DS9 Documentary ‘What We Left Behind’ Blu-ray and DVD Release Details

The release of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine documentary What We Left Behind on home video is fast approaching. Shout!Factory will be releasing the retail version on August 6 in the USA and Canada. Sadly, there is no availability for a retail release outside of North America at the moment.

Retail release from Shout!

The doc is available on DVD or Blu-ray through Amazon.com and other retailers as well Shout!Factory’s store.

It includes the documentary itself plus these special features:

  • An Intro from Ira & the Gang
  • A Brief History of Deep Space Nine
  • What We Left Out(deleted scenes with over 45 minutes of new stories)
  • Behind the Scenes at the Variety Photoshoot
  • HD Remaster Discussion (a roundtable chat with the filmmakers)
  • More From the Fans
  • Theatrical Trailer

Special Edition Blu-ray from Shout!

This edition is limited to 1,500 copies, and available only from Shout!Factory store. It includes everything on the standard Blu-ray release, along with a second Blu-ray disc that offers:

  • A Musical Reunion, an extended conversation with composers Dennis McCarthy and Kevin Kiner.
  • Roundtable Look at the Making of the Documentary, a Shout! exclusive special feature, a 50-Minute discussion with Co-Director and Deep Space Nine Showrunner Ira Steven Behr, Co-Director David Zappone, Producer Kai de Mello-Folsom, Producer/Editor Joseph Kornbrodt, and Producer/Editor Luke Snailham.

Indigegogo backer release

The documentary team is making their own release for backers. This will be a combo pack with both a Blu-ray version and a DVD version. Backers will get it before the retail release; the team says to expect it in early July.

This release is for all backers, many of whom are from outside North America, the documentary team have confirmed it will be a region free disc set. It includes everything the standard Shout! release includes plus three special features, two of which are exclusive to backers.

  • A Musical Reunion (an extended conversation with composers Dennis McCarthy and Kevin Kiner)
  • Indiegogo Campaign Videos & Video Vault
  • Technical Trivia Track (A special subtitle text track with detailed technical info and listing of our HD Hero sponsors)

European theatrical screenings June 26

While the US and Canada had theatrical screenings earlier this month, Trekkies in Europe have been campaigning for screenings closer to home. The demand has been heard and CinEvents is doing a one-night-only event in parts of the UK, Ireland, Germany, and Austria on Wednesday, June 26th.

Keep up with all the updates and news on the DS9 documentary in our What We Left Behind category here at TrekMovie.com.

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Hot damn! Gonna go order this thing now!

it’s so much fun

Just preordered the Special Edition! Really looking forward to this!!!

hopefully I can buy this on the itunes

No streaming option?

Avery Brooks is the best Captain ever.

True statement!

Kirk will always be my favorite captain, but overall you are probably right.

For me as well. Currently doing a DS9 re-watch and man it still stands as my favorite Trek series of all time. Loved the father/son relationship with Jake, that spoke to me then just as strongly as it speaks to me now as a black man. The show took risks at a time where that wasn’t the cool thing to do and it paid off. It’s also the time where we get the best exploration of Worf ironically. Shame they killed Jadzia…

So nice. I hope for a Berlin Screening.

Wird im Cineplex Spandau gezeigt!

Sehr gut!
Ich schaue gerade und finde keine Reservierungsmöglichkeiten…
Geht das etwa nur über MyCinedings… ?

Google for “what we left behind kino berlin”. It’s on in different cinemas, couple of Cineplexes, UCI Collosseum, etc. Yeehaa! :-)

I backed this, but there is a 50-minute bonus feature that is only available on a limited edition, meaning that if I want to see that, I’ve got to spend $30 on a second copy.

That’s infuriating.

I completely agree with you… we back this, wait two years… and somebody else gets extra content? And to add insult to injury, I live in mexico city, and since they don’t sell outside of the US and Canada, I’m effectively shut out (no pun intended) of the special edition if I wanted to buy it…. not fair indeed!!!

Wait, somebody might load it onto youtube. That’s how I got to rewatch HARD CONTRACT, a movie that hasn’t been issued on anything but VHS, but plays on TCM in a nice letterbox version.

By the time you pay tax and shipping costs, it puts it up around $40. As much as I would love to see this extra footage, that’s a little steep

Anyone backing this at the Blu-ray level had a reasonable expectation that they were being offered the best Blu-ray that was going to be available. Now this seems not to be the case.

I’m sure Shout wanted something exclusive precisely to tempt backers to double dip; but by definition that is a thumb in the eye of backers.

I’m not sure why it surprises me, but it does. Disappoints me, too.

I can’t believe that Ira is taking a cash grab by making those of us who backed this documentary double-dip. This is as bad as Bad Robot’s multiple editions of those movies.

I’m a backer and I’m not really angry about this, but I am a bit disappointed. I’ve come to expect this sort of thing from crowdfunding.

If there was a long gap of months between backers getting their rewards and the general public being able to buy it, I bet it wouldn’t sting so much.

What kind of dinosaurs still buy/use DVDs and Blu Rays??? Absurd.

I haven’t bought a DVD since 2005 or so. Can’t even remember. There’d better be a streaming option.

Smile when you say that over at blu-ray.com, stranger.

And when you start seeing your favorite films being revised because the company streaming them decided to change the endings or give them modern scores, you’ll only be able to complain, because you don’t own a physical copy that is your preferred version of the film.

I’ve probably doubled my collection in the last three years (which is saying a helluva lot.) A lot of that is because some local places have absurdly low prices, and I’m definitely taking advantage of that (picking up season sets of a TV show that only airs on Hulu and getting them for 2 bucks apiece is just unbelievable.) I only keep the cases on the Criterion disks, so everything else goes in CD sleeve storage, and so all the thousand or so DVDs and Blu-Rays still fit in one and a half shelves of a single bookcase. Quite a remove from all the space taken up by laserdiscs.

Take a guess why they have absurdly low prices…

way undercut competition and loss leader to get folks in, is my understanding. I buy nearly all media used, and prices are extremely variable on a lot of this stuff. Resellers love the place, because they pick up rare blu-rays for two bucks and turn round then sell them for seventy (there’s an Arnold double bill blu-ray that even goes for 80 bucks on Goodwillbooks.com that was in there for $2 (for about 3 minutes.)

Don’t imagine you actually wanted an answer, but just fyi, and because everybody should be entitled to an INFORMED opinion …

I definitely buy almost all my CDs used. I’ve bought so many albums that were less than 3 dollars. I ake a digital backup and keep the CDs safe in case something ever happens to my digital copy.

The fear of “disc rot” has been overblown, at least regarding commercial discs. There’s more of a risk that if you don’t have a DRM-free file of a song/movie/song that you will no longer be able to access that file digitally long before a physical disc becomes unreadable.

What kind of infants don’t?

Well, I still mostly buy because I am an avid collector and I like the packaging and having something physical to interact with. I don’t think everything old school is necessarily bad.

Well, those of us who buy 4K Blu Rays and blu rays are the folks who really care about picture quality and sound and won’t settle for shitty streaming quality that doesn’t compare. No streaming will ever compare to physical media if you’re after quality. But, you’re right, most people are perfectly fine with mediocre.

I guess I’m a dinosaur because I prefer to have the physical media in my hand. I prefer to have my copy no matter what deals streamers make with other content providers. And for now, the picture and sound and controls for BD are still way ahead of streaming.

Exactly. I’ve had too much content I’ve been interested in – or paid for! – vanish because because streaming contracts were renegotiated or some company got into a tiff with another. If I love something anymore, I own the discs.

Absurd to you, maybe. I have over 200 dvds, and still watch them avidly. Not every movie you want to see at a given time is necessarily available to stream. And all the Trek I care about is on dvd, mine forever. I have a motorhome and most campgrounds have spotty (or no) wi-fi for streaming. So if watching dvd’s is absurd, sign me up as a dinosaur.

Let’s not forget all the special features that come with many blu rays. I love watching the making of features and behind the scenes stuff. Most of this isn’t available otherwise.

saw it at the fathom event screening here in hollywood… cirroc lofton and aron eisenberg and nicole de boer surprised everyone and came… and did a really long ass q&a afterwards which was great… super fun night and the doc is excellent


Great! I’m looking forward to see this in Germany. Unfortunately I can’t find the dates… Found in in Vienna… :-/

26 June 2019. Seems to be a one time only thing.

Yeah of course 26th… I meant the locations…

Try Cineplex or UCI Kinowelt if there’s one of those where you live. I haven’t seen a full list of cinemas showing it so you may have to search around.

Excellent documentary, except for the unnecessary injection of politics and President Trump (whose comments on Charlotteville were taken out of context, just as the fake news always does).

Holy crap… Really? They injected POLITICS into this? What a sure fire way to date the thing. That was a TERRIBLE choice in the editing room. Please say that isn’t so.

It’ll DATE this? Sure, like referencing r vs w is going to date things.

Context. Mentioning RvW in a vehicle dealing with the subject matter would not date the material. Hard to see how 2018-9 politics would be relevant to the DS9 doc. I haven’t seen it but my guess is it might feel forced. Like what they did in S1 of Discovery.

Mamma mia! Just like there are good people on both sides of the Mushroom Kingdom? I’m sure Bowser is just mis-understood. Those Goombas and Koopa Troopas simply don’t want to be erased. Kamek knows how to cast good spells, too. That prissy Peach and her lackeys are just as much to blame for all the warring in the kingdom, plus all the pipes in that land being so infested with Piranha Plants (they’re good, too, just trying to survive and get by in world overrun by cloned Toadies!).

First, you’re lying about those comments being out of context. Defending Trump’s comments about Charlottesville make you look deeply stupid or, more likely, racist.
Second, the BRIEF montage of current world affairs is during a segment about DS9’s handling of social issues. It’s relevant to the documentary and the show’s legacy.
Third, even as a proudly anti-Trump patriot, I found the clip of Trump speaking to be very jarring and offputting. They could make the same points without subjecting us to the sound of his lies and hatred directly from his mouth.

Anything else, little political troll?


I agree with you that there is simply no context to take his statements out of:

“I like heroes who don’t get caught.” – Donald Trump

“And I was talking about people that went [to Charlottesville] because they felt very strongly about the monument to Robert E. Lee, a great general.” – Donald Trump

Now Lee surrendered to his enemy every bit as much as McCain did his. Ergo, someone’s lying about the heroes they like.


This is the same guy who said he “lost hundreds of friends in the Twin Towers,” and who said he attended many 911 funerals, and said he had donated millions of dollars to 911 families.

All of the above has been shown to be a complete lie. This is the sort of person you are dealing with here — an evil person with no shame or human decency. So am I going to treat his comments on Charlottesville like he’s misunderstood? No, because I have a brain and I choose to use it.

And if Donald Trump was one of Lee’s officers, he be whipped and thrown in the stockade constantly, because Lee would not put up with an officer that lied all the time to make himself look good and belittle others. Neither would have McCain, obviously. You are comparing to great men to a sham.


I’m not sure what you think is going on in my reply but I’m not comparing Trump to either man. I merely pointing out that those statements from Trump himself can’t both be true, i.e. they’re mutually exclusive. Ergo, one of them is a lie and that makes him, Donald Trump, a liar – not the so-called fake news.

Have been watching DS9 on an almost daily basis recently. A pity that this release will be so limited (geographically) would have been interested to see it. Oh well.

Speaking of release dates (And I introduce this so that we may compare and contrast the mechanisms between SHOUT!Factory and Disney’s 20th Century Home Entertainment releases as well as the restoration/re-imaging work that will appear in each) June 4th will mark the release of Season 1 of NETFLIX’s new LOST IN SPACE series on blu-ray which will also include a color matched (i.e. colorized) edition of the 1960s series’ pilot NO PLACE TO HIDE.

I refer to this as color matched because if you own the complete original LIS blu-ray box set, as I do, you will find that Allen filmed all the second unit and FX sequences for the LIS pilot in color giving its West Wings restorers something with which to accurately match their colors.

Generally, as a matter of course, I abhor colorization of black and white art. But when it comes to pilots which were primarily put together as sales tools and which were never intended for public consumption and do not fit into the series’ narrative, but whose actual color footage was reused asis in color episodes ad infinitum, I’m willing to bend a little. Especially when it comes to the West Wings approach where their first step is to restore the B/W original to as pristine a state as possible and to make their restored original’s non-colorized B/W print available for viewing along with their “restored” to color B/W footage which one presumes they will recombine with the original color footage. I have to wonder if the initial attempts to restore color to Trek’s pilot may be influencing this view somewhat on my part?

Since much of early television’s fare was performed before live studio audiences, I’m also willing to kindly consider colorization of such live audience fare as an attempt to recreate the original “live” performance, but will also severely criticize such efforts that stray from accurately portraying what the live audience most likely would have seen.

But that’s as far as I’ll go. For the most part, I find colorization an inartistically applied abomination.

Obviously, I’m assuming the crowd funding paid for the content, it’s distribution to backers, and covered some of the cost of the one night event last month. For a retail release, I’d doubt it’s a break even enterprise, there’s an expectation of turning a profit somewhere down the line. Who ends up with that money, is it reinvested into new content or does it go into CBS pocket? This seems to be blurring the line a bit on sanctioned/unsanctioned fan and documentary productions.

Austria? The CinEvents page doesn’t list any place outside of the UK right now. :(

It seems to be running in several MegaPlex cinemas in Austria. No idea if there are more cinemas showing it.

Glad I saw this article when I did as I realised there’s a screening near me tonight! Looking forward to finally seeing this, and if the European tour sells well maybe it’ll convince a publisher to bring out a commercial region B release.

Was lucky to see it last night here in Scotland! Would definitely buy the blu ray if it was available. Hell, I would have backed the project back in the day if I’d been asked! Great night, enjoyed every minute. Time to get the DVD box set out again.