Anton Yelchin Honored At ‘Star Trek’ Screening By Chris Pine, With Trailer For ‘Love, Antosha’

Over the weekend, Chris Pine attended a special 10th-anniversary screening of 2009’s Star Trek. The purpose was to celebrate the movie’s anniversary and the life of Anton Yelchin, who tragically lost his life in 2016 at age 27. The screening included a trailer for the documentary about Yelchin’s life, Love, Antosha.

The Hollywood Reporter covered the event. Chris Pine spoke about Anton:

This curious, fascinating, complex, strange little dude who, when we started [Star Trek], he was about 10 years younger than all of us, he was kind of our younger brother, and we saw him grow up and continue to get stranger and more curious.

Pine also spoke about Yelchin’s quiet battle with cystic fibrosis (which his co-stars didn’t know he had) while filming Star Trek Beyond:

We had about a week of doing a pretty intense stunt, like a really grueling, physically demanding stunt. I haven’t actually thought about it until now, but looking back on it, I remember how hard it was for him to get through it. And he never complained.

Chris Pine speaking to the crowd Sunday night

Chris Pine speaking to the crowd Sunday night

Zoe Saldana wasn’t in attendance but took to Twitter to show her support, saying:

Anton, you are missed.
What a beautiful way to remember you.

Please take the time to go and see #LoveAntosha, in theaters Aug. 2nd

More about ‘Love, Antosha’

The documentary features interviews with Chris Pine, Jennifer Lawrence, Jodie Foster, Kristen Stewart, J.J. Abrams, and more, including his Star Trek co-stars, and is narrated by Nicolas Cage. It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January. Here’s the description from the filmmakers:

From a prolific career in film and television, Anton Yelchin left an indelible legacy as an actor. Through his journals and other writings, his photography, the original music he wrote, and interviews with his family, friends, and colleagues, this film looks not just at Anton’s impressive career, but at a broader portrait of the man. Born in the former Soviet Union to a family of artists, Anton and his parents came to the U.S. when he was six months old. He started acting at nine. He had a genuine curiosity and love for people, for art, and for family. And a willingness to explore, and be open with, the darker parts of himself. ‘Love, Antosha’ explores his successes and his struggles, and lets viewers get to know this extraordinary person the world was cheated from seeing grow old.

“Love, Antosha” opens in theaters in Los Angeles on August 2 and New York on August 9.

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Cystic fibrosis is a devastating disease with an average life expectancy into the mid 30s. He lived a very full life, very aware of just how precious every day was.

A decade or more than that.

For some, yes, even into their 50s but not for the majority.

My thoughts precisely Denny C.

I’d also like to note that even living to adulthood is a relatively recent improvement. I believe that Anton would have been in the first generation to see their 30s and pursue careers.

What an incredible commitment to life.

What an amazing, talented young man. A loss to all of us. Gone far too soon.

A toast to you laddie …. it’s green!

In the picture with Jennifer Lawrence, who’s that in front?

That is Felicity Jones, who would go on to star in Rogue One.

Thanks! Was trying to place her.

Shame he is gone as he was a talented upcoming actor. Surprised Pine is there perhaps they had to pay him to show up when he refused to do Trek 4 for money though!!

Or maybe don’t use the death of an actor and an event about him to throw shade and insult at another actor? Chris Pine showed up because Anton is a friend. The situation with Star Trek 4 is an entirely different situation. Trying to compare the two as if it were the same situation is disingenuous and unnecessary. This is about Anton, not about your upset because another actor did not do s movie that you want. Learn the importance of time and place, and basic decency. As a Trek fan, that should not be difficult to do.

Well Said!

WTF Paul??? It was EXTREMELY obvious that this cast really became friends. I’m sure you think it’s cute to make a comment based on a business decision that was made by Pine and his team, but don’t bring that into this. He’s spoken about Anton on many occasions and it’s clear to anyone that he’s doing it because he was a friend. This is why people can’t stand comment sections, it’s like you take a heavy issue like this and use it to take a swipe at an actor and I say that as someone who was pretty frustrated with how the Trek 4 situation worked out.

that’s not a very trek thing to say man… the fact he did this was very nice. i almost went. and it’s very unclear what happened on that particular project. it was first reported money was an issue with him and hemsworth but then hemsworth said he didn’t think it was the right time to do it… so which was it? pine has said he wants to do another one. and the Tarantino project no doubt will have the kelvin cast.

Really? I’m surprised it took you this long to toss out a smart @$$ comment….

I’ll take Things Pricks Say for $500, Alex.

I understand your bitterness, but it is misplaced. A contract is a contract, and as the tragic death of Yelchin illustrates, an actor never knows which film will be his last…you may have a short while to make your money, and anyone with a family will make it a priority to make sure they will be taken care of. Never begrudge an actor his wage, ever. The work is more grueling than you know, the pressure on a lead is critical, the hours are long as are the weeks, and with a franchise, your life is no longer your own. You become a target for jackasses like Paul, who think, even after your work revived the franchise, you still owe them your time, your ability to choose, your time with your wife and family, and your privacy.

Up yours, Paul.

Shame on you.

I still feel very sad about Anton’s passing. Life can be very unfair. I will watch this, but watching the trailer made me very sad.

I know, it really cast a pall over that summer and Beyond, such a tragic loss. I would say it’s an unspoken factor in Trek 4 being so delayed.

Yeah, I am going to watch this but it is going to be a very touch watch.

The trailer really breaks my heart…

my dear friends, please forgive my English, I am Russia and my English is not so good!

I cry a little when I heard anton is gone. I am big star trek fan (original series, if you please!) but I think anton really make a good chekhov.

I know many people’s across the world think that Russia is bad, but we are just like everyone else. Sure, our government is very carzy, but Russian people in general just wish to live in peace and love with everyone else across the world.

This is why I like star trek so nice (very popular in Russia, you know?) that it show peoples from all countries, all races, all sexual and all colours live in peace, harmony and friendship. Russian people love to party, drink vodka and have fun with all people from across the world, no matter who you are or where you come from!

This is a really good way to live!

Anton Yelchin was, by all accounts, an inquisitive spirit and a gentle soul. I suspect those are all attributes we should all celebrate and strive for, regardless of nationality.


This is why Star Trek matters, folks.

Hello from America, Sergei — our government is also quite crazy. Hopefully someday we’ll all have something better.

Unfortunately, He was just to about to start work on his directorial debut.
So Sad.

Would you guys PLEASE get off your lazy asses and post something new!!! I cannot believe with the new Picard screening, the leaked photos of Spicer in the Picard series uniform, and the Los Vegas convention so close that you can’t get off your duffs and find something to write!!! Who the hell is your social media director? Rip Van Winkle?

What an amazingly obnoxious comment.

Well, then, I suppose you are easily amazed.

Why would I post such a thing?

Nothing happens in a vacuum.

There’s really no way for me to show you, but I’ve posted and supported this site, its sponsors, and done all I can to promote and advance Trek since I started being an active fan. I believe in Trek.

On June 11th, however, it came to light that Star Trek is in the middle of an existential crisis even worse than the one it faced in 1968. Fans worldwide need to know this, but Trekmovie’s editorial stance has been one of utter denial.

Finding Yelchin was pure serendipity. I mourn him too. My comment has NOTHING to do with him or my respect for him.

But this website has a history of going silent when things are at their worst, and although battles effecting what we have loved for over half a century are being fought, we are being kept in the dark deiberately…that is unusual, it does not bode well, and I am not wrong to call out Trekmovie’s editorial staff for its utter complacency.

I don’t want us to be in the dark as Trek faces the Kobayashi Maru.

I don’t have the faintest idea what you’re talking about, fella. Star Trek has been in an existential crisis for several years now, and I can’t imagine much having happened to worsen it. Certainly not anything that’s flying as under the radar as whatever you’re yammering about. I’ve been getting my Trek news from this site for over a decade; I trust them a heck of a lot more than I trust you, and if they’re not reporting on whatever this is, then they’ve likely got good reasons for it. Or hey, maybe not, for all I know. But since no site I visit is running this apparent worldshaker of a story, I’m left to conclude it’s not much of a worldshaker.

Regardless, who on Earth do you think you are to accuse this site of laziness (and to imply even worse intentions)? Trek Movie has been THE best Trek site on the internet for well over a decade, and they’ve done so without charging any of us a penny for it. If you wanted them to cover a story they’re not covering, you might have considered simply leaving a comment asking them to do so. Instead, you went the holler-like-a-cretin route.

So, yeah. Obnoxious. Amazingly obnoxious.

So if you haven’t heard of it it doesn’t matter, is that your argument? Ignorance is reality?

Look forget it, OK? All is well in your world. You are your own ultimate authority. Turn over, fluff up your pillow, Put in your DVD of “Hearts in Atlantis” (Damned good movie…at least your taste in films is damned good!) and go back to sleep.

I guess I’m a little over sensitive because I’ve been around for every time Trek collapsed in on itself and we had a Trek drought in the past. I’m good at reading trends, and sometimes it really sucks. It can feel like watching slo-mo car crashes, and being helpless to stop.the carnage.

You will be hearing about another big shakeup on the Picard show, a reduced role Kurtzman (or his being promoted away from the ops of Trek, which is SHAMEFUL) some new hirednto join Michelle Paradise, and serious financial instability for the franchise from Netflix international’s pullout.

For what it’s worth, I also saw an on set photo of one major TNG castmember in a 2402 Starfleet uniform, which bears out a plot thread/new cast member and the nature of an early scene that will be one of the most controversial moves in the franchise.

In the past, I’d always preferred to ignore spoilers, but I find the surprise less interesting than how the story gets there.

By the way, I don’t know if you’ve noticed this or not, but this website is not PBS. Thank god for Tony Pascale, and thank god for the ad revenue these folks get so they can get something for their efforts. But if you have been paying attention for as long as you say, you KNOW this site does go quiet every once in a while. It is annoying, most especially when there is vital info out there, but this site is a news aggregator…it doesn’t do investigative journalism, which I have a little experience in, and Trek needs someone who can do that now more than ever before.

All of that may (or may not) be true, Chuck. How does it make your approach one iota less obnoxious?

It doesn’t. I’m always down to be rude for the right reason.

For your further edification. This is from only only one of the reputable sites that felt this was strong enough to report on:

When the best source of Trek news since 2006 goes dark and does a People Magazine piece on a week when the franchise is burning, that is the time to be rude enough to WAKE PEOPLE UP.

“Only a fool fights in a burning house.”
Klingon proverb.

I am done with you.

So you’re not merely a keyboard warrior, you’re a keyboard Klingon? Man oh man.

Look, Chuck, this franchise has been melting down ever since Discovery began. The stuff you’re whining about isn’t any different; this is status quo now. Sad, but true. And that’s IF the reports are accurate; which, given how NOBODY credible is reporting on them, may well not be the case. But even if it is, so what? You’re in the middle of a forest fire trying to get somebody to put out a bush. And frankly, you’re not very good at it.

Chuck – You’re freaking out (literally) over a few rumors. Rumors, that’s all. Trekmovie tends to go quiet about such Trek-shaking rumors until they can verify or falsify the rumors.

You claim you saw a TNG cast member in Picard Show uniform. Where did you see this?

I’ve been through every iteration of Trek, and I’ve never had as insanely over-the-top a reaction as you are having about some rumors. RUMORS.

Also, so what is Kurtzman gets fired? A lot of think that would be good for Trek, not an existential crisis to piss ourselves over.

Seriously, Chuck, take a few deep breaths and call your therapist. There’s no need to hyperventilate over RUMORS that might be good for Trek if they’re true.


I notice I’ve been reported. I understand completely. If what I’ve posted is wrong for this particular article, or if the last bit is too speculative or spoiler-y, or if I am just way off base about the long dry spells on this site, dump anything you need to from me. You’ll get no complaints.

If you do, would you be willing to email or text me as to which part is unacceptable, just for my own learning process?


Unsubstantiated rumours should not be published on a credible site like TrekMovie.

As you say, they have journalistic standards.

So, Chuck I’m wondering why you didn’t just email TrekMovie at the tip line rather than bringing a lot of unpleasantness to a thread celebrating the life of a beloved Trek actor who was taken too soon.

Perhaps Tony would have let you know he’s aware of the rumours. Perhaps might have given you a sense of how many primary sources TrekMovie considers the minimum before it will publish.

You HAVE to be joking. I’m through with one fool…I don’t want to engage another any further than this.

Do I need to provide you with examples of unsubstantiated rumor printed as news on this site from the last 13 years?

As for the veracity of the ‘Picard screening/Kurtzman being dumped up’ story is on multiple platforms with standards on roughly the same level as this one, and it has shown up repeatedly.

Again folks….as with the current US president, one’s ignorance of the facts does not make those facts ‘Fake News’.

That’s my last word with you, too. Believe what you like. I will, however, post some examples of things posted here for anyone who seriously believe this site is above printing rumor and speculation.

Looking back, this site’s very FOUNDATIONS were built on rumor!

First, some real beauties:
Matt Damon/Adrian Brody/Gary Sinese as Kirk/Spock/McCoy:

Simon Pegg states Tarantino Trek will NOT be R-rated:

Here’s a hot one! Patrick Stewart to Guest Star on Doctor Who:

Rumor of plan to get Nimoy/Shatner scene in ST Beyond:

The fact is, this site has one big-ass section on “rumors”…it’s 250+ pages long. They are, as I was, reporting info from other reputable sites…and sometimes, shockingly disreputable ones like The Star and The Mail. Maybe you don’t pay attention to those sites, but they are still of equal stature and repute.

Search “Kurtzman out”. You’ll find the same “unsubstantiated rumor” posted repeatedly.

As for this tired “Star Trek Discovery is Shit Narrative”, you are right, it is old. It’s also bullshit, and I don’t buy it.

But when one of the primary architects of NuTrek gets shown the door on his own MAJOR piece of high concept fan-service, IT IS BIG NEWS, THIS SITE HAS BEEN ASLEEP, and invocations of any high road bullshit is invalidating by the content this site provides.

Now, if you feel the need for the last word, do what ever you need to. I’ve made my case.

I’d give real money if you’d shut up.

Then my work here is done :P

Then shut up and leave.

@ Bryant: Setting aside that the staff have actual day jobs, usually giving more sensational rumor a few days to burn out is plenty sufficient to determine the validity of it. This is an excellent example. Kurtzman fired wasn’t ‘widely reported’ because it wasn’t reported at all. It was someone’s opinion piece that gained a little traction. Bad Robot’s mega deal with Warner Media is still rumored, but there were enough reliable sources to confirm it’s eminent to take it to print. Now, here’s where it gets interesting….with JJ’s departure from Paramount next year, care go guess where speculation (and, yes, it’s speculation) has Kurtzman landing his next gig? Yep, a re-merged Paramount and CBS (remember, Paramount TV has a deal with CBS) has Kurtzman leading Trek on both the big and small screen. I’d expect some details to emerge in the next few days, a week or so at the latest. Real news, not rumor is fact and I’m pissed you’re not reporting it as such rants….

Maybe some of the staff are having a bit of downtime for the Summer?
Its traditionally the off season now between May and September so its that time of year.
Things will be heating up again come August/September.

Unless this is a mom and pop operation, if “some” of the staff is off, then “some” would be on.

Would you stop please Chuck!

I’m sure TrekMovie will get it’s take on the new Deadline podcast/interview with Kurtzman up once they’ve have a chance to digest it.

It doesn’t give any credence to the YouTube troll ‘sources’ that you’re pointing to, and who cite one another in an echo chamber.

In the meantime, you’ve turned a thread honouring and celebrating the life of a deceased Trek actor into a chain of unpleasantness. How graceless is that!

I’ve got 2 things to say to you.

1. It takes a lot of effort to run this site, and they do it with no financial support from the community here. They get their money through advertisements. So until you start paying for this site, stop thinking you’re entitled to new stories. They owe you nothing.

2. Using this article to express this opinion is shameful. We’re remembering a man who we respect and like, and you come in shouting about your problems. It’s insensitive and rude.

I’ve enjoyed Anton Yelchin’s work ever since “Hearts In Atlantis,” and I remember that on the DVD, Anthony Hopkins spoke very highly indeed of him and said we’d all better keep our eyes on him, because he was going to be great.

Anthony Hopkins was right.

I wonder where in production the Picard show is now at? Mid season?

Jonathan Frakes has just tweeted today that he has wrapped his episodes. So apparently they have finished shooting episodes 1 thru 4.

No me interesa. Qué pasa con esta página que no se actualiza nunca?

Wish there is new article. Enjoy vacation, TrekMovie….We are waiting for a new article! (^_^)v

Most of us are waiting without whining about it. You should try it.

Please, don’t project your anger with me onto Jay and his kindly couched comment, Paulie Nonuts.

JJ Abrams makes a $500 million dollar development deal, leaving the Kelvinverse high and dry. the best Star Trek news site….silence.

NOT exactly a slow news week.

One week and counting.

You’ve made your feelings known, and it’s been expressed in quite a nasty tone all over the comments. That’s enough Chuck. Consider this your warning before being banned.

I just noticed your post. Thank you for the warning. You would have been within your rights to ban me without one. I’ll cool it.

So, JJ Abrams is inking a $500 million deal with Warner Media. I dunno…….really?

And still Trekmovie remains silent….

Tell me how wrong I am again.

Gotta give him credit for something, Harry: He seems to be pretty good at getting large film studios to let him spend huge amounts of money producing lens flares.

Just ask Paramount how they feel about that LOL! Into Darkness cost $30M more because JJ shot it in Hollywood & refused to film overseas as he did not want to leave his family (but was happy to leave his family to shoot Star Wars in the UK!). JJ was then supposed to direct another Trek film then pulled out to direct The Force Awakens. Mission Impossible & any other previous Bad Robot co-productions with Paramount will no longer have Bad Robot attached so that includes Star Trek which means we might finally see some forward movement this year on another Trek movie.

If you exclude any Bad Robot co-productions (nearly all with Paramount) they do not have much of a track record at all so amazed WB paid so much.

The old way of putting it would be to say that person is a “flash in the pan”. Now, I guess it would be a “flare in the lens”.
I mean, he’s good, but THAT good? Ummmmmm, …….no.

Apparently. That’ll pretty much seal the coffin on Trek 4 and QT Trek, and probably opens the door for Kurtzman to step into feature films. Legitimate industry media is speculation this may force CBS and Paramount back together, but that is speculation. Stay tuned….

JJ went off to do Star Wars while under contract with Paramount. So I’m guessing he could still do another Star Trek despite his new deal with Warner – if both Paramount and Bad Robot were interested in continuing that partnership. That’s a big if, of course. Neither side has seemed too eager to get this made. Paramount could also continue to pursue the QT Trek project even without Bad Robot, couldn’t they?

Paramount could also continue to pursue the QT Trek project even without Bad Robot, couldn’t they?

As far as we know, yes.

We addressed the future of Trek without Bad Robot being directly connected to Paramount in an article back when the news that JJ was shopping around for a new home was first making the rounds in January.

What came up on CNBC today sounds like a clean break when Bad Robot heads off to Warner Media. A half billion is a pile of money to be paying a production house, I’m not too sure how willing they’ll be to let JJ go play in someone else’s pool from time to time. If Paramount brings in another production house, there may not be a reason why they couldn’t do QT Trek….if they want it done that badly.

Picard series is a Wrap! So says, Johnie Frakes!

To be clear, he’s saying it’s a wrap on his block of 2 episodes. He’s directing episodes 3 and 4 of the 10 episode first season.