Star Trek Picard Series Will Be Available Internationally On Amazon Prime

One of the unanswered questions we have flagged here about the upcoming Picard show is where it will be seen around the world. When first announced it was confirmed the show is set for CBS All Access in the USA, but without any info about other countries. Today that changed.

Picard headed to Amazon Prime internationally

Today, CBS Studios International announced an exclusive deal with Amazon for the upcoming Star Trek Picard series starring Sir Patrick Stewart. It is set to stream on Prime Video in 200 countries and territories outside of the U.S.A. and Canada. Each episode of the series will be available on Amazon Prime within 24 hours of its U.S. premiere.

The new show went into production in April and Sir Patrick Stewart revealed this streaming news on Instagram from the lot, saying he was thrilled to announce that “the next thrilling chapter of Picard’s life” was headed to Amazon. And in a riff off his trademark catchphrase, he ended with “enjoy!”

While Netflix is the exclusive home of Star Trek: Discovery, their absence from earlier announcements indicated the Picard show would end up elsewhere. Recently, the CEO of CBS stated he felt the Picard show, “will have strong international appeal.” While CBS is planning on expanding their All Access service outside USA, as of now it is only in 2 other countries, so a deal with Amazon makes sense for this show.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is a well known sci-fi geek and Trekkie (even making a cameo in Star Trek Beyond), so it seems fitting for Picard to end up on the company’s video service. Amazon has also been more aggressively pursuing original and licensed genre content for their portfolio, it’s now the home to The Expanse, their original shows like Man In The High Castle, the upcoming Lord Of The Rings series, plus there’s even more upcoming genre shows in development such as an adaptation of Snow Crash, and the Galaxy Quest the TV series.

The press release notes that the deal for the Picard show does not cover Canada, as of now there is no news regarding where the show will be available in Canada. Star Trek: Discovery airs on Space in Canada, but CBS has launched All Access in Canada as well, so either is a possibility as the future home of the Picard show.

Picard back in command

The official press release contains a number of quotes from executive producer Alex Kurtzman and other executives from CBS and Amazon.

“There’s only one word that can begin to describe Sir Patrick Stewart as Starship Commander Jean-Luc Picard, and that’s ‘legendary,’” said series executive producer Alex Kurtzman. “We are thrilled beyond measure to have him back in command, bringing the optimistic messages of ‘Star Trek’ to audiences around the world.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with CBS to bring the newest edition of the storied ‘Star Trek’ franchise to our international Amazon Prime Video customers,” said Brad Beale, Vice President, Worldwide Content Licensing for Amazon Prime Video. “With the incredible Sir Patrick Stewart returning as the beloved Jean-Luc Picard, we’re excited we can give ‘Trek’ fans both old and new the opportunity to see him back in action. It’s a terrific addition to our already robust catalog of exclusive Amazon Prime Video content.”

“For 50 years, the ‘Star Trek’ series have been a global sensation, spanning generations and audiences of all ages. It’s an honor to welcome Sir Patrick Stewart back for what is sure to be another world-class extension of the historic franchise,” said Armando Nuñez, President and Chief Executive Officer, CBS Global Distribution Group. “We look forward to working with the team at Amazon Prime Video to bring this next chapter of the incredible ‘Star Trek’ franchise to its passionate international fan base.”

Picard is back this year

The Picard show started production in April for an expected 10-episode season which is set to debut by the end of the year. Details on the show are scant. The official description states that the series “will follow this iconic character in the next chapter of his life.” It is known that it will take place around two decades following the events of Star Trek Nemesis and will also deal with some of the Prime Timeline events of the 2009 Star Trek movie, specifically the destruction of the planet Romulus.

Alongside Stewart, the series will also star Alison Pill (“The Newsroom”), Harry Treadaway (“Penny Dreadful”), Isa Briones (“American Crime Story: Versace”), Santiago Cabrera (“Salvation”), Evan Evagora (newcomer), and Michelle Hurd (“Blindspot”). The series will be produced by CBS Television Studios in association with Secret Hideout and Roddenberry Entertainment. Alex Kurtzman, Michael Chabon, Akiva Goldsman, James Duff, Patrick Stewart, Heather Kadin, Rod Roddenberry and Trevor Roth will serve as executive producers and Aaron Baiers (Secret Hideout) will serve as co-executive producer and Kirsten Beyer will serve as supervising producer.

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Not exactly thrilled to have to subscribe to Amazon (after cancelling it) but I know I will. Very, very excited for this series. Sir Pat is an icon.

While I don’t have faith in Kurtzman, I do want to have faith in Patrick Stewart, as he is one of my fav actors and Picard is one of my fav characters, and my fav Captain.

DSC season 2 has dampened some enthusiasm, I have to admit

Kurtzman is awesome. Have faith.

I’m just happy there’s somebody with some sort of vision for the franchise.

Never been a fan, his writing with Orci has never inspired me with depth and thought provoking drama.he just doesn’t do nuance and goes with what’s cool, rather than is good story.

The best Trek in the last 10 years was Beyond and that did not have him attached or Abrams.

I will admit compared to Damon Lindelof that he is the lesser of two eviks

I worry about Patrick Stewart when it comes to breaking stories. He’s the reason we got the Nemesis we did, as well as Starship Mine and Captain’s Holiday. He was tired of being philosophical and wanted to be an action star, and I’m hoping they’re reigning that in to some degree (and this is coming from someone who loves Starship Mine).

I think his age might be a factor in the amount of action he does. However that doesn’t stop them doing a lot of action with the supporting cast . . .

Something tells me that action will not be the primary focus of this series.

I don’t have any faith in Kurtzman either.

He thinks everyone is excited for the evil Georgiou show.

Thinks today’s generation of young people need dumbed down versions of Trek, because he preferred Star Wars as a kid and wasn’t inspired by Star Trek. Amazing how it hooked me and sparked my imagination as a kid without the need to dumb it down.

And changing the premise of Discovery was a slap in the face after spending two seasons supporting and defending it. Why should I become invested in any other Trek show after that? I will be really mad if he plans on turning the Federation into an evil galactic empire for Discovery season 3.

He doesn’t understand Star Trek, and it is glaringly obvious.

Another problem I have with Kurtzman is that he puts the universe above character.

I have no interest in the 31 show as DSC has taken a great concept from DS9 and made them mist inept. I mean they has have a bad recruitment programme if their new head is a former Klingon turned human, only because he is only member alive and not corrupted.

Kurtzman seems to ‘borrow’ from other shows. Someone pointed out their way to explain to canon issues is similar to The Simpsons when the real Skinner showed up. Just mm Ake a law to not mention that. This is just laughable

I do think folks need to remember that the star trek can Has the potential to be very adaptive in form and content. It’s an entire universe of its own stretching across hundreds of years. Trek Give us the concept of IDIC; Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.

I think we just open our minds and open our hearts a little we can avoid a lot of the petty squabbling about what is and what is not “Star Trek”, and enjoy something that may be truly wonderful.

Exactly! Right now the other article posted has an Orville vs. Discovery argument happening, but it’s not sports. We have Orville AND Discovery, and the freedom to choose one or both!

Thanks for the precision on what the press release says about Canada.

Some other reports are reading in that the show will be broadcast on BellMedia’s premium cable Space Channel like all other Trek shows (including Discovery), but it sounds like that’s premature.

If CBS has a deal with BellMedia for Canada, BellMedia would likely want that to be a separate announcement from Amazon’s.

One thing I’ve wondered about is whether CBS might split things up in Canada – they could broadcast on Space, but stream on CBSAA rather than on Crave (BellMedia’s streaming service).

In fact, I’ve also been wondering if CBS would duplicate what it does in the US (with Amazon Prime) by offering CBSAA as a Crave+ service. (Currently, HBO is available as Crave+HBO).

I hope not, Crave is absolute garbage, no support for 1080p outside of android, no surround sound, no 4k.

Well, just as well since I’m already paying for the All-Access channel on Amazon. My question is: when does this show get a proper title? They may want to name it soon so they can market it properly.

Matt is exactly right. People forget this is the age of secrecy. Things aren’t released like they used to – it’s a little odd that some people get nervous or think something is falling apart just because they decide not to release details until a big event or something else.

Thanks Matt, interesting. I wonder then when the title will be revealed then.

@PEB I’m not nervous it’s falling apart at all, clearly it’s going to happen. I’m just nervous about a not-so-good marketing campaign ala Star Trek Beyond. I couldn’t be more excited that we’re getting more Star Trek!

I’ve seen complaints from people about how Netflix doesn’t advertise Discovery enough internationally. For example, the CBS All Access Star Trek social media pages post a lot of content, while the Netflix Star Trek social media pages don’t. Granted it’s harder when you have a million shows and movies coming and going all the time. But with Amazon, they have less content to promote, so maybe they can put more of an effort into Picard. Especially since this will probably be one of their biggest shows.

I’m (sorta) surprised they didn’t post the article or mention it here but there’s reporting that the Discovery finale was the most on-demand streaming show/episode in April worldwide. It’s a Screen Rant article so take it for that but they back it up based on the reporting of a data analytics company that measures specifically that.

Hmmm ok, I subbed to Netflix for Discovery. Now I have to sub to Amazon Prime, but that’s ok as I intended to for the Expense alone. This will be a nice bonus.

And you get free shipping on thousands of items. Seriously, it’s a good deal.

I don’t subscribe to Amazon Prime because it’s not worth it. I don’t order enough from them to justify the cost of the service and you’d be surprised how many items come with “free shipping” without having to pay the Prime fee to begin with.

Ah! Now I’m less bothered about subscribing to Prime for this new series. Really enjoyed what I’ve seen of The Expanse!

Again, the U.S. gets screwed. I sub. for both Amazon and Netflix already, but still have to shell out for CBSAA to see this. I know, it’s an old gripe at this point. Nonetheless I can’t wait until/if it bites the dust and they start showing new Trek on proper mainstream streaming services here in the U.S. as well.

No Money, No Trekkie

CBSAA isn’t going anywhere. Every network will have their own subscription streaming service in the next few years.

The only good thing out of this streaming business may well be the abolition of the Licence Fee in Britain!
Although I suspect it doesn’t work out that simple!

Danpaine I suspect that mainstream services like Netflix started out to be are going to end up being a transitional phenomenon.

When streaming was a small secondary market, production conglomerates were happy to resell.

But networks like CBS and big content-producers like Disney have always preferred to reach their audience directly. The difference is that the audience pays the full shot rather than all or part of the revenue coming from advertising.

I don’t know how it is in the US, but in Canada Netflix is on one hand losing clients due to rising subscription fees and decreasing content. On the other hand it is building a new studio so it can make more Netflix Original content for the North American market.

Basically, Netflix and Amazon Prime are turning themselves into direct to audience production firms, but have the advantage of early entry that established streaming market share.

Uh Netflix is bigger than all the other subscription services combined. It ain’t going anywhere.

Long term I am not so sure. They don’t really own much content yet. And they also don’t have the same deep pockets as Amazon, Disney and AT&T. It will get hard for Netflix when they start to lose most TV series which have aired on a broadcast channel first and a bunch of others. And they also will lose the streaming rights to cinema movies. I am not so sure, if they will be able to keep up with only their original stuff.

They already heavily rely on the disc side of the business more than many care to admit or even know. When they start losing content from other providers they will probably end up relying on that side for much longer than even they anticipated.

The DVD side of Netflix has been going down for years now. The DVD subs are about 2.7 million and going down each year. The Streaming side has over 140 million subs.

Only people who can’t get broadband still uses the DVDs. Netflix is still making a lot of money with the DVDs, but that won’t last forever.

The only reason I gave up on flix disc service was because they weren’t carrying many interesting movies on blu-ray, only new stuff. Amazon at least offers the good backstock, even if it is unfortunately only streaming.

And I’ll be using physical media till the day I die, augmented by broadband streaming when necessary.

I don’t even own a DVD player. I got a PS4 last black friday, but I’ve never used the Blu-ray.

I don’t even own a gaming system.

Oh you should get one. I’ve been playing video games off and on since I was a kid.

I had an X-Box in my house when my son played more often. He uses is phone for the most part now days for his games.

Just two years ago the DVD side accounted for half of their profits. And that was putting ZERO dollars into marketing that side of the business while pumping lots of money into the streaming marketing. As the streaming side continues to lose content it seems to me be that even though Netflix probably envisioned a time years down the road when they might abandon the disc side, I’d wager that the companies pulling their content from Netflix streaming might cause them to reconsider how they deal with the disc service. Even now there is more content available through the disc side than the streaming side.

That’s the reason Netflix has so many original content. 90% of what I watch now is from Netflix.

I can see this happening. If it doesn’t get more original and regular hit content, it could go the way of Blockbuster

In the entertainment industry the house always wins and if there’s a reliable stream of revenue to be had they will work it from every angle to ensure that they get a piece of it. Not everyone is going to survive and CBS is desperate to get their piece before the smaller players are pushed out or are forced to pull their resources together with a competitor to remain viable. With far fewer people subscribing to Amazon Prime than Netflix, this is a mutually beneficial deal for CBS and Amazon overseas.

If CBS and Viacom merge (which seems inevitable at this point), there is the possibility of not having to subscribe to All Access. If you are willing to wait a year to watch new episodes, the Paramount Network seems the most likely place to repurpose a new Star Trek series before a new season debuts on All Access to help promote the show. Many people are more than willing to wait to see a show if it means not having to subscribe to another service.

You know if it wasn’t for All Access they wouldn’t be making this show….right?

would you rather no trek? if someone said to you 15 years ago after paramount basically ended all trek and sold the props and closed and locked the doors that for 6 bucks a month you could have multiple new series i think you’d jump at the chance

I wouldn’t have “jumped” at the chance.

I’m glad it won’t mean another service (CBSAA) in the UK. I have to say I was starting to fear they were going to use it as part of launching that and I’m already paying for Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Ach du liebe Kacke. Leckt mich doch fett! Ausgerechnet Amazon, pfui.

Easy for you to say!

Mach Mein Tag.

Nein, sie ist am sonntag geschlossen (all I remember from 4 years of german in highschool)

Spater mann.

Ich kann ein sehr bisschen deutsch.

It’s always interesting to see actors age especially when they’ve been in films or episodes where they were made up to look older. It makes the makeup for All Good Things look rather silly/funny.

“Back in command” – is that a spoiler or a figure of speech?

I guess Netflix learned it’s lesson, getting burned with Discovery! I already have Prime, so I’ll definitely check out Picard. I’d kick CBS to the curb but I’m actually enjoying the new Twilight Zone. When it runs its course for the season I’ll probably drop it and subscribe to Disney’s new service instead when it gets here. If I never see Discovery again it’ll be too soon.

Picard is on Amazon outside of the US/Canada. In the USA it will be on All Access as previously announced.

That may not be PC, but a lot of people are very “-hurt” over Discovery. I never went into watching it thinking it would be the next TNG, DS9, VOY, etc. I wanted it to be its own thing and it is. It is perfect? No. However, look at TNG (which most Trek fans love). The first two seasons were rough, but then it found its voice and thrived. And though I was perturbed about the show going 930 years into the future, I am now excited to see what they will do in season 3.

The same goes for the Picard series. I know it won’t be TNG, but I still look forward to seeing it as well.

But they didn’t get burned, it’s officially one of their biggest shows.

It doesn’t affect me since I live in America but great news all around! I do wonder why Netflix didn’t take this show after pushing so hard to get Discovery but it will be great for Amazon and get more people to sign up. Ironically Netflix and Amazon have been my main streaming sites for years now and really like them both. And yeah I still have AA lol. I don’t know why since I literally don’t watch it outside of Star Trek. But maybe it will motivate me to watch the rest of Twilight Zone and rewatch some of Discovery season 2.

As far as the Picard show its crazy we still have not gotten any real official news outside of some casting for it. I thought we would get all of that by March the latest. Oh well, something to still look forward to I guess!

I think they were outbid. TV Wise speculates Amazon are paying $15M an episode.

Netflix and Amazon want new subscribers more than anything else. Another star trek will give Netflix some new subscribers but Amazon (without star trek) many more new subscribers. So it’s quite logical for Amazon to bid more than Netflix.

$15 million an episodes???? How much is this show costing lol.

IF that figure is true, between that and the huge tax breaks CBS got keeping the show in California they are already profiting huge off this show that is still filming its first episode probably. Look how great of a deal CBS got with Netflix and Discovery and that was suppose to be around $6 million an episode. DIS only cost $8 million to make (in theory).

Thats why people who keep suggesting Discovery is getting cancelled anytime soon are pretty naive. There are a lot of other players involved and with deep pockets, at least for now. So as long as Netflix wants it, its probably enough to keep it going for at least a few more seasons. And if Picard turns out to be a huge hit and Amazon wants to keep that show on, its going to go over 3 seasons as well easily.

THIS is why CBS probably wants more Star Trek on in the first place. Obviously it helps drive views and interest to AA but these shows will probably be making their real money from the other sites and give them a brand to promote globally.

Some people will undoubtedly claim that Netflix didn’t take the Picard show because they are unhappy with Discovery. While that is possible, of course, there is another possibility: Before Discovery first came out CBS said that several companies had been interested in taking up Discovery. It is possible that Amazon tried to get Discovery and lost out to Netflix, only to be more successful with the Picard show.

As for any real news about the show I’m guessing they are waiting to make a big announcement at CommicCon or a big Trek convention or something. Probably not just the name but also some first clip(s) from the show.

The show won’t even launch until 2020 will it?
Still loads of time yet. Filming is on going and obviously secrecy in this day and age is very important so it’s understandable why things are quiet for now.

It is supposed to be 2019.

Yes, it was reported that both Amazon and Netflix were interested in Discovery, but no word on if they lost an actual bidding. I suspect Amazon jumped on Picard, and made a big offer, and CBSAA went to Netflix and said “hey you want to top this?” and they said no.

Hi fellow American :)

I assume Amazon’s offer was more. Amazon and CBS have worked together in the past, so it’s not that unusual. The Picard show isn’t the flagship show, so being on little Amazon Prime will help it out.

I told you before, it has nothing to do with what show is a ‘flagship’ just brings in the views, period. And its not exactly surprising if the Picard overshadows Discovery, at least the first season. But yes it still has to prove itself just like Discovery still has to.

As for as your point about Amazon and CBS, maybe, but I suspect what someone else said, Amazon just outbid Netflix for it OR Netflix may not have deemed another Trek show worthy for the money. Maybe both.

As far as Amazon Prime being ‘little’ they have 100 million subscribers globally lol. Its in 200 countries just like Netflix. There is nothing ‘little’ about Amazon Prime. It may not have as many people in America as Netflix does but its waaaay over All Access which is truly little with its 4-5 million subscriber base so far.

Discovery would probably be a much bigger deal if it was on Netflix or Amazon in America.

Netflix is more interested in funding their own content. It makes sense.

I call Amazon prime little because they still have very little content to watch. Only about two or three shows interest me on Prime. Most of Prime consists of B movies.

There are some great B-movies, plus some really terrific forgotten backlist. I get a lot more out of amazon than netflix most months of the year, plus they have got great originals like MAISEL and HIGH CASTLE. And Amazon also offers HD streaming versions of older movies that aren’t even on blu-ray, which is immensely cool, even if you have to pay to rent some of them (please add HARD CONTRACT, I don’t get TCM and that’s the only other way to see it!)

I love B movies, I watch a lot of them on Netflix. The main reason I don’t have prime right now is because it makes me buy too much stuff.

It’s fascinating to speculate what happened at Netflix to screw this up…


I imagine their calculus looks mostly at if a show will get them more subscribers or not. They already have DSC and ALL the old Trek shows outside the US, paying through the nose for Picard might not be something they’re willing to do if they don’t see people unsubbing when a season of DSC is over.
Or Amazon straight up wanted it MORE.
If that 15 mill/episode is accurate I wouldn’t be surprised.

Discovery was in the 10 most watched UK Netflix shows last week.

F**k it, I’ll cancel Amazon after the series finishes.

I guess I will cancel Netflix, then, and have to subscribe to a different service. My only interest in streaming is Star Trek, after all. With that split over services, I really start hoping for a CBS All-Access Europe variant, ideally with the Paramount/Viacom movies on there as well after a re-merger. ;-)

It looks like Amazon had the deeper pockets.

Yeah probably. They are spending a billion dollars on a LOTR TV show, so no telling what they offered to get the Picard show.

They are also making a show based on Consider Phlebas. The Culture makes the Federation look primitive.

This is quite naughty in my opinion.
It’s just another money spinner getting some fans to subscribe to another streaming platform.
Of course, I can’t afford to do it anyway so I guess I’ll just wait around until I can afford it lol

If money is an issue you can cancel Netflix while you get Amazon Prime to watch the Picard show. Unless you were planning to wait for the Picard show until Discovery season 3 comes out on Netflix you would have paid for it on Netflix as well. I guess that’s one of the advantages of streaming that you can only subscribe when something is on that you actually want to watch. Of course, all the services hope that you keep your subscription running all the time but you don’t have to.

But that kind of juggling can get pretty tiring pretty fast. Who wants to keep track of that sort of thing? I do it with only CBSAA and I have to tell you, it’s annoying. Imagine when one starts juggling two, three or four different services! Ugh. No thank you. One day they will all pay a fee to be bundled together through Comcast or something.

It just an extra 10 bucks a month. No big deal.

Okay then I’ll just bill you.

Better throw Hulu into the mix so I can see CATCH-22, get caught up on HANDMAID and finish the awesome LOOMING TOWER from last year.

Just send your bill to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500

Sending stuff to that address can probably get you in trouble, and suggesting it is probably just as bad.

You’re right, tRUMP doesn’t pay his bills.

Hulu stuff, fortunately for me, makes it to Netflix eventually. I saw Handmaid season 1 last year. Not going to waste my time on season 2. Sadly Amazon stuff does NOT find its way to Netflix. There are a couple of things there I would like to see but it’s just not worth their monthly fee.

Yep that’s what they say about having to subscribe to MGM for Stargate, Disney for Star Wars, Foxtel for Walking Dead, Stan and every other streaming serve on top of the sun… plus Netflix. Hulu, and Prime now too eh? Everything in life wants a subscription now, even my darned doorbell, and everyone always uses that “oh it’s just $10 a month” line . Actually NO, it’s HUNDREDS of dollars a MONTH by the time you’ve lined up everything that makes that claim. Not sustainable – this will only encourage piracy again after years of the average Joe no longer doing that, the studios just had to get greedy and ruin a good thing

If you want to watch it all you will have to pay for it all. It’s like getting all premium cable channels. Companies aren’t giving their content away for free.

Have zero problem paying for content – my collection of around 350 Blu-rays and owning all my software attests to that. My problem is when you start dividing that content down bit by bit by bit and charging for it all separately. Imaging renting a computer and then a year later they tell you a separate rent agreement is needed if you want to use the spacebar herein, no wait no you also need another rent agreement if you want to use the numeric keys, great let’s also now have a separate rent agreement for the letters t, u, and v, also let’s now have another rent agreement for the backspace key which will also include the enter key for 6 months but then that will split off to a separate one because that’s been bought out by another company who wants their own rental agreement, etc. I happy paid for all my streaming content, but bit by bit it is all being withdrawn into separate streaming services… heck with Star Trek the same franchise is now split into two different services (for us international folk). At no point have I ever in my life asked for content to be given away free, nor do I agree this is simply “$10” a month…

I wish to 2nd what was said about the “it’s only $10 a month” argument. That only might work superficially. But the reality is far more complex than than. It’s the argument for folks who haven’t thought the situation through.

People spend way more than $10 a month on coffee. I don’t drink coffee.

How is it difficult to keep track of when your show ends? You see the last episode, you know the season is over. If money really is an issue for you then you can cancel your subscription. If you follow sites like this you will know when the next season comes back on. Of course, if you are just complaining for the sake of complaining then I suppose it’s tiring.
If all those streaming services will ever be bundled together you will probably pay hundreds of dollars for them, just like you would pay to get all premium cable channels.

It’s not difficult to know when the show ends. It’s just a drag that I have to go through the motions. And that is for one service. Imagine juggling three or four of them.

If they were bundled together it is more likely the price will be reduced. Buying in bulk always costs less. BTW… If you are paying hundreds of dollars for premiums then price really isn’t a factor for you. I don’t pay for any premiums and my bill is not bad at all. I hear some people whining that they paid over $200 for cable when they had it and I just wonder what packages they were paying for. I’ve never ever approached such an outrageous number with my service and I get everything I could ever want.

You only “have to go through the motions” if you don’t want to pay for them continuously. Any bundle (especially at a reduced price) will require you to pay for the full bundle all the time, so again you will pay more than if you only get the services you need while you need them. It’s really simple: If you want to save money it will take some extra work. If you’re lazy you will pay more.
I don’t live in the US. I think I pay less than 10 dollars for basic cable (it’s included in my rent so I’m not sure). I got Netflix when Discovery started. I used to have Sky for a short time but the show I wanted to watch ended and their UI was crap so I got rid of it. I’d be happy if Discovery and the Picard show were available in one place (like they are in the US and Canada) but they are not.

But if the price is reduced then it is not as large a deal. And you are getting more bang for your buck. Further, it’s likely the bundles will have different levels. So if there are services you don’t want you don’t need to get that level. But then, like what I have now, there is a level that has things that I absolutely want. It comes with other things that I don’t but that doesn’t matter to me. It is worth it to me to pay that nominal extra fee to get those things I want.

Is it just me, or does Bezos kind of look like Picard?

Well Bezos is building his own spaceship.

This is a thing Legate Damar.

Bezos reportedly has Picard as a style icon.

There were several stories about a year ago.

Wow. I didn’t see that coming. I was sure it was gonna be on 10 All Access. Looks like I’ll be signing up for Amazon Prime. At least that means I’ll get to see season 3 of The Exapanse, which was recently pulled from Netflix.

I hope Star Trek fans subscribing to Prime for this show check out The Expanse while they’re at it. Excellent space opera. Probably my favorite show on TV right now. And Amazon rescued it. :D

I need to watch The Expanse, I only saw the first season.

I love Discovery and so subscribe to Netflix, however in Aus. we do not have CBSAA and with all the streaming channels that I am paying for already plus with the new Disney + coming I don’t think I will be subscribing to Prime just to watch the Picard series. I do think that CBS should stick to just one international streaming service until they launch CBSAA internationally thereby people could then migrate over to watch all the new ST series on the NEW CBSAA international streaming service.

Seen all three seasons of that show and its fantastic. Ironically I never heard of it until reading about it on this board because of the actress (forget her name) who played Commodore Paris in Beyond is also in that and people were commenting on her in both roles. The first season was already over but all the episodes were up on SyFy. Watched them all and never looked back. Its not Star Trek but it doesn’t need to be either.

I just hope Amazon doesn’t cancel it. I knew SyFy would cancel it, they cancel every good show.

If it doesn’t do the numbers that Amazon wants I’m afraid that it won’t last on Amazon, either.

That’s what I’m afraid of.

I feel like with subscription services the metric is not much ratings as it is in how likely is that new program going to attract/keep subscribers.

By “numbers” I didn’t mean traditional ratings. Of course, streaming services have a different metric deciding whether they are profitable or not. Maybe The Expense has a better chance at Amazon because Amazon releases it directly to all markets instead of going through a middleman who keeps part of the international profits.

Would like to note again that The Expanse showrunner Naren Shankar got his start as the science consultant for TNG.

I believe his first solo script credit was Face of the Enemy where Troi finds herself undercover on a Romulan vessel as a member of the Tal Shiar.

Shankar definitely has shown from the start that he can imagine strong roles for women and is committed to bringing them to the screen.

I saw the first season. But when my DVR never recorded a 2nd season I figured there was none.

“Starship Commander Jean-Luc Picard”? Surprised no one else has commented on that, clearly intentional. Demotion?

Amazon Prime? Perfect, already with them for years…. So now thats out in the open, how about throwing us some set pics or a small vid? …. No? ….. Anything, come on!

Disco on Netflix, Picard 2300 on Prime, Star Trek Cartoon on Nickelodeon, Lower Decks on Hulu oh man! Kurtzman and CBS have such a broad Vision for Star Trek …. its so fantastic

Does this mean it won’t be “A Netflix Original Series”? :-( LOL

So many streaming services to “subscribe” to.

How does Amazon call their shows? Amazon Prime Original?

THIS SUCKS! What di they ecpect for people Outside the CBS Area? To buy a handfull of Abonoments to watch Trek.

Ugh, the exclusive-content-ization of the streaming services is really unfortunate, at least from the consumer perspective. But that’s seems to be the direction the market is developing to, so… *shrug*

So as a fan in the UK, We have Picard on Amazon, Discovery on Netflix and a Nickelodeon show announced. I wonder how many subscriptions I will have to have by the time the full extended universe is realised. Thank God we don’t use money in the future.

People in the US complain that they are worse off with CBS All Access instead of Netflix and Amazon because, apparently, everybody already has Netflix and Amazon.

I’ve got Netflix and I’m not going to subscribe to a multitude of streaming platforms just so I can watch the Picard show and the other planned shows. Would cost at least 20 – 30 euro’s month in addition to Netflix. I’ll just wait for the blu ray versions of these shows.