive. Cute is still not an adequate qualifier IMHO, but I would go for sweet.

I have a Husky and a Yorkie at home. It’s an …interesting dynamic.

Six Degrees of Star Trek: Shazad Latif guest-starred as Dr. Henry Jekyll on the third season of Penny Dreadful with series regular Harry Treadaway, who played Dr. Victor Frankenstein.

That’s cool. BTW: I really liked the first season of Penny Dreadful, butit decreased in quality after that. The third season was rubbish. But I did like Treadaway as Frankenstein the entire series.

Good call, I was wondering where I’d seen Latif before.

Treadway was great on Penny Dreadful (I miss that show), and Alison Pill seemed very good on AHS, although I couldn’t stand that particular season. These are good signs.
And I hope this placates the people who think this show is going to simply be about an old captain sitting in a chair, ruminating. They’ve surrounded him with some very young actors. Fingers crossed the writing is up to par on this one.

Two Brits and a Canadian.

Nice to have a more international principal cast than they did for Discovery…

But I hope that Sir Patrick can persuade TPTB that the Brits and Australian should not be obliged to put on American accents.

Was that a thing on TNG or any of the other series?

Jason Isaacs put on an American accent as Lorca. I think it was to avoid comparisons to Picard.

I think that was to keep American audiences from thinking of him as Malfoy

Yes…on Discovery.

Shazad Latif and Jason Issacs.

Although Issacs has said that he preferred the Tennessee accent to avoid a suggestion the Picard comparison.

I can’t figure out why Tyler needed to be from Seattle.

And I’ve often wondered if putting on the American accent is what makes Tyler sound like he’s mumbling. In interviews, Latif uses a fairly neutral English accent or a received accent (like Bashir in DS9), but I’ve heard him use other British ones in clips. Not sure what his native one is.

On TNG, Marina Sirtis was not allowed to use her native East London accent and Colm Meany’s Irish accent was toned down.

Alexandra Siddig’s use of the received (Queen’s English) accent for Bashir is likely just a choice among one of the ones he grew up with given he was schooled in England and his uncle is Malcom McDowell.

Jimmy Doohan, a Canadian from Vancouver, tells the story that he was asked ‘to do all the accents that he could’ after he was cast, and that TPTB chose for him to use his not particularly authentic Scots accent.

It’s not clear how much Shatner had to adapt his Canadian accent for TOS. He’d already been living in the US and doing film noir for several years.

The accents don’t annoy me. I’m American so yeah.

PS we would hope that you and other Americans would be fine if actors didn’t have to put on American pretend accents for what is supposed to be a multinational, multi-planet federation.

In my experience, most American Trek fans would be okay with it … I think that TPTB should give it’s audience more credit.

Agreed. I’m not American and I’m a little annoyed that TPTB feel it’s necessary or at least safer to hide the actor’s native accents. I would be even more annoyed if I was British, but I’m Canadian and I still think they underestimate the American fan’s acceptance of other cultures and peoples. This is after all Star Trek, IDIC.

One thing I liked, and felt authentic in the 09′ film was that Captain Robeau (Faran Tahir, born in the U.S.), used his Pakistani accent (he grew up there). In Trek, I don’t think any ‘fake’ American accents should be allowed for the comfort of American viewers. Let these actors use their native dialects.

I understand this but it’s entirely possible a British actor is auditioning for a part that says, Joe Smith, native of Jacksonville, FL for example. They are probably going to ditch their native accent for the audition I would think. What could be more appropriate is to make the character bios a little less regional so anyone can audition for them in a way they would like to portray them. Or not.

ML31 we don’t really need more Trek characters from the US…

There’s an entire planet…in fact several with human populations.

And the US doesn’t even exist in the 22nd century let alone the 21st

If an American actor gets cast – great, make the person, from the lower 48..that way there will be an American to identify with.

But really…I think Trek fans able to deal with a Trek show where 50% of the crew don’t ‘happen’ to come from the lower 48…and they did accept that with DS9.

Riker is from Alaska.

And while I wouldn’t be angry if there were more international characters in a Trek show, I’m also not irritated the bulk are from the USA. While Trek has no “need” for North American characters there is also not no need for them either.

And for the record, the USA certainly exists in the 21st century and probably into the 22nd.

Not true TG47!

ALL the countries exist in the 24th century as they did before, they simply don’t fall under individual government bodies like today. That’s obvious because culturally you can see the characters are well defined from where they were born. Riker still comes across as an American the same way Bashir comes across as British or Chekhov as Russian. They may not say directly they are American or French but they still talk about their countries as separate entities the way we do today. The only difference being they are all ruled by one government with the same laws and rules for everybody. But I always suspect every country still have their own governance just like every country usually have a federal, state and local governance. I always wanted to know if there is still a White House and if its occupied by anyone but I’m guessing it isn’t.

But yes I generally agree with you, I think fans can watch the show without most being American. I never thought that was a big issue, especially today. Look at GOT, while most of the actors are actually Americans most also speak with accents and of course it takes place in a fantasy world. Most don’t care if they sound American or not. I don’t think thats much of an issue today on most shows because the world is just so much more globalized now. And we watch TV shows from other countries more and more thanks to sites like Netflix and cable.

That stuff was never mentioned but my head canon says things work similarly to how they do now. Different countries still exist and perhaps there is a United States of Europe or Africa. But they also work together world wide when it comes to interplanetary issues and global defense.

check out First Contact Tiger2.

They were in a former US part of North America but the name of the political entity had nothing to do with the United States or America.

So, Earth may have some kind of federated governance, but the sub-planetary governments don’t match up with late 20th or early 21st century political boundaries.

Ethnicity and cultural heritage on Earth is another question.

I wonder if it’s weird for Stewart and SMG when they go into their boss’ office and he has a mural of them painted on the wall.

I guess, Stewart at least has been in the industry long enough to get used to the Hollywood star “worshipping”. Is it any different than having your face stare at you from movie billboards on every street corner?

I hope he plays Old Picard like just like his character Blunt on Blunt Talk.

Pretty much every single person cast in the show so far is someone whose work I’ve seen elsewhere and I enjoyed them or thought they deserved a better vehicle.

This cast is rounding out nicely. I am excited to see all these people working together.

Harry Treadway will play Julian Bashir’s Son.

Mic drop.

Out of this group I am only familiar with Harry Treadaway from Penny Dreadful. I liked his performance on that show and I think he will be good here too. For the rest, we have to wait and see. There seems to be a good variety in the casting, but except for Michelle Hurd and to a smaller extent Santiago Cabrera, they are going for younger people.

This show will have a great cast. I don’t know any of these people. The only one person I know here is Patrick Stewart.

Then what is your reasoning that it will have a great cast if you don’t know any of them?

Duncan MacLeod everything will be great. I just want a good show.

I hope this is the final batch of main actors. For only 10 episodes having 7 main actors is more than enough. It was different when there were 26 episodes per season, they could support 9 main actors and several supporting actors. With only 10 episodes I don’t want it to be crowded.

You know we will get complaints about why everyone in the main cast are not fully fleshed out in 10 eps.

tezna they will add guest actors soon.

Some of these could be guest characters. Remember when cast announcements began for Discovery they didn’t differentiate between actors that would only be in the first 2 episodes and actors staying on longer.

Great opportunity for Ro Laren to get closure.

I used to love her character and then after a TNG rewatch I really couldn’t stand her. Actually, I’ll say I liked the character but hated the way she was written as her story progressed.

Never liked that character. Way too much of a chip on her shoulder. Well played by the actress though, whose name I forget…

Michelle Forbes – also played the badass admiral Cain on Battlestar Galactica.

Would have been nice to see a full list of the known cast up to now. I’m pretty excited to see how this show/mini-series shapes up.

I love Alison Pill! She’s been great for years, loved her in Scott Pilgrim, in Snowpiercer, in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, even. Great addition.

The first season of “The Newsroom” was excellent. Daniels deserved his Emmy. Pill was very good, too.

It’d be great if we got something about the Picard series attached to the end of tomorrow’s finale.

And it would have to be a tease that includes something readily familiar to fans of TNG (like the Enterprise). This is their show (TNG) fans and it will have to feel far more familiar than Discovery.

Except it’s years after Nemesis and Picard is out of Starfleet… It’s not TNG continues.

I remember at the end of the original broadcast of Endgame in the UK the teaser for Enterprise was just an artist’s impression of the Enterprise NX-01. But at this point even the equivalent of something like that would be novel.

I doubt they will release any visuals yet. I think the most we can hope for is a text/graphic saying something like “Coming this winter to CBS All Access: the return of Jean-Luc Picard”, maybe with a dramatically lit shot of Patrick Stewart’s face.

Though on second thought, that might be a good opportunity to release the show’s title. Maybe it’ll be “Coming this winter to CBS All Access: Star Trek: Destiny” (or whatever the title actually is), over a shot of Stewart’s face.

Harry Treadaway was excellent in the little-seen “Mr. Mercedes”.
Loved Allison Pill in the first season of “The Newsroom” but Season 2 was a trainwreck.

So thankful for new Picard series, but every new cast announcement that doesn’t include any TNG cast makes me sad.

If the producers can, they will hold off on revealing any TNG guest stars until closer to when the show airs, to maximize publicity.

Good point. Maybe that’s why the TNG cast are keeping quiet atm? That’s a little bit of hope I’ll hold on to.

I think this might be intentionally done to surprise the audience.

Thinking about the discussion we’ve had on Season 2 of Discovery, and some of the critiques of Season 1 of DS9….

…having cameos and guest appearances in the initial 10 hours could be a distraction from the plot arc and could get in the way of this show and its characters establishing themselves.

Think about it:

Worf joining DS9 mid-series worked well, guest episodes from TNG characters in S1 are kind of forgettable for the most part…

Patrick did say there are plans for a second, maybe third, season. If that’s true, my guess is that they’ll establish the new world of Picard first, and then bring in some of the TNG cast for guest spots in subsequent seasons. If they don’t, the producers are just stubborn and stupid.

Or they want the show to survive without the crutch of constantly bringing in TNG characters.

I am thankful there are not regulars from TNG. Fear not. I’m certain they will turn up in guest roles at some point.

Can’t stand Pill, but Treadaway will be very good I’m sure.

I want to see enterprise e, it never had a chance to continue its story

Try the Relaunch books from Simon and Schuster.

Patrick Stewart’s been very firm that he’s not interested or willing to reprise Picard on the Enterprise.

The publisher established broad story arcs that allowed the characters to grow and develop. There is a set that fills in between Insurrection and Nemesis, and then several that move forward from Nemesis until 2386.

Some characters have gone their own way such as Riker and Troi on the USS Titan, but Worf makes an excellent first officer and some of the new characters are favourites.

If you are interested in the Borg, David Mack’s Destiny trilogy is outstanding, and features the Enterprise-E, the Titan, and Captain Ezri Dax and her prototype slipstream superfast USS Aventine.

If you’re looking for more exploration, the more recent releases by Dayton Ward are your best bet.

I’d been curious as to whether Treadaway was going to be on the third season of “Mr. Mercedes.” This seems to hint that he won’t. Interesting!

I don’t know anything about “Mr. Mercedes” but one advantage of having shorter seasons is that it gives the actors more opportunities to do more than one project.

True, but if I’m not mistaken it is filming now — which would make it difficult for him to be a regular on the about-to-film Picard series.

His character kind of reached a conclusion in the second season of “Mr. Mercedes,” and I’d been a bit worried they might try to keep him around just because. So while I’ll miss him being on that show, I’d also be kind of glad for him not to be shoehorned in.

Plus, hey, Star Trek.

Allison Pill resembles Greta Thunberg.

I mean…I’ll wait to see the show before passing judgement, but does it seem weird to any of you that a 90 year-old Picard is hanging out with a bunch of kids?

Uhm… I think most of the TOS crew where in their 30s when they started filming, and so where most TNG crewmembers.

Harry is real good news. That is a fine actor. Watch “Mr. Mercedes” to find out.