New ‘Star Trek: Discovery’-Inspired Jackets Introduced By Volante

The second season may be over, but Star Trek Discovery fans have something else to look forward to as they wait for season three with the introduction of a new line of high quality jackets inspired by the show.

Volante goes Disco

Volante Design was founded by David and Willow Volante, who specialize in creating stylish streetwear inspired by sci-fi and gaming. According to Willow, the ethics and values of Trek have also inspired how they do business. They introduced their first licensed Star Trek products last year and this week they introduced a second line, inspired by Star Trek: Discovery.

Starfleet 2256 jackets by Volante

The Discovery-inspired Starfleet 2256 jackets are made of heavy denim with some stretch and feature an inner pocket and a snap tab collar that can be worn open or closed. They are available in men’s and women’s cuts, with the choice of four accent colors (Command Gold, Science Silver, Operations Copper, and Section 31 Black).

Detail on Women’s Command Gold Starfleet 2256 jackets by Volante

The Starfleet 2256 jackets are available in a number of sizes with men’s ranging from chest size 37-55 and women’s ranging from 33-47.  They also offer free sizing consultation, with a response typically within 24 hours. If you use their sizing consultation service and you’re unhappy with the fit upon receipt they will assist you in exchanging it free of charge. Willow shared that their passion is, “Getting people into things that make them feel, wow! A cut that really flatters them in the fandom they love.”

Starfleet 2256 jackets by Volante

Willow shared that their guiding principles include pricing that works for their customers, and items that are high quality and made in the United States. The Volantes are involved in the process from prototype to finished product and they’re also very receptive to suggestions from their consumers. For example, a customer suggested that adding an inner pocket to their jackets could make it easier to wear the Starfleet badge without it falling off. The Volantes quickly incorporated that into their design.

Section 31 Starfleet 2256 jackets

The Starfleet 2256 jackets sell for $330 each and are available exclusively at the Volante website. Click here for Mens Starfleet 2256 jackets or Womens Starfleet 2256 jackets. You can also order a QMx Starfleet badge to go with your coat on their site for $14.95.

Science Starfleet 2256 jackets

TNG jackets too

Last year, Volante Design introduced the Starfleet 2364 line inspired by Star Trek: The Next Generation. The jacket sells for $315 and is available for men and women in command red, operations gold, and science blue. Women’s sizes run 33-47, men’s sizes run 37-54.  The jacket is made of heavy duty water and stain repellent denim. Order here: Mens Starfleet 2364 jacket and Womens Starfleet 2364 jacket.

Starfleet 2364 jackets

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I want them all

Wow! Each one is over three hundred dollars and they look terrible. This isn’t apparel, this is an intelligence test.

I’ll agree the price is way too high for my pocket book, but these look awesome. If I had the disposable income I’d have ordered that Section 31 one by now.

I’m not a fan of the Discovery uniforms to begin with so this isn’t my cup of tea. But I think it’s great for fans that like them and want to show off their love for Trek.

Well, there’s a coat I’ll never wear.

Frankly if I were into such things, at $300 I’d want an actual replica.



absolutely Agree.

Another agreement.

Good Lord…

In that close-up image, the fabric texture very much reminds me of working clothes we used to get back in the 1980s. Even the color is pretty much the same, contrast stitching included.

Somehow I doubt these are rugged enough to qualify for actual work, though. ;)

like ’80s dungarees from the Navy

Uh, no thanks.

I think you would look great in it Tiger.

Back when I was about 19 I bought this vile black suede coat with long fringe along the sleeves. Every time I wore it out, people on the street were so utterly enraged at it that they wanted to beat me up. (Looking back, they weren’t wrong…) I get the same queasy feeling looking at these coats.

If it were cheaper I’d be all over this, same for my wife.

The Section 31 jacket looks pretty cool. And the guy with the beard looks almost exactly like me, just with a neater beard.

Agreed. That’s the only one I would be caught dead wearing.

I would wear THAT beard before I would lay out $300+ on any of THOSE jackets

I would love to see a jacket version of the wrath of khan uniform.

I think they look nice. Way out of my price range, but nice, nonetheless.

They look kinda fun, but I’d get the cr*p beaten out of me if I wore one of these jackets in my neighborhood…

There are websites where you can customise clothing, I’ve had my own Disco jacket made with a starfleet insignia for around $60.


They charge way too much for these. I understand that quality clothing actually does cost some money, but over 330 for a jacket? Yeah. No thanks.